Superbugs Are Killing Antibiotics: We Are Running Out Of Ways To Treat Infections

by | May 19, 2019 | Headline News | 35 comments

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    When antibiotics prove ineffective against an E. coli infection, as many as half the patients with it die within two weeks. And because of the overuse of antibiotics by Western medicine, many infectious bacteria have evolved to survive the medications we use.  This the official “death of antibiotics.”

    But we are now also running out of ways to treat these superbug infections. Bacteria such as E. coli just continue to evolve beyond what drugs are used on it to develop resistance. That’s exactly why the Columbia E. coli was so worrying. Over the past decade or two, E. coli has developed resistance to one antibiotic after another.

    In January, Columbia University revealed that four patients at its Irving Medical Center in New York had been sick with an unusual version of E. coli , a common gut bacterium. Although the news largely escaped attention in the media, it ricocheted through the world of infectious disease experts. E. coli is a relatively common bacterium and benign when it’s in the gut, where it usually lives, but in the wrong places—such as in lettuce or ground beef, or our bloodstream—it can turn deadly. –Newsweek, The Death Of Antibiotics: We’re Running Out Of Effective Drugs To Fight Off An Army Of Superbugs

    “We’re looking to the shelf for the next antibiotic, and there’s nothing there,” says Erica Shenoy, associate chief of the infection control unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. “We’re facing the specter of patients with infections we can’t treat.”

    Some of the patients infected with the Columbia E. coli could only put their last hope in the antibiotic colistin. Colistin is a toxic substance with potential side effects that include kidney and brain damage, but it was the only thing that could work and possibly save their lives. However, the Columbia E. coli had a mutation in a gene, MCR-1, that confers a terrifying attribute: it is imperviousness to colistin.

    There are no antibiotics left, as E. coli’s evolution outpaced western medicine’s.  While Big Pharma is worried about getting everyone vaccinated and hooked on psychotropic drugs so they can line their own pockets, they are ignoring the real threat: Superbugs.

    New data is showing why India appears to be the breeding grounds for antibiotics resistant strains, and it’s all the fault of Big Pharma and their “money before people” philosophy. Drug companies (Big Pharma) are selling millions of dubious and unapproved cocktails of antibiotics in India. All of these could spur the development of drug-resistant bacteria and imperil patients. The finding, published Monday in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology by UK health experts, suggests that the country poses a risk to global health and undermines efforts to control drug resistance. But not because India is inherently unsafe, but because drug companies take advantage of India’s bacterial infections. –SHTFPlan

    It’s not just E. coli bacteria that is evolving either. Drug-resistant strains of StaphylococcusEnterobacteriaceae, and Clostridium difficile have been steadily overcoming antibiotics; one study found that the number of deaths due to resistant infections quintupled between 2007 and 2015. And funguses are beginning to resist the antibiotics used to kill them too. A few treatment-resistant versions of the fungus Candida auris have shown up in hospitals in New York City and Chicago, killing half of all infected patients.

    Drug-resistant infections have been a growing concern among doctors.  With the overuse of antibiotics, the evolutionary rise of “superbugs” has begun.  Candida auris does not respond to anti-fungal drugs, making it difficult to treat.  In some patients, the infection is so deep that the yeast causing it can enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body. This causes a serious invasive infection which, again, doesn’t respond to drugs. –SHTFPlan

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 2 million people each year are infected in by bacteria or fungi resistant to major antibiotics in the United States. A whopping  23,000 die from those infections as medications cannot kill the organism causing the sickness. “It’s probably a vast underestimate,” says Karen Hoffman, who heads the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology. “We don’t have a good reporting system for multiresistant organisms, so we don’t really know.”

    The World Health Organization has predicted that the worldwide death rates from drug-resistant microbes will climb from the current 700,000 per year to 10 million by 2050. At that point, they will have surpassed cancer, heart disease, and diabetes to become the main cause of death in the human race.

    And there is still no end in sight.  As more organisms become resistant to the drugs, they will become more deadly.


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      1. The news just gets more cheerie daily. Technology has just improved our lives so much I want to shed a tear and raise a toast to all these so called smart people that have all but sealed our doom with their damn voodo shit medicine.

        • It’s not the over use of antibiotics causing the superbugs. It’s the fact most people stop taking ATBs 2 or 3 days into their treatment, instead of continuing with the full prescribed dosage of 7 to 10 days, and sometimes longer depending on the disease being treated. In over 40 years in the medical profession I can tell you this is the reason and I’ve seen this times to numerous to count. There are preventive measures that can be taken that will assure you will not need ATBs, but there are just sometimes when ATBs are simply the only prescribed treatment.

      2. When the first worlders become like the third worlders. Maybe second world is the place to be.
        Is there such a thing?
        Also, can we turn the fan off and let the s**t be?

      3. Other major issues contributing to the problem are the use of antibiotics on animals for agriculture creating resistant organisms. Also pharmaceutical companies aren’t making new antibiotics because it’s not profitable.


          Thats because yer a brainwashed big pharma idiot. Oh just do whatever the good doctor tells you and NEVER research ANYTHING! Fookin dopes deserve what they get.

          • ” In the biggest information age in human history, people choose to be as stupid as possible.”

            Genius 1:6

      4. It’s not unintentional. They want us dead. World war was instigated in order to reduce our numbers. But war alone has not been enough. Migration of the third world into the first, genocide of the white caucasian race is an obvious reality easily observed and undeniable.

        The oligarchs are bringing to us, people who bathe in polluted water, carrying diseases of the body and toxic beliefs.

        South African blacks rape young girls because virgins will cure them of AIDS.

        Moslems will kill Christians because Allah demands death to non-believers.

        I know people who have died from bacterial/fungal infections but the cause of death is assigned to complications of some chronic condition. The real statistics are being suppressed.


        • “They want us dead” ?????
          LOL There’s a pill for that, you better get a gross for your bugged out bag, the sky is falling and mosquitoes now have cameras mounted on them, the Socialist-Left-Nutsies are a comin’. Too much carbon in your soil. Jim, need more aluminum foil, safety pins and vaseline.

          • Bert;

            The so called “sh*t fan sites” have convinced a lot of people that SHTF is just around the corner and is unavoidable.The daily negativity and “sky is always falling” mentality has rubbed off on some and caused them to become overly paranoid and consumed by SHTF..These are some of the same people that ignored,or didn’t even know what prepping was back in the 80’and 90’s,even though society had already been declining for over 20 years prior to the 90’s,and by 1992,we had already lost the majority of our manufacturing base..
            We all know what the 1 difference is between then and now..The Internet..

      5. For all this paranoia, I wonder why the east Asian practice of wearing a surgeons mask when you are sick isn’t practiced here.
        You see pictures all the time of Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese wearing masks. Sometimes it is because of air pollution, but most the time it is because they have a flu or cold and don’t want to sneeze or cough all over everybody or everything like we do in crowded situations. How many people carry a Handkerchief anymore?
        The best way to not get these “super bugs” is to keep your hands clean, stay away from hospitals, doctors offices, and avoid crowds.

        • Since I’ve been to Seoul South Korea, and saw in person how that worked, i carry a mask in my pocketbook, and am not afraid to whip it out. Here, it would be to protect me in public from the neanderthals who were never taught to cover their face when sneezing, handling door knobs after using the restroom, etc( you use a paper towel to grasp the handle, then pitch the towel). Especially if you live in a crowded city, i consider it essential. I think i may go back to wearing gloves, which was one of the original reasons they were worn.

      6. MRSA is common in skin boils and they pull out the “old school” pre spore antibiotic Sulfa to fight it. It most often works against it I believe because the spore based antibiotics that superseded it were used in its place. It’s the old style boxer getting into the ring.
        A physician told me that most of the boils he sees are MRSA.

        • Quite a few herbs and oils kill MERSA. But then again they aren’t interested in cures.

          • There’s no money in cures. People have to look up cures themselves. Therefor the masses of morons get sick and die for no other reason than their lazy assed stupid ignorance. Good riddance!

      7. If TPTB desired to, “cull the herd”, this offers very plausible deniability. Modify a bacteria so that that it is anti biotic resistant (but of course vulnerable to the anti biotic only they and their cohorts posses) and release it. The common practice of world wide immigration aiding its spread puts blame on individuals not them as someone gets blamed channeling public anger. The disease spreads from the least productive (useless eaters) up. Low and behold experimental drug upon experimental drug fails to thwart this epidemic and many are tried. Coincidentally “the chosen” are disproportionately surviving. The MSM, the scoundrels they are, does no investigative reporting to make this fact known thus suppressing real news and in Goebbels fashion repeating the official line of “were doing everything possible to save lives”. Certainly forced quarantine will be acceptable along with numerous violations of freedom.

        It would make one hell of a movie anyway.

        • K2,
          I’m sure someone has already written such a story. Only story I know of is “12 Monkeys”. It probably has already been done, but these “bugs” evolve quickly and may not be as controllable as we would think. Also it could and probably be along more racial lines, like the disease will target non-East Asians for example, or if they could be that precise we could permanently eliminate all homo sexuals if that in fact homo sexuality is a genetic trait.
          I don’t believe that we randomly evolved from some primordial “soup”, but Natural selection and adaptation to a changing environment is pretty compelling theory for all life on Earth.
          It is un-wise to create something that can independently adapt and turn on you, without a very good “fail safe”.

        • Kevin2, I fear what “They” would do if they were ever facing the prospect of loosing “Control”. Also, population reduction solves a lot of problems. What you outline would probably be their preferred method to “cull the herd”.

          • Justice

            Plan B , war, breaks a lot of things and destroys what TPTB own. I’ll bet on pandemic.

            • I’ll take that bet too. Big pharma aint saving your pathetic ass. Only YOU can do it.

        • The parasites at the top are always looking for a host.

          • They have 7 billion of them and counting.

      8. Top seven causes in death in the USA, tens of millions of people, are caused directly by the food the obese eat.

        Why worry about 23,000 death annually from poor hygiene, sexual-analists and/or diet.

        Again SHTF misses the 800 pound woman in the room

        • These ladies get houses, cars, plenty of food money, and say they are supporting their submissive feeders, somehow.

          In case any of you type B’s need a place to stay.

          (Put a case of pastries just outside the door.)

      9. Coe said, “I’m gon’ plant me some turnip greens in a watermelon patch raise me a hog, and a big fat possum.”

        Nothing is more motivating than to accept that no help is coming.

        Countless thousands of strong, effective antivirals are within arms reach of every American, afaic.

        When is the end of the world, or breakdown of society, as we know it. Before you were born.

        • Yer right Beumont.

      10. 2 strains of flu have circulated this season. Quite unusual flu season and people still are sick with colds, strep and flu in May.

      11. Howdy All,

        In truth I’ve very seldom been of the opinion that Nuclear War would bring about the end of us as a species…but for many years I HAVE been very worried indeed that the day would come when Mankind would face a pathogen – either natural or engineered – that we would simply not have an adequate response to.
        Of the two possibilities mentioned above it is the second that is beginning to occupy my thoughts more and more. With the advent of CRISPR gene-editting equipment currently available it is only a matter of time before some ‘bad actor’, individual or govermental…or any organization of virtually any size in between those capable of obtaining it with significant knowledge of genetics and microbiology stumbles onto something right out of a Stephen King novel.
        It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but only of ‘when’.

        Indeed, USAMRID had in it’s posession in the earliest seventies prior to the US destroying all stockpiles of biologic weapons a variant of Anthrax whose potency was summarized as “…a single cubic inch effectively distributed globally would be sufficient to exterminate virtually all warm-blooded, land dwelling organisms.” An appropriate story from ‘ the OTHER side’ is that near the end of the Cold War, at the single facility in the (then) USSR certified to handle ‘Omega class’ pathogens HAD an accident just as one the working staff was an route through the triple row,5 matter high, concertina topped fencing there around. That researcher later emigrated to the West and reported that as he was just about to leave the guardpost the guard received a call just as the site alarm was going off simultaneously. He did not hear what the guard was told but he did watch as said guard activated the entire gamut of lethal level security around the 4 story concrete cube which was facility…including the full array of landmines encompassing the entire compound.
        Within 48 hours an entire armored division of Soviet landlord’s was stationed within rock-throwing distance of the facility and NOT one single soul was allowed out of containment. Immdietely thereafter satellite photos showed the fence being cut through broadly and cement trucks rolling in by the hundreds non-stop. The result was an enrollment smaller than but principally similar to the sarcophagus enrolling Chernobyl…draw your own conclusions


        And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was before any significant genetic manipulation instrumentality existed. With CRISPR readily available currently there is no effective limit as to what we could soon be seeing

      12. Stock up on the items in this list:
        ht tps://

        If you prefer not to read that short article, here’s the list.
        * Honey
        * Colloidal silver
        * Pascalite: a type of bentonite clay found only in the Wyoming mountains. It’s topical uses include burns, minor wounds and infections.
        * Turmeric
        * Oil of Oregano: good for bacterial infections including MRSA
        * Tea tree oil
        * Olive leaf extract
        * Garlic
        * Echinacea
        * Goldenseal

        Oil of oregano and garlic were noted for their antiviral properties. Many of these provide immune support which is important for the sufferer.

        • I feel like it’s convenient, after you have already done all the work. You go to the edge of the patio, or into the pantry, and you don’t even have to bother with the store trip.

          Oil of juniper or lemon peel.

          Wormwood, which has been somewhat stressed and prone to be bitter.

          Rub it, into a coldsore, which has spread into the lymph glands. An astringent sting might just bring a tear to your eye. In my experience, all gone in 90minutes.

          Cloves and clove oil…

          Learn to identify the things that you step on, every day. Does it have useful properties, what is directly under your nose.

          Someone, in a foreign country is paying $50 for your weeds, and you for theirs.

          Uncooked dandelion root, not washed too vigorously, or maybe the bacteria in association with it, are considered a miracle cure, by some. I haven’t tried that one, personally, but it’s free and mostly harmless.

          • ELDERBERRIES! Don’t forget them.

      13. Fresh Garlic. 5 cloves, 2x daily. You will be cured…but you will smell like garlic

        • Keeps the no-seeums away too (chiggers I guess you southern peeps call them). We don’t have skeeters here but no seeums suck!

      14. Anyone have an electric log splitter. I just wanna know if they are happy with its performance and durability. i have an earthwise electric roto tiller and the machine runs great. Have an electric chainsaw and it too works excellent. Just wondering if the splitters work good. Most I’d split is a couple chords a year so don’t want a gas machine. Considering the harbor freight 5 ton machine. Tired of splitting by hand.

        • Asshat, Bite the bullet and get at least a 20 ton splitter! I split pinion pine and cedar and I know a 5 ton would never do it. Most people here have 25 ton+. And Most logs are not over 12-14 in diameter. That might work on short soft wood but anything else is a waste of money and time trust me!

      15. In the east, like Russia, Romania, they have something like Bacteriophages. It’s like a virus that kills the bacteria. When all antibiotics fail, people save there arm or leg by treating the bugs with their natural enemy.
        Of course, this treatment is illegal in the west. Because it has no side-effects, and it has not been ‘proven in a double-blind study’. Or should that be double-standard study?
        On top of that, the knowledge of this is dying out, because western farmacology is imposed in the same way as ‘democracy’ is.

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