‘Terror’ Watchlists Erasing American Rights: Feds to “Revoke Passports Without Charge or Trial”

by | Jul 30, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 120 comments

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    US Passport - Enemy Expatriation Act

    Another small step for authoritarian bureaucracy, another massive leap forward in the destruction of Americans rights to due process and full protection under the law.

    Increasingly, designations on watchlists, but official and unofficial, are replacing due process of suspicion, investigation, arrest, charge and trial, and skipping ahead to simply blacklist individuals and deny them equal rights.

    This time, the legislation centers around passports, which would now be revoked upon any suspicion, whatsoever and despite a lack of evidence of wrongdoing, of links to foreign terrorists groups. But these links to ‘terrorism’ are not legally defined or limited, nor do they result as a penalty for criminal convictions, but from being added to a list. Gestapo, anyone?

    Police State USA reports:

    A bill passed by the U.S. House of Representatives would allow the government to restrict Americans’ travel through the revocation of passports based upon mere suspicions of unscrupulous activity. This bill represents another dangerous step forward in the war on terror and the disintegration of American due process.

    H.R. 237, the “FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organization) Passport Revocation Act of 2015,” will allow the U.S. Secretary of State the unchecked authority to prohibit individuals from traveling internationally. According to the bill, the Secretary may unilaterally revoke (or refuse to issue) a passport from “any individual whom the Secretary has determined has aided, assisted, abetted, or otherwise helped an organization the Secretary has designated as a foreign terrorist organization pursuant to section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189).”

    The bill did not bother to define what the terms “aided, assisted, abetted, or otherwise helped” actually mean, in legal terms.
    The power has been left open-ended so that it can mean whatever the secretary wants it to mean. Needless to say, a bill like this would be easily abused.

    The travel restriction requires no presumption of innocence for the targeted individual; no explanation; no public presentation of evidence; no opportunity for a defense; no checks and balances on the power. The bill does not outline any appeals process for the targeted individual. The only stipulation is that the Secretary of State must issue a report to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs — “classified or unclassified.” The bill does not state that either committee can reverse the secretary’s decisions.

    In over the top language, the bill’s sponsor Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) vows to go after “turned Americans” and subjecting them to a legal status backwards enough to predate the Magna Carta:

    “The House has now acted to locate and contain these traitors,” Rep. Poe said in a press release. “These Benedict Arnold traitors who have turned against America and joined the ranks of foreign radical terrorist armies should lose all rights afforded to our citizens.”

    Poe’s statement about “losing all rights” is rather startling, considering that about half of the Bill of Rights is explicitly written to protect people suspected of crimes from being abused by overzealous government! The dangers of a government wantonly revoking the rights of citizens just because the a bureaucrat puts them on a list would be severe indeed; fitting of a police state. Recall that these individuals can be targeted without even facing official charges of wrongdoing.

    If trying to defend”freedom”, he has missed the point.

    If owing allegiance to the fascist oligarchy, then be warned. Anyone deemed an “enemy” of the state, rightly or wrongly, has been targeted, while the entire population has been designated a potential enemy, monitored for suspicion and “examples.”

    Poe’s bill is in close keeping with Sen. Lindsay Graham’s stunning endorsement of the NDAA, adamantly stating that “enemy combatants” do not get American rights, and do not get a lawyer, regardless of birthplace.

    Consider what this could mean in cases where the person of interest is not a suspected member of ISIS, but a suspected patriot/militia/Constitutionalist/sovereign citizen. Can you be stripped of your rights for criticizing your leaders or speaking out about issues?

    Already, millions of Americans have been placed on watchlists; many have found themselves denied the right to travel or participate in other activities, and unable to get off the watchlist, even if they were placed on the list by mistake, or if they were placed there without any legal charge of wrongdoing.

    These concepts, even if cheered on in the context of fighting a terrorist enemy, are poorly defined and inviting abuse, and speeding up the destruction of our rights.


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      1. America is quickly turning into 1 giant FEMA CAMP

        People can check in, but you can not check out – hotel California

        • Its an “open air prison” of sorts. The whole planet is becoming this. I guess you’d have to be so far out in the boondocks as to not see it. Even most small towns are over policed and armed to the gills. It can always be worse and guess what, it will be until they go too far and start openly go genocidal. Only after enough people are personally traumatized through horror will the pendulum start swinging the other way. It’s the way it always has been and this time around is no different. Buckle up.

          • Seems if you dont work for the Gubberment you are labled a terrorist. Im thinking lets all jump on the Donald Trump Wagon fir Prwa and give him 4 years to Fire Half of the Fed employees. You’re Fired.

            When the Lame stream Media demonizes Trump including the Zog Koch sucker brothers, its probably a good thing for most Americans. What do you think?

            • Trump just said he will deport all illegal invaders, all, what, 40,000,000 of ’em?

              He could get the money to do it by taking the funds from the baby murderers. They’ve murdered 60,000,000.

              Trump’s the man.

              And f all you who don’t think so.

              • Just have to turn off the illegals benefits, welfare, housing, medical, education, prosecute those who employ them… most will leave.

        • … Jump the fence …

          Wonder if we’ll be able to jump the fence just to get out …

          How ironic, they (illegals) can get in so easily, but we can’t get out now.

          Yes, they definitely have learned from Nazism.

          “Papers please …

        • Anyone remember the Berlin Wall? If you recall it wasn’t built to keep people out, it was built to keep people in. Wonder if the WHTI, Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, could be considered to be somewhat like the Berlin Wall. Under the WHTI we must have a passport to leave the country and our neighbors to the North are shackled just as we are, since Canada passed the same law, don’t know about Mexico, but they ignore these restrictions and come on over whenever they please and we seem more than willing to allow it. So when it comes down to it, as they say it’s Fight or Flight. But on second thought, they’ve blocked the flight. Trekker Out.

        • I’m sure they mean folks that are going to the middle east, but once that door is open they can expand it to mean anyone they wish. It may not be long before we too hear the phrase “Where are your papers”?
          This may be a good time for some folks, who can afford the time and the money, to take up residence(temporary/part time) in some sunny country south of the good old USA. After a few years, you can then apply for citizenship and get one of their passports, possibly with a new name to boot. Just a thought.

        • U.S. citizens will have their passports revoked arbitrarily, but the U.S. has no problem letting an Israeli dual citizen who spied on the U.S. go free back to Israel.


          “Jonathan Pollard, a U.S. intelligence analyst who was convicted of spying for Israel in the 1980s and sentenced to life in prison, has been granted parole and will be released in November, according to his lawyers.

          The decision marks the resolution of an espionage case that was a source of friction between the United States and Israel for decades, and it comes at a time when the two countries are at odds over a U.S.-backed nuclear accord with Iran.

          In a statement issued by his attorneys, Pollard said that he “is looking forward to being reunited with his beloved wife Esther” and expressed thanks to supporters in the United States and Israel.

          The U.S. Parole Commission voted unanimously on July 7 to grant parole to the convicted spy, according to the statement from his attorneys, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman. “We are grateful and delighted that our client will soon be released,” they said.”

      2. I guess I will be an illegal alien then 🙂

        • I am thinking about starting a free chatroom for the people here. I would only select a couple of moderators that truly believe in free speech. Everyone would be welcome and not be banned (even if I dont like you) unless you are extremely disruptive. I would like to use the title SHTF Plan chat if it is ok with you Mac, What say you my man?

          • Genius, I’d be happy to join your chatroom.

            • You’d be most welcome too 🙂

              • I emailed Mac to see if he will allow me to use the SHTFplan name. I would also make him a moderator so don’t piss him off lol.

                • Just start your own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel.

              • Hmmmm…..,chat room,sounds good but do we have time outs for those who make “disparaging “comments to others?!

                • WD, yes there will be moderators but they will not be allowed to be petty tyrants. Someone will have to be very disruptive to get kicked out. Free speech would be the rule but there would be a limit. There are Different lengths of time outs and also outright banning. Speaking of kicked out, where the hell is acid etch?

                  • OH!Oh!Can I be a moderator(i.e. tyrant),come on,I would make a great dictator!

                    • On a side note,free speech but limits,really?!I have heard of some govt.s that do that,hmmmm….,this already seems like another dhs program to get more names/e-mails to update their “campers”lists!

                    • I know what you mean WD. But there has to be a limit or someone could just destroy the room with bullshit. I know you understand what I am saying. People that copy and paste and flood the chat with repeat messages, swear uncontrollably, things like that. It’s worth a try and the standards will be the same as here on this forum.

                    • Gosh , it didnt take long to tank that one !!!!!!
                      Free speach is just that , nothing more or less.
                      censorship is just that nothing more or less

                    • It has been rephrased to high tolerance speech lol.

                  • Genius, last I knew, acid is still on a vacation somewhere in the southwest.

                  • “Free speech would be the rule but there would be a limit.”
                    Sounds like more of what we already have in America.
                    No thanks.

                  • Genius,

                    I think what we have going on is “my freedom of speech right trumps your private property rights”. A private website, owned by an individual, should not fall under any first amendment or “god given” right. Folks need to stop this support of incorporation doctrine into every aspect of our lives. Should someone have a right to come to your home and preach Islam, if you don’t believe in it? Wouldn’t that be trespassing? Would you have the right to put a bump on their forehead the exact size of a Remington 870 barrel if they claim freedom of speech while on your property?

                    People want to have the Federal constitution reach all the way to friggin Pluto, without the thought of ramifications. If a person thinks the first amendment applies throughout the universe, they are part of the problem, as the intent was to only apply to the federal govt. My opinion, your private property (more specifically rules) trumps an individuals free speech.

          • “G”
            I would like to give it a try.
            Anything to help my brothers and sisters here to get better prepared.

          • I’m up for it.

            • ditto.


      3. I’m probably on a few lists….which is why I ask my next question…..

        Which baofeng hand held ham radio would you purchase as a good starter? Amazon has a special right now .The $108 model for $28.

        • Go for the UV-5R if that is what is selling for 28 bux. They are about 33 bux on ebay. Get the 3600 mah upgrade battery for it too.

          • Or if it’s the 8 watt model for 28 bux snag it and give me the link 🙂

            • 8w is $63

              ht to://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MAULSOK?psc=1

              • NoPity, thanks. They are 58 on ebay though.

          • Keep in mind if you are really, really out in the boon docks you won’t hear anyone. I have a UV-5R with the larger battery. There is very occasionally some traffic from local authorities. but we have so few here, and no repeaters, to get city traffic, it is mostly silent. The NOAA weather is OK but it is for a place 65 miles away. If you are a sailor, you know that is pretty much useless information. Military or SWAT stuff will be on secure channels, so you can’t listen in. You might want to save your $28 and get Motorola FRS/GMRS T6500 for local communications, but they cost a lot more ($90 for 2 radios), but don’t need a license( Xmit on a UV-5R does). Keep preping!

            • True but you are limited to GMRS and FRS. Not exactly private. In shtf who cares about a license? If you want more power just get a baofeng mobile unit with 40 watts output or use a yagi on your handheld (store bought gmrs is not allowed to use an external antenna). Baofeng radios have a ton of accessories such as mag mount antennas, seperate mic/speaker/ sma antenna output to connect any antenna you want, simplex relay ability, upgrade battery ability,dual band ability, the list goes on. And you are wrong about the license, a GMRS radio requires a license no matter what over .5 watts. Nobody gets one though lol.

              • Licensing

                An FCC license is required to operate GMRS system. Licenses are issued for a five-year term and can be renewed between 90 days prior to the expiration date and up to the actual expiration date of the license. After a license expires, an individual must request a new GMRS license.
                A GMRS system licensed to a non-individual prior to July 31, 1987 is also eligible for renewal, but the licensee may not make any major modification to the system.

                You may apply for a GMRS license if you are 18 years or older and not a representative of a foreign government. If you receive a license, any family member, regardless of age, can operate GMRS stations and units within the licensed system.

                The FCC service rules for the GMRS are located in 47 C.F.R. Part 95 Subpart A. You can find information about GMRS licensing in the rules.

                • I have been educated!

            • I dont really talk to anyone or go anywhere as it is! So after TSHTF i think There will be even LESS of a desire or reason to go or chat!

              • I’d mainly want to LISTEN to what’s going on in the area.

                • CB is the way to go. hear people from all over the country during the day time. Transmitting won’t get you out far 15miles best. Unless you use an amplifier.
                  100watts 50miles
                  200 watts 100miles minimum for skip. you could be heard around the country with the right conditions.
                  300+ watts you can be heard nationwide with a Mobile antenna.
                  I also have baofeng radios UV-5R, Shortwave receiver

        • Look at the F8’s and F9’S…The 3 extra watts might come in handy. The 5R 2+ are a deal, just get the most current firmware you can…Shop around this is a ball park price.

          Some of the F8’s and 9’s have a better antenna. Get the extended battery and a AA pack. in addition to the std battery.

          Cruse Ebay…Some of the sellers have 2014 firm ware units in this same price range.

          Do us a favor…Get your Tech level HAM license… It’s a no brainner. Go here for info if you need it.

          • Already studying….there’s one guy who teaches the class on YouTube. Will start watching those next week.

            • please post a link to the youtube class.

              • Six pack. Just saw this post. I use a YouTube app, so I don’t have a link, but search this

                ARRL ham radio technician class by KE0OG

        • what Genius said. good radios and cheap!

          • No pity,will be no need for radios no matter what happens,we will have Geniuses chat room to keep lines of communication/updates going!

            • With advertising from goldfish crackers and federal ammo!

              • OH,sure,if a few bucks involved all of the sudden federal is the good stuff!Oh,am so planning a attack on this chat room,perhaps our first discussion could be the pros of bernie sandy for potus,should be a short discussion!

                • You can’t advertise on a chat lol. You would like it my man. Attack our chat? C’mon now, I know your a better man than that! 🙂

                  • Hmmmm…..,free speech limits Genius?You know not what monster you created here!I suggest you snack on a few fish and give this some thought!

                    • OK, as free as tolerable speech lol. If I sat here and copied and pasted some long ass bullshit and posted it over and over and over would stopping me be a violation of free speech? Same with the shouting fire in a theater scenario. If I was calling people names over and over and over and being a complete nuisance be my right to free speech? I will rephrase the free speech thing and say High tolerance speech lol. Ok you set me straight, I know what you mean as I too love freedom (as if I had any). 🙂

                    • Genius, that is why I tried to be an email pivot.
                      Just tonight I spoke with Sgt. Dale on the phone.
                      Have talked with warchild, Mike in Va, and buttcrackofdoom.
                      Got 11 on the list.
                      But you do have a great idea…

                    • Damn, how could I forget going to see the Ga. Guidestones with Swing Richard?
                      Rough week at work…

                    • Hope to meet Braveheart in a few weeks…

                    • It never ceases to amaze me, how otherwise intelligent adults mistake personal, verbal harassment for free speech. Example:

                      I type “I hate the jews that run the big banks, because they’ve been robbing us for years.”

                      So what, that’s my right to my opinion, and covered by freedom of speech.


                      I if type “I hate YOU because you’re a damned filthy, greedy jew who has robbed me blind for years. YOU PEOPLE are the scum of the earth and all deserve to be shot. Why don’t YOU just die and save us the trouble.”

                      My rights end where yours begin. To believe that it’s your “right” to verbally attack and disparage another PERSON, because he said something you don’t agree with, is not free speech.

                      IMO, it’s the PERSONALIZATION of the attacks that bother me. We all have a right not to be called filthy names and told that we should just die, no matter our position on current events.

                      We also have a right to not have our personal info posted, in an attempt to silence us.

                      There should be no PUBLIC SHAMING allowed, ESPECIALLY with dug up personal info, like what happened to Sgt. Dale.

                      WE ALL HAVE SKELETONS THAT WE DON’T WANT HUNG OUT FOR THE WORLD TO SEE, whether we want to admit it or not.

                      These are the two issues that bother me here at SHTF. People are attacked more viciously here, than on yahoo or MSNBC. Even the sheeple have better manners than some people here.

                      That has always been my point.

                      “FREE SPEECH” does have a limit, and that limit is called DECENCY.

                    • Hey Six Pack, Hows thia for free speech. “I hate the thieving banks and the scum that run them all to create a sector of debt slaves, designes to over lend, then steal their entire property and create refugees.”

                      Or I hate it that the Supreme Court that is so lopsided by 1/3 rd of a particular tribe, that only has a 2.1% population in our country.

                      I hate that our foreign policy has been hijacked ti reflect the needs of this 2.1%, and steals the freedoms if the other 97.9% of our population.

                      Oh btw these opressors just happen to be Zionust Jews. Connect the dots and they all circle back to the 2.1% that us destroying our Once Great Country and eroding our freedoms.

                      Enough political correctness and giving this parasite tribe a pass….Tell it like it is, is freedom of speech. Americans so crave the truth.

                  • Great Idea Genius, but under various headings like Solar or hand guns, battle rifle topics, or prepping. Right now the hours in delay in getting our posts posted the conversation is quickly lost with more than one Mac Article a day. And off topic to an article. I rarely go back and reread an articke. Im too damn busy at the BOL getting ready!!! WWTI ~count me in.

              • Genius, I’ve never had any Federal ammo that was any good but I’ll fight to keep my goldfish crackers. Those are HARD to put down. I’m obliged to Warchild for turning me on to those. They are an indispensable part of my preps now.

                • Eppe, as far as I know the trip is still set for mid-Aug., barring any ‘unforeseen circumstances’, if you get my drift. It blows my mind that I might actually get to meet someone who posts here. I still hope for the meeting also.

                  • Brave, the pleasure is mine.
                    Waffle House, bring a relative.
                    Will buy lunch…

                    • Free lunch?!Hell,I’ll fly down,but be warned,though a rangy 6’2″ can out eat a heavy working horse!

                • BH, nothing wrong with Federal (Lake City) XM193 or M855. I use nothing else to feed my ARs.

      4. WTF do I care if they take mine. O’nigs can take it and shove it up his ass for all I care. I ain’t going to leave….his black ass can. AND his HO’.

        • His HO has a joystick, and I wouldn’t be surprised if O’negro has had his penis surgically inverted.

          • Obama is to busy playing grab ass with Reggie Love to worry about us peasants.

            I agree with Po’d Patriot- You can take my passport because I’m not leaving the USA if it comes down to it. I will either live freely and be allowed to travel, or I will perish under and American sky fighting back.

        • The last true war fought for liberty and freedom for Americans was the 1860’s US Civil War… We are well over due for another. Back to Bullets and Bayonets.

      5. This wouldn’t be such a bad thing if it had the due process rights of notification and (legal) appeal.

        We’ve seen enough “Americans” go abroad to join forces with Islamic militants, some returning here with intent to pursue future attacks on our soil.

        It’s like being put on a “no fly” list, there needs to be both notification and legal appeal involved.

        • the Americans you refer to are most likely CIA black ops trainers for ISIS and the jihadis. with JADE HELM acronym meaning LOCAL MILITANT- no word on Muslims- and taking into account all the other recent laws being passed?
          the Passport imprisonment is meant for us- not overseas or foreign entities. those are already covered ad infinitum in Patriot Act etc.
          No, this passport act is aimed at us

          • Maybe, but it’s the lack of due process and legal appeal that makes it onerous.

      6. If an American citizen it caught fighting in the field for Isis or Al-qada(ps) or anyone else and killing American service personal. They are enemy combatants just like they were in WWI and WWII. And should be treated as such even if that means put them in prison or facing the firing squad. If they want to play army then they should be judged by an army.
        On the other hand if they are not in the field but supporting them with aid they should be tried in a court of law and tried for treason.
        I could not be on the jury, because I feel that they should be taken out and shot, If they are found guilty for killing or help others to kill our men and women in the service. After they get there do process under the law.
        Don’t let the ACLU fool you and twist Grahams statement. ( I don’t really care for the man.) He said If you join ISIS or Al qada(sp) you will suffer. I don’t know of any Christians or any Atheist or Jews joining up.
        Question for you all. Is the Aclu trying to protect the people that want us all DEAD????
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • “firing squad” is good enough for traitors, or you could just send them to Ohio without a front license tag and “test” the waters. Did not end well for the last dude that got caught without his proper tags, there.

          • No firing squad. death will be by guillotine so they can retail our organs to repay the cost of our roundup and execution. GA legalized it in 1990s already

        • NorternReb… War is an illusion, designed to cover up fraud and oppression by those who wish to demonize a peaceful independent society. If America was invaded by foreign troops in an attempt for us to comply to say, we need to start using the Mexican Peso, would you comply or fight for your life and be labled a terrorist. Would you fight if they bombed your city and killed your family? Guess whos doing this war tactic right now? NWO backed by the US Military gang of thugs.

      7. ISISand alkida are both creations of our govt. So is that treason? I believe it is. What about when our own troops turn against us here? Or the foriegn troops they are training to do it also? Those who don’t go awol are deserving of what awaits them.

        • Genius, I’m most likely on lists going back to the Clinton era. We also have lists of our own. Lists work more than one way.

          • Welcome to the shitlist lol.

            • Genius, I always knew I was in the right place. LOL

            • Right there Genius.
              Thats your forum name
              The Shit List

              Its awesome.
              Id be there too.

              • Me, too….Genius

        • Understanding Oil Qaeda

          h ttp://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/07/understanding-oil-qaeda.html

          and an interesting little factoid

          “Moreover, it has been seen that the invasion of Afghanistan probably had something to do with that country having the ideal climate for the production of opium. Just before the U.S. invasion in 2001, the Taliban had essentially eradicated the production of opium in Afghanistan. Under the U.S. occupation, opium production has reached record levels and the country now supplies 90% of the world’s heroin.”

          so much for the “war” on drugs
          LOL !!!

          what was that last part again ???

          “Under the U.S. occupation, opium production has reached record levels”

          RECORD levels !!!

      8. They want to make sure all their Zombie slaves cannot escape their coming Final Solution. You might as well stay and fight for freedom and liberty from the Corporatist Fascist NWO evil monsters in the collapsing shithole of fascist Murica, they have the whole world in their sights anyway.

      9. OK,before I got sidetracked with comm issues,just keep reloading/prepping ect.,not much else one can do.

      10. Following the logic of the FTO bill, shouldn’t the Obama administration in general and the Secretary of State all have their passports revoked, and be placed on a watch list? Aiding Iran overtly and admitting it to be a state sponsor of terrorism, and covertly probably giving material aid to terrorist organizations on a regular basis is the definition of hypocrisy.

        • Fan;
          In one word YES!!!!! and tried for treason!!!!
          and told to shut up!!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      11. I got a passport I don’t care if the revoke it just prorate the leftover $ back to me. It’s theirs. I paid for it so I want some $ back or I wipe my ass with it. What ever happened to the blue and red stickers on the mailboxes shit listing people. The republicans are the terrorists right wing extremists. It’s gotta be them because Obummer won’t say Muslim extremist exist. Judging by our supreme leader I know the enemy is conservative Christians who else could it be. Isis is winning people they got our gov to crush the constitution in the name of safety they cannot provide because the terrorist are volunteering to die for the cause. I don’t know of any American soldiers willing to make the ultimate sacrafice. Isis is made up to take our freedoms away. They are the boogey man. The gov won’t attack a country over a made up enemy. This is all working to uncle SAMs plan. I know full well what I’m doing in life I have my own agenda. I do however play dumb all the time to work shit to my advantage. That’s exactly what the gov is doing Obummer is a puppet and follows the planned agenda. But sure looks like a dumb ass that doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing. The next puppet will do the same .

      12. The problem I see with this Bill is that they can change the name form ISIS to Tea Party, NRA, Returned Vet.
        With blink of any eye.
        They should have a Right to a trail of some type. US Citizen by American courts. Non-Americans by the Military. That’s my two cents.

        • 2 copper cents that is!

        • Sarge, always remember that NOTHING this govt. does has any legitimate basis to it, period. You once said on a thread back in the winter that 95% of the laws on the books are BS. That’s something I always knew but I still appreciate you admitting to it. Yes, everyone should have due process of law but we all know how that goes. Bring on the ‘reset’.

      13. I see that some of the posters on this web site are in California. Do any of you live in rural areas there? We are looking to relocate and have a small farm at present. We are looking for more property and actually California has some pretty nice farms and ranches at relatively reasonable prices. Is there a tax angle where the taxes go ballistic upon a sale? I know that most only think of Ca. as being L.A.– San Francisco, San Diego, etc. Looks to me like there are properties with good water rights in the interior. Really would like to hear from some people in the loop.

        • do you even know what “La’ Raza” is?

          if you aren’t a brown beaner, i suggest you head north. by 2030 southern california will be a independent hispanic state controlled politically by the majority mexican population except for a few zog fedgov controlled military installations, affluent white cities and towns it will be a spanish speaking reading only region.

          any whites or blacks living there will be fair game for the ms13 mexican mafia and los zetas cartel gangs.

        • The HNIC signed an executive order that says the govt owns all of the water on and in this continent. That means you only have “water rights” until the govt says you don’t anymore.

      14. THE PLAN

        if things get so bad that one has to leave zog amerika just head to florida, rent a sea scorpion motor boat for a day ($2500.), load it with nothing but gas canisters , parachute sail, spear gun, fishing pole gear, fishing bow, flare gun, exposure suit, tons of water, solar still and a extra emergency dingy with floatation buoys attached.

        then head for haiti, follow the islands to south america.

        head for a stable, non-extradition treaty country, like Uruguay.

        where you ask for political asylum, pot is legal and the women are real.

      15. As a Sovereign Citizen I’ll go where I please, if they deny me the right to travel freely, I’ll simply turn Pirate!

        F*ck the Zog!

      16. Said in shrill German accent:
        “Your Papers Please!”
        Some Customs schmuck who looks eerily like Earnest T. Bass snatches my Passport from my sweaty hand and scans it while eyeing me suspiciously. The nearby guard’s German shepard whines and tugs at his leash as he foams at the mouth, anxious to attack my shaking, pasty white thighs.
        Suddenly a squealing alarm sounds and red lights start flashing- I’ve been flagged!
        E-gad, Man!
        Desperately I make a break for the tarmac.
        “Stop him-” someone yells. “He’s one of those SHTFplan commenters!”
        Damn that Mac Slavo, I think to myself as I run through the airport. An old lady yells at me “Go O.J.!”
        I turn and dash down a gangway…

      17. This IS a perversion of our Constitution!! I have no use whatsoeverfor an American going to fight for our enemies, that said EVERY American citizen has a RIGHT to a fair trail. Charge them with treason, have them shot, but A TRAIL is a necessity. I saw this coming at the beginning of the GITMO fiasco. Holding people in jail without trail is Un American. If they are bad guys try them and prove it, but we didn’t and people got used to the idea. Now the Government feels it can detain a citizen in the same manner. I ask all of you where does this end once we begin this slide down this very slippery slope. The right of trail and to face your accuser is a bedrock of our system and if we abandon it our Republic will fall.

      18. You’re right, Mac, in the name of freedom we should let terrorists travel freely in and out of the country, even if they join groups killing Americans or our allies overseas or intend to flee the US after plotting a strike here.

        And by all means, let’s have a legal process that takes two or three years to revoke one of their passports.

        Total bullshit.

        I wonder how many of the folks screaming about their rights in this even have a passport.

      19. The current FED Highway Bill has language in the bill, that if you owe more than $50,000 to the IRS they can invalidate your Passport. They want you here as a indentured debt slave to pay your master IRS for their cut off your labor. Folks, Slavery is already here. No you are Not free to travel…

        Wonder what they will do next to those who owe more than $50K Student Loan Debt, or property taxes, or car loan debt ir credit card debt? Debtors Prison Inc. Here we are…..

        And of course the Highway Bill will pass, since they all want money for their districts and then they act like a hero bringing the bacon home, and less fredoms. Highway Bill to become law Jan 1st 2016. Frigging criminals are what they are using extortion, raqueteering and violating the RICO Act, off the backs of the people.

        • If you owe someone $50,000, what are you doing leaving the country? The cost of your vacation is the other person’s money.

          Tough titty, pay your bills, deadbeats.

      20. America as we knew it has long been dead. Even well before 9/11. Totalatarianism is here now but just waiting to show it’s full ugly head when people are too stupered by all the Gogly gook they think is going on. Safety as how the bible mentions it: “When people shall say peace and safety then sudden distruciton comes”
        Where becomeing what we fear and there is no stopping it. Sorry no protests as londg as they remain peacefeull wont. Nullify as long as it doesnt’ nuyllify the right people wont.
        Saying Garbage like repsect law and law enforcement surely isnt’, becuase its law enforcement who’s helping all this to come to pass as well.
        This may pass or it may not now but rest assured it will in some time just like the Iran deal. The msall arms traty will pass at some point too as well when Americans aren’t looking or fear ISIS too much.
        Rest assured even if no real big event happens as people fear Law itself will become our worst nightmare, and all freedom other than what the Regime, UN holds.

      21. DC needs an enema to flush all the backed up shit out.

      22. Anything that the world Governments do from now on has but two purposes. Those purposes are depopulation, and enslave those that are left for the sole purpose of catering to the whims of the elitists (TPTB). Make no mistake about the outcome it will happen, but only after a very bloody fight. I for one will never roll over and say please spare me I’ll do anything you want. World revolt is coming by the few not willing to KISS ASS! Remember what Lt. Murphy told Marcus “Never end the fight”. That my friends; should be taken to heart and our Moto to the very end.

        Copperhead is at the ready awaiting for orders.

        • Never let them get you on the ground…I’d put a bullet in that bumper-lipped m’fer and end it. Right then.

      23. Germany becomes again a NAZI State:

        For the first time the state goes forward(takes action) against a Blog. Reproach: Treason. Netzpolitik.org had published internal documents of the protection of the constitution and the NSU complex. Now threatens the operators up to two years of jail. The beginning from the end of the freedom of the press?

        this guys do just blogging! It`s getting crazy over here!

      24. black lives matter?

        chimp out gun fight

        31 July 2015

        2 shootings within minutes of each other just blocks away from each other.

        3 dead

        Louisville Missouri


      25. Well intended for those Muslims traveling to the terrorist countries to lean how to make bombs and kill innocent people when they get back and it has been happening too much now. However, this administration uses any law for evil purposes.

      26. If Obama had a Son

        Friday, July 31, 2015

        Illegal Alien Guns Down Crow Nation Family On Side Of The Road As They Try To Help

        An illegal alien, Jesus Deniz, who was stopped along a road on Montana’s Crow Indian Reservation gunned down a family who tried to help him Wednesday, killing the couple and wounding their daughter.

        Tana Shane, 50, and her husband Jason, 52, who have seven children, were killed and daughter Jorah, 24, was shot in the head and back, after they assisted 18-year-old illegal alien suspect Jesus Deniz Mendoza in Pryor, Montana.

        Jorah survived and managed to run to a local school to get help before returning to the scene. She was then taken to hospital and was ‘incoherent’ before being taken into surgery.
        The family are reportedly part of the Whistling Water tribe, the Crow Nation’s largest clan.

        • Refresh my memory, but wasn’t it a bunch of assorted INDIANS who were protesting FOR those illegal aliens getting DHS bussed into that small town on the California southern border a year or so ago? They were carrying signs about taking land from them, and advocating for their mexican brothers?

          It was about the same time the border patrol incident happened.

          Bet they won’t be so supportive now, will they? They just found out those little bastards will turn on THEM too.

        • I’ve seen three articles on this killing in mainstream media and not one of them mentioned the killer was an illegal alien.

          They’re bending over backwards to keep it under wraps.

      27. Watching a tv show about 2008 financial crises, they hit it on the head, Socialism and bailout
        For the rich, and capitalism for the rest of the people. That equals job loss and financial loss
        For the common man while the fat cats are awash in bail out money, golden parachutes,
        Bonuses, and no one gets jailed for their theft. Banks gambling on derivatives should be
        A felony offense………

      28. How come every comment on this blog has a number? Chaos-that’s the plan. When it gets so bad that the cops can’t contain it, the people will beg for more control. You can scan from a cellphone now. In three months retailers won’t have a choice. They’re going to all start using the chip in your phone. Ever wonder why it’s called a “cell” phone. People will be implanted with a chip / more convenient. But that’s down the road so not to worry. At first the chip will be used for medical purposes. It is already in use. That will be expanding. Put one in the dog in case he runs off. When you try to run away, guess whose going to find you. If you’re a bad boy or a bad girl, Big Brother will just turn off your chip. It will be so peaceful. Nobody will get out of line. No more fighting in the streets. The gangs won’t fly their colors. All will be well in the world. Just follow the rules and don’t question Big Brother. You know what happens to people who challenge Big Brother.

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