Sydney Australia Locks Down For Another Week For The Umpteenth Time

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Headline News | 3 comments

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    Who even knows how many times Australia has locked down its slaves to allegedly slow the spread of the delta variant. The leader of Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) state on Wednesday ordered a week-long extension of Sydney’s COVID-19 lockdown, warning new cases are bound to rise as the country’s biggest city grapples with the highly infectious Delta variant.

    Did you catch that? The cases are “bound to rise” meaning they haven’t yet and are still locking down? Where is the logic behind that kind of math? Oh yeah, lockdowns are about enslavement and control, not logic and health. Sydney is home to one fifth of Australia’s total population, which is 5 million people. Of those 5 million, the total number of “infections” is at 350. Shall we do the math for the mainstream media, since they can’t be bothered to do it because if they did, it wouldn’t be scary enough?

    350 out of 5 million comes to .007%.  That’s beyond statistically negligent and can even be as simple as a rounding error.  Yet the masters are locking the slaves down even longer. At this point, Australians may never be able to even comprehend what true freedom actually looks like.

    “This Delta strain is a game-changer, it is extremely transmissible and more contagious than any other form of the virus that we’ve seen,” NSW state Premier Gladys Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney, according to a report by Reuters

    Another admission by mainstream media we should pay close attention to can be found in this paragraph:

    A total of 27 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 were reported on Wednesday in NSW, up from 18 a day earlier. Of the new cases, 20 were either in isolation throughout or for part of their infectious period, while seven cases spent time in the community while they were infectious.-Reuters

    So does that mean social distancing and lockdowns don’t work since 20 of the cases were in “isolation?” Or are they saying those 20 obedient slaves did the right thing by staying in isolation during their “infectious period?” It sure bears questioning either way.

    Health officials warned Sydney residents they can expect cases to rise in the next 24 hours and urged residents in three western suburbs – Fairfield, Canterbury-Bankstown, and Liverpool – to stay home.

    A few disgruntled people are starting to figure out that this was never about health. “Let’s lock down the people that are vulnerable, you don’t lock down healthy people because a few are sick. It’s just not making sense and your numbers don’t justify it,” Sydney resident Paul Coleman told Reuters at Bondi, near the epicenter of the latest outbreak.

    The ultimate goal is to control everyone and they are doing a really good job in Australia. Anyone who can do basic math knows those numbers don’t warrant anything even resembling another lockdown. Like the United Kingdom, Austalia could be on track for a permanent lockdown.


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      1. Noticed how they said this variant is “extremely transmissible and more contagious than any other form of the virus” .Nowhere do they say that it is extremely dangerous and of course that is because
        it is not. This is just more fear mongering by these elitist psychos to frighten the holdouts into getting this gene altering garbage. We should do what you say and continue using our critical thinking skills to see that this “variant” baloney is just more of the same from these liars.

      2. Any excuse will do when the Tyrants want to increase the subjugation of the population – and the citizenry have no meaningful way of fighting back.

        This provides another lesson for Americans. Our Founders were great students of government structure and realized the history of govt. tyranny throughout the ages. Our experiment in self-governance required our Bill of Rights with the second amendment listing the idea of firearm-self-defense that “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. Sure Biden could get me with his nukes & other superior weaponry – but millions of my fellow Americans could make Tyranny very costly.

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