Swedish Radio Station Hijacked By ISIS Propaganda, Plays Terror Recruitment Song For 30 Minutes

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    In a startling turn of events, a Swedish radio station began playing ISIS propaganda after it was apparently hijacked by supporters of the terror group who used a pirate transmitter to broadcast over a popular morning radio show.

    The station, Mix Megapol, was taken over around 8:30 A.M. CET, switching from mainstream radio to the airing of the ISIS recruitment song, “For the sake of Allah” which was then blasted out to residents in the countries third largest city, Malmo.

    The song encourages possible western ISIS supporters to join the fight in the Middle East.

    The three minute song then aired for nearly a half hour before the station even realized what was going on, eventually being alerted to the terror propaganda by concerned listeners who phoned into the station.

    “This is of course very serious, particularly because they had been playing a song about ISIS recruitment, a spokesperson for the station told local news outlet 24Malmo. “We see this as a very serious incident and have therefore reported it to the police.”

    An Associated Press wire confirmed the local reports:

    A Swedish radio station says a pirate broadcaster briefly broke into its Friday morning show and broadcast an English-language pop song urging Westerners to join the Islamic State group.

    Jakob Gravestam, a spokesman for the Bauer Media group that operates the Mix Megapol station in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, said in a statement that the incident would be reported to police and the Swedish government agency that monitors electronic communications, among others.

    The 24Malmo news site said the song entitled “For the Sake of Allah” was played for about 30 minutes on the FM and Internet-based radio station that is part of a private radio network airing in 24 cities across the country and claims to reach 91 percent of Sweden’s 10 million people.

    Local news reports have claimed that it is so far unknown if the pirate transmitter was actually operated by supporters of ISIS but one can imagine that this is indeed the case.

    The Swedish Security Service has reported that over 300 people have left the country to fight for ISIS since the terror group began its propaganda campaign to entice westerns to join their cause.

    “This puts Sweden in second place after Belgium for ISIS fighters per capita who have left their home countries for Iraq and Syria.”


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      1. All the hits, all the time…err, ahh, waitaminnit.

      2. The idiot Swedes had better get their program in order very soon or they will be ruled by a gang of third world savages for the sake of political correctness and socialism….





      4. Your tax dollars at work again!

        • Shiva, you mean SWEDEN’S tax dollars at work, not ours.

          • If it aired for 30 minutes before anyone at the station intervened, then it was intentionally aired by someone inside the station. I don’t buy the hacking claim.

            • Yup

        • Ha ha ha ha, No shit huh….

      5. Local news reports have claimed that it is so far unknown if the pirate transmitter was actually operated by supporters of ISIS but one can imagine that this is indeed the case

        And they wonder why?

        Also recently there has been a significant uptick in bombings in Sweden. Has anyone heard that on the MSM? 13 bombings in 25 days

        Can’t make this up.

      6. I’m surprised that they don’t own their own radio station.

        • Theres an idea! Put a request in to the CIA for a dozen or so.

          • Shiva, you mean the CIA’s ‘greatest hits’? No, I’ll pass on that.

      7. Entice them out of the country and them kill them. Get smart Sweden,your time is short!

      8. Just what did the Swedes and the other EU nations expect when they kowtow to EU immigration policies? Sweden, Norway, France, UK, Germany, etc. have allowed their own people to be terrorized by the sand flea scum and when their people speak out against it they get penalized. At least in Germany there are people standing up and fighting against the immigration. Kudos to Hungary, Poland, and the other EU countries standing firm against immigration.

        • Talked to my cousin last night (music teacher in Germany). He’s live there the last 50 yrs.

          He said Germany is unrecognizable as the country he went to long ago.

          He also said the USA would end up the same if we are not careful.

          His concern for Germany AND the USA was the fall from CHRISTianity.

          Prep your souls

          • I work with a crew of Germans every few years. Mostly old school REAL MEN. Their work ethic and pride in it surpass them all. I asked them why they didn’t whack merkell, they mostly said they liked her? WTF? These are men you would never think would like her. Wierd shit for sure. Being mostly German myself I love these guys. I have more respect for them than ANY other countries people that come here. In fact I can’t understand how we ever beat these guys in WW2. They make amerikans look like pansies! Maybe they see what is going on by now but damn!!

            PS,,, The last time I worked with a native German we hung out and let me tell you…. not all of them are that way. This man could kill you all and would….

      9. It depends on what the meaning of IS IS …

      10. this is what the political establishment wants to force with force under the color of law on the American people in the USA.

        If you’re think you are supporting something different by voting for democrats or RINO republicans you’re voting and supporting for this same exact thing. RINOs, globalists, democrats, communists, and socialists are all one in the same they just play off of different segments of sheeple in society. ISIS is their thug henchmen right along with ANTIFA useful idiots and all the other anti-American and communist globalist organizations.

        They want your guns again folks. If Americans don’t wake up and stand firm against this agenda this is what will be taking place here in the USA and it already has. hopefully Americans will wake up soon and stand against this agenda from getting a full on foothold here before it’s too late.

      11. Sweden deserves what they get. They now have a huge crime rate thanks to their liberal open border stupidity. You never hear about this in Eastern Europe. The so called refugees that they are accomodating would never dare try to do all the crime and acting out in their own countries they know they would end up in a dungeon or worse.

      12. Catchy little tune. Little too much bass, can’t really hear the lyrics; but I suppose, “kill, kill, kill all the infidels” really doesn’t require much to get the message. Going to have to download and submit to a local college radio station hereabouts. Might get all the idiot liberal white chicks to run off to Iran or somewhere Muzzy to hook up. Biggest problem I heard – damned hard to dance to.

      13. Open borders with these terrorists loose is like trying to shake hands with a crocodile. When it has your hand in its jaws, it is time to forget the handshaking. The crocodile wants dinner, not to make friends!

      14. Sweden is a joke and will be under sharia law within 5 years

      15. This is fifth generation warfare they are waging so you must pay close attention to what’s going on. Many look for signature big battles or epic events to signal we are at war or who the enemy is. But that is not how fifth generation warfare works. It is mainly silent 99% of the time. It works through demographics (more and more Muslims everywhere, from the smallest town to the big cities), subtle social changes (more and more Muslims appearing in Xmas commericials, for example, women in headscarves on the local hospital brochure), the taking of key positions of power, from the mayor (look at London) to heads of security agencies (again, London and the US), to controlling all key jobs in airports, including doing the security checks (hello, Canada!).

        Just look at how your community has changed just in the past 5 years? Now, imagine what it will look 5 years from now? But, who is funding all this? Well, the quantity of money available is nearly infinite. They have access to oil and gas money, they can then borrow money on top of this, they steal gold, they steal digital wealth through the stock market etc. Money is not the problem. They are now the majority controllers of most urban drug dealing gangs and sex trafficking gangs. Wonder who is doing all the Fentynal trafficking? They like nothing better than getting white and black (they really hate black people) folks whacked out of their minds on opioids, their young girls and women addicted and trafficked.

        If you do not wake up to this (in Eastern Europe they have), then you will be the minority and the so-called dhimmini: a sub human who will be frozen out of jobs, taxed to penury, and made to serve the Muslims as is the case already across the Middle East (ask Filipinos and Indians, Bangladeshis, and Pakistanis what that is like).

        • Frank, thanks…i had completely overlooked 4GW .more!

      16. Then, one of millions of streaming channels, basically sounded like any migrant-owned business in the West. That includes North America. Have you been to the market districts, in LA. You probably understood what was being said, without even speaking the language.

      17. At any rate the criminals at the top won’t have any of their heads chopped off. Reminds me of the old picture of a million Buffalo skulls piled into a mountain to deprive native Indians of their lives and sustenance.

      18. Writing in Forbes, Duke Researcher Chris Conover said:
        There were 310 million guns in the U.S. in 2009 (a Congressional Research Service figure have no reason to dispute), a figure that likely grew to perhaps 350 million by 2013. These guns resulted in 33,000 deaths in 2013, of which 64% were suicides, leaving 500 accidental deaths and 11,200 due to homicides. There were 269 million registered vehicles in the U.S. in 2013. These result in 33,000 deaths a year, roughly half of which are drivers (these are official NHTSA statistics).

        He explains:
        In this sharply divided country, there surely is also strong disagreement about the extent to which government ought to be protecting citizens from self-harm. But I presume that a broad spectrum of the public on both sides of the aisle would agree there is an appropriate government role in protecting citizens from being harmed by one another. So if we leave aside self-inflicted deaths, the average car is 1.8 times as risky as the average gun. That is,**** my owning a car is 80 percent more likely to result in the death of another person my owning a gun.***

      19. Why crickets on the Las Vegas shootings?
        We know everything about the Texas shooting, and nothing about L V murders!

        Other news sites report;
        King Salam of Arabia, named his own son “heir to his throne”. He was at the
        Tropicana the night of Oct,1, 2017.
        King S.A.’s brother, Al-Weed wanted HIS son named as sucessor to the throne.
        Assassins were in the Mandalay hotel. Al-weed, (Bill Gates and others) own the top 5 floors
        of that hotel. They were to assasinate the Kings son at the Tropicana, they failed.
        The FBI knew Paddock was running guns. Someone wanted him dead so he couldn’t talk.
        Paddock wasn’t the killer of 59 people…..he was already dead..,.when they blew open the
        door of his room. People in adjoining rooms said they heard an explosion, and shattering
        glass. They thought the glass was shattered by the explosion.

        Details are all sketchy after reading so many accounts of this mass murder. Do
        your own research…..too many lies by people we should be able to trust.

        FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement, all need to come clean as does Saudi Arabia and everyone
        Involved with this “INTERNATIONAL” MASS MURDER. This is another 9/11 cover up.
        This is what you get with a “one world government.”
        Crap you are a victum of every day of your life.

        • @Kay123

          this character paddock was probably involved with isis or he is a big democrat communist rino globalist donor

          or perhaps steven paddock is a fake character all together

      20. This was probably a test. Wonder where it will be tried next?

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