Swiss Army War-Games Economic Collapse and Refugee Invasion: “21st Century Threats”

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    Switzerland has revealed that they, like the US government, have been simulating collapse fall-out scenarios that could stem from widespread economic collapse, violent uprisings and mass refugee migrations.

    Nigel Farage, the UK representative in the European Union, speaking at a conference that included Ron Paul as a guest, said earlier this year that the economic climate in Europe and the rest of the world could potentially lead to wholesale violent revolution resulting from a financial cataclysm.

    The Swiss were paying attention, as evidenced by an exercise last month that included the invasion of their country by neighboring France.

    The war game, referred to as an “outlandish army exercise” by the Longdon Telegraph, may well be exactly what happens should the European Union dissolve and the French nation goes bankrupt:

    Hordes of bankrupt French invade Switzerland to get their hands on their “stolen” money — such is the imaginary scenario cooked up by the Swiss military in simulations revealed over the weekend.

    Carried out in August, the apparently outlandish army exercise was based on the premise of an attack by a financially stricken France split into warring regions, according to Matin Dimanche, the Lausanne-based daily.

    One of these, “Saônia,” corresponding to the existing Jura region, was preparing attacks on Switzerland to retrieve money it had apparently swiped from France.

    Operation “Duplex-Barbara” went as far as imagining a three-pronged invasion from points near Neufchâtel, Lausanne and Geneva, according to a map published in the Swiss newspaper.

    “For its credibility, the Swiss army must work (to ward against) threats of the 21st century,” Antoine Vielliard, Hauate-Savoie councillor, told Matin Dimanche.

    This is by no means the first imaginary scenario dreamed up by the Swiss army. Last year, it carried out an exercise based on the premise that a huge wave of refugees crossed into the country after the implosion of the European Single Currency and ensuing chaos across the continent.

    “Stabilo Due” centered around a risk map created in 2010 and envisaged internal unrest between warring factions as well as the possibility of refugees from Greece, Spain, Italy, France, and Portugal.

    Warning of an escalation of violence in Europe, defense minister Ueli Maurer said at the time: “I can’t exclude that in the coming years we may need the army.”

    Switzerland, which has a standing conscripted army of 155,000 soldiers and allows their citizens to own military class firearms as a national defense measure, knows exactly what is happening.

    While the scenarios are outliers, they are by no means imaginary, as the Telegraph would have us believe.

    Switzerland is one of the world’s foremost banking capitals, and they understand that the economic system as it exists today is simply unsustainable. Moreover, they are keen on the fact that banks around the world have been gearing up for a major collapse of the financial system.

    When it all comes crashing down, as Nigel Farage and others have warned, Europe will explode into another violent revolution, just as it has done numerous times over the last several centuries.

    The Swiss aren’t taking any chances and they are preparing to literally lock their country down from the possibility of a mass invasion by a foreign military or rebel forces, as well as mass refugee migrations should the countries around them go bankrupt.

    The United States government has simulated similar scenarios, including the threat of financial collapse and the civil unrest that would follow.

    As we’ve noted before, the government knows what is coming, and they are putting the control grid into place to handle the blow-back.

    The world is on the brink, and anyone who has been paying attention is likely doing the same thing as governments in the know – stockpiling food, firearms, supplies and implementing personal defense strategies should the hordes come their way looking for resources.


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      1. The Swiss are no longer this perfect little nuetral country, they are right in the middle of it. Did you hear that Russia has called up 150,000 draftees for immediate service? Something big is looming.

        • BI
          Yes I did heard about Russia. They are getting ready for something. OCT. is the month when everything seams to happen!
          My gut is that an economic collapse (65%) or Israel, is going to strike Iran (25%). invasion of Syria (10%).
          No matter sHTF all over the world.

          • The Swiss would run our tar-baby president
            straight out of town with pitchforks, along
            with the POS Piers Morgan right on his heels.

            • @ BeInformed

              Right you are!

              Switzerland has long been the home of the warmongering and genocidal tribal banksters. Switzerland is “neutral” only in the sense that their “Swiss” (read “Jewish”) banksters have long funded both sides of the wars that they have instigated.

              Switzerland knows that their dual-citizen banksters, among the main Swiss employers, are due for a trip to Nuremberg 2 for prosecution. The Swiss know that their way of life is threatened by those prosecutions.

              Have you ever wondered why the Swiss are never mentioned for disarmament? It is because their arms protect banksters!

              • Man, you got it!
                These are the people with all the money.
                Trillions on secret books.
                The control of nations is funded here.

              • Switzerland has not instigated wars, and the Jewish bankmen are in London, New York, Paris and Tel Aviv, not in Switzerland. Don’t be ridiculous.

                • @ Tenet

                  The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is in Switzerland. BIS is “command and control” for ALL the [Jewish] central banks.

                  Read carefully, Tenet. “…“Swiss” (read “Jewish”) banksters have long funded both sides of the wars that they have instigated.”

                  The Jewish banksters, not the nation of Switzerland, have instigated and funded the wars through their subsidiaries. That said, since many Swiss are employed by Swiss” (read “Jewish”) banksters, those non-Jews know who butters their bread… and that is precisely why even the Swiss goyim are preparing for economic war.

                  Until the internet, banksters could control media through ownership, so could prevent knowledge of banksters’ activity from leaking out. In these days of the internet such censorship is no longer possible and so the world is awakening to the source of our misery—the mostly-Jewish banksters in Israel, Switzerland, and in their colonies on the Thames, Potomac and Hudson Rivers.

                • To refresh your memory: Complete rubbish “as usual,” Tenet.

                  FIRST: There is not “one sentence,” but nearly 100 verses in which Jesus spoke of the defections of the Pharisees, hence, not in the covenant lineage of Abraham and also are “accused” by Moses. Not just the New Testament, but an overwhelming portion of the Old Testament, testifies to the defections of the Israelites too. I will post references below, so as to avoid moderation limbo. Hopefully Mac will allow the references. [He didn’t.]

                  SECOND: As the rabbis freely stipulate, Judaism is a POST-Christian religion that “first” (according to the rabbis, not me) sprang from the Pharisees, the defectors “accused” by Moses, NOT from “the Hebrew Bible.”

                  THIRD: Christianity sprang from Mosaic Law, NOT from those who had defected from Mosaic Law, Pharisaism, rabbinical, or talmudic Judaism. Christianity then has “no concord with Belial or unbelievers” (2 Corinthians 6:15)

                  FOURTH: Jesus was a Galilean, NOT a Judean as you claimed. He practiced true Mosaic Judaism, NOT Pharisaism. Jesus was a Jew by an honest religious, but not geographic, definition of Jew, but he was definitely NOT a “Jew” as the word has been carefully corrupted in contemporary usage. If you carefully read the Gospel of John in particular, you will see that his use of “Jew” changes.

                  FIFTH: The preponderance of genetic research (most of it conducted by “Jews” obsessed with race) indicates that MOST self-identified “Jews” are NOT semitic at all, but European, from the region of modern day Georgia (the region of ancient Khazaria). No big deal either way because there is no racial back door to Heaven and no racial chute to Hell. It is not race, but belief, baptism, and behavior in accord with Jesus’ teachings that afford salvation.

                  SIXTH: I am a practicing Roman Catholic, imperfect and a sinner, but not “Christian Identity.” What I have presented in these matters is exactly what the Catholic Church has taught for nearly 2,000 years (but has been pushed aside, even denied by heretics, since the Judaizing of Vatican II).

                  So, Tenet, you are in error on almost every claim you made.

                  You are only correct in noting the “detriment” of Judeo-Zionism.

                  • Judaism existed long before Christianity and that the Pharisees where 100% Jews as would have been Christ by the descriptions in your New Testement. Also know, not all the Pharisees where in the money exchange business, just like not all Italians are mobsters. To accuse an entire people because of the actions of a few is ridiculous. Are there Jewish Bankers, Yes, but far fewer than Christian Bankers – does that even matter to you or do you just want to blame and hate a people ? Just look up the large global banks , and the BIS, Vatican Bank, and others for that matter, and see the names. Do your own research because you clearly need to. Jeffrey Dahmer was clearly evil, do you call Christians Cannibals ? Jews and Christians whom beleive are actually brothers and sisters. Your Christ had never heard of a Christian, but he did per the text love many Jews and Non-Jews, some of whom must have founded this great faith which is essentially a branch of Judaism – so deal with it.

                  • John Q public: exit the Catholic church as friends have when all these lawsuits/scandals broke out. Ditto for prot. churches all 501c3 gov shackled ilk. (See Matt. 7 workers of iniquity, cast out)This new pope is a joke/disgrace ditto Prot. hierarchy leaders who are money hungry, hireling wolves, phony preachers, divorce and remarried, adultry (even in so called mainline churches) condoning any kind of lifestyle. Google in unregistered churches/Chuck Baldwin/Dave Daubenmire..come out from among them and be separate even if you have to have family worship.

                  • As a RC I see you are still tied to the wrong belief that you are saved by works. Scripture is clear we work from our salvation in Christ to bring glory to God. We do not work for our salvation as that was accomplished by Christ alone. This is the testimony of Christ as written by Paul in Ephesisans. Salvation by Grace not works …

                  • @ Mateniya, your straw man doesn’t stand and you reveal your ignorance of Judaism.

                    I have never said “all.” I have been quite clear: “Prosecute and punish the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.”

                    Further, the rabbis freely stipulate that Judaism is POST-Christian and NOT derived from “the Hebrew Bible.” Here are a few of dozens of admissions:

                    “This is not an uncommon impression and one finds it sometimes among Jews as well as Christians – that Judaism is the religion of the Hebrew Bible. It is, of course, a fallacious impression. Judaism is not the religion of the Bible.” [Rabbi Ben Zion Bokser, Judaism and the Christian Predicament, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1967, p.59, 159]

                    “The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single member of that literature, and round it are gathered a number of Midrashim, partly legal (Halachic) and partly works of edification (Haggadic). This literature, in its oldest elements, goes back to a time before the beginning of the Common Era, and comes down into the Middle Ages. Through it all run the lines of thought which were first drawn by the Pharisees, and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism.” [Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 3 pg. 474]


                    “The Bavli [Babylonian Talmud] has formed the definitive statement of Judaism from the time of its closure to the present day.” Rabbi Jacob Neusner, quoted by Norman F. Cantor, The Sacred Chain: A History of the Jews, page 112)

                    The Talmud was first written TWO CENTURIES AFTER Jesus Christ’s Incarnation, Passion, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. The Talmud “closed” FIVE CENTURIES AFTER Jesus.


                  • @ JAFO425

                    “But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?” James 2:20

                    “Not every one that saith to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven: but he that doth the will of my Father who is in heaven, he shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 7:21

                    “…But if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.” Matthew 19:17

                    “Wherefore, my dearly beloved, (as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but much more now in my absence,) with fear and trembling work out your salvation” Phillipians 2:12

                    “What shall it profit, my brethren, if a man say he hath faith, but hath not works? Shall faith be able to save him? And if a brother or sister be naked, and want daily food: And one of you say to them: Go in peace, be ye warmed and filled; yet give them not those things that are necessary for the body, what shall it profit? So faith also, if it have not works, is dead in itself. But some man will say: Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works; and I will shew thee, by works, my faith.” James 2:14-18

                    “…Who will render to every man according to his works.” Romans 2:6

                    “For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels: and then will he render to every man according to his works.” Matthew 16:27

                    “For we must all be manifested before the judgement seat of Christ, that every one may receive the proper things of the body, according as he hath done, whether it be good or evil.” 2 Corinthians 5:10

                    “And I saw the dead, great and small, standing in the presence of the throne, and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged by those things which were written in the books, according to their works. ” Apocalypse 20:12

                    See also Matthew 25:31-46 (the unrighteous are condemned for failing to do good deeds), 1 Corinthians 13:2 (faith without love is useless), Galatians 5:6 (faith without love is useless), etc., etc., etc.

                    There are about 30 MORE verses that testify to the necessity of good works. I will gladly supply them all.

                  • You’re wrong too, Jonh Public- all you have is dogma, religion, a list of “things to do”. God is not found that way and Heaven certainly is not found that way. “The Kingdom of God is found within.” PERIOD.

                  • @ anonymous

                    God disagrees with you.

                • TENET One of the only central banks left in the world
                  maybe the only one that the bankers don’t control is
                  THE Iran central bank why do you think they want Iran
                  so bad once that bank falls the NWO will control

                • Tenet: The BIS/ bank of international settlements in Basel Swit. is the most powerful bank in the world controlling other banks.

              • Your comment about my ignorance of Judaism made me laugh. I am an Orthdox Rabbi, though a modest, average guy, and I only teach part time and do not work at a Schul (Synagogue). Sorry to say, but you have learned some mis-information – certainly about your faith I probably have as well. But clearly you do seek to understand, so I will just clarify one mis-understanding as I am so busy today. That is the Talmud. Talmud is a series text that are debates, clarificcations, stories, history, various debates – some with no conclusion, and various commentary about the Mishna. The Mishna is the oral traditions that where eventually written/recorded by a great man (not a prophet, nor Messiach,…just a good man) during a difficult time in Jewish history. Talmud itself means “study”. The Talmud is in effect a series of text books for education. In this description, I am leaving still much out. When it was written has nothing to do with when it was as it existed as oral traditions long before the times of Jesus.
                What is clear after having read parts of the Christian Scriptures is that Talmud was quoted many times as all Jews would know some, just like all Americans know some US History. My point is what you have been taught about Judaism is superficially arguable, but not to those whom have studied more deeply, not even slightly arguable. All this said, I beleive it is important for evey Jew, Catholic, Protestant, to focus on building bridges and not walls. Yes, our understanding and beleifs are different, but if we accept that the portion of each others faiths that we all agree upon is true, we should care for and love one another. Shalon, Pax, Peace,…

                • My apologies for my spelling errors!

          • Sgt Dale: I would suggest a 90% probability of an Israeli First Strike before the end of the year, or right after the Holidays: since everyone wants “peace on earth” for the holidays, and Christmas is high tourist season in Bethlehem.

            A 30% or even a 40% correction in the stock market is NOT financial collapse, people. It is TYPICAL at the end of a business cycle. Second leg down is coming.

            Hunker down and buckle up. 🙂

            • D.K.
              You make some good points. I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe nothing will happen.

              • DK not only made a good point he gets a 1000 thumbs up

        • The country is 11 time zones across. 150,030 is a pittance of their youth. Every young man just out of high school is supposed to do military service, and those who don’t got out of it by bribing the right people or by being in college. This is the usual fall call-up.

          That said, the scary thing is actually all the bunkers they built so quickly. Nothing in Russia is built quickly unless a lot of money and power is behind it.

        • The Swiss are the NWO’s banker or should I say they are the secret location for the NWO base of operations. Ever wonder why they are always neutral? At the end of every WW they have all the loot?

          • …..and, since their military consists of only about 5% full-time active soldiers, the remainder consists of trained citizens that are basically reservists; the country is “militarily” on active reserve.

            At one time, the vatican used the Swiss Military for it’s own defense. Wonder what the status is now, since the Vatican is at the heart of the NWO, or at least the coming religious segment of it.

            • 2 Sam 11:1 And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when Kings go forth to battle.
              As much truth in the saying “sell Rosh Hashanah buy Yom Kippur” and it will also free them from any contractual obligations so to is the month after the holidays of Sept/Oct when the Zionists want to war by arms politicaly or financialy. From this side of the world I will keep Jesus Christs blood purchased church in America in my prayer that it stands sure footed on the Rock Of Ages during these trying times & should that jesuit pope offer his solution to the worlds problems reject that anti-christ he is only playing the hegelian dialectic. of interest USGS is offline

            • Be aware that “Pope” Francis may actually be an antipope. His ordination used the Novus Ordo (“New Order”) rite, a rite that is almost word-for-word identical to the Anglican rite pronounced as invalid by the infallible 19th century Vatican Council.

              So, “Pope” BERG-oglio may not even be a priest, much less an authentic Pope. Interesting that the NWO has opined that the Vatican is no longer a “sacerdotal monarchy,” no longer a “priestly kingdom” because the head is no longer even a priest.

              The irony that Mr. BERG-oglio selected the name “Francis”? St. Francis of Assisi warned that in the End TImes God would send the Church “a destroyer, not a pastor” who would be “a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavour to draw many into error and death.”

              Remember BERG-oglio’s recent comments that Catholics were talking too much against abortion? St. Francis prophesied, “Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.”


              Consider the insane things that BERG-oglio has offered in recent interviews:

              Q. What did Francis promise that his upcoming visit to Assisi would teach the Church?
              A. “How to strip.”

              Q. What did Francis just say were “the gravest of evils” that now afflict the world?
              A. “Unemployment & loneliness”

              Q. What’s Francis’ advice on the correct approach to the 6th & 9th Commandments?
              A. “Don’t impose insistently!”

              Q. What does Francis say the Church should be doing instead of converting people?
              A. “Listening to needs.”

              Q. How could Francis allow divorced & remarried Catholics to receive Communion?
              A. “Pastoral solution [wink!]”

              Q. What does Francis teach about “doctrinal security” for Catholics?
              A. “Exists no more!”

              And, yes, BERG-oglio’s family name has caused speculation among practicing Catholics that he just might be another Marrano.

              Is the Pope Catholic?
              Not any more.

              This is also consistent with Our Lady of LaSalette’s warning in 1846 that “…Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.” The authentic Catholic Church might as well be in the catacombs today. This is also consistent with St. Paul’s warning that a “revolt” would precede the appearance of “the man of sin.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

              • Not a practicing Catholic, but for those who are, excellent analysis.

                There may very well be a Jew in the woodpile, as such is their methodology and doctrine…

                “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” –Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Jew)

              • John Q: This is the 3rd pope in a row who speaks far more like a freemason than a catholic let alone a pope. So if 3 in a row have been elected what does that say about the majority of the cardinals and bishops in the church right now?
                If the pope is NOT following the leading of the Holy Spirit then whom is he following? There are only 2 choices: God or Satan.
                I do not choose to be led by a follower of Satan so I chose to move to a Traditional Catholic Church that has a valid apostolic connection, old or traditional rites and valid priesthood who teach the entire Catholic faith including heaven, hell, Satan and sin. It was one of the hardest choices I have ever made but it was so very right. I chose God.

                • Exactly what does this have to do with Swiss Army War Games? OK, I admit that the Pope has Swiss Guards, but come on, There is indeed a time for every purpose, so go picket the Vatican. Not here.

                  • I was going to discuss cheese and chocolate, but now I’m terrified I’ll get my wee wee whacked with a ruler by a nun with issues.

                  • Good Heavens. It takes forever for posts with links to pass “moderation.”

                    Here it is without the links.

                    Agreed, but unfortunately the subversion is extending even into the “traditional” parishes. Why would Satan and his synagogue overlook the most faithful followers of Jesus Christ?

                    For example, consider how a Zionist with connections to Rothschild banking has penetrated the SSPX, gained signature authority over major SSPX assets, expressed his Facebook “like” (since removed by him) of the filth who calls herself “Madonna,” and how the SSPX sites and sermons have been entirely scrubbed of the perennial, infallible, and unchangeable teaching about “the Jews.”

                    Links to follow (I hope)

                • Agreed, but unfortunately the subversion is extending even into the “traditional” parishes. Why would Satan and his synagogue overlook the most faithful followers of Jesus Christ?

                  For example, consider how a Zionist with connections to Rothschild banking has penetrated the SSPX, gained signature authority over major SSPX assets, expressed his Facebook “like” (since removed by him) of the filth who calls herself “Madonna,” and how the SSPX sites and sermons have been entirely scrubbed of the perennial, infallible, and unchangeable teaching about “the Jews.”

                  Certainly practicing Catholics and Catholic Truth are a high priority target for Satan and his synagogue.

                • God’s Prophet Daniel warned that the End Times would “take away the continual sacrifice” (Daniel 11:31) and “the sacrifice [of the Mass] shall fall” and there will be “in the temple the abomination of desolation” (Daniel 9:27).

                  Jesus Himself reminded us of those passages. See Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14.

                  Many practicing Catholics believe that, along with the outrages of Vatican 2, the Novus Ordo “Mass” (promulgated by the Sodomite “Pope” Paul VI) is invalid, hence the sacrifice has failed and, because the True Presence is no longer in the tabernacle, that the Holy Eucharist is NOT confected by the changed words of Jesus (“all” instead of “many” is a completely invalid form) used by invalidly ordained “priests,” that the Novus Ordo communion wafers are indeed the “abomination of deflation.”

                  Our Lady of Fatima also warned us that we would be left with only the Rosary, also an indication that during the chastisements of the End Times, there would be no more True Mass.

                  • Auto spell correct messed up my typo. The post above should read:

                    “…that the Novus Ordo communion wafers are indeed the “abomination of DESOLATION….”

                  • They don’t call him the “Black Pope” for nothing.

                  • Agreed
                    On the SSPX: when their leader died, those who took over sold the people out to the Vatican and they were immediately ordered to conform. But there are other traditional groups with valid apostolic lines and valid bishops and priests in the old rite. You just have to ask questions and check to apostolicity.

                • C: Good idea, there is a small number churches in the U.S. that are unregistered (non 501c3) traditional orthodox Baptist churches/assemblies, also a small number of Presbyterian groups and other denom. The pastors work secular jobs as members are so few. If too far from home, family has home church downloading or ordering sermons on CD.

                  • laura M: A verse in NT says that when Two or more christians who gave Gods holy spirit indwelt within them, are present, and speaking in His, Christs Name, Then THAT IS Church.

                    Many dispensationalist’s type christians today have bought into the falshood taught, that the biblical promice God made that “The time will come when I(God) shall Live in and With My People and walk with and amoung them”(paraphrased not an exact bible quote).

                    They are taught to believe that That is still a futurisic event yet to come. I think its also taught to them to believe is means God is going to do that with jews with a rebuilt 3rd temple and again doing Animal Sacrafices etc. But that Promice has zero to do with jews or 3rd temples or animals sacraficed. Jesus Was the Final sacrafice. Belife in more or future animal sacrafices by jews or anybody else is Blasphemy. It Rejects Christs sacrafice once and for ALL time, and places Dead animals burnt on a jew alter on a higher plane and of more importence than of Jesus. Thats Absured yet it seems Many christians today believe such hogwash.

                    The truth is this: Every since day of pentacost when at first the 12 apostles were indwelled with the Holy Spirt, which Jesus said after he was arisen He will ask His Father to SEND as a “Helper”, and He Did send the Holy Spirit. After those first 12 were indwelt with Gods spirit, they preached ouside the place, and 3000 More folks were indwelt with the Holy Spirit.(they spoke in Toungues, which meant as the apostles spoke, every person there all 3000, although of a dozen different languages from their Orig lands Understood each word spoken AS If spoken in Their Own native language! Thats what so amazed them all…Todays phony “Babbleings” called speaking in toungues by some christians, is a delusional Hoax of Satan! For God is NOT the God of Confusion, and in every sense of the word “Confusion” todays babblerings called speaking in toungues is eaxcty That, total incoherent meaningless confusions that even the person doing such Babeling cannot tell you want it means!..The biggest swindler hoaxers use another person standing by to “interpret” those incoherent bableings or “toungues spoken” to convince the church flock present to believe its really an act of God!…More like act of Satan the Master of Deceptions and Lies.

                    God Is “Spirit”, when God says He will one day Live IN and walk With and Amoung His People etc…Thats what it is speaking of. That promiced Fullfillment Began at Pentacost Day, 2000 yrs ago, and has ever Since continued to be fullfilled every time another person becomes a True believer and they too are indwelt with Gods Holy Spirit that Lives In, and Walks With them for evermore.

                    God told folks, rabbis,jews etc that He NO longer is going to dwell In any “Golden Arks” NOR any Temples built by Mans hands like the 2 jew temples God caused to be destroyed due to far too many jewish Failures to Obey God and the old covenant all 12 tribes agreed to etc.

                    The NT verses teach us that Gods NEW plans are to Live IN and With His people, aka Christian believers. Instead of arks or temples etc. Our body is the New Temple.

                    Ever since day of pentacost, when Two or more Spirit filled christians Speak In Christs name THAT Is Church. Regardless if those two are inside any Buidling, or outside in fresh air, anywheres they happen to be at That Moment.

                    The “Church” Is composed Of and BY and With All of the true holy spirit filled persons worldwide that we usually call “Christians” The Body Of Christ aka Church.

                    If one cannot locate a non irs mandated pastor, or even a Valid pastor who teaches truth, including truth of jew issues etc, its no big deal. We Are the Church. Our human body Is Gods NEW temple. The bible says so. Christ says so. All 12 apostles says so. All that now matters today is what do the People say. Either Yes they believe it…Or No they do not. If they say NO? Then That is Their Loss. One day they Will regret so foolish a choice. But God also Promiced to Honor even foolsih choices to reject belief and God has a location planned to house such folks for Eternity if thats their choice.

                    I myself have No such “Good” pastors or church “Buildgs” near me. BUT I Do have Other Spirit Filled fellow believers close by. Whenever we gather as Two or more and speak In Christs Name, we are Holding Church because We Are part of the Global Church Body of Christ.

                    Thats what the bible teaches. Not in the same exact words I use. But the exact Same meanings.

                • Thank you for that… another blog to follow.

            • To be correct, the Vatican hired Swiss mercenaries, not the Swiss military.

              • To take literal ‘correctness’ up a notch further — all militaries ARE mercenaries.

                War Is a Racket
                — Major General Smedley Butler, USMC

                War is a Racket by Smedley Butler – YouTube

                • Go say that to a veteran’s face.

                  • Rarely do I need to. Most, having gone through the Jew media ‘patriot’ mind-meld entertainment in adolescence, then the bullshit used car process at recruitment, then the hell of war, and afterwards the abandonment of a used whore and disarmament like a psycho after returning, there is really very little I need to inform them of.

                  • James, you nailed that!

                  • you’re not listening Smokey…

                    James… John…oh my,and it’s the fact that most of us don’t really see it until years later…

          • “the secret location for the NWO base of operations”. Paranoid, low-IQ freak. You have no proof of anything you say.

            There is clear proof that Goldman Sachs has influence in Washington, by the high number of their top people who become government officials, and by their close relationship to fellow Zionists like Rahm Emanuel, who made sure Obama in 2008 got more funding from the large banks than any other candidate. But you have no proof whatsoever that Switzerland, the most nationalistic of all Western nations, would be “the secret location for the NWO”. You just see “banks” and you think EVIL! Because you don’t have any money yourself. So you love any theory that declares that anyone with more money than you is evil.

            • Isn’t the “BIS” Bank of international settlements located in swiss land? I think it is. if so That is also known as The Bank of All Private central banksters. No others do buis there and it is done in secret.

              Cannot get more NWO than The main bank of banksters eh.

              Research can answer many of your questions.

        • I didn’t hear about Russia. Can you please link or source?

        • Something MAY be looming but I wouldn’t hold my breath on it ……look its already been over a month

          • They are obviously not playing speed chess. (Or speed checkers in the case of certain idiot “world leaders.”)

        • The Euro is a lot safer than the USD. The currency is separated from the nation state. Nations can be in shambles but the currency can carry its value, unlike the USD. Europe is going through their rough patch. The US is simply printing more money and adding to the calamity that is going to happen. They are in much better shape than we are…

          • “Europe” is not going through anything, dumb American. The EU is not “Europe”. And it is not even all EU countries that have a bad economy, it is the Med countries, which have been living off money borrowed from Germanic banks, and feeding from the “regional aid” the socialist EU steals from Germanic peoples and gives to them every year. They have done nothing to improve their economy and have simply added more and more socialist advantages, like huge pay when they become unemployed or retire at 55 (Greece). The chickens come home to roost. But that’s not “Europe”. That is some Romanic, socialist countries.

            • I’m referring to the Euro Zone, which produces what, 70%+ European GDP…? You must be from one of the little countries… or Germany.

              Speaking of… the last time Germany had more than .7% growth was in 2011. And they’ve only had 2 quarters in the last 5 years with over .8% GDP growth. I guess that’s going gang busters for you.

              Greece has run a budget surplus so far this year. They are (very slowly) starting to dig out of their hell hole. Yes, they over borrowed on cheap money and deserve what they get, as will the US.

              The Euro will survive this fiat meltdown, but the USD, GBP, YEN, and many others will not.

              Do some actual research…

            • I live in Europe.

              It’s not in good shape anywhere. E.Europe is a poverty stricken area of misery old folks raising their grand kids , as all the young are leaving for places like Germany and the UK in the hope of work. This is such as shame as these are proud, free thinking nations, where Christianity is enjoying an upsurge of support not seen for generations, the land is fertile and the people generally are better educated after high school than any you’ll see emerge from a US or UK University with several degrees under their belt.

              The med is a disaster zone that even you are aware of. It’s people had strong family units, decent educations and were capable of critical thinking – for the NWO that would never do! Greece as the birthplace of the concept of democracy, the nation state and many other ideas contrary to the desires of the NWO was always going to be in the firing line. The idea of freedom was born in Greece and the NWO are doing all they can to snuff out that flame, and dumb us all down into forgetting the concept altogether.

              Ireland is known mostly for the large numbers of it’s intelligent youngsters leaving for the US/Canda/Aus – anywhere that will give them a job and a decent start in life. It’s not the first time the Irish have been weakened by poverty – they’ll bounce back once more someday.

              Germany is riven with divisions between the old east and west + the have + the have nots and the economic immigrants. They are a hardworking nation, but hard work and intellect alone is not enough to chase back the tide of fiat induced nonsense that surrounds them forever. Germany is also not a free nation at all, it’s people are still being punished for the wars of the last century. Homeschooling for instance is illegal there, just to mention one simple “right” many elsewhere take for granted even if they don’t act upon it. Your kid belongs to the state in Germany whether you like it or not.

              Germany is not Utopia. Bribery is NOT freedom.

              The UK has a fiscal deficit so out of control, noone’s mind is able to fathom it(remind you of your US at all?). In addition our politicians are of a calibre of intellect not usually allowed out without a carer or trusted to make a cup of tea without supervision. Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe the current trio of NWO installed puppets.

              If you look at the suffering across Europe, you can almost directly relate it to a nations faith in Christianity, strength of their traditional family unit, independence of spirit and freedom of expression prior to the crash of 2008.

              Those nations that appear to be doing best, are also those nations most known in the 3rd world for their citizens being nasty child sex tourists, where belief in God is sneered at, where the traditional family has been replaced by children raised by a nanny state and where common decency has long been forgotten in favour of what Americans call a “liberal PC agenda”. We call it “common purpose”.

              No EU country has what a sensible person would call a “good” economy. Fiat and funny money is the name of the game.

        • Off topic, but the debt clock keeps going up, up, up into infinity!!!!!!!

          MSM is full of f*cking idiots trying to spread that all is well. Give it a rest already! Those that are awake, know what is coming. Those that continue to ignore, stay asleep, or believe every word out of MSM mouths’ will be the ones looking like a bunch of deer caught in the headlights of destruction.
          IMO, I do believe that time is running short till America’s society is turned upside down.

          B aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • Of that 150,000, perhaps 75,000 will actually show up. Draft dodging is a national pastime in Russia, now.

      2. If they are preparing for a collapse they must know something coming very soon. Because they would not have waisted that kind of money preparing for it.
        Notice it stated that they have MILTARY weapons in their houses. They will remain free while the rest of the world burns! They will have a nation that will have some type of civilization with order because the population will be armed and able to fight off invaders.
        BO and the Dems want the guns out our hands so we cant fight off the invaders, and the Government when the SHTF!!!
        Keep your prepps ready, your Guns clean, your mags loaded, your friends and family close, and most important stay close to your God.

        • Relax a bit. The Swiss have these almost every year. They have done exercises presuming an invasion from every country around them and others. If you know where to look they have blockhouses that look like real houses, they have tank traps hidden in the roads. They have hidden air strips in caves, you name it they got it. They have been at it 600 years. Ask where the Knights Templars went.

          • You are a voice of reason in a sea of panic.

            • Para and Gov.
              I agree relax a little. All I’m saying is to be prepared.
              If Russia is drafting 150,000 more for their army and the Swiss are running drill to stop an invasion of their country because of an Eco collapse. Some thing is up.
              All you see in the US cutting the military and the Gov. trying to take away our guns.
              Relax but don’t get complacent.

          • Yes, there is no reason to think something is going to happen right now. No matter how much people wish it or fear it. The decline is a fact, but it is not going to blow up right now.

            It is good to see the Swiss have their war games, though. They are the most nationalist country in the West. Their newspapers always talk about what is best for the Swiss people, and how to keep Switzerland Swiss, something that is declared to be “racist” in other countries, such as the U.S., Britain and Sweden, where the top media have Zionist owners. The Swiss see the insanity around them and prepare.

        • Switzerland has a population of six million, but there are estimated to be at least two million publicly-owned firearms, including about 600,000 automatic rifles and 500,000 pistols.

          Instead of a standing, full-time army, the country requires every man to undergo some form of military training for a few days or weeks a year throughout most of their lives.

          Between the ages of 21 and 32 men serve as frontline troops. They are given an M-57 assault rifle and 24 rounds of ammunition which they are required to keep at home.

          Once discharged, men serve in the Swiss equivalent of the US National Guard, but still have to train occasionally and are given bolt rifles. Women do not have to own firearms, but are encouraged to.

          • Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

            “The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself, if you don’t have the tools to do that, then you’re going to be at the mercy of whomever wants to put you away.”

            video at www dot ebaumsworld dot com

            • >>>
              Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World

              It s not merely the guns. There's the enormous racial, social and cultural factor… Switzerland has not received the NWO 'blessing of diversity' nearly to the extent of other Western nations, displacing up to 50% of the indigenous ethnic European populations with newly civilized and recently reformed cannibals from Africa and South America.

              • The Swiss speak several languages and each small linguistic/cultural region has it’s own distinct character and POWER to govern itself.

                A drive thru holiday will show you the cultural differences within the different regions from “Germanic to Italian Switzerland” even if you only stop to try the differing cuisines in each area. The governmental structure is the total opposite of the Centralist nonsense imposed upon other nations.

                The gold from most wars winds up in a Swiss Vault at some point. Virtually every 3rd world tinpot dictator has a personal account there. The rabbit hole for many a conspiracy ends in Switzerland with the International bank of Settlements. Why does a mere bank require diplomatic immunity for its staff, it’s own military etc, etc. Look it up and you’ll soon see that under the clean streets and well mannered population there resides a sewer of filth dirtier than almost anywhere else on the planet.

                • I think I’ve grasped the left-lane logic. So if one were to upend the present landscape of Detroit, one would reveal the true concealed reality of a rain bowed, ‘we all be ‘da same’, People[Z] Paradise.

                  It appears it’s true… nothing is as it seems to be.

                • Precisely on target with your every shot, lonelonmum.

                • @ lonelonmum,

                  You made some good points. Every European nation was involved in WW2 regardless if they wanted or not, EXCEPT the SWISS. Because top bankers were there, and all the gold from Germany and other countries flowed there. 🙁


                  How convenient that Swiss agents leaked the data of the rich Americans and others who have their foreign bank accounts in Switzerland, so the gov’t would go after them.

                  How did the agents get the data in the first place??

                  It could not have happened unless it was a DEEP PLOT.

              • You have demonstrated quite well how straight talk and fewer words can effect the truth shine even brighter.

          • Jay Jay
            The guy in the national guard are now given the M57 to take home. I just saw a program on Discovery Ch. telling about how their military works.

        • Obutthole and his horde is our invader. We don’t have to worry much about the French. I hear they can’t swim.

          • Obutthole….. LOL

        • The official reason for the exercises may be cover for the real reason. Preparations for invasion from France? A nuclear armed NATO power to the west, in league with its masters, the USA and the UK? Maybe the Swiss just don’t want to be overrun when WW3 turns into a land grab across Europe.

          • Obama and Thugs Pulled Off the Heist of the Century
            By Wayne Allyn Root

            “In the end it’s clear to anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by government schools or bribed by government checks that the 2012 election was fraudulently stolen by Barack Obama.

            What did Obama, Democrats, and the IRS gain?

            1. The right to continue to loot the treasury with bailouts, stimulus, corporate welfare, and government contracts to his friends, donors, loyal media lackeys, and corrupt union bosses.

            2. The right to continue to redistribute income from the business owners (who vote Republican) to Obama’s voters (the poor, unions, and government employees).

            3. The ability to save Obamacare and unionize 15 million healthcare workers – thereby raising $15 billion in union dues to elect Democrats. And of course to overwhelm middle class families with $20,000 annual health insurance bills they can’t pay, thereby addicting them to government handouts.

            4. The IRS itself gains tremendously. They are now in charge of policing Obamacare – a huge, new bureaucracy. It also adds thousands of new IRS agents, thereby greatly enriching the IRS union.

            5. The opportunity to pass immigration amnesty, thereby producing 10 to 20 million new loyal Democratic voters.

            6. The opportunity to bankrupt business owners and permanently weaken the private sector, thereby drying up donations for conservative candidates and causes.

            7. The opportunity to weaken American influence internationally (see Egypt, Libya, Syria).

            Obama’s re-election also means he may serve long enough to appoint one or two more Supreme Court justices, whose radical leftist views will ensure America is permanently transformed to a big government socialist nation. …”


            • In another shocking news release: “Water is wet.” Film at 11.

        • Sarge,,
          quote “BO and the Dems want the guns out our hands so we cant fight off the invaders”
          You dont plan on complying with that do you?
          I will let them kill me before I will give them anything.
          I dont use my firearmas on a day to day basis, and no I dont need them today, and may not need them tomorrow,
          but Ill be damned if I am going to let some bunch of uniform clad minions take them from anything less than my cold dead hands.

          • Kula.
            Complying. HHEELLLL NNOO !!!
            “FROM MY COLD DEAD HAND” my brother.
            These are just a few word to say how I feel. I will fight them with every breath and fiber of my soul. If I have the power to keep fighting after I’m hit I will fight until there is no blood in my body. And the blood you will see running from my body will be RED WHITE and BLUE!!!
            I will still be standing and yelling “I HAVE NOT BEGUN TO FIGHT” (MY GOD WE HAD SOME GREAT LEADERS IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR!)
            I use my guns almost every day. I know how and when to use them!

        • Read John McPhee’s book, ‘Place de la Concorde Suiss’, about the Swiss national army. The Swiss do these kind of things once or twice every year, calling up most of the male population.

          They used to train for war with Italy, war with Germany, war with Russia, war with France, war with Austria, and since they don’t need to do that anymore, they’re training for war with the hordes.

        • Sgt Dale: as a Canadian vet of the cold war. I did some training in that part of the world. Met some Swiss soldiers that talked abit about their history. It’s a fascinating read. Take some time to read up on it. You will not be sorry. Gives some good insight on the reasons for their citizen army. They have managed to implement what the 2nd Ammendment was intended to do.

      3. The Swiss were the ‘Global Bankers’ of WWII. The US, the French even the Germans all had Swiss accounts. They needed someone ‘neutral’ to hold their gold. Funny how history does the shampoo style rinse, repeat theme.

        The Swiss know what’s coming, you know what’s coming, but your neighbors who act like 5th graders do not-
        then you are definitely smarter than a 5th grader. 🙂

      4. Switzerland sounds like it is just one big bank vault—of course they’ll rally to protect their vault, and it sounds like that is exactly what they’re doing. Apparently, they’re not so “neutral” when it comes to their gold.

        Does anyone else wonder why the only countries allowed by the U.N. to arm all citizens, with little or no restrictions, are Switzerland and Israel?

        Anyone know why that is?

        • Off the top of my head I’s suspect that neither is beholden to the UN on those issues.

        • Well, sixpack, I would say all those armed Swiss are “allowed” military weapons because, likely unknown to them, they will be defending the central bank of central banks…the BIS in Basel…

          Also probably why they are war gaming for a foreign invasion “…to get their hands on ‘stolen’ money…”.

          • Yep.

            • Something else I just noticed about the picture at the top of the page—it looks like they all have cute little valentine’s hearts on their heads…how CUTE! LOL.

          • And the invading force will be known as the ‘La Mancha’ Brigade, lead by none other than General Don Quixote!

            Think about what it is that the tyrannical global owners, the BIS in Basel, materially possess regarding wealth and ownership of the world — silicon, electrons, wood pulp and ink! It would be exclusively and solely, these material goods of real value that they would obtain if even successful in their modern day ‘Crusade’ for restoration of their wealth and property.

            • Back when newspapers in usa were private owned, the swindler zios bought control of most all Paper and Ink. Then when newspapers printed truth that exposed those swindlers, besides ad revenues that also came from wealthy industrialist zios being halted and ads removed, newspapers were unable to buy Ink and Paper unless they agreed to toe the zio line on articles printed.

              Later on, the swindlers simply bought out the top 25 major important newspapers. AP wire and Ruters are Both owned by zionists since late 1800’s, and today 99+% of ALl newspaper and TV news originates from Ruters and AP wire.

              Then it first goes to the grandaddy of newspapers the NY times,also zio owned, from NY times it gets picked up and parroted in 2000 Other usa newspapers nationwide.

              What daily Begins at aproz 4-5 AM every morning in NY, crosses america and ends up at Kalif 4 hrs later.

              One would think today more folks would realize that there Must be a reason almost every newspaper is akin to every TV news show in that they All daily present the very exact same spew and call it “news”.

              There is nothing “New” about their NWO, as it is the repeat that first Began in Babylon, same location their Oral Babylonian Talmud began at before being printed into a series of Books around 400 AD.

              Hence in Revelation where it is called Mystery Babylon, it is the same babylon system etc as originated in the first tower of babel, Babylon region of NWO or, One World Order.

              When God sent the judiacs from jeruselem region TO Babylon as Captives for 70 yrs, it was supposed to be as a punishment for disobedience of God. Not a big opportunity for their Pharisee Rabbis to see/hear and Learn, then Adopt litterally every Pagan, ungodly, False god, satanic whichcraft, type practice possible and then incorporate it into what became to be called Babylonian Talmud.

              So really there is NO mystery in Mystery babylon if one pays atten to What they are reading in the biblical prophecys, instead of mind bending, twisted, falsehoods many pastors today teach in order to sell More movie cd’s or Books on “The End Times” etc.

              Of course thats Not to say that all such preachermen are doing it to sell stuff and get filthy rich…Many Pastors today teach falsehoods simply because they are ignorant unqualified fools aka Blind leading the Blind into that proverbail Ditch. Or as stated by Christ, that Wide Road that the “many” shall be on as it is easy to find and eaiser to Remain upon. I myself intend to see you all Later on that Narrow difficult path. Please show up!

              • Thanks so much for your wake up call to all the residents of the United States of America. Your point is well taken.

              • Precisely on target with your every shot, ThemGuys.

                A bit more on Babylon within polytheistic pagan Judaism…


                Search “gilgul.”

                “The sages of the true wisdom teach that every Jewish soul must REINCARNATE many times until it has fulfilled all the 613 mitzvos in action, speech, and thought.” Shulchan Aruch HaRav: Hilchos Talmud Torah 1:4

                Rabbi Ovadia Yosef on the REINCARNATION of Judaic souls:

                “If a Noahite is striving in the learning of Torah… reveals new aspects of Torah, he may be physically restrained and informed that he is liable for capital punishment… If the court that is established in consonance with the Seven Universal Laws gives the death penalty to a Noahite, the execution is an atonement for the person’s past transgression… Furthermore, the Noahite must experience REINCARNATION to be able to atone for transgressions he has done.” Chaim Clorfene & Yakov Rogalsky, “The Path of the Righteous Gentile: An Introduction to the Seven Laws of the children of Noah,” (Feldheim Publishers, 1987) p. 42 (The book bears an official letter of approval of its contents by Rabbi Mendel Feldman, Shearith Israel Congregation.)

                Jews are not “orthodox” for following Mosaic Law, but orthodox for following the perversion and Master Race and pagan precepts of the Oral Torah (see below) for which Jesus unmistakably damned the Pharisees and their followers as “children of Hell” Matthew 23:15.

                The Kabbalistic books of the Oral Torah, including the Zohar and Sefer Yetzirah, are in the lineage of Egyptian and Babylonian black magic that spawned idolatry of the Golden Calf, even to the Israelites worshipping, fornicating with, and sacrificing their children to the demon Moloch (Leviticus 20:3-5, 3 Kings 11:5-33, et al.). No less than in the days of the Israelites (1 Kings 8:8; Malachias 2:8-12), contemporary Judaism retains worship of pagan “strange gods”: Birkat ha-Hammah sun worship

        • Since the UN is crooked from the core and the NWO is the UN Headquarters, I see the crooks taking all those secret “Swiss Bank accounts” and transferring them into the “World Banksters” accounts as it all collapses.

          Many organizations, corrupt or not, thinking their funds were safe in Swiss banks will try to make runs on their funds, but nobody is taking their calls. The doors to the Swiss Banks are shut down like our National Parks, lights are on, but nobody’s home.

          Talking about a bunch of pissed-off people around the world; they will be snapping like Mike Tyson and ready to bite off more than ears. Hence the need for a militarized population in Switzerland, and hence the thumbs up from the UN for allowing the citizens to be armed to the teeth.

        • The secret zionist society / global bankers are very similar octopus. Even UN is controlled by them. PIGS dig the roots and destroy the farm and the for these pigs roots is money and the farm is the planet.

          • Sorry for the typos…..I get mad and allergic when I deal with PIG related subjects and simply can’t type.

            • Tac.
              Not a problem we know what you are trying to say.
              I do the same thing.

            • Tactical: ever see that main HQ buildg. of the EU nations? It was by Design built to be a modern day resembelence of the orig Tower of babel.

              They openly admited when asked, why does is it round, and the very top portion appears to be UNfinished work?

              Their answer was its supposed to look Unfinished since tower of Babel never got completed!

              At least those EU polititions openly admit they have attempted to rebuild the orig tower of babel. And from All we now know of world affairs, it is apparent this time They Intend to Complete their project of a revived One world Govnt as was orig in Babylon 3500 yrs or more ago.

              I am able to use One word to describe their plans and they. EVIL.

              ps are folks here aware that a few months ago, the EU Parliment members voted and agreed to now Allow a brand New group to not only Exist as a sort of side parliment body, but to also be Housed Inside that same EU HQ parliment are located in.

              The new political body consists of 120-members that plan to be parlimentarian reps for all of europes jewish peoples. And all 120 members of that new body or group themselves Are jewish men.(all 120 are self appointed too)

              If their population of america is barely 2% total, its very likly that in the entire lands of all of europe, they number Far less than 2% total.

              Yet they Need 120 jewish offical reps that plan to ONLY deal with jewish issues related to european jewish folks?

              And they have the Nerve to call usa whiteys seperatist racists?!!

              Who wants to lay a bet on how long it will take that group of 120 official jewish reps in the EU, to eventually overtake, and totally Rule Over the entire EU parliment which numbers around 1000+ membership if I recall correctly?

              You Can bet it won’t take very long.

              • Them Guys … EU is already controlled by them. In Germany even a word by a normal German citizen giving the perception of Anti jewish attitude is a crime similar to 1st degree felony in the US. It is hard to believe that German government still is paying the German jews based on the the BS of what happened in WWII. This is what makes me angry and truly gives the parasite title a new meaning…..How about the Turks give the Armenian for their killing of 1M of them. Are jews more special Vs Armenians or any other sects. I don’t f….ing think so.

        • sixpack,

          My “expertise” to speak on Switzerland consists of reading before and since a week-long visit to Zurich several years ago.

          During which I spoke with 80 or 90 Swiss on a variety of things.

          The spirit of liberty flows deeply in Swiss veins. They have been free for 700 years and are intent on staying that way.

          They are raised to value self-reliance, honesty and productive work.

          In modern times their 26 cantonal governments handle everything except foreign affairs and national defense. The people make every important decision by referendum. There is no chronic political parasite class.

          You slander the Swiss in saying it all depends on the banks. The typical Swiss is no more a bankster than you are.

          • Thanks for the info, but that doesn’t change the reputation of elites in hiding their fortunes in Swiss banks. I’m sure the Swiss people are wonderful and we could learn a lot from them.

            • “Wonderful” people do not have suicide rates that rival only the Japanese.

              • good point.

                • 🙂

          • John_Allen… You are 100% correct on the Swiss population attitude. However Their entire banking system is the slave to their masters in EU HQ in London and the Federal Reserver in DC. This is the main point in today’s world. While we can call the EBT users and the free loaders parasites (in which I agree with you as long as they are not helpless kids or sick elderlies) the real parasite class are the Bankers and whom who control the money. You decide who they are.

          • Nearly 20% of reported Swiss economy is in bankstering. The only “industry” in the USA comparable to that is… government.

            The Swiss employees, as I have said, know who butters their bread.

            There is no slander in noting their multigenerational culpability.

      5. O.K. Maybe someone can explain this in simple terms to John Q. Sixpack? Inflation, govt. shutdown , joblessness fiat money…And the price of gold and silver keep dropping? Yeah I bought what little I could afford. Now I’m just a dumb blue collar worker who can machine, gunsmith (to a point) and grow some small crops. I’ll be up s*** creek compared to all the really smart suits.

        • Are you kidding? I worked with the Suits for years, they couldn’t find their arse with both hands tied behind their backs. Only thing they are good at is stabing someone else in the back. Like J.E. Hoover said about an ethnic group: “They aren’t dangerous if you keep them out of knife range.”

        • Mike… you have the right skill sets. Just keep building on them… and everyone with half a brain know something big is coming… and then something bigger… PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS …. the Swiss Are… you should to…

        • Hey MP,

          For one, never doubt yourself or your abilities. Keep a clear mind and know what is at stake. In this day and age it can be hard, but try to keep positive!
          They will sell the “all is grand and well”, right up to when the SHTF! Things are not getting better, nothing but BS lies, so the dumb down Kool-Aid drinking masses stay complacent.
          Oct and Nov are rife with a plethora of possible events happening. As I and many others here have stated in the past? We are just one major stones throw away from everything going crazy.

          B Aware, B awake, B Alive

        • Are you my long lost cousin, John Q. Sixpack?

      6. Nothing like the start of WW III while the U.S. govt. is shut down to commence the collapse. Yet another Hmmmmm moment befalls the room the white elephant lurks, while TPTB, MSM, and sheeple ignore (at least above the water’s surface) the churning torrent below. The catalyst IMHO that would be necessary to push the turdball over the cliff, and down the hill may very well be rolling as you read this post.

        Finish up those preps – for those of you coming late to the party, focus on the laws of 3 – 3 months food, 3 months water, 3 months of fuel for heat and cooking, 3 months of soap for clothes, dish and personal washing, 3 months personal care (girls) , 3,000 rounds of ammo for the guns you have, (per caliber is better), sturdy shelter to last 3 months, NOT A TENT!

        Teach your spouse, kids and loved ones to shoot and defend themselves – even without firearms, a little plan is better than no plan…. stay frosty y’all, resolve in your minds to uphold what was taught about our country, its core values, and our forefathers, the tree of freedom may be uprooted before our very eyes….

        • And once you get to 3 work on getting to six months… and form teams of reasnable even keeled folks who see whats comming and think like you do…

      7. These guys came up with the Swiss Army Knife. They’re way ahead of us.

        • Especially since they still make the Swiss Army Knife in—SWITZERLAND”

      8. Little off topic, but yesterday I was at the County Court House looking for a Land Patent. One of the ladies in the County Clerks Office said we have been getting calls all morning wondering if we are open. People are really that stupid.

      9. Nobody will be able to be ‘neutral’ in this one.

      10. Hope the Swiss don’t cut off their chocolate!

      11. I cant imagine the French invading any country! Question:Who invented the Auto Pilot ?Why the French of course! It enables their pilots to put their hands up in surrender as they fly!!! LOL

      12. I think they need to upgrade their uniforms first and foremost. Watching those guys at the Vatican they don’t look very comfortable. And pikes just aren’t what they used to be as well. 🙂


        • B,my guess is inside those goofy outfits reside very hard core fighters with automatic weapons,probably wouldn’t be a good idea to make fun of em!

        • They have Uzis underneath that stuff.

          • Sorry.

            The Swiss Guards who are not wearing the traditional colorful uniform and carrying halberds, the ones in the bluish-gray uniforms, carry Beretta 92 9mm pistols or Beretta M12 9mm submachineguns.

      13. Though I like the fact the Swiss keep their citizens armed and some basic training would say per capita the US population much more armed to the teeth.Despite what either the fed or fed with other govt.s ect. try and do need to keep the citizens armed to the teeth.

      14. Alert: DEFCON 2 !!!

        You know the SHTF scenario has arrived when WHITE POPULATIONS ARE INVADING OTHER WHITE NATIONS to escape deprivation and poverty!!!

        • History has shown that actually the NON-WHITE NATION POPULATION WAS ALREADY INVADING THE WESTERN WHITE NATIONS (Swiss, France, UK, US, GERMAN,etc..), so now the white nations are in deprivation and poverty. 🙁

          This non-white nation IMMIGRATED to the white nations right before, but mostly after 1945 when politicians made an easy immigration policy available to this non-white nation. Mexicans, Blacks and Asians happened later, during in the 20th century.

          GeorgiaStone says the TOTAL population of the non-white nation ( Kazakhs ) is 500 million non-white people around the world who will be united, following WORLD WAR III. 🙁

          • FRANCE without native French in charge.
            And GERMANY without native Germans in charge, this could only happen after the GREAT PATRIOT WAR (aka WW2).

            Three very prosperous nations (France,Germany, Britain, etc…) are filled with more Kazakhs in charge than the native ones.


            France has been controlled by Charles de GAULLE’s GROUP EVER SINCE he was put in charge after overthrowing the Vichy government. 🙁

            Winston Churchill let his man, Charles de Gaulle establish his government overseas to overthrow the Vichy French Government.

            De Gaulle was the general of the “Free French Army” (not the Free Syrian Army) who was against the French government, the VICHY.


            That’s why you often see the main(ex)media outlets and their agents playing “BLACKS against WHITES”. Because they know they are non-white, and not black either.

            BTW, contact lenses, hair coloring and straightening do not count. Just kidding, IT DOES MATTER. 🙂

      15. Just so you all know. October is proving to be getting all too curious. I little tid-bit I’ve been thinking about…parts of the gov are shut down, the stock market is a joke, most here have heard of Region III tests for October and Region III tests for November, right? Notice that the Emergency Alert System is down… I stated here before that I think mid-October is going to be the black swan event. That is also when Congress is going to start the debt ceiling debate. I don’t think the shut-down is going to end soon and I think it will very well carry on well past the time for the debt-ceiling debates. When the shtf, there is not going to be any warning from the government. This has been planned by the ptb. People are going to be blind-sided.

        • I checked and the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center sites are still up and updating. Evidently, they consider tropical weather an emergency service that has to stay up, even though the season has been a bust.

      16. From the frying pan, into another frying pan.

        What made the Swiss nation wealthy and stable was that its currency, the Swiss franc, was a gold backed currency. Recently, as the last of such currencies, it had converted to a fiat currency like all others. Its higher value in Europe is solely due to it ‘not-being-the-euro’. This now means that Switzerland is an economic ‘paper tiger’ as the rest of Europe, only constructed of slightly more durable cardboard.

        Escape from other European nations to Switzerland will have only temporary benefit since its economic model and wealth has been completely transitioned by the Rothschilds to the same as the rest of West and won’t be far behind in suffering the same consequences. The real and practical sanctuary, the new Switzerland, will be Hong Kong!

          • James Woroble jr: Have you noticed that all the nations MSM and usa fed govnt keep telling us folks are Terrorists and a huge threat to americans freedoms. Are in Fact the final remaining nations that Refused to allow banksters and their form of Usury/intrest money systems?

            Check every nation usa has attacked since 9/11, every single one was a seperate owned bank system prior to being Invaded. Lybia alqueda “savoiurs” and usa Backed, gave fed res rothschild banksters permission to switch to usury banking systems in Lybia the next day, after usa msm anounced Quadafi was killed off and saviour Rebel forces, aka alqueda backed By Usa state dept weapons and Cash were now in full control of Lybia! Rebels also made Oil deals with big oil too at same time frame.

            What I wonder about is how they plan to convince N korea to accept jewish banksters systems? They have Nukes right. And a massive huge well armed military. N korea may give banksters a little more troubles than Lybia or afgan eh.

            • I have absolutely noticed, and so have many, many journalists, bloggers, analysts, patriots, etc. over the years beginning with the invasion of Iraq.

              You may be the most notorious mass murderer, tyrant and enslaver, but if your regime and nation is part of the international Jewish Rothschild banking cartel, which permits THEM to exclusively issue YOUR currency, your a ‘good guy’. But be on par with Mother Theressa, and issue your own currency, and/or exchange resources such as oil, for other than US dollars… you are a child raping, genocidal maniac who has been reincarnated from Hitler and must be eliminated before you destroy the entire solar system.

              • AMEN James Woroble Jr . Truly Amen.


        “Yet, for a group of World War II veterans visiting the national memorial in Washington D.C., an all expense paid trip which is called an “Honor Flight,” the shutdown was not stopping them from seeing the tribute that was inspired by them.

        “It just goes to show you why we won World War II,” says Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio President Lee Armstrong.

        Many elderly veterans, some in wheelchairs, broke through the barriers set up around the memorial, as police, park service employees, and tourists looked on. “The Germans and the Japanese couldn’t contain us. They weren’t going to let barriers contain them today. They wanted to see their memorial,” says Armstrong.

        Through October, there are over 35,000 veterans scheduled to visit the site, more than 900 in the next five days alone.

        When an organizer of a pending honor flight called the parks service, he was told they would FACE ARREST. “I said, are you kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial? If it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be there. She said, ‘That’s correct sir.’ …

        99% of veterans on Honor Flights have never had the opportunity to see the memorial that is devoted to their service.”

        www dot northwestohio dot com
        (posted on Drudge Report)

          • So let me get this straight…It took untill Recent times to Finally build a WWII memorial for usa MILITARY Men Vets right?….Yet asap soon as WWII ended they began to build what now consists of, at least 150 seperate various styled HolyHoax Jewish Memorials and Museums etc for a population that barely tilts the scales at 2% total in america?

        • KY MOM I dont know if that article is bullshit or not, but what I know as the truth is that Members of Congress met the Vets, cut the tape the police out up, and escorted busloads of Vets in personally.
          ANd they will continue to do so on a daily basis they said. They were R’s from MS I believe.

          • It was Rep Steve King, a republican from Iowa.

        • And some of you STILL think that the “oathkeepers” will actually NOT fire their weapons on us??? Sure they will! Because most ARE sheeple themselves. Government robots.

          • Ricke
            I for one wont turn my weapon on any Patriot. But a clown makes a comment like this about the Oathkeepers, and they come after my family. I as an Oathkeeper will turn my weapons on you!!!
            If “us” is like you trying to take something from an Oathkeeper that you didn’t work for. You can bet your ASS that he or she will turn their weapons on you, and I’ll be there if I can to back them up.
            Ricke you just PISSED OUT THE OLD SGT. Most people know that you don’t piss off the old Sgt. because it gets mighty dark around you.

            • It should read Pissed off the Old Sgt. When I get PISSED I type too fast and don’t proof read.

        • KY Mom: Sorry, calling B.S. on the so-called “threat of arrest”. Some guy called the park service and spoke to some unnamed minor bureaucrat over the phone who said the vets would be arrested if they tried to access the park. One phone call to a faceless nobody hardly makes for a threat. The fact is that the vets showed up and let themselves in and the park police looked on without incident. Another story blown all out of proportion to the actual facts. Time to move on folks, ‘nothing to see here’.

      18. In other news, Federales have workers, time, and money enough to BLOCK WWII vets from THEIR memorial, but not the workers, time, and money to allow them there.

        THAT’s how you know it’s all a SHAM.

      19. Relax, Switzerland has had these type of maneuvers for years. What is different this year are the masses trying to leave Greece and Spain due to the economic crisis. They illegally enter Switzerland and think they will be welcomed as refugees, just like in Germany. Not so, Switzerland deports them almost immediately. Where to? Their neighbors, Austria and Germany. Those who refuse are locked up and forcefully bused to these other nations. To become a legal resident or citizen in Switzerland takes many years and they are very selective. Yes, they use race, education, even health and national origin as one of the determining factors. Their social services are superior to those offered by some of the other “socialist” nations and they have no intentions of becoming a debtor nation. They therefore make sure Swiss citizens are taken care of, but are very reserved about giving handouts to any foreigners who invaded their little nation. Usually a free bus ticket or trip out of the country and a fifty dollar (equivalent in Swiss currency) is the extent of services rendered to illegal immigrants. Serious crime among the Swiss is very low. Even though it is a nation which is more armed than the USA, gun related crime is almost non-existing among the Swiss as everyone is armed. Foreigners and illegals are obviously not permitted to be armed, hence they commit most of the crimes. When arrested, unless it involves a homicide, they are usually immediately deported. The Swiss will not pay for their incarceration and then deport them. Gun ownership is very liberal and mandatory for Swiss males if of military service age. Many Swiss males have in their homes fully auto weapons but keep the ammo in armories nearby, which is not to suggest that most Swiss do not have a bit spare ammo in their home. When they have their periodic re-certification of marksmen, no one accounts for the ammo down to the last round. My friends all have spare 5.56 and 7.62 ammo in their homes. They are also a true prepper nation. The govt. suggests, endorses and assists with prepper activities. Switzerland in many respects is what the USA used to be, free, proud, self-sufficient and prepared to defend itself, if need be. You don’t have to be afraid of walking the streets at night, or that the govt. is trying to disarm you. Read the Swiss newspapers on line to see what crime they have to deal with. Most of it is committed by foreigners.

      20. As I see bad news world wide(a little good news also occasionally)the lesson to be learned is DO NOT BE A CLOVER!

        . A person that believes all laws are made for the common good, and that all laws have to be followed. Clovers generally believe that if someone does something that irritates them in some way that a law should be made to correct the problem – “There ought to be a law”. A Clover will always side with the police or the government no matter what egregious evil they have committed.
        Clovers believe that they are always doing the right thing, and therefore everyone should wait on them, or are basically oblivious to others’ needs.
        2. A person that is generally afraid, overly safe, and obeys all rules, and thinks others should too, especially as related to driving:
        Clovers will wait for the left turn signal arrow even when left on green is allowed, and/or will not pull into the intersection, so that they will be able to turn left after the approaching traffic has cleared or stopped.
        Clovers wait for a green light even when right on red is allowed.
        Clovers need two lanes to pass a bicycle.
        Clovers apply brakes at random.
        Clovers never use their rear view mirrors, because others should have to wait on them.
        Clovers stop when they are in the acceleration lane.
        Clovers slow for school zones even when school is out.
        Clovers refuse to move right for faster-moving traffic.
        Clovers have an obnoxious, passive-aggressive determination to force everyone else to drive slowly, too,
        Clovers will drive the speed limit in the left-hand lane.
        Clovers believe the government is always right.
        Clovers believe that if someone is simply investigated and/or arrested for a crime then that person must be guilty.
        Clovers believe the TSA makes us safe.
        Clovers believe the government is here to help us.
        Clovers generally work for the government.

      21. Liens on Congressional pensions need to be attached yesterday.

      22. We are freakin idiots compared to the SWISS!

      23. so nice the POSOTUS is going on vacation to asia,,,
        hope his plane crashes,,,
        and then there are all of the closures,,,
        National parks,,,
        Really,, these assholes are picking and choosing what they shut down,,
        Head start is also off the table in many states,

        So this would be the time for a huge earthquake and tsunami and nobody to sound the alarm,,,

        National parks closed,,,,,
        what a bunch of fucking dickheads,,
        Hey NSA
        you can blow me,, hope you all get food poisoning

        • And… has anyone noticed that all of the signs being shown at all of the places closed specifically state it is due to a Gov’t shut down and they were posted the very next morning… which makes one think these were printed ahead of time, now doesn’t that make you wonder???

          Sorry if this was already brought up.

          Molon Labe

          • Make you wonder what, exactly?

            Shutdown has happened before, and has been a news item for weeks, if not months, this year.

      24. I would like to believe that with (1) 1,000 round case of ammo and a steady aim that most if not all of America’s problems could be solved by offing the Zionist and their puppets. None of this b.s. had to happen.

      25. Let’s also not make such a big deal about their banking. They have been the bankers for the world since the Middle Ages. They have no enemies when it comes to banking. They will remain neutral and take the money from anyone, friend or foe. The only enemy they might have is the USA as it forced the Swiss to disclose the names of Americans who have bank accounts in Switzerland. For this reason a lot of money left Switzerland and is now kept in other countries with similar banking secrecy laws. But Switzerland’s economy is not based only on their banking business. They are also exporters of arms, technology, as well as chocolate, Swiss army knives and clocks/watches. Their drug laws are realistic and addiction is not a mayor problem in Switzerland. Unemployment among the Swiss is also low, while unemployment among non-Swiss is higher. Yje Swoss however will deport you if you think you can stay in their country and collect benefits. They do not welcome freeloaders. In a country this small it is easy to keep track of your non-native population. The Swiss have a simple understanding of the govt. relationship with the citizenry. In exchange for being able to call yourself a Swiss citizen and benefit from what the country has to offer you owe the country national service, may that be in uniform or otherwise. Those who do not wish to bear arms can perform their service in the civic sector, from helping old people with health related issues to working with young school children. Those who wear the uniform continue an inactive reserve status (after their active duty time) until retirement age. For this reason they are permitted to keep their duty weapon at their residence. In some Cantons (States) they are issued ammo which they can keep at home, while in other Cantons the ammo is kept in nearby armories. Many are also issued a bicycle with which to report to their place of assembly in case of an emergency. All roads, towns and villages are designed for self defense in case of an attack. These reservists would become an army of guerillas which would try to stop any invading force. This gives the standing army the time to deploy. Access to Switzerland forces the enemy to travel on only a few roads which would give the defenders the opportunity to stop them. The Swiss Army is modern enough to stop most advancing opponents dead in their tracks. Besides, the Swiss have no natural enemies except for renegade units from another nation and illegal immigrants. Their Defense Dept. is small, but highly organized and cost conscious. They waste very little money. Every defense related item has usually a duo purpose. It is also used in everyday life by the Swiss. Their mountain troops are some of the best in the world.

        • Friend of mine showed some slides of his climbing trip in the Alps. One photo was a cliffy slope, mile across, above a major highway and river. Said he was told the entire slope was laced with explosives and would block the valley in the event of invasion.

          Every bridge is designed with cubbyholes for demolition if needed.

      26. Ya know the US ought to take a lesson from the Swiss and wargame a possible invasion from Mexico.

        Ahh, waitaminnit…I mean??? Never mind. Forget I even brought it up.

      27. Switzerland is the only nation in Europe with any sense. One thing not so well-known is their role as Hitler’s banker in WW2. Another thing not so well-known about the Catholic Church is the Vatican’s role in helping TENS OF THOUSANDS of Nazi war criminals to escape from Europe to South America after WW2. Google both items. Very interesting information.

        • Braveheart: Any info on Who helped EVERY single Bolshevik jewish Kommi Rusian escape all punishments sinve 1918?

          They Ony mass exterminated 150-200 Million folks, but even with numbers so Low, should they not be charged as war ciminals too?….Maybe eli da weasel will switch to bolshevik jew war criminals next since all the old nazis are dead now and eli da weasel may soon be Unemployed.

      28. Off topic:

        So Obama’s healthcare web site got two and a half million hits yesterday and crashed. I would bet that of those two and a half million hits, most were people trying five or ten times to sign up. If you think about it, it’s not very impressive if just after a couple hundred thousand hits, a system that’s had unlimited funding and four years to set up has crashed and forced people to try and try and try and try to sign up, which ran up the hit count.

      29. The nation’s top intelligence officer, James Clapper, is worried:

        and so is Senator Grassley:

        But – for those who care about personal privacy rights, there is a silver lining:


        Be a shame if we got attacked by “terrorists” because the Intel community was furloughed…..

        Nah, that’ll never happen.

      30. I’m goin back to bed. The gunfire will wake me up. 😀

      31. BS”D
        Discussion with Moishe’la (with his family)
        A Handicapped child
        Tishrei 28 ‘5774 (Oct 1 ’13)

        “We Cried and We Cried”

        I want to tell you that Zaidy came to me again from Olam Ha’emes. (My Zaidy, a great Tzaddik, was very famous when he was alive.) I want to tell you that he sat down next to me when I was sleeping, and said to me, “Yingel Yingel my Zeesa Yingel (my beloved boy) I am so proud of you. I am so happy that you are in the house that you are, in the home that you are, and I Bentch you that you should continue bringing truth to our family and truth to the Yidden wherever they might be.”

        And then he said, “I have more to tell you. I am very worried about my adopted homeland the United States of America. I am not worried about the place itself, as we all know its pure Edom. I have always realized how this Golus of Edom has almost destroyed all Yiddishkeit in America.

        “But no I am not worried about the Edomite country called the United States. I am worried about the Yidden in United States. First of all they are in very big physical danger and of course we know very well that the Yidden in America, including the Frum, are in great spiritual and physical danger. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but the very big majority of the Yidden in America are in very big spiritual danger.
        “Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that the Yidden all over the world are in a better condition, but I am worried especially about the Yidden in the United States of America.

        “I really want them to do Teshuva, real Teshuva. And I know that I have said this many times, and people don’t understand what I am talking about. Even when you explain it so clearly, most people just brush it off because it’s much more interesting to be busy with the Gashmius than to be busy with the Ruchnius. It take less spiritual and emotional effort to rise high in the attainment of the Gashmius, than it takes to rise high in the attainment of the Ruchnius.

        “Since I was very young I realized that the American Jewish community would eventually disappear. Now however I see clearly that the United States of America is disappearing right in front of our eyes. Soon there will be no United States of America, and the Yidden will have to find themselves a new home. I hope they decide on Eretz Yisroel, and hope they do it quickly, because if not well……. ”

        Then he asked me to sit down with him and say Tikkun Chatzos. Together we Davened and we cried, and we cried, and we cried. I closed my eyes so I could feel the Tza’ar HaShechina, (the pain of Hashem) and when I opened them my Zaidy was gone.

        • That yiddyboy aint so smart calling americans edom! After hes most likly also one of those 98% of todays jews that are Khazars who are the real True edomites of today.

          I bet he actually believes his ancestors were the real 12 tribes eh. Nope. When their dna comes from a mix of Hunn+Mongrel asiatic+Turk(edomite)+ caucasian, it equals, Ashkanazi Kharars.

          Nice try though! ps wonder if hes aware his real khazar ancestors only became called “jews” after 750 AD when the first Khazars converted to the Talmud judiac religious system.

        • I guess this guy’s English isn’t so good. There was a lot of foreign gibberish.

          It was like in the 1950s watching Jewish comedians on Ed Sullivan. People in the audience were laughing, and I couldn’t figure out what was supposed to be funny. How is a story about a matzoh ball supposed to be funny when you’ve never seen one and have no way of knowing what one is?

          Maybe if there’s a translation available, it would mean something. I do get the impression this guy doesn’t like our country for some reason.

      32. “Hordes of bankrupt French invade Switzerland to get their hands on their “stolen” money — such is the imaginary scenario cooked up by the Swiss military in simulations revealed over the weekend.”

        From the London Telegraph…hahahaha

        MsPnbc on steroids…hahahahahaha…stop it you’re killing me…

        The Swiss are in the know…Geneva is wonderful in late spring and throughout the summer…

      33. Countries continually run war games, it doesn’t mean “we’re on the brink” of a global meltdown. The U.S. ran war games defending against and retaliating for nuclear strikes for 40 years, but it didn’t mean we were on the brink of nuclear war.

      34. BS”D
        (Discussion with Moishe’la (with his family
        A Handicapped child
        (Tishrei 25 ‘5774 (Sept 29 ’13

        “Mesirus Nefesh is Our Answer”

        I want to explain to you what I meant when I said that by the time we return all the Sifrei Torah to the Aron HaKodesh after Simchas Torah the world will be very different. (“I would even predict that by the time Succos is over, by time they put back the Torahs after dancing on Simchas Torah and say Havdolah it will be a different world.” Elul 13 ‘5773)

        I am sure many people will say, “What’s different? Everything is quiet, nothing has happened.” But the ones that truly perceive the truth will realize that much has happened. The world is totally different from the way it was once.

        We are going into a period now that the world has been waiting for since creation, the last steps before Moshiach is revealed and before the Geula Sheleimah. All the countries in the world are getting ready for war.

        The United States of America, supposedly the strongest military army in the world, is soon going to be defeated completely, not from the outside but from within. The American army has been taken apart in such a way that it has lost its patriotic fervor. It has lost the tears that Americans used to shed when they heard their national anthem or when they said the Pledge of Allegiance every day in school. The United States of America has changed, and is soon going to lose its democracy altogether.

        That will leave the world at the mercy of the evil ones that are trying to control and take over this world. The American Army with all its weapons, will be used for different purposes. The evil Iranians, who are definitely planning and making Atomic bombs, have suddenly become the peaceful loving people and don’t even know what you are talking about when you say that they are guilty of wanting to take over the world.

        Soon we will see that this “peace loving group” including the Syrian president Assad, will soon be among those who will be most aggressive in the wars to come, the additional wars that are coming to the world very soon. We will not be sure who our enemy is and who is our friend. Indeed the whole world will be our enemies. Certainly they will all be the enemies of the Jews. However many of the Jews of the world are not really Jews according to Halacha. Then of course, you have the Erev Rav, who definitely do not have Jewish Neshamas, even though according, to Halacha, they are Jews. The Erev Rav will be wiped out completely.

        The whole world will be against the Jews – the real Jews. Just imagine that! Imagine all the world against the Jews, all the countries of the whole world against the Jews. That’s what’s going to be.

        So the world is not the way it was even two months ago, even a month and a half ago, even four weeks ago, even before the Chagim (Yom Tov). Everybody is getting ready for war and a huge economic crash, which will bring riots and violence. We are living in a crime ridden world, and over the past few weeks we have seen the gruesome effects of this.

        We see a confusing world. We see a world that makes the average person wonder what is truly happening. Did we go to sleep and wake up in Gehenom? What happened? There are many people who are so tied to their Gashmius that they don’t care. They just want their materialism and that’s it. But even the ones who don’t want to admit that the world has changed are too afraid to think that according to the Nevuas two thirds of the world will be destroyed. Those people are very afraid. Their fear comes because all the things they trusted and leaned on are revealing themselves as incompetent, and not able to take care of peoples’ needs.

        The medical profession has become a sham, all the different insurance companies are backing out of their responsibilities, the banks are stealing from its depositors right out of their bank accounts, right out of their pension funds. The banks of today are run by thieves. They steal whatever money they need by just taking it right out of their investors bank accounts.

        Besides that, our educational system has gone down the drain. You learn lies. You learn misconceptions. You learn to be a superficial robot and nothing more. Even the Frum education has gone way down, and we are not educated to serve Hashem with our complete hearts and being, and to want to do His will every morning, noon, and night. We’re mostly educated to sit and to learn without feeling and without Hashem.
        The world has become a strange place. Kedusha has almost been eliminated. Boruch Hashem there are still a few who are holding on and trying to build a community of people that still want the Kedusha, and still understand what Kedusha means. Most of our Yidden today have no real deep concept of what Yiddishkeit is. This makes the world a very frightening place. It’s a world of Gashmius, of lusts. It’s a world of hate and emotional sickness. We hear of children being killed and attacked. We hear of children being chopped up and put into suitcases. We hear of mothers being killed, of people being beheaded, of all kinds of horrible terrible things. When did we ever hear so much dreadful news?
        Our minds try to forget about the Holocaust in Europe, and we calm ourselves by reasoning that it was a very unusual happening. A madman named Hitler, Yemach Shemo VeZichro, rose to fame because of all kinds of historical situations that had to do only with a certain time in history. Lately, however, we are suddenly realizing that the world is full of Hitlers in all sizes and colors.

        They kill right, left, and center, and they could not care less about the value of human life. They have no hearts. They have no souls. The world is full of murderers. Even heads of government have no qualms about murder, so in such a world how can we feel good? How can we feel happy?

        We just had Simchas Torah, and we danced with the Torah, and we love the Torah. How many communities really danced with the love of Torah? In how many Shuls were the Hakafos just a big show; a big entertainment for everybody? How many went deep into the music, into the words of the song, into the Simcha into the love of the Torah? When we held the Torah, and we danced, and when we picked up our children, and we danced with our children because they are like Sifrei Torah, how many of us really felt it? Most not. Most Hakofos were just a show, a performance.
        Hakofos Shniyos (Motzai Simchas Torah) were the biggest show, because then there is live music. Then you can have “the beat of the street”, with the cover of Torah.
        My heart is breaking, Am Yisroel. I beg Hashem to have pity on us because it’s really very hard to live in this generation that’s become so superficial and shallow running after the Egel HaZahav, and all their desires, and all their material needs, which for them comes before everything.

        We dress up our Shuls, and our Rabbonim, and our Talmidai Chachomim in costumes of our superficial world. We decorate them, and we use them. We make them part of our Gashmiusdik life. And the ones that don’t fit into our artificial existence, the leaders and the Rabbonim that are still a part of the old world, of the world of Hashem, those we ignore, or we say that they are cults, or we say all kinds of terrible things about them. However they are the ones who are going to live. They are the ones that are going to continue to be part of Hashem’s creation. They’re going to continue the creation forever. And the rest, all the ones who have become the shining Gashmiusdik example of Yiddishkeit, will fall by the way; will disappear.

        There is only one thing we have to try to do now, and that’s get as close to Hashem as possible, and only come close to the leaders to the Rabbonim that are living with Mesirus Nefesh and trying to do Hashem’s will. Come close to and follow only those Rabbanim that are willing to sacrifice their reputations their livelihood and even their very lives to do Hashem’s will.
        I know that most of you don’t understand what I am talking about. I have to make it clearer. There are many Rabbonim that are prisoners in their own Kehillah (community). They are prisoners of their Gaboim and they can’t make their own decisions. There are many Askonim who are interested in having big impressive Shuls, and many Chassidim, and the bottom line is money, Gashmius, and showy appearance. But when you have a true Talmid Chachom who is an Ovaid Hashem, and his followers are also trying to be Ovdai Hashem and Avdai Hashem, when you have a Tzaddik that is not so well-known and that Davens in a ramshackle Shul, then stick to him and don’t run away, because he will save you even though you are not so worthy. Just the fact that you are in his Daled Amos or nearby and refuse to leave him, this will be enough Zechus to let you come through this alive.

        All of the famous people – the popular people that are fighting against the truth, that let their Psak Halocha be influenced by the money and the many, and not by Emes, those who are willing to go against the Truth in order to build up their Kehillas, they will all disappear. There will be nothing left of them.
        Very few of the so-called Jews are going to survive. Very few of the Goyim will survive. And if you think that you can say the last war is going to be a spiritual war only, then you have to realize that most of the world is spiritually inadequate including the Jews. The Goyim for sure, and as for the Jews, the vast majority are also spiritually lacking, and will not be able to even understand what it means to do true Teshuva.
        I suggest that all true Jews should take themselves in hand and come back to Hashem. Truly give up all of your nonsense, all the thing you prefer to entertain yourself with, in order to forget about your troubles. If you don’t do true Teshuva you will just disappear, Chas Vesholom. All the true Jews will live. If you are far away, Hashem will force you to come back, and all the Erev Rav and all the Jews that think they’re Jews but they are not, will really disappear from the world.

        Mesirus Nefesh (self-sacrifice) is our answer. There are those who have are willing to sacrifice themselves, to show Hashem that they are willing to be embarrassed in the street because they are wearing Tzniusdik clothes. There are also those who are willing to live a life of true Torah, are willing to have many children, Be’ezeras Hashem even though they have little money. They are willing to do all these things because Hashem told them and that that’s what they are supposed to do and they trust Hashem. They live their Yiddishkeit according to what Hashem tells them and not according to Heterim from Rabbonim. Those people will survive and the rest will not. So I am not saying anything new to you. I am just begging you Yidden to save yourself a lot of trouble. Save yourself a lot of suffering. Come back to Hashem now!

        I know it’s hard to give up your restaurants. I know it’s hard to give up your pleasures, your cruises, fancy cars, your short skirts, and your tight blouses. I know it’s hard to give up your fancy Sheitels and your flights to America or Europe every other day, but in the end you will have to give it all up anyway. You better start now. It will be so much easier.

      35. Brian,

        Next time you post, you should take your time and finish. I think you left a few items out.

        I gave you a thumbs-up because I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

        Good luck on everything. I wish you well.

      36. America was created to be a land of opportunity, where the individual could take an idea, develop it, and create wealth in the process. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this notion. An enemy has arisen in our midst, one who has single-mindedly worked to subvert and even destroy this opportunity.

        Surprisingly, it is those we have elected and entrusted with managing our federal government and its burgeoning bureaucracies who are running the country into the ground. Operating under the arrogant delusion that theory is wiser than experience, they have given us an endless stream of programs. Instead of correcting our social ills, these programs have only exacerbated the problems and actually created more challenges due to the unintended consequences of incompetence, mismanagement and corruption

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