“Stunning Secret”: Andrew Breitbart Planned to Expose a Candidate Right Before Election, Too

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 40 comments

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    There is a secret battle for the October Surprise, and it remains to be seen how it will play out. Clearly, there is a great deal at stake in this election.

    Not only is Hillary running against Trump, but the American people are fighting against an open takeover by a usurper who has no regard for the rights of Americans, and who is willing to smite down anyone standing in her way.

    There has been a string of highly suspicious deaths following in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s ascent to the throne. One of them, gunned down in the streets of DC, was Seth Rich a high level DNC staffer dealing with election data; Julian Assange openly suggested that Rich may have been the insider who leaked the DNC files that forced DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step down.

    But Wikileaks and Julian Assange have more to share with the world. The implication is that what he knows will be bombshell for the election. But Assange has disclosed yet, and his October 4th announcement has been delayed for security reasons after a threat of some kind was issued against him.

    In 2012, Andrew Breitbart teased “Wait ‘Til They See What Happens March 1st.” Instead of that date marking the release of video so shocking and damning to Obama that he would fail reelection, it marked his own suspicious death.

    Will the same fate fall upon Julian Assange – whose life has already been threatened by the establishment in general countless times as well as by Hillary Clinton personally on at least one reported occasion?

    As C. Ervana points out:

    What bombshell is coming from Wikileaks? It appears that Assange will “announce” the leak from the Ecuadorian embassy, rather than posting it online, no doubt because it would be censored. Although it was suggested the announcement could come as early as October 4, 2016, it appears now that it will be delayed for “security reasons.”

    We are entering into a very difficult time period, with routine censorship in Western countries and those who are especially threatening being shot. Almost nobody would dispute the unusual amount of people who were ready to testify against Hillary Clinton, who were ready to sue the Clinton’s, etc., have turned up dead. Julian Assange is a prime target of the Clinton’s, because he threatens to expose the truth about them.

    Andrew Breitbart did this to Obama back in 2012, and he was poisoned. This came shortly after he appeared on national television, proclaiming that he had received evidence that linked Obama firmly to William Ayers.

    Breitbart and Assange share almost identical stories: two journalists who received intelligence about U.S. presidential candidates and threatened to expose them very close to the election. The difference is that Breitbart is dead, and Assange is still alive. But if we look at the Clinton body count, the trend does not look good for Assange. The ICANN transfer might temporarily delay Assange’s ambition to publish the Hillary documents, but it won’t stop him entirely. He could still find a way to disseminate these files, or perhaps, to have another entity outside of Wikileaks distribute them. Whatever happens, Obama has as much liability as Clinton in this, especially if the Wikileaks document dump surrounds Hillary’s time as secretary of state, potentially her selling of weapons to ISIS (which is rumored to be part of what the files say), her arming and support of ISIS at the command of Obama.

    Does he hold pivotal, bombshell information – something that the world doesn’t already know about Hillary Clinton – that Wikileaks will release to the world, or will he be silenced?

    All that remains to be seen, but it seems that new powers of Internet censorship and global control over the manipulation of information the web are being used in some major, though subtle ways in order to keep people unaware about the truth of their misleaders and those hungry for power.

    Is there any reason NOT to be completely conspiratorial about how this election will play out?

    Certainly, there is plenty of drama.

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      1. I hope Assange doesn’t “have an unfortunate slip in the shower and drown,” or get killed by being hit in the head with a zucchini. It is pretty darn dangerous to oppose the sleazeballs… depending on what the meaning of “is” is.

      2. If I was him I’d be a little nervous,better be a knock-out punch!Than hide!
        Maniac –out

        • Why not expose the person now, I assume it is Hillary, but the stuck in stupid people will not believe truth anyway. We are living on planet stupid.

      3. Remember, neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next President. Stay tuned…

        • yourdaddy, I hate to say it; but, I think you may very well be correct. We’ve a lot of very hot irons in the forge of history right now. Literally anything could happen. From nuclear to biological to any and every type of invasion or other mechanism (EMP, political, civil unrest, shortages…. ); the list is long. Our illustrious scuz-bucket POTUS is scheming as we speak/write. But then, we may all end up singing the Barney song. Who knows?

      4. cut the damn music.
        I (we all) want to hear what is being said and stop the dramatic music which in NOT necessary and is ACTUALLY distracting to the max.

        • Agree , I hate that shit too
          Just get to the meat and taters of the matter
          Or fugetaboutit

      5. here’s another October surprise
        (well not to some of us)

        Donald Trump’s Tax Records: A Tale of Business Failures

        h ttp://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-federal-income-tax-records-506713

        “Five years of tax information from the 1970s that Donald Trump provided to the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety show mismanagement and losses that could have pushed him into personal bankruptcy—but for the largesse of his Dad.”

        saved by his daddy

        “Little Marco” was right “CON MAN”

        • Not surprised he had a hard time
          He’s not one of the chosen few

          Ever try to run a LEGITIMATE buisness in this country?
          No really have you?
          It’s impossible because they make it impossible

          You also have to understand ,,.. He’s playing by THEIR rules
          And by that he’s already fcked

          Blowing this at Trump like he’s the bad guy is like shooting the messenger

          He’s not the problem ,, this overweight beuracracy is why most viable buisness have already left this county

          • Oh and besides all that
            If he is a Con Man .. Than he’s perfect for the presidency

            They all have been except for 1 ,Hillary

            Because she’s the Queen Con

            • You basically just made a testament as to how fcked up this country is to succeed in
              And if you arnt one of the Elite , you have very little chance of doing so

              Basically showing how Hillary and her ilk has ruined this once very profitable and and powerful economic country

              You need to understand , she’s been screwing this country up for over 30 years
              Trump has been trying his best to succeed in what her and her type have worked against for decades

              He hasent done any damage to this country or waged wars with other countries killing many thousands of this countries men and women
              And now has an entire continent that can’t wait to level payback on our shores for these oligarchs actions
              We will be the ones to pay the price for her and this corrupt governments actions in another country that we had no business doing a dam thing to

              How many jobs has she provided ?
              How many homes has she had built?
              How many people has she had murdered ?
              I could do this all day

              • Just to be clear
                I’m not supporting ANY one in this government
                OR anyone running for a position in this government

                What I do support is the total disbandment and trial by rope for EVERY member in this government
                And if Trump gets in .. He will also be a part of the problem

                We don’t need to be governed
                We’re supposed to be free

                Voting every 4 years for your next ruler , does NOT make you a free person

                • Rebel Son,

                  I just have one question for you:

                  How did you get do DAMNED smart!

                  HOOO! RAH!

                  I think I said “Oh! YYYEEEAAAHHH!” after every sentence.

                  All I can say is that rant rocked my socks!

                  Can I have that rant? I want to edit it and put it on my facepuke page.

                  • If you like your rant , you can keep yer rant

                    So says the shoe polish puppet 😉

                    • Seems expensive shotgun mans toungue has been taken by the cat

                    • Oh sorry
                      Catori is spelled with a C not an S

                      So maybe he thinks he’s oriental?

                      What ever
                      Point is nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

                      Good day y’all

          • Trump has so many Britain folks in his campaign now, big rollover in personnel. Notice that Robert and Rebekah Mercer put over $10 million into Breitbart. Mercer also gave $13 million to Cruz… and made him endorse Trump. Notice they went after John McCain because of an investigation of Mercer’s hedge fund. McCain won anyway. Trump’s Campaign is doing better with the Mercer super pac behind him. Why? Mercer wants NO FINANCIAL TRANSACTION TAX on his high frequency stock trades (computer program). Worth billions to him.

            Trump is now in the Mercer pocket… a real billionaire.

            Because… Hillary, of course. She is supporting a financial transaction tax on high frequency trading. It is a tiny tax per trade but adds up because they do so many trades. Day trading on steroids as it were. Mercer is freaking out over actually paying taxes.

            Search Robert Mercer Rebekah Mercer super pac and real a pile of information on this subject. The orange con man found his buyer.

            • Sorry.. Britain should be Breitbart .

            • I’ve been following this too. Trump is owned even worse than the other rat pack people he was running against across ALL party primaries. Look who holds his debt – Chinese and European bankers. They hold at least $1.5 billion of his real estate debt that we know of. And this guy is going to negotiate US trade deals….yeah, right. His bullshit will make NAFTA and TOP look downright good. As I have said before, Trump could not run a whore house on dollar day……

            • let’s say you are right in everything you said,
              what other choice do we have? It’s TRUMP or SLAVERY. period

      6. This is what happens when the Mossad and ISreal put you on the naughty list.


      7. Oooooooh the drama!

      8. well there’s a spare Predator drone available since the blackmail threat to FBI Director Comey isn’t necessary anymore ….

      9. you know its getting bad around here when ya can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a conspiracy theory

        and in other news
        don’t be this guy

        Alex Jones Melts Down Over Assange

        and in other other news

        Daily Sheeple officially changes its name
        to Bat Shit CrAZeE

        here for your convenience no doubt they put every conspiracy theory about the debate in one neat little package

        “Podiumgate”: How the Clintons Rigged the First Presidential Debate

        h ttp://www.thedailysheeple.com/podiumgate-how-the-clintons-rigged-the-first-presidential-debate_102016

        however they did leave out one very important item
        you know when Hillary said she took time off from campaigning to prep for the debate ?

        and more LIES

        she secretly retreated to her New York estate
        and there in the secrecy of her tool shed
        a neuro surgeon (who was later found dead)
        implanted a communication device in her head
        thats right
        she no longer needs to use the infamous ear piece
        cause its in her brain now
        if ya look REAL close you can see the wires sticking out of her head
        you heard it her first !!!

        October “surprise” # 2,315

        • wow, satori. i’ve HEARD of people “speaking in tongues”, but i had never seen it written on paper.

      10. wow
        October shaping up to be a very busy month

        another conservative web site going down the drain apparently

        Conservative News Darling Is Falling Apart, Staff Says

        ht tp://howldb.com/p/conservative-news-darling-is-falling-apart-staff-says-0k39z4

        people wising up ?
        getting tired of all the cRAzEe ???

        • GLEN BECK endorced Hellary shitforbrains, THATS why we wont ever listen to him again……..

      11. Why is he only planning to release the info? Why doesn’t he just release it? There its out, in the open, for everyone to see. He is just waving his lunch money in the face of a bully. I doubt there is any real evidence, he is just desperate for attention. Or its a play. We all know the politicians are crooked. Just looked at how crooked this election is. Do we really need proof? We need action, because one of those crooked mofos is going to be the next president.

        • Here’s hoping he will be able to get the Truth out if he does have something.

          “What Assange did promise on Tuesday was that approximately one million documents related to the U.S. election would be released before the end of the year, with the initial batch coming in the next week, but we can all be assured it will not be highly publicized very far in advance because another ‘coincidental’ massive Internet outage might just occur.”


          Was The ‘Kill Switch’ Activated? – Assange Might Have Just Exposed Bigger Conspiracy Than Any Clinton Revelation

          • “…the ‘coincidental’ timing of the widespread outages and reports, with the expectation on the part of alternative media as well as the Obama administration, despite Assange never promising anything specific for that exact time, we have to wonder if Assange didn’t just expose a bigger conspiracy than any Clinton revelation could be.”


      12. Its like a TV show to me. You watch it, form opinions about it, then talk about it at work. As if it were entertainment.
        Here, only to amuse us. for instance “Did you see what Hillary was wearing? Omg! Darth Sidious just sent her an email, and he wants his wardrobe back! What was she saying? IT doesn’t matter she’s on crack!” And Don Trump. You would think with all that money, he could get a better wig. Clowns in the circus, monkeys in a zoo. Amusement. If you take yourself too serious, that gives the rest of us the right to laugh. Julian is just another character.

      13. 100% corrupt government. The people’s weak indifference allowed this situation. Very few protests, the population has no voice. Why all of the repeated political ads where money is wasted? This money should be put to a positive use on something beneficial to humanity. Divided and conquered Americans are passive and offer no resistance. Expect the worst.

      14. Most Americans are idiots. In fact most people are idiots. Hillary could be video taped cutting the throats of little black baby boys in Times square, most Democrats will still vote for her, and defend her actions.
        There isn’t anything Assange could reveal that will hurt any Democrat. They run the government as they darn well please. It is not a crime if it is not prosecuted.

        • Rellik
          no imagination! Straight out of Trump’s mouth! He said on film that he could shoot someone in Times Square and his supporters would vote for him.

          • Real difference is,
            Hillary has killed people.
            By her indifference or by
            making suggestions to her
            The animal should be slaughtered
            like a Halal animal, thrown off
            a roof( I like those videos, it shows what
            Moslem’s are really like), or
            buried to her neck
            and then stoned.
            Trump is a better choice,
            but certainly not the best
            America can up with.
            But he means well and certainly doesn’t
            need the money.

      15. Let Karma do its work.

      16. If I were Assange I would have done two things.

        The first would have been NOT to have announced his surprise.

        The second would have been to have given my information to Snowden to release.

        I hope it’s not too late.

        Now, if you want to know who to vote for, I will say this: vote for which person, however flawed and defective, embodies more of the fullness of truth than the other. It’s quite obvious which candidate is the embodiment of darkness/lies, and which candidate has a few flaws (and for the record I know I am not perfect myself).

        Lastly, do not neglect what you yourself can do as a citizen– each and every day– because the elected get their authority and power from the consent of the governed, or as the late Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter put it, YOU occupy the HIGHEST office the land: the office of CITIZEN!

        – the Lone Ranger

      17. I use to threaten to change my middle name to Karma,dude must be really busy,or just works to slow for my taste!
        Hey Nail,started going through my totes,going to be slow can’t freeze but 50# at a time to much deer and hog meat!
        Helping me separate the pinto’s,reds,kidneys etc.
        Better bust out the dehydrator!
        Be well all
        Maniac –out

      18. Expose all you want . I read that not one newspaper in America endorses Trump. The time for talk is over. If talk worked why is our divorce rate so high? Think about it.

      19. What if someone hacks wikileaks and releases all. Lol

        Hillary is getting nervous. Lmao !!!

        She has a supposedly 2% lead on Trump in Ohio,yet the crowd couldn’t even fill my living room at her rally there. Lol

        There were more people outside with pro Trump signs. Lol lol.

        Does she really think we will believe she got elected if she does???

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