Terrorist Watch List May Exceed US Population by 2019, World Population by 2023

by | Jan 1, 2011 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of the secrecy laws surrounding the no-fly list, terror watch list and the master DHS list, it is impossible to accurately estimate the number of people who have been added to the lists thus far, and the  number of people being added daily. This article makes assumptions based on inaccurate information and comes to conclusions that may be considered extreme. The premise of this article, regardless of the legitimacy and credibility of the assumptions and estimations, leads to a conclusion that may very well become reality over the next decade as global security services continue to expand their monitoring and surveillance capabilities.

    A report from the Washington Post (brought to us via Infowars.com) says that the new official policy for the terrorist watch list is that a single ‘credible’ tip may deem you unworthy of (air) travel in the United States of America:


    Since then [the underwear bombing incident of 2009], senior counterterrorism officials say they have altered their criteria so that a single-source tip, as long as it is deemed credible, can lead to a name being placed on the watch list.

    The government’s master watch list is one of roughly a dozen lists, or databases, used by counterterrorism officials.

    watchingyou_unclesameAccording to the Wall Street Journal, there are roughly 440,000 people on the watch list as of December 2010, though USA Today indicates that over one million names have been added as of 2009. In 2006 the list contained just 71,000 names (which was subsequently corrected to remove errors, ending 2006 with about 34,000). It is not completely clear whether or not the “no-fly” and “terror” watch lists have been merged into one master list, though recent reports suggest Department of Homeland Security has centralized the management of all watch lists.

    Nonetheless, the number of individuals being added to what the WSJ refers to as the terrorist watch list, but which may be a combination of the no-fly and terrorist watch lists (confused yet?), has seen an increase of over 1000% over the last four years alone.

    This suggests that the number of individuals being added is nearly doubling every year. Based on the following ad-hoc calculations, at this pace the list(s) will grow exponentially over the next decade:

    Number of people added (estimate) Year
    34,000 2006
    68,000 2007
    136,000 2008
    270,000 2009
    540,000 2010
    1,080,000 2011
    2,160,000 2012
    4,320,000 2013
    8,640,000 2014
    17,280,000 2015
    34,560,000 2016
    69,120,000 2017
    138,240,000 2018
    276,480,000 2019
    552,960,000 2020
    1,105,920,000 2021
    2,211,840,000 2022
    4,423,680,000 2023

    *These are only estimates based on incomplete information due to the secrecy surrounding the no-fly, terrorist, and combined watchlists

    At this rate, there will be about 550,000,000 people on the watch list by 2019, which exceeds the population of the United States and then some. By 2023, the watch list will actually exceed the population of the entire earth – at which point one can speculate that the government of the U.S. will restrict all air travel.

    Reminiscent of travel in the communist East Bloc of the 1960’s to late 1980’s, those wishing to travel from one country to another, or even from town to town, will need to be screened, authorized, and issued travel papers by Homeland Security.

    Under Soviet style rules, everyone was on the watch list, much like we will be by the end of this decade. It makes sense then, from the perspective of DHS, TSA and other security services, to simply create an Approved Travel List, codenamed the Go-Fly List, which will be used to designate who has been cleared for flight (or bus or train travel).

    This would clear up an mystery about whether or not a particular individual is a terrorist, domestic extremist or person-of interest, because everyone would automatically be assumed to be a potential threat. Only those who have received the appropriate travel papers – a domestic or international travel visa – would be allowed access to public and/or private transportation.

    We realize that this sounds like an impossibility – the idea that average, everyday Americans would be restricted from travel for no reason at all – but we point out that this is already happening now. Of those one million or so already on the list, there are a host of people who have arguably been added by mistake, including:

    • Former US Senator Ted Kennedy (Added August 2004) [Link]
    • Seven Year Old John Anderson (Added 2004, still on list in 2008) [Link]
    • Actor Mark Ruffalo et. al. related to upcoming documentary “Gasland” (Allegedly Added 2010) [Link, Ruffalo Responds]

    A 2007 audit of a sampling that included 105 records on the list as of 2006 found that 38% of the records were innaccurate.

    With the new policy changes, however, the question of how the government determines accuracy becomes even more hazy. One ‘credible’ tip to the FBI or other law enforcement agency is now enough to land you on the list, and anecdotal reports suggest that once you’re on, it’s virtually impossible to be permanently removed, as seven year old John Anderson’s experience shows.

    With the introduction of the Department of Homeland Security’s See Something, Say Something initiative across every Walmart in the country, as well as other private and public organizations, we will continue to see mega-growth in the watch lists – simple statements that run counter to government policies or opting out of backscatter Homeland Security screenings may be all it takes.

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      1. Where can I go to report my congressman and senators, to have them put on the “terrorist” lists?

      2. Didn’t they let Ted drive across a bridge? 

      3. Brent – Sorry, their exempt.  Their on another list…….

        Gee, I was figuring we were already on their list because of this dangerous site we follow.

      4. LOL, well absurdity aside from using a limitless exponential curve when it will more represent the up half of a bell curve, it certainly is growing.  However it will not double this year – it will quadruple.  There will be a period of expedited acceleration but eventually as the remaining population subsides, dies, or disappears from radar it will slow, but not this year, or next.

      5. Don’t forget, Fred, the databases are actually all-inclusive (Total Information Awareness,  et al).  The limited information being released is only some very muddied numbers based on certain criteria flags they felt they could make fit the “demanded” figures.

      6. yeah, and the stupid government will still bail them out when no one can fly..idiots.

        just wait its coming, some airline is going to start crying  that their passenger numbers have gone down, and they cant sustain the market..prices will go up..people will get pissed, and the vicious circle will be perpetuated..TSA is also part of this problem

        than the Banksters will start to cry for more money, and probably some other big government subsity..

        I travel, and fly, and im telling you its a joke
        AA..could be the next big one to hit the skids financially..or at least one of the big US ones..and I say who cares, let them close the doors.
        prices are too high, passengers are not their main concern..and this too big to fail mantality is failing the citizens of this country..

        the No fly list should include every politician and law maker in this country..until they get the message.

        And if they put me on it, fine..they can take my money and shove it up their votes..this wont last long until any one with Bankster or politician in their resume is viewed as the enemy, from every tax paying hard working AMERICAN! and rightfully so

        they will become the hunted, and the terrorists of the American way of life, as if they arn’t already, just some are slow to the wake up call

      7. The most important video you’ll ever see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rkpBSY

        Math is great –

        The terror lists will be moot when the govt is abolished due to financial collapse and the ice age that is coming.  Everyone is going to have to adjust to a different world.  Terror lists will be the least of our concerns.

        Getting enough food to eat will be much farther up on the list.  Anyone who wants to go in on a ranch in Brazil – let me know! 

      8. Comments…..I have one question that comes merely by reading the title of this report.  How do you EXCEED the entire World Population?  Are aliens from space gonna come down and be added to this list also? Just wondering….

      9. The incisive comments presented here appear to point in the same direction and toward the same outcome.  That is the great shame.
        Many too many so-called experts have consciously and willfully chosen NOT to openly discuss the root cause(s) of the global predicament resulting from human overpopulation of the Earth because they did not think it would be helpful, I suppose. But look at what silence during the last 60 years has wrought. Elective mutism by so many experts regarding outstanding empirical research of certain human population issues, particularly human population dynamics from Russell Hopfenberg and David Pimentel, has effectively and perniciously vanquished science. This outcome could be the most colossal failure of nerve in human history. The consequences of this incredible mistake do not simply threaten a civilization with collapse. The collapse of civilizations has occurred before. Sometimes on a smaller scale and other times on a larger one. But at no time in history can I find records of the precipitation of a human-driven collapse with such profound implications not only for a civilization, but also for life as we know it and the integrity of Earth as a fit place for human habitation. The ‘brightest and best’, most knowledgeable people, those in positions of much influence and great power, have not spoken out loudly, clearly and often enough.
        When scientific knowledge is deludedly regarded as a threat to human wellbeing, and intellectual honesty, moral courage and personal accountability are everywhere eschewed, how on Earth do we ever give ourselves so much as a chance of mitigating damages, much less “solving” problems for which we bear a large share of responsibility?
        I do not know what the future holds for the children. I am hoping they will find ways to muddle through. If they manage to do so, it will likely not be the result of the efforts of those in my not-so-great generation of elders. We have failed them so far “on our watch” and will continue to do so as long as we continuously choose to keep doing the same unsustainable overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities we adamantly advocate and relentlessly pursue in our time, I suppose.
        Silence will not save anyone from anything, and surely will not save humanity from itself. Perhaps we can agree that the Earth will go on, with or without the human species.

        Steven Earl Salmony
        AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
        established 2001

      10. Comments…..The Government considers us ALL potential terrorists. We are a danger to them

      11. I don’t have a 4 wheel drive, the heater is slow because it’s diesel and the leather seats are not heated.  What should I do michelle?  How much time do we have?

      12. Comments….. Hold on people you have it all wrong. Where will Big Sis and Eric Holder be when this event takes placed on May 21, 2011.  Yes this in true…the story.  Just like in 1844 when the Millerites went on top of a mountain after selling all their worldly goods to meet Jesus.  That was called “Great Disappointment.”  But this guy is so sure of himself! Start eating your preps and get rid of the gold and silver!  No I’m not mushscroom…just making a point. 

        The world will end May 21, 2011. This is not the first time Camping has made a bold prediction about Judgment Day.
        On Sept. 6, 1994, dozens of Camping’s believers gathered inside Alameda’s Veterans Memorial Building to await the return of Christ, an event Camping had promised for two years. Followers dressed children in their Sunday best and held Bibles open-faced toward heaven.
        But the world did not end. Camping allowed that he may have made a mathematical error.  (Berton J. Biblical scholar’s date for rapture: May 21, 2011.  January 1, 2010.  http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/01/01/BA8V1AV589.DTL&feed=rss.news).

        Mr. Camping has placed hundreds of billboards around the US proclaiming that May 21, 2011 is the day.

        Another great disappoint for sure!  Mark your calendars!  Stay at home and crawl under your bed.  The time will have. 🙂

      13. Comments….. Should we put Mr. Camping on the terror watch list?  He’s scaring people–actually terrorizing them.  The thought of being raptured out of a car you are driving down the freeway at 70 mph is damn right scary.  Having it plow into innocent people is an act of terrorism.  These people are so full of themselves.  Isn’t it in the Bible that it says “no man knows the day or hour of Jesus’ return?”  Well then mathematically speaking how did Mr. Camping screw up so badly with the math? LOL!

      14. the reason  i think something very serious is happening with our weather is that it sure is very quiet on this subject relative to it’s increbible importance.


      15. U.S. attorney general Eric Holder : “The threat has changed from simply worrying about foreigners coming here, to worrying about people in the United States, American citizens — raised here, born here, and who for whatever reason, have decided that they are going to become radicalized and take up arms against the nation in which they were born,”
        After see this video I happen to agree with him that According to the 2010 census we have now 308,745,538 citizens involved in suspicious activities using Wal-Mart as the base for operations.




      16. However, if you are an investor like I am, there is a huge investment opportunity in all this. Think about these government agencies keeping information about 308,745,538 individuals and keep in mind that since they are not very competent they will store the same data a minimum of 15 times (low estimate). So, investing in corporations that manufacture electronic storage (hardware) and electronic indexing of all this data (software) looks pretty good!
        You have to understand that this investment will be short term until 2012 (elections – time to sell) after which all this will be ridiculed and canceled in no time at all.

      17. You losers are brainwashed Alex Jones sheep, believing things because they appear on a website.

      18. You mods are stupid and controlling facists.  You claim to fight tyranny, yet have to control speech on your lame propagandist message board.

      19. If you had a web site and had to deal with 1000 spam messages daily, then you’d likely try to moderate those as well. New posters coming from IP addresses that have never been used to post comments on this web site are automatically dropped into the moderation queue by WordPress Akismet spam filter.

        As you can see, both of your posts have now been approved. Since we can’t moderate in real time, it may take up to 8 hours for some posts to show up.

        We generally approve all comments regardless of their views..

        thanks for visiting – and, please, take a chill pill.


      20. You ain’t shit if you’re not on the government watch list.

      21. I’d like to point out that there are currently 6,800,000,000 people in the world. By 2023, it’s estimated that there will be 7,500,000,000. Clearly “4,423,680,000” does not exceed this; it does not even exceed the current population. If you had projected as far as 2024, which would give us 8,847,360,000 names, then you’d be correct.

      22. I wonder if I can interest those world record people in  a record for being on the most terrorist watch lists?
        I bet if I start now I can be on all of them in ..oh, say a year? I figure if they dont like me its a good thing…I sure dont want to be called a great guy by any of these fascists!

      23. Goldenfoxx
        I was down in N.C. this past week..does this guy that touts the May date have a bunch of RV’s with it emblazined across them driving from place to place?
        because while coming across the mountains toward WV i saw about 6 or 7 of them, and they all had California plates on them

      24. Oh i forgot to add..if im on some Corperatons shit list, thats just fine..if they dont like me,, maybe they wont like my money either..fuck em.
        first time im not allowed to be an American or able to express my rights they can take my tax money and SIUTA! they are supposed to “Work” for us and if they aint doing the job well enough its time to cut their dam pay!

      25. kay asked, “How do you EXCEED the entire World Population?”

        That’s easy, it’s just like voting rosters, the dead remain, never to be removed from the list.
        The efficiency of goberment and all, ya know.

      26. kay asked, “How do you EXCEED the entire World Population?”

        That’s easy, it’s just like voting rosters, the dead remain, never to be removed from the list.

        The efficiency of goberment and all, ya know.
        No, because if your dead your no longer considered population! Wrong! It’s gotta be aliens I tell ya! rofl

      27. There was a meeting last year in Chicago on global warming. One attendee caught my eye in particular, a Russian scientist proclaiming the start of a mini ice age starting on or around the year 2012. Take a look at the polar ice cap depth and expansion over the last 2 years and tell me that this is not the case. As for terrorists, our government has gone paranoid of it’s citizens and will do anything to maintain control while it continues with false flag operations.  Monsanto is seeding the atmosphere with barium and aluminum through chemtrails to gain market share on it’s gm food line. You will pay for their food or starve. Monsanto has developed seeds that are immune to the mix and thrive in soil with altered acidity levels. No one can touch them. The FAA is in on it as well. Very Orwellian indeed. All one has to do is connect the dots. Thanks Mac!
        Pablo Espanol?

      28. Clem, you’re speaking your comment as if it’s fact. There has been no definitive conclusion drawn over persistent contrails. I am not refuting your claim, per se, merely pointing out that you’re stating assumptions as fact. I know for a fact that jet contrails did not last 8 to 10 hours back when I was a kid. Heck, these days the contrails fan out, merge, become clouds and never actually go away (in a normal sense). And this phenomenon seems to occur in a series of days, day after day, then miraculously clear up and not occur again for several days.

        But, dude, my heirloom seeds THRIVED this past summer (2010). I had tomatoes all the way into October, from heirloom seeds. My compost heap has been overrun by potent heirloom offspring, sprouting in places where I merely threw the rotten fruits/plants. I’m serious. I got lettuce and carrots OUT OF MY COMPOST because I’m a lazy gardener and failed to keep my compost properly turned and mixed. And the trees and plant life in my Ozark world are thriving, same as always. The trees were littered with persimmons, peaches, apples and pears. I got sick to death of mowing the crabgrass in my lawn. It was out of freaking control and I never watered my lawn once, nor fertilized it ever. I’m saying I’ve never fertilized my lawn and never watered it and it grew faster and more lush in 2010 than I ever remember it. And the roses… man, I had some champion roses this past year…

        I have my own opinion on what purpose(s) are being served by chemtrails, but as of today they are only vague ideas and not fact. My concern is that aluminum keeps showing up in our diet and in our environment, over and over. It’s uncanny. What would the purpose be? Fluoride? It comes from aluminum treatment plants. The fluoride they put in drinking water is a derivative of aluminum. It’s in antiperspirant, baking powder, antacids, and more. It just keeps showing up in the human diet and environment. Why aluminum? And I ain’t talking about aluminum cans either. It’s in the foodstuffs and roll-ons. It’s in the water, correction, it’s PUT in the water. Surely trace elements of aluminum would naturally make it into the human diet, but we’re talking about ingesting aluminum on scale that’s off the charts. There’s simply no way to measure the average consumption.

        My simple, humble, non-scientific hunch? Aluminum effects the brain chemistry somehow. Or perhaps the nervous system all together. Sodium fluoride certainly effects brain chemistry, so I posit that aluminum also has some nefarious purpose as well. Am I paranoid? You’re not paranoid if your government has killed more than 10 million people and counting. Just read this article, this one about the terrorist watch list. Who’s acting paranoid? Me or the TSA?

      29. do you think we will be told the truth from the “government scientists” on the case of all the dead birds? and fish?
        is it the chemtrails? is it the corexit from the BP debacle?
        is it a government test to see if something they have we dont know about works yet or not?
        sounds like they are already blowing smoke up our butts with this high altitude hail..or lighting..or climate issues..etc….

        just something to make you go hummmmm?

      30. The endless fake war on terrorism continues.

        “There is no war on crime. There is no war on drugs, no war on terrorism. There is only the ongoing effort by the federal government to collect as much information on as many people as possible.”  — Jim Redden  author of Snitch Culture: How Citizens Are Turned Into the Eyes and Ears of the State

      31. The Ministry of Peace says attempting to travel without proper authorization is double-plus-ungood, and such notions should be unthought quickly.

        Gregg Riggs:
        Seems like a way to keep the populace in a constant state of mild panic and confusion to me

        “Aluminum is particularly dangerous to the nervous system, with symptoms including:

        Mental Confusion
        Memory Loss

        Emotional Instability
        Disturbed Sleep
        Impaired Intellect
        Loss of Coordination

      32. For over 20 years an organization in ohio has been researching and using an imaging and tracking radar system that can send and receive sound. the operators of this system can talk to someone without other people hearing and they can hear any response. it can tell each person apart and remembers them. it was being used before haarp or gwen were finished. This technology has been kept secret from the public, only a small group of people, including police and doctors knew about it. it has grown. as of 2012 nearly all police, firefighters and medical professionals in columbus, ohio are aware of it. a network of professionals, business owners and most cops in the rest of the state along with indiana are also aware. some doctors and nurses are in fear for their own safety and that of their families while the police and mental health professionals seem to have been advanced to their position because of their willingness to work with this organization. please read dttv info

      33. What’s next the “NO FOOD LIST”?

      34. The people reporting this need to find more credible sources before they go all crazy over this stuff. The recent domestic security changes are a bit strange, but strange policies are sometimes necessary for strange and dangerous times, such as now.

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