SWAT Teams Deployed to Tea Party

by | Apr 30, 2010 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The following videos show SWAT team and riot police deployments to Tea Party demonstrations in Quincy, Illinois. The Tea Parties were protesting outside of a building where President Obama was delivering a speech.

    According to The Dana Show, local police were reluctant to deploy a massive police force but were overruled by Secret Service:

    Who gave the order to call in the riot police on protesters? Word is that Secret Service from inside the venue and the presidential team pressured local law enforcement, who were against the idea. Local cops were overruled, I’m told by various sources, including a few members of local press. Moore reported that she overheard Secret Service telling the riot squad to “push them back, out of sight.”

    No word on whether the President will request riot police and SWAT teams at Illegal Immigration protests scheduled to be held around the country May 1. If the actions displayed by protesters  in Arizona recently are any guide, we’d certainly recommend a strong police presence.

    Hat tip Willie Wonka and the Tea Party Patriots organization

    Videos from Quincy:


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      1. I’m gonna assume you posted the same type video from the anti war protests etc. No offense but this kinda thing is par for the course. Is it right? Probably not, but neither are the nut jobs that ratchet up the level of threats against this president.  Funny how each side acts all shocked – OMG commies are coming when riot police show up for their protest but if they don’t agree with the protesters send in the freakin storm troopers. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning.

      2. Why would they want to protect that traitor in th efirst place?

      3. The Obama administration is growing more paranoid by the day.  More and more Americans are furious with politics as usual in Washington D.C. and rightfully so.  

        The Democrats are going to get the brunt of this anger.   And they deserve every bit of it for abusing the citizens rights and wishes over that last 16 months. 

        Even the leader of the Democrats, the all powerful Barry Sortero, is hiding behind black clad stormtroopers.    He does not want to hear what patriotic Americans have to say about his policies because he cannot defend his actions openly and honestly.   Sortero Obama has to have a Democratic cheerleading party pre-selected by his White House goons for his staged mass media events.  

        Honest Tea Partiers are not welcome.     Never will be.    

        And you hope and changers’?   Keep drinking the ‘kool-aid’.   Just remember what happened to the followers of Jim Jones in Jonestown, Guyana when they self destructed by drinking the same ‘kool-aid’.          

      4. Comments…..Hey, Marc.  Leftist thugs in the streets are smashing windows, throwing rocks at police, turning over cars.  The little old ladies at the tea party protest in Quincy were singing “God Bless America”.  You may smell hypocrisy, but I smell blind stupidity.

      5. Marc, you’re an idiot if you think that grandma in the video is a “threat” to the president!  Should she kick his ass? Probably,  but is she threatening to do so or are the rest of the tea partiers threatening to do so? Absolutely not. Why don’t you go to a couple rallies and see for yourself before you come on here making moronic statements.  You are just another koolaid mixer.

      6. We could’ve used those guys in AZ this week.

      7. I meant to say “COULD she kick his ass?  Probably….”

      8. It’s a safe bet that a tea bagger is responsible for the “bomb” in NYC  this weekend.  They’ve already got video of a 40 year old white dude leaving the rig and changing shirts.

        Besides, lets face it.  Only a tea bagger would be stupid enough to try and make a bomb from the crap in his backyard, some old propane tanks, gas cans, and some M-80’s.  What a retard.  Hope he likes getting the prison butt sex with his new “husband”……..

      9. As usual the liberal shoots his mouth off before having the facts, then calls the tea partiers stupid.  Your own comments show everyone how stupid you really are.

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