Texas Mom: My Son Was Attacked For Wearing A MAGA Hat At Whataburger

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Headline News | 44 comments

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    A Texas mother’s teenage son was allegedly attacked at a Whataburger for wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat. The mother posted the video of the incident on Facebook as evidence of her claims.

    The woman claimed a man became extremely angry at her teenage son and his group of friends because one of them wore a “Make American Great Again” hat, KENS5 reported.   The hats have become noticeable and are often an outward expression of support of President Donald Trump. The video shows the man throwing his fountain drink at the table and shouting a racial slur.

    According to Breitbart, in the mother’s post on Facebook, which has since been taken down, Patricia Spittler asks for help in identifying the man she called “scum bag of the year.” The San Antonio CBS affiliate reported that Spittler wrote: “His friend was wearing a patriotic hat, and this happened! It would be nice to know who he is for someone to let him know his actions are not okay!” Spittler added: “Real tough guy… approaches a group of teenagers minding their own business just having a burger! He kept his hat, too.”

    The video found it’s way to Twitter, and it is slightly violent, so err on the side of caution if watching near children.  Also be aware that there a few racial slurs in the video.

    As the video begins, the man says, “… supporting the president. You ain’t supporting shit nigga,” and then throws the drink in the face of a 16-year-old boy. With MAGA hat in hand, the man walks away saying “Bitch ass motherf**ker.”

    The boy, Hunter Richard, said the man also pulled his hair while taking the hat, according to reports by News4SA. “I support my President and if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me,” he told the local NBC affiliate.

    A police report was filed and a man was fired for stealing the hat and the assault (throwing a drink in a Trump supporter’s face.) The post below, claiming a person was fired for the actions against Richard, had been removed or made private, meaning some may not see it.



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      1. Why didn’t a man in there knock this piece of shit out?

        • Because, he has teacher’s-pet status, under a complicit administration.

        • My thought exactly. When are we going to start fighting back??????????

          • In the social contract, there is no concept of moral authority, which makes you better than Ubangi, here (to borrow a term from Johnny Reb.)

            My experience in dealing-out vigilantism is that the vendor does not necessarily like you, the “good”, WASP guy. (Or, shomrim guy, as the case may be.)

            So, you have a quick, clean, decisive victory. You are feeling proud of yourself, on an adrenaline rush, waiting to be congratulated, or to fill out some police report.

            The vendor will rip anything off the wall, that is not nailed down, shove it into your arms, and try to get you out of there, in a hurry. In (let’s use a euphemism) “urban ghettos” the vendor or shop owner will tend to treat you like a protection racket or competing gang, fyi.

            If you go ahead with this, you will probably be treated like a “freelancer”.

            If legal restrictions are ever lifted on this sort of thing, or, if some nameable officials were agreeable to it, you still would have dirtied your hands, openly and on the record. Snitches, strongmen, loan sharkks etc, etc, are only king for a day — under protections, only for so long as it takes to do the dirty work, imhblo.

            Criminals have disputes, every day, and you would effectively be settling this, as a criminal, if you choose to do so.

        • I have been following the story of the WHATABURGER HAT BANDIT and what this jerk did was unforgivable!

          They should come down hard on this criminal. Let all of the political thugs of the DNC know that they wont get away with political intimidation. The DNC had better realize that political intimidation is a two edged sword to which it’s main constituency, illegal immigrants, are particularly vulnerable. What these good little Democrats/ANTIFA have been doing is the essence of FASCISM. They need to be stepped on before things really get out of hand. I m so glad I am no longer a DEMOCRAT!!!

        • because this is san antonio… the southern invaders completely control this town – white flight has been a thing for a while now, and its getting flat out dangerous to be white and/or conservative – i guarantee most of the people in there were “triggered” by that hat and they were probably overjoyed when this choad stepped up to bully that teenage kid… honestly wearing a maga hat around these parts is either brave or stupid… this kid is lucky that situation didnt turn MUCH worse – as a white man living in san antonio, i promise you it easily could’ve…

      2. Let me try that at water burger this weekend, come up to me, throw drinks in my fucking face, and see what happens. Guess where I am going, straight to fucking jail, with bail set at no less than $50,000 on my head.


        What the fuck is this country coming to.

        • But on the good side: ONE DEAD NIGGA!

        • Good call HCKS…throw a punch on him for me….

      3. “…is slightly violent, so err on the side of caution if watching near children.”

        Children’s programming is slightly violent. Why not teach them about a safari.

        To the tune of “We All Stand Together”

        MAGA said, ever-so-politely, “I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the *entire whole.”

        And, then they had high tea.

        The *entire whole, of all people, who were all the same, lived happily ever after.

      4. Hope our President send Mr. Richard a brand new, recently autographed hat.

      5. If anybody even touches you, you can have them arrested for assault. Shoot the prick and say it looked like he had a gun or knife and you felt threatened with bodily harm. Make sure you have your concealed carry permit with you and loaded pistol ready to blast the prick.

        • TharSheBlows:

          Seriously? Shoot him for throwing a drink?

          You are so wrong.

          This kid was shocked but not really injured, except perhaps psychologically. And, now is the time to use that psychological ammunition. Mama, put your skinny teen into Martial Arts, Kickboxing, whatever form of self defense is near your house. It will give him confidence. It could even save his life.


          You are talking shit. And giving bad advice.
          Really bad advice. How many people can you shoot in self defense before a Judge locks you up and throws away the key. A wise man picks his battles, and uses appropriate force.


          • B from CA: It is your STUPID advice that has emboldened all these SUBHUMANS in the first place. “An armed society is a POLITE society.”

            • Jack:
              No Jack. You misunderstand. I’m in favor of conceal carry. I’m also living in the real world. I worked some of the most dangerous streets in the USA. I’ve been in the company of every type of hoodlum.

              This dude at wtf burger is not the worst sort. The mother was very aggressive after-The-fact. So, he lost his minimum wage job. That is significant.

              My father used to get beat up as a kid. Then he became an amateur boxer. The pushing around he got motivated him and he was unbeatable. I’m not suggesting people become victims, quite the opposite. It is just that guns are a last resort.


              • Weapons (guns) can also be a deterrent just by having them open-carry. Had the subject noticed the weapon, he may have changed his mind and never touched the victim. He may have had a verbal berating, but nothing else.
                Had the victim had conceal-carry, it would not have made a difference.
                The two are very different.

              • Once again, B from CA bang on!!

          • I wouldnt shoot him, simply figure out who the fucker is, where he lives, then proceed to ruin the little brown assholes life

            • Nailbanger

              You mean you would find a way to have him deported ??


            • Nail,
              Spoken like a true island guy.
              That is how we roll here.

          • I have no plans, here. I am not telling you whether to do it, or how to do it.

            But, the misguided person in this video is going to keep escalating, until he finds absolution.

      6. What did he call him? Nigga?

        I guess, it takes one to know one.

        This kind of thing has been going on for many years. That is why there is white flight. Whites have been taking a beating for too long.

        I would not wear a politically charged saying on my person, let alone send my kid out wearing a Trump hat, knowing how many people have been assaulted. Not blaming Mom. Kids don’t listen half the time. But, I suppose, many people don’t realize how touchy these foreigners really are.

        I lived in a city that was very peaceful. Over the years it became notorious, dangerous, and very dark in more ways than one. Now, I have relatives from the dark side. I love them. But it ain’t right. If these divisions turn into a civil war, which side will I choose? I will be screwed either way.

        If you are young, do yourself and your family a big favor. Keep to your own kind. And remember. If you look white, it does not matter that you are 18% Native American or your grandmother was half Mexican, you are white. I learned on the street, the law of the street. You are white because they perceive you as white. And it does not matter what you believe. It only matters what the other dude believes.


        • “You are white because they perceive you as white.”

          A black guy at work, who’s aunt was the local NAACP Representative went on a rant about injustice, slavery saying, “You white people” repeatedly. I reminded him that my ancestors came to the US in 1915 and 1920 from Poland and Italy. Neither were met with a brass band. They had nothing to do with anything he stated.

          Cite government statistics regarding blacks and crime and your racist, math be dammed. Blame whites who immigrated to the US fifty years after slavery was abolished and its ok. One thing is common to both, math be dammed.

          • K2
            Ya also cant fix stupid no matter what color, however,
            May the odds be ever in our favor!

            • Stupid *can* be fixed. . . you just need a high-quality nailgun.

            • I don’t think the thought process, or lack thereof, comes from cognitive disfunction (stupidity) but rather a jealous fueled hatred. Logic is lost in the maze of anger. “Your people have”, “My people don’t”. I don’t care about the reasons (lack of family unit, lack of desire for education, thrift).

        • The n word is not rayciss, when you don’t say the put the letter r on the end.

        • B from CA: You screwed yourself a long time ago. And JUST NOW, you are feeling “butt-hurt”? Cheezuz, you are DENSE.

          • How did I screw myself, Jack?


        • B from CA comes up with some reasonable advice:”If you are young, do yourself and your family a big favor. Keep to your own kind.”, except he forgot to add: CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS.

          • Use weapons, in public — especially in front of a seccam — and, your just another nigga.

            The praetors have a monopoly, both on the concept of camaraderie, and on the use of force. Whitey never automatically means that you are part of the in-group, and never forget that.

      7. I hate the physically more powerful imposing their will upon those they know have little ability to defend themselves. With this mans position as an employee, if the younger fought back, especially being 16 yrs old, the benefit of doubt would tend to lay with the employee. The descriptive word is BULLY.

      8. This is why we have a 2nd amendment. So azzhats like this will never take over.

      9. That foreigner, possible an illegal, should have been laid out on the floor needing medical attention. Illegals have no business in our country anyway.

        • His citizenship/immigration status makes no difference as to him needing to be beaten with a stick until he stops twitching.

      10. He was fired ? Deservedly, particularly if an employee of Whattaburger. If in a similar situation (in my younger days….and sometimes these days), the proper course of action would be to grab his eyeglasses. They are far more expensive than a $15 hat. Don’t tread on me bro’.

      11. Nothing good happens between 9 pm and 6 am. Kid should have been at home.

      12. I Wear a MAGA hat out in public. And carry a 44 Blackhawk with a 10&1/2 inch barrel. And ive never heard a harsh word. Mostly get comments about liking the hat. Of course in old have a beard and folks cant smell any fear on me. Now I have received a few dirty looks. Only one person said something. A woman who moved here from New York stated it was a racist hat. I asked her to explain how wanting to Make America Great Again was Racist. She couldn’t. Then I told her That’s Ok because Im not ashamed to be racist. I prefer my own kind which is Redneck Hillbilly White Cracker. She then thought I was making a Joke .When I simply told her the truth.

        • A MAGA hat, and a “Support .45, and Carry One Too” shirt. Priceless.

      13. Sorry, I understand about “turning the other cheek” and all that, but had this happened to me ….. maybe I’d have gotten my ass kicked (the dude looks bigger than me), but you better believe he would be F’ed up in the process. People like this don’t understand they’re playing with fire. Look at the Antifa pussy that was knocked out cold in Portland….these leftist commit motherf***ers need to understand if they continue with the violence, they’re just gonna lose.

      14. Looks like divide and conquer is alive and well. Meanwhile the real enemy dines on our babies and rapes our children all the while playing WW3 chess with the nations as the naive proletariat goy argue politics and race… What the hell is that smell? What realm do we dwell? Luckily Jesus saves souls, repent how swell! Asteroids planets pole shift new heaven on earth i yell! He’s bat guano crazy, at least he can spell

      15. Why are white people so lax in pulling out their privilege and using it in such necessary times as this teen faced? We keep wasting our privilege, if we don’t use it.

      16. And the keyboard warriors respond above.

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