Surviving a Mad Max World: How To Avoid Marauders and Looters After the Collapse

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    This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Ready Nutrition


    [Editor’s Note: A mad max scenario is one of the worst-case scenarios one can prepare for. The adage “if you can’t protect you don’t own it” rings true in this case. Long-term survival plans that reflect this type of disaster suggest preppers getting away from urban and suburban living and heading for hills. While this would be the safest option, there are dangers that lurk for those who plan to “live off the land.” Because in a post-collapse world – they will come for all that you own.]

    Seems almost self-explanatory, right? I mean, what could be so involved with the term “living with the land,” right? There is a lot to it. There’s a reason to do this:

    Living with the land will help you to live, and avoid the greatest hunter of all: man. Men…mankind…has the same instincts as you, the same success in the generations as you. Although this is not an “anthropological” treatise, it holds a lot of anthropology within it, because there are a few key points you must keep in mind: Your weakness is a weakness shared by other men; your strength is a strength possessed by other men; what you can do can be done by other men.

    The commonality is both your strength and your weakness. You become cold, and so does the man (or men) hunting you. The dark poses impediments and unknown dangers, and it does the same to your hunters.

    Turn the Hunters Into the Hunted

    You can turn the hunters into the hunted…for you are a hunter: it is “hard-wired” in you through a thousand generations of successful hunters, warriors, and killers. You need to eat, and so do your pursuers. You need water, and so do they. You can track, and so can they. You have senses that can detect man, and so do they. All of this, yes, you know, I’m sure.

    But have you considered it all? Really considered it?

    The land: to blend with it, and to live with it without being obtrusive is the key to avoiding the hunters…and remember that they have the same limitations as you. The more pure and “clear” you keep your senses, the better they’ll work for you. We have done some pieces on the way the eye works, and the sense of smell. This is the time to do your work…your training to use these senses to their maximum capabilities. Let’s cover some basics as to what to expect when you’re living with the land and avoiding marauders, foreign soldiers, forces of a dictatorial government, and so forth.

    10 Ways To Avoid Marauders and Looters After the Collapse

    1. Don’t travel the heavily-traveled: stay off of paths and trails and cover your tracks, as most people (and anyone hunting you) will use them. Busting brush will ensure you’re safer.
    2. What’s easy for you is easy for them: taking the harder path will oftentimes confuse and discourage them.
    3. You lay a trail for dogs or men: your scent for the dogs and your tracks for the men. Defeat both: use “blue” (water) features to disguise and throw off the scent, being careful not to leave footprints in banks or mud.
    4. Opposite actions and times: You sleep during the daytime, travel at night. I have emphasized this (to the “chagrin” of naysayers galore) in previous articles…you have to develop the ability to move at night.  When they’re eating, be on the move.  When they’re awake, you stay in a hide site.
    5. Boobytrap all avenues of approach and high-traffic areas: punji stakes, pits, and IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). Heaven forbid!  Do you want to win, or just play “good guys and bad guys” in the woods?  There is going to come a time to act and not just sit around with all of your canned fruits and stored supplies.  Hopefully, that time will come later, so that you can prepare for it.
    6. Key choke points use for an ambush, and to circle around them: As they pass through a defile, backtrack on them.  Or ambush them in the defile.  A rock slide is a beautiful thing that can be initiated with a minor amount of explosives
    7. Use the animals as cover: following them will throw off the trail of the dogs. It will also say something for your tracking ability to be able to follow a small herd of deer or elk.
    8. Your pursuers can be “distracted”: I’ll leave it to you to figure out what to leave for them….the standard fare can be imagined. Your job is to avoid them or to “deal” with them, not to “win them over to your side.”
    9. Do not underestimate their tenacity: they may have you greatly outgunned, with multiple “shifts” to put on you to allow you only a scant amount of rest and sleep. This is where endurance and physical training comes into play: the “thing” that nobody wants to hear about.
    10. If it looks as if it’s a good hide site in plain view?  Then it’s not, and they will be sure to check it.  Don’t put yourself underground even before they catch you.

    One of the things you’re going to have to do is practice, as well as reinforce your plan of action for when the time comes. Sound boring? It’s better than going to some mall and spending all day meandering around with a herd of beeves. You have to develop these skills so they’re ready to employ at a moment’s notice. The knowledge is not enough: you have to put it into practicum. That’s the only way to test yourself and know your capabilities. Falls in line with the Army saying, “Know yourself and seek self-improvement.” Don’t stagnate: improve. Learn to live with the land, or you may not make it through…when “the man” comes around.  JJ out!

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    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne). Mr. Johnson was a Special Forces Medic, EMT and ACLS-certified, with comprehensive training in wilderness survival, rescue, and patient-extraction. He is a Certified Master Herbalist and a graduate of the Global College of Natural Medicine of Santa Ana, CA. A graduate of the U.S. Army’s survival course of SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Mr. Johnson also successfully completed the Montana Master Food Preserver Course for home-canning, smoking, and dehydrating foods.

    Mr. Johnson dries and tinctures a wide variety of medicinal herbs taken by wild crafting and cultivation, in addition to preserving and canning his own food. An expert in land navigation, survival, mountaineering, and parachuting as trained by the United States Army, Mr. Johnson is an ardent advocate for preparedness, self-sufficiency, and long-term disaster sustainability for families. He and his wife survived Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Cross-trained as a Special Forces Engineer, he is an expert in supply, logistics, transport, and long-term storage of perishable materials, having incorporated many of these techniques plus some unique innovations in his own homestead.

    Mr. Johnson brings practical, tested experience firmly rooted in formal education to his writings and to our team. He and his wife live in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with their three cats.


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      1. The Lurking Vet watched too many seventies SF movies and treats The Road as a bible. This will never happen. The powers that be care too much for themselves to allow it. They want to eat at McDonalds and go to baseball games now and then, slumming with the “norms” as it were. These apocalyptic scenarios may play out in small, contained areas or small countries in South America or cities in Eastern Europe, but not America. Their lives are too precious and they want their Netflix after all.

        • Stormy:

          If the transition to a 3rd world country is successful there will be no more middle class.

          That is what the Globalists want, a tamed and muted USA after we have served our purpose.

          We will be one of those countries you mentioned like in Central and S.A.


          • BB in GA, Stormy is just another example of a KoolAid drinking liberal. He’ll probably wake up to the real world mere moments before a government 5.56 round vacuums out what little of his brain he has left. He can’t say he wasn’t warned, oh that’s right, according to him, something like this could NEVER HAPPEN, it’s just made up apocalyptic scenarios!

          • Wow he takes a food cooking class and called himself an expert food preserver. Expert dilusuonal and caught stealing the Indians water and now has a water meter on his well and now pays a bill every month. Way too much gay time playing with 3 cats locked up in a Mt cabin playing hude and fo seek. Ha.

          • More like Europe with muted socialism evolved from maintaining one’s needs inline with the mantra of national socialism in attempt to maintain sovereignty and ethnicity – a sort of personal responsibility moral savings account. This decreased family size due to complying with the population sensitivity narrative and declining gross domestic product being compromised by the debt incurred from maintaining the overhead required to support sovereignty. Any nationalistic pride was dashed by the formation of the EU resulting in loss in loyalty to native country identity. This induced further bias in the haves & have nots as skilled and professional individuals moved to the highest bidder leaving native countries to further flounder. This establishes the social polarity of “it’s either you or me who gets” and the co-dependency of polarity continues – just like Obama counted a productive job as temporary work as a census taker – I see no productivity in counting ourselves.

          • BB – very true! The NWO’s plan is to turn America into a Third World nation and that’s why they want all the muslims to come in…to tear America apart from the inside, to mix us with people/races who hate us, to make us very poor just like in a third world country. This is the plan in my opinion and that’s why “they” want the borders open. Once they take our guns it’s all over for us. They are hitting us from every conceivable angle….poisoning the food by genetic engineering, poisoning the very air that we breathe by the chemtrails, causing destablelization everywhere they can, putting up more cameras everywhere, making more stupid laws, etc. I believe time is short. They will hit us with a surprise from the side and blindside us….keep watch for it.

        • Stormy, uh, have you NOT ever thought about what will happen f we get hit by an EMP? Do you even know what an EMP is? IF that happens, all bets are off. DUH!

          • I think EMP is bullshit.

            Watch this video, the bragging they are doing, and you can tell all it did was momentarily knock out power, then the computers rebooted.

            • I’ve posted for years,
              If your stuff is CE rated
              EMP most likely will not
              kill it.

              • The grid isn’t hardened enough to survive a good EMP. Your cell phone, computer and car probably will survive, but without cell towers, your phone is a camera. Car without gas is a shelter, etc.

                Now if have thought to download survival documents or maps that don’t rely on having a connection, then your phone would be fairly easy to keep charged. Do you have an old school diesel with a mechanical lift and fuel injector pump. You can get it to run on kerosene, waste vegetable oil and in a real pinch gasoline and motor oil mixed in the correct proportions. You can even keep a computer running if you know what you are doing, but without a network, it’s just an information storage device. I have a backup laptop with all of my survival files and stuff on it, in a military ammo can that held flares. Big enough for laptop and inverter to charge it.

                • Ha! My phone surely won’t be a camera only. It will be a paperweight cuz i got one of those cheap Trac phones. I won’t get a “smart” phone. Too easy to track us, and turn on the speaker and listen to us. I still keep my cheap phone in a metal can with a tight lid when i am not using it, and i rarely use it. I mostly have it in case the car breaks down.

              • Rellik, what does CE rated mean?

                • CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. The CE marking is also found on products sold outside the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in, the EEA. This makes the CE marking recognizable worldwide even to people who are not familiar with the European Economic Area. It is in that sense similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States..

                • CE is a Cromial Ejection

                  • Also referes to a CME Cromial Mass Ejection which is mass solar flares given off from the sun.

                    • It’s Caronal mass ejection.

                  • I think you’re referring to coronal mass ejection (as in an ejection of protons, gamma particles, etc, from the corona of the sun).

              • Yeah an EMP will kill off 90% of the population. And the other 10% will huddle together trying to put humpty dympty back together again. Sooner the better. An EMP wull destroy the IRS collection tactics. No bills, peace and quiet and the earth will heal again from mans centuries of destruction and warfare. Go watch the dark ages on Ytube.

                • TSB,
                  Once again, you show how clueless you are in your penultimate sentence.

                • ” No bills, peace and quiet and the earth will heal again from mans centuries of destruction and warfare.”

                  …wanna bet? If anything, all that warfare and destruction will leave the evening news and arrive in your neighborhood, at least for awhile.

                • EMP will also kill mass brainwashing and mind control. Without electricity they are ….NOTHING!!!

            • JS, I would sincerely love to believe that EMP is bogus. While the video was interesting it didn’t show what you purported to be power only momentarily being knocked out and those computers being rebooted. Show us something, anything to prove EMP is bogus.

            • The computers never rebooted. and the test managed to knock off their camera system as well.

              Also, EMP is an already observed and documented effect of nuclear blasts, not a fairy tale. The only question is to the effect of a large yield nuke on current electronics.

              Try again.

            • “I think EMP is bullshit.

              Watch this video, the bragging they are doing, and you can tell all it did was momentarily knock out power, then the computers rebooted.”

              That is because THAT was NOT from an EMP.

              • I believe this was a Targeted EMP on the USS Cole by Russian Aircraft.
                Russian fighter blinds US naval ship with radar jamming. USS Donald Cook.
                Fri 8:59 am UTC, 14 Nov 2014 2
                posted by Tapestry

                New Article From Jim Stone Absolutely Verifies My Report From Mid-April On Russian Aircraft Turning Off US Aegis Cruiser’s Defenses!

                USS Donald Cook

                Several months back I put up an article that stated that a Russian SU24 fighter plane buzzed an American Aegis Cruiser, the USS Donald Cook, while the ship was near Russian territorial waters near the Crimean peninsula (Read my previous article here). That Russian aircraft then proceeded to do the unthinkable by “turning off” the Aegis cruiser’s defenses using new state of the art Russian electronic jamming technology! The plane then was able to do several simulated bomb runs at the helpless cruiser without one shot being fired from the cruiser itself… It was a shocking display of how far the Russians have come in terms of electronic warfare technology and a severe slap in the face to the American navy and the US government itself…. Since the time of that initial report, I have had some horrendous comments put up at that article that have called the article “laughable” and “ridiculous”… Knowing what I do know about radar and telecommunications, and how far ahead Russia has always been with their radar technology, I absolutely refused to dismiss the article’s findings….Now, I feel vindicated… For Jim Stone, over at Jim Stone Freelance just put up an article the other day that absolutely backs up my initial report about this Russian plane being able to blind an American cruiser! Right now, I want to present that Jim Stone article right here for everyone to see for themselves… I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

                Thus far, America has never in recent times done battle against a real military. Russia made an active demonstrated threat last April that never made the mainstream press which no doubt proves that Russia and all current Russian allies can probably blow the U.S. Navy away.






        • But do they have Night Vision. Those who do own the night. Enough said. CSS

          • TSB, night vision are also electronics and can be fried by an EMP.

            • Keep your electronics in your faraday cage. You got one of those Dep BH?

              • TSB, Yes I do and have 2 night scopes stored in it. I just hope the EMP doesn’t hit while I’m using one of them. If it does, at least I have another one in the faraday just in case.

          • 1) night vision gear requires electricity – those batteries aren’t going to charge themselves. No infrastructure, no recharge.

            2) “night vision” is amazingly easy to acquire for someone with normal, healthy eyes. If you sit still at night (any night) and just let your eyes adjust for 20-30 minutes, you can see far better than you think, even on a cloudy night under a new moon. There will be restrictions (no color, depth perception is limited, deep woods will be very tough to traverse), but it is doable enough to perform basic tasks and/or move around (new moon and cloudy in deep woods? Slowly. Full moon on a clear night in broken semi-open woods? No sweat.)

        • Doesn’t matter what they want or we want. It is going to happen, but it’s even worse than we can imagine. The Bible states the world will end in fire. America the great Babylon will be uninhabitable. It will be like Chernobyl, but on a much larger and much more affected by radiation poisoning. Bible states it will be inhabited only by Coyotes.

          • I remember somewhere in the Bible it says that a third of all green things were burnt up. Where is that? I know it’s there. So if a third of all green things is burnt up it sounds like a nuclear war.

      2. Well, stopping the flow of scum foreigners from their respective “shitholes” into the USA would make for a much more pleasant post-apocalyptic experience. Truth.



        • Tru dat. I wish DJT would stop apologizing for making comments like that- he calls ’em like he sees ’em and he was absolutely correct! Crude maybe, but he was spot on. No apologies needed, and I think it might be a good idea to send some of the whiny-brat dems over there for about three months, just so they can appreciate what they have here.

        • I will definetly be a hunter and clense the neighborhood of liars and thieves. I have my list already in my head of who to take out first. A head shot across the lake into that fat slob POS in the other side and his pig slob wife. Then burn his crib down.

          • Blows: I can’t wait til “it” finally pops-off…time will come folks, be ready and prepared

      3. I’d add a few obvious suggestions. First, know the number, make-up and armament of those hunting you if at all possible. It’s always best to have a head-count. Next, always remember that nothing attracts the predator’s eyes like motion and/contrasting appearance with one’s surroundings. Learn to move slow as molasses when need be and to blend-in however you can. Third – use all senses to monitor your own progress and that of your enemy. Sound, smell, change of wind felt on your skin. And a last – use any source of scent other than your own to aid in masking your presence or movement. Scat, road-kill, algae… anything that stinks (and old Russian trick to thwart dogs – diesel and tobacco juice).

        • The Viet Cong killed a lot of GI’s who were smoking or wearing after shave.

        • Note: When you’re counting, know that people tend to group themselves in a pattern when they travel en masse, so if you see a ‘hole’ in that group, odds are good someone is in it.

          All that said, your best absolute bet is to keep a lookout well enough to see someone coming from a distance. If you can see them before they see you, they’re far enough away, and you can act on it in time, they’ll likely never know you’re there.

        • I just saw a movie…Freedom to Underground or something like that. The people who helped the slaves run away said to throw cayenne powder on the ground to throw off the tracking dogs. Will that work for real?

          • I am SO stupid! Yeah, the cayenne pepper might work to throw off hunting dogs scent, but not the humans tracking us. Duh!

      4. I think a more realistic collapse scenario is a failed and corrupt government.

        Mexico is the prime example. There are 5 states in Mexico that have the same travel warning bans as Syria and Afghanistan. The drug cartels run Mexico, not the government.

        Venezuela is the second prime example. Economic collapse with a tyrannical government.

        There really needs to be a LOT more stories on this web site about Venezuela. They are living in the SHTF right now, but there is really very little news coming out of that country.

        • Venezuela is a perfect example.

          The elite live in walled compounds with paid soldiers to protect them.

          Common folk are left to fend for themselves. The elite allow them to kill each other off. Less people, less eaters. The genocide, going on ten years in Venezuela serves only the elite.

          Imagine being a lowly prepper with but a few months food, locked in a madhouse with thousands of desperate people, for years. The government has death squads, lots of people shot in the streets. As a prepper you may have kept a few hidden firearms, but if you use them, the government will know it wasn’t their boys, and they will hunt you.

          • Venezuela is also smaller than the US (about 2x the land area of California), and most of the population lives in the cities due to impassable jungle and landscape, so all is not lost there… if you can get the hell out of town.

      5. Menzo, stormy doesn’t seem to have an IQ that’s more than room temperature. Nice thought about stopping all the foreigners but I don’t see that happening.

        • Oh yeah Bravefart, you’re a brilliant one yourself

      6. Worthless article. most of us have too many supplies to carry with us. And Read History. During the Civil war the troops scavenged from the citizens. In short the robbed and stole whatever they desired. Every place someone lives is visible from the air. there are powerlines and roads leading to most places. and even a foot path or game trail is visible from the air. Especially during the winter months is everything visible. You cannot eveade a drone let alone satelites and technology the military has. Infared head seeking night scopes are used by many citizens to hunt coyotes and feral pigs at nite. Its the Military Insustrial Complex who actually Run things. They are the agenda 21 countinuation of government cabal. The have places like Mt Weather. That’s the horde you will eventually face. What they will do is a repete of what worked in history. Gengis Kann had a scorched earth policy. Sherman had his march to the Sea. In Texas at Palo Duro canyon they killed all the horses and starved the Commanchie and Germonimo into submission. The buffalo where all killed to the the plains tribes into submission. And the very same tactics will be applied to reduce world population as the Georgia Guidestones suggest that they plan to do. What to do. Hide in a well stocked cave? Hide in plain sight Grayman? Die fighting? You cannot avoid detection by the suggestions in the article. Any tracking dog could sniff you out. There is a local guy. When someone wounds a deer. and it runs off and they cannot find it. They go get jones. He will start out at the last blood trail and smell the ground and pretty soon he has the scent and can almost run and follow where the deer went. He hasn’t ever failed to find the animal. He is a anomoly but im certain there are more like him. What Im trying to say is the suggestions in the article are extremely rarely successful. Don’t repete the same failed things and somehow expect a different result.

        • FYI, Mt Weather is not occupied by hordes, it is a hole in the ground for the top govt officials to run the country from in the event of a shtf scenario. There are several of these within an hour of DC designated for use by govt & military.

        • Sort of.

          This all depends on how far down the crapper things have gotten. *If* there is still a functioning and coherent army, then logistics will assist them in the scenario you describe.

          However, M1-Abrams tanks, nearly all military aircraft, and helicopters all require jet fuel; not sure how much of that will be available given just-in-time global logistics, and the massive sell-off of strategic petroleum reserves to keep consumer prices low. That alone will put a huge pinch on how much the big equipment gets used.

      7. Interesting article, as always by Jeremiah. This does, of course, hearken back to the reality of what used to be called “original sin” – which, of course, had ZERO to do with sex. Rather, it is simply that man, in his essential nature, is fallen. As Solzhenitsyn wrote, the line between good and evil runs through each of our own individual hearts. That includes MINE. And the only hope I have of addressing this is with a power outside of me – viz., God and His Holy Spirit. Otherwise, even my “religious” actions become infused with hypocrisy, self-righteousness, Pharisee-like attitudes and worse. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” says the Bible.

        So are we doomed to a world that is “red in tooth and claw,” where there is no hope, not only for others, but even ourselves? Not if God really exists, and really DOES enter into human lives via His Spirit. This can, and has been done, though we all do imperfectly. E.g., the early Roman church saw plagues – people left the cities in droves… yet Christians stayed behind to care for the dying, at great risk to themselves. Ask yourself: WHY? Why did William Wilberforce, who is the man credited with ending slavery in the late 1700s/early 1800s and his Clapham Group, at GREAT personal sacrifice, single-handedly, end slavery across the British empire, which then spread throughut the world?

        Christ talked about the road being narrow on the way to live, and broad on the way to destruction. But a narrow road IS still a road, and it IS still open to those interested. I’m on it – pretty darned imperfectly, but still on it (cf. Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress)

        • Following Religion is a self inflicted death sentence. You are slaves to stupidity and ignorance and shall be the first of many to parish. Only idiots prepare their whole lives to die. lol

          • And Im still waiting for any of you religious freaks to show me just one person who ever recieved everlasting life. You worship fraud. False prophet.

            • Dr. Simon Greenleaf, of Harvard University, is generally credited as being the seminal force behind what constitutes valid rules of evidence in a US court of law. Do you know who he is?

              Dr. Greenleaf was a Jew, not a Christian. Someone challenged him to examine the credibility of the resurrection of Christ, which he had the intellectual honesty to do (do you?). A few years later, he penned The Testimony of the Evangelists, chronicling his conversion to his faith in Christ.

              Your note is full of vitriol and invective (“freaks”), and not a single fact, which is telling. Tell me, mon ami, of a SINGLE book you have read from the other side of the equation. Having done two graduate degrees, I have had to read ALL the famous atheists, and more (such as the famed Anthony Flew, who before his death turned to believe in God; same earlier with philosopher CEM Joad. And with all due respect, if you have not heard of these two men, I submit your intellectual cavils here have little import.

              Show you one person who has received everlasting life. You are reading one right now. Jesus Himself said ““I assure you: Anyone who hears My word and believes Him who sent Me has eternal life and will not come under judgment but has passed from death to life.”

              The Case for Christ be Lee Strobel (former atheist, law degree from Yale), Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace, former atheist and cold case detective in L.A. There’s a lot of well written apologia out there for your reference.

              As another former atheist turned Christian, CS Lewis (called by some the most brilliant man at Cambridge) once warned atheists “As an atheist, you can NEVER be too careful what you read – you might just find out something that contradicts all your dearly held atheism.” (Not direct quote but close). Recall that most of us – myself included – started out with a similar attitude to you. All I am saying is be intellectually honest and show due diligence to read both sides.

              You are obviously very angry and bitter about something, TSB. I am sorry for that, truly and seriously. I will pray for you now

            • Jesus, but Who Wooda Thunk It, right?

              • Yep!!

            • You are an idiot! You have been told many times everlasting life is not of this world but next in eternity. Yet, you continue showing us how stupid u r!!!!!

          • Your ironic pun is priceless – first to “parish” <bb

      8. My personal failure, but #4 is a ballbuster. Moving at night for me is slow going.

        Strategically, it sounds good, but I have found that making significant progress in the dark (especially on moonless nights) through dense woods is a tactical be-otch. Add in any unfamiliarity with the key terrain and I’m really at a disadvantage.

        Wah Wah Wah

        I guess


        • I have a mule.
          He has a bad disposition,
          but is one hell of a set of eyes.

          • Rellik, I have a bad disposition when it comes to libturds or anyone else who’s trying to hurt me. All my family in GA are the same way. We’ve got something called bullets for marauders and looters.

        • Good Honest reply.
          The humility about this can keep you form mistakes. Still better to move with caution at night than during the day.
          So practice.
          map and compass.

          first thing to need to know is your pace count for 100 yards both day and night.
          We want to learn azimuth following and pace count for 100 meters to arrive at your objective.
          Note: learn declination so you are not off several degrees.
          first practice at night on points you place by day just 300 yards or so away, then increase the distance, when you can do 2 kilometers, then add in obstacles to navigate around. declare some area on the route a danger-no-go zone and plot on your map with the MIl spec type protractor. you then know an angle and a distance, head off using your pace count, You need “Ranger beads” like a abacus on paracord for 100s and 1,000 yard or meter increments.

          so there is training we can provide to you

          One of our mantras is “History has been VERY unkind to refugees!”
          “Your bug out plan must have a DESTINATION, a goal to arrive somewhere you can hold and defend and provide sustenance”
          Every person in your group needs 2,000 lus calories a day to sustain movement and we estimate closer to 3,500 per day if carrying a “combat load”.
          We normal humans just cannot carry very many days food and all the other gear.
          even LRRPs have special rations and cache’s for resupply enroute.

          WE can help

        • Learn what rhodopsin is. Learn to use it to your advantage. Learn to preserve it during the day, benefit more from it at night. Turn your personal failure into your success or get some NODs.

        • BB in GA, i agree with you about #4, it brings back memory’s. The worst beating i ever took was a nighttime land Nav. exercise. Trying to navigate in dense woods, on a cold and rainy moonless night. I still remember the light discipline, reading maps while hiding under a poncho, with one eye closed to protect the other eyes night vision. All the while carrying your rifle, and an 80 pound ruck. Lets just put it this way, it was hell, But i still found every check point, and finished the course on time. Man what i wouldn’t have given for a pair of NVG’s back then.

        • it also a virtual impossibility for anyone not SF trained and 23 years old with the best night vision gear.

          for all uounolder preppers,dont let this shit get you down. uou simply have to do the best you can with your current gear current training and current physicsl fitness. the movies are obvious fakeries for many reasons, but uou have to be able to function in the realities of where you are right now, in the weather and health you have at the time and the with the gear and supplies on hand. you give it your best, its all you can do. thats reality.

      9. The advice being given is one for the hunted.
        I was taught to advance to the Fire and put it out.

      10. Although I agree with what Stormy posted, I think bb in GA nailed it. Will we ever see a total and complete collapse?…Probably not. BUT, with that being said, there a lot of ways for us to be controlled while the upper elite continue on in their nice, safe world.
        They will slowly pick away at our rights, like the 2nd amendment, and in a blink of an eye, (generation) we won’t have any. Just look at the new CA rules for purchasing ammunition. Amazing that people vote for the erosion of their rights…These sheeples don’t need anyone to lead them to slaughter, they’ll do it themselves! Get rid of cash. Then they can watch and record all purchases. Then when they see people purchasing things they don’t agree with, they can put an end to that! For your own good of course! Then they’ll talk about how we are over consumers- way to spoiled to be eating that much food when others are starving or buying that many things which are bad for the environment, which then will lead to “limits” at the grocery store. That’s a win win- They can now control us over goods, keep us healthy just enough to function, but not enough to rebel or hoard. Universal healthcare will be closely monitored and only those deemed worthy enough will move to the front of the line. Suburbs don’t make sense as they promote privacy and not unity with one another, so lets get rid of those and house everyone in public housing, in tightly controlled cities. Home ownership was always “inclusive” to those who could afford it, leaving out the poorer citizens….Not anymore! Everyone lives to exactly the same standard as their neighbor who now lives five feet away from them. Of course, the elite won’t be held to these standards as they need armed protection from the likes of us. A new black market is formed where everyday citizens now trade, hide and buy things like med’s, guns, food, etc. The world as we know it ceases to exist. Our grandchildren grow up thinking this is normal, but we remember. We talk about the old world around candles at night, whispering so no one can hear us, about the good ‘ole days.

        • Before it reached near Mad Max madness the public would beg for order; it will be of totalitarian design. The greatest threat would come from those in official capacity. Their goal is to make the world into an insect colony.

          • You are almost right Kevin but I think they would let it happen for a minute. That we someone could step up with that order and the sheeple would clamor for it.

            • I think the schedule would be dependent upon when a sufficient number of the public wanted authoritarianism to deliver stability. Regardless it wouldn’t be too long. To facilitate the “correct” mindset its likely they would wait until atrocities were committed upon all groups.

          • I agree Kevin2 says. I think about half the population is onto their games. Out of those half maybe 10% prep. I think people would be expecting help and would sell their souls for a meal and security. They would go willingly. This is what scares me. The unprepared outnumber the prepared.

        • The elites and their yachts? Start ripping bullet holes in their hulls just below the water line. Heave ho down they go.

          • The Elites would have a nations military guarding them.

        • Well, i don’t know, maybe we will have doom after all. On the site Dane says that we , meaning the whole planet earth – have ten yrs left as the ozone is collapsing and if not fixed then the whole planet dies, humans, animals, plants as the radiation will be so strong that nothing can survive and the earth will be very hot like Venus. He says that is why “they” are doing the chemtrails in order to make an artificial cloud cover and without it we would be all dying now. The video i saw was from Dec. 30, 2017. It’s an hour long. It’s an interview with an X NASA engineer who is whistle blowing. Soon after he gave the interview he was murdered! So if you are gonna prep the time is now. Of course if nothing will grow, then we won’t be able to have food after the preps are gone, but at least it may give us a couple more (grueling) yrs to live. Don’t forget to prep for the dogs and cats. Dry dog food may last a few yrs or less. I like to prep rice and spam as at least i can add the spam to the rice for protein and carbs. But first rinse out most of the salt in a strainer/colander. Or you can catch rats/mice for them, but there may not be many left in ten yrs. I tend to believe what the man said. I see the sun is now WHITE, and has been for a good number of years now, but worse than ten yrs ago. He also says that already 80 percent of the ozone is already gone. And “they” will never EVER tell the population the truth. They will all go into their underground bunkers first!

      11. Let’s assume all points are valid for a moment, and I have no reason to believe that they are not. This works only with a lone evader being tracked. What happens when you add the wife and kids to the equation? For a family, this is not a good scenario anyway you crack it. I’d love to see another article written with a family being tracked. Do you separate and draw the trackers away from the family? How would you do it? Do you find an ambush site and stand your ground? This is a nightmare worthy thought experiment…. and no, I don’t have the answers. Love to hear your comments though… Hale

      12. Does anybody really still believe this piss poor method of grabbing a backpack and “heading for the hills”? If it’s a true SHTF situation and you don a pack and run into the woods, here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re gonna die.

      13. Worthless article. most of us have too many supplies to carry with us. And Read History. During the Civil war the troops scavenged from the citizens. In short they robbed and stole whatever they desired. Every place someone lives is visible from the air. there are powerlines and roads leading to most places. and even a foot path or game trail is visible from the air. Especially during the winter months is everything visible. You cannot evade a drone let alone satelites and technology the military has. Infared head seeking night scopes are used by many citizens to hunt coyotes and feral pigs at nite. Its the Military Insustrial Complex who actually Run things. They are the agenda 21 countinuation of government cabal. The have places like Mt Weather. That’s the horde you will eventually face. What they will do is a repete of what worked in history. Gengis Kann had a scorched earth policy. Sherman had his march to the Sea. In Texas at Palo Duro canyon they killed all the horses and starved the Commanchie and Germonimo into submission. The buffalo where all killed to force the the plains tribes into submission. And the very same tactics will be applied to reduce world population as the Georgia Guidestones suggest that they plan to do. What to do? Hide in a well stocked cave? Hide in plain sight AKA Grayman? Die fighting? You cannot avoid detection by the suggestions in the article. Any tracking dog could sniff you out. There is a local guy. When someone wounds a deer. and it runs off and they cannot find it. They go get jones. He will start out at the last blood trail and smell the ground and pretty soon he has the scent and can almost run and follow where the deer went. He hasn’t ever failed to find the animal. He is a anomoly but im certain there are more like him. What Im trying to say is the suggestions in the article are extremely rarely successful. Don’t repete the same failed things and somehow expect a different result.

      14. “How To Avoid Marauders and Looters”
        Wouldn’t it be more prudent to join them?
        There is strengh in numbers after all…

      15. Kill marauders and looters. They are bad people. Cast the bodies inside cement blocks. Build walls with blocks

      16. Having been tracked in a foreign country by the troops of said country they just pulled back to the perimeter and sent in the local trackers. What saved my tired butt was rain traveling during the rain is the best cover from everything. No drone’s,IR,therm,or even sesmic could track me(us) and that gave us the cover to move. All places that were dry had to be avoided all high ground must be avoided and water this is where the troops were sun raise or set was the time to rest. Moving at 45 degrees to you target or a very large zigzag ment you could track the trackers by crossing their tracks. They may find you bet can they catch or trap you?

      17. sorry, lots of arm chair cammando dribble in this article. who & why is a lone wolf being hunted again? what exact scenerio has taken place to command such an expendature of resources, time & effort for one person? Sorry, but unless your on the FBI’s top 100 list or just raped the vilage cheifs daughter, this will never happen to any of us. Mad Max scenero..they..whomever “they” is, are not going hunting for you. There is a lot wrong tactically here. Moving at night..ok, ever try it over long distances in unfamiliar terrain?, easy way to get lost, hurt or killed. Follow animal trails, ok, deer & elk graze in wide open spaces during early mornings..awesome huh!
        There is pleanty of tech out there to be used against a lone high priority target, perhaps the author forgot about thermal (#1 pick for movment at night when ground & surroundings are cool, as just 1 example.
        Boobytrap your back trail..ok, is this ramobo part 1 or 2? every stop you make, “they” gain ground. It takes time to emplace boobytraps correctly and they can be easily avoided by experienced man. IEDs? your running for your life and you happen to pack enough HE & related kit for just such an event? awesome, but highly unlikely…real world advice – dont become noticed inthe 1st place by peopel who may take to the hunt. be the grey man, be the invisable man. Steer clear of issues, trouble spots, attention and slip into non existence and you wont need to worry about mad max men wearing tire irons and hockey pads chasing you in the dark.

      18. A Carrington event would leave preppers and canibles? Both probably hunted by military,LEOs,hired guns? Confiscating anything they want. Shooting anyone they want. Rich people’s money won’t buy food. No one will work or do anything if not paid in food? Silver and gold will work Untill the food runs out. People will steal the seed . With no refrigerators that horse you slaughtered will have to be preserved somehow quick or mostly wasted. People who never missed a meal in their entire lives,with no radio, tv, Internet will go insane. The flash mobs of today will become Roaving hoards of canibles. Burning people out of their homes. Suicide will be the greatest cause of death. If one day the earth burns like the sun,with a large CME, all piled on wealth will become nothing.

      19. Traveling at night can walk you right into an enemy camp? I think the most important thing you can have is a good pointing dog. Trained to see trip wires ,booby traps, a rifle barrel between blades of grass? And what does he do? Exactly what you want, freeze and point.Then daylight travel is less problematic? German short hair pointer, pointing griffon, Military uses shepards. Special kind of stupid? Sight hounds rule? In SHTF.?

      20. The ‘hunters’ are not likely to be after ‘you’ because ‘you’ have no value to them. They might chase you if you are shooting at them or covertly raiding supplies – but that is not ‘going cold’. They are interested in your supplies – which you hopefully have cached in multiple locations and concealed them well. One prep I have NOT seen on many lists are watertight containers to bury your supplies. I have mine ready. Bury your supplies – not yourself!

        The challenge of long term survival is ‘growing’ more food. And that is not something you can do stealthily. Chickens make noise. Tractors make noise. Solar greenhouses are tough to hide. Crops like sunshine and open spaces where they can be seen by the sun – and by marauders. The only place I can come up with is in a small clearing surrounded by woods and well off any road. Otherwise use container gardens that take up little space and can be hidden, moved, or even brought inside overnight. (Sounds like marijuana growers? Learn their secrets – they are living a SHTF scenario today in terms of searching and tracking.)

        • Container gardens sounds like a very good idea. Also if you cannot grow greens/lettuce to eat you can use wheat berries and sprout them in jars or even plastic cups. Stock up on a lot of wheat berries. You can grow inside as long as there is some light in a window., no smell, no noise, and it’s protein. Then you can eat the seeds too once they are sprouted for protein.

      21. IF, all this happens… while we are fighting in this country to stay alive. Russia, China and Mexico will divide this country up.

      22. “If SHTF happens, I’ll come to your house!”. How many relatives have said that to you? The worst looters may be your extended family. If you prep, say absolutely nothing to your relatives.

        • My casual friend sent me a text the other day. He had a dream about his dead mother. She came to him at work. She was dressed in the same dress that she was buried in. He was shocked and said,”MOM, what are you doing here?” She said she had some very bad news to tell him. He said What? Was it his child? Was it his grand child? She said, “Global Warming”. He pulled up a chair for her to sit down and when he turned around she was gone! He doesn’t believe me about prepping,yet he is spending $30,000 to put in a huge pond in his new farm…..i won’t warn him again. I had an aunt many yrs ago who came to me dressed in her burial gown (i never went so never saw it) and she too gave me a message that was true, so i believe he really saw his mom for real. She died 2 yrs ago. Perhaps it was a warning about the earth. I believe so.

      23. “If SHTF happens, I’ll come to your house!”. How many relatives have said that to you? The worst looters may be your extended family. If you prep, say absolutely nothing to your relatives.

      24. The best way to stay alive is to avoid battle. There will likely be no ammo resupply and most people have enough ammo for only one good fight and if they survive that they are out of ammo for the next fight. When traveling stay high up on the mtn side most people are lazy and wont climb that high. Stopping for the night go up hill then back a ways to a hide where you can spend the night and watch your back trail. Keep one on watch and use a string to the fingers of the rest to wake them if needed with out saying anything or moving around sleep in a circle facing out ward ready to fight. Use your common sense and dont fall into a peace time mentality which shuts off your survival mind set and gets most people killed in battle. An American battalion in Europe in WWII entered the line and that night they all went to sleep with no guards. The Germans attacked and that was the end of the battalion right there end of story

      25. Test

      26. Huh my posts weren’t going through for a few days

        • Seems they are getting blocked before hand? Full Spectrum Dominated?

      27. Test Msg here, My IP has been banned for telling the truth too much here.

      28. Put pentosin automatic trans fluid in bug out car. So far seems an unbelievable 2 1/2 miles per gallon increase. Last change used Royal purple. 5 dollars less per quart.Wondering how pentosin will work as gun lube.

      29. @Angry Beaver and TharSheBlows

        The same happend to me!

      30. someone has been watching too many Daniel Boone reruns, he used the same tactics to get away from the Indians

      31. I think we are all going to die….unless we stop calling each other names, and unite.
        This is really basic stuff.Egocentric dictators have done it for generations….get ALL the people up in arms about the same thing….have them unite,.. UNDER YOU…then take over the country. This was done to “unite” Italy (Garibaldi), Germany(Bismark), and many other countries. I believe that the USA has done this in the past becasue it is a “strange coincidence” that we entered wars due to “assaults against America”,.. by this I mean Spanish American War ( the sinking of the Maine) WW1 ( sinking of the ship Lusitania), WW2 (Pearl Harbor), Viet Nam ( “attack” in the Gulf of Tomkin), Iraq( massing of “weapons of mass destruction”)….MY POINT…we are loosing our rights by falling for all these “false flags” perpetrated by the “Deep State”, who really runs the country. They tried to dump Trump with this phony Russia investigation. WE all must ban together and fight all of these “false flags”….before we wake up with …NO RIGHTS….NO FREEDOMS….For those of you who think that you will hold up in your bunker and fight the Gov’t when they come and take your guns away…..GROW UP. You are never going to have more firepower than the FBI, HLS, US ARMY, Marines and who ever else the gov’t sends for you…The only way to WIN over the threats against freedom loving Americans …is to fight in the ballot boxes. Write your Senator(s) and Congressmen. Tell them that you are “mad as hell and are not going to take it any more”….DEMAND that they cooperate with the Trump gov’t and if they disagree with his plans …lets have HONEST and open debate like the Congress was set up to do. Each American can write to three people who supposedly represent YOU;…Your Congressman and the TWO Senators…These people care what their constituents want…they know that they can be voted out of office and they lose their power, if out of office. Write a clear, precise and to the point letter…send it off to your representatives…see if your local paper will publish it. Shame them to do the right thing. Don;t threaten…use logic and 9th grade English you learned in school. Stop calling your “brothers” who read this and other blogs names and unite to stop the BS thats rampant in the gov’t today. Tell your reps to stop wasting time on the Russia investigation of Trump…which is designed to mask what the Deep State is really trying to do….usurp Trumps power and have the people doubt that he can make any difference. I think we have ONLY THIS ADMINISTRATION…to protect our rights. I believe if we get a Democrat in office in 2020….they will hand over the country 100% to the deep state…Its now or never guys…unite and live….keep fractionalizing….and die….

        • The demoncrates are all communists. They will turn this country into a communist country. Trump is our last hope.

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