“Take The Guns First” – Trump Breaks With Republicans Over Gun-Control Plan

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Headline News | 98 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Update: US Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE). a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s comments today on due process and the Second Amendment:

    Strong leaders don’t automatically agree with the last thing that was said to them. We have the Second and due process of law for a reason.

    We’re not ditching any Constitutional protections simply because the last person the President talked to today doesn’t like them.

    *  *  *

    President Trump told a group of lawmakers that they must do something to keep guns away from mentally ill individuals – even if that means raising the minimum age for rifle ownership to 21, Bloomberg reports.

    His remarks appeared to contradict a CNN report from earlier in the week, which quoted anonymous White House aides saying Trump would soon walk back his support for raising the age limit.

    But on Wednesday, in what the New York Times characterized as a “shocking” break with his Republican Congressional allies, Trump told lawmakers during a televised meeting in the Cabinet Room that easing gun owners’ ability to carry concealed weapons across state lines, a provision of the House-passed gun bill and the NRA’s top legislative priority, should be part of a separate bill, a strategy favored by Democrats. The House bill combining background check provisions with the loosening of concealed carry rules has stalled in the Senate after passing the House. Instead, Trump said he supports the proposal from Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., which he says is best positioned to pass. Sen. Amy Klobuchar agreed that the Manchin-Toomey bill is a “good place to start.”

    “It would be so beautiful to have one bill that everyone could support,” Mr. Trump said as Senator Dianne Feinstein, Democrat of California, sat smiling to his left. “It’s time that a president stepped up.”

    Per the Times, Trump repeatedly suggested that the dynamics surrounding the gun control debate had shifted, in part, because of his presence in the Oval Office – a remark that earned him cheers from Democrats.

    Trump predicted his plan would pass with broad support, suggesting that he plans to win over a sizable chunk of the Democratic caucus.

    Trump told his audience that raising the ownership age is “something you have to think about,” Trump said. He added that “people don’t bring it up” because the NRA opposes the policy. Trump had initially claimed that he would convince the NRA to go along with it.

    As the Hill pointed out, he also said he supports confiscating guns from mentally ill individuals, a position vociferously opposed by Republicans.

    “I like taking the guns early like in this crazy man’s case that just took place in Florida … to go to court would have taken a long time,” Trump said at a meeting with lawmakers on school safety and gun violence.

    “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” Trump said.

    He also said mentally ill people shouldn’t have guns.

    “A lot of people are saying ‘oh you shouldn’t be saying that’,” Trump said. “But I don’t want mentally ill people having guns.”

    To be sure, states don’t need to enact the exact same restrictions, Trump said. But “what does have to be the same is the background checks and all of the data.”

    Per Reuters, Trump urged lawmakers to pass a comprehensive gun control bill as the national conversation surrounding gun control – a conversation that was triggered by a shooting at Marjory Douglas Tillman High School in Parkland Fla. The shooting left 14 students and 3 faculty dead, and more than a dozen injured.

    Rebutting accusations that he is beholden to the NRA, Trump added that gun lovers have less power over him than lawmakers.

    Earlier today, Dick’s Sporting Goods said it is “going to take a stand” and announced it would permanently ban sales of the AR-15 – the rifle used by Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz and several other mass shooters – from its stores.

    The meeting with lawmakers was his fourth “free-flowing gun policy discussion” since the Valentine’s Day massacre in Florida, according to Reuters.

    “We’re going to come up with some ideas,” Trump said.

    “Hopefully we can put those ideas in a very bipartisan bill. It would be so beautiful to have one bill that everybody can support, as opposed to – you know – 15 bills, everybody’s got their own bill.”

    Seven senators and representatives were invited to Wednesday’s session. The group included Democrats and Republicans who, according to Reuters, have diverse views on gun control.

    Republican Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, who have proposed legislation to fix holes in the background check system for gun buyers, and their Democratic co-sponsors.

    Trump also said he backs Cornyn’s bill while urging senators to add more items to the bill to make it more comprehensive.


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      1. God bless him for his good intentions…BUT HELL F** GODDAMN NO!!! Don’t go full retard on us, Mr President. It wont end well.

        There will be no Trump 2020 if he don’t stop catering to the liberals. I never thought I would say this, but if he goes all retard on us…..Ill jump on Maxine Waters’s impeachment band wagon to get Pence put in…

        • DNJ, I’m just as shocked and outraged as you are but I’m not so sure Pence would be any better. Up until recently the antigun lobby was crucifying Trump and now they’re singing his praises? He made a deal with them. He’s learned how to be a politician. He’s learned how to become a traitor.

          • DBrave: I don’t know WTF is going on or what the Trumpet is doing but he better pull his head out of his ass or he will be Finished period…forget 2020 if he goes ahead with the DemoRATS and their antigun so called legislation. These rat bastards in DC just will NOT stop until guns are gone like the wind. This may very well pop things off if this gun hating bullshit moves forwards and becomes actual law. These fools don’t understand there is a problem with People NOT Guns!! Where is the talk about additional $$ for say Mental Health treatment and facilities, etc? No, they just say ban guns and life will be grand and so safe, etc, etc NOT!!

            • CC1776, I’m not so sure we’ll have a country left in 2020 the way things are looking now. Agreed the issue has ALWAYS been people and NOT guns. Any new laws will be no more effective than the ones on the books now.

              • How can you be shocked? He has said he wanted assault weapons banned before and all the rest of it. Did you think he changed his mind?

              • If the various agencies were fulfilling their roles properly, then the latest shooting would not have even occurred because the kid would have not been permitted to purchase weapons.

                What? people doing their jobs properly….what a concept!

                The problem with taking gun away is that the nut-cases will still find a way to create complete mayhem in some other way. Will we soon need a license to own a knife sharper than a plastic one from the take-out joint? What about bows and arrows? and to go to the ridiculous, what about sling-shots and rocks? (Can rocks be legislatively regulated?)

          • TDBh – I too was dismayed as all git-out when I heard this news. Damn. Damn. Damn. The POTUS has got to start engaging his brain before his mouth. I fear, I really do, that we’ve been had. Sure, the Hillabeast would’be done far worse; but, I’m sick and tired of any elected official’s b.s. Trump has got to retract his words and consider his thought processes. That, or admit he was a Dimocrap originally and is returning to those ways. At least then we’d all know the truth of what he intends and maybe who is pulling his puppet strings.

            • Heartless, I share your sentiments. The way things are looking now this country won’t exist for much longer, I’m afraid.

        • This shows the planners are really good. First make you believe Trump is better than Obama, or Clinton is better than Bush but at the end regular folks will find out they all are the same that is serving there ZOG maters.

          Congratz American conservatives… are you still jumping up and down cheering the thug named Trump and his fucking families?

        • Nobody listened. He was a demorat from the beginning. He put on a different suit and the masses believed. Nobody wanted repeat politician. Instead they got a rich movie star and his true colors are starting to show. He has made a few good choices but he has always been erratic in his decision making flying by the seat of his pants. As far as him not getting re-elected, what republican will go against him. They never challenge there own party while they are in the seat. Good luck to us. If you slowed down or took a break from prepping since Trump got in, get your asses down and start buying ammo again while it is getting more available.

        • The hand writing has been on the wall for months with the NEVER ending cheer leading, from the Public, “Truth Media” etc, Alex Jones has Finally said a bit about it in the last few days… All these excuses by most people have enabled where we are today, who cares the Stock Market Gimmick is at a all time high? It can be intentionally drop in a day or two. The DACA was the Real mark of what was to come I think, shut down the government saying 0 ,4 days later 1,800,000+ is his new number…. Thanks for these great comments and articles!

      2. I gotta agree . I don’t want mentally ill folks having guns or even voting. If you receive a social security “Crazy Check” you should be allowed to vote or own weapons.

        • h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_abuse_of_psychiatry


        • OG: If they go down that road, then how many citizens will now be voided, no pay go, no $200…Christ they could try to ban 25%+ of the population…minor depression – banned! War veteran – Banned. And on and on and on. Not god folks, not good at all. And that is why the Constitution and the damn 2nd Amendment are so important – it times like these right now before us people.

          • All those talking about burying them? If they think its time to hide them maybe its time to harden your soul and prepare to use them,,,,
            Just sayin,

            • Nailbanger, I never bury anything. Mine are prepared for use.

          • heck almost all of the Left dimocraps would be banned. They are all bat shit crazy.

        • I’m sure the corrupt government/new bolshivics will gladly decide who is mentally ill and who isn’t. It is a two way street. You opposed to communism and or globalism? Are you a conservative or a libertarian who believes in the right of self defense? Well no firearms for you. When/if the left takes full power again in house, Senate, potus, the truth is the very likelyhood they will be using mental health as a political tool and weapon just like they use all the beurocracies as weapons… they’ll most certainly use mental health to disarm opposition similarly to how the bolshivics did in the Soviet union.

          The same group calling for gun control is the same group silencing conservative/libertarins all over the place on YouTube, Facebook, and google.

          They want to put people of whom they don’t like on the no fly list on a whim with no due process, even so called due process these days isn’t really due process at all.

      3. I voted for Trump because Hillary would have been worse. But if he actually said, “Take the guns first, go through due process second,” he has now shown just how ignorant he is. The purpose of due process is to prevent our government doing just such a thing, not meant to occur after the fact merely as a process to salve elected officials’ consciences.

        Additionally, it is crystal clear that depriving everyone of their right to defend themselves will not cause misuse of weapons to cease. Men like Nikolas Cruz, and others, strike out against the people they feel have caused them the most hurt, emotionally and psychologically, except their parents usually, and other close persons, and school students represent in their minds the bulk of these people. Also drugs that have known side effects of making people want to kill themselves and others, and abject violence in public entertainment, and popular video games in which killing is the main point, these all prepare young minds to commit murder. About these our people have done nothing. The crimes simply are allowed to proliferate. And the nugatoids on TV just keep saying, “Who could have seen this coming?” and “Why did he do such a thing?” And “It just can’t be understood.” It can be understood. But not by people who can’t figure out how to look at a problem they don’t want to face.

        • RRRR, I’ll agree wholeheartedly with you on this one. I literally fell out of my chair reading this article. Up until recently, the antigun lobby was crucifying Trump, but now they’re speaking of him favorably? HE HAS BETRAYED WE THE PEOPLE, BETRAYED HIS BASE OF SUPPORT. HE HAS MADE DAMNED SURE THERE WILL BE NO TRUMP 2020. HE FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO BE A POLITICIAN AND SELL US DOWN THE RIVER. I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut Hillary was shocked but smiling at this move all the same. We’ll never know what kind of deal he made with the gun grabbers. He’s also helped guarantee that civil war 2 will still take place. This is the REAL straw that broke this camel’s back. As far as I’m concerned Donald Trump is now another traitor to this nation.

          • I said many, many times during the primary that Trump was a snake oil salesman. He became the nominee in spite of that because most could not see through the sales pitch and bought his snake oil. I voted for him because Hillary would have been worse, but knew well he was not the conservative everyone proclaimed him to be. We are now seeing the true NY liberal, friend of Billary he has always been. He certainly is no Reagan.

            • Old Sailor : One hundred percent correct. They got rid of Cruz early because he was the one to stop them. Then they went to the closet and pulled out the sheep’s clothing and slapped them on a life long demorat. All you had to do is look at his statements throughout life but nobody wanted to believe and nobody wanted Billary. Most every body got what they asked for. This is what happens when you don’t do your homework before an election. Wake up people. They all go to the same schools, sleep with the same little boys and are members of the same clubs. Until we start voting for the little guy, not the rich and famous, this is what we are going to get. We are so phucked. For those of you that don’t bury your stuff, you know you have more than a few extra. PUT some away for a rainy day. It will not be long and it will be pouring cats and dogs, Dems and Republicans, Blue hats and green hats. If you have not started or have taken a break from prepping, NOW IS THE TIME TO KICK IT INTO HIGH GEAR.

        • Locally, when they take them, you never get them back, there is a forfeiture claus in the law and anything that is taken is forfeited, cars, homes, guns, fishing gear, doesnt matter, you never see it again, on Oahu they are using this to clear the way for the new rail, on the outer idlands you never see any homes taken unless they are owned entirely by the person they are attacking

          • Civil asset forfeiture seizures are completely out of control in many places across the country. In those places the government is operating like a mafia band of thugs.

            But yes they take it never gets returned to the rightful owner/owners.

      4. Truly believe liberals should not have guns. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Very clearly the first step.

        • Especially liberals on pharmaceuticals.

        • Wojo: Liberalism is definitely a serious mental DEFECT!!
          Folks, I truly believe “that day” we have all been concerned about is quickly approaching us. Time to really decide what you/we/I are genuinely made of and what is right and just and what is Not in this damn country. I cannot believe Trumpet really said “take the guns 1st and worry about due process later”

      5. Off Topic.
        For all of you that said that the Deputies were cowards. Fox New has found and released that they were Order to stage, and set up a perimeter.

        The Commander should be hung not the Grunts. Just watch it will go up to the Libtard Sherriff.



          • I don’t think this is the case. Remember the public spectacle he made of the immigration hearings when everyone thought he was betraying his promises but drew the Dems in and deep 6’d them. I think this is a similar case. It seems to be his M.O.

            • Anim8or, I sincerely hope you’re right, but the news is still disturbing to me nonetheless. If he proves himself to us, then and only then could I change my position.

            • I am shocked to read and hear what he said, but agree with you anim8or. Trump plays a shrewd game of cat and mouse.

              The commies may jump and go for a sprint buck azzed naked trying to get to the finish line. Rinos n neocons may expose themselves too or be forced to fight for inalienable rights.

              It’s early in the play. No fat woman to be seen.

            • This sounds like you’re one of these Trump devotees who are constantly parroting the baloney line that ‘Trump is playing 5-D chess’, i.e., toying with the diabolically EVIL, now even hard core, openly Communist DemonRats in some kind of super clever, thought up strategy to trick them into exposing just how evil and how totalitarian they really are to the American public.

              On that, I call B.S. First of all, the only voters in America who do not already know how evil the DemonRat Party is – are imbeciles with IQs below 10. So, if Trump is thinking he has come up with some kind of brilliant new strategy by ‘pretending’ to be ready to go along with their evil agenda and then pulling a switcheroo at the last second – Trump is dumber than a box of rusty hammers.

              I’ll tell you what this brainless moron is accomplishing with his constant verbal flip flopping and by seeming to be incapable of taking a position on an issue and then sticking to that position – he is creating massive distrust and skepticism among the voters that elected him in 2016. Voters who are now witnessing his confusing, ridiculously inconsistent, game playing antics and they are getting demoralized and are beginning to hate his stinking guts.

              With the 2018 mid-terms coming up in November, the entire agenda that Trump promised in 2016 is dependent upon the outcome of those elections. If the GOP can hold onto both the Senate and House, and especially if they can manage to GAIN seats – assuming Trump was ever serious about his 2016 promised agenda – he will be far better positioned to push his agenda forward. If the diabolically evil DemonRats take over the House and manage hold their own in the Senate, Trump’s agenda is dead. Is Trump even intelligent enough to figure this out on his own? I am beginning to doubt it.

              The other possibility is that Trump has been a phony from the beginning – and actually a Democrat mole who conned the red state voters into voting him into office under the mistaken assumption that he was ‘their guy’.

              Realistically, it would not be all that difficult for a mole to put together a platform and spend a year espousing a set of positions that you knew would appeal to the voters of the opposition party – in order to snooker them and to help ‘sell’ the con job.

              So, now, Trump comes along – flip flopping again – and he appears to be trying to pressure the GOP during an election year to stab their voters in the back and pass gun control legislation that oozes out of Diane Feinstein’s Communist, totalitarian, Semitic brain? If this happens, the GOP will get massacred in November – and unless he is a total moron, he has to understand this will be the consequence. So, is he trying to trick the GOP into committing suicide because Trump wants to help the Democrats get back into power?

              It sure looks that way to me. Oh, and how about that scary comment Trump made about wanting to ‘confiscate’ someone’s firearms first and worry about due process later? Does anyone believe for a second that a future gun grabbing Democrat Administration would not abuse that kind of violation of the Constitution?

              BTW: Rush Scumbaugh is on the radio right now, pushing that same worn out, pathetic baloney that Trump is playing 5-D Chess.

              • Tucker, agreed about Trump. He’s doing Hillary’s job for her now.

              • DMONIC Took you long enough to come to your senses, know it all.

        • Hey Sarge, my knowledge of Leo responsibilities is minimal for mass casualty events however….isn’t it the duty of the Incident Commander to take control of mass casualty events, and give direction for staging and perimeter set up?

          Who is the IC? I always thought it was the ranking fire dept. official on site?

          Is that a local structure decision for EM response?

          Enquiring minds want to know….

          • Its the first to show up.

        • All respect to you Sarge,but they were MORAL cowards for obey8ng such an order. Standing around while shooting goes on inside. Not all courage is physical. I will state unequivocally and without hesitation, I would have gone in. No,I’m not Ramba,but I have a conscience and God I have to eventually answer to,and when I stand before the Judge of us all and He asks why I stood around while people were being killed, “I was following orders,Sir” ain’t gonna cut it.

        • Ordered to stage. And when the time comes those same cops will do as ordered and attack innocent citizens. Yes sgt you still are putting the brotherhood ahead of the citizens. You and you Lame Attempt to defend those cowards.

      6. So Mr. Trump, by taking away guns with no due process will ensure that mentally ill folks get no guns? That supposition is a cure all then? NO! He’s just showing what a liberal mentality would do.

        Simply taking away one’s guns will NOT prevent a person from getting them, so he’s just trying to please the lefties and be damned about the constitution!
        He’s going to ensure that he does NOT get reelected in 2020.

        • Crazy doesnt need guns anyway,,, if crazy wants to cause mass carnage there are far far more effective vehicles

        • Lets remember that the press is going to mis- characterize his comments . Lets see what happens next. If something with this in a bill gets signed by him then tar and feather him. The dems are going to try and make you think he is going to do their bidding. Look how they have mis-quoted him and smeared him in the last two years. don’t go off half cocked! If he screws us…I’ll lead the charge!

      7. “Truly believe liberals should not have guns. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Very clearly the first step.”

        And government should be the ones to do it. Down the slippery slope we go!

      8. “Truly believe liberals should not have guns. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Very clearly the first step.”

        And government should be the ones to do it. Government should make everyone do what I want them to do! Left and right are the same. Down the slippery slope we go!

        • This will start the creation of new Watch Lists, tied to the NICS list and any hit = No Gun for you.

          – expelled from School…5 year watch list
          – see a shrink…watch list
          – tell your doc your tired or feeling down…watch list
          – PTSD from military…watch list
          – prescribed (fill in your favorite psych drug)…watch list
          – neighbor reports you as “odd” or “stand-offish”…watch list

          There is going to be a dark list that you do not want to be on…who’s that knocking at my door? LEO – “May we come in? A neighbor reported odd behavior because you don’t talk to anyone. Have any guns in the house?” Take the guns and due process later. Come and get ’em.

      9. This is exactly what I was afraid of by my voting for and supporting the triple divorced Trump. Trump has never been a conservative, and his liberalism is beginning to shine through.

        Hillary would have been far, far worse however.

        The socialist-democrats are now having a field day, they are nibbling away at our rights quickly. And there are a few republicans showing who they really are as well. And now Triple D is supporting some of their schemes in earnest.

        Raise the age limit: This does absolutely nothing
        Ban bump stocks: This does absolutely nothing
        Another ‘assault weapons ban’: This does absolutely nothing

        100% of all their proposals are totally worthless, and all they accomplish is taking away law abiding citizens rights. And that’s exactly the point of all this.

        The fact of the matter is this, 100% of ALL gun laws are null and void. The 2nd amendment is crystal clear in these matters. The right to own and bare arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

        We are going to have shooting, after shooting, after shooting, after shooting……

        It’s not going to stop.

        So, what happens after the next shooting?

        More bans
        More totally worthless rules
        Confiscations will begin in earnest at some point

        It’s coming folks, the total socialistic disarmament of the U.S. population will happen at some point in the future.

        And then, 10’s upon 10’s of millions of U.S. citizens will be slaughtered in the name of Peace and Safety by the liberal socialists. Who by the way, will have arms……

      10. Sure, they can have mine- lead first! What kind of fucking nonsense is this? I am REALLY starting to wonder about Trump…

        Now more than ever yall should be stocking up. I never even heard the kenyan come out in public and say “Take their guns”.

        • DMONIC, I’m right there with you. I was wondering about Trump myself but not anymore after seeing this article. The antigun lobby isn’t crucifying Trump anymore, they’re singing his praises now. What does that tell you? It tells ME he’s betrayed us. One step closer to civil war 2. And I’m definitely still stacking.

          • I NEVER stopped stacking, tall and deep people…you can NEVER truly have enough of any of it.

        • Dmonic: I agree, folks you best get about EVERYTHING and I mean everything you want before it is too late for us all…I am NOT liking the writing that is on the wall so to speak. Think about it folks, not good, not good at all.

        • DMONIC Took you long enough to come to your sense, know it all.

      11. Donald. Two words. BULL SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      12. First bury your war paint Second organize your tribe into warrior societies. Teach the young to hunt and live off the land as was intended by the great spirit. Be of brave heart and smile to your neighbor. Always remember you vastly out number the coffee coolers in Washington and can crush them by your will if they do not represent you in govt. Take not the hand outs from Washington for they come with chains The earth under your feet contains the bones of your fathers do not give it away for beads. Remain free and bow to no one

        • Cecil Red Day, I like that post you made. I already follow such advice.

        • Thank you Cecil red day for that native American wisdom. We are all one American family. We must all fight this evil together. We are many they are few.

      13. NOMFI

        • Nbanger I agree! gonna pick up another 20 or so mags this weekend. maybe even some more ammo. watched the mini series Waco lately and its clear the ATF/FBI have no problems killing women and children.
          with the laws of attrition, (at 5,000 to 1), LEO better decide in advance which side they are on. I wont be taking prisoners if they come to take them.

      14. You want to eliminate guns used against society? There is a simple answer, but it will take men with balls to enforce it.

      15. I elected him to hold the line! Not make “deals” with the dark side! Disgusting. NO TRUMP 2020!

      16. He has not taken back what he said about due process. There is no 5D chess here. He has lost my support. Furthermore, I think he keeps reading that damn story about the snake and the kind woman who takes him in because he’s been telling us all along that he is the snake.

      17. Let’s see what actually transpires with all this, before we go all catty-whumpis. There’s many a slip, twixt cup and the lip.

        • Aye, but my fear is the day draws neigh,

          • I want to hear what the NRA says about all this. Will they approve? Will they sellout? Thousands and thousands of new members have joined in the last couple of weeks, are they in for a huge disappointment? Please post their response if you happen to hear it before me people. They seem to be silent on this… 😐

      18. “As the Hill pointed out, he also said he supports confiscating guns from mentally ill individuals, a position vociferously opposed by Republicans.”

        Sure republicans want the mentally ill to be armed. What an absurd statement from “the hill”!

        No one wants guns in the hands of crazies, we just don’t want arbitrary laws saying they can come and take them on a whim!

        • Looks like it’s time to trot out the old bogeyman, “the government is coming for your guns”. Seriously folks, if that was going to happen, it would have happened under
          O’Bama. We heard that kind of talk for 8 years, and when he left office people had more gun rights than before. Some reasonable restrictions on gun sales are long overdue.Time to get with the program.

          • Pull your head out of your ass Daniel, OR just leave it there, might work out better for ya!

      19. Never in the history of the United States have there been these types of shootings. What changed? Prescription drugs that affect the mind. We got along without them like forever any NOBODY went into churches and schools and murdered people in mass.
        So the phycotic drugs are severely affecting the minds of the children while the non-thinking drugs zombies refuse to look at their own poison and use the immature blaming on our constitution and our guns as scapegoats for the mind drugs that are raising our children. Yep.

        • What changed? Well for one MK Ultra mind control has been perfected and the deep state has used the missing trillions to setup a false flag operation organization. True about drugs too but it goes wayyy beyond that. They have infiltrated the FBI. CIA, DHS, and have them under total control to carry out these ops. You think the politicians run this country? Better think again….

      20. First question the VA nurse asks every time before seeing the doctor is are you feeling depressed. Well hell no I’m as happy as a lark. Who would fall for that line of questioning? The next line would be on a scale of one to ten how depressed are you if you wavered answering the first question. If you initially answered somewhat as to being depressed here comes your mental evaluation being scheduled.

        • Aljamo: you are so right, basically they force you to lie about it or you are opening a huge can of stinking shit for yourself to deal with and again, it’s all downhill from there boys and girls.

        • aljamo,
          I never get asked those questions. Perhaps
          you gave them a reason to ask. VA has all
          notes on you, on-line in their computers.
          They look them over before they bring you
          in from the waiting room.

      21. Dave: I mean seriously, how many MORE laws can they really jam up our asses? It is already so beyond out of control. Starting to understand why some do NOT follow any of the damn things. BIG Gov’t sucks and has and is totally Failing us every way possible. How about dealing with the true root issue and that is mental health and how all local, state, federal Gov’t cut funding terribly over the years and most of those ill folks were tossed on the street and in short order ended up in the clink and it all goes downhill big time from there folks…but no, let’s chase guns and all of that ridiculous drum beat of feces….NO, NEVER give up guns period and leave my damn AR alone.

      22. First of all I really do not want to upset anyone but there was so much hope for change from the right when Trump was elected. I have nothing against Trump and would much rather him than Hillary. With that being said I learned a while back the left and right politicians all have the same agenda in the end. To bring in the NWO. All of this other crap are distractions to keep us from looking at what is really going on. In my humble opinion if Hillary got in the gun control and confiscation would have happened faster. It will happen but the question is when? I also believe and I know I will hear about this, Trump is more or less a Trojan horse allowed to get into office to shut all of us freedom lovers up by creating the illusion we had a great victory in the 2016 elections. It is very important to know that as we head into the last days certain things will happen no matter who is in office. Please remember out leaders are not elected they are selected. Trump has an agenda just packaged and presented differently. If the powers to be did not want Trump in office he would not be there. The forces that make these decisions are far above any politicians power or any of us. I really wanted to believe this POTUS was different, and in many ways does appear to be. But just one point that stands out to me is the comment he so strongly talked about during the presidential race. That was about the economy, when he stated we are on a bubble and it will pop. Now recently his stance has been how high the market is and how great the economy is doing. So I ask Mr. Trump which is it? bubble or great economy? It cant be both. Anyway folks hang on it will get very rocky this year. I do not predict dates but I know that the cycles which the world operates on does not look good. Rick over at trunews did some work on this topic and it seems as though the world has many cycles colliding at one time. War, civil war, and a few others are all in prime time right now. I really am a positive person and hate to sound negative but the president can not please all groups so I ask him to please take a firm stand on these issues, it is not gun control but people control. Anyway sorry for ranting for so long but if I made anyone just think my rant was worth the time. God bless, keep your powder dry and your faith in the Lord not any man.

        • Mike: I agree with you. All Gov’t sucks at the end of the day and all Gov’t is about is CONTROL, plain and simple…take guns, control the people, take the food – control the people, and on and on. gov’t is a horrible, massive creature. America is done. There is NO really saving it. 50+ years too late or more.

          • Mike, that is true. The govt. is just a puppet of the real rulers. Like attack dog of it’s master. People are just too brainwashed into believing the govt. is soveriegn and it is where the buck stops.

      23. I said many, many times during the primary that Trump was a snake oil salesman. He became the nominee in spite of that because most could not see through the sales pitch and bought his snake oil. I voted for him because Hillary would have been worse, but knew well he was not the conservative everyone proclaimed him to be. We are now seeing the true NY liberal, friend of Billary he has always been. He certainly is no Reagan.

      24. Time is now for some asymmetrical tactics my fellow countrymen and women.
        Do not submit. A great civil war is coming.

      25. Let’s talk for a moment about a survival tool called a 3d printer. Preparing for emergencies takes up a lot of space for other survival tools. There are 3d printers available that are capable of working with metals and plastics to make a wide variety of objects. With a sufficient amount of the materials and the right computer files, you can replicate badly needed items which appear authentic. Use your imaginations and see the possibilities! A gas generator or solar system could supply the electricity.

      26. You know I voted for Trump because I felt as I have for about 30 years that it was the lesser of two evils. I still don’t trust him. I was not sure then or now what his beliefs really were. I know that things would be worse if Hillary got elected.

        I think doing gun control by executive order may give a little light into how he really thinks. I hope I am wrong. I don’t understand how this executive order thing came to be. It is so unconstitutional. He is not a king. That is my biggest problem with this. He cannot legally do what he did. There should be outrage and millions giving there government hell. I don’t see that now either. This is just so sad.

      27. …a crisis is a terrible thing to waste


        • What about a “crisis actor?”

      28. BTW: they did a piss poor job setting up the “perimeter “. News reports say he was caught OUTSIDE the “perimeter”,almost a mile from the school

      29. Trump does not surprise me.
        I tire of voting for the
        lesser of two evils, but
        that is life, it sucks.
        I despise the government
        and most all Democrats,
        but that is our reality
        and it sucks.
        We do what we can, prepare
        for the worst and hope for
        the best.

      30. It’s exactly that kind of statement and attitude as to why we have the 2nd Amendment.


        Just like the DMV years ago, when I complained that the new requirements were unconstitutional and that other states were not going along… the cop at DMV replied that, well, now they are going along with the new Fed regulations because “they were given enough money to implement the plan”. (In other words, they were paid off!!)

      32. I SAW ON TV YESTERDAY– TRUMP WAS GOING TO SIGN A BILL BANNING BUMP STOCK RIFLES (Is that the name? I’m little old lady and know very little about guns).

        Anyhow, TRUMP IS A TRAITOR!!! I was furious all day yesterday after seeing that! I had a feeling he would be even worse than Obama!! I voted for Obummer because he promised to un-do Bush’s destructive measures to destroy our Constitution but instead, Obama turned out to be even worse than bush!!

        Now, TRUMP IS TURNING OUT TO BE EVEN WORSE THAN OBAMA!!! He’s a f— traitor!!!

      33. THIS IS HOW THE ELITE (1%) HAVE BEEN WINNING: they can organize and bring as many cops/military they want to implement their agenda.

        We cannot organize the same way because we will be called “terrorists” and they will come and shoot us. However, the only way to defeat the NWO (turning our country into a police state) and dominating us, controlling us and eventually executing us… is to organize ANYHOW— underground.

        Then we need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to come together to prevent them from disarming us. For example, if they come to so-and-so’s house to confiscate his weapons, we need to have millions there to say, “huh-uh!!”

        If we just say (as Braveheart)– “over my dead body”– then they will just shoot us. We CANNOT WIN THIS BATTLE FGHTING SOLITARY.


        Recently, in California there were numerous wild fires. The small fires were easily put out. However, the really huge fires– like the Thomas fire– it was SO HUMUNGOUS– the firefighters were at a loss!! They had no choice but to just wait and let it burn itself out…

        We are like wildfires– We have enormous energy when together… Christ said, “what, know ye not, ye are Gods?” We have ENORMOUS POTENTIAL–there are BILLIONS OF US and only a small fraction of us are the elites– who want to control, dominate, disarm and abuse the rest of us…

      35. As I told the coward Trumpbots, but they are COWARDS so they refused to listen to wisdom.

        • Go fuck yourself,Ron!!


        “If the people are going to do something, they need to get tough! Go read Marx and Lenin…pol pot… the people need to think of themselves as the salt of the earth and governments as unmitigated evil and so have no fear, should stand up to them and if they go to protests and be brutalized by the police, then they need to go armed to the protest…”

        “You can’t make any kind of meaningful change these days without violence. The governments has shown they will use massive violence against their own peoples! So the people outnumber them and they can use MORE VIOLENCE against the government.”

        “They have their agenda in place. No one man can change that. I mean, go back and listen to his address. ”

        “I think the governments are so totally corrupt and evil that you can’t appeal to their moral conscience– they don’t have one. You can’t appeal to justice– they couldn’t care less.”

        “So what are you going to do when you’re faced with governments like that? There’s nothing you can do but kill them!! There’s no other alternative.”

        “The people have to realize they’re up against evil! They either submit to it or they overthrow it. There’s no other way.”

      37. After they successfully ban AK-47’s and bump stock rifles, then what?

        They will create another false flag event in which the pawn– some young guy on medicine– kills some more school kids… this time, using a shot gun! The only solution at that point, will be to ban shot guns and rifles!! (they will let us keep our pistols.

        After that, well, you see where its headed… Obama, as soon as he took office, he signed on the UN and agreed to disarm the US citizens… Its on their agenda.

        In the end, they may let us keep bee bee guns… maybe.

      38. The Press and even Republicans are making a very big deal today out of Trump saying seize the guns, arrest him, and to hell with due process. Trump’s point was that he was talking about Nikolas Cruz and the fact that Cruz had been reported to be certifiably insane and violent and said he would shoot up a school. That is a felony to threaten to kill someone.
        All Trump was saying was that there was probable cause to arrest him before getting a warrant, just as if you caught a person in the neighborhood of a burglary. So get his guns, throw him in jail, and then let the court investigate. Instead everyone is saying Trump is becoming a dictator and advocating ignoring due process. Not so. Hear me out.

        Trump also said he would consider raising the age to buy any firearm to 21. He even advocated it. Total outrage by Trump supporters. Trump also said negative things about the NRA, which also sparked outrage by our side. Trump is not stupid. Trump has a plan. Again, hear me out.

        Remember when Trump offered 1.8 million DACA illegals “a path to citizenship”? That is more than double what the Dims wanted. Our side was outraged that Trump would betray us. The Dims should have been overjoyed and accepted Trump’s offer, even with the caveat that Trump had to have his wall. What Trump was doing was showing the world that the Dims don’t care about DACA kids. All they care about is keeping the controversy alive in order to motivate their voters in November. The Dims backed off the DACA deal real fast when there was any chance that it might actually go through and give Trump his wall. It proves the Dims don’t really care about DACA. They care more about votes.

        It is the same with the gun issue. Trump knows the Dims don’t want ANY kind of solution or progress on this front before the November elections. They want to beat Trump over the head with it, hoping that there are other school shootings between now and November. Trump’s plan to arm teachers stands directly in their way. Now, if a bill was actually passed and signed strengthening the background checks and raising the minimum age to 21 to purchase a gun, and extending all background checks to private sales, and banning all AR-15s, the Dims would be defeated because then the gun controversy would go away and that would be a win for Trump. The Dims would have nothing to motivate their base in the November elections, even if Trump lost some of his base because of it. So, if a strong gun-control bill happens to be introduced and gets any kind of support, at the last minute the Dims will introduce amendments that would be sure to kill the bill. Again, if a bill passes, the Dims lose a lot of motivation to hate Trump.

        So Trump is being cagey like a fox, like he did with proposing a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA kids.

        Don’t badmouth Trump. He knows what he is doing and knows how to play the Dimocrats. Give him credit for knowing how to manipulate the Dims.

      39. Come and get’em.

      40. This is another form of asset forfeiture. Take the guns and make gun owners pay thousands for lawyers and wait years for the return of their property. There is no more due process! Y’all run right out and vote another repub or dem into office. Keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Don’t worry, this time will be different, just like the stock mkt.

      41. Always a let down when alt news sites fail to highlight the root cause of most gun rampages—the shooters were on psychiatric “medications” that made them homicidal. Trump won’t mention it because as I tried to point out early two years ago (no site would allow coverage because they wanted to think Trump’s OK), he’s just as much a globalist as Hillary. Trump sent a Pharma kingpin, Woody Johnson of Johnson & Johnson, as Ambassador to England, which is where the gun control drive is coming from. They want to “recover the colonies” and they cannot tolerate Crown serfs who are armed. Johnson was on The Pilgrims Society executive committee as of the 2014 leaked roster we recovered from a City of London source. Trump is an “honorary” member of England’s top secret society, see start page at link. Mike Bloomberg, leading gun confiscation advocate, became a member of The Order of the British Empire in 2014 which is the “visible” Pilgrims Society.

        I don’t even notice the National Rifle Association complaining about psychiatric “medications” and maybe someone’s keeping them gagged about it. Some years ago, Lammot Du Pont Copeland (Pilgrims Society) was also an NRA member! Of course, without gunpowder, where would the NRA be? Same thing was true of Charles Lilley Horn (Pilgrims US) of Federal Cartridge Corporation and farther back, S. Sloan COLT of the gun fortune that “made all men equal.”

      42. Shoot first ask questions later…..

      43. Trump is making a bad mistake. Trading new demoncrat friends for the American people. We voted for him because he promised to work for us. Well you just turned your back on us and we will remember that come the next election. If that even transpires, because taking peoples guns will trigger the end of the world as we know it.

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