Supply Shortages: Remain Prepared For Anything

by | Apr 1, 2021 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 7 comments

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    The mainstream media is now fear-mongering once again over supply shortages. Make no mistake, this could be a reality considering the state of trade on the planet right now, however, if you learned anything from last March’s disaster, it should be that you keep a few extra rolls of toilet paper stashed away, just in case.

    This is why we prepare.

    Last spring, when there was no toilet paper to be found, preppers were vindicated as we could wipe our rears comfortably while others called the cops because they ran out.

    As reported by Yahoo News, major problems with international shipping are likely to make toilet paper and some other items scarce and could bring a return of hoarding. Notice how those who were prepared and didn’t suffer during the government-induced shortages are “hoarders?”

    As planned in order to push forward the New World Order agenda, global commerce is being hammered. For six days, Egypt’s Suez Canal was blocked by a giant cargo vessel that got stuck and held up hundreds of other ships on a route that handles about 12% of world trade. The Ever Given — about as long as the Empire State Building is tall — was finally freed Monday, but analysts say it could take more than a week to clear the backup.

    We’ve been mentioning that you should prepare for a slew of shortages, not just food, but other supplies in the coming weeks and months.  This sure feels like a coordinated effort to cause fear and panic so the public will demand the chains of their own oppression from the rulers.

    Even Though the Suez Canal Is Reopened, It Could STILL Cause Catastrophic Supply Chain Damage

    Meanwhile, a shortage of shipping containers also is causing problems in the cargo transport industry, according to Yahoo News. Many of the factories that build the giant metal boxes are in China — and a number of them shut down in the early days of the government-induced COVID crisis, cutting supplies short.

    Government, Not Coronavirus, Is Killing Small Businesses

    Adding fuel to the fire, grocery prices were already rising faster than inflation. A quick trip to your local grocery store will prove to you that this is true. Your area may be experiencing different price increases and shortages in food supply than others. For example, I personally have noticed the price of meat has doubled, although there doesn’t appear to be a shortage at my local store.

    Coping with reality is the best way to beat it. Prepare. Most of us are. We are just waiting for the S to HTF, so to speak. Once it does, and it will again, we will be comfortable and unafraid while others won’t be able to function without submitting to their own enslavement in exchange for a can of corn.


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      1. Noticed the stores have cut back on certain products and waiting to order more as stock runs low. But no shortages …. I think stores are also doing it to keep inventory lower for profit sake and not lose money. On TP issues cloth rags that one can rinse out works just as good and better. It is hard to believe that a week or so of canal being blocked is going to impact for months … does not make sense and seems fabricated or covering up about something else.

        • It’s ALWAYS about profits.

          When an oil platform in the Gulf was threatened by a hurricane, gas prices in So Cal rose almost $1 overnight.

          The platform was fine, but it “took time to reflect prices at the pumps”

          As long as everyone puts up with this BS, those setting prices, mask ‘mandates’, tweeting new ‘laws’, etc., will do as they please.

          • “It’s ALWAYS about profits”

            INCLUDING THIS SITE!!!!!

      2. Always a good idea to have some extra supplies of the basics on hand. If nothing happens okay,but, if it does at least you’ll be in better shape to outlast any type of a shortage. Better to be prepped for anything these psychos may throw at us.
        Prep wisely.?

      3. A little off topic but just read this recent headline:

      4. Eat a diet with lots of fiber and you won’t need much TP.

        We picked up flats this winter after seeing shortages last summer. We also have Tattler reusable lids laid back for ten years now. The ones I experimented with are still sealed nine years later.

        Anecdotally, I heard some retailers are already seeing their seeds disappear. Better make an early greenhouse seedling run this year or you may be too late. You can keep them indoors until the last frost.

        Not everything is a government conspiracy. Shortages of goods also happen with poor logistics and accidents. In the case of the container shortages, the US has a terrible trade deficit with China. The containers set over here empty until they either get filled, or China shippers pay to send them back empty.

      5. While the weirdos are fearmongering, us normal people are planting gardens, canning foods etc. getting free foods from the local pantries, Hahahaha. Every time they take a step forward, we take 3 steps forward. Mother Hubbards cupboards are full. With enough to share.

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