Surviving a Terror Attack: Strategies To Save Lives If the Worst Happens: “Run, Hide, Fight”

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    Terrorism is a fact of life.

    The political causes and effects of it are complex, and the reaction is often used in politically expedient ways. In other words, the default is to use fear to sell an agenda – perhaps for war, security measures, diplomatic pressure.

    Regardless, the chances of being caught up in the scene of an attack is very low.

    But if you do find yourself in such a situation, here are some strategies to maximize your chances of survival, avoid disaster, fight back or flee and hopefully help other would-be victims get out of the way.

    Hone your skills of assessment and situational awareness to make quick life-or-death decisions and avoid at all costs becoming a victim or statistic. Obviously police, SWAT and/or other forces won’t be there until after the fact, once all the victims have been killed or injured. Individuals must do something while they can.

    Via Paladin Press:

    How to Survive a Shooting Attack: LIVING SAFELY IN DANGEROUS TIMES

    If an attacker shows up on scene, your first response should be to get out of his line of vision and avoid the assailants ability to lock eyes with and target you.

    If armed, consider the reality of the situation (hopefully from cover) to decide whether or not it is your fight – quickly, but with good judgement. Sometimes it is simply better to walk away, but if you are in a position to stop a shooter and save other lives, then it may be the right decision.

    Meanwhile, some police are now being trained to take out active threats…wait for it… without waiting for back-up to arrive. This is a good sign that things are turning back towards common sense, and perhaps our civilization has a chance:

    No strategy will be foolproof in every situation, but this kind of training can improve your chances if the worst happens unexpectedly.

    Do you have any advice to add?


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      1. Grow eyes in the back of your head, and swivel alot…

        Be well all…

        • stay away from crowds

          • Situation awareness is a small thing to help your odds of not being a victim.

            Ex: anytime I go to a resturant, I always sit facing the entrance. If robbers enter with weapons, the few seconds of knowing what is about to happen could save you and others.

            • eppe, same here. If I can’t see the door or have my back to a wall, I’ll go somewhere else.

              • Pop, I also listen to that little voice in my head when it says “don’t do that, run away or watch that person”.
                When I did not take heed, thats when I got into trouble…

                • That voice told me not to touch a top rung of a 3 tree deer stand. I did not step on it, but did use it coming down. Fell 24 feet. Should have killed or messed me up bad, but wound up with a badly bit tounge.

                  I try to listen to that voice.

                  Must have not been my time to die.

                  Do not climb trees anymore, getting too old and wise. I hope…

                  • eppe

                    I don’t climb trees anymore either.


                    • Wise move. Still got 5 nice portable climbers that I don’t use.
                      But with age comes wisdom…

                    • Grandee, what does your grandson sound like when he reads my posts?

                      That got me laughing…

                    • He asked if you were still around telling jokes. Had to tell him you were laying low on that.

                      He wanted to read your jokes with inflections. He said George Carlin(ish). 🙂

                  • eppe, a nephew of good friend and customer of mine this past fall, fell out of a 10 footer. Broke his back, ribs and shoulder. Crawled out to the edge of the woods where his grandfather found him. He’s still stoved up over that after a couple of operations. I still use them(stands) but I also hunt alot from the ground as well.

                    • Maybe it’s changed now, but tree-stands were taboo in Maine …big fine if (IF) you get caught with or ‘in’ one. Haven’t seen it since 2003 so perhaps things have lightened up a bit. (Word has it there are massive ‘herds’ of deer along the Maine/Canadian border …but that’s a bit out of my territory anymore, living in NC). lol…

                  • I use to hear voices in my head, but now I take medication and they’ve gone away.

                    • AH! I thought I was hearing more than the usual and now I know why. Thanks for the heads-up …thought I was going nuts there Angry Old White Guy.

              • I always face the entrance of an establishment when going out.

          • hER IS SOME ADVICE: Be Self employed, work from home, home school, live in a remote BOL, off the Grid, in a rural area. Get your Gun Carry Permit and carry daily. I ride with at least 2 guns and extra Mags per weapon, when I leave my BOL. And most of all (STAY AWAY FROM GUN FREE ZONES). If you asked the average person (Country Hick)in my area about the Brussels attack, they would think I was taking about some old guy choking on the Brussel sprouts at the local Crazy Buffet Cafe. And worry if they know him, and if he is OK now.

            If you choose to live in a Big City or travel through airports then expect to get hit. Its creating the odds more in your favor to eliminate most threats. My biggest daily threat here at the BOL is getting sunburn on my nose or shoulders. So I slap on a dab of SPF-50 and wear a sun visor, and I’m golden.

            ~WWTI… PS, I’ve attended an FBI active shooter seminar. I asked the FBI, how they will recognize me (GOOD GUY) carrying a Gun going after the Perp and hoping they don’t shoot me.. Its like they had a blank stare, no clue or considerations there were carry permit holders. I said their are 1.4 Million carry permit holder in FL and they better be careful who they start shooting at. Their active shooter training pamplet was saying “hunker down” and basically “be a coward and hide.” I said Fuck that Jack, (not in those exact words) but that I will be that guy trying to pin the SOB down, until my back up arrives. So be just aware we may be shot in the back by the FBI, or police, while we are trying to be a Hero while trying to kill the SOB Perp, before he or her kills any more people.

            • I asked the same question at the active shooter training at our office. The answer I received was, ‘When we come in to your building on a active shooter event, and we see anyone, including you, running around with a firearm, we are going to shoot them. If you don’t want to be shot, stay where you are and defend a group or a room, and have brains enough to put the gun up when we arrive.’

            • Naw …ain’t nevva gonna happen. When you are seconds away from making a life-saving (or killing) decision the Law is going to be minutes away. Save a ‘trigger-happy’ neighbor you’d not likely be shot by the feds. Donut shops are usually all inner-city… 🙂
              Murphy’s Law rules the Law: If Something Can Go Wrong, It Does And Then Someone Calls Then Wanting It Cleaned Up Properly. It’s always a ‘lose-lose’ situation for them, and to make it worse, many LEO’s are purchasing insurance(s) in the event they get into ‘altercations’ or end up having to use their gun ‘lethally’.
              Now, …My wife and I both have $1.1 million (each) in coverage and are ‘dual-insured’ (we have two policies each in case one fails us in any way …should we ever need it). But we are ‘civilians’ and personally I do not see “a lick of sense” in an officer of the law” needing to carry insurance due to people who cannot contain themselves and, more and more, it is taking a bullet to deal with them “safely” – – admittedly with bad apples on the apple-cart of course (just like there are pedophiles in every school system and other places “that they should never have gotten into” (but were never caught, or reported). What’s happening is that “the people” are fully aware that the police still have an income, and since they are without work OF COURSE they are going to go for “the throat” and try to get some bucks based upon anything that can be dreamt up. What DOES NOT boil down to money in this world? I don’t care what you talk about, because when you discuss it to the end you’ll end with money …everything is all about money. Few exist who care about what happens ‘later’, but that’s how it says it is supposed to be. Wow…





      2. There are things to be concerned about. Drunk driver, bad doctor, faulty wiring, asbestos, benzine, cigarettes, black neighborhoods, convenience stores at 2am and even lightening strikes if your out in the storm. This? Your chances of hitting the Powerball are far greater.

        • K2, pretty good analysis.
          Individual survival tip:
          Recently I had a fat slob threaten to choke me to death and throw me over the side of a boat on a sunset cruise. He brought up gay marriage and when I said I disagree with it that’s what he wanted to do.
          If someone is choking you and you cannot get your feet planted and deliver an undercut to the chin, reach behind you with both hands and grab one little finger and wrench it forward, breaking it. Then do it to the next finger, and so on. They will stop.

          • Eyes, throat and gonads. I’ll bite someones nose right off their face. Ball point pen in the eye, gun; whatever it takes. Attack me with a heart condition (2 MIs with VFib) and your threatening my life, no doubt about it.

            I tend to avoid verbal debates with those I don’t know. I’ll agree and walk away maybe shaking my head as your generally not going to change their mind anyway. Sometimes for fun not only agree but add to it turning the tables. Gay marriage? If your against it discuss marrying your brother. Stopping incest was meant to facilitate a healthy gene pool not be part of a moral code as no one has any rule over adult morality. Its a “logical” argument. Your not reproducing anyway so there is no valid scientific reason. Watch their confusion as they are torn with being “forced” to philosophically agree.

        • Yeah Kevin gets the idea.

      3. oh dear me !!!
        someone has hurt the special little snowflakes’ feelings

        Emory student gov. pledges ’emergency funds’ to help those ‘in pain’ over Trump chalking'emergency_funds'_to_help_those_'in_pain'_over_Trump_chalking/50001/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        can you imagine this generation getting into a covered wagon and heading across thousands of miles to settle in the west ?

        they’d pull their BMW back into the garage at the first sign of rain

        and guys
        it isn’t terrorists you should be afraid of
        it’s the local po po

        A U.S. Citizen is 58 Times More Likely to be Killed by a Police Officer than a Terroris
        Read more at ht tp://

        • There’s a major problem with your statistical analysis.

          You are not ‘more likely’ to be killed by a police office than a terrorist. The police, no matter how much some folks believe it, are not setting up suicide bombs targeting innocents at an event, or walking into a crowd and killing people at random.

          If you are a criminal, or a stupid idiot that cannot put your hands up or drop the iron pipe when the police tell you to, then, yes, your probability of being shot is far greater than yours or mine.

          Let us know when you have statistics that show the rates of Muslim cops killing civilians vs. Muslim terrorists, that would be a valid comparison.

        • Gee, I guess I’m officially an old fart.

          I believe that if a cop yells at you to stop or he’ll shoot, he has every right to shoot your ass if you don’t stop. Lawyers trying to make bucks have twisted ‘that’ into “loss of rights and police-state rhetoric.” Yes, it certainly does seem that there is a police state ‘on the rise’, and there is ‘noise’ of ‘we, the people’ being ‘on the rise’ …and so they are going to “prep” in defense of what may well be inescapable, or inadvertently started as in ‘false flag’ events, etc).

          Hell, look at Cleveland. They KNOW they are going to have a riot to end all riots, and are prepping for exactly that, with military arms (tanks, gasses, flashbangs, tazers, crowd displeasing implements). Did I forget to mention they’ll also have very large guns, same guns that the military ‘sports’ unless you are in smalltown, usa and still being issued .38 +P’s …never fired.

      4. The photos of the three guys at the airport in Belguim were interesting. Especially that two of them were wearing only one glove. Apparently they were able to locate the apartment the guys used because the taxi driver remembered them. They had too much luggage, left some behind, and were particular about not allowing the taxi driver to touch or handle their luggage. The police show up and the bomber (back at the apartment) is dead. Bombers have “skills” and there is usually an attempt (or so the news is telling us) to preserve them as a “valuable technician.” Okay. So the bomb maker gets made, knows he is made, and goes up in a puff of smoke.

        I had been considering a trip to Germany to visit the Kristkindle markets and to celebrate New Years this past year. Did I go? No. It was obivous to me, by September, that Europe was a dangerous place and getting worse. After the widescale grope-fest in Cologne, I am very happy that I decided to stay in the US.

        I love Europe. It used to be a beautiful place and fairly safe. I served in Europe. Did a study abroad program in Europe. Would I visit Europe at the present time or in the near future? Maybe. There are some countries I would not visit. There are some countries I would visit. For example, the countries I would visit include Hungary and Poland as well as Iceland. I would not visit Sweden but might consider visiting Norway and Finland but not the urban areas. The other country I might visit is Switzerland. Adult men that are ex-military are allowed to keep a rifle at home. I would also consider visiting Russia.

        People have to learn to trust their instincts and their gut. Notice what doesn’t fit. Be alert. Be observant. Even at my local grocery store I am always ready to hit the floor in case someone decides to take out a gun and start shooting. There is nothing more important than survival. If I have to leave an event, cancel a ticket, or walk out of a restaurant because of one person that makes me nervous, so be it.

        People ought to take a self-defense course. My former martial arts instructor trained me to consider everything a weapon. The corner of the wall, my elbow, my knee, my hand, my fingers, the nearby lamp, nearby fork, or nearby pen. Every object is a weapon. Do I always walk around with a gun? No. I do not. Am I surrounded with weapons? Oh yes. In every room. From a heavy cast iron pig with wings to a huge flashlight to some ornamental cast iron bookends, no matter which room I am in there are a multitude of weapons within reach.

        I cannot abide the people that say, after these types of events, “oh I never thought it would happen to me.” Why not? Did they think they were special? Or immune? Or had some “special power” to prevent them from being harmed? That is called magical thinking and is ridiculous, in my opinion, but it is also rampant among too many people. It ought to have been obvious after the mass shootings in the US and terrorist attacks around the world that shit happens and you had better be prepared and ready unless you want to be a target.

        And for the gun owners, be smart. I just heard about a woman that is being prosecuted because she put a loaded gun under the front seat of her car, the gun slid to the back and her toddler picked up the gun and shot her. It would be nice if people just slowed down, thought things out, and tried to not be stupid.

        • Phil,

          I could give you a small scale grope fest for free. 🙂

          You’re so feisty. I bet you’re a tiger in bed. You MILF you. *mwah*

        • People often use phrases like “even at my local grocery store” with regard to SA but let me tell you, this can be more true than you realize.

          Last year my elderly father needed mild Physical Therapy to recover from a fall. One week, his therapist did not arrive as scheduled, because she was dealing with a horrible family tragedy:

          Her mother (a small, older lady) was at the supermarket buying groceries when a young woman approached her and suddenly cut her throat, killing her. The attacker was a short, thin girl who alternated between male/female identities and often looked odd but did not really present a threatening or imposing presence. She was apparently struggling with severe internal stress and just snapped. She told the authorities something to the effect that the world had been unkind to her and she wanted to hit back somehow. She also added that she specifically targeted a small, older woman who would be less capable of defending herself.

          The attacker was convicted of murder and is now serving a life sentence.

          This all took place in the small, quiet town of Saco, Maine. You can look it up online. If something this bizarre can happen there, believe me, it can happen anywhere.

          I generally don’t discuss preps or defensive measures with anyone. If any of those (few) people with whom I do converse utter disparaging remarks about ‘paranoia’ or ‘extreme measures’ I just mention this incident.

          All too often, the response is something like “that was one in a million… no way will it ever happen to me”. Some people will just never get it through their heads that it can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.

          • K: wow, I have been to Saco, Maine! The example you gave is exactly what I was talking about.

            Last year there was a woman at the grocery store that had a head scarf. Okay, we don’t see that very often in my neighborhood but what stood out for me was the gal wearing this outfit had on sunglasses inside the store. And they weren’t just plain sunglasses, they had rhinestones on them and gold and were very flashy. On top of that the gal didn’t have a grocery cart and wasn’t going with the flow of traffic. Yes, there is traffic flow in a grocery store! Everything about this person screamed to me that they didn’t fit into the scene. If I saw something like that now I would just leave my cart and the store and return on another day.

      5. Situational awareness, which I started using when I went into sales. See people and what they are doing. Keep a bit of physical distance. It works for all dangerous situations. A calm demeanor… neither fearful nor inciting. Amazed me that a calm demeanor makes bad boys worry a little.

        • It’s good to know a little about body language, speech, human behavior in general. If you walk like you know how to handle yourself, those “bad boys” will always think twice

        • This is one of the many things we agree on and in my opinion the single most important thing you can do to be safe from most man-made, (read “intentional”) emergencies like robberies, bombings, shootings etc.

          I’m not sure what kind of sales you’re in but I assume it’s outside. I hope you carry.

          It’s amazing, when I’m out in public I see so many people that are completely oblivious to what’s going on around them. They’re there with their faces buried in their PDAs and you could literally walk up to them and flick them on the ear and they’d not know you were there (LOL).

      6. Situational awareness is paramount importance. But being “aware” ain’t gonna do you no good if you don’t have the means to quickly and permanently disable an attacker.

        Personally, I believe in the principals put forth by Elmer Keith and also Jeff Cooper. Maximum air in, plus maximum blood out, equals my best chances. I trust this ammo with my life…..

      7. No wonder I’m like a hermit and don’t want to even venture out of the dwelling unless absolutely necessary. Too many problems can and do arise. I hear people coughing and hacking in stores, who knows what’s spreading around out there.

        • Oh for fuck sake jamo, live your life. What’s the point of living if you are afraid of a cold. Never go out and type your life away talking about scenarios that never happen with a bunch of like minded losers. Throw caution to the wind and talk to someone…in person…outdoors. You could live to be 120 years old and be the boring, fearful little pussy you are. Think about getting a life.

          • Isn’t your own life “full” enough that you don’t need to be telling others how to run theirs?

      8. The best strategy for surviving a terrorist attack is to not let the muslims into your country in the first place.

        There is an inverse relationship between the number of muslims in a country, and the number of terrorist attacks in a country. The same is true for communists.

        An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

        • Or don’t let a Muslim become president. Like who would vote for a known Muslim? Donald Trump warned you all about OB’s Birth certificate. Who listened?? Or Ted Cruz a Canadian Cuban, which should not even be allowed to run for Prez. Who listened??


        • Maybe instead of inverse the word might better be ” direct”. In other words, the more Muslims, the more problems. Remember, there was a reason for the Crusades!

          • Yep, I screwed that up.

            I meant direct relationship.

      9. It was winter back in the late 70s and I went grocery shopping after work. It was dark. The parking lot was almost full and I parked way out near the end.

        I did my shopping and put my bags in the trunk of my car. I turned around and two guys were standing there looking at me and asked for a handout. I never saw them coming.

        I asked if this was a mugging or something. He said no, no, we just need a few bucks. I had $6 in my shirt pocket and said I hope that helps.

        The two thanked me and walked off. One guy was big and looked like the exact kind of guy you wouldn’t want to met in a remote area of a parking lot.

        That was my wake up call about situational awareness.

        I’m retired now and my best time for shopping is around 9 AM. The morning rush is over and the stores aren’t too busy yet – get in and get out. I never go out at night unless it is with other people and even then it’s just a few times a year.

        I keep to myself and take care of business. There are too many angry if not mentally disturbed people out there. Even saying hello to someone can lead to trouble.

      10. Have not seen a comment from SIXPACK in a long time.Any one know why.

      11. Learn to think on your feet. Delay/suppress/transcend any emotional reaction, especially one that can be observed by a potential attacker.
        Once I came out of the john at a restaurant/bar. There was a crazy looking brother brandishing a machete standing at the bar on the narrow path that led to the outside door. I thought to run back into the bathroom but on second thought I knew the door was like cardboard and I would be trapped. I knew this could be an attempt to scare me and may not be dangerous at all, but there was no way to know for sure. All eyes were on me as I stood near the man with machete that I had carelessly walked practically into. In the most casual manner I could muster up I walked right up to and past the dude. Once outside I ran to a pay phone and called the cops then fled. There are no rules. Whatever works. Life is an on the job training experience. So was this.

        • B: hanging with bikers in the 80’s will make one very cautious on what is going on around you.
          Something gets ingrained into your mind to watch everyone….

          • Especially Watch their Hands, Where are their hands, In their pocket, their jacket, a bag or where? On a gun? You better get your gun handy to immediately start shooting just in case and in a position with solid cover to shoot. Learn to shoot just by pointing at the direction, and not aiming, you wont have time to aim with both hands like at the range, as your heart is pumping and flush with adrenaline.


        • One time my now ex hubby and I went to the local pool hall. It was a large place, with about 20 tables. I was 8 months pregnant with our first baby and we had chosen a table in the far back. About 20 min later we hear arguing up front and some drunk guy was mad, cussing the owner and then jumped behind the counter and grabbed the owner’s 45! We both huddled near the floor in the back but peeked around just in time to see one of the other patrons clock the guy in the back of the head with a pool stick! That was a close call. I have only been in a pool hall once, since then, and never again that one!

      12. AC

        The Muslims are coming whether we want them or not. The Socialist/Communist are voting in our presidential election process now.

        What is happening in Europe will eventually happen here in the USA. Terrorist will form cells and small towns where Muslims congregate will install Sharia Law.

        Best to buy your children bullet resistant back packs.

        • Best to buy weapons that can easily be converted to high rate of fire,,,,,
          And lots of food for them

      13. I totally agree with running or fighting, but I disagree with hiding. If you hiding many times you can’t see them coming and you wind up a sitting duck. I wouldn’t recommend fighting either if your fire power is unmatched. In other words don’t go up against a shooter with a rifle if all you have is a pistol unless you happen to be a few feet behind the shooter when he becomes a threat.

        On any given day I’m just not running heavy enough to take on an active shooter unless he’s in my office or starts something while I’m going to or from my home or office. Normally if I’m just going to lunch, Walmart or just out about town I’m only carrying a DB-9 or G43. I’m not a cop and my combat days ended in the 70’s so I’m pretty much only worried about the defense of my family or myself. Let’s pray we never get in that situation.

        • The guy in the first video did, in my opinion, a good job.No super stud ego showing through and to the point.

          • I can agree with that.

      14. I can still run but I will not. Two reasons its been trained out of me and I’m getting to old.

        I will not hide unless I’m out number and sure that the people that are with me and I can hide without being found.

        Fight Only if there is no other choice, and I know I’m protecting me and mine.

        I’ve started carrying all the time. From going to Wal-Mart to Church I’ve got my 45.


      15. Im with Wilson,

      16. not afraid of terrorists. I am vigilant and aware of what’s going on around me. I don’t take any public trans no busses no trains no planes I drive my own vehicles. Terrorists only attack where large groups of people are. They are not gonna strike with a suicide vest in a resturaunt with a few people. They wanna strike fear into the public. Am I afraid to use public trans no but I have my own car so why would I bother riding with the free shit army on the bus. Waiting for the bus with a bunch of losers. That’s the only ones that ride public buses around here. Don’t need to go down city for anything. if something don’t look right I leave immediately. If I’m in somewhere and a muzzie walks in I leave immediately. the middle eastern Muslims will never assimilate here and I will consider them my enemy. I will not live in fear in my own community.

      17. You can run but not hide. Paris,San Berdoo,and now Brussels. Coming soon to an American city near you. I can only apoligize to my kid’s kids on how we let things get this way. That’s our collective guilt

      18. We let it get this way mostly by being mind controlled since the reaching the age of reason.

      19. Michael Snyder, The economy will absolutely crash by the end of 2015, OR I will pretend I never predicted that for 8 years, and begin writing about something else I know nothing about. Fear Porn Whore.

      20. I know some of this has already been covered. I am just trying to help in anyway I can as usual.

        Back in the late eighties we had classes on terrorism in the military. That should tell you all how long the government has known about this threat. They even used the words Allah Akbar in the training.
        Some of there tips were always being alert to your surroundings. If you wear a uniform you are always a target. Take different routes home. Notice if you constantly see the same cars. Notice looks on peoples faces.
        Always and I mean always follow your gut.

        There is a book called the gift of fear. It is written by a former FBI agent who investigated many cases of rape. In all the cases the person said they felt something was wrong. It was just that the person acted so nice. They did not follow there gut. It is said that dogs or animals have a sixth sense. That is true but humans have it too. I believe humans have it even better but over the years they have stopped using it. Simply because we no longer live in villages that have the threat of being invaded. We also don’t normally live in places that have threats of wild animals killing us. Now we have stopped learning to train and listen to our little voice, guardian angle, gut or whatever you want to call it.

        Second book I have read is a book called the Boston Gun Bible. It was not like the book I thought I was getting. It goes through defensive tactics, a household uniform to wear for intruders, body armor ect. It tells you to always be on alert. Even in your house. It uses a color code. When you walk out the door of your house the level of alert should go up and the color of alertness goes up.

        To those who say it cannot happen. We are even being given active shooter drills at the power company where I work now.

        3 sayings to remember. Hide out, get out, or take out. Those are your 3 choices. Notice entries and exits. Can you go through a window. If you had too could you create an exit through a wall by tearing it apart. What are your weapons. Keys, pens, chairs, tables, things you can throw ext.

        Lastly due to prepping I decided to take martial arts. I did my research and found that Krav Maga was most likely the best for preppers. Agree or not a few points about Krav Maga. It is Israeli Defense Forces Martial Arts. They have more experience with terrorism than probably anyone.
        They combine moves from other martial arts that they have found to work best over the years. It is easy to learn. It will help get you in shape too.
        Points from Krav

        1- Whatever works use it. Again keys, belts, belt buckles, brooms, chairs, tables ect. Anything can be used as a weapon.
        2- What can be used as barriers. Cars, tables, walls, bushes, ect.
        3- IF you can avoid trouble then do it. If you are in a parking garage and being approached by 3 men. Your gut says not good. Go back the way you came.
        4- IF you see anything then listen to the voice. I cannot stress that enough.
        5 – Lastly don’t freeze. A quote from a Clint Eastwood movie. ” Become just plain mad dog mean”. Remember your life and others are on the line. Scrape eyes, head but, grab his penis and twist, hit in the throat. Anything and everything goes. You must never stop fighting and fight with every once of determination and violence you can. Sorry but that is the way it is when you end up in that situation. Don’t feel guilty it was him or you.

        I hope this helps. I highly suggest Krav Maga or any form of self defense. I have branched off into others while also graduating to advanced Krav Maga. It also teaches ways to fight close combat against sticks, knives, and guns. With my son having cerebral palsy the choice of get out is not there for me.

        • Mike, all people have that sixth sense. Unfortunately its suppressed or ignored. I listen to mine even when I believe it to be wrong.

        • Good advice. I would also recommend service in the military and/or working overseas for a period of time to learn real situational awareness. Being in a foreign place where you need your wits about you is great training to get you out of the fog of Western society.

          As for Europe, the countries are falling to Islam one by one. Sweden is nearly gone, Germany is next, so is France. Greece is s cesspit and so is Belgium. If you take a trip there, stick to majority white European countries with low or no Muslim population: Iceland, Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Russia, Monaco, Luxembourg. The women are also epic so your trip will be very pleasant.

        • If you can’t find Krav Maga classes, check out targetfocustraining dot com.

      21. Go to youtube and in the search bar type, “Jeff Cooper mental conditioning for combat”
        watch the whole video. This man understands what to do and how to do it.

      22. A gun or knife threat is one thing ( most people today if they are paying attention and are armed got this covered) fighting against a suicide bomber is a completely different animal
        This is where having self defense abilities and a gun , really doesn’t help you one bit
        You better have “read the room” skills , and still that isn’t enough
        Our Federal Government is responsible for allowing this to happen here , because they have allowed and even pushed these people that have this intent to come to this country in mass without any over site , and I believe it was and is intentional
        So they have an excuse to further their subjugation of our way of life
        They want us living in fear , so they can control us

      23. You should include “False Flag” in the title since our government keeps letting more immigrants in and them saying they are blowing us up and then doing all they can to protect the immigrants.

        We are being played by banker robots that run the country and the fighting we need to do is against them.

      24. As terror attacks become more and more common, I see, have seen, a frightening trend: The attacks happen in, of course, target rich environments: Schools, clubs, transportation hubs, anywhere people gather in large numbers, secure in the ignorance they are being protected! TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENTS! And why not? One of the base tenets of terrorism is maximum effect on maximum people with the least cost to the terr! As a trained active shooter person, and a current ccw type, I and most others are prohibited from carrying a gun in the areas most likely to be targets, a gun being useful against terrorist shooters of which there are more than a few. A gun might not do any good against a suicide bomber who has a dead man switch, but it’s a great security blanket!..As for suicide bombers, yup, run, hide fight, IF you are aware the area is being targeted. Reality is your first indication there is a suicide bomber in your area will be a bright flash…..Stopping the bombers before they get to their targets is THE ONLY solution, and locating and identifying them will give all the libs wet panties! It’s a dirty game and it will change only when the ptb realize their goal of total control or when their ox gets gored! No easy answers.

      25. See article at link above or below.

        h t t p://

        The tide may be turning. If this liberal, anti-gun joker can change his mind, well, it may just be possible for the rest of the world to finally WTFU.


        • Double Check that address

      26. I live in Houston and two isis jihadist were arrested, the first time was arrested on why 290, just 3 mils away from my work, then one of my cop friend at the gym told me the first arrest made it in the local media, then a red neck spotted another one and called it in, then the cops targeted the phucker and arrested the jihadist. The second one did not get reported so the boys in blue have decided from that point on go start packing AR’s in the cruisers incase they get into a severe situation.. like the cop told me sh…t is really out of control and that the current administration is responsible for bring those types into our state, so the cops in Houston are aware.. me personally had and encounter over 1 1/2 yrs ago when two nigger tattoos thugs with tatooew all over their face, neck and body started beating done my door, demanding then I don’t even know that it was two of them because one was hiding by her side then I hear the tell that mother phucker to open the damn door now as I rushed to get my 590A1 street cleaner…then I called Hammer on the phone as I loaded the gun, without realizing that the level was locked and loaded shells and then I could not crank one in the chamber and had to eject out all of the acutips, while the nigger beat down my door, much less get rime tj call 911, then I went up to the door to kindly ask them to leave, it them leave or die, I was in a state of panic because they were really pounding in my door..then they left.. I couldn’t sleep well for a few weeks, told the condo Mgmt and they lady laughed it off says I’d nothing happened. It need to worry..what stood dumb phuck of a lady I said to my self. On eof rhen appears somali in appearance..if they come back again I will kill both of them or others like them, that’s is a promise. I consider myself lucky and even now I do know who Sent them or why.. but then again my name and cell phone is being monitored and so is everyone so this does not surprise me at all..the cops I know already know that I carry without a license and tell me that the criminals do the same, so they are okay with it that shot is so bad in Houston, that to next go anywhere without a gun.



        • My money is on the management lady being 100% correct about nothing ever happening.

      27. The best way to survive a situation is never to be caught in it in the first place. just by being aware of what is going on around you at all times.don’t be so involve in what your doing that something catches you off guard.and always be prepared for the worst

      28. Political correctness played a part in this.
        Brussels was expecting some type of terrorist according to MSM and other sources.

        Now, they are proclaiming 400 or more ISIS terrorist’s loosed in Europe.

        Getting ready to go world wide, it seems.

        Expect hits in this country, tying up 1st responders and law enforcement resources, I think.

        This is terrible that we have to discuss crap like this in 2016.

        Maybe not here on this site, but secretly, people are extremely worried and probably could effect attendance to large sports events

        • Best to put your life and your family foremost and take preventive measures. Avoid the places that would be targets. This information is readily available. We live in the internet age, so watch sports on the web, watch big events on the web. Avoid communities where the population of Muslims or blacks have gone past 5 per cent: notice all the violence and attacks takes place in these areas. This because they draw on locals to do the attacks. When was the last time there was an attack at a polo or yacht club? Like, never.

      29. Problem, reaction, solution. This is by design. Stay frosty, might be a good time to carry that ifak as well as your handgun with a minimum of one reload. If you are not trained in combat casualty care I’d suggest to get trained asap. It can save your loved ones or your life. EMS will not respond until the scene is fully clear. By that time you’ll bleed out and die.

      30. First prepping is between the ears. MOST people are unprepared to handle the trauma and do not go to the trouble to foresee what situations can arise.

        A simple pre-warning system DIY takes the surprise element away. You still have very placid situations there, here in the Anglo-Zionist colony of Sic Africa physical attacks daily is a reality, and like a friend of mine experienced this morning, when he woke up one foreign alien was on top of his wife and one tried to grab him by the throat. They fled when he wounded one, but then the hell starts when the police arrives and 5 hours later they were still trying to find a reason for prosecution, while no attempt to find the attackers are made.

        An early warning system would have prevented this, I myself have veered HUNDREDS similar attempts off, but most of all, prepare yourself mentally. Look at David Icke’s video’s… Nothing is as it seems. We live in a false reality which is not how it is supposed to be.

        Religion, money and politics. Find alternatives and you save yourself, and there are alternatives !

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