Terminal Economy: “Private Sector Will NEVER Recover…This Time, Replacing Humans Altogether”

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    People are already taking the expected financial recession pretty badly.

    There are literally millions of people in the United States who’ve become deeply entrenched in a struggle to find or hold a good job, while keeping expenses covered on the income they do make.

    But most people assume they will shielded from the worst of it, that at some point things will pick up.

    Sadly, the forecast is much darker, and the next financial collapse much deeper than almost anyone has prepared for. The outlook from this global strategist at the Macquarie Group is beyond doom and gloom – it is a literal existential crisis.

    via the Epoch Times:

    Do you feel something is wrong with the United States and the global economy? Despite a respectable recovery and low unemployment, many people aren’t happy with their current economic situation or their outlook for the future. From rising prices for basic necessities or schooling, to harsh competition and low pay for lower income jobs to negative interest rates—the poor and the middle class all have their problems to deal with.

    Experts in the government or central banks are trying to manage a suboptimal situation but cannot isolate the problem, let alone offer solutions. Or maybe they know what’s wrong but don’t want to talk about it because the truth is too shocking.

    Enter Viktor Shvets, the global strategist of the investment bank Macquarie Group…

    “The private sector will never recover, it will never multiply money again,” he told Epoch Times in an interview. His main theme is the “declining return on humans,” which means that in today’s digital world, normal humans don’t grow productivity fast enough to justify more jobs and higher wages as the machines are taking over.

    “There is no productivity on a global basis. Secular stagnation, technological shifts, monetary policy, all are suppressing productivity growth rates,” he says. But what about technology making humans more productive? Shvets says this was true in the first and second industrial revolution where displaced jobs such as horse-cart drivers eventually morphed into higher tech and higher productivity ones like the taxi driver.

    However, in this, the third industrial revolution, machines are not augmenting humans, they are replacing them. The self-driving car will completely eliminate the driver.


    “We are now on the sharp end of the technology S curve. It started in the late 1970s, it’s picked up in the last 5-10 years, productivity growth rates go down not up. It takes time to line up machines, and this time we are replacing humans altogether,” he said.

    We are all familiar with the rise of technology, and the grave threat that it imposes.

    The trade off for convenience and automatic work is the end of the need for human  labor.

    It is built in, and the system will need “something” to do with everyone. Busy work, bureaucrat bees and a widespread service economy will only go so far. There has to be some value produced, and something that is needed.

    Suffice to say, the powers-that-be will not be interested in maintaining a large population for very long. The world isn’t over-populated in terms of resources and landmass, but in terms of a viable economy.

    This is the end of the line. Terminal.

    Did you see it coming? The elites have known for quite some time:

    Proof! They Knew 60 Years Ago That Human Workers Would Soon Become Obsolete
    With The New Technological Revolution

    Video by Informed Dissent.

    The chart below, produced by the Macquerie Group, identifies several of the leading jobs that will be completely replaced by robots, AI and/or computer programs.

    But just because you are not a telemarketer, accountant, retail clerk, truck driver or secretary – and your kids don’t want to go into these professions – in no way means that you are spared.

    (Macquarie Group)
    (Macquarie Group)

    There are an estimated 3.5 million truck drivers operating in the United States alone, and nearly all of them stand to be replaced by self-driving vehicles. Where will all these people find work once they receive their pink slips?

    What happens when people get used to order food at restaurants from an iPad, and like the fact that the computer doesn’t get their order wrong, or forget to leave off the tomatoes?

    There will be incredible pressure from over-qualified college graduates applying 100-to-1 or even 1000-to-1 for good jobs, or even any job at all.

    Government will naturally pick up the tab, providing something considered a “living wage” to the masses that become unemployed, and must eat, pay rent and keep the lights on. Poverty will be institutionalized.

    But that system can’t hold.

    Something has to go, and, sadly, it’s going to be us.

    Everyone will be at the bitter bottom, or a token notch above. But, barring a very magical solution, things will likely be very harsh.

    If the opposite occurs, and human government maintains control (through tight central control and socialist redistribution), or the robots keep us well cared for, then there is an equally disturbing problem – we’ll become pets.

    People without a purpose.

    And having no purpose, no problems is not a good thing. People who feel like they no longer have a purpose tend to become very depressed, detached and despondent.

    Just take a look at the disastrous results from a lab experiment in the 1970s that simulated a rat “utopia,” where all needs were provided for, food was abundant and even the housing was nice.

    As io9 reported:

    In 1972, animal behaviorist John Calhoun built a mouse paradise with beautiful buildings and limitless food. He introduced eight mice to the population. Two years later, the mice had created their own apocalypse. Here’s why.

    Universe 25 started out with eight mice, four males and four females. By day 560, the mouse population reached 2,200, and then steadily declined back down to unrecoverable extinction. At the peak population, most mice spent every living second in the company of hundreds of other mice. They gathered in the main squares, waiting to be fed and occasionally attacking each other. Few females carried pregnancies to term, and the ones that did seemed to simply forget about their babies. They’d move half their litter away from danger and forget the rest. Sometimes they’d drop and abandon a baby while they were carrying it.

    The few secluded spaces housed a population Calhoun called, “the beautiful ones.” Generally guarded by one male, the females—- and few males — inside the space didn’t breed or fight or do anything but eat and groom and sleep. When the population started declining the beautiful ones were spared from violence and death, but had completely lost touch with social behaviors, including having sex or caring for their young.

    In 1972, with the baby boomers coming of age in a ever-more-crowded world and reports of riots in the cities, Universe 25 looked like a Malthusian nightmare. It even acquired its own catchy name, “The Behavioral Sink.” If starvation didn’t kill everyone, people would destroy themselves.

    Basically, the “elites” of the rat experiment hoarded all the best conditions for themselves, and forced the masses live among themselves in a state of violence and decline.

    Yet, these “beautiful elites” declined sex and social interaction, instead isolating themselves and doing nothing but eating and grooming… and literally became very stupid.

    Sounds familiar enough.

    Macquerie’s Shvets argues for a pessimistic future:

    He thinks the Biblical debt jubilee, where slaves would be freed and debt would be forgiven every 50 years is a nice idea that would also work today if it weren’t for entrenched special interests.

    “The debt is not spread evenly, we still live in a tribal world, and it’s easier to start a war than to forgive debt,” Shvets said.

    Global central banks with their easy money policies of negative interest rates and quantitative easing are working against a debt deflation scenario, with limited success, according to Shvets. “That was the entire idea of aggressive monetary policies: Stimulate investment and consumption. None of that works, there is no evidence. It can impact asset prices, but they don’t flow into the real economy,” he said.


    Eventually, if the private sector doesn’t recover and the state assumes more power, Shvets thinks countries will move toward fascism and communism again, just like in the 1920s and 1930s whose economic framework is comparable to today’s.

    And it won’t recover. This is really happening.

    Fascism and communism are just terms for the collective – everyone under one umbrella, managed from above, by the insiders, the elites and the government officials. Shvets points to Venezuela as the extreme example.

    These trends are headed for total disaster, and there is no clear way to halt or stop it. But somebody had better find a solution – hopefully a good one – before it is too late.

    Seriously, this is too important to miss or ignore. Please share this news with everyone… even if it will go over as “depressing,” “negative” or “bleak.”

    This just something that everyone deserves to see coming… whatever the future may actually hold.

    Is anyone outside of the prepping and homesteading community even remotely prepared for this?

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      1. great article

        and “TERMINAL” is certainly the right word to describe it all


        • “The self-driving car will completely eliminate the driver.”


          Americans LOVE their cars, and Americans LOVE to drive their cars. Driverless cars will be big in NYC and some other megalopolis’ where chauffeurs will be replaced by robot drivers while passengers engage in business while they commute: as will FLYING driverless cars that will take you from place to place by GPS. But in most of America, cars will still be driven by their owners.

          Take that metal from my cold dead hands. 🙂

          • You may think so, but the younger generations aren’t buying cars. Can’t afford it and find it unnecessary. They don’t link it to the concept of “freedom” anymore as that has been socially engineered out of them. They take Uber or public transportation. Major car companies like Ford are talking about switching to driverless models. Driverless taxis are already on the roads in Asian countries and coming here soon. Driverless trucks are being employed to haul loads… This is happening now. Google is testing driverless cars. It may take a generation, but it’s all happening.

        • I like what the American Indians had… tribes… just small tribes.

      2. Private sectors have been great for the CEO’s , the boards and the executive mgt. Rest of us little people are screwed. One day the payback time arrives so keep the address of the CEO’s handy along with their families.

      3. I’ve been thinking about that automation for everything situation. When they don’t need any of us what will they do? I got a hundred bucks that says they put us to sleep. Billions of us worldwide. But I have a plan! I have my Acme robot costume all ready for my new job interview. You got to get up early in the morning to put me to sleep.

        • Observer and Satori, the elites’ plan to replace us with robots is doomed to failure. Fascism and communism are doomed to failure. The NWO won’t last for very long.

          • If by “doomed to failure” you mean on a timeline of 100-200 years plus… yes it is.

            If by US you mean US us… not “humans” us but actually US as in you and me… you’re kind of an optimist aren’t you?

            All they have to do is decimate the birth rate for 3 generations. That’s the most non-violent solution and thanks to pitting the genders against each other to such an unprecedented extent, they’re already succeeding spectacularly with this.

            They’ll have to come up with something a little less high-brow for the dirt poor class… who will grudge eff their way into 6 kids no matter what happens to them economically (because there’s nothing more to take from them)… but I’m sure they’re working on it. Maybe stage 2, after the middle class ones are already effectively “sterile” by means of economic and social dis-incentives.

          • Braveheart1776

            Why are they all doomed to failure? I see a future of fascism at the very top with a communist directed appropriation of wealth and with it societal control for the masses. Communism by itself is doomed as it stifles ingenuity but its a handy distributive tool. Fascism, the collusion of government and business has been around since there was both government and business. If its not here to stay I have no idea what its replacement would possibly be.

            • “If its not here to stay I have no idea what its replacement would possibly be.”

              The Clinton Global Initiative is the prototype. 🙁

          • braveheart1776, I believe you are correct, but the issue is the damage done in the mean time.
            Perhaps prepping to help your neighbor that neglects
            to do it himself should be considered…(mostly referring to the elderly..infirm..etc.)
            what do you think?

          • agreed

        • I hope it works out better for you
          than it did for Eric Cartman…..

      4. as the economy collapses
        control will grow tighter and tighter

        Police use ‘Pay-By-Plate’ to “hotlist” motorists across the country

        h ttp://www.blacklistednews.com/Police_use_%27Pay-By-Plate%27_to_%22hotlist%22_motorists_across_the_country/53700/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        just try and escape “big brother” in this country
        you’d have a better chance in North Korea !

      5. The American people lose again, their livelihoods systematically eroded, meanwhile seemingly powerless and clueless as to how to stop it. What? Me worry now? Disconnected from reality the order of the day. Slow motion train wreck running faster than a speeding rubber bullet.

        • Yup, why else do you think the elites weather they be politicians, corporate ceos or just wealthy socialites are pushing for more immigration,
          Plain and simple greed

      6. I like the line, “It’s easier to start a war than to forgive debt.” So sad, but true.

        I sincerely hope the future put forth in this article remains the stuff of a dystopian nightmare, and never materializes. I feel, however, the truth of what lies ahead is not so far removed from what is portrayed.

      7. Interesting article. Here in Western Montana many ranch properties are being bought by well heeled East coast types for “boltholes”. Kind of similar to the elites getting better places in mouse land. Quite simply a wall street banker won’t know how to ranch if SHTF and he is on his ranch all safe and secure. Nor will they have a clue about protecting themselves and their safe haven.

        • Jim
          They hire some lunker to do it for them.

      8. Robots selling to other robots? Yeh it’s basically mass extinction aside from keeping as as ‘pets’ as the article states . Terminator and other movies are not so far off….

        • Thus the introduction of helicopter money in the form of a ubiquitous “basic income” for the masses. Just enough to keep them alive to consume.

          I mean, c’mom! Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had just enough income to survive so that they didn’t have to work and could be actors and “artists”, devoting themselves to producing “culture” ?

          I mean, c’mom! Don’t we need $500,000 giant coffee pots decorating our freeways while robot drivers (who don’t drink coffee) drive us to the office once a week to punch in and confirm that we are still alive so that the government cash can be routed to our digital bank accounts ???

          Think man !!! Think !!! 🙂

      9. ———A Malthusian Luddite’s view of the world——–

        The ex middle class is stumped. They stay high and drunk in their trailers, pissed off at what Obama “did”.

        They can’t see the forest for the cars up on concrete blocks.

        They can’t afford a 2 liter of Mountain Dew and a bag of Doritos since the inflation hammer hit.

        They are waiting and buying up ammo for some sort of “reset” and after that it will be BAU. They can’t seem to understand there will be NO reset to anything familiar now.

        The easy cheap oil is gone. Forever. All that will be left is slashing, rooting, suffering and death.

        Go stand in the middle of a junkyard and look around. That is the future of industrial civilization.

        Rust and depletion never sleep.

        • “…there will be NO reset to anything familiar now.”

          for once, i agree with you.

          • JRS, once again, great post! As robots take over jobs the un needed un wanted resource consuming zombies will perish (by nature or man made). When the big deposits are gone from mining, the world will be in deep shit. Keep pumpin out those little consumers with no future folks, Watch them suffer like hell before you are put to death or die from whatever poisons you are fed. Why can’t people see what the future has in store? Geeezus it ain’t rocket science if you have 1/10 of a brain. People refuse to live within their means both financially and reproductively. Oh but there are enough resources for the next 10 years at least lol. Thats about how short sighted the masses are. Whatever, I had a good and fun life and I did not bring about others to suffer from my ignorant rampant consumerism. Maybe leave a time capsule explaining why your kids world is a world of shit? Adios Amigos!

            • Genius I love your posts on solar and such, but you’ve missed the point on this one. Maybe the whole point even. I plan to not just survive but to do my absolute best to preserve as much of western civilization as I can. True we have more than 5 kids but we also live on a farm in rural Idaho and can pretty much take care of ourselves.

              I have a great job in town so we can afford to have our farm as a hobby and so we can homeschool. Our kids can shoot, milk cows by hand, kill and clean chickens, tend to the garden and fruit trees, etc. We aren’t self sufficient yet but we have enough stored up and enough acres, animals, trees, and such to give us a good chance.

              What’s the point of anything if there is no future? We have raised our kids to be able to do just that. I assure you my grandchildren will debate mozart vs beethoven (or maybe bach or wagner) and have read the collected works of shakespear, plato, and the bible.

              I can’t save the world from swirling down the drain but I’m betting we can save our little part of it.

      10. As someone who makes their living delivering food, I see this coming and it scares the hell out of me. Yes, I am out of debt and own my residence, but I simply do not make enough money to save for this coming catastrophe. While some would say I need to just get more education (which I am). The problem with that is that plenty of young people are doing that too and I will have to compete with twenty somethings with newly minted degrees when I am a forty something.

        The other thing that infuriates me is that 90% of the other people I talk to about the coming loss of driving jobs due to automation (in my own industry!) don’t seem to see the gravity of the situation. Within ten years I predict we will see an additional ten million people put out of work, with no prospect of ever being employed again.

        I believe this is why the elites have been pushing gun control so heavily these last few years. It is why the media companies they own are now skewed to report on every minor gun violence story that before would never have made the national news. This gives the perception of a gun violence epidemic that does not exist and pushes the feeling/not thinking public to agree with gun control. They know they are about to screw us hard and want to take away any chance we have to fight back (not that an AR or AK is all that effective against tanks). Within a few years of this technological change, there will need to be massive social programs to keep an uneasy peace with all of these displaced workers. Once that fails, there will be calls for a final solution to the overpopulation problem to help stop global warming or some other nonsense. This is why we must be disarmed, to make us as helpless as the Jews/Gypsies/homosexuals/mentally ill were when the Nazis came calling. The great culling is coming and I predict it will be here no later than 2050 (and probably much sooner than that). I also predict that most of the public will go along with it as they have proven throughout history to be easily manipulated to the whims of government.

        • Fret not winston, you just need to learn a trade or 2 that will still be viable in the bleak future. Mechanics, moonshine, solar, recycling, robotics, mortician, creamatorium owner, and many others. You just have to think about it lol.

          • agreed…to include the medical/pharma skills

            • Even healthcare is getting hit hard… if the single-payer system happens, it will crush jobs for private insurance companies… people like call center agents and billing at places like Aetna, Humana, etc… and even nurses that work there…

          • I already do a very good job at fixing cars and usually see the work of other mechanics as sub-par compared to my own. That being said, I also have back problems that keep me from doing anything of the sort for a living. I still fix cars on the side, but it’s all done charitably as I seek more to better the lives of those around me than to enrich myself. All I ask in return is that the other person keep me company and give me a hand while I am fixing their car. They also have to be willing to pass the kindness on to someone else at some point or at least return the favor if I need it ( I don’t help selfish people unless they have children and the repairs are needed for their safety). I would rather network with other skilled people to exchange labor and expertise than get paid in paper money. In the end, time and knowledge have far more value than cash on hand.

      11. sitting on the lake in the forest waiting.

        • Might as well do some fishin’ while yer waiting lol.

      12. Just a recap on a few things.

        It’s the end of the line, and it sure is. THE SHTF EVENT HORIZON HAS COMMENSED. I am currently waiting to see what I will face. I mentioned this because everyone sees things differently. Then of course I am only taking to a few people on this site. If you find my prognosis offense, then do what B from Ca advised, skip my post, and ignore my useless Bullshit and move on.

        Starting October 2016.

        5)RUSSIAN SPETSNATZ-met one personally up in my face.

        Keep up the production, have more babies. The grocery stores and farmers have you covered. And did the fema bill not say that the farms will taken over and the water supply. Now the native Americans have had the water supply cut off in the regions what they reside a few days ago.

        And then I ask people, have we not see that UN military stuff is being shipped into our cities right in front of us.

        The list is endless. Every scenario that I calculated and ran war games on, the end result was that I had a 25% chance of survival within the first month, with a zero % chance of survival to be in the 3% of the Post SHTF survivors. IN OTHER WORDS, I AM PHUCKED.

        Trump is a good guy, and hope he wins, but common sense and real sources that I have talked to have told me that Make feel good porn wont be getting out of this one. Trump will not make me stop prepping and getting supplies, I don’t give a rats ass what he says, because I know better. Its a mathematical impossibility when you do the formula versus the population. We do not have to food to feed everyone, it’s not going to work out in the long run. We are fucking dead, and I have accepted this reality that sometime between November 2016-2019, that I will die a violent horrific death.

        The people and companies that deliver food to grocery stores do not know me, don’t give a rats ass about me, have never met me, don’t give a CAPITAL FUCK about me, and my well being. The lesson is always the same when I was on the streets homeless watching my physique and muscles wither away, I had no food, and no water, and it was 100″ in the mid summer months. 18 months of hard times. The first thing I did was buy 3 months of food when I was able to. I could not cook it, I had no stove, nothing. I Leaned what MRE’s worked, which ones were crap, what gave me more energy, etc. Water filtration life straws allow you to drive from Bayou’s and are a quality product. No picture that hits me, off guard, my woman is with me, total caos in the city, all out caos, soldiers on the streets, shootings, mass killing, ch-coms, Russian, shooting the men, Chinese solider raping women, killing men all over the cities, explosions, detonations, Jets missile attacks and bombing attacks on a city wide level. All at the same time, what do I do, how do I handle it, can I handle it, dred locks roaming going ape shit all over Houston and surrounding major cities.. My survival is still at 25%. Not looking good.

        And then when I think I was prepped, all I have is on me is my dick and .25C cents, my bug out bag, and then I cant get back home to my supplies, to GTFTS, TO GET THE PHUCK TO SAFETY. My girlfriend is not where is site, can call, text, cant reach her, the panic sets in, now I have to hope that she makes it back.

        Not a single Phucking country has offered to help Venezuela, why? Because its being done on purpose. First they tested it on a 2nd world country, did I not mention that. Now they are testing in on country in a major city to document the results, then they have to do it here, nationwide all over with 370,000,000 people. DONT YOU ALL GET IT.

        My demise is the same, my dead body is rotting and decaying on the surface of my subdivision, or at the bottom of a mass grave. The military is so good to us, they even put in a mass grave in Tomball Texas just miles from my area, because they have made up there mind, that they will be coming for us and to kill us.


        You dumbass troll commenting on the video thread thinks that you can come on here and bullshit the people about its for storage. Well one of my buddies, who has a friend in special forces, helped the military to build that mass grave. So your too late to troll your way out of this one. ITS A MASS PHUCKING GOD DAMN PHUCKING GRAVE AND THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE. That’s why I got filmed, because it was leaked out when they were told it’s to put Tomball civilians into that one.




        • “Not a single ……. country has offered to help Venezuela,why?”

          Good question and one I have asked myself.

          Some thoughts here: ht tp://www.latimes.com/world/mexico-americas/la-fg-us-venezuela-20160601-snap-story.html

          • I believe they trade with China and Cuba, but most industrialized countries shy away from socialist governments that nationalize whole industries from foreign investors and renege on their bond debts and then cry about the consequences. Most of the world would love to see Maduro fail. The question is what kind of government will replace him?

      13. This is bullshit.

        I hate getting automated answering and almost always ask for a human. I do not use self checkout. I wait in line for a checker.

        I have relationships with the people at the bank, the restaurant, the butcher shop, and so on. There is no way a machine can replace this need in humans for these short distant but somewhat consistent interactions.

        The pretty Secretary is an important part of the experience and can not be replaced by a machine. I refuse to be forced to use automatic teller. I want to talk to my teller.
        I wait for the checker, don’t try to get me in a self check line.

        I learned when the self serve line was created at gas stations. If you use them you are a fool. So use it or lose it. Pay more and go to small mom and pop stores and restaurants. Refuse the automated crap.

        I buy real hard cover books. Fuck e-books.
        I like waitresses and waiters. I tip them well instead of giving to charity or church. That’s how I fight automation.

        And I worked for two weeks in a factory line before realizing that it was slavery, oppressive, and dehumanizing to human beings and should not be tolerated. I quit and went to college.

        We humans do not have to fulfill the plans of the rich bastards.


        • I am somewhere in the middle in all this. I’m a cashier at a really busy place. I do like interacting with people at times, but I also enjoy using the self checkout when I’m in a hurry or when it’s busy – we just got some last month at my store. Quite frankly, many people are too stupid to check themselves out so I don’t worry about my job disappearing anytime soon.

          I also like the more intimate environment of small business; I visit the local bookstore and the antique shops regularly, and I get my soap and some other things at a local soapmaker. I love real books too! No e-books for me, ever.

          I went to college too, and I enjoyed the convenience of some online classes as well as on-campus classes a few times a week. College didn’t get me anywhere in the small town where I live though, and it’s not yet feasible for me to move.

          Sometimes I order things on Amazon because I cannot find them locally. Sometimes I like interacting with people and other times I don’t – working an 8-hour shift is mentally draining for me after all of the people I interact with, for example. So I try to find balance in my everyday life and I appreciate the small business owners in my area who are always nice and helpful.

          I know something is coming down the line though and I am preparing for it one step at a time. It’s all I can do. Namaste 🙂

          • Namaste, sometimes spoken as Namaskar or Namaskaram, is a respectful form of greeting in Hindu custom, found on the Indian subcontinent mainly in India and Nepal and among the Indian diaspora.

            It is used both for salutation and valediction.

            Namaste is usually spoken with a slight bow and hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointing upwards, thumbs close to the chest. This gesture is called Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana.

            In Hinduism it means “I bow to the divine in you”.[4][5] The greeting may also be spoken without the gesture or the gesture performed wordlessly, carrying the same meaning.

        • BfromCA, I hear ya! I do the same and always use cash for purchases. The beast gets little from me lol.

        • I have just realized that the most valuable prompt on this web site may be click here to cancel reply.

      14. Then the automated workers will have to buy their goods because no one will have any money.

      15. to negative interest rates—the poor and the middle class all have their problems to deal with.

        THIS qualifies as WAY MORE than a mere “problem”. Project out your expenses 30 years at historic rate of inflation. Ihihihit’s sohohohoho cooool man. Ohhhh this… way outstrips mere “problem” status…

      16. it’s coming faster to the usa than it should because its governments, democrats and republicans; have spent decades making labor costs, regulations and increasing taxes incentives for businesses to cut costs.

        it was going to come anyways given is so much cheaper to manufacture things offshore and technology reduces needs for people; but govt sped it up.

        • No lena, the j*ews speeded it up…know (((their))) plan AND YOU will know the truth.

      17. All wealth is created by adding human labor value to earth’s resources. Once human labor is no longer required for anything, wealth will cease to have meaning. A new car will be worth no more than my old pickup, as they would both be made of approximately the same amount of matter and there would be no value added to the new car from human labor.

        “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” Most people would not be able to exist in 100% leisure. There would be riots and destruction. I have a thousand things to do other than work for someone else. Most other people don’t. I have been unemployed for over 10 years, but I am busy every day. I don’t think the world can handle having billions of people with nothing to do. “I’m bored.” That statement repeated millions of times would probably drive the industrious among us into fits of murderous rage.

        Maybe I won’t live to 100.

        Maybe the Luddites were right.

        I think I’ll go sit on the back porch and watch the birds.

        • Luddites
          a member of any of the bands of English workers who destroyed machinery, especially in cotton and woolen mills, that they believed was threatening their jobs (1811–16).

          a person opposed to increased industrialization or new technology.

      18. Respectable recovery and low unemployment…WHAT THE FUCK are YOU talking about…25%+ unemployment is ok??? Over HALF of ALL working America’s make LESS than 30,000 a year!!! Put down the fucking crack pipe…

      19. I learned about the mouse utopia experiments several years ago and it opened my eyes to a lot of what is going on right now. Men who preen but are not capable of committment. Bad mothering… now celebrated onscreen no less. Damaged generations who couldn’t even start a new colony after being removed from the former. Somebody saw that and went AHA.

      20. respectable recovery ??

        • But We are Not…Mice!

          Although Yes we do have quite a monkey problem amoung us eh.

      21. I see the similarities with use Calhoun’s experiment often when dealing with free handouts and non-workers.

        There must be some intelligence left to separate from the modern world of machines doing all the work, and form their own communities of self reliance and independence. But even the Amish have given in to some forms of modernism and machinery to do their work or offer convenience.

        I suppose there is a point before it goes too far to preserve survival instincts and have a thriving community, BUT I believe that point has already been passed when the smart phone computer/tech and internet social platforms has put most our youth dependent on it and not the real world. They are our future and I want no part of machines and computers replacing hard work and critical thinking.

      22. In 1970 Henry Ford III gave UAW former president Walter Reuther a tour of a brand new state of the art manufacturing plant pointing out the early robots and said, “Walt, those robots won’t go out on strike”. Reuther replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

      23. Doing a real job, diesel mechanic is my profession, I taught my children an actual trade is better than an IT job. They can’t outsource experience, and there is no H1B for what I do. Won’t ever be rich, but will always have employment in my trade. Chasing pixels across a screen or routing paper from one cubicle to the next is not skilled labor.

        • You go Milo! Trades here as well.

      24. Working in IP law I have seen this coming for a long time. Part of why I stepped off the treadmill. I still haven’t made it to self sufficiency but I work on it. Want to be content too. Better to just step away from the trend and create a separate life. We have no value to tptb. There will be genocide and you won’t be spared. But… living on land that provides most of your needs may spare you and your family. Working to provide your needs will spare you from the insanity in the experiment.

      25. Milo I’m a truck driver and we are a dying breed like Cowboys were. Nobody wants our jobs that’s the only reason there is any job stability. I always thought its strange how computers can fly a plane but they cannot drive a truck. I would love robots to replace my job. It would be the best thing to happen to the industry. I will then go on the dole like the rest of society like an old horse being put out to pasture. Been driving for 20 years I’ve just about had it. Too many people texting while driving. Can’t tell you how many rear end collisions I’ve seen due to this alone. I will go be a greeter at Walfart oh wait a minute I tried to get a job night stocking and they told me they had a better candidate sorry. Truckers are scum of the earth especially Union ones. Take this job I say. I just want out of the work force as soon as possible. do you like being a dirty mechanic or do you like the fact that it’s work that’s always there. Most mechanics I’ve met are pissed off all the time and blame drivers for shit that breaks on crusty old trucks. Not sayin your one of them just my experiance.

        • As far out as we are, we have had three ‘texters’ come around the corners on OUR frigging side of the road, making the ditch the only option (thank God for lifted Jeeps and ‘rock-climbing-knobbies’)! In truth, we were as far over into the ditch as the rock wall allowed when she looked up and swerved away, giving us a break to get back onto ‘real road’. Never tried to stop to see if everything was ok …folks don’t give a damn anymore. I’ve seen (and helped) MAN “elderly” who would be outside their vehicle with NO CHANCE of fixing a flat (and no spare). We keep lots of tire Fix-It-Kits where you cement in a ‘snake’, and if you have a compressor “customized and installed into the vehicle”, which we do, you have the ability to use a hose, compressed-air-gun (making a tire change a piece-of-cake, or any typical repair). If you don’t anything more than ‘play’ with your tire pressures (say for rock climbing or “practicing for the impossible”), you soon learn that having an onboard air-compressor is money well-spent (with the right tools, air driven, you would have “the ass” to use air-guns to strip down motors, rusted or ripped up nuts and bolts …air guns usually make short work of real nightmares. (You spend more time changing sockets than you do taking off motor parts) 🙂

          I can’t believe ppl would be so ignorant as to text (especially after nearly having a head on collision), yet she drifted again (yet nobody was coming). I call that STOOOOPID!

      26. I think Mike Rowe, the “Dirty Jobs” guy would take issue with a lot of this article but this is written for those that have been brainwashed into rejecting out of hand those jobs that require you to dirty your hands. A good living can be make, for a while yet, with these types of jobs. I don’t think they’ll have a welding bot out in the sticks putting pipelines and other constructions together and you can make a killing with that profession. Visit Mike’s site – http://mikerowe.com/. But if your self-respect requires a white collar – hope you like lots of Mac ‘n Cheese days.

      27. No job, no money,no money, no buying. So where will all of these robotic companies sell their wares? The only things that will be selling will be food, medicines, and a place to live. Most of the unemployed will be living on small acreages of land just to grow their own food. Bartering will be mainstream in these communities. The Big Robotic Corporations will be producing for nothing, and eventually die out. Agrarian societies will return as well as smaller communities that will support their local economies.

      28. “..Despite a respectable recovery and low unemployment,..”
        who in the world believes THAT? no one, that’s who..
        And thing about machines brings to mind the terminator/ skynet thing..lol….except the elites would control the machines while the rest of us perish…

      29. Those in the know have been such for a very long time. That machines will supplant human beings is, for lack of a better description, evolution.

        The elimination of the vast majority has been under way for decades. It’s ‘the soft kill’ meant to weaken and wear down the population. Poison food, water, air- barrages of electro chemicals, radiation natural and contrived, and on and on.
        The only real question is when the soft phase is over, what form might the hard kill take?

      30. Hackers will Hack Robost controls stsyems…Then after hackers teach robots to Read the Protocols of elders of zion, and discover how mean and nasty evil the robots Owner ethnic tribe really are…Hackers will then Re-Program Robots to…TURN Against Their Owners!

        Some future Historian writers will write about what they shall term it, the great “Final Solution”!…OyVey!

      31. Unlike the mice in the experiment, humans have rational thought. You kill off 70% of us and those that are left will have nothing to lose and will spend every waking moment devising a way to knock out the one thing all those damn machines must have…..power. You knock out the power grids and all those metal bastards are toast.

        • Exactly. NO robot can operate for long without an energy source. If an EMP or Nuke is in our future (even a dirty b**b), that would have a detrimental effect upon the entire grid-sets of North America. (Also affecting Canada and and ‘swath’ of Mexico …or so it is expected that would happen, with a burst at 90 miles just south of The Great Lakes by 600 miles. (That would hit lots of big populaces and shut down the entire NorthEast Corridor for decades).

          What seems to defy logic is that already, there has been a massive amount of radioactive waste enter the ocean (Sea of Japan?) since the day it started, and recent pics of The Great Barrier Reef show it to be 100% “deathly-white-dead-coral-reefs” (for the entire distance around Australia. Other reefs are going South as well, but it surely isn’t being advertised (especially in brochures for tourism)!

          Why does it seem that none of these “crazy people” give a shit about that radiation poisoning? One would think THAT would take a FIRST CHAIR to CO2 emissions if Obama truly cares about keeping planet Earth livable. “Rad” is killing her as I type, yet nothing is being in any way that I’m away of. So much for a “cleaner Earth” for our children and grandchildren?

          Okay, thanks for letting me post. Back to pressing more primers into my .308 Hornady ‘once fired’ casings. (Decent brass)… Very little ‘stretching’ but I don’t put in nearly what a factor bullet would contain for powder. (It’s more tuned to the AR that it’s made solely for, and using less powder resulted in a tight “grouping”. (And yeah, I do keep one magazine with some “almost hot” HIGH END MATCH BULLETS (Nosler 168grain (??) in Starline Brass.

          Except for ‘store-bought’ (my first 600 shells all exactly the same). Later on I discovered she was also designed to headspace Military .308s (7.62x51mm) as well, so it’s safe to say there are “plenty of them to be had” (and I did get many, nearly 12k), kept only the perfect ones, (all were “raw” from the mud). I swaged, cleaned, straightened …everything (am fussy as hell too). Done now, but that alone took well over a year, for me (took awhile to find a scrubber that worked well with the stainless-steel media, and not require 12-hour “turnings”. (I may have had old brass too).

          • May I ask which scrubber is doing the job for you?

            I don’t understand why people here frequently say “I finally found a really good device for my needs” and then don’t tell us what it is. I don’t think that I’m the only person here who is interested in learning from the experiences of others…

      32. You only have to look around cities today to see the problem: lots and lots of sub-par human beings. They either are physically poor quality (small in stature, obese etc.) or mentally underperforming (low IQs, unable to exercise discipline). None of these people will have a place for them in the future: none. Machines can do everything better and nobody wants ugly, dumb people hanging around.

      33. The video was disturbing. It essentially argues for a John Holdren type totalitarian state, and is Malthusian to the core. One thing they forgot is that rats and mice are not human. There are systemic differences, to put it mildly, and they completely glossed over that. Rats aren’t really sentient, use no tools, have no language, don’t read or write, and more. Video doesn’t wash.

        • “I don’t know which species is worse…. you don’t see them fucking each other over for a percentage.”

          — Ellen Louise Ripley / Warrant Officer / USCSS Nostromo

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