Surgeon General DEMANDS: “Stop Buying Face Masks!”

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 16 comments

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    The surgeon general is demanding that Americans stop buying face masks. “Seriously, people. Stop buying masks!” Jerome Adams commanded.

    Dr. Adams, who is an anesthesiologist and has served as surgeon general since 2017 made the order in a tweet.  Americans have been buying face masks to protect themselves from the contraction of the virus, or to prevent it’s spread to others after getting sick.

    He said Saturday that facemasks are “NOT effective in preventing [the] general public from catching #Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!”

    This actually makes little sense.  If the masks aren’t effective, then why would healthcare providers need them? Face masks don’t protect a wearer with 100% efficacy. Proper fit is important but a mask is better than nothing.

    Chinese Doctors BEG For Face Masks Amid Coronavirus’ Continued Spread

    Why is creating a shortage bad then if they don’t really do anything? It certainly sounds like Adams wants the public to not have access to masks for a reason.  Does he want this outbreak to become even worse?

    Will A Face Mask REALLY Protect You From The Coronavirus?

    Adams is also pushing big pharma’s narrative and telling the public to get a flu shot.  He says if you get the shot, there will be fewer resources going to the public for the flu freeing up money to spend on those who contract the coronavirus.

    Prepping For The Coronavirus: Hand Washing Is Vital

    There are several things you can do to help prevent the flu and the coronavirus.  Wash your hands well, make sure your first aid kit is fully stocked, and try to boost your immune system by getting adequate amounts of sleep, eating right, and limiting nicotine and alcohol.

    Best Immune System-Boosting Foods To Get You Through Flu Season

    Simple Prepper Hacks To AVOID Getting The Flu

    “If we have learned one thing studying the history of disasters, it is this: those who are prepared have a better chance at survival than those who are not.” -Tess Pennington, The Prepper’s Blueprint


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      1. Rubbing alcohol for the hands. A silver dollar to lick and Everclear to kill any that get past the tongue. Drop your N95 in a bucket of bleach outside the back door when you get home. Air dry next day. Voila! Like new! lol…ymmv. Advice is cheap. Use it at your own risk.

        Muh muh muh muh muh my Corona!

      2. More deadly and life threatenning than COVID19 is CVIP, Afluenza, the symptoms of this life threatenning parasite include violating other people’s boundaries which include personal property, the human rights of the individual, and the body and life of the individual. This deadly version CVIP Afluenza has the transmutation effects of believing that personal boundaries include hearing or reading something that the Afluenza parasite does not like hearing or reading about, and believing that the person with Afluenza parasite CVIP is above the law.

      3. the s.g. should have been wearing a mask and maybe he wouldn’t have caught crony virus.

      4. the surgeon generals full of shit. its dangerous for nations top medical expert to give false information. it shows he is not fit for the position. masks work period. no one said they were fool proof but they reduce the chance of contracting the virus signifigantly. hes trying to tell you that the virus can tell the difference between the general public and health care workers and the virus can defeat the mask if you joe public but not doctor schmoule and his staff. same dam mask. thats one smart virus. not eating this shit sandwich.

      5. Actually all the masks in the US were vacuumed up by profiteers looking to resell them on eBay at huge markups.

        Don’t blame the shortage on preppers.

      6. “That herd immunity is so, so very important,” said Jerome.

        He believes that a critical mass of proles have to get vaccinated, instead.

        The masks would be reserved for commissars, forcing… I mean, donating free vaccinations.

      7. Howdy Y’all,

        Thankfully, it appears that – thus far! – CoViD-2019 will be of limited effect in the West, unless you happen to be one of the ethnicities which are (curiously) susceptible to, or you are aged. However, as the Wiki page on ‘Spanish Flu’ details, we are not ‘Out of the Woods’ yet.
        There is a Mortality vs Time graph about 2/3 of the way down that Wiki page which is sobering…for multiple reasons. That graph shows that the initial incarnation of that variety of Influenza struck in March of 1918 ( coincident with the mass troop movements if the time) and was universally rather mild in terms of it’s effect. Thereafter as Summer progressed the number of cases diminished markedly and that trend persisted until August of that same year…when that trend abruptly reversed.
        Before proceeding a short examination of the transmissibility factors which lead to a Flu outbreak is well worth considering. It is almost entirely the case that Flu occurs solely in Winter…Why? Put simply here Winter air – already very, very dry by virtue of simple physics; cold gases do not hold suspended water vapor well – surrounding, immersing structures is drawn into and through all and once warmed therein becomes incredibly dry since we are here always referring to Relative Humidity; the carrying capacity of a fixed volume of air a a specific Temperature. Once we hapless folk have been exposed to that level of dryness for a protracted period our mucosa tend to dry as well. Most here, certainly those living in more Northerly climes, will have experienced the bloody noses that come on in Winter if we haven’t been deliberately humidifying (at least) the home during that season. Well, since those mucosa – liberally coated with mucus contain a large amount of white cells by Nature’s design normally render us immune to various virus and bacteria during warmer months then we that medium is deeply diminished those same white cells have little to nothing in which to be able to battle potential invaders.
        As well, rather naturally, as it becomes chill OUTSIDE we tend to spend more TIME indoors and are thus are relatively concentrated, thus giving any infectious agent a far greater opportunity to access us.
        Bear with with me here…ALL of this is critical to understanding the nature and relative effect(s) of the current CoViD-19 pandemic…
        Clearly, that virus is highly transmissible and the two points I have striven to illuminate in the proceeding are both relevant, however several other factors appear to be in play here as well. To start with, it has been determined that CoViD-19 has a curious affinity for latching onto cellular integument (the outer ‘skin’ of a cell, where a host of proteins lie and which through evolution have come to serve as a defense mechanism for individual cells) via a specific protein, ACE2 which is instrumental in the HIV virus in gaining it’s advantageous initial foothold in mammalian systems. Now, heretofore, HIV was one of a meager handful of virii seen to mount this specific form of attack…until now.
        The southern Chinese research facility which first sequenced the CoViD-19 genetic structure (at breathtaking speed, I might add…and which was inexplicably shut down the very next day, inexplicably so…) delineated a sequence of gene’s (three afaik) which are identical to those found in HIV…and which even more curiously appear to be exactly those proteins required to mount the HIV-like attack through the ACE2 protein(!?!)
        Curiouser and curiouser…

        As well, – as I posted here previously – over at there is a table (compiled by whom I admit I’m not sure) which purports to show the ethnic variation of the per centage of the population in a couple dozen ethnic phenotypes which are seen to manifest the ACE2 protein (as well it’s relative extent thereon) at a cell’s surface. Coincidentally, the two groups that have the highest such expression are those of Japanese and Han Chinese descent…
        This just weirder and weirder as it goes, don’t it?…

        In any event, as the US is so extremely polyglot ethnically speaking (a melting pot of those) it is likely that a per centage of the US population will be extremely susceptible to CoViD-19…but also equally likely that the larger portion will NOT.
        THAT SAID, history indicates that as a virus moves through various genetic phenotypes (ethnicities) and cycles back and forth through those, it continues to digest genetic information about mammals, more pointedly, primates currently and via the slight errors of transcribing itself inside such a host which we colloquially refer to as mutation either further adapts itself all the more successfully to our genetics or does not.
        If the latter case then the spread of such diminishes and it recedes from view, however as the Wiki page I mentioned previously indicates – sometimes! – the process of mutation IS such that it serves to amplify the relative ability to infiltrate and/ or disable it’s host, ie, a ‘successful’ mutation.
        Soooooo, where does all THAT ‘go’? The short answer is; no one currently ‘Knows’…but, I submit that it would be prudent to be extremely vigilant over the next year.- especially through the Winter months – watching for a recurrence of the virus broadly since if it does re-occur (broadly!) then that signifies that it HAS accomplished further advantageous adaptation.
        Here in the US, there will be more cases develop soon and more fatalities also…but, currently the effectiveness of it as a pathogen is no worse than seasonal flu, FWIW. The salient point here is to remain watchful in the future (Winter!) for any recurrence nationally or globally since that would indicate a new, likely worse onset.

        Shoot, that’s enough for one evening Kiddo’s Adios Muchacho’s


      8. What is next ? the news showing fema coffins and mass burial sites ?

      9. A mask is only part of the whole system or personal protection. Unless you cover all your attempt will be incomplete. The mask by an uninfected person to prevent inhalation of the contagion makes more sense than an infected person wearing it to protect others. Masks with a “one-way” valve allow the infected person to exhale the contamination and exposing others. The CDC and others who tells us not to wear them unless we are already sick are idiots. Look into hydroxyl generators. Hydroxyls kill viruses and bacteria.

      10. Health care workers need masks for more than treating corona virus patients. Virus cases are insignificant compared to normal volume of medical procedures conducted everyday in this country. People having surgery are being put at risk.

      11. Since it takes almost a month to show symptoms and a person does not know if they are infected,,,wouldn’t it be safe to assume that infected and supposedly non infected wear masks? Otherwise both are infecting others so it would seem that if both are wearing masks fewer would ger infected. What is the government missing?

      12. Gov’t / officialdom divides and conquers. It tells one group one thing and another group something different. It exists for its own purposes, it will therefore rationalize any policy, any measure, or anything it says because what is best for gov’t is the most important thing.
        The State is parasitical, it produces absolutely nothing. Rather, it maintains a legal monopoly in the use of violence and force, and seizes all others goods and services, wealth, and even lives through the use, or threat of use of that force and violence. This is totally one-sided confiscation. One side produces, the other side takes, it is theft. Instead of adding to production it siphons it off, it subtracts from it. Officialdom calls it “political means”. The State provides a so-called “orderly, legal, and systematic” methodology for the extraction of private property. The State can therefore be called an organization of “political means”, or more accurately, institutionalized mob rule.
        The State wants its people to believe gov’t is the highest ideal of society. Ultimately and inevitably, history has shown the State to be the greatest impediment to human progress. It always eventually reduces it people to be nothing more than managed disposable resources.
        The State must have its class of people to perpetuate its goals. Ultimately, the Surgeon General is a functionary of the State, and must primarily act in the interests of the State. If he/she issues contradictory statements, it is because it serves a purpose to the State to do so. The CDC, NIH, and HHS are the same and therefore should also be held in the utmost skepticism.
        It appears Big pharma exists in the graces of officialdom, many sources state they have a mutually beneficial relationship. I suspect it is highly likely some sort of mass vaccination may be mandated.
        Quarantine is still the best, most reliable method for stopping contagions, but any measure to limit exposure is better than nothing. If I choose to wear a mask I will. I will act in all ways in my own best interests as necessary.

      13. I hope that asshole surgeon general catches the virus and dies. Lying asshole he is part of the countinuation of Government NWO cabal.

      14. The surgeon general can go pound sand. How is everyone?

      15. The masks aren’t made in America. The drugs aren’t made in America. The chemicals to refine fuel in America aren’t made in America. Your underwear is not made in America. 50% of our food supply isn’t made in America. Your phone isn’t made in America. Your shoes aren’t made in America. Steel isn’t made in America. Aluminum isn’t. Titanium isn’t. America’s soldiers uniforms aren’t made in America. Boeing’s wings aren’t made in America. It’s hard to find an American flag made in America. Biological warfare agents are made in America. We make bombs. We make the fattest slobs on the planet. We make the most stupid ignorant children. Hmmm…. Can you say “bend over – kiss your ass goodbye”?? There will be no masks soon enough for anyone, and then possibly, no one to wear one anyhow…

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