Sweden Covered-Up Systematic Rape During Festival Because Migrants “Awkward to Write About”

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 111 comments

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    In the aftermath of the outrageous pattern of mass rapes in Cologne – and more broadly across Europe and the Western world–  by asylum-seeking migrants from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, there is even more evidence that politically-correct leaders are doing all they can to downplay crimes and reports of crimes committed by refugees.

    And it doesn’t seem to matter who gets hurt in the process.

    The wave of rapes amounts to one of the biggest sources of contention in an already difficult clash of cultures between the Islamic and Christian worlds.

    Unfortunately, the trend is nothing new in Sweden.

    After the events in Cologne raised questions about the highly coordinated and repeated sexual crimes by migrant groups, the Swedish media was forced to admit that  it looked the other way after a source exposed – more than six months ago – at least 90 cases of unsolicited groping by males from Afghanistan or Syria during a summer music festival.

    Apparently a psychologist working with the police contacted the media, who despite initial interest, passed on the verifiable story over concerns that it was only fueling an anti-migrant narrative favored by the Social Democratic party in Sweden.

    The Swedish paper Nyheteridag published the story: Exposing Major PC Cover-up in Sweden – Leading Daily Dagens Nyheter Refused to Write About Cologne-like Sex Crimes in Central Stockholm:

    The Cologne sex assault on New Year’s Eve, where groups of Arab and North African men groped more than a hundred German women, has shocked Europe this last week. But a very similar incident, with a large number of perpetrators and victims, took place in the Swedish capital last summer. That incident however was silenced by large Swedish newspapers and media companies, despite repeated attempts from police officers to contact journalists. This is how leading Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter tried to cover up a politically inconvenient sex assault story.


    Hordes of young men pressed against young girls, fondled and tried to cop a feel over and under skirts, pants and shirts. There were severe sexual assaults happening right in front of the stage, where artists such as Larsson and rapper OIAM performed.

    During a single night police and security guards had to intervene against around 90 younger males, but even adult men took part in the abuse, says an eye witness to Nyheter Idag. The eye witness has professional experience from working at the Stockholm Police Department as a psychologist.


    “She was very interested and listened until I told her that all the boys and men that were apprehended were young asylants (unaccompanied is the terminology used by Swedish authorities) from Afghanistan and Syria. I sensed that she changed the tone (of her voice). But she also said that she would contact the police”, he tells Nyheter Idag… [The reporter] was interested in it for half day or a day, then she wasn’t anymore”.

    The police officer, who has worked as a police officer for over 20 years, emphatically states several times that the events in Kungsträdgården were systematic and extensive in number. This was what he wanted to tell Hanne Kjöller of Dagens Nyheter.

    “Why the widespread sexual harassments, in the midst of central Stockholm, with some minor exception, were left in a media shadow, is unknown to me. But the very suspicion that the sexual assaults were considered awkward to (write about) is a betrayal of the victims”, writes Wierup in the very same newspaper that covered up the whole incident to begin with.


    Psychologist: “She didn’t go with the lead about how girls were systematically exposed to this and how 90 young lads were apprehended and that it went on every night during this festival? That didn’t have any news value? Do you want me to believe that? Listen to yourself, listen to what you are saying!”

    What is absolutely insane is that certain groups of rapists are overlooked because the weight of politically-correct guilt over discrimination forbids the political action necessary to stop what is going on.

    Instead, the political considerations apparently trump the crime – no matter how serious. The right of Swedish women, and those across Europe, to be unmolested and left alone is peanuts next to the enormous task of selling the public on a rash wave of hording Muslim men in the name of compassion and the cultural melting pot.

    As Zero Hedge points out:

    [T]he long and the short of it seems to be that a major Swedish daily was engaged in a coverup right up until the attacks in Cologne thrust the issue into the spotlight.

    In any event, we now await the inevitable public backlash and attendant protests in Stockholm which will become the latest example of a “civilized” Western city torn apart by the bloc’s worsening migrant crisis.

    Until someone in Europe has the wherewithal to address the problem in real terms, women will continue to be at total risk, and the police and officials have been instructed to stand down. But no one is holding their breath. England, for example, has taken extra measures to cover-up high level pedophiles, and prevent reporting on egregious abuses allegedly committed by British politicians – so there’s that trend.

    Meanwhile, Swedes will behave like other Europeans have been –bewildered and frightened by the recent arrivals, and quick to arm themselves with whatever means of defense is legal and available in their locale.

    Read more:

    Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”

    Watch This Angry Foreigner: Here’s What Happened In Sweden When Muslim Immigrants Swarmed Their Country

    Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”

    Sweden: “No Apartments, No Jobs, No Shopping Without A Gun”

    Germany In Shock After “Monstrous” Attacks, Rape By 1,000 Men “Of Arab Or North African Origin”


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      1. It’s starting to become difficult to tell which group is more uncivilized.

        • Just a few patriots with AR-15s could kill every one of the savages in this article’s picture when you get all the cockroaches bunched up like that. We cannot pass up scenes such as this on our soil.

        • Sand ape shoots 12 times at Philly cop point blank.

          Only hits him 3 times, and it was premeditated.

          The most decisive factor is your ability to remain calm.

          • AE: I agree. I worked in an inner city ER many years ago. I think the biggest surprise for me was that you can survive a gunshot wound.

            As a lifelong shooter, I grew up shooting and reloading. It was just they way we lived our life. Shooting was something we did every weekend. The skills made it very easy for me to qualify as an Expert marksman in basic training. It wasn’t even hard. I remember being shocked at how good I was and so were my Drill Instructors. Pretty much that was the first time they laid off of me and realized I did have some skills. Basic was hard for me. The hardest part were the people from cities that played with an unloaded M-16 A1 like it was a water gun or a toy. I nearly came to blows with a fellow recruit. Being tall has its advantages. The bully from NYC backed off.

            The best part of this incident, for me, was that it showed that having a gun and being untrained, does not mean you cannot survive the situation. Never give up and never back down.

            • Everyone is missing the point: rape is a TACTIC to them! Aside from the fact that they are forbidden consensual sex unless married back home, I mean. One of the things they are shouting (in their own languages of course) are things like this: “Western men have no sperm! They are not men anymore! We will breed your enemies on your own women!” THEY ARE JIHADIS, NOT REFUGEES! Refugees bring their families. Look at the crowds: they are ALL MALE! They are INVADERS NOT “refugees”!

              It’s my belief that the “elites” have ordered their highest-ups in governments to find or make excuses for these savages; that they won’t be stopped! The “host countries” are told NOT to interfere. The “elites” NEED WAR! Teach your ladies of ALL AGES to shoot, gentlemen! You’ve been sold out by “your own government” – those with Central Banks, and the “elites” have spoken. THEY want chaos. WE want recovery, but you don’t recover by knuckling under to savages!

              • First the zionist media convince America that there are No Go Area’s in London because of Muslims.
                Now women are being sexually assalted in Cologne, Helsinki and Sweden by Muslims.
                All of it fabricated by the zionist media to turn Europe against …….
                Here, the Cologne police say what was reported is not true.

              • I think you are rigth. Talked to a collegue who has been living here in Sweden for 28 years. He fled from the Kurdish part of Iran to avoid beeing imprisoned by the priests. He believes Iran is sending spies/infiltrators to the west in the form of young men pretending to be younger than they are. These young men are propably a part of a network with Mosques as contact centers. They are all Shia-moslims and most of them have the exact same explanation to why they have fled. Europe is in for a gruesome time.

          • Calm and stay focused.

          • Interesting video. I have reached the conclusion that islam is a death cult. It has nothing to do with religion. Zero. Mo was a war lord, and slaver, that was psychopathic.

            There is no free speech allowed amongst moslems. It is a barbaric, psychopathic death cult. Period.

            • Islam is the religion of Satan, literally. If you take the quotes from the Koran that describe Allah and look for those words and phrases in the Bible you get Satan.
              Look at their beliefs and behavior and it makes sense. They worship Satan.
              This is a spiritual was being fought in the earthly world and most people do not get it.
              You can reason with many people one to one but not with large groups because of group think. When their numbers are small the Koran tells them to get along and fly under the radar but when their numbers grow it orders them to take command and use violence to get total control of all nonmuslims. It even says that though many will not want to use violence, they are required to do it.

              The people of Europe will need to stand en mass in their police stations and courts and block all daily actions until their own laws are again applied EQUALLY for all.

              The asailants know they will never see jail. So they will grow bolder and more violent.

          • I heard Muslims eat camel dung stir fry with veggies, they need to try this new dish: pigs ears and testicles w/peppers, onions stir fry w/ hot sauce, buy one get one free at porky’s diner.

        • For the first time im my life it has become more and more socially acceptable to be a white supremacist.

          Thanks to Obama and European liberals.

          What a maroon!

        • Mac,

          Just yesterday another moose limb was arrested in Sweden for raping a white woman to death in a hotel parking garage and then continuing to rape her corpse. Like a good Muslim he was imitating Muhammad’s act of sex with his dead foster mother in her grave.


      2. So we do hear each and every day that the so called refuges from the arab world and north africa are raping and killing. My million dollar question is how these criminals are given the opportunity to penetrate the most peaceful nations such as Sweden along with many other European countries BUT most importantly WHO has provided the platform for them.

        And please don’t come up with the libtards etc. Name the real enemy of the humanity if you can.

          • american and Braveheart: I salute you both for your truthful visions and spreading the truth.

            • Stolz, thanks for the salute. I’m still researching and making some progress when I can, but I’ll get there eventually.

        • Stolz, of course it’s a certain tribe which has been kicked out of 109 nations in the past for various acts of treason against those nations.

        • Satan

          • Right Jacknife…and sociopaths/psychopaths work for Satan.

          • Such an easy answer to such a simple question. Satan uses all kinds of folks.

        • Every year six million north African and Iranian muslims turn to Christianity.

          • Is that the reason Muslims are growing in their Numbers?

          • In the late 1990s I traveled through Europe. I became very ill while in Budapest, Hungary. Calling the front desk of the hotel after laying on the (common) bathroom floor, off and on, for a few hours, was tough. I don’t remember ever being so ill. I was taken to one place in a taxi, first. They were very nice but they had me in a room with other women and the pills they gave me did not stay down. I ended up with an IV and a number of bags of IV fluids were necessary until I was revived. By that point I had been moved to the equivalent of the CDC in Budapest. Armed guards, with Doberman pinschers to get in or out of the gate. The hotel was freaked out, I was freaked out, the Hungarian government was freaked out. There was another Amercian down the hall. When I heard him talk I was like “hello, how are you? Why are are you here? What happened?” The guy had been flown in from India and they suspected he had Cholera. The staff totally freaked out when we met in the hallway for a few minutes and the guy gave me a copy of Time Magazine which I still have.

            It was a crazy place. It looked like it was from the 1960’s. It was clean but everything seemed old. I am a veteran so it seemed even worse than a VA hospital. The good thing was the needle pack for the IV was wrapped in plastic and single use although they used glass IV bottles not the plastic bags like now. But I was glad to see the plastic wrapped IV needles at least I didn’t have to worry about contamination from reused or improperly sterilized needles.

            The food at that hospital was crazy. They brought me 3 rolls in the morning. There was one roll for each meal. Dinner was rice with what looked like ham and some peas / carrots, minced very small. I think lunch was the best because you got a slice of meat and cheese. That was it. You had to save each roll, from breakfast, to make your next meal. Breakfast was a slice of meat and the roll. Of course I complained before dinner on the first day because I had eaten all my rolls by lunch. I didn’t realize the rolls were not going to be given at each meal, that was all you got for the entire day! The kicker is after I complained someone told me that this was what the doctors and staff at the hospital also ate. This was not punishment for being an Amercian this was the accepted food for the staff and they were grateful for being given a food ration along with their salary. Oh you bet I shut my mouth and shut it fast and didn’t say one single word until I checked out of that place after three long days. It took an official document, signed, for me to get past the guards and those dobies.

            Traveling was my real education. Seeing the remains of Poland, grey and bleak showed me the long-term effects of communism. I remember asking one of the Poles on the train from Berlin to Belarus, “why are all of the houses grey? Why are there no flowers?” The polish guy was very patient with me. He said, “when the government owns everything and the peope own nothing why should they pay for paint? Why would they pay for flowers when they do not own that house or the land.” I think it was that conversation that converted me and caused me to hate communism.

          • It’s about time a European spoke out about this “elite” plot! I hope this courageous man is still alive and speaking! The Muslims are INVADERS, NOT “refugees”. Where are their women and children? Refugees try to save their families; these ARE ALL MALES! This is, as this economist has said, a tactic ordered by the “elites” and it’s being AIDED by the “elite”-run governments of Europe! “Out country is YOUR country” is what France heard on the televisions. Bullshit! Your country is YOUR COUNTRY! You and yours built it, make it work. These invading savages are there to DESTROY, nothing else, and your leaders know it! They’ve been ordered to aid in these invasions. It’s up to the people of Europe to stop it; your leaders WILL NOT. Their orders are to aid the Muslims, NOT YOU!

            The “elites” thrive, they grow fat on war. They started the World Wars, and they designed U.S. policy: to fool Americans with false-flag attacks and tell us WE’VE BEEN ATTACKED, so we go and fight. Americans are learning, though. You’d better learn too! If you don’t start sending the Muslim INVADERS home, on trains, in body bags, WHATEVER IT TAKES, you WILL be destroyed! The “elites” need your wealth now, and WAR is how they take it. FIGHT BACK!

            • The elites grow fat on war and need the blood of our children for sacrifice. It is all about Mammon. We don’t need a new Constitution, we need to start putting these people in jail. They break existing laws.

        • Stolz V – The real enemy of humanity is sociopaths/psychopaths.

        • The top 1%. And money talks. Besides they can do a lot of their dirty work.
          This has been a orchestrated plan for a long time. Think about it.
          Isn’t it strange that this is happening all over the world now? And yet no one seems to have the balls it takes to stop it, or the migration. They have wormed their way Into most all countries now.The woman in Germany is part of the Bilderbergs group from what I read about her. Now, why would she care if it is stopped?
          Same as the other countries.
          Ours will be next if we dont stop it. Hopefully we will not cave in.
          I won’t put up with infidels. Maybe they need each ball superglued in each hand….think they would enjoy that? Im getting tired of all the pc BULLSHIT myself.It’s getting real old.

          I think they named the wrong country ” the big satan.” That is them. They do exactly as he wants them to do.
          They keep messing with Christians….God almighty will show them how wrong they are. And that, is in the Bible. Mess with his people, you will find out. It’s different this time because it is the whole world, not just a few countries.
          Belive that or not.
          Infidels my ass.

        • The REAL enemies of all civilizations are the so-called “super-wealthy elites”, Luciferians who “sacrifice” infants and children in their “rituals” – Rothschilds first and foremost, then Rockefellers, Warburgs, Fords, et al. They are the ones poisoning the atmosphere, the food, the water tables, the seas – THEY are why the Earth is loosing 200 species EVERY DAY to EXTINCTION! One day we’ll be one of that number if we don’t start FIGHTING BACK against the REAL ENEMY!

      3. Our politicians DO NOT care what happens to us as long as something advances their agenda. They care more about looking “good” at their parties than about our welfare and safety.

      4. This is certainly not new here in the U.S. For literally decades, the controlled msm, has gone to great lengths to cover up non-white, particularly Black on White crime.

        Since the Vietnam war, Blacks have murdered many more Whites, than the total number of war dead; those statistics were compiled 20 years ago. Black on White rape is in the thousands, YEARLY. The left will go overboard to lie and shout anyone down who tries to expose this. The truth is hidden, swept away, nothing to see here Whitey, move along.

        This is not about it being “awkward to write about”. It is about White Genocide. The left wants you dead, Whitey, you have zero future in their nwo. Wake up and face reality.

        • JustMe, for some true coverage on black-on-white crime and other politically incorrect facts about minorities, I recommend http://www.cofcc.org. Council Of Conservative Citizens is a very good source of information. Also try http://www.thepoliticalcesspool.com, an internet talk show and blog located in my area.

          • Thanks Braveheart. I have heard James Edwards before, very straightforward man. Correction on his link, apply “.org”, not “.com”, for Political Cesspool.

            Time is getting short for people to face these truths.

            • JustMe, my mistake. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to his site, but he is a straight shooter.

        • The cover up is widespread and long-running. Look at the US: most murders every year are black-on-black or black-on-white. Even blacks admit the most terrifying thing to them is to walk on a street and see a group of other blacks walking their way; they feel much safer around white or Asian people.

          In the UK, the police regularly run posters and campaigns warning women about the risk of being abducted and raped by taxi drivers. Most of the urban crime and murders take place in particular communities; in 2011 they ran wild for four days of looting, raping, burning and attacking. Politicians just don’t care because they exist behind a cordon of security provided by the police, while leaving the rest of the population to be ‘food’ for the wolves.

      5. Time for Russia start flowing arms to those Vigilante groups…
        …if the law makers of Europe will not follow their own laws. Europeans should not follow them either.

        Live Free or Die…can’t wait for the Swedish bikini rifle team

      6. This will continue until large numbers of tourists stop going to these countries and it hits them in their pocket books. I have told everyone that I know that go to Europe on vacation that they would be crazy to go at this time. The governments there obviously don’t care about their own citizens, so the damn sure don’t care about you.

        • Eastern Europe and Switzerland did the right thing, they deserve tourist money.

      7. this reminds me of the story of one or more women getting raped by gangs in NYC that could get no coverage either.

        if I were a woman, I’d be inclined to support trump just because the prospects of my own safety would increase as he’s kicking out all sorts of immigrants and refugees.

        never should have had to go so far that you’d have to elect a trump, but the gop had 4 years and they cant protect anything but the quality of leather they grace their pricey suits sit on.

        • Lena, I know what you mean. You may want to check out the 2 links I posted in my comment to JustMe above. They are both very good and politically incorrect sites concerning race and religion.

        • Just because someone says they wouldn’t stand for it, women being groped and molested and just because they would never commit these crimes, doesn’t mean that they are normal and trustworthy with a moral compass. I’m a woman and I know I would never vote for a man who objectifies women = Trump.

          Trump has even objectified his own daughter numerous times, twice in front of cameras “If she weren’t my daughter, I’d date her” and “Ivanka is so beautiful, if I weren’t her father I’d date her.” Trump isn’t who you think he is.

          • Skirts,

            Trump visited Epstein’s island. Do you understand this?

        • Trump does not care about women, open your ears and listen. As a woman, I will defend myself.

      8. There statistician but there might be a connection here

        h ttp://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/murder-rates-nationally-and-state#MRord

        h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_African-American_population

        • Have to proof read….oops

          I’m not a statistician but there might be a connection here.

          h ttp://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/murder-rates-nationally-and-state#MRord

          h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_African-American_population

      9. To awkward to write about?
        Here I’ll write about it.

        Muslime scum attacked and raped several women last night while LEO’s where told to stand down.

        The women where groped and forced to have sex with many men while LEO’s where order to stand down by the Government. As not to offend the muslimes.

        Other news Bikers, and Other Patriots have had enough and are now kicking the shit out of these scum bags.

        As of today there have been only a couple of reports of these scum bags surviving their beatings, and a report that the local hard wear store is out of 1/2 & 3/4 rope.

        Just in. Armory has been loot by patriots taking rifles and hand guns along with 1000’s of rounds of ammunition. A note was left at the scene stating “If the Government won’t protect us from these muslime scum we will do it our self.”

        Now for the weather. A chance of rapid fire thunder followed by a smoky fog, with about 1″ of red rain.

        This is your local German News, Special Report.


        • Sarge, those things are coming here in due time. Lock and load. MOLON LABE

          • “B” 1776
            If I had the ones that fell into the hole during the earth quake (Wink-Wink) they would all be locked and loaded.

            • Sarge, ROFLMAO! I get your drift loud and clear.

              • And if I had a gun I would defend myself.

                • Get one immediately. Wouldn’t want grandma to get some surprise sex. bwahahahahha.

      10. and to think obama is bringing them here

        • They are already here … and more continue to flood into America with their “free pass” plus benefit packages … at taxpayers expense.

        • Bush brought more in than Obama. They are all the same.

          • I hear ‘ya loud ‘n clear on that. Dearborn MI is a little less then a 100 miles from me, and the place just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

            To make things worse … our lovely Gov. Rick Snyder wants to import more to the East Lansing location. Which is only 20 miles from my residence.

            Things go south in this country … no need for anyone to wonder if I’ll have my hands full around these parts or not.

            • FTW, I hope you have some place to bugout to if things really get out of hand in your area.

              • Obviously Europe is being thrown under the bus, and the ORDERS from the so-called “elites” (the world’s Super-Pervs”) are for the rulers and politicians to stand down on defending their own populaces! The “elites” THRIVE ON WAR! If they can spread war EVERYWHERE, they can walk off (AGAIN) with all the gold that’s left above-ground!

                I have to wonder how long the people benefiting from “elite” support are going to continue with this “As long as I get MINE, everything’s okay” attitude? Because the working stiffs of the world ARE catching on now, and when the majority does, the “elected leaders” who are in it for themselves ONLY no matter WHAT they’re ordered to do to you and me – we “ordinary people”. America’s food, water, medicine and even AIR supplies are ALL now toxic! Europe – have you checked yours lately?

      11. You know what else is hard to write about?
        Get a rope.

      12. Agile solution:

        In every country subject to such barbaric acts by the imported savages (by design) every patriots (Men and Women) start the elimination of their elite class and their families for each rape and assault being committed.


      13. Does that really surprise anyone? They do that here every time there is a terrorist attack. They are doing that on the Philadelphia police shooting right now. Even after the shooter admitted he was an ISIS follower…

        The thing is, it is back firing on them here and in Europe.

      14. It is a very simple solution. Look to history.
        Kill every Moslem male regardless of age.
        I keep “the Prince” and “the art of war” on
        either side of My KJV bible. These 3 books
        form the base of my Philosophy.

        I don’t own a Koran. Like “Das Kapital” once you
        get through a few hundred pages, you begin to
        understand they were not written by a human.
        In my world if it isn’t Human it is food.

        Prep on.

        • Amen Brother Relik –

          While Christians and Muslims battle it out once more … I’ll & others will be going after those who have perpetuated the situation on humanity.

          You fight the distraction … I’ll fight the source.

          • FTW…”I’ll fight the source”. Priceless comment and vision. Bravo.

        • rellik. Isn’t that what you folks are doing in your occupied land by killing innocent children and women and then exporting their barbarians who really are your blood cousins to destroy the western civilization?. Nice try jackass.

          • Stolz-

            They started this war long before we did. How about the innocent women and children in our towers that they knocked down and the innocents on the planes?

            WE go out of our way to spare innocents. And yet this is a war so there will be collateral damage.

            Our media goes out of their way to hold US soldiers to very high standard. Have you ever read the story Lone Survivor? Or even watched the movie?? Do you even know how many US Soldiers and Sailers have died to save innocents.

            Germany and others have brought this on themselves. Blame your politicians. America saved Europe including Germany from a life of slavery under NAZI rule. Now you will be under ISLAMIC rule because you have allowed it just like Germany allowed Hitler to rule. That must have been Americas fault as well huh.

            It is unbelievable to me how easily Europe is led to ruin by Liberals. Unfortunately Liberals have also weakened the US, we wont be able to save them this time.

        • Rellik, when I only got halfway through “The Communist Manifesto”, I realized that book wasn’t written by a human.

      15. Braveheart, excellent video.

      16. The truth is getting so awkward, and apparently so difficult, that its become indecipherable. Facts are omitted or at least massaged, ostensible has replaced actual. One understands more reading between the lines than taking anything at face value.

      17. I remember when I was in school the teacher would have us write about a topic or whatever. Well one day tha topic was if you were invisible what would you do. One kid said he would go into the girls gym locker room and into the showers with them. I was rolling so hard he got in trouble big time. I’ve never forgot about this. He had a devilish look when he read this. Such a dumb ass to think this was appropriate. Funny as hell though. Terrible topic to write about. Ladies just stay home and away from the muzzies. How can you not see they are savages. It’s been told and they cutting heads off to boot cmon wake up. I should feel bad.

      18. Looks like we’re headed towards the days where not being molested/raped will be considered a privilege. Anytime psychopathic invertebrates (like Obama, Merkel, for two examples of many) are calling the shots, Neanderthal savages essentially have the green light to do as they please.

      19. So… what will the fascist left do when the radical Muslims come marching into San Francisco to meet the radical gays and implement Sharia law in that city? Or when the Muslims march into NYC and implement their Sharia where those ignorant radical feminists live?

        Just asking. Of course, I do NOT expect an answer from the LIVLs (Low Information Voting Leftists) and their “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting buddies

        • TEST, they don’t know themselves. they’ll be in for the biggest shock of their lives.

          • I think you’re wrong there. They had a lesson just a couple of decades or so ago: Feinstein I think it was, was Mayor of San Francisco, and she actually got a “gun buy-back” going: “Sell us your guns, and we’ll melt ’em down into manhole covers that can’t hurt ANYBODY!” (Someone should’ve dropped one on her foot!) And so they did. Of course there was crime spree, people said “Screw this shyte!” and bought more guns, and criminals learned to walk softly again.

            Things aren’t always what we think. Fights between gay males, especially versus gay females, are devastating and often involved serious injuries. Gay or not, they’re still males – large, testosterone-laden, etc. I’ve known several gay black belts and Golden Gloves boxers, not to mention shooters. (I worked ambulance in the S.F. East Bay for a long time). They’re also still Americans (it really ISN’T a choice as to which gender people are attracted to). A lot of gays have served honorably in the military – I’ve also known West Point career military who “came out” after they retired. I’d stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them – they KNOW what they’re fighting for and they know HOW to fight! The “Oh, we just need to TALK to them, make them understand…” types are who I don’t get! *sigh* Understand what? That some people won’t stand up even for themselves and their God-given, Constitution-enshrined rights? Sometimes you HAVE to fight! This is clearly leading into another of those times. The trick is going to be NOT to go after “the officially designated ‘Bad Guys'” and instead to go after the REAL trouble-makers: the ones getting RICH off of all the bloodshed!

      20. Cmon I thought all those fighting age males coming into Europe were refugees. I remember seeing the video footage didn’t see one woman or child. Merkel just let the invaders in without a fight in fact she welcomed them with open arms. Just call the refugees not invaders. If this isn’t destruction of whites I don’t know what is. Whites are way too civilized that’s why nothing’s been done. We will wait till our back is against the wall before anything is done. So sad really.

        • I SAW ‘refugees’ at one border holding signs “OPEN OR DIE” How can anybody say these animals deserve compassion in the least?

      21. Kevin2,
        I have about abandoned MSM. No news.

      22. Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim
        Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.

        Lets have a look at the evidence:

        – No Christmas

        – No television

        – No nude women

        – No football

        – No pork chops

        – No hot dogs

        – No burgers

        – No beer
        – No bacon

        – Rags for clothes

        – Towels for hats

        – Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower

        – More than one wife

        More than one mother in law

        – You can’t shave

        – Your wife can’t shave

        – You can’t wash off the smell of donkey
        – You cook over burning camel shit
        – Your wife is picked by someone else for you

        – and your wife smells worse than your donkey

        Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”??
        Well no Shit, Sherlock!….

        It’s not like it could get much worse !!

        • Wow … what a bunch of uppity bitch’s.
          They have it made man, what’s their problem and all the fuss’n about? … lol

        • Awesome 🙂 !

          No beer, and towels for hats – ouch!

        • LMFAO, the funniest thing I have read in years!

        • oh yes it can, and will get worse, much worse.

      23. Let Breivik out, and give him his guns back.

      24. From my house,a hundred yards in any direction is a no go area. Any of these folks come in range will be considered a target.The warning has been given….next move is theirs. Probably their last. Best to head back where they came from.

      25. Oh yeah, I’m 1/2 Swede…….

      26. The sooner everyone realizes this is about getting rid of White men the better off we will be.

        Stop making excuses it is a war of civilizations.

      27. This is a war of civilizations. Those that make excuses and cover for the enemy are just as guilty.

      28. You all asked for it.

      29. I’ll be glad to change the subject. Any thoughts on whether 00Buck really has any advantage over #1Buck or vice versa. How about some pro’s and con’s on this subject. Trekker Out. I’ll Buy Some!

        • Trekker, good question.
          I’ve shot a lot of paper targets over the years with #4 and OO buck but never #1. YMMV with barrels lengths/chokes:
          With #4, I’d say good for closer range defense (.24 cal.)
          With OO, better for a little more distance, say, 75-100′ (.33 Cal.)
          Longer range, go with 3″ shells in 12ga.
          OOO buck is a nice one, .36 cal., if I recall.
          I once tried reloading 12 ga. shells with round, lead fishing split shot.
          With a basic powder reload, the split shot deformed on the paper targets, leaving grotesque holes. Hardened lead it was not. Not a great defense load. Probably bad for birds, too!

        • MT
          Stay with the 00Buck
          It covers all the bases.

          • Ketchup and Sarg, Thanks for the response, I reloaded some 00 buck a few years back and I used 10 pellets instead of 9 and it shot very well, but on old car doors I found that my reloads didn’t get as good a penetration as the factory loads. Thought maybe it was because of the extra pellet in my reloads. I just saw some #1 buck advertised and had never talked to anyone that had shot it and was just looking for a little insight. Ketchup I liked your break down on various loads. Trekker Out.

      30. Swede swede swede

      31. Sure you’re not talking about American blacks?

      32. I am still reading guys.. I don’t have a comment at the moment. I meet with the scientists friend this Sunday and will not be reporting on what he tells me until March 2016..

        I will not be reporting on what he tells me..until?????..talk you later..heading to the office..who would possible believe that such a end game prepper formula exist. The ladies on this site have advised.. I have problems with women..things are not looking good in your favor.

        My apologies for posting such a negative comment, hope I didn’t offend anyone.



        350,000,000/48 States=50-100,000/state=5000.. women.

        • I knew you couldn’t stay out of this artical lol its on you favorite subject.
          Hcks you said you were going to leave for the BOL within the next few weeks So you’ll be reporting what in March. According yo your own time table you’ll be in hiding so witch is it?
          I am happy to see you’ve toned it down a bit with the rhetoric

      33. According to the police, a terrifying new tactic is being used by Arabs to rape and cop a feel with European women: they gather in large groups and then molest and rape while using the confusion and chaos to cover up who did the attack. The police maintain they cannot work out who did the crime.

        Lessons to be learned:

        1) Don’t let them gather in groups of more than 3 persons
        2) Don’t let them demonstrate or attend public events in groups of more than 3
        3) If they keep doing it, counter by massing even more people: they still aren’t the majority so if the majority come together, they can be overwhelmed. Think of the power if all men and women gather to overwhelm them?

        • You want to REALLY ruin ’em? I’ve been involved in martial arts all my life, and there are a LOT of women who are GOOD AT IT! And no, these aren’t what a lot of us think: hairy-legged Amazons who hate men. A lot are – well, you’d never pick one out of a crowd except to notice how great they look. They look like any other women except that they’re in superlative shape. (Incidentally, women tend to be faster than men, much stronger than they look, and those pointy little elbows, fists and feet HURT!) Anyhow, hand a few of the invaders over to an equal number of those lovely, dainty-looking little ladies (you’d have no trouble finding volunteers I feel certain, and some aren’t so tiny either) – and watch the fun! Most of the invaders would likely end up going home with their testicles in their back pockets – or someplace even less convenient… like lost in one of their casts or in the urn of ashes…

          DON’T EVER underestimate our ladies, gentlemen! They are stronger than most of us men think, much faster and tougher (especially if they’re taught correctly), they’re smart, sneaky and vicious as Hell when they have to be, and as far as I’m concerned God has never made ANYTHING more beautiful!

          • Great points: we need all the women going to martial arts classes and getting fight fit. There are disturbing rape stories flooding in now – minors, young women, gang rapes by refugees – the flood gates are being opened and the extent of the cover-up revealed.

            Some examples need to be made. Basically, these guys need to be crapping themselves whenever they get anywhere close to a white woman, not the other way around. Sweating, nervy, jumpy: scared and paranoid, that’s where you want them. People need to turn on them when they rock up for their job interview or welfare check.

          • TY @ Ian & Frank. ♥
            In wartimes, women most always worked their sweetness to accomplish what they needed. Works everytime. Plus high heels can do a world of hurt. Even on a car. Trust me.
            But I would not wear heels around much. Bait, thats fine. Not that they would even notice.
            Women need to work together. Lure them down in a darker place like a alley..few at a time if possible. And have other women waiting in darker areas when they get there. Have several groups of women going off in different directions…lure it’s called. And I am sure people still cook right? There are a lot of cooking utensils in the kitchen. Or even broke glass. You don’t have to have a a gun to do what is needed to protect yourself. Hell even rock have been around since the beginning of time.
            And…I really like that one idea someone mentioned of the icepick..slim, not noticeable.
            Does castration matter much to a virgin?…blink blink.
            What would really be funny is cooking balls up for them and friends for din din. Imagine…getting served that. Um…calf fries..or…mountain oysters. New and fresh on the menu. 😉 lmbo.
            Ok. I’ll shut up and be nice now.:) My bad…
            They need to learn to be afraid of women. That’s one of their problems.

      34. Peace Prize President Obama Drops Over 23,000 Bombs on Muslims?

        Obama works for the (over 50% FOREIGN-OWNED, BY “JEWS”) WALL STREET BANKS, that comprise the so-called “Federal” “Reserve”. He is a COMMUNIST, more than a “Muslim”. Like Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, and Rahm Emanuel – Barry Soetoro is a CHICAGO COMMUNIST. America has been COMPLETELY HIJACKED by the Western International Central Bankers and their CULTURAL MARXISM/SOCIALISM.

        Don’t believe me? Then YOU haven’t done YOUR homework!



        X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

        (Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, and read, view, listen to ALL content.)


        Additionally, the “Jew”SA (USA) and the “Jew”K (UK) are allied with Sunni Saudi Arabia, which is allied with Qatar, and Turkey (also a member of NATO). THAT is enough to explain to you, why Obama continues to drop bombs on Muslims – it’s to protect the Sunni (Wahhabist-Salafist) Saudi Royals, and their OIL INTERESTS in the Middle East.

      35. They could put a pork chop in their panties.

        • A.B.
          Bacon would fit better. I love Bacon

          • Any pork product will do ladies

      36. It was simply a cultural misunderstanding. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

      37. Try reading this account from a British newspaper and not start wondering what you should do the next time you meet an attitudinal, sexually frustrated Muslim: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3396091/Full-horror-Cologne-migrant-gang-sex-attacks-revealed-time-Police-logs-terrifying-experiences-victims.html

        And I have not even included the countless innocent civilians (many women and children) murdered by these douche bags in terrorist attacks (including tourists yesterday).

        • Rape and pillage, it is what invaders have always done. These invaders were invited in by the NWO. Angela Merkel shows her true agenda, I hope they throw her to the Muslim wolves she invited in to destabilize Germany.

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