Teen Tackled By Police Because “Someone Felt Uncomfortable” at Bank ATM

by | Oct 14, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 119 comments

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    Better watch out next time you are idly standing anywhere near an ATM in a public place. It could get you arrested.

    It’s an incident that some have dubbed “banking while black.” But the issue is hardly reduced to race. What happens if you are put under suspicion just for no reason? It could also happen easily to any person of any color, under the right set of wrong circumstances.

    Fresh protests have sprung up protesting the actions of police an 18-year old black teen identified as Jason Goolsby was tackled and detained after a white couple reportedly called in a suspicious report on three black teens standing around a bank ATM. No crime was committed, but Goolsby was tacked after running from police responding to the call and “resisting,” which led to his being put in handcuffs. His friend was also detained for filming the incident and ‘interfering.’

    Here’s the 30 second video that is stirring the latest controversy:

    The London Guardian reports:

    Footage filmed by a friend showed Goolsby yelling and screaming as he was manhandled by two officers, who twisted his arms behind his back and placed their knees on his body to keep him on the ground. “I’m not resisting,” he said, as one officer appeared to prepare to handcuff him.

    The friend, who was identified in the clip as Mike, posted the video on Twitter on Monday evening. He wrote that the pair had been “harassed and assaulted because ‘someone felt uncomfortable around us’ at the bank”. The footage showed that Mike was also detained by officers after they ordered him to step back. Officials claimed he was “interfering with police”. Neither man was officially arrested.


    Conboy later confirmed that “no criminal act was found to have taken place after the individuals were stopped and interviewed” and said the department was “reviewing the circumstances surrounding the stop to ensure that policies and procedures were followed”.

    Not only was there no evidence that the 18-year old was doing anything wrong, but Goolsby is apparently a good student and scholarship winner enrolled at Howard University there in Washington, D.C. were the incident took place:

    Goolsby is understood to have graduated from Washington’s Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts this year. Last December he was awarded a $1,000 college scholarship by Alpha Phi Alpha, the black fraternity whose alumni include Martin Luther King Jr and Thurgood Marshall, the first African American justice on the US supreme court.

    Though the incident ended without further arrest and fortunately no one was harmed, it underscores the police state atmosphere of mutual suspicion and animosity between the black community and police, between the establishment and the the people.

    Apparently the lesson is that people should be careful to appear proper and unassuming, because anyone could turn on you for the slightest reason, and trigger a potentially dangerous encounter with police – even over what is legitimately a misunderstanding. Police may regard you as a potential criminal, and you may face arrest, abuse and interrogation, even if you have done nothing wrong.

    Ultimately, police determined he had committed no crime and released him without arrest. But part of the damage had been done.

    Meanwhile, banks have been encouraged to rat on customers too, with police and federal authorities now instructing banks to report any ‘suspicious’ activitiesincluding withdrawing large sums of cash particularly as police are able to simply seize cash in many of cases – without having to return it even to those who are innocent:

    “[W]e encourage those institutions to consider whether to take more action: specifically, to alert law enforcement authorities about the problem, who may be able to seize the funds, initiate an investigation, or take other proactive steps.”

    So what exactly constitutes ‘suspicious activity’? Basically anything.

    […] It’s utterly obscene. According to the Justice Department, going to the bank and withdrawing $5,000 should potentially prompt a banker to rat you out to the police.

    But what goes around, comes around. America is becoming a police state, and many have been foolish enough to ask for their own enslavement.

    Read more:

    Government Orders Bank Tellers To Alert Police About Your Cash Withdrawals: So They Can “Seize the Funds… Investigate”

    Suspicious Activity Reports From U.S. Malls Being Processed By Police State Fusion Centers

    NY Homeland Security Encourages Businesses to Snitch on Preppers as Terrorists

    They’re Watching: Homeland Security Tracking Visitors Across Alternative News and Prepper Web Sites


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      1. Next time, don’t run from the police.

        • THIS!

          He turned a situation that would have been resolved quickly in to potentially deadly situation.

          He had done nothing wrong, at least at the time of the interaction with the police officer or what they were responding to.

          Now he’s cryin that he got manhandled by the police.

          You don’t know what happened before the video starts. Who knows what they might have been talkin about or doing for someone to call the police on them.

          • If this kid would have been white, while wearing an American flag t-shirt, all you so called “patriots” would be indignant!

            But since he’s black, you’re apathetic, and you blame him (the victim).

            If, and when, you (the shtf patriot) ever feel the jackboot come down on your neck (most of you have probably never had an encounter with a gun toting government thug outside of a traffic stop), your attitude about events like this will change.

            I shit guarantee it!!!

            BTW: The Jews should have run from the cops (the Gestapo) if would have been prudent.

            • “Goolsby is apparently a good student and scholarship winner” and lacks common sense on where to hang out.
              People do personal business at ATM’s involving money and don’t need a couple ni66ers loitering around!
              Apparently they’re all good boy’s, right?

            • If he had been white and the cops approached and asked, “do you have business here?” the white kid would have stood still and answered respectfully——– ( not to mention, any intelligent person would presume that a group of 3 young men-OF ANY RACE- standing around behind people’s back at an ATM would make them nervous.

              And by the way, the article never mentions if the 3 black kids crowding around behind people making withdraws from the bank were actually there to do banking…….So the question is, “IF an urban black teenager has an account at a local bank, how many black kids does it take to operate an ATM and make a withdraw?”

              • javelin said:

                “… standing around behind people’s back at an ATM…”

                Where did you come up with that narrative? It wasn’t part of the article or anything that could be gleaned from the video. You just made it up.

                “… 3 black kids crowding around behind people making withdraws from the bank…”

                Again, where did you read or see that these kids were “crowding around behind people making withdraws?” You don’t actually know what the circumstances were, but you here have conveniently created your own scenario. All you really know for sure is that a couple of “urban” snowflakes “called in a suspicious report on three black teens standing around a bank ATM.”

                “So the question is, IF an urban black teenager has an account at a local bank, how many black kids does it take to operate an ATM and make a withdraw?”

                First of all, you don’t need an account at the bank in question to withdraw money from said ATM. You merely need to be part of the network to withdraw cash. You can withdraw cash from almost any ATM in this country… for a fee!

                Second, I didn’t know there was a maximum number of “urban black teenager(s)” that could be in the vicinity of a banksters ATM.

              • As you said how many does it take why was there a couple at the ATM? it only takes 1 card and 1 person right? How many white people does it take to operate an ATM and make a withdraw?

                • at least 2. one to operate the atm machine and one to watch his/her back. my wife wont go the the atm alone.

          • “America is becoming a police state…”

            Not “becoming;” “Become!”

            The evidence is everywhere, and in your face!!!


          • maybe it s because a n!gger will rob you ass and laugh about it

            will this make it through moderation jail

          • Bet you can’t back that statement up.

            Isolated incidents scattered across 50 States and tens of thousands of police officers does not qualify as “routine”.

            • Anon, if you’re looking for support for his statement, just go to fbi.gov and usdoj.gov. Look up the official studies they put out on crime statistics every year. Those studies are a real eye-opener.

              • I take it you don’t understand the terms “routinely” and “murder”, especially when used in conjunction with one another.

                Being kind and assuming English is your second language I won’t hold you to that error till you’ve had time to consult a dictionary.

                I stand on my statement, routine murder by police of blacks or anyone else does not occur in the United States.

                • Anon, OK, obviously we’re not on the same page. My apology for misunderstanding of your statement. I agree that police don’t ‘routinely’ murder blacks or anyone else in the US. I was referring to the nature of blacks in general. I can safely say I’ve never had any run-in with police. I have had a certain amount of trouble from black males over the years. sorry for any confusion.

          • Acid, f#$% you! Go somewhere else with your f#$%ing lies. There’s always some reason for black male criminals to get shot. Any one of a 100,000 black males here in Memphis alone would rob and kill you and laugh about it for the rest of his life. Put that into your crackpipe and smoke it.

          • Blacks have a name for whites–prey.

            The last posted statistics by race for rape ( before they became PC and quit posting the racial breakdown) was in 2010 when 32,000+ White women were raped by blacks–THIRTY TWO THOUSAND!!
            A grand total of 7 black women were raped by white men ( what is called a “statistical zero”…
            The stats for assault, manslaughter and murder are also incredibly skewed.

            Fact of the Day:::: If Black and Latino violent crime statistics are excluded- the United States would rank as the 3rd least violent Industrialized Nation (out of the 37 top industrial nations)….smoke some of that Acid Bitch

            • Whites have a name for blacks…targets !!!

          • whats black on top and white on the bottom?……..rape.

        • Why would anyone stand around an atm? Sounds boring to me.

      2. I’ve never seen a black person at the bank. They always use the check cashing gold buyers or the pawn shop.

        • JS, some black people do have bank accounts. Depends on their background.

      3. So…why was he running from the popo if he didn’t do anything wrong?

        • because they like to murder people and make up stories and lies about it afterwards maybe?

          or is that just the bad cops?

          • BS man…most cops have families to go home to just like you and me. Granted, there are some bad ones but by and large they are good people. The vast majority of them also are aware that cameras are everywhere and aren’t going to do something that’s going to get them placed under a more powerful microscope than they’re already under; risking jail time and losing their families. It’s well known that most of the good things the cops do get swept under the rug because it’s not “news worthy.”

            • Bs to you too

              there shouldn’t be any bad cops if there were any good ones

              see how common sense works? give it a shot

              • Wow…expect much do you? How do you propose to identify all the bad ones before they do something…bad?

                • Yes, we do expect much. We expect the so called good police to call out the bad ones. Is that so much to ask?!

                  Don’t be such a simpleton. These people work side by side day after day. They know the tendencies and behaviors of their fellow “peace” officers. A brotherhood of jackbooted thugs.

                • I just dont assume any are good, and that pretty much takes care of it for me

                  sorry ’bout yer delusions , some folks just arn’t as awake as they think they are ..its ok I’m not gonna hold it against you or anything like that

                  oh BTW I’m done playing back and forth with you, not trying to wake anyone, or you up er nothin’ ..mmmk?

                  • These same cops people defend are gonna be the same ones kicking down your door someday soon and taking all of firearms and other items. They’ll ignore the Constitution and any thought of what is right and wrong. They will obey their masters no matter what.

                    • The few good cops who stand up, will probably be stripped of their authority.

                  • If you don’t assume any are good, can I assume that means you are courteous and respectful of any you come into contact with so you don’t give them an excuse to do something bad to you the way running away if questioned about your suspicious activities would?

                • There are lots of ways:
                  1) background investigation. A through one, not just a google search.

                  2) criminal history check. Can’t hire cops that have been arrested.

                  3) credit report check – are they likely to take a bribe because they are underwater?

                  4) drug tests. can’t hire pot heads to be cops.

                  5) psychological tests. Can’t hire psychopaths.

                  6) interviews with friends family and employers

                  7) Lie Detector tests.

                  this is on top of the education requirements and police academy training.

                  And they have to be in good enough physical shape.

                  Now you see why 9 out of 10 people get passed over.

                  Another thing for you cop haters out there:

                  95% of all criminal investigations started by the FBI’s civil right division against police officers are initiated by other police officers.

                  • JS – #5 “Can’t hire psychopaths.” Yes, they do hire psychopaths. Routinely. Every day. Psychopaths are very shrewd, clever, cunning and calculating, and know exactly how to get around the tests. Part of psychopathy is knowing how to outsmart — their expertise.

                    A psychopath with power to abuse is the worst kind and they refer/promote their psychopath friends. That’s actually the source of police brutality and govt corruption — psychopaths with power. A person with a normal brain doesn’t engage in violence/brutality.

                    Most psychopaths aren’t physically violent/murderers, but all those who are physically violent/murders are psychopaths.

                    The majority of psychopaths DO NOT have a criminal record because they commit ‘under the radar’ and/or very ‘hard to prove’ crimes, or moral crimes that aren’t actionable.

                    Normal people/non-psychopaths don’t have the heart to cause harm to others, unless it’s in self-defense — a conscience is what stops them. But a psychopath doesn’t need a reason to cause harm to others because they don’t have a conscience. Don’t kid yourself, psychopaths are hired every day in positions they should never be in.

                    Most people can’t spot a psychopath, which is why they get elected, hired and promoted everyday, and are in positions where they can cause harm to others. The average person can’t spot a psychopath and assumes the person is just controlling with a mean streak, or at times can be difficult and become angry and get out of hand.

                    • Aha! You’re referring to a specific KIND of psychopath: a sociopath. About those, you’re right – they have no conscience, though they’re very good at acting as though they did. Until they’re sure they’re sure they can get away with doing what they want. Even so, I understand that they’re generally not cruel – unless cruelty will get them something they want and it can be done without causing them trouble. Bullying cops, though, are on a power trip, OR they believe that if they don’t “establish physical dominance” of a situation IMMEDIATELY they’re asking for trouble.

                      Keep in mind that there are all sorts of psychopaths though. All that means is that they have an active mental disease process of some sort. It could be anything from a morbid fear of moths to fear of open spaces or heights, etc. In general a psychopath tends to react in extreme ways to ordinary circumstances.

                  • I know (actually knew, she moved away) a young woman in my neighborhood that worked her way into law enforcement through everything from civilian police department staff to volunteer -that means for no pay- service in the Sheriff’s department as a supplemental deputy.

                    She went through all that, degree in some legal field and all. It wasn’t easy.

                    As a neighbor I had once a man knock on my door and interview me about her past and her character since I had been acquainted with her for a number of years when she finally got hired by a Federal LE agency (she was of a sterling character and dedicated in her desire to become a law officer).

                    So unless some particular PD has faulty hiring and retention guidelines, I am assuming that the majority of people hired as officers are of a similar nature to her. I really don’t see how the bad ones manage to either get hired in the first place or retain their positions after it becomes apparent the are.

                    • Anonymous – Yes, I’ve been asked a series of questions about the character of others, as well. Some people slip through the cracks though. It’s not a perfect system and there is also a lot of nepotism.

                      And secondly, behind closed doors, psychopaths are a completely different person… although, not saying that’s the case with this young woman you mention.

                      I grew up in an (East Coast) Italian mob town. I had no reason to fear them, but I do know their mentality and how they operate. LE and other officials were not hired, they were appointed by ‘politically planted’ generational residents. Plus, psychopaths engage in nepotism.

                      Sometimes interview forms, documentation and tests were falsified. Psychopaths don’t play by the real rules, they play by their own rules.

            • There are great Police officers. The problem is good cops don’t turn in bad cops.

              When cops are caught dirty it comes from the FBI. Philadelphia narcotics strike force gets disbanded every so often because a half dozen are taking dope and money in bribes. The cops had homes in Stone Harbor NJ, invited other cops over for the cop BBQ. No one questions how they afford a million dollar home.

              • Kevin – Yes, there are some good cops. But, if the good cops turn in the bad cops there will be retaliation. If you were a good cop and turned in a bad cop (aka psychopath) you might as well bend over and kiss your ass good-bye.

                They are not held accountable because that’s what happens when psychopaths band together and overpower normal people.

                • Your 100% correct; its a big gang that too often operates under the color of law.

                  Movies based on facts have portrayed the corruption from Serpico to “American Gangster”. Think those with guns rule now? Let them have a legal monopoly on them as as they say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet”.

        • maybe they have a different up bringing…like their mom might tell them “watch out the police kill blacks around here”…Don’t assume everyone has your beliefs…

      4. What ever happened to doing what the police say, within legal reason. Dumb ass deserved what he got.

        • What happened,some people woke the fuck up!They decided they did not have to kowtow to police authority/decided they have had it with the at moment sharp edge of the spear of the slave masters who walk all over our rights,sick of flash banged babies/killed dogs/shot in the back innocent folks,hell,the list is endless along with the war on our personal freedoms,that’s what happened!

      5. Jessie Jackson said on TV hes nervous when black guys come behind him….good enough for me. One of only a few times i felt he was truthful

      6. Man! Thats straight up police brutality! They have to have probable cause that he was involved in a crime….was anyone robbed and Identified him?…was he on camera committing a crime? If so by law they must state the nature of their business with the suspect…
        Even a retarded lawyers going to cash in on this one…

        • You don’t think that when a cop wants to talk to you and you start running, that might raise some questions…or suspicion???

          • When a cop says, “Show me some ID,” you gotta do it or die.

            f ’em and all you prepper pussies

            • Prepper Prepper, if you don’t like what you see here, then move along and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

              • ^Site owner^ opposing opinions not welcome….

          • If there were “good cops” anywhere, why don’t they arrest the pigs who are obviously insane? Why don’t they speak out and reveal this to the public?

            We only find out what police do by F.O.I.A., or when one of these sick videos is shown in court or usually because they get filmed by the public , because we will never see the suppressed video from their personal cameras or dash cams (if the judge himself doesn’t suppress it).

        • your kind of dense, them RUNNING was the reasonable suspicion they had or were about to commit a crime. you must not live near any blacks.

        • No, they do not have to have probable cause to detain someone. They have to have reasonable suspicion, which they had based solely on the person’s 911 call.

      7. How many people watch the T.V. show “COPS”. How about the show “48 HOURS. Gangland and Scared Straight.

        What do you see? Who is doing the Robberies and Murder’s. Who is occupying the Jail Cells?

        Might make people feel uneasy around others.

        • I think this was the real reason LBJ instituted welfare in the 1960s. The blacks were totally out of control and the only way to somewhat placate them was to give them a government check.

        • Slingshot, damn good points. Black males are more likely than other group of people in the US to commit serious and violent crimes. FBI and DOJ publish studies with the statistics every year to support what I’m saying.

          • So, YOU are the guy who says we should NEVER trust anything the government says now embraces their ” studies” with open arms because of why now?

            • Because my nightly news report usually goes something like this…….” In the District tonight, 3 unrelated shootings- including a 12 year old hit by stray fire from a suspected gang retaliation…and in Baltimore over the weekend we had another 7 gun fatalities in the black neighborhoods at North and I street..” “Meanwhile, police are still on the lookout for a serial rapist in the Alexandria area who has committed an alleged 7 rapes which police say have matching DNA…the suspect is described as a latino or black male 18 to 25 with brown eyes and black hair–if you have any information, please call Crimestoppers at xxx-xxxx they are offering a $10k reward for any info leading to….blah blah–”

              Get it??

            • Billy troll, even without the studies, if you live in an urban area with a huge black population, try to convince me you don’t see more blacks being arrested than any other group of people in that same area. YOU CAN’T BECAUSE IT’S A FACT THAT MORE BLACKS GET BUSTED FOR VARIOUS CRIMES THAN ANY OTHER GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE US AND MOST OF THEIR VICTIMS ARE OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. I see it in my city 24/7/365. Black-on-black crime is the worst of all crime in the US and the MSM won’t cover that at all. You can believe what you want, but I know damned well what I see all the time and you’ll never know any of the trouble I’ve had with some blacks over the years. Being armed is the only thing that has saved my ass in certain situations and I don’t apologize to anyone for that. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

              • I find it funny that someone who says never trust the government for ANYTHING falls all over himself for government data when it supports what HE wants, what it shows is you’re a simple minded hypocrite, nothing more.

                • Troll, it’s not what I want, it’s the way things really are out here. I don’t go to any MSM sources for information because I know better and know how to think for myself. Sounds like you don’t get out much or have a whole lot of experience dealing with any minority groups.

        • @Slingshot:

          Those shows are filmed In cities that are all politically dominated by liberal leftist, communist fascists and statists. The lefitist commiefascist politicians have been deliberately keeping urban areas dumbed down, bankrupt morally and financially for decades.

      8. Another made for T.V. Movie. A bad white people picking on JOURNALISM perfect victim black teen news story all over the place.

        The plan to show the black on white video on mainstream T.V. Repetitively when the public is most vulnerable, say when there is financial collapse. The purpose: Let me guess. Rich bankers and elites will know what’s coming (they are behind the cabal) will be no where to be found. On their yachts or vacationing in Monaco perhaps.

        This is a diabolical evil plan. White and Black wake up. We are being played. “They” WANT us to hate each other and eventually to kill each other so they don’t have to commit this genocide “they” are setting up.

        • Sorry I meant the plan will be to show white victims of black violence at the most critical time. The reality is that although black on black crime is discussed in the media and white on black is discussed. The prevalence of black crime committed against innocent white victims is rarely seen. The video “White Girl Bleed A Lot” or ones like it will not be seen on main stream media until something like collapse of the economy. Be ready for it. Don’t fall prey to this malicious manipulation.

      9. Why do people run from the police. They will catch you and smash your face into the ground. Id let them take me to jail and say nothing till I speak with a lawyer. Being charged in not being convicted. You have your chance to speak in court. I’d say as little as possible then.

      10. Today’s tribalist bs news is….
        Dipshits hanging out by ATMs and how people withdrawing money don’t like it.

        Let’s go to chis for the details…
        “When I go to the money machine at night, I’m not looking over my shoulder for the media. I’m looking for n!66as”
        -Chris rock
        Thanks chris, back to you Tom.

      11. I have a friend who knows what happened there and the whole story isn’t being told! There apparently have been multiple robberies at that ATM with police paying special attention to that particular location. Someone who was going to use the ATM saw the two young black men “just hanging around” with no apparent purpose and called 911. When the cops arrived and tried to talk to the two “young men”, they took off running!

        Guess what, they got caught! The cops didn’t do anything wrong as far as I’m concerned!

        • When those 2 boys took off running that action alone said something is wrong. And the ‘black lives matter’ gang is just another criminal enterprise just like the rest of all-black organizations out there. Just as bogus as the day is long.

      12. I was just checking out the new 2016 Old Farmer’s Almanac, and there’s some good stuff in it. There’s an article on growing your own hops for brewing beer and one on grafting fruit trees.

        • Archivist:

          Recently read that HOPS is high in estrogen. Be careful if you are male, you could get prettier. If you are female no better, estrogen linked to mammary Cancer. If this is not true, I’ll have one on House.

          • B from CA – It’s true. And not only Hops, but also Soy can raise estrogen levels. They can even cause man boobs.

        • FWIW, a marijuana plant can have a hops plant grafted onto it and will produce THC laden hops with the same effects as marijuana.

          If, of course, you live in a State where this is legal.

          Otherwise ignore this post.

          • It’s legal out behind my house near the swamp where no one can see it.

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      14. Just to be clear, he was not tackled and arrested for ‘just standing’. He was tackled and arrested for fleeing and evading. Big difference. If you’ve done nothing wrong, why run just at the sight of a cop rather than stay and say, ‘Hey, I’m not doing anything wrong’. Then again…many cities have laws against loitering. How long, exactly, was that group standing at the same location?

      15. This incident comes as no surprise. The entire police state looks at American’s as the enemy, be they red, white, black, brown or any shade in between. The warmongers want us all in prison, out of the way or dead. It’s a monumentally sick bunch of psychopathic murderers in power. The situation has become deadly advancing since WW2. There can be no peace because the war machine industries would cease to exist. The enemies are concocted imaginary BS all to keep the warmongers rich. The Vietnam war was all about dumping thousands of tons of surplus weapons and ammo to continue producing more in a never ending cycle of insanity. Every illegal war after has been the same. The American people are so stupid and brainwashed that they can’t see the reason for the present day collapse into a police state where freedom of speech has been outlawed. They care less about your guns than they do about you keeping your mouth shut publicly. Don’t dare discuss the problem in public alone, most people will not want to hear the truth and turn away. What a sick society! The American people have become powerless because they are afraid to speak out and unite publicly while the cry for more war only intensifies. Our country has become the enemy of the world, and rightly so. Personal defense weapons will not save American’s, only the right of open free speech has a chance to turn this nightmare around.

        • @aljamo

          Absolutely. Americans have allowed mad men to take over and are brainwashed to believe the reason they are over in Iraq and Afghanistan is because they are there fighting for freedom and liberty and at the same time the war is bankrupting our nation while making a select few $$$. They constantly keep the conflict fueled and dragging on and on. barry soetoro and his fraudulent globalist network is working to bring the USA down by exacerbating WWIII and at the same time decimating our military defense inside and out. Also, at the same time flooding this nation with enemy combatants under the guise of humanitarian refugee status.
          Wide open borders allowing this nation to be flooded with third world dependants who have no interest in assimilating that are here for a free ride further overloading the system.

          You watch there will be a military draft to get as many fighting age men out of the states to go fight in another manufactured fraudulent war, while America will be over loaded with enemy combatant refugees and illegal aliens to suck us dry. Just look at all the frauds who are running for potus on both sides.

          Can you imagine if there was a military draft to get Americas young men out of the states. Look at what the Muslims are doing to Europe right now. Soon they will be running wild in the streets of America and in some places they already are. The barry soetoro administration is also working on reuniting Guantanamo detainees with their jihadist friends right here on American soil. It is all being orchestrated on purpose.

          We are being set up to collapse and there are millions of ignorant fools who are supporting it without knowing what they are truly supporting but at the same time refuse to believe the truth.

        • Well said my friend!

      16. calling about suspicious activity at an ATM, not a problem when someone/group of youths hanging around. When the cops roll up and you run, well now you just gave them reasonable suspicion that you have or were about to commit a crime so still not a problem. Being tossed to ground and cuffed, well yeah your dumb ass just ran from them, no problem still. Being black, well you commit the majority of all crimes so again no problem. Mac this is a bullshit story, and its bullshit that you ran it!

        • 7.62, do you have any experience in dealing with black males? I do and not all of my dealings with them have been good. They are extremely dangerous people even when sober. If you encounter any walking down a street, you can never be sure what to expect from them. Look up the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report at fbi.gov and another study from the Bureau of Justice Statistics at usdoj.gov. Both studies are eye-openers.

          • Exactly. You never know what they’ll do or how they’ll act.

          • maybe my post wasn’t clear. i live in the woods, surrounding area is 100% white with little to no crime, doors stay unlocked vehicle with keys in it at night. our property is completely fenced and gated and the mastiff’s don’t hurt with the security. now for my experience with black males, I’m semi retired and help a friend a few days a week at his shop, it is in THE MIDDLE OF THE HOOD. shootings every single day and most are but a few blocks from the store, owned by a white family for over 50 years. i open carry on the premises a full sized pistol by request of the owner and on occasion have to deal with some of the more “vibrant” customers. for the most part blacks are ignorant uneducated violent animals, not politically correct? it may not be correct in some peoples eyes but its the damn truth and i wont turn my back on a black for a second.

            • 7.62, that’s similar to some experiences I’ve had. My apologies for any misunderstanding. As I said in an earlier post to someone else, black males are more likely than any other group of people in the US to commit serious and violent crimes. I’m not PC, either. I’ve even had people trying to censor me in the past and someone else would have to step in between me and the libturd censor to keep me from jumping on him or her. No one tells me what to say or what to think. Take care.

              • take care yourself, as for me i must go back to the jungle on Friday and be ever so vigilant as some in the hood spit on my truck last week, they don’t like the white devil enforcer! no worries as i just load up my biggest mastiff and take him with me, walk him on dental floss and it scares the crap out of them.

                you know, i think the people with the most problem with this video don’t work or live in a predominantly black area, or have blacks within a hundred miles of them for that matter. drop them on the northside where i work and they will have a totally different view on black culture, the weak will not survive.

                • 7.62, I know the feeling all too well. the monkeys don’t have respect for anyone or anything, yet they wonder why they don’t get respect themselves. BTW, the BOL I’m going to is in a 100% white area with plenty of family in the immediate vicinity and we’ll all be there for each other. the monkeys couldn’t get within 100 miles of where I’ll be. Watch your six when you go back to the jungle. Once again, sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

                  • you take care yourself. im already at my location for 3 years now.

      17. No crime was committed but when black youths stand around in groups of 3 or bigger a crime, probably harassment or destruction of property, will most likely happen.

      18. I’m an old guy and I cut people a wide birth at an ATM. Granted you may have a right to hang out there but that doesn’t translate into it being the right thing to do.

        I suggest not running from cops because if your just tacked your lucky. I’m sure someone got worked over while in handcuffs today and that is news worthy. Three back teens hanging out by an ATM and running isn’t a story.

      19. Law enforcement used to protect the people from the state, now they protect the state from the people. Continuity of government at all costs no matter what is the agenda no matter how unconstitutional it becomes. The signs of a tyrannical government are there and far too many people are turning a blind eye to it and in many cases supporting it. Constitutional rights take a back seat to the revenue of the state, a state that has become a feral swine that just gets fatter and fatter as it pillages and plunders the fruit of the people and their labor.

        However, Americans must not play into the hands of the elite globalist thugs who seek to nationalize local law enforcement and must not fall for MSM propaganda that is being used to pit the public against law enforcement. The elitist globalist banksters are trying to manufacture a situation so that they can offer the solution, that solution is to nationalize law enforcement actively transforming them into an unaccountable gestapo under United Nations directives.

        So we’ve got to support law enforcement but we’ve got to make sure that they do not become nationalized under the lie and illegal act of the UN Strong city directives. If you believe they are acting lawlessly now wait till they’re nationalized.

      20. 350,000,000/48states=50-100,000 shtf.

        Brave, you aint kidding. Educate these idiots on to the facts. With demographics like your area, only hell on earth fire power will save your life. I could give a rats ass about what the cops just did to that dred lock.



        F,… k all dred lock.

        • Hcks,

          Maybe you haven’t checked your recent posts for replies yet, but I’m waiting for you to answer a question I asked you on your last post back.

        • HCKS, that kid is lucky to be alive. I’ll grant you that. We just had our local elections here last week and guess what? Our incumbent black mayor got voted out and replaced by a white man. For the first time since 1991, we’ll start having a white male as our mayor again. WHOOPITYDO-DO! I don’t think it’s gonna change jack-shit in my town. Still have my bugout plan in place and I know one day I’ll have to use it.

      21. Hi y’all

        A suspicious activity alone is not reasonable suspicion. Running from a cop is not reasonable suspicion. A cop must have specific articulable facts to justify a detainment. An outright refusal to cooperate with police officers cannot create adequate grounds for [police] intrusion. See: People v Bower.

        Cops are not your friends. They are hired to enforce the will of your captors, and protect their paycheck and pension. There are no good cops.

        Never talk to a cop, period. If you do, the four statements you should know are:

        1. Am I free to go.

        2. I do not consent to searches of my person or property.

        3. I will not answer any questions without my lawyer.

        4. I exercise my Right to remain silent.

        If you have caused no injury, and believe that some other person has authority over you, then you are the problem. If you believe that society’s needs are superior to individual Rights, you are the problem. The idea, that the use of force to impose rules on a free man is somehow justified, defies all reason.

        Freedom is a demand.

        Compliance without consent is servitude.


        be safe…stay the course…BA.

        • nope, in some areas running creates reasonable suspicion, not just jogging mind you but eye contact and sprinting from the approaching officers, some high crime areas around where i work have “special waivers” for just this thing.

          • YAEH! The constitution is only good is some places!!!

          • @762:

            Good Day

            Could you please point me in the direction for info on these special waivers: city, state, etc.

            Sounds repugnant to natural law.

            Thank you

            be safe….BA.

            • well, you could perform a “terry stop”, you would only need reasonable suspicion and not probable cause to do so. as a leo being called to the bank for people loitering at an ATM and i see the people that match a description run when i approach would be reasonable suspicion that a crime was about to occur. that would warrant me being able to cuff them for my safety and search their outer clothing for weapons and a brief detainment.

              somewhat the same as stop and frisk in NY city, i believe that would be an example of a waiver (to all your rights). i was a leo in the 80’s and it was all drug interdiction in the west coast, Humboldt county California exported A LOT of marijuana. when coupled with the coast guard we would board boats randomly, if you refuse to stop or run well….force would be used and you wont be treated kindly when we get on board. I’ve been out of the game for 26 years now so things may have changed and i can not give you any specific information however, my niece tattoos all the leo’s in my county and i can get the “unofficial” word from one of those corrupt bastards. sorry for the rant.

              • @762:

                Thank you for the response.

                Stop and frisk(NYPD) declared unconstitutional.

                Was referring to lawful actions.

                Could write the never ending list of misconduct in the misuse of reasonable suspicion, detainment, and arrest.


            • It’s worse than some little town ordinances—in the continental US, the DHS has declared by law that your 4th amendment rights are not applicable for 100 miles from any coast ( encompassing 3/4th of the US population)

              That’s right–if you live within 100 miles of the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf etc–then you are in a “constitution free” zone…look it up…it is true.

      22. Question nobody asked: Why is a foreign media outlet reporting this,and not American? To date I have not heard of this incident until now.

        • South side:

          Why has no one commented on the fact that this young man was a graduate of a School of Journalism and media arts. Also no one mentioned the reference to Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall. I didn’t know that King was in such a media arts school. Was Martin Luther King MLK an actor? What’s up with this story.

          • My mistake. He received a thousand dollar scholarship from MLK’s fraternity. Don’t know how I misread that. Too much time on this device.

      23. When certain elements of society sucker punch women it gives others in a shared society a natural uneasy feeling.
        A cowardly, heinous act referred to as a game that groups all in that race into the same profile. Its a sucker punch, no time to evaluate if there’s going to be an unprovoked attack or not.

      24. Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when you need them???

        Oh right. No money or publicity involved yet.

      25. Hmm, something similiar to this happened to me some yrs ago. I had stopped at the local Credit Union atm for money and there was a young black guy standing there leaning on the atm machine, when I ask him politely if he was using it or not , he just looked at me and them looked away not answering me. when I started to use the atm machine, he started getting real interested in what I was doing. At which time I politely ask him to move away and he refused, after asking him again and being ignored, I basicly told him to get the bleep away or else. At which time I went into the CU to complain to the management and then do my transaction there. As I was leaving, he tried to tell me he was sorry and I said for him get bleeped and walked away. Oh and by the way, he was from africa.

        • “when I ask him politely if he was using it or not , he just looked at me and them looked away not answering me. when I started to use the atm machine, he started getting real interested in what I was doing. At which time I politely”- cocked the hammer on the revolver in my pocket and he walked away

          there i fixed it for ya

      26. Here’s what bothers me. More often than not, cops are dicks. I say this having not even been pulled over by a cop for almost 20 years. I see them on the streets harassing people and I see them in videos doing absurd things that police shouldn’t do to the general public. I also see them constantly whining about “officer safety” when their numbers are close to 750,000 sworn officers in the us and less than 100 of them die a year on the job (including accidents, heart attacks, falls etc).

        The flip side to this is the reason I’ve not been pulled over in 20 years. I drive a regular car, pay my registration, drive within the speed limit, use my turn signals and obey the traffic laws. Many of the youth today can’t seem to understand what “follow the rules” mean, as while I’m sure this pair didn’t either. Being black is already a mark against you when your young. Following the dress style of your favorite gangster thug rapper or 20th century black martyr doesn’t help you either. Combine this with just “hanging” out around a bank parking lot or acting suspiciously and – well, you get the picture.

        Is it wrong to be profiled? Absolutely it is. But isn’t acting and dressing the part wrong too – especially when you know you’re being profiled?

        • @trolio:

          Follow the rules ?

          Outside of “Do no harm”, what rules apply to a free man ?

          Compliance and conformity are chains of bondage.

          Still amazes me that people are so comfortable on their knees. Statism is the religion of the follow the rules do-gooders. Getting some one else to do the dirty work through enforcement of rules.

          Making a free man comply through force and intimidation is tyranny.

          Removing the boot of oppression from ones own throat is foremost before pointing out the boot on anothers.

          I know the system is broken. I know the deck is stacked. Fixing it starts at the mirror.



      27. And, when the police are tackled for the public not feeling “comfortable” about them????

        • if the people loitering would not have run they would not have been tackled. the kids put themselves in this situation, it would have taken just a few minutes of dialogue and they would have been fine but no, its in the black DNA to scamper like roaches.

      28. Why would you hang out near an ATM? Not the best thing to do.

      29. umm…dont LOIOTER ner ATM’s?
        Im a rational person, and Id see that as casing user of the ATM for possible robbery attempts….Better hope they aren’t carrying concealed…just saying.

        • umm… dont LOITER near ATM’s, alone or in groups that make people NERVOUS because thats what criminals do…How is that for a hint?

          Im a rational person, and Id see that as someone casing the ATM user for a possible robbery attempt….

          Better hope they aren’t carrying concealed…just saying.

      30. What is most shocking is that someone actually had enough situational awareness to pay attention to a possible threat, but continued to use the ATM anyway…Thats just stupid. If I get a sense that something isn’t right, i dont keep going doing something stupid and tempt them to try to make me a victim.

      31. Tolio the clown, welcome to the board. You have legitimized you self on this site. I taught you were Agency ass clown..not all cops are pricks, but some are. There is good and bad in all walks of life. I can’t contradict myself, I am friends with some of them.



        • Hcks, you’re a riot. In YOUR eyes he ” legitimized” himself on this board. You’re the guy who runs away from a simple, straight up question and YOU pass judgment on who’s ” legitimate on this board. Get back to basement before your mom finds out you’re here again.

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