Ten Tips to Get Out of Debt

by | Nov 25, 2009 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    Tom of the North, over at Outside the (Cardboard) Box, put together a list of ten tips, inspired by CNBC, to get out of debt in his most recent post Giving Thanks for CNBC:

    As I was researching a post for ways our readers could economize on this year’s Thanksgiving feast, I ran across a timely piece at the CNBC website titled:  “10 Tips to Get Out of Debt – Til Debt Do Us Part Slideshow”. I think it’s great that CNBC devotes the effort & resources to aid the little guy. CNBC is often rapped as beholden to the Too-Big-to-Fail crowd due to their sibling relationship with General Electric Capital Corp. Far from it, I say. This guide could be invaluable to average US consumers looking to deleverage their over-stressed balance sheets. This holiday season,  I think we should all be thankful for CNBC’s thoughtfulness & generosity!

    I thought we might read it together right here @ the OTCB blog and I’ll add comments where appropriate.

    So on to CNBC’s first slide. I’m really quite thrilled to be shortly acquiring my financial freedom!

    See the full list, read Tom’s commentary, and view his slideshow as you go…


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      1. mac,

        As a regular visitor to SHTFplan, I’m thrilled you’ve chosen to link to my essay at Outside the (Cardboard) Box.

        A point of clarification on the essay however: as is disclosed in the post, the 10 tips (and slides) were taken from the CNBC website. I merely comment and/or expand on those tips.

        I should add that this essay is a satire and not intended to provide anyone with advice on debt reduction, a very serious topic indeed.

        Additionally, your link to the essay takes your readers directly to the comments sectionof the post, where the unwary will happen upon an exchange on the utility of flatulence as an alternative energy source among other ‘burning issues’ of our time. Some may find that amusing but forwarned is forearmed!  

        The essay can be directly accessed here: http://outsidethe-cardboard-box.tumblr.com/post/256400826/giving-thanks-for-cnbc

        Thanks again for including me on your wonderful site.


        – TomOfTheNorth

      2. Tom, I made the update to the links. It seems the page reloaded to the flatulence comment after I added it and this is how I copied the link. heh. 🙂

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