Texas May Tax Drivers by the Mile

by | Jan 4, 2010 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    We’ve mentioned before that governments that are broke will tax everything in sight in order to maintain power and control. Texas is no exception. While Texas is better off than most states in the Union, even here we have politicians scrambling to get their hands on every dollar they can. The Houston Chronicle asks Should drivers be taxed by the mile?

    Short answer: Not no, but hell no!

    If you don’t like gasoline taxes, here’s an alternative: a tax on the number of miles you drive in a year.

    The Texas Transportation Commission has directed a fresh study of the idea, and it is not alone. There are pilot projects in other states and nationally to gauge how such a tax would work.

    Texas transportation officials say the study is meant to help give lawmakers information on options ahead of their next regular session in 2011, when they confront a funding squeeze that is expected to drain the highway fund of money for new construction contracts by 2012.

    “We need to think differently about how we fund transportation,” Texas Transportation Commission Chairwoman Deirdre Delisi said at a Texas Taxpayers and Research Association forum in November.

    First of all, no, WE DON’T LIKE GASOLINE TAXES. Second, let’s be honest here — does anyone really think that a tax-per-mile is going to replace the existing gasoline taxes? The only reason they won’t raise taxes on gas is because the population would freak. With gas prices sitting at roughly $2.50 a gallon now, any tax increase would likely bump it into the $3 range, that’s without considering the future impact of dollar depreciation and the likely possibility of conflict in the middle east. So, rather than overtly ripping money from our wallets, they will throw on a little stealth tax that people don’t realize is there until they get their next car inspection done. Then, to get your car passed through inspection, you’ll likely need to cough up the cash to the State government.

    Here’s an idea: Quit pissing away tax payer dollars and get your spending under control BEFORE you raise taxes.

    It’s not rocket science. Though its understandable that because most of our politicians graduated from government schools, they have no clue how to balance a checkbook let alone a multi-billion dollar state budget.


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      1. I completely agree with Mac!  Tax us by the mile under the guise of improving the roads only to spend it on pet projects and BS that shouldn’t be funded in the first place.  End result, we get screwed again and the roads still suck!

      2. “get a rope” will be the new Texas battle cry. just what was said almost 20 years ago when the state legislature considered implementing a state income tax. note, Texas property taxes are very high, so is home insurance. Texans won’t stand for it if printed in english only.

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