“Tactical Doctors, Paramedics And Firefighters” Are Excited To Arrest People

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    This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post. 

    Over the past few years, I have received a lot of flak from anonymous commenters about a few stories I wrote that discussed paramedics and firefighters training for urban warfare.

    But recent stories, like this one, reveal something that even the most die-hard defenders of first responders cannot deny: armed doctors, paramedics, and firefighters could soon be showing up at your doorstep to arrest someone.

    What is that you say? That could never happen in America.

    But it is already happening.

    Three months ago, The Courier of Montgomery County revealed that the Montgomery County Hospital District (MCHD) in Texas, is training paramedics and firefighters to look and act like members of a police SWAT team.

    The 12-member tactical paramedic team was restarted at MCHD a few years ago and is based out of EMS Station 10 at 2920 North Loop 336 East in Conroe, where this last training took place. About twice a week, the tactical team will join police as they execute arrest warrants.

    The article describes how excited paramedics and firefighters are to wear tactical gear, brandish automatic weapons, and act like cops, twice a week.

    “There was more of an excitement appeal, helping out our brothers and sisters in law enforcement as well as involving my (EMS) passion,” MCHD paramedic Corey Callihan said.

    A look at MCHD’s “Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team” operating guide reveals that they should be ready to help police arrest someone or search someone’s home by 6:00 AM.

    Due to the majority of scheduled search warrants being served between the hours of 0630-0700 hrs, the TEMS unit hours will be 0600 hrs-0600 hrs. This will allow the new oncoming crew to be present for the warrant service and not create a shift change issue on every call.

    The operations guide goes on to explain that a “tactical paramedic must be able to lawfully possess a firearm as allowed by State and Federal law and possess a ballistic vest, ballistic helmet, eye protection, ear protection, and PPE gloves.”

    Tactical paramedics and firefighters must also wear “multi-cam combat shirts or BDU shirts, BDU pants, and OD Green Merrill (combat boots)”.

    Tactical paramedics and firefighters are also supposed to give everyone an “In-Custody Risk Assessment or a “Subject In-Custody Risk Assessment Scale (SICRAS).” (To learn more about SICRAS, click here.)

    As you will see, being a tactical doctor, paramedic or firefighter is no longer about public safety; unless your definition refers to aiding law enforcement.

    Police encouraged to create more armed first responders

    A recent article in Police Magazine, titled “How To Start a Tactical Medicine Program” reveals that police officers should encourage more doctors, EMT’s and firefighters to carry weapons.

    “Consideration for tactical medical support can be provided to law enforcement agencies through a wide array of options, from civilian EMTs to sworn or designated reserve police officers who can also be physicians or paramedics.”

    Police officers are encouraged to actively try and turn first responders into armed responders!

    Most police officers personally know several of the local emergency physicians having frequently visited local hospital emergency departments while conducting law enforcement duties. It would not take long for interested police officers to identify those physicians as potential team players and who could be viewed as prospective candidates to serve as a team physician.

    According to Police Magazine, there are three reasons why police want to turn doctors, paramedics, and firefighters into armed responders.

    • The team physician can ensure that injured officers are afforded the best possible on-scene medical treatment and if necessary are then transferred to an appropriate medical facility in a timely manner.
    • A physician serving as a medical advisor is a definite asset to the team commander, as any minor medical problems that come up during an operation can be managed in-house.
    • A tactical medical team that supports a police SWAT team contributes superior team morale and spirit and will reduce lost work time for specially trained and difficult-to-replace police officers. The reduction in line-of-duty injuries then translates into reduced disability costs to the agency.

    This is what happens when doctors, paramedics, and firefighters take “Tactical Emergency Medical Support” (TEMS) training classes.

    Police Magazine‘s article could not be any plainer, pretty soon every doctor, EMT, and firefighter will be encouraged to be a “team player.”

    I will end this story by quoting from the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath which says,

    Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

    Doctors and paramedics are meant to save lives, they have no business arresting people or carrying weapons.


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      1. So what, just means more targets of opportunity when things kick off…every firestation/truck/emt/emt vehicle becomes a target…

        • Agreed sir…kick in doors we the people will start hunting you in the streets!

        • They start kicking in doors, we the people will start hunting you down in the streets

      2. Post 911 everyone cheered when the police were getting military equipment, including armored vehicles to ostensibly fight Islamic terrorists while in the meantime US borders were ports to illegal immigration. Once again the word “ostensible” is shown to be highly descriptive of government actions.


        appearing or claiming to be one thing when it is really something else:

        Beware what you ask for because you might (will) get it.

        • I use the words, reverse racism and Bizarro World, where everything is opposite.
          h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bizarro_World
          “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness!”

          We are enlightened and plead mercy for invaders and slaves, so we get put in their rightful place.

          • Cops would not have to worry about getting shot at if they would just obey the law and do their jobs. Way too much corruption in LE, and I ask why are these persons wearing a badge and still on the County Payroll?

            • TSB, what would be best for everyone would be if cops were “deprogrammed” i.e. teach them that corruption, especially the civil asset forfeiture, in their chosen line of work is all wrong, stop hating on the public, etc. You get the picture. In other words “re-educate” them. But I’m not holding my breath on that.

            • “Cops would not have to worry about getting shot at if they would just obey the law and do their jobs. ”

              I site their faults but the above statement isn’t accurate. They arrest violent criminals.

              • They are taken over by cliques and gangs, like the third world, brown version of a Clockwork Orange.

        • but but but everyone in a uniform is a HERO! Thank you Police! God Bless our Troops! Hug a Firefighter! Boston Strong! Never Forget! Uniforms Uber Alles!!

          • It’s time to change your tampon. Move along ….

            • If anyone likes what I am saying, seer this into your conscience, forever —
              It is up to you, to save yourself!

              • CW- and thats the bottom line: you are your own first responded.
                The uniform worship has to stop. Its become its own religion.

                • Uniforms Uber Alles!

            • if that was an offer to help, no thanks.

          • I like firefighters. When a bad one is among them they turn them in. Police on the other hand put loyalty above everything and cover for bad cops. Troops? It’s difficult to praise the soldier and know the war is wrong however bravery is bravery. I despise Vietnam but know a MOH recipient from it and knew a Navy Cross posthumous recipient too although I was a kid of 8. Some SOB stole the Navy Cross brass placard off his grave stone.

            • Anyone on this message board can do a citizens arrest on any one else if they are committing a felony and or about to do bodily harm to another. You can shoot the perp if it gets to that point, to stop the harm or crime. Better get your concealed weapons permit, training and some practice, because the fight is on and its time for the Sheep Dogs to step up to the plate. Maybe pick up that cheap $250 annual retainer insurance for a Gun shooting defense lawyer at your beacon and never say a word after the shooting. Have some one else dial 911 and just say there has been a shooting here is the address then hang up. Do not answer the phone again, as you are being recorded. Cops start questioning you, you just say, I am Waiting to speak with my Atty and they the Cops have to stop questioning you at that point. That’s the law. The law is your friend.

              They have to present the evidence and then you have to defend against their accusations. You start yapping they will build a case against your blabber mouth and hang you. So STFU!! Good luck!

            • K, they are trained to report-on you, if they find you suspicious.

              • They enter burning buildings if people are inside as a matter of normalcy. Never had or know anyone that had a bad experience with firemen and many of them are volunteers. Cops, personally no problem but I seen them get free this and that, drive loaded and heard their stories that I just nodded.

                • “drive loaded”

                  A volunteer (initials, DMK) who was also gym teacher in my school, was a creepy, praetorian chickenhawk. The stories are told from this perspective. They glibly break out car windows, for fun, and tattle on silly pot plants. The concept of what amounts to a soldier, enforcing martial law vs. a pleb is not appreciated.

                  Fire dept and rotc were employers of last resort. As a separate, militaryist culture unto themselves, their hazings were very rapey. They wanted to sick me on someone who i went to Sunday school with, and afaic went on ill fated beer runs, committed crimes all over my region, and were memorialized on hwy signs.

                  Rather than being invincible, Stalinist unionists, how would you deal with these people, under voluntaryist, free market conditions.

                  I am fit and not accident prone. Why do I have to accept the kind of help that I don’t want, from glorified thugs on a high horse.

        • Kevin2, good points but this article blows me away. I’ve always known about the true nature of law enforcement from my 2 cousins who used to be cops but I’ve always viewed EMT’s and firefighters as the ONLY first responders who really help people. I’ve even donated something to a fund for firefighters on occasion. This sounds like some more federal crap. That’s a shame that now I have to look at firefighters and EMT’s the same way I look at cops. Now I realize more than ever that as individuals we are truly on our own. That really hurts that now the feds have brainwashed firefighters and EMT’s with the same anti-public mentality that cops have. You know something’s wrong somewhere when we have to live in fear of firefighters and EMT’s in addition to cops.

          • The headline to this article is BS. “Tactical Doctors, Paramedics And Firefighters” Are Excited To Arrest People.

            These are Cops with some medic training and the Paramedics doing cross training with the cops. Good strategy to save lives. Early 80’s paramedics in Chicago were armed. Why not? I’ve see some bad Sh!t in the field as a Paramedic. Many times we would wait for the cops to come to enter a dwelling. Mostly drug calls. We were good at what we did and the cops what they do, to secure the scene while we work on the PT.

            Firefighters and paramedics have had arresting powers for decades. Anybody can implement a citizens arrest. I’d like to arrest the SOB who came on to my property and stole 2 fence posts. creating access to my back lake. Putting up trail cams and setting the posts in again. Get this. I have a old dead trail cam, setting it up obvious t where the fence post are at. And when they steal the trail cam with the posts, I got them on film from another hidden trail cam IR night vision, and will catch them stealing the dummy camera too. lol Werking on the honey trap. lol Get ready folks the invasion is here and the government is in a silent land grab grabbing every lake pond and stream and calling it government owned. Get your certified land survey and your land patents. its sitting on the shelf at the BLM in Washington DC for you to pick up. Call and ask them for your “LAND PATENT” for your property, its only about $16 for 3 certified copies. May take 2 or more weeks to get, Get on the list. Lock your land down so nobody can steal it. A land patent is Absolute Title, a warrantee Deed is just the color of Title. Get busy!!

          • TDR;

            Calm down
            Stop overreacting
            Don’t panic

      3. Oh goodie, now I can enforce vaccines on children at gunpoint.

      4. Oh, goodie now I can enforce vaccines on children at gunpoint.

      5. I thought the 2nd amendment meant everyone can carry, all the time, on the job or off. So why can’t EMTs, medics, and firefighters carry on the job. “But wait, that’s not what we meant…” How’s that for unintended consequences?

      6. Different city depts report going through anti-terrorism training. (Not only are you the ngger, now, but also a suspected terrorist fugitive.)

        People like the stray dog catcher and janitors do double duty as security, are put on high traffic areas, after school, or where they have decided that drugs and prostitution are frequent.

        When they are suspicious of dignified white people, scarily minding their own business, they will radio the police and delay you with unwanted conversation. (One bathroom cleaner was named Sh-it-tree-ce. Yes, really)

        Remember, when I say that most blue staters should not be in public without a responsible minder, and I am being mean for talking about retarded and degenerate animals that way — that’s what they think about ***you*** preppers in the United States of Bizarro World.

        They once rationalized forced labor as job training, saying they were taking the jungle out of the savages. Once they became trusted quota cases, brain surgeons and pilots, what have you become.

        • I have made deliveries to some of their houses. The siding was gone, with insulation exposed, a dog has been pooping on the on the floor for more than a week, or septic is out in the open, Tijuana-style.

          This is who doesn’t want you to capture rain water or grow a lettuce on your front lawn, doubting your responsibility. They shoot the dog in your yard, kill your small livestock and chickens, which test negative for disease. What will be “wrong” with your food.

          Put your kids under their supervision, which is run like a prison intake. I dare you.

      7. You will note that the 1st reason on the list is:

        “The team physician can ensure that injured OFFICERS are afforded the best possible on-scene medical treatment ”

        Th downward spiral of police departments started when the concept of “officer safety” became the priority in the 1980’s. Before then the number 1 consideration for the police was the rights of the citizenry.

        • Stuart

          At one time big city cops often carried a “cold piece” with the intent of planting it on someone in event of a mistake. Post 911 that need ended with, “I thought he was armed” being sufficient for using lethal force.

          I seen a video on the net that I can no longer find of an obviously mentally unstable guy poking a knife against what looked like imaginary threats. The police, about 6 in all were 20 + ft away and in a partial semi circle. One shot, they all shot; it was an execution. It should have made “World News Tonight”. It’s my understanding that the shooting was deemed justified.

          Anyone have that link?

          • Here are a couple that hopefully help drive your point home.

            The firing squad: Shocking moment at least TEN San Francisco cops use a volley of shots to kill lone black man armed with a knife

            A 48-year-old mentally ill man is recovering in a hospital after being shot by Baltimore police — he has not been charged with a crime.

            • WTF

              Thanks but they were not the video I was referring to.

      8. Actually this is NOT a bad idea. Generally, paramedics and such cannot enter into scenes if law enforcement is not there. Meaning the medic team is there and people need help yet they cannot help the victims. Here they can assist and protect themselves and their teams …

      9. My cousin in Rexburg Idaho is EMS and firefighter. We spoke this past weekend and he is excited to be joined to the SWAT team. Same training. Same weapons.

      10. Us -Vs.- Them

        Do yourself a favor. Never intentionally interact with any public or medical official. Hospitals, Doctors, Schools, Teachers, Police, are all on the same team. It is Them -Vs.- You.

        Never call a Police for ANY reason. Unless YOU want to be arrested, beaten, or murdered, or your loved ones will be arrested, beaten, or murdered.

        I have seen that happen to so many good people. These gullible, naive fools, thought Police were there to “help” them. Then they were then arrested, ticketed, fined, beaten, or killed, by the violent dangerous insecure criminal Police.

        I avoid all coiled rattle snakes. They are dangerous. Avoid them all.

        • I certainly agree with that.
          Anecdotally, the neighbor supposedly had a prowler last week and called the state police. I guess he went out with a weapon and confronted him (he said). He said they ran across the street and onto my porch and tried the door, then lay down in my drive and then took off into the woods.

          Anyway about 3 in the morning. I was asleep on the couch when the dog went crazy. There was a banging on the door. I lay there for a minute hoping whomever it was would go away. Soon a flashlight began scanning the room and identifying things laying on the coffee table, etc. I grabbed the shotgun from the rack behind the couch, laid it on the table and got to my feet and went to the door.
          “What do you want?” I said.
          “State police” he responded.
          “What do you want?” again I said.
          “State police. There’s somebody in your driveway.”
          “What do you want?” I said again.
          “There’s a prowler in your driveway. Can we search your property?”
          “No” I said.
          “You don’t want us to search for him?”
          “No” I said.
          “Well, alright then” he said with a puzzled look
          I never opened the door. I saw him head out back and this kinda pissed me off so I went out on the back porch to see what he was doing. Here, his partner was already out back without my permission. They both walked out the driveway and back to the neighbors. I let the dog out and he didn’t scent anything. He just went out front to the property line and barked at the cops until they left.
          Maybe the neighbor was trying to get me swatted? Nah, I’ve known him since he was a kid…we get along. His wife apparently saw a prowler. But, I don’t think the prowler came on the porch or tried the door or the dog would have went nuts so I don’t know the real story here.
          Anyway, I don’t want the cops on my property. As you can see, they weren’t just looking for a prowler, they were scoping out the interior of my house. They are worse than prowlers. They think a badge gives them permission to do as they like. I believe if I would have let my dog out they would have shot it.

      11. The worst phrase in the English language is; “I am just doing my job”.

        • Nuremberg defense ,, didnt work than, wont work now

      12. As I have said in many previous post
        People ARE the problem and they will continue to make more problems.

        “officials” understand it is going to get worse – They are trying in their feeble attempt to prepare to try to keep civil order in the future.
        We are a very divided society and this division is esculating at a rapid pace. It will only take a small spark to ignite the civil war

        The liberals want trouble – They are like the crazy Iranians

      13. Jakartaman, good points. The liberals have no idea of the hell that will be unleashed onto them when the balloon goes up.

        • How do I spot / identify a liberal? You know, “when the balloon goes up”? Many look just like regular people. Is there a list?

          • If you dont know, your probably one

      14. I don’t remember when it happened but the terminology changed from the ‘Police and the Public’ to the ‘Police and Civilians’

        That terminology is definitely a military reference – Military and Civilian.

        Cops are non- Military Citizens just like everyone else.


      15. Crime has significantly declined since the early 1990s and is at 1960 levels. It’s a reasonable assumption that planning is occurring because of an expected increased need for the “services” of law enforcement in the future.

        • With all due respect, every private wall or hedge is covered in human pee, around here. Broken booze bottles are up and down the street, with at least one shrill 60’s style domestic terrorist on every block.

          Every communist will accuse you of being a fascist, and every fascist will accuse you of being a communist. There is never not an excuse to commit crimes against you, around here. Hopefully, the left and right hand of statism can keep eachother too busy, thumb wrestling.

          • I just have a feeling that they’re expecting significant civilian disorder coming hence the militarization and increasing the armed ranks in both numbers and lethality of government agents. We can theorize what will occur to cause this with economic likely being at the top of the list. It’s not an if but rather a when. How severe, how long, what repercussions are all open for a subsequent debate.

            • I believe that servitude and failure are the just, natural results of being a criminal and making many bastard children.

              These are put at the front of the h iring and l ending line, rather than the back, until the only economy left is institutional.

      16. in some instances they can be armed but normally they are not…tactical paramedics are there to provide medical care for the officers and anyone else that may be shot or injured…they do train with teams because they have to know tactics and how the team moves and do what they do…some tactical paramedics are actually certified officers and they can be armed…depends on the state…everyone calm down, the police and hose heads aren’t taking over the world…

      17. I didn’t have time to read this but I did listen to the video. Not one time did they say they had arrest powers. If I missed it so be it. all this does is gives Law Enforcement more people. No it or not every Cop Shop is about 3 to 400 Officers’ short. Rule of thumb is 1 Officer for every 500 people. I saw the other day that Minneapolis is 400 Officer short. .
        Hell this is nothing new. When I was on the SWAT team I was the Medic along with the Sniper..

      18. Many of us have been cross trained and working both jobs for decades. The only difference is blue states are starting to do this because too many officers are quitting due to all the new bs laws and regulations being passed in those same blue areas. Many departments are at half or less staffing nowadays At the same time the politicians are ramping up the pace and severity of those socialist laws.

      19. In order to uphold the tradition against standing armies and more redcoats, there could be no more praetorian caste.

        They would be summarily disarmed, harmless, servile, and call upon the responsible freeman for help.

        If ordinary people knew of their swagger and their counterculture, there would be a period of public humiliation, to reinforce the point of your freedom.

        Otherwise, you have no viable, consistent complaints against feudalism, when the whole village was put upon, to support their official, first responders. Roughly, a small village of peasants might be ground to dust, in order to cover the expense of just one person. How does your house, street, car, and clothes look, if you even have these things.

      20. 1. As a Fireman I would NOT want to deal with a sidearm. Fires and ammo don’t mix.
        2. As an EMT I would NOT want to deal with a sidearm. Crazies, druggies, drunks, and sidearms don’t mix.

        When you are dealing with mentally ill, drunk, drugged up, suicidal, individuals with problems. You have just introduced a firearm into a already volatile chaotic situation.
        – – – – – – – – – – – –
        I find that Daily carry of a firearm is a BIG inconvienent hassle. I don’t like carrying.
        I do NOT want to carry.
        As per my Dad, “As a husband-father it is YOUR responsibility to provide for the safety and security of those you love.” So I carry when with family. (Not always when I’m alone.)
        Today, This world is now INSANE, off the rails, violent entitled minorities, unprovoked “knock out game” gangs of teens, illegal mexicans/gangs who are drugged up-armed-violent CRIMINALS. No border security. Random shooters who do unprovoked unspeakable senseless violent acts. These are the insane times the NWO Leftist have made for “changed” diverse Amerikka.

        So if you don’t carry. You are just another helpless victim. Read that again.

        My aunt was nearly murdered at the Luby’s in Texas incident, Luby’s massacre, was a mass shooting that took place on October 16, 1991, at a Luby’s Cafeteria in Killeen, Texas.

        Lucky that my aunt decided on take home burgers that day instead of Luby’s dine in. They usually went there to dine in. Near miss.

        Every adult member of my family has carried since October 17, 1991.

        When I was 16, Dad taught me to carry. (This was because of my upcoming first date, With the woman that became my wife.) Carrying Likely saved my life, kept me out of trouble. Why?
        Not in ways you might think. I was forced to man up into an adult. Not by choice. Dad decided.
        1. Because when you carry you can NOT get into fist fights. You have to swallow ego and walk away. Always have to walk away. Leave.
        2. Also you can NOT get into verbal arguments altercations. You just have to walk away. keep mouth shut, apollogize even when you are right, and walk away. Leave the area.
        3. You can NOT be drinking or drunk when carrying. So I was always the sober designated driver in high school. (I never drove drunk. I was not afraid of jail, Police, or dying. I was terrified of my Dad, Grand Dad, uncles. They would have beaten my ass. Then my “truck would have been sold”. I had been warned. I did not want to be without wheels and walk. Dad doesn’t play. )
        Note: Two of my high school team mates died right before graduation, they were both driving drunk. Few years later Lost several people after boot camp. Not training, not combat. Driving drunk was the cause.
        – – – – – – – – – – – –

        There is a story. Has worked for me. I’m alive. Thanks Dad.

      21. I’m an EMT and if I choose to be an LEO at the same time, that’s my business. Off duty, I carry concealed. So, yes I have all the business in the world carrying a firearm and making arrests as long as I’m following the law and am properly trained. You’ve obviously never heard of a Navy Seal medic. If you don’t like it, pound sand.

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