Texas AG Issues CIDs To Robinhood, Citadel, Others Over “Shocking Coordination” Between Hedge Funds, Trading Platforms To Halt Trading

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    The probes and lawsuits are coming.

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    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent out a Civil Investigative Demand to 13 entities, including Robinhood and Citadel, regarding the “suspension of stock trading and investing” requiring higher margin reserves for trading certain companies and suspending chat platform activity.

    Other names which were also issued CIDs include Discord, Robinhood Markets, Robinhood Securities, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, TD Bank, E-Trade, WeBull Financial, Public Holdings, M1 Holdings, Citadel Financial, and Apex Clearing.

    “Wall Street corporations cannot limit public access to the free market, nor should they censor discussion surrounding it, particularly for their own benefit. This apparent coordination between hedge funds, trading platforms, and web servers to shut down threats to their market dominance is shockingly unprecedented and wrong. It stinks of corruption,” said Attorney General Paxton.

    “I’m hopeful that these companies will step up and cooperate with these CIDs in order to clear any confusion over why stock purchases were forcibly closed and why even conversation around these stocks was silenced.”

    In addition to public statements and internal documents, the CIDs request copies of all terms of service, policies related to content control and moderation, and communications between platforms and moderators of chat servers, including decisions to limit, control, or prevent access to the Discord r/WallStreetBets server.

    Read copies of the CID here.


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      1. Awesome!!!

      2. here…whaleeeee …whaleeee …whaleeee

      3. I would like to be mad and would be if I could stop smiling.

        it was a beautiful thing to see
        …the people joining forces (finally) fighting back and at the same time markets, have entered uncharted waters …the jig is up.

        Several hedge funds have already disavowed short selling after the Melvin massacre.

        IMHO tho anyone thinking this is the new norm is delusional.
        Reddit is under a microscope and the element of surprise
        was paramount to the squeeze.
        I wouldn’t be a bit shocked if Reddit isnt shut down by Russian hackers any minute now. /sarc

        All very intriguing but not enough to knock me off my strategy of slow and steady.

        as far as the #silversqueeze
        I’m holding and that is all.

        • FreemanSteed says, “the element of surprise was paramount to the squeeze.”

          Influential corporatists often, barely, have any life skills.

          Assuming that you never set off any red flags within the trading platform, you would only have to surprise minnows and algos.

          Part of the misunderstanding, is that money is being made, rather than burned, here:

          • algos predict by ruling out the impact of human emotions on trading activities.

            they (WS) are now listening to the Reddit chatter…aka predictive linguistics

            having your ass handed to you by a bunch of minnows is cause to set up straight and pay attention.

            Cliff High tried to tell the fools ummmm back in 2017?

      4. The only ostensible reason for a central bank, in the first place, was to prevent booms and busts.

        The monetary policy, which you are now trying to break, is what made your national currency the world’s reserve.

      5. Portnoy said,” This, now can go on forever.”

        “Itchy and Scratchy” theme:


        imhblo, finances are the distilled busywork, largess, and inertia of the great unwashed. Those, who will never spend nor reproduce responsibly, will always far outnumber those with impulse control.

      6. Wall Street corporations cannot limit public access to the free market, ” Does this apply tothe free market of ideas? Facebook, Instagram, Youtube?

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