Tension Builds: Vladimir Putin Mobilizes Troops and Equipment To North Korean Border: “Fears U.S. Is Preparing To Attack”

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    We can all pretend like there is nothing going on around the Korean Peninsula and hope that cooler heads will prevail, but if history is any guide, when the militaries of multiple nations begin to mass troops at borders, it takes only a single, often seemingly inconsequential, catalyst to plunge the situation into all-out war.

    That’s exactly what’s happening in North Korea today. Two weeks ago China deployed some 150,000 troops to the North Korean border and put their entire military on high alert in anticipation of a U.S. military strike on Kim Jong Un.

    Now we learn that Russia is rapidly deploying troop and equipment to their border with North Korea, as well.

    Vladimir Putin is sending troops and equipment to Russia’s border with North Korea over fears the US is preparing to attack Kim Jong-un.

    A video purports to show one of three trains loaded with military equipment moving towards the 11 mile-long land frontier between Russia and the repressive state.

    Another evidently highlights military helicopter movements towards the North Korean border and manoeuvres across rough terrain by army combat vehicles.

    Other reports suggest there have been military moves by road as well.

    There have been concerns that if a conflict breaks out Russia could face a humanitarian exodus from North Korea.

    But Putin has been warned, too, that in the event of a US strike on Kim Jong-un’s nuclear facilities, contamination could swiftly reach Russia.

    ‘Railway trains loaded with military equipment moving towards Primorsky region via Khabarovsk have been noticed by locals,’ reported primemedia.ru in the Russian far East – linking the development to the North Korean crisis.

    ‘The movement of military equipment by different means of transport to southern areas is being observed across Primorsky region over the past week,’ said military veteran Stanislva Sinitsyn.

    Full report: The Daily Mail

    A few hundred thousands troops on the North Korean border, a U.S. Naval Strike Fleet awaiting orders from President Trump and constant threats of missile and nuclear tests from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un…

    What could possibly go wrong?

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      1. Hell, sounds like a party just waiting to POP-OFF folks!@!@

        • I wish I had a porta-pottie business with so many people on the border of Korea crapping their pants. I would be one stinking millionaire.

        • “What could possibly go wrong?”

          Wrong answer, Alex. The correct answer, in the form of a question, is: “What could go right ???”

          China is on board with the deposing of the Fat Kid. Russia is just trying to protect its borders from a massive wave of ILLEGAL immigration, and there is no time to build a wall; except a wall of tanks and troops.

          Much like Las Vegas, whatever happens on the Korean Peninsula will stay on the Korean Peninsula. Then peace may break out…. for a while. 🙂

          • “China is on board with the deposing of the Fat Kid.”

            My suspicion is that they will trade him to the Brooklyn Nets for a last round draft choice, cash, and a player to be named later.

            Can you imagine the next NBA Championship?! The Spurs or Warriors vs Brooklyn, with an all new, revamped lineup of Dennis Rodman, “Little Big Man” Mentally Il Kim, maybe throw in a now 95 year old bankrupt Larry Bird, and then maybe – just to be politically correct – have as starting guards the father/daughter/mother/whatever team of Kim Kardooshian and dad/mom/whatever Bruce Jenner.

            Just sayin’

          • What China says it will do, and what it actually does, nobody knows for certain. Last time the Red Chinese poured 1 million soldiers over the border, and the end result is the DMZ zone.

      2. Oh my God! Maxine Waters was right; Putin is moving in on Korea. That woman is just an amazing prophet, and don’t get near enuf respect! LOL

        • Maxine Waters is a corrupt liar who hates Trump.

      3. What happens after North Korea? A free for all to establish a new government? South Korea should get it as a territory!
        Or in a few years this same thing will happen again.

        • Don’t worry, there are plenty of plans for North Korea already. Perhaps we can use it for a penal colony when/if we drain our swamp.

        • That’s what should’ve been done under Clinton when north korea made it known they were going for nukes while china was still no military match for the usa and hadn’t bought from Clinton all of the usa military technology.

          It’s too late for that now though. now, or a year from now when north korea finally gets a missile that works and has to be dealt with; it’s going to be bad and millions in the region will die.

          thanks bill !

          • What the USA has given every major nuclear power, is NEUTRON BOMB TECHNOLOGY, to mitigate the effects of a balloon going up in South Asia between India and Pakistan/China.

            Yeah, that is likely to happen. 🙁

          • On the plus side, Bill and Hil got a few more sorely needed million out of the deal, right?

            Truly the most evil leader this nation has ever seen… other than maybe Obungler.

          • Don’t blame bill! It was Monica lewinski’s fault. She kept bill busy decorating her dresses.

        • maybe the Israelis can take it and give the Palestinians their land back

          • This is the most sensible, and coherent post that I have seen in weeks.

            Thank you … for your honest and truthful contribution.

      4. Like China, Russia is afraid of a mass exodus from N Korea, and want to keep them out.

      5. GO TEAM GO !!!! WW3
        Finally we are getting it over with…….

      6. North Korea is like a toy poodle picking a fight with a Pit Bull.

        If that clown pulls the trigger on a nuke he should be erased from the face OF THE EARTH.

      7. I believe the leaders are thinking that North Korea would be an excellent place to test all of the new weapon systems and make a few $$$ in the process.

      8. The Koreans are about to find out what it is like to live underground like the people of Vietnam did for ten years.

      9. troops and navies around north korea, Syria hiding their stuff under Russian tents. all it’s going to take is one soldier on guard duty firing on some noise in the dark and its war.

        this is every day for likely the rest of the year.

        everything is going to work out fine, peace will prevail; yeah right.

        • yep, your right.

          it’ll all start with a mistake.

          a stupid mistake.

          prep on.

        • yep, your right.

          it’ll all start with a mistake.

          a stupid mistake.

          prep on.

          • Let’s go to Korea and fire off some bottle rockets.

      10. Had to dig out the atlas for this one. Never knew.

      11. This situation is partially the U.S. own fault. I just learned that former President Jimmy Carter had made an agreement with North Korea regarding their Nuclear direction. North Korea lived up to their part but we did not. North Korea stopped Nuclear testing and we were supposed to go in and get them up and running with nuclear power for domestic energy. We never did help them set up a system which we would have had access to for our inspections.

        This new information tells me that America, under our own outside influence by you know who, never wanted peace with North Korea. Yea, I am ashamed that our motivation is not pure. And North Korea, regardless of whatever is wrong with them, is not all to blame here.

        The Banksters and their global thieves want North Korea’s wealth of natural resources. They want to put the North Koreans into the same debt slavery that America and much of the world suffers. This is how “you know who” obtain power over other sovereign Nations. They create the conditions that they then must do something to change. Seems to be working so far. But it is evil.


        • Where do you get your information?

        • That’s not all we did! We had several chances to cause the total collapse of the NK state but instead we actually helped put them back in power! The great famine response was the closest NK came to total collapse but the USA led food program put the fat face back in total power again and led the regime into the state it has become. We have only ourselves to blame in this mess! The same stupid shit we are now into in Syria.

          • Yes North Korea is the best enemy money can buy.

        • If this is the case, one can assume we didn’t do the upgrades because they didn’t want a foreign central bank to borrow money from to do these “upgrades”. If you read John Perkins book you can see how the only way we would “improve” a country is if they borrowed against themselves to pay for these improvements. These loans could never be paid back and North Korea would be indebted to the Rothchilds.

          So they join the other Axis of Evil countries who don’t have the Rothchild bank picking at their coffers.

        • B fro CA

          Do you trust the GOVERNMENT ???????

        • B,

          Pray tell, what are the rich resources found in North Korea that are worth fighting a nuclear war over and killing countless millions as collateral damage and polluting the area with radiation?

          Louisiana Eagle ?

          • Rare Earth metals…

      12. Who’s to bless and who’s to blame? I don’t see the north American traitors from within being punished! I don’t see the heroin slowing down while our youth are being destroyed. In fact there is no justice anywhere. I don’t trust my neighbours let alone foreigners.what does a cop tell there kids when they come home from work , knowing they’ve accomplished nothing to protect them or their friends! Now that’s a thankless worthless job when you turn a blind eye to corruption under the deguise of doing good. Let God sort it out. He will have plenty of trash to sort through .

      13. Why would Putin be interested in involving himself in a war in NK?

        He has no interests there and hasn’t been involved there in the past, particularly since China might take extreme exception to his involvement there.

        Only reason I can see for him to be concerned would be in keeping NK out of Russia if an actual war should break out there.

        • Border defense, and Russia and China have extensive military treaties…

      14. The World Superpowers seem to be gearing up for war….Like the Bible informs u;s in the latter days there will be wars and rumors of wars. The world is heading for something and I don’t think it will be good. If you don’t know Christ as your Savior, you should diligently seek to know him. “He came unto his own but his own received him not; but those that did receive him, to them gave he the power to become the children of God, even to those that believe in his name”. That is how simple it is ladies and gentlemen. Of course don’t forget to repent.

        • Best preparedness tip of all! Get to know Jesus! He is coming for His bride soon!

          • AMEN

        • Jesus is dead now for over 2-thousands years; And
          he ain’t come back yet(By That Name*~Anyways.
          Get a grip on Real~Reality*. God Is HERE Now*. Da!!!
          “The One Who Was To Come Is Always Already Here.” ~DaKalki

          • There is a time line to the prophecies, all of which have to be fulfilled before the Return.

            There are still things that have to happen before the final stage is set and the final battle takes place. People always seem to ignore this for some reason, explaining them away instead of looking for the developments that are leading to them, and end up disappointed and losing faith as a result.

            You cannot know the day or the hour, but you can know the season.

            BTW, Jesus is not dead, he is resurrected.

      15. The set up to bring in martial law and the NWO? IMF meeting starting tomorrow could see the $USD allocation dropped in the SDR and China’s increased. This could all be smoke and mirrors to cover the US losing its reserve currency status. They have the veto vote now. It may be gone by Monday. Heads up for a dollar crash if so.

      16. Russia doesn’t want tons of N.K.s running over their border. Just like China they put 150,000 troops on their border also. Don’t forget that Russia told N.K. to knock it off or they would invade.


        • Imagine all the little Korean boys you can strip seach as they come across the border looking for cash! Oath Breaker!

        • True Sgt, I wonder how the North Korean military man feels about the fact they are just a liability to the food sources?

          • “G”
            Look at this way. How many feel that they might become a food source? LOL

            • Let’s write a recipe book for fried Korean. Wok Korean, and barbed wire roasted Korean with cosmoline sauce?

            • Or…maybe napalm roasted ?

      17. 200 million guns a loaded … satan cries take aim .

      18. More fear porn …..I thought we were gonna have WW3 with Russia in Syria …..what happened to that one ….that calmed down so now the doomers gotta move elsewhere

        • You are like that guy who is always second guessing the Hurricane forecast. If it doesn’t pan out you say i told you so! If it does, no one will care about you being wrong.

          • True, arm chair warriors are like TV weather anchors, they don’t have to be right but they do need big tits?

          • We now have Tropical Storm Arlene in the North Atlantic.

            • My Aunt’s Name Is Arlene: Aunt Arlene AND Uncle Ted.

        • New day, new movie, same as it ever was…

        • hahahaha,, RICH99,, you cynical

      19. I have no comment. I have been laughed at, critized, etc.


        • HCKS
          You are bigger an better than that.
          Do you have any info?
          Just came back from Tenn. looking at some land on Tuesday. Coming back on 24 and 57 saw about 20 to 25 large trucks hauling APCs and HUMVEs. Look like the were all going to Fort Campbell.

          • Silence is golden.

        • With all due respect HCKS, why post at all then? Don’t give people the time of day. I have always found your posts worth reading and I ask you to please pass along anything you come across.

        • HCKS,

          You are OK! I like to read your essays too! Keep us informed, PLEASE! You have a unique perspective!

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • HCKS I look forward to your comments. Ignore the idgits and keep us updated!

        • HCKS — Thanks…..good to know things have’t gone worse, from the valley of the sun..

      20. best reply from hcks ever

        • I think hicks is bi polar or skitzoid. Many incoherent ramblings. Hey Hicks What happened to all those Chinese troops that where supposed to invade the US from mexico? When is Nibiru gonna hit? I think his scientist friend is some shrink who is using Hicks for a gunea pig. Lets see ? give Hicks this new drug and see what happens?

      21. 11 mile border. Should not be difficult to seal that off. Razor wire and land mines.

      22. Carriers will only get there sometime next week, all the reactions of Russia and China all for show.
        If Fat Boy Un had any brains he would buy an old tramp steamer, OR 2 or 3 , load the biggest nuke he has on board and sail into, San Fran bay, or Seattle, Or LA or San Digo etc etc or if he has enough bombs all of the above and KA BOOM then act innocent- Wasn’t me!

      23. With the oil/coal trade between North Korea and China cut back or cut off, the plight of the North Korean people will sink even lower. I didn’t believe that this was possible. They do have hope. Maybe Maduro, the head of the Venezuelan government, will send economic aid. That’s pathetic. When you are counting your blessings, be thankful you don’t live in North Korea or Venezuela!

      24. Tis the season..

      25. I believe everything MSM tells me.

      26. More sensationalism coming from the Zionist mouthpiece that’s shtfplan.com.
        Just like Infowars and Veterans Today, shtfplan.com is selling the East vs West Zionist narrative.
        They talk about the Federal Reserve here and acknowledge 9/11 was a inside job.
        But once you talk about the fact organized religions are false and Putin is a Zionist puppet you will be discredited.
        They also censor comments on this disinformation site claiming to be news for truthers.

      27. Why the hell would Putin stick up for such an unstable wanker like Kim Wil Wank. Putin aint even fat.

      28. Where is it written in our Constitution that we are the police of the world?….We are not!….Where is it written in our Constitution that we have an obligation to ” Democratize the world?”….we do not…Where is it written in the constitution that we should “punish”…countries for crimes against humanity?…it is not written…The problem with USA, and why we are no longer “great”…is that we have wasted our young people in stupid wars…and squandered TRILLIONS of dollars on Defense toys we don’t need, and given away BILLIONS of dollars to people to protect ” American interests”….Those American interests are the profits of the military industrial complex companies who run the country,.. who run the world.
        If there are any Americans with testicles left….all you must write your congressman…that you want the US OUT of all these foreign entanglements. Do we really care if Mrs Muhammad can drive a car or vote?….NO…so bring all the troops home and position them where they can protect the USA….not S Korea, not Europe…not the Mid East..Bring them home and you save billions of dollars….Do not listen to the war mongers who threaten that we are going to go to war with this one and that one. They do this so the gov’t wastes more TRILLIONS of dollars buying junk that is over priced and not needed….IF we cut out the waste and fraud in the Dept of Defense….we could balance the budget!!…We do not need to spend 37% of our GDP on the military!!!….Russia is ONE FOURTH the size of our Military…do we really need to spend ten times the amount of money ???….NO…its all a ruse to soak the taxpayers…IF every voting American wrote s neat clear letter to their congressman and two senators…DEMANDING to end this military industrial complex folley…the politicians may actually listen….because all they rally care about is their own self aggrandizement. This was proven in the book ” Rise and Dissent”…by Senator Abouresk of SD and the most recent book ” throw them all out”…naming who the biggest thieves are in Washington.You tell congress not to vote for these wasted military projects….not to fund bases over seas…etc.. After you write letters to your congressional leaders, you cc the letter to the big business bastards that make up the military industrial complex…These are easy to find out: Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Black water, GE,,,,,etc,,,,If we all boycotted their products, refused to let out leaders vote funds to buy from them,.. then you reduce their profits. The big business interests may try different approaches to get our money. IF you don’t think economic boycotts work…..Gandhi got the British out of India, Walesa got the Russians out of Poland, and the world got Apartheid out of S Africa by boycotting. Economic power is all these people understand. They have no morality….so first the congressional leaders…tell them what you want then the business…If we all boycotted their products they would listen….Bring the military under control of Congress again…not under the control of big business….

      29. President has quietly arranged a collaborative effort of the big 3 while reports of tensions rise between them. This of course woukd a Yuuuuge win. The possibility of a double cross is certainly possible on two fronts, as I see it.

        1. China and Russia both know the US military will get them sooner or later so long as its missions are designed and run by the elite. They may unite.

        2. With the assistance of R and C, all three unite to thwart the plans of the elite as all have been, and currently have to their bidding. A final stand, if you will.

      30. Do I think North Korea is the first bunch of assholes in 40 years we SHOULD be squaring off with’ YES. With that said I can’t see how going to war with them has a happy ending. America is not prepared financially or emotionally for the kind of war this will entail. If it goes down this will be a REAL WAR, WITH REAL CONSEQUENCES for every American. To many radical leftist, pajama boys and pacifist in this country to sustain the military effort required to beat these bastards. Illions of Asians will die, possibly thousands of Americans as well. Does anyone on here think we have the national will to endure such losses. The generals might but no nation can sustain a war without the support of its people. Even if fat boy loaded a nuke on a freighter and sailed it into LA basin and detonated( a plausible scenario) My guess a significant portion of our population would blame Washington instead of him. IMO the fabric of our nation is torn beyond repair and a new Korean War would tear it into pieces that will never be repaired. The next major war will be the end of the American nation as we know it. Our best move would be to not start one and limp on as we are for as long as we can. Don’t believe the PTB want this however. It almost seems to me that the neocons and big business see the Trump adnimistration as their last shot at taking over, looks like they might go for it. God help us all.

        • I agree: the only way they can sell any of the wars is this: that the war will be fast, that the destruction will be over there, and that it will involve very few American casualties. This war does not meet any of that but they are trying to lie to people into believing it does.

          The population has not been prepared psychologically or materially for such a conflict and what it entails. Hell, the British were wailing like little pansies over the handful of casualties that were coming back from Afghanistan; imagine if they were coming back in their hundreds? In the Vietnam War at its peak, the US had 800 dead a week. A new Korean War would be at that level at least. Look at how many died and were injured at the hands of dune coons with sandals, pyjamas and some IEDs. Now imagine a trained and disciplined real army of crazy Koreans.

          The ONLY plus side of this is this: it will need a draft to sustain it and this will mean scooping up male and female millennials and importantly, lots and lots of dumb blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. The Obama base and generation is going to really not like what is coming there way. Hell, you will struggle to get raped and/or mugged in American cities after the draft for all the dumb f-ers who will be sent off to fight!

        • well said

      31. Nothing wrong with China and Russia using troops to protect their borders. I wish the USA would use our Troops to stem the tide of illegal activity on our borders.

      32. The US has been waiting until the Chinese and Russians have their boarders sealed. This probably was the agreement, to wait. Next will be conventional weapons used on N. Koreas nuclear facilities and their conventional missile launch positions, all of which we have mapped out. Part of the targeting will be on the little Fat boy. Bunker busters, MOAB and other conventional bombs will be dropped. Yes North and South Korea will be joined again and Korea will have extensive trade agreements with China and Russia, coal will remain king as an export. There will be no nuclear weapons and everything will not glow in the dark, but N. Korea will finally have lights due to the extensive rebuilding a better life. Oh, I forgot, the US will pour in billions of dollars to rebuild Korea. Money, money, money! Money!

      33. Oscar just might be correct. Time will tell. I don’t care as long a us troops do not set foot in North Korea.

      34. Yes the Russians and Chinese are not fearing the USA will attack N Korea. They are waiting in anticipation. They are giddy with the thought of dividing the spoils after Tillerson & Trump get done Neutron and MOAB bombing the crap out of that place. Not one foot soldier on the ground not one American life lost. It worked to end WWII with Japan It will work just as well now. PS its a shame we didn’t have but only two bombs for give them hell Harry to drop on them. If we had more bombs back then we wouldn’t have Fuckasama today.

      35. If the US fires the first missile, it will deserve whatever military response it receives, whether it is the sinking of its naval force near Korea or the nuclear destruction of San Francisco or Los Angeles. An intemperate president with too much power does not get to wage nuclear war on another state with impunity. There will be a back lash and unfortunately the American people will pay the ultimate price!

      36. It will be amusing to watch the PRC and Russia get bombarded by what they thought was a perfect catspaw. Cant’t wait to see a United Korea take its place at the UNSC. This war will redraw the world order and out humanity in its proper place. Nature bats last. God be with us all.

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