Texas Governor MANDATES Face Masks

by | Jul 4, 2020 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    The propaganda surrounding the coronavirus has pivoted to masks recently, and there is no rational explanation for it.  It’s in the height of summer, and previously, the “officials” said masks did nothing. So what gives?

    Texas has become the latest state to mandate the wearing of face masks in public. The mainstream media is obviously applauding this decision, but there has to be more to it.  It all seems highly irrational that the government can mandate a mask to allegedly protect against a virus that has a minimal chance of even getting someone sick, and even less of a chance of dying from it.

    Coronavirus Panic & Fear: The Greatest Mainstream Media Hoax In History

    Any theories as to why the media and the government all of sudden what everyone masked all the time? It just makes such little sense that the application of logic is failing me. Nonetheless, Texas, Governor Greg Abbott relented Thursday and issued a statewide order mandating the use of face masks in public.

    In the United State, the number of new COVID-19 has cases surged above 50,000 in one day for the first time, yet the deaths have all but dropped off to zero.  The government has moved the goalposts. Remember when they used the fear porn death map in every single article and every TV segment? Now, it’s all about cases and face masks.

    The MSM Pivots On COVID-19 Propaganda Today: Headlines Declare Trump Is “All For Masks”

    Additionally, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has effectively killed all restaurants in the city. He has delayed indoor dining in the city indefinitely while sheriff deputies will begin to issue citations to people who are not wearing masks in West Hollywood, California. The fine will be $300 in total.

    If you are out waving a flag a celebrating your freedom today, you may want to take an introspective look at exactly where the country is. This is not what freedom looks like. Ironically, the people on this land called the United States were freer before the American Revolution than they have been for the past ten years.

    Regardless, mask-wearing is an interesting topic because although it makes little sense the mainstream media and governments are pushing this down our throats, and I, for one, would like to know the real reason.  Not the bullshit reason we were given that it “saves lives.”


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      1. I will not be masked, tracked, chipped, or poisoned to support this orchestrated lie! This will not be my “new normal”. I DO NOT CONSENT!

      2. I will not be masked, tracked, chipped, or poisoned to support this orchestrated lie! This will not be my “new normal”. I DO NOT CONSENT!

      3. People are asking to wear masks. Look at any poll or survey you want (or take one yourself). What you’re seeing IS democracy in action despite how people are coming to make the decisions they are, eg propaganda, common sense, research, faith, whatever. The ICU beds are full in Texas. That is undeniable. Politicians have to appear to be doing something even if it is kabuki thester. Otherwise, they’ll have zero chance at reelection.

        I’ve read several of your posts now and I can’t figure out why you bother posting anything. Every post drips with disdain for everything in “the system” and is soaked with hopelessness. I feel bad for you because you often overlook the silver linings in a lot of what’s going on. You fall for traps of a young man who hasn’t the perspective or respect of history. I’ll give you one example: masks are keeping the economy going and will likely prevent mail-in voting.

        • Go back to your leftist media outlet comment section… Oh, right, it is gone. Then just spare us the lies.

      4. Find this YouTube Video: “Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: What Have We Learned from the Failure of British Socialism?”

        Things will Boil over. I’m leaving to find safety for my family.

      5. Last comment post? Leaving Texas?
        – – Useful Info For You – –
        Following YouTube Video Titles are worth your time to play in background, listen while doing useful sitting chores.
        Go to YouTube.
        Video Titles:
        * 1. “Ravi Zacharias Last Preaching!”
        (What a great life/fine example of what we should strive towards. Better man than me.)
        * 2. “Pastor John Hagee: Coronavirus: Dress Rehearsal for the New World Order” (NOTE: John tells you what is happening.)
        * 3. “Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr.: What Have We Learned from the Failure of British Socialism?” (now it is here in USSA)
        * 4. ” Former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, Warns America About Socialist Subversion”. (Full length version is Worth watching)
        * 5. “Dave Grossman: “Bulletproof Mind”
        (Lt. Col. Grossman’s books, presentation, mind training, LITERALLY, “saved our lives”. Gratitude. Might save your life with things to likely come.”)

        6- -Not appropriate for sensitive people/children. Warning: Disturbing content . Seems to explain much:
        * 6. “Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception by Chuck Swindoll” (But this video forgets that Jesus will come. God of Jesus Christ will overcome the Evil and Wins. Jesus will save.)
        * 7. YouTube “channel” search: ” PrepMedic” and also “SkinnyMedic.” Everyone needs “Stop the Bleed” course.

        These great men/women of the above titles have put it All together for you. You can choose to have open mind and ready your Body-Mind-Spirit-Exercise your Free Will.
        “Take banannas out of your ears”
        I’ve nothing else useful to offer. Short time left. Things are good now, so it is time for All of Us to Prepare for the “Days of Trouble” ahead.
        –Best to You.
        Jesus Will come. God Wins. Hold Fast. You will do well.

      6. Best to just move along peacefully.
        There are other place without Tyrants.
        Texans are allowing this? Are they that weak now?
        Abbott must be Removed from office. Abbott has sold out.

        Guess it is time to sell the house? Move again?
        I’ll Not live under Tyrants with Church closures by a Godless government that has a court which allows murdering of babies, Genocide. Governor of New York – Michigan locked up elderly people in nursing home with sick people knowing they would die. Killing the elderly. Politicians Would not allow the healthy elderly people to leave. Would not allow family to move the elderly to safety.

        Do you not understand if the government/politicians/judges are willing to kill babies and elderly people. That Soon they will be killing you, your children, grandchildren.

        Or maybe it has already started? Is that why “officials” want you home? Easy to round up?

        I’m Not Livestock. I’m Not owned by a banker, politician, corporation, I will walk away from everyting for Freedom-Liberty-Justice-Right to provide for family-Right to Associate Freely-Right to hold Church services in the open.

        Do these things Not matter to you?
        You just accept anything told to you by a liar power grab Politician or Fear Mongering Media?

        Are you people awake at all? Paying any attention?
        You just blindly follow.
        I really don’t understand why Texans don’t stand up to idiocy.

      7. Who knew the mark of the beast would be a face mask. Unless you wear the “mask of the beast” you cannot buy food, clothing, go to restaurants etc…
        Its all about control who ever thought the religious people and second amendment people would rollover so easily !!!

        • Wearing a mask in no way violates anyone rights! Society mandates that you wear clothing when out (i.e., you cannot walk around naked in public), does mandating the wearing of clothes violate your rights?

          Given that, if you don’t want to wear a mask fine with me, I can wait out all the mask haters who will sooner or later pay a price with their health!

      8. The masks are a visual reminder to be afraid and comply.

      9. Good question! Perhaps the governor is being threatened in some way? The death rate is very low compared to infection rate. It’s about fear and control, and the people not doing critical thinking of their own.

      10. I could be wrong but I think the great Governor Abbott is trying to get in front of the TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD [snowflake Antifa & Black Lives (only) Matter]. The Demonrat-run big cities are less likely to have mobs of hell-raisers if everybody has to wear a derned mask.

      11. afaic, you lost the Alamo.
        h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Castro

      12. I wonder if that Gov has the authory to do so? I live in North Carolina and this Gov has no authory to do any thing but he does it the GS sits on their ass

      13. Ever think about this ….. the face masks are lined with something like maybe some type of infectious matter???? Or something else to hurt people. Just a thought.

      14. What you and everyone else is overlooking is, wearing face masks cause you to inhale recycled carbon dioxide, not oxygen. The effects to the body can start when you put it on. The CO2 can create a lot of health problems especially to the immune system. Wearing face masks can increase your chances to contract a disease and make it more graver. Research how many problems physically the face mask creates when breathing in CO2. So, the use of the face mask will make you sick. If you go to the doctor, he will label it COVID-19, since he gets paid thousands to change. This will be added to the spike inflating the numbers even though it’s a lie. Lockdown

        • Please follow your own advice should you ever be in need of surgery and tell the surgeon operating on you not to wear a mask as you don’t want to endanger his health…….

          • Please don’t try to muzzle anyone that is not a medical Doctor. Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one. Have you heard the phrase “a second opinion”.

            Dr. Rand Paul, the son of a medical Doctor (Ron Paul), said it best when he told Fauci “you are not the end all”. Meaning “settled science” is a misnomer.

            Wisdom is acquired through many different paths. Your medical opinion is NOT the “end all”.

        • All those surgeons and nurses for years before this are lucky to be alive! How did they survive those multiple hours of surgery while wearing masks?

          • They survived by wearing a PAPER mask to prevent LARGE droplets of bodily fluids from getting into their mouth. They survived by being in a controlled environment with ample AC humming away for a short period of time and thrown away after every encounter with a patient….Not by working on a hot roof in 100* weather with the sun beating down on you. Or working in a warehouse where you walk/run over 20 miles a day. Or making deliveries in triple digit temps to all the people who are too afraid to leave their house but still want food and merchandise. Or running cable, repairing water lines or climbing electricity poles so you can safely stay in your home. Putting on a mask in Texas is like creating your own hot box of germs that you then get to breathe in and out of your lungs until you can take it off. The masks were not designed to be worn for 8 hours a day. Truth. Just read the fine print. Most of the masks specifically say they are good for 30 minutes and do nothing to stop virus germs which are extremely small. The indoctrination is strong with you.

      15. The truth is out there…

      16. People began to resist orders to stay home, so They decided to make it as unpleasant as possible to go out instead.

      17. Remember when we were all going to get the virus and millions were going to die? Yeah, that didn’t happen…but leave it to the libs to continue with the lies and fear tactics. Indoctrination doesn’t happen over night. Abbott has always been a rhino and I doubt he will get re-elected. Common sense would show that the majority of us are going to get this virus- it can always find a new host. Data also shows us most of us will be just fine and many didn’t even know they had it. The reality is we cannot afford a new shut-down and many are still trying to recover financially from the first one. I don’t agree that wearing a mask keeps me safe. They have become adult baby blankets and many feel comforted by wearing them. sad.
        If you believe all of this is about the virus and not control, then good luck to ya.

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