Sweet Justice: How To Foreclose On Your Bank

by | Jun 6, 2011 | Headline News | 51 comments

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    It’s time to turn the tables on too-big-to-fail American banks, and one homeowner did just that.

    In this all too familiar tale, the homeowners paid for their home in cash and had no mortgage. Bank of America, for whatever reason, had paperwork showing that they did owe a mortgage and they subsequently foreclosed on the home and seized it. After thousands of dollars spent and the many headaches associated with going to court to clear their names, the homeowners won a judgement against Bank of America.

    The homeowner’s attorney says that they repeatedly contacted Bank of America to be paid the legal fees, but the bank ignored the requests.

    As a result, the homeowners were left with no choice but to come after the bank’s assets. The showed up at Bank of America with their attorney, a Sheriff’s deputy, and a moving truck – full prepared to seize the banks furniture and cash in tellers’ drawers. According to the attorney:

    “I instructed the deputy to go in and take desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets, including cash in the drawers.”

    “He [bank manager] was visibly shaken having two sheriff’s deputies sitting across your desk and a lawyer standing up behind them demanding whatever assets are in the bank – it can be intimidating. But so is having your home foreclosed on when it wasn’t right.”

    “As a foreclosure defense attorney, this is sweet justice, because this a symptom of a larger problem.”


    It seems like this is the best option for anyone who has been foreclosed on, intimidated by their banks and won a judgement against them. Send over the trucks, the police and your attorney and take what’s owed. They’d do the same thing to you.

    Sweet justice, indeed.


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      1. Tuche’ fuckers

      2. As someone who had to deal with Crank of America and their crap foreclosure policies, I can only say…

        Oh, HELL YES!

        This is frickin’ awesome! 😀

        Oh, and if a couple of desks and walls got scratched, broken, and bumped along the way, that’s quite okay by me.

        On the plus side, it also shows that a determined individual can use the land’s own laws to teach the corps a lesson, no?

        • Great reaction by the homeowner and I hope the bank had to pay $10,000 each to the mover and the sheriff department for their time. Unfortunately for the homeowner, the nightmare is just begining. That foreclosure is already on their credit record and the disgusting & dispicable big 3 credit bureaus will refuse to take it off. This happened to me after Washington Mutual bought my mortgage and started foreclosure without notice. ALL my payments had been made in advance! Unfortunately the FBI protected all the Washington Mutual PIGS from me and the FBI protects the PIGS at the credit bureaus! We need a Trillion Dollar class action law suit against the Big 3 Credit Bureaus.

          • Did you read that Supreme Court has now ruled no more class action law suits in the USA ???????????????

      3. Dam…the page was loading as i typed..got the O missing

        Touche fuckers…

        there i feel better

        • s’okay… the sentiment got through just fine. 🙂


          (and I hope BoA gets even more of these…)

      4. Dear Mr. Banker:

        Remember when you looked at my debtload and saw that I was one month behind on payments and began proceedings to take everything I had worked for?

        Remember when you saw that I was out of work and instead of making payment arrangements with me like I pleaded for, you took steps to rush the foreclosure procedure to “minimize loss”?

        Remember when I finally got work, quietly moved out of the home before the sheriff could come and evict me and my two children, and you sent them to serve papers to me, in uniform, at my new job so that you didn’t have to miss out on that humiliation factor?

        Well, FUCK YOU, Mr. Banker. I hope this gave you just one percent of the anguish you have given me.


      5. Besides the Vatican and the US Government, the banksters are the next largest organized criminal conspiracy that this world has ever seen.

        Some nights I actually lay in bed and pray for the S to actually HTF in a major way. I want to see the Congressional Critters, Senatorial Sapsuckers, banksters, stock marketeers, attorneys, assorted elites including those who live in Hollywierd, CEOs, CFOs and all the other assorted parasites who feel that they are ‘special’ bite the dust in a major way. I want to see the look of helpless indignation on their faces when they are told that they are NOT, if fact, ‘special’ after all.

        So you don’t have a skill that is in demand that the rest of society needs? Sorry, but you’re screwed in a big way homie!

        • “Besides the Vatican and the US Government, the banksters are the next largest organized criminal conspiracy that this world has ever seen.”

          Markie, the banks are the one who finance the other two you mentioned, as well as the City in London. The three together form the three prongs of their control.

          1) The City is for financial control
          2) The District of Columbia is for Military control
          3) The Vatican is for religious control

          All of them are Sovereign states untouchable by any government the people recognize.

          The banks are the largest organized criminal conspiracy that this world has ever seen. The only way to control them is to take away their control over the money we use.

          How does a people do that? Quit paying it, no matter what it is.

          Got credit cards? If you understand that your signature is what created the “money”, why pay back what you created for the bank?

          Every dollar in circulation was created by some Mans signature on a promissory note. The promissory note is what holds the value and is what is sold in the commercial paper markets.

          What a racket. The banks give you credit, you sign documents that allow it to create money based on that debt, and then you pay them back for what you created and they keep it all.

          Leave the system because you can never pay off anything. You can discharge it, but debt currency can never really pay for anything.

          No American has PAID any debt since 1933. Any effort ot do so is solely for the benefit of the bank/gov corp, at your own expense.

        • Err, you do realize that the Vatican doesn’t even have the resources of a small regional bank when it comes to liquid funds, right? Most of their value is in things that one cannot possibly sell off (mostly due to historical value).

          All the action lies with governments and bankers.

          Sorry, but the Holy See isn’t exactly partying like it’s 1499 – especially in an increasingly agnostic/atheist Modern Europe.


          All that said, I sincerely hope the S *doesn’t* HTF. I don’t have hope that it won’t (hence the preps, and my skillset, etc), but honestly, this is about long-term survival, not about ‘getting even’.

          Yes, it’s a *very* beautiful sight to see BoA get their comeuppance, even in small ways. OTOH, I’d prefer to not see innocent people starve just because I detest the practices of some unscrupulous organizations.

          • The Vatican is a sovereign state, not under the jurisdiction of any government. It has unlimited funding from the City and protection by the US Military.

            It alone controls the Catholic church, which Wikipedia says has 1 BILLION members.

            That’s a lot of control for the banksters and those being controlled foot the bill. It is just another form of government, but based on religion rather than statute.

            Like it or not, the Catholic church is just another arm of the private government seeking control over those who will allow it.

            • 1.2bn members nowadays, but otherwise there’s some things missing:

              * Economically, they adhere fully to the Euro, like most of the rest of Europe (they have license to mint Euro coins, but not banknotes). The amount is pretty limited, though (from the same Wikipedia page you mentioned, BTW). Before that, they were nothing more than a printing office for the Italian mint, and were allowed to make a controlled number of Lira notes.

              * Yup – they’re a sovereign state. They even have their own army of sorts (well, one on loan from Switzerland).

              Yep – they control the Catholic Church. This point stands well. OTOH, that doesn’t mean a willing army of zombies from which to unleash an agenda.

              At least as viewed from the inside POV, it doesn’t mean much beyond a few ideological points stressed during election season (mostly revolving around pro-life issues), all of which tie clearly and directly to church teachings that have been around for almost two millennia. Seriously, we don’t get marching orders to take down private property rights or to buy XYZ stock to manipulate the stock market during the Homily. I do remember that Obama was panned in 2008 as being pro-abortion (which is true), but otherwise that’s about as rabid as it gets.

              The only economics manipulations that go on around here is during occasional appeals for donations (around here those are made for local charities, repairs or construction projects, seminary students, and medical care for retired priests). Thing is, that’s all optional, not required.

              I think that only the LDS/Mormon church requires a specific minimum donation/tithe (literally, 10% of net income) in order to be considered as officially being worthy (or in their own terminology, “temple-worthy”. They even print official cards for this). That said, I don’t know too much about that particular denomination to speak authoritatively on what they do or talk about in their own meetings.

              Sorry, but unless you can point to something other than the number of adherents, I’m not exactly seeing how the Pope fits into the NWO goings-on. Last time I did see anything even close to that was when Bl. John Paul II helped convince his fellow Poles (and other Eastern Europeans at large) to reject communism, which in turn helped to bring down the USSR as a whole.

              Allow me to remove my own biases though, and ask a simple, logical question: How much policy do you figure the Catholic Church to be able to exert in China, Saudi Arabia, India, Japan, the UK, the (mostly Protestant) US, or even most of the stridently secular EU leaderships? Mind you, I just listed the vast majority of where the globe’s power (economic, military, resource, technological, etc) comes from.

            • The Vatican/Catholic Church can not levy taxes or make laws or impose their will on anyone. All catholics participate on their own will or not at all. Unlike protestant churches that require a minimum payment from their members, catholics can attend and not pay at all ( and many do). Their only “rule” over “their people” is religious and voluntary.
              Try not paying a bank or the IRS and see what happens.
              The Vatican is a spiritual government, not a political or financial one.

      6. Unfoutunately this will not be wide spread or a typical situation, due to the fact most people cannot afford to buy a home with cash..

        but the factt that it did happen, and that these people were concitered the problem and not the bank in the begining, and that these people had to prove their innocence and not the other way around is very very disturbing to me

        where was the banks proof that they could even do this before the proceedings ever fucking started? huh?

        the dam place wasnt even theirs to do jack shit with..I hope these people sue the dam pants off of some greedy bastard for this, and I hope it wakes them up to them being 100% dam sure they can do something before they do, and they better come up with a way to “work” with people..or soon enough no one will be working with them..
        without US people..there is no them

        • Thing is, I believe that they *did* sue the pants off of BoA – IIRC, for legal fees, time spent, etc.

          • good, I hope it was for a lot of money, And The banksters job..
            I hope he has to flip burgers now, and suffer like he did to others

            • In a way, I agree… but only if it builds a resolve in him to fight the system, and hopefully blow the whistle on such practices (and worse).

      7. Yes, I too cannot wait for the day that all those bankers and politicians, university professors, liberal Hollywood types, BATF, and EPA goons who have been selling out our country end up Mussolini. Nice to see someone getting justice for once!

        • ‘fraid we don’t have enough butcher shops with awnings handy for the politicians and their cronies, let alone their mistresses. 🙁

          Seeing them forced to find honest work is a next-best dream, though. 🙂

      8. Mac, how many comments do I have to submit before I no longer get that “your comment is awaiting moderation” message?

        • My apologies for the inconvenience, but it is my understanding that it should be just a single comment approved…. I tend to see regular, long time posters with the same issue… Honestly, I am not sure why it does that…will look into it but can’t make any promises…. I try to check comments every couple hours to make sure everything that comes through gets approved…thanks for your patience with this…

          • I thought it was only when putting a link in the reply, that’s when it happens to me??

      9. Much of business is this way. They may you jump through all kinds of hoops but then they lazy and lax when it comes to checking things out. I’m glad these people got the upper hand. That will teach them. …maybe. When you get free billions from the fed, what do you care about a few copiers, computers and a few drawers full of cash.

        …but, it sure does make us feel better to see some of these crooks have to squirm a little like the snakes they are.

      10. I love it.

        But they’ve got the wrong bank. The Federal Reserve headquarters is in DC. Abolish that sucker and you will see some real change.

      11. I have a BofA mortgage, and I’m glad to see that someone got in a little payback on those greedy fucking vampires! Way to go!

      12. Hell. Yes.

        That was awesome!

      13. Do you all realize that BoA was the Bank of Italy until the San Francisco earthquake when it was basically the only bank to survive and quickly started handing out money so that San Franciscoians could start rebuilding? So again, all things nutty start in California !!

        • Even creepier… the dude who founded it lost his father while the old man was collecting on a $10.00 debt – little wonder the damned corp is as rapacious as it is.

      14. Its the MONEY that is the problem.

        the only power that the bankers and government have is that the people are stupid enough to take Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for goods and services. stop borrowing from banks. stop taking FRN in exchange for your good and services and the bankers will have no power.



      15. Are those real Renee?

        • I KNEW you were gonna ask that!!!!! Almost fell out of my chair laughing!

      16. The last three words of Mac’s article sum it up perfectly and I concur.

      17. The best way out of a bad situation is to walk away.
        “Strategic default”. Banksters hate those two words, because there is nothing they can do to stop you from walking away from your crappy home and the crippling mortgage payments they set up for you.
        Many Savvy and Wise Americans are realizing today that it is way too stupid and foolish to keep on struggling to make mortgage payments especially while banksters and their families are getting rich off of you.
        You may ask where will i live if i walk away?
        you can always rent a house/apt. or move in with family while your waiting a few years you will have saved thousands and thousands of dollars that you are wasting in a undervalued house that will never.. i repeat never regain its value.
        WALK AWAY TODAY!!!!!
        There is no shame no pain no prison.

        • Been there, done that. Saved roughly a thousand bucks a month that way…

          Now I’m saving up for a couple of acres a bit outside of town, and a home to put on it. I want to pay cash for the majority of it. I figure I’ll be there about five years from now, God willing. 🙂

      18. What sweet payback. I do believe that I would have to find some fine bourbon, and have a touch after that was over.

      19. For Odd Questioner

        The Church does not directly involve itself in political matters at the request of the money changers. It is supported by them for its ability to distract the masses from those political matters. Hence “allowing” it to print euros, which the money powers control and is backed by nothing.

        The Pope should well know what the banks are doing and stand strongly against it. Instead, they fund themselves with the “Euro” and actively participate in a system that deprives the People of their money.

        How long do you think the banksters would last if all 1.2 BILLION Catholics were told the truth and the Church supported actions against the Great Fraud?

        How long do you think the Vatican would stand if it did any such thing?

        Why are we at war with the Muslims? Their religion DOES NOT allow interest.

        The money powers use ORGANIZED religion as way to distract the masses while they loot them, and the churches support it by allowing it to happen.

        That’s all.

        When the church joins in the fight against the banksters, then and only then can it be considered Godly.

        • “The Church does not directly involve itself in political matters at the request of the money changers”

          Long ago, they used to *be* the money changers. That stopped happening at around the time the Knights Templar rose up, then got wiped out (notably when folks like Philip IV realized that it was an easy way to get out of paying back some rather huge loans he got from them.)

          “It is supported by them for its ability to distract the masses from those political matters.”

          Most churches tend to focus more on spiritual matters, not so much the secular ones. OTOH, we are asked emphatically to apply Christ’s teachings to secular decisions. The rest is left up to the people to decide.

          The problem with that last sentence is this: Once, people actually took the time to study what was going on, and acted on it. Nowadays, like so many of other (and even no) religions, folks really don’t pay attention, and abrogate their responsibilities as citizens. This is hardly just a church problem.

          “The Pope should well know what the banks are doing and stand strongly against it. Instead, they fund themselves with the “Euro” and actively participate in a system that deprives the People of their money.”

          Which banks, and what particular money? I think you’re working on a bad premise here.

          Here’s the trick – I believe fully that there are multiple large-scale scams going on, by multiple entities – but little of any of it is organized.

          The “banks” couldn’t organize an avalanche at a Utah ski resort in February, let alone the slow mess we’ve been sinking into. They’re too busy trying to simultaneously screw over customers, governments and *each other*.

          Certainly there could be preaching against the general practices, and to some extent that already happens – many homilies involve living within one’s means, living simply, helping folks out who need a hand. TBH, if everyone (at large, not just Catholic) actually did just that, most of the dishonest banks would fall flat on their faces from lack of business.

          “Why are we at war with the Muslims? Their religion DOES NOT allow interest.”

          I didn’t realize we were at war with a religion per se. After all, Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, is a pretty big trading partner of the US.

          As for interest, it is once anti-Christian to charge interest as well (the sin of Usury), and I suspect that both religions have plenty of adherent bankers who happily charge interest.

          Also, something to consider. Islam at large is suffering now what Christianity suffered during the Crusades – corruptions, radicals (both within and without) using the church and its teachings as an excuse to commit atrocity, internal dissent, and an overall struggle for identity, both present and future.


          Overall, I don’t think that it’s a question of compliance with some evil organization, but rather a focus on saving as many souls as it can, especially in an age where more and more people are ditching religion and even Christianity altogether.

      20. Yes, you heard that right, homeowner foreclosures on the bank.

        Sweet justice.

      21. And just when all seems lost……….SWEET!

      22. They should have made the bank manager wait in line for a half hour then show 3 forms if ID before they accepted his check. Then hold up the check and scrutinize it thoroughly and ask him : “Is this check good?” And tell him “the default judgement from the court will remain in effect for 3 to 5 business days til we process your payment.”

      23. Would have “taken it all” and given the bank manager a choice between a used toaster or flashlight that doesn’t work as a gift with a $10K min. monthly deposit. Five or six months back at them also.

      24. Smokin, you forgot one thing. The right hand thumb print on the face of the check!!!

      25. Fuck Bank of America.

      26. don’t you know that man cannot rule over anything, it will always be a screw up………..

      27. This is sweet justice but what would have made the showdown even sweeter is if they had all the local news people there with their cameras rolling to record the whold scene and have the homeowner there to tell the viewers that this same bank is still alive because of all of us taxpayers’ money and this is how we get our payback. Today there are no bankers anymore, only administrators working at banks. Real bankers would behave a lot differently towards their customers. More like James Stewart in “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

      28. Attorneys don’t go out of business, just to jail.

      29. Given the foreclosure fiascos that have been going on since the “bubble” popped, someone was bound to get burned in a way the legal system couldn’t ignore. I’m glad these folks are collecting on their judgement.

        Now, lets see what happens in the courts with the thousands of americans who tried to refinance and were forclosed on without the banks following proper procedure. I’m going to guess not a whole lot.

      30. This is sweet justice for the homeowners. Unfortunately their nightmare is just beginning. This foreclosure is already on their credit record and the disgusting Big 3 Credit Bureaus will refuse to take it off. That happened to me when Washington Mutual bought my mortgage from Principal and then started foreclosure without warning me. ALL my payments had been made in advance to the correct place. The PIGS at Washington Mutual finally admitted it was all their mistake but refused to help clear my credit record. Unfortunately the FBI protected the Washington Mutual PIGS from me and the FBI does have bigger guns! Unfortunately Washington Mutual went away before I could “administer justice”. The PIGS at all 3 credit bureaus refused to help. What we need is a Trillion Dollar class action lawsuit against the 3 credit bureaus!

      31. Watch “Inside Job” the documentary

        it will show you how pissed we should be in this country..but are not…yet

      32. Another Mortgage Company fraud is on the horizon. Tens of thousands of people are homeless in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Joplin, Missouri due to the recent and devastating tornado damage in these areas.

        Insurance companies issue drafts to cover the damage, but are required by law to isssue these to the homeowner AND the Mortgage lender (if a mortgage is held).

        The homeowner is typically required to endorse the drafts and then turn them over to the mortgage lender along with a packet of filled out forms that are supposed to prove that the homeowner intends to re-build or repair.

        When the form package (along with the drafts) are sent in, the drafts are cashed by the mortgage company and held in escrow. It is the Mortgage company that dictates if and when funds are released.

        The amount owed on the mortgage makes no difference. In my case, the drafts were $70,000 + (the amount assessed by the insurance company), yet the mortgage balance is only $25,000.00. CitiMortgage has cashed the drafts and now holds the entire amount. I have yet to see a dime. In the mean time, my house sits destroyed.

        By design, CitiMortgage processes its damage claims via a ‘Call Center’. This is a beautiful design for delay, stalling, confusion, and frustration. When you call the center, you, of couse, don’t immediately get a human, but a menu (along with a pitch about all the things that CitiMortgage is doing to help you), finally, you get a ‘Service Rep’.

        It is important to note that ‘Service Reps’ are not really representatives of Citi. The call center is just an obstacle placed between CitiMortgage and its customers. The typical ‘service rep’ sounds like they are about 13 years old and have been versed in the CitiMortgage rhetoric. In my case I filled out and signed the form exactly according to instructions. I also had signatures from my authorized builder. (Note that you can’t even begin to start trying to get your money until you have a contractor signed up.) In the mean time, squirrels are building nests in my home and I can’t get my builder started because Citi has my construction money.

        One issue is that, for some reason, tree removal cost is included in the the amount that the insurance company issued for the repair/re-build. Of course I had to pay the $7000.00 out of pocket for the tree removal, but CitMortgage now holds those funds in its own accounts and will not release them.

        Each time I call the ‘call center’ there is a new excuse or requirement that I have not met. Each time there is a new barrier that I must overcome in order to receive my money. This is all in spite of the fact that I owe significantly less on my mortgage than the amount being held.

        No one at the call center has last names; they are ‘Bob’ or ‘Missie’ or ‘Steve’. There is no caller ID given when they call me. So I cannot call the same person back to complete a transaction. They do not have email. So you cannot send a document or a receipt except to a centralized FAX location. The FAXES seem to never actually be received or logged. So it starts over again.
        CitiMortgage and other mortgage companies have received billions in insurance money. They profit on the float, while the storm victums must survive the best they can and beg for compensation that is rightfully theirs.
        Note that I am not a ‘deadbeat’. I have never missed a mortgage payment or been late and I have top credit. Over the years I have done everything correctly. I bought a smaller, modest home that I could easily make the payments on. I saved and invested. I invested in my children’s education so that they could be productive citizens. I’ve work at my profession for thirty years and ran a small business on the side so that I could be self sufficient. If I am having trouble getting through the mortgage company quagmire, what is happening to all of those out there without sufficient resources to get through the mortgage company fraud, delays, and deliberate confusion?

      33. Your situation is horrifying; I am impressed with the clarity of your essay.
        If I were you I would send this message to Warren Buffet. Didn’t Mr. Buffet just send a zillion bucks to BofA? He must have enough funds to somehow force a sensible conclusion on Citimortgage, perhaps.

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