Texas Teen Kidnapped by Gang, Smuggled Into Mexico

by | Aug 24, 2010 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    We’ve warned, and will continue to warn, those detractors who think leaving our border porous is a civil rights issue. This is a security issue, as is clearly evidenced by the fact that Mexican drug cartels are illegally invading U.S. soil, as they did when they took over a Laredo, Texas ranch in July.

    These criminals will not stop unless forced to do so, and the first step is to seal our border from illegal crossings.

    Otherwise, it may be your son, daughter, mother or father who is kidnapped next time:

    The 18-year-old woman, whose name was not disclosed by police, was walking to a friend’s house about 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

    A black van pulled up alongside her and three men hopped out, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said. They snatched the girl, blindfolded her and took her to Reynosa.

    The kidnappers began calling the woman’s family demanding ransom money.

    source: The Monitor

    Though little information is known about the victim, what is clear is that she was walking down a street in the United States of America and was kidnapped by a Mexican gang operating out of Mexico where U.S. law enforcement personnel have no jurisdiction.

    Once they snatch an American and take them to Mexico, there is nothing anyone in America can do other than to pay a ransom or hope that the kidnapped is released.

    Another bothersome aspect of this kidnapping is the fact that U.S. law enforcement couldn’t even contact Mexican officials!

    Customs officers and U.S. Border Patrol agents were put on alert to look for the teen and a helicopter surveyed Mexico from this side of the border, but found nothing.

    U.S. authorities did not contact their Mexican counterparts because they did not know whether they were corrupted or connected to the girl’s captors, Gonzalez said.

    The FBI and local law enforcement were powerless. And given how quickly a kidnapping like this can happen, there is literally nothing to stop it from happening again. Phoenix, Arizona is evidence of this, as they are the #2 capital for kidnappings in the world, second only to Mexico City.

    While President Obama has reportedly dispatched National Guard to the borders, it doesn’t look like the current policy is effective when a Mexican human smuggling gang can first enter the U.S., then kidnap a resident, and finally, slip back into Mexico.

    It’s Time to Deploy the National Guard to the Border In Force, otherwise, the streets of America will soon look like this.


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      1. the entire mexamerican border issue is narcotic distribution routes.

        follow the big money…

      2. Your right about that man, following the big money especially. Drug trafficking makes up the world’s third largest trade/market (in dollar amounts). Drugs are superseded only by the Oil (#1)  and Arms trade (#2). Large amounts of the drug money circulates through the banking system, both out the front door of the bank (loans TO drug cartels for boats, planes, or maybe petty cash to finance their businesses) and back into the bank through the back door to launder the money for various shell companies.

        Catherine Austin Fitts has great site that mainly focuses on the rampant corruption that infests the corridors of power in New York-Washinton (and the rest of the world for that matter) She
        I anyone interested in this subject should check out her site

        Missing trillions, BEFORE the Bailouts?

      3. If they haul liberals, bankers, and Obama lovers across the border one way I’m all for it.     Viva Mexico!

      4. Obambam … do your job.

      5. Drugs are an isssue of individual choice. There isn’t any place in our US Constitution that says that anything that an individual chooses to put in his/her own body is any of the US Federal
        F—ed UP Government’s business. The government  really appreciates it when you use tobacco products and alcohol to the detriment of your health because it is one of the few things that they are making any tax money on these days.

        Marijuana Prohabition, the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, has always been about the money. And please don’t believe that it is the alcohol & tobacco industry that is against it either. It is ‘KING COTTON’ that doesn’t want hemp legalized. A shirt made out of hemp cloth will last on an average three times as long as a shirt made out of cotton. Less demand for cotton …. less money for the cotton growers and those that use it in maufacturing. They could care less if you stayed stoned out of your mind all day long …. just as long as you aren’t making hemp cloth.

        Legalize the damn drugs, let the people decide what they want to put into their body …. or not. If it were just the Drug Cartels making money off the illegal drugs, they would all be legal tomorrow.

        US Law Enforcement at all levels receive massive amounts of money to ‘fight’ the so-called “war on drugs”. They also make obscene profits off asset forfiture. Do you have any idea how many state and federal employees would be laid off if drugs were legalized? If the 50+% of those in prision for non violent drug crimes were let out?

        Why do you think Marijuana was made illegal in the first place? What do you suppose was going to happen to all those Federal Employees who were hired and ‘supposed’ to be enforcing alcohol prohabition after the Volstead Act was repealed and it beceme legal to manufacture and use alcohol again. Perhaps a massive lay off? So they needed something else to become illegal ….. quickly!

        And no, I don’t use drugs myself. I’m assurred by those that know me that I’m quite crazy enough as it is withoug using drugs or alcohol! But I am smart enough to see why it is in the government’s vested interest to keep them illegal.

        Remember now boys & girls, as ‘mommie Nancy would say while stamping her little foot petulantly ….. “Just say NO!!!”

        Soon children ….. very soon! The insanity in the streets is almost here!!!

        God Bless & good luck to all; especially that poor little girl who was kidnapped. Please pray for her safe return to her family.

      6. MadMarkie you are indeed mad.  80% of all property crime and almost 70% of all murders are the result of drugs.  How is it not the governments/peoples business???  You clearly do not have children or if you do do not care about them.  Children are the most victimized by drugs.  It is rare that someone first trys drugs when they are 40 usually they get hooked in their teens and it destroys their lives.  The problem is not that we make drugs illegal but that we don’t go far enough.  All drug pushers should be executed in public the same day they are found guilty.  A firing squad would be perfect and show it on TV so everyone would know what to expect. 

      7. Yo GoneWithTheWind –

        The average ‘smack’ addict in New York City has to come up with $200 a day to satisfy their addiction. Most of the male addicts turn to property crime, they burgle your home or apartment in order to support their habit. Assuming that they have a really generous ‘fence’, they may get 10% of the cost of your property new. This means that they need to steal $2,000 – $3,000 worth of other people’s hard earned property each and every day just to satisfy their habit. The actual cost of the heroin they are using each day is $2.00 – $3.00.

        The female heroin addicts usually turn to prostitution in order to support their addiction. They usually end up with AIDS from having unprotected sex or using/sharing ‘dirty’ needles with others who already have AIDS. Then REALLY STUPID ‘johns’ pay them ‘extra’ to have unprotected sex with these poor, old, bedragled and diseased prostitutes. The customers become infected and take AIDS home to their wives.

        When these drug adicts contract AIDS, as they usually always do; we the taxpayer, being the kind and compassionate folk that we are; we pay through the ‘kazoo’ for their for their medical treatment. This medical treatment can cost $200,000.00 (and more) for each and every addict per year. The total cost is way beyond this when you figure in providing them with housing, food stamps, etc. And then we have working poor in this country who have never used drugs a day in their lives who don’t qualify for Medicaid and couldn’t afford to go to the doctor if their life depended on it. What’s wrong with this picture Gone???

        As far as your kids and anyone else’s kids go? Sorry to sound cold or anything like that, but; I didn’t have anything to do with or have any of the pleasure that went along with the sex act that that created these children. Your kids are your business Gone. I took care of my child, you take care of yours and the other parents can take care of theirs.

        There are some enlightened  countries out there where the governments actually supply the addicts with drugs and safe, monitored places to use/inject them so they don’t end up being found dead of an OD in an abandoned building weeks after the fact. It costs them less $ per addict and they have fewer addicts per capita.

      8. Yes, government sanctioned drugs are generally the most unhealthy, and far from being positive forces in anyone’s life. Artificial scarcity allows for centralization of power by small groups, and thus an Oligopoly is created. Marijuana is a major money maker for the cartels. This is largely made possible by legally prohibiting domestic production and from there it’s simple supply and demand with prices driven higher by shortage.

      9. For all of you “lets legalize drugs” people, I hope you sit on a dirty “state/gov funded” needle infected with something nasty that can’t be passed to the people that care for you.  Go buy an ice cooler & put your head it.

      10. Instead of legalizing drugs, why don’t we just re-legalize them? Prior to drug prohibition, in the early part of the 20th century, the US of A didn’t have all the “drug related” problems it has today. There was no mystery surrounding the things and people who used them tended to be productive members of society exercising their right to ingest what ever they chose to, without any “do- gooders” prodding the government to run their lives for them. Then, of course, some politician got it in his head, that if drugs were made illegal, they could create more vast bureaucracies to employ more soon to be tax parasites who would look to the state and do anything to keep the paychecks coming. Including enforcing evermore ridiculous laws and subjugating the people who only wanted to be able to do as the constitution guaranteed.

        Now, if you really want to live under and ever repressive state, and do as your told, nothing more nothing less, just get yourself a read of  “The Black Book of Communism” and you’ll see what a paradise you can live in if you so choose.

        Enough said. 

      11. How about this…send the 82nd airborn and a couple other divisions down there and seal the border…shoot anything that crosses no mans land..put up barbed wire, claymores and some land mines.. station snipers about every mile with orders to kill..problem solved.
        Next, not only should we legalize drugs, we should give anybody who wants em all they want…the junkies and trash will be happy and stoned out of their minds, they will not bother anyone, and best of all, they will be dead quite quickly and we will have far less crime, domestic abuse, and no incentive for drug catels to come here.. heck we may even get international tourism…either way, let the scum of the earth junkies poison and kill themselves. It is the least costly option for the rest of us. Darwin will have his day and the rest of us will be better off without them.  As for citizens or illegals who decide to have a crime spree…I have a simple solution..third strike and you get taken out back and get a slug through the brain… cost…a dollar tops.. Those habitual criminals are not going to reform anyway, so lets just clean house. The decent people who come here to the US to make a living and raise families I have no problem with.  We just need to take out the trash.  

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