Tens of Thousands To Exhaust Emergency Unemployment Benefits in Coming Months

by | Apr 21, 2011 | Headline News | 59 comments

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    While media and economic analysts salivate over reportedly stabilizing jobless claim numbers, tens of thousands of Americans are about to exhaust their unemployment benefits:

    …now the sustenance has been cut off. The federal Extended Benefits program, which provides up to 20 weeks of benefits for long-term unemployed who burn through both state benefits and federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, expired this month in North Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

    The deadline for payouts passed on April 16. The North Carolina General Assembly approved a bill that would preserve the benefits, but Gov. Bev Perdue (D) vetoed it Saturday because Republicans paired the measure with deep budget cuts. St. Louis is one of 37,000 long-term unemployed North Carolinians who have been left hanging.

    The next states where the program will expire are Alaska, Alabama and Kansas, according to Mike Evangelist of the National Employment Law Project. Analyzing state unemployment data released Tuesday by the U.S. Department of Labor, Evangelist predicts EB payments will stop in those states on May 14 unless local lawmakers take action. Payments will stop in June in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and New Jersey (though legislation to prevent the cutoff there is on the governor’s desk).

    source: Huff Post

    As fiscal budgetary issues in states across the nation get worse, we can expect that there will be no relief for those who are simply unable to find labor. We’ll spend billions upon trillions fighting wars in the middle east, bailing out other nations from natural disasters, providing foreign aid to buy allies, and stimulating economic recovery by purchasing worthless assets from even more worthless banks domestically and abroad. But when it comes to providing assistance for Americans right here at home, politicians immediately began talking about the necessity of budget cuts, spending measures and austerity.

    It’s worth noting that while jobless claims are hovering at 400,000 new claims, it takes over 200,000 jobs to be created each month just to break even. Thus, we are still losing more jobs then we are creating. On top of that, thousands of Americans every week are losing their emergency unemployment benefits, often becoming totally invisible in the unemployment statistics because they are ‘no longer looking for work.’

    While pundits argue about whether or not we will have a double dip recession, for millions of Americans, we’re well beyond that, clearly within depression territory. According to John Williams of Shadowstats, if we utilized calculation methods for unemployment the way we did before 1994, and counted not just those who are unemployed or employed part-time and looking for full time work, but those who are considered “long-term discouraged” works (like the people who have fallen off of emergency unemployment benefits), the actual unemployment rate would not be 9.2% as the official government statistics indicate, but rather, would be well above 22%. That’s one in five Americans who want meaningful work, but simply can’t find it.

    It is also important to keep in mind that even with the official, low-end statistic of 9.2%, there are over fifteen million people currently unemployed in America. Some of them will find work. Most will not. This means that at some point, their benefits will be exhausted as well.

    Is it any wonder why the food stamp participation rate in this country is rapidly approaching 50 million people?

    Economic recovery? Only if you’re smoking those green shoots with Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner and President Obama.


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      1. This is sad. We allowwed our money, future and resources to be stolen and wasted.
        Wake up America! It’s time… “THE REVOLUTION HAS STARTED”
        read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )
        “Spread the News”

      2. Want to bet a whole lot of people suddenly find work?

      3. Max Keiser says “hang the bankers”; or at least the TBTF ones that caused this mess.  How many of you heard above the Feds practicing a dry run in Miami to “protect” a BofA building?  The gov’t knows more than what it is letting on.  They are expecting trouble.  Local police departments have been alerted to BOLO for “domestic terrorists”
        Own a weapon, buy ammo; learn how to use both.  It’s going to get ugly.
        BTW, stop walking around with “bling” that is visible; you’ll be a sitting duck.

      4. Every since we went to a negative credit rating the stock market mysteriously went green and has been green all week. I am doubting people are investing and unemployment claims are down.
        My thought is the Fed is pumping money into the market or worse yet they own the market and just automatically set the ticker to what they think people will accept. To green people sell, to red people don’t buy etc.
        Considering they all sleep together it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone is involved in this ponzi scheme.
        My only question is “what will be the value of the dollar when the US collapses”? What will be the value of any dollar when a solar flare takes out the power grid?
        We lost our power today and my 1st thought was, how will I handle no refrigeration, no hot water, no heat etc. Kind of sets you straight real quick.

      5. So Obama says today that he is going to crack down on speculators and traders because they’re causing the price of all commodities to sky rocket.

        REALLY??? …and this is what the sheeple believe.

        They have no idea that it is the government devaluing the dollar that causes prices to rise. The dollar dropped below 74 today to 73.745 before closing at 74.11. Once it closes below 74. Then it’s the next leg down to 69 and we will see much higher prices and a Depression, because these unemployed folks won’t be able to afford squat.

        Damn those speculators – I mean government!!!

      6. We lost our power today and my 1st thought was, how will I handle no refrigeration, no hot water, no heat etc. Kind of sets you straight real quick.
        Yep…it will. We had a snow storm in the early 90’s that left us without power ( other than a small generator ) for almost 3 weeks.  We already had wood heat, so we didn’t freeze, but hot water was electric, and so was stove ( made do with a Coleman propane camp stove ).  Our water, unlike many neighbors with deep wells/pumps, is gravity fed spring water.
        That summer, I changed the water heater to propane.  Later added solar power, enough to keep the refrigeration running, and lights going ( changed many to LED ). Changed the cooking to propane.  Added 2-500 gallon propane tanks.  Then added an auxiliary kitchen to the back of the garage for summer canning, and put a wood cookstove in it.  We are surrounded by hardwoods, so stove wood isn’t a problem.

      7. This is something I’ve already been thinking about – that so many have used up all their unemployment.  Also, there are people who worked for small companies who are not eligible for unemployment.

      8. I can’t help but constantly think that if we had a stronger, more America-loving leader in the White House that total catastrophe headed our way could be avoided.

        I know things have been building for years but we truly have the perfect storm happening.  And what is the community organizer doing?  Well, he is vacationing constantly, he managed to get in a round of golf again this week and right now he is out in California campaigning – spending multiple millions of taxpayer money to go collect his $4 million in donations.

        A true leader, who loves America, would be in the trenches battling it out to cut the budget drastically so we don’t lose our AAA rating.

        A true leader, who loves America, would be telling the BRIC nations to go to He**.

        A true leader who loves America would be telling OPEC to shove it.  Cut off their food until they send us cheaper oil.

        A true leader who loves America would be on camera daily pumping us up, holding up successful Americans as something for us to strive to be.  You know, encouraging us.  Not attacking, demonizing & continually demoralizing the successful.

        A true leader who loves America would be reducing regulations on Americans & American businesses and not increasing them.  They already account for 12% of our GDP.  Does he want to make it 20%?

        A true leader who loves America would be drilling like a mad man here in the USA for oil instead of letting us suffer under what will soon be $6/gallon for gas.

        I think a collapse is inevitable.  The degree to which it happens can be altered.  If we had the right man in place.

        Unfortunately.  We do not.

        And the progressives, marxists, communists, world govt lovers, whatever you want to call those sick monsters are waiting in the wings to pounce on us when we fail.  Intentionally at their hands.

        How in the world did we let this happen?!  I am absolutely sick about this. 

        P.S.  I’m probably going to open up a foreign bank account tomorrow.  I’ve lost enough money.  My saved money is worth 80% what it was 1 year ago thanks to the Fed’s money printing.

      9. GA Mom–Well said.  How do I set up a foreign bank account?  Let me know.  I agree.

      10. Comments…..last night i got a phone call from brother in law wanting to know if i had water…yep, got water but pressure dropping…filled up as many containers as i could. we still had a “trickle” this morning and throughout the day..found out that the storms knocked out a water main and the power outages caused the alarms to not sound causing the water tank to drain completely. took all day, but water pressure starting to come backk to normal…i was prepared to have my saturday bath in the pond using my bar of floating ivory. it is very very very important above all else to prepare for the things that can happen but especially to know where all of your water sources are just in case. water is more important than anything on your prep. list.

      11. Comments…..oh yeah, i do not feel anything whatsoever about peoples unemployment benefits running out.  i have become hardened because not only have folks had extended benefits over and over but if they have not found a job, then they did not spend their benefits wisely while they were getting them.. lifestyle changes are a lot easier to make when you have a little somthing still trickling in. with benefits ending few people will have prepared for it.

      12. yeah, if only there was a republican president.  things would be all better then for sure.  no more deficits, corporations would handle the reduced regulations with tremendous responsibility, crime would go down…..jesus christ, it would be a fucking paradise……

      13. Dylan: Since you do not know how to set up a foreign bank account 🙂 I will explain:

        Check with M&I Bank which was recently acquired by Bank Of Montreal, for establishing a Canadian account; or any of the Int’l banks in NYC.

        A better way would be to call Johnson Mathey and open a precious metals account with them. After you have acquired some precious metals ask them to store your metals offshore, say in Switzerland or any other country where they have offices.

        An even better way in my opinion is to setup and offshore corporation for your global investments: lets call it Dylan Int’l. Choose the tax haven of your choice, there are many.  Some are better than others. Open an account in the name of D.I.

        Create a subsidary of your 1st corporation in a second tax haven. One in particular is best where no info is available to the US government, especially for a foreign corporation with a foreign domicile. Open a banking relationship for your second entity in Switzerland; which is where your gold should be stored if it is not under your bed.

        All acounts in your personal name and any beneficial stock ownership (in your first corporation) must be reported to the IRS. Check with your attorney.

      14. @Jonny V..no need to be so vulgar…there are some of us who don’t appreciate it!!! @ GA Mom….couldn’t have said it better myself!!

      15. Well, CRAP! I leave for a couple days and you people just seem to lose all sense of direction. The gov orders 100s of thousands of detainee handbooks, tens of thousands lose unemployment checks, the crash is imminent, and Mac posts a guide for looters?  Where do we start?…
        Don’t you get it? This whole thing is just a bad dream and any minute now I’m gonna wake up! None of you are Real. You don’t exist except in my dream. When I awake you will all vanish. There is no America. This web site isn’t real. No economy. No fed. No PTB. It’s all illusion…
        In reality I’m probably a happy little nine yr old kid living a great life on a magical planet somewhere. I probably even have a flying pony and lots of cool toys. Hell, I probably don’t even speak english (or any earth language). And then I….I…
        I just had the most horrifying thought. What if mushroom is the one dreaming and I’m one of you? One of the imaginary people? This is terrible….
        Mushroom, whatever you do, please please please DON’T WAKE UP!

      16. tom

        Want to bet a whole lot of people suddenly find work?



      17. Seems like some in here still live in the matrix and need a paradigm shift in thinking. Yeah some will find “work” but will be grossly underemployed…is it work yeah, but it is still UNDERemployed. And who could blame anyone for staying on unemployment for as long as possible until forced to take an underemployment job??

      18. GA Mom-Blaming Obama (or whoever might be in office at the time) is exactly what our masters want, as long as we’re not pinning the blame on those truly responsible. If we actually could elect a true American patriot as president that tried to change things for the better, he (or she) would go the way of JFK.

        And to all who advocate opening up foreign bank accounts; when the dollar hits the fan, cross-border transactions will probably be frozen- nothing in, nothing out.

        If you are not dang-near totally self-sufficient by now, you’ve run out of time… 

      19. last night I dreamed Alex Jones was helping me clean my kitchen sink and garbage disposal.

      20. Give her a break Plane Guy and do a controlled crash.  He is our leader & lier, “the buck stops here”.  You know what she means.  We know what you mean too.  I’ll take her as a close neighbor any day of the year.

      21. @ JV, your frustration is shared, but not the sentiment. Both parties are in collusion, so poking at one is a fallacy. WAKE UP, DUDE! Not you, Smokin or Mushroom.

        In the sixties, we paid people to have babies, they had babies, in the tens, we’re paying people not to work, and they don’t work. Hmm, no duh! There’s no easy solution, manufacturing jobs are gone. Solomon says it best, in Ecclesiastes, about it being good for a man to enjoy what he does. However, the government can’t provide it, so the only thing they should do is stay out of it. Not the laissez faire of the Bush administration, I mean stay the fuck out, completely. Stop taxing and stop spending. Yes, it will mean the end of government as we know it, but better than the end of us all. The choice is simple, return government to the people. Getting there is the hard part.

      22. ha ha ha… time to buy a 8 pound sledge and crowbar… and do some night shopping!

        in the end it’ll be the have-nots against the haves!

        pure mad max thunder dome!

        arm up prepare…

      23. Thank you, Plane Guy, for your comment.
        People need to stop drinking MSM cool aid.
        One should learn to run everything one hears through “bread and circuses” and “divide and concour” filters. This is the only way to aquire an ability to see the BIG picture.

      24. @planeguy & a couple more of you.

        I did not blame obama for the crash.  You need to re-read my post.  I have blamed him for taking deliberate action or deliberate non-action to make it worse.  If you can’t see that they you are clearly not paying attention.

        Brush up on your reading comprehension skills a bit (I’m sure you remember high school English or English 101).  Remember reading the line I wrote.  “I know things have been building for years”.

        Both parties are terrible that much is clear.  One is worse than the other.  And this newest one (whatever one obama is) is the worst of them all.  Hence the “Perfect Storm”.

      25. The only way to fix this nightmare economy is to shrink the government! In order for that to happen we need to get rid of all entitlements!

        What… you don’t want to give up your free lunch? You don’t want higher taxes? You’ll protest and riot if this happens?

        BUT you said you wanted a better economy!!! I guess we’re just all F%CKED!

        It’s going to get very bad around here… forget about off shore accounts… either you live in this country or you don’t… either way you’re F%CKED!

        We’re all just a bunch of assholes who will complain no matter what!!! Face it and be self sufficient, stop worrying about how to cheat the system because you can’t – they’ll change the rules and [______] …either way… we’re F%CKED!

        This is designed to happen, it’s not about who’s in office – presidents are selected, not elected. It’s a rigged game and we lose!!!! Get Ready!

      26. Comments…..Smokinokie, that was a funny read!!!

      27. Johnny v:  I can’t believe you don’t see the difference between the two parties!  Both are corp. banker fascist controlled.  Anyone that’s a true patriot would be bumped off and/ or discredited by the media.  On unemployment:   several people I know went O/S and worked for contractors and made good money.  Others started their own biz.  Learn a trade like my family members did (no college) there is always stuff needing repair/fixing, etc.  Some I know went into remodeling (not blg new houses) as people stay put more, things need fixing.

      28. Laura, GA Mom, SmkyMtnLady, and Nonanonymous, that was exactly my point.  There is no difference between Obama and Bush, or between Clarence Thomas and Sonja Sotomayor, or between Bohner and Pelosi.  It’s all a big shell game and every time one party gets voted out, it’s actually GOOD for them.  They’ll be voted right back in next time.

        Speaking as a former political candidate (also), I can say with good certainty that there are very few things in life that are as totally worthless as your vote.  Not because the vote itself is worthless, but because the only people who are going to get elected to any office above the level of Volunteer Fire Commission in this country are going to be fully sold out to the bankers and lobbyists as a prerequisite of getting elected.  You have no choice but to vote for someone who is already sold out.

        I saw the other day that Rand Paul has already filed for re-election for his six year office.  In previous threads on this board, I backed off of some criticism of Paul because others here thought he was sure to do the right thing.  It is now plainly apparent that he is nothing more than a career politician.  The sold-out label applies to him, his dad, and every elected “official” in this nation, period.  They are ALL equally worthless.

      29. Margaret Mitchell once said, “Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.” And on that note I’m going to rant a bit…

        I personally do not feel bad or lose any sleep for those who are about to lose their grossly extended unemployment. I am also quite sick of hearing how bad life is in our nation.
        Our nation enjoys a standard of living unknown to the vast majority of the world. From what I have seen, read, and heard from many, there is a sense of entitlement and outrage that “we are being screwed and left to starve after all we have done”. I’m not saying some people haven’t been screwed over, but please read on.
        It has been my experience that those who are making these kind of statements are the same people who have been living beyond their means and did absolutely nothing to prepare for a day when things may not be so wonderful.
        When it comes down to blame for the current situation of our nation and our own lives, we need to start by looking at ourselves and asking some tough questions and giving out honest answers. Those incapable of accepting responsibility for their choices are IMHO, just more sheep and as I said, I will not lose any sleep over it. I said in a post once before that I believe anyone who can work, should. And be DAMN proud of whatever work you do because you are contributing instead of being a leech.
        I have more respect for the guy who works at McDonalds and does janitorial work part time and whose wife is a stripper so they can pay the bills and not suck government aid than the couple who is complaining their extended unemployment is about to expire and when it does they can no longer pay for the Escalade and BMW, family cell phone plan, phone/cable tv/internet package etc. etc. The couple working the “undesirable” jobs is trying, I have respect for that. Period.

        Ok, I apologize for the rant…uuhm, not really. (-;

      30. Comments…..I find it very uneasy for a few to feel it nessisary to rant on something they dont understand, I am a 42 year old woman that had the company she worked for close, I have retail experience, and have applied for every job posted…most of these jobs are entry level and the companies are not even looking to hire me because I have tooo much experience and why would I take such a cut in pay!!! I have a daughter in High School, who SHOULD be looking to go to college next year, but bills that have to be paid now… I do not drive a new car, and I do not live way beyond my means….No credit cards to fall back on, but with the up beat I have no credit card debt….Just housing, electric, water????? OH AND MAYBE SOME FOOD! I guess these things are living beyond my means at this point….At least here in NC!

      31. @Susan  Why should you take a cut in pay?

        Because that is a sign of the times.  If you can work, you should work.  You should not rely on taxpayers to pay you with the money they work hard to earn.

        I own my own business.  Even thought I am still working, I have certainly taken a cut in pay.  AND I work even harder & longer hours for less money than I did 3 years ago.  So does my husband.  It’s called UNDER employment. 

        You will eventually be forced to take a job that you feel is beneath you or that you feel you are over-qualified for if you want to eat.  Welcome to the New Normal.

      32. unemployment  benefits (insurance) is paid into by the employee….period!

      33. GA Mom-

        I couldn’t have said it better myself. Scrolling back our standards of living (which really is luxury compared to most of the globe), working harder, longer AND smarter are certainly the New Normal.


        Please don’t assume that me or anyone else who posts here are ranting “on something they don’t understand”. I wish you the best of luck in your endevours.

      34. @GA Mom – Exactly!

      35. GA Mom-

        Surely gold and silver has been talked about enough here, to make me wonder why you, or anyone else, would still have their savings in paper, that is losing value (you said yourself) everyday?

        It is not too late to trade paper dollars for silver/gold.   It is not too late, because you can still do it.    The time is fast approaching that “buying” gold/silver will not happen with FRNs.  

        imvho….gold/silver, in hand, is much better than a foreign bank account, full of another countries paper,  that also is losing value by the day.

      36. You know what pisses me off?  Nobody – I mean nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog except me at a homocide scene overseas.  All of those people buying fake Chinese s.s. grills during the housing bubble will be lucky enough to have real chicken lips hotdogs to put on their grill in another year with smoked hickory chips and a pair of steamed buns.  Don’t forget a sprinkle of Tabasco on each bun to spice it up.  Samuel Adam’s Light anyone?  Pump up that keg.

      37. Unemployment will be extended again at the last minuet even if the President resorts to an executive order. No court will stop the implementation although the USSC would probably find such an action unconstitutional if done by executive order. The USSC would not hear the case until after the next election. 

        FDR acted as a dictator in his first term and got away with it; desperate times, desperate measures. The confiscation of privately held gold in April 1933 was not stopped. The USSC eventually overturned many of his policies after the fact. In the end though “The People” got paper and the bankers got gold. 

        Uncle Sam will borrow money and the source will be QE 3,4,5—-> forever; dollar value be dammed.

        The worry is not funds being cut off but rather having too much money with too little value.

      38. @Mac – Its 180,000 new hires a month to break even but that is for new people entering the work force from high school, college, etc.  These are people that are not counted anywhere because they’ve not had 12 months of consecutive full time employment to even get on the stats.  So they’re “hidden” and the MSM will never say anything about them either.  Even when jobs, 2 months ago, were “good” we were not even creating enough for this group let alone taking away from all those others.  Its rather sad.

      39. Well, I’m prepped (and add daily). I’ve got a plan and a back-up plan.  Now what?
        The last couple days as I read that’s what goes thru my mind.  We hunker down, we eat our food, we drink our water, we down our vitamins, we shoot people who decided to prep after the fact… now what? What happens ‘after’?
        I planted 28 fruit trees yesterday. I bought extra seeds and greenhouse lights (solar and generator) I have my reproducing chickies but want to add a couple pigs. I figure if nothing else I’ll have bartering items and lots of target practice 🙂 My goal is to be able to produce a renewable bartering supply so that I can add to what I’ve got instead of just hunkering down until I become one of ‘those’. I would LOVE to know if others are planning in this direction too

      40. ps… anything over a year of unemployment is no longer dipping into what you paid. That’s gone. It’s great that you had a job a couple years ago but what you’ve been living on is welfare with a pretty name. Time to move on.  IMO

      41. Good posts,
        it is not too late to trade your FRN’s into Gold and Silver.
        Gold and Sliver are Real money and will hold your value and purchasing power. 
        FRN’s are loosing purchasing power as we speak, or type.

        The bankers own our no good government and don’t want US to leave their funny money system. I’m will not play their game anymore.

        Buy Silver, $46 today, $50 tomorrow, maybe not tomorrow but soon and than

        The price of Gold and Silver has not gone up, the value of the dollar is going down. 


      42. Comments…..@susan…honey your need to just get over yourself…a job at any payrate is better than nothing. nothing will get you nowhere.

      43. One understands something important when one understands that the Power Elite intends nine-tenths of us to die off.

        Find some way of employing yourself. Even taking work beneath your qualifications is dangerous if someone can pauperize you with the stroke of a pen. “Fred, we like you tons and tons. But times are tough. Last hired, first fired. Sorry.”

        Focus on something that will be necessary in uncertain times. If you’re an EMT your skills will still be marketable. If you are skilled in half a dozen building trades start buying tools that don’t depend on electricity and you’ll do well. The mergers and acquisitions attorney who expects to be paid twenty thou a month … that dude will be toast.

        One future growth industry if you have infantry skills. If you are a sheepdog rather than a wolf. In the real world there are few Rambos. Lots of people who never gave it a thought are gonna need benevolent protection. Call it survival guru or whatever but your skills will be in demand.

        They don’t just want to enslave us, although that too. They want most of us dead. You, me and the family behind the tree … dead.

        Parting shot … politics is about power. Theirs over us. The PE selects and funds the candidates. ALL politicians are errand runners for the PE. Do you really think your vote and your piddley $50 contribution matters when the guy who has donated millions wants something?

        Government won’t save you. Plan on saving yourselves. And good luck.

      44. cshellz…..Youre on the right track,just keep at it….and yes, there are alot of people doing what you are! 

      45. Hmmm…I think that GA Mom, Caryn and Fed Up misunderstood what Susan was saying….I believe she meant that THAT is what the employers are telling…HER! That they won’t hire her because why would she take a job making less pay?….my sister in Fl. went through the same thing…she applied at every fast food rest. grocery store, internet cafe, etc even though she had a lot more experience then a job at mcdonalds would require..but she wanted work sooo badly…..and was told pretty much the same thing…”why should we hire you…as soon as you find a better paying job, you’ll leave”! She BEGGED them to give her a chance…and they would not!!
        @Susan…hang in there..my sister FINALLY got a job with United Health Group..after filling out hundreds of applications and 20-30 interviews…she said it was the most grueling thing she’s every done!

      46. @cshellz…we are doing pretty much the same as you…just finished the chicken coop 2 weeks ago…we have 6 chicks…would like to have more, but since i do live in a small subdivision (yuck) i don’t think my neighbors would like that…also, no pigs…again..the neighbors…but I do have 2 apple trees that started bearing fruit last year…and planted 2 grape vines yesterday, and buying 2 peach and pear trees this wkend…and have my garden already started. I would like to add a couple pecan trees also…checking into that 🙂

      47. You watch; along about July of 2012 Obama and company is going to pull-off some kind of stunt that is going to appeal to all of those that are unemployed/never employed/just plain wont work. I can’t believe this joker can get reelected when this country is so f**ked up. However though on a brighter note, want to watch a good show? Watch Trump.. Trump, weather he runs or not, weather he is elected or not, he is going to beat Obama like he owns him. I think Trump is going to say things about Obama that has never been said yet. The Obama disciples are going to cringe every time they hear Trump is going to speak.   I can’t wait, this is going to be a great show.  Could you imagine a serious debate between Trump and Obama???????  That will never happen, not on a bet!!

      48. UI is just insurance. It seems everyone wants a safety net provided by pooling risks. Few are willing to be their own safety net. Fewer still are willing and psychologically capable of cutting mama’s apron strings.

        Well folks, the gov’t ain’t your mama.

        You don’t own squat and your supposed prized posessions own you. You won’t move to where economic conditions are better. And with all the extended UI benefits, it is a cinch that you have expended any(?) savings you might have had. You bought useless electronic crap when times were better and now they have no re-sale value.

        If I sound harsh, it is only because I learned the lessons decades ago. All work is honorable. If I am asking for a job cleaning a barn, I damn sure don’t tell the prospesective employer my vast skill set.

        Under-employed. Hmm, under-employed or unemployed? Your choice, choose wisely. None the less, there is NO under-employed. You are employed or you’re not. Your UI ran out months ago and now you are on the public dole. You are on repackaged welfare. Don’t tell me about how proud you are or how over qualified you are or how you are owed some silly nonsense because you have a full-blown case of entitlements derived from your college degree or work history.

        Individual sucess and survival is/was/will always be about maximum flexibility in the face of adversity. But it appears that we are a nation of co-dependants. The ole “It takes a village crap.”
        Our nation was built by individuals, not the mindless masses. The Model T and its assembly line were not designed by a committee. The power distribution system was not designed by a working group, but in fact by Tesla against the wishes of his employer (Thomas Edison). There was a time when those who could, did. Now we have the masses who can’t; teaching (501C corps), legislating or regulating.
        The mice voted to bell the cat. We, collectively, voted to insure ourselves with public monies. The public ain’t got no mo money. But we own a printing press.
        I want to thank you, one and all, for making my meager savings worth nothing. Although I am just 2 years away from Social Security, I’m for the total elimination of ALL programs. Stand on your own two feet or appeal to your neighbors, friends and family. See how far that appeal goes. Get a job, start a business or shut up. Even here in rural Alaska, an enterprising crippled up old man can earn enough to eat regular. Admittedly, I would love to earn enough to get back on the tax rolls. But I eat and I’m a burden on no man. No excuses and no whining about nobody will hire me at 6 figures because I deserve it. I am responsible for my own lot in life and so are you for yours. Your failure to adapt is demonstrable evidence that you just might be another oxygen thief. Each person deserves their just rewards. If you don’t work, neither should you eat. Quit your whining and get a job: no excuses.
        The maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters.

      49. Thanks– anonymous6.8.  12 years in the infantry, 20 as a Fireman paramedic and I feel pretty good about about my future endevors. overtheedge you kill me man, great post!

      50. overtheedge…… Well put!

      51. @GA Mom: you can open up a BOC account in NYC, and keep your cash denominated in yuan – which even our own govt says is “undervalued” – which mean it’s virtually guaranteed to go up as soon as the chinese govt decides to allow their currency to appreciate.
        Now, the cash will not be ATM-card accessible, it’s more like bank-wire accessible (which takes like 1-3 days).
        PGH PA

      52. DaveP: Very good advice. Everyone should take advantage of it if they can. They should also know that wire transfers out of the country that exceed $3,000 per year must be reported to the goverment. Also any accounts held offshore to the beneficial interest of an American citizen must be reported.

        Buy Yuan!

      53. Change job skills from retail to stripper tail. 

      54. Overtheedge sounds like a Republican.

      55. ‘Fed up’ and Ga mommust be another republican I do not have cable  My phone stayed out for about a month.  the window of my car was shot out 7 months ago cant afford to fix it. Now who is living beyond their means. Dont judge the unemployed until you have walked in their shoes.

      56. By extending the bebefits, the feds are just prolonging the inevitable.  Revolution.  When enough people are fed up and hungry there will be “civil(or maybe not so civil) unrest.  The country needs to be taken back.  I think the globalists are working towards a perfect storm of collapse to usher in their NWO.  There’s goona be blowback. 

      57. Eliminate entitlements?  Sounds good if everyone who wants to work can find a job.  Until then better hope entitlements continue… stop all war to pay for it asap because it gonna get ugly when starving people go insane.  A redistribution of wealth will happen old school and the people that have will meet head on with the have nots.

      58. Comments… This one is to “Tom” above for his comment
        “Want to bet a whole lot of people suddenly find work?”

        I only hope you are right Tom. I NEED a job, since I’ve been unemployed for 22 months, applied to 250 jobs, have interviewed with 21 companies and am still looking…some of us really WANT to work…but it just isn’t as easy as “employed” people seem to think!

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