Stunning Data: Obama’s First Two Years a Complete Disaster

by | Feb 10, 2011 | Headline News | 138 comments

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    The argument will be that President Obama inherited this crisis, recession, depression or whatever you want to call  it. But we didn’t hear any complaints during the 2008 election campaign, so we assume that President Obama wanted the job and had a grasp of what it was he was signing on for.

    He got the job based on great marketing and the many promises made to his constituents. Many of them believed they’d receive free gas, free homes, and that they wouldn’t have to work for the American dream – it would simply be handed to them.

    Oh, how very wrong they were. As with all promises from politicians, one should always expect exactly the opposite.

    George Bush most certainly made a mess of things. President Obama promised to change that.

    According to this data, however, the hope that millions had in President Obama was for naught. It really is stunning how bad things have gotten, and worse, conditions will continue to deteriorate unless the magic money printing presses of the Federal Reserve and continued spending by Congress somehow manage to turn it all around. Given that we’ve spent trillions already, engaged in destructive monetary policy, and learned absolutely nothing, we suspect the trends below will continue:

    January 2009 TODAY % chg Source
    Avg. retail price/gallon gas in U.S. (regular conventional)





    Crude oil, European Brent (barrel)





    Crude oil, West TX Inter. (barrel)





    Natural gas, Henry Hub, $ per MMbtu





    Gold: London (per troy oz.)





    Corn, No.2 yellow, Central IL





    Soybeans, No. 1 yellow, IL





    Sugar, cane, raw, world, lb. fob





    Producer Price Index:  all commodities





    Unemployment rate, non-farm, overall





    Unemployment rate, blacks





    Number of unemployed





    Number of fed. employees, ex. uniformed military (curr = 12/10 prelim)





    Real median household income (2008 vs 2009)





    Number of food stamp recipients (curr = 10/10)





    Number of unemployment benefit recipients (curr = 12/10)





    Number of long-term unemployed,  in millions





    Poverty rate, individuals (2008 vs 2009)





    People in poverty in U.S.,  in millions  (2008 vs 2009)





    House price index (current = Q3 2010)





    S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Index: 20 city composite (curr = 10/10)





    Number of properties subject of foreclosurefilings,  in millions





    U.S. rank in Economic Freedom World Rankings





    Consumer Confidence Index (curr = 12/10)





    Present Situation Index (curr = 12/10)





    Failed banks (curr = 2010 + 2011 to date)





    U.S. dollar versus Japanese yen exchange rate





    U.S. money supply, M1,  in billions  (curr = 12/10 preliminary)





    U.S. money supply, M2,  in billions  (curr = 12/10 preliminary)





    National debt,  in trillions





    Sources: 1)U.S. Energy Information Admin 2)Wall Street Journal 3)Bureau of Labor Statistics 4)Census Bureau 5)USDA 6)U.S. Dept. of Labor 7)FHFA 8)Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller 9)RealtyTrac 10) Heritage Foundation and WSJ 11)The Conference Board 12)FDIC 13)Federal Reserve 14)U.S. Treasury [Data sourced by K.E. Campbell of American Thinker]

    Hat tip Patriot One


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      1. silver is not listed here…

        up over 100%

      2. Barry is just getting warmed up… we’re only half way through his term… we still get two more wonderful years of “the recovery”.

      3. Nice job on the #’s Mac/Patriot.  Damn, has it been two years?  I didn’t waste my vote.

      4. And  all we can say is these last 2 years will be remembered as the “good”  Obama  years.    The next 2 years,  will be for  telling your grandchildren about…….if you, and them, survive.

        Pray for sanity ……..our governments have lost theirs.

      5. You’re right Mac. This guy repeated claimed that he was more than capable to handle the job of POTUS. That what he campaigned on. He was going to bring HOPE and CHANGE. It was going to be a new day for America. Business as usual in Washington, D.C. was going to be cleaned up (Even though he was spawned and nurtured in Chicago’s political cesspool).

        Now we see that Barry Soetoro is dangerously out of his league.
        His narcissism will prod him to increasingly go in the wrong direction.
        A sad thing for our nation.
        The guy has never created ONE job in private industry that I’m aware of. Never started and ran a company that I’m aware of. I doubt he could be trusted, nor is he cabable, to run hotdog or taco stand on a daily basis. And then there’s his wife–what is THAT costing the taxpayers 24/7?
        We tried to warn you America–we tried.

      6. No, lostinmossouri, our gov’t has not lost it’s mind.  It has always existed for the benefit of the few to the detriment of the many.  If you are one of the few, (big bankers, weapons manufacturers, etc,) the gov’t has performed just fine.  It has stolen our wealth and given it to itself and its cronies.  The rest of us are out of luck.  When people finally wake up and realize that the gov’t actually harms them as opposed to helping them, there will be heck to pay.  But by then it will be too late.  The insiders will escape with our money and the mobs will get a few low level scapegoats to crucify.  Good luck, and get prepared.

      7. I never heard Obama promise the people would get all those freebies but he very carefully implied that they would. They then just turned off their brains and turned on their greed and laziness and voted for what they hoped for without thinking about HOW this might be possible!!  NOBODY gets a free lunch. Somebody pays. And now all of us, including those who have worked hard, saved and done without and tried to be responsible will also have to pay due to the childish behavior or those who voted for Obama.

      8. Sorry. That should read: due to the childish behavior of MOST of those who voted for Obama.  Because I do believe that some truely saw something good in him and voted for that.  But they were not really listening to what he was saying and more importantly, what he was not saying.

      9. Reagan inherited a worse economy than Obama did and within two years economic growth was up over 5%;  Obama is doing the exact opposite of what Reagan did and getting opposite results. If he is as smart as he thinks he is, he’s doing it on purpose. And if he’s doing it on purpose, his loyalty is not to the country or  its citizens.

      10. The only “Hope and Change” that I see is simple…

        I HOPE to keep my house. I HOPE I can survive….and I am living off the CHANGE that I have left!!!

      11. Comments…..”He got the job based on great marketing and the many promises made to his constituents.”

        He got the job because he is a Rockefeller puppet, just like Slick Willy and the peanut farmer from Georgia.  
        Are people so naive to think they actually “elect” a President? Voters vote, electors elect, and they elect whoever the oligarchs want in power. The moneyed interests behind the scenes rule the U.S.  Elections are a charade to make the great masses think they have a say in who pillages the Treasury.  Government is little more than organized crime where one sends money and gets nothing in return except for more debt.  Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to believe anything a politician says?

      12. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe how awful this is. Obama is the worst President in American history. 

        He is exactly the wrong person to be leading us through this disaster (though I don’t think Bush would be much better, nor would RINO McCain).

        Bring on 2012!  Lets get the incompetent community organizer out of the White House.

      13. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Persidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama Presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgement to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their President.

        The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere sympton of what ails America. Blaming the prince of fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

        The Republic can survive a Barack Obama , who is, after all, merely a fool. The Republic is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their President.”

        I found the above quote to be both profound and true. I wish I had written it. Its so true I had to share it with you. I dont know who the author is.

      14. I’m still waiting on the breaking wireless internet teleprompter warning from our leader cracking into my computer to notify me that this is just a test…….

      15. the truth is…no one really “voted” him in..any one who truely believes we have a say in this game, is fooling themselfs.

        He would have become our ruler even if none of us went to the voting booth that was already arranged.

        there is a way bigger power playing these games than some of us even have a clue about..he’s their puppet..this is planned

        this IS their plan..this IS excatly what they want ..
        He isnt failing in their eyes..because this IS what they want.

        im no longer saying who i am..getting tired of the attacks

      16. mac should be ashamed to publish blatant communistic propagada like this article. this article’s story line is undemocratic and uses distorted  half-truths,   innaccurate time frames  and scare tactics in a poorly disguised goebbel’s like attack on our president who is energetically following through on all his campaign promises.  let me repeat  -  this article is extremely unfair to our handsome well spoken american born president that we all elected in a fair and balanced election. obama promised to bring changes and that is exactly what he is doing  -  can anyone deny this absolute fact. look around you. all the changes are obvious. what other country in the world can you vote for exactly who you want to hold office based on “changes”  they promise the voters and then see changes actually taking place. god bless america and god bless the democratic party.

        just remember it takes time for the enormous democratic party hierarchy under the capable leadership of president obama and his democratic white house university trained staff to achieve all the changes we can all believe in. the complex affairs of government have significant newtonian  inertia and obama  must exert enormous energy to get things moving from the  static pro-socialist perspective caused by the u.s. chamber of commerce and their puppet hordes in the republican and libertarian parties.  these changes take time and enormous amounts of money to get all the necessary lobbyists and their girlfriends  into action.  changes are certainly happening in america. but if you think the changes we see all around us are the end of the changes obama is causing you are sadly mistaken.

        you ain’t seen nothin yet ! ! !

        be patient and vote for obama  in 2012 and then hang on for your life as all the obama lame duck changes really start to take place…it will be unbelievable…

        best wishes and good luck,

        /s/  mushroom

      17. I don’t want to be a patient under Obama Care.  The line to be seen with very little doctors will be to long.

      18. Boy, Patriot One in the above posting really hit the nail on the head.  How true that our problem is not an incompetent liar like Obama, our problem is a voting public that is some combination of stupid, ill informed, or naive.  But this always happens when you give stupid, ill informed and naive people the power to vote themselves a “free lunch”.  This shouldn’t surprise any of us.  No democracy has ever survived and ours will end no differently.   A couple of changes to our tattered constitution would help:
        1.  Term limits – 2 terms for Senate (12 years); and 4 terms for House (8 years);
        2.  A balanced budget amendment with a requirement that tax increases be born by ALL citizens, not just the 50% of us that actually pay taxes, and particularly not the top 1% of us who pay 40% of all federal taxes.  No more voting for “free lunches” and making somebody else pay for them.  When thebottom 50% of the public finally has to pay for their “free lunch” maybe they will realize it’s not so “free” after all and they will quit voting for people like Obama, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, etc.
        3.  A “Loser Pays” judicial system like England, so that if you bring a frivolous lawsuit and lose, then you get to pay the court costs of the winning side.

        I’m not holding my breath.

      19. some people are missing a point..this is a “Republic”..not a democracy..never was..

        “And to the Republic for which it stands one nation………

        democracies do die a horrible death..and the fact that this government is being run like one is part of the problem..too any have lost the Track we were supposed to be on…

        chances are its because some one in your government paid union teachers that you were told this is a democracy..its not supposed to be

      20. Comments…..”Patriot One” is right…the citizenry is to be feared.  The Obamination is destructive, but I fear that he will be voted in for four more years….in all likelihood this will happen. 

      21. Feb. 13—The great American patriot Benjamin Franklin was asked, upon his emergence from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, what form of government the United States was going to have. Franklin answered succinctly, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
        Franklin knew that keeping the new nation a republic would be difficult, because he understood the enemies it faced, and the horrors those enemies were willing to unleash to stop the United States from succeeding in the mission upon which it had embarked. Our enemies, the oligarchical families of the Anglo-Dutch Liberal system, responded as Franklin knew they would, but, despite everything they threw at us, we survived, and thrived, becoming the most productive nation the world had ever known. In our darkest moments, great leaders emerged to rally the population and lead the nation forward: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and others, such as Alexander Hamilton, who designed the credit system which lay at the heart of our success.
        Friedrich Schiller once remarked, of a similar crisis for humanity, that a great moment had found a little people. Look around you today. Where are the great leaders? Where are the appeals to reason, to put the welfare of the nation and its people ahead of personal gain, to work together in the name of a national mission? Such appeals have been made, but they have largely been drowned out by littleness, by mindless partisan bickering, unconscionable greed, and outright criminality. If we are to survive this crisis, we must rise above such pettiness and work together to take our nation back from these fools.
        Our nation is bankrupt. Our banking system is bankrupt, and we do not produce enough wealth in our physical economy to stop the deterioration of the productive apparatus which provides us with the necessities of life, much less cover the enormous debts we have incurred in recent decades. The same is true for the world as a whole: It is all bankrupt.
        We must start by admitting that truth; and that the economic policies we have adopted, since President Nixon broke the Bretton Woods fixed-exchange-rate system in 1971, have failed. Since then, virtually everything we have done has been wrong. We took down our industrial production, shutting down our productive base, and putting our skilled workforce out on the street. We outsourced that production to the cheapest labor we could find. We turned the most productive workforce in the world into paper-pushers, retail clerks, burger flippers, and worse. We adopted the view that paying people a decent wage was something we could not afford to do, when in truth it is something we must do, if we are survive. We deregulated our banking system, giving the most crooked among us the advantage over honest citizens. Worst of all, we adopted the oligarchical view that people are cattle, to be herded and culled, turning our back on Franklin’s view that it is the people, with their creativity, and willingness to work together for the betterment of all, that is our true source of strength.

      22. Actually Obama has done everything he said he would. He said he would take troops from Iraq and send them to Afganistan. He said he decrease demand for energy by increasing prices. He said he would expand US security complex. He said he would “redistribute the wealth” (never said to the rich.)

        He said people would pay more in taxes. He said he would enact a healthcare bill. (never said what healthcare bill)

        It’s what people assumed he would do that got them into trouble. He had a catchy slogan and the “Black President” thing going.

        Yes, it’s a disaster…For us. But then again americans knew it would be for the moment he was elected gun sales went through the roof.

      23. No politician of any party has any credibility.  Some are worse than others,  the Bushes pushed free trade and factories left the country.   All these bastards are pushing for destruction of America, free trade zones, and world gov. control.  I gave up on politicians/voting 25 years ago.  Sex/corruption/financial scandals are constantly going on  nationally, local and state.  None can be trusted!

      24. As others above me have pointed out…..don’t put this on Obama…he is just a sock puppet.  The REAL wizards back behind the curtain are the ones stealing our national wealth and pulling the puppet strings.  The ONLY candidates that are allowed to sit in the White House are the ones they have bought and paid for….including the Holy Most Ronald Regan.   The last one that bucked the system was Kennedy, who followed the last freely elected, independent President, Eisenhower ( who also warned us of where this was going in his farewell speech ).  They’ve ALL been sock puppets since then.

        I actually have to admire Egypt’s dictator… least he didn’t HIDE the fact of being what he was….well, except maybe for his CIA backing.

      25. The lesser of two evils.  I’m so tired as a voter having to vote for the lesser of two evils or throw away my vote again hoping to make a statement.  I have no respect for either party – same snake – just two heads.  I was going to hold my nose and go with McCain until he brought Palin on board. I worried whether McCain had the health and years, therefore needing a strong VP.  So I went to the dark side. Blame me for Obama and yes, you tried to warn me.  And, now I’m trying to warn you about Palin. Both Obama and Palin weren’t vetted and the main street media dropped the ball.  Where are the documents proving Obama is a natural born citizen and what happened to all those Palin ethic investigations, magically gone with her resignation as governor. We need to dig more on both.

        We are a citizenry that has lost our way. There was not one response when I posted on another article that illegals were fleecing the tax payer and system, with government approval, getting $7,000 to $10,000 per adult in tax refunds using fictional and real dependents. (That’s up to $20,000 tax refunds a household with the mom and dad each declaring single head of house hold) These are the same people getting monthly EBT cash cards, food stamps, housing assistance, medical and dental.

        By being dishonest they are able to cheat the system out of more money then the average SS retiree receives annually. Yet, we post about the citizen coco puffers, who are not in the same league when it comes to robbing the treasury, but do nothing about the grand theft of the illegals. This had been going on Clinton’s, Bushes and Obama’s watch. It just demonstrates how we are lied to and how corrupt it all is and Obama is no different.  

      26. @NWFisher - minor technicality: he was actually spawned in Hawaii rather than Chicago, they have the long-form certificate to…oh, wait.  Seriously, where is it?


           Democrats bring us towards socialism on the domwstic front.

           Republicans bring us toward the police state on the domestic front.

           Both are the captured servants of Judah.

           Neither have America’s best interests at heart.

           Go Constitution Party!!!

      28. Rachel: Obummer, like McLame, promised US his health care plan as a Member of Congress. I say, give US that plan or dissolve the health care plan for Congress and let them them share in ours!

        Let US share in the retirement program that Congress has, or let them share in ours.

        One nation under one health care plan and one retirement plan. What is good for the geese is good for the ganders.

      29. Especially, since it is the geese that pay for the ganders’.

      30. He’s done a terrific job, the banksters couldn’t be any happier with his performance.


      32. On Nov. 4, 2010, while being interviewed on ’60 Minutes’ by correspondent Steve Kroft, Barack Hussein Obama openly admitted that he is a low-down, despicable LIAR and that his campaign promises were all basically BULLSHIT pulled straight from out of his ass. 
        I find it ASTONISHING that anyone would grant this POS any credibility whatsoever, especially after listening to these scary admissions;

        “KROFT: Well, to a certain extent the Tea Party and some of the Republicans ran on the same message or much of the same message that you ran on two years ago. Which is, “We’re gonna change Washington.” And now, you are Washington.

        PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well you know, that’s one of the dangers of assuming power. And you know, when you’re campaigning, I think you’re liberated to say things without thinking about, “Okay, how am I gonna actually practically implement this.”

        There you have it from the puffy lips of Mr. Bojangles himself:  he admits he feels “LIBERATED to LIE THRU HIS FUCKING TEETH”!;contentBody

        February 10th, 2011 at 1:41 pm
        I never heard Obama promise the people would get all those freebies but he very carefully implied that they would. They then just turned off their brains and turned on their greed and laziness and voted for what they hoped for without thinking about HOW this might be possible!!  NOBODY gets a free lunch. Somebody pays. And now all of us, including those who have worked hard, saved and done without and tried to be responsible will also have to pay due to the childish behavior or those who voted for Obama.
        It’d be nice to know if ‘peggy in Florida’ has gas for her car and money for her mortgage….someone needs to do a follow up on that one!!

      34. @Durango Kidd my premiums have increased 100% this year because of the Obumma Health care plan. I never received a pay increase and some out of pocket charges have increased. I am having my second colon surgery next week after urging the surgeon to just get it done before I get the axe at work. All of the gospel preaching they did about how our care would be equal to thiers was a lie. If I had known how I would feel today and how I’ve lost part of my quality of life prior to my 1st surgery I would have choosen death instead of the surgery. If something happens to me my family will have no health care which in part is the reason I had the 1st surgery.

        I think we should have an evaluation system in place for those who do not work. If you don’t work you don’t receive care!!!

        My grandfater went to WWII when he was just 14 and while he raised me he often reminded me that when I turn 18 I need to have a job. No job, you don’t live under my roof and eat my food or flush your sh*( down my toilet. At 8 yrs. of age he took me out to a strawberry field and said if I want school clothes I will need to pay 1/2 for them. Every quarter I made he matched it! Why let me yell this one WHY must a parent pay healthcare for a 26 year old living at home WHEN THEY SHOULD BE OUT THERE WORKING? I’ve told my daughters 11&12 that when they are 18 they will be in the military because I cannot pay for college. I told them it doesn’t matter if you want to go into the military YOU HAVE TO. The alternative will be working at some low end worthless job and living at home. We need to create a system for these lazy ass people by putting them in the military. We could even have a retard military because there are plenty of dishes, potatoes to peel and other things they can do. Sorry but needed to get this off my chest.

      35. P.  One,

        For many years Democrats have had full control over both houses and the White House, and if they wanted to they could overturn the Patriot Act any time - Even now!!!!

        Currently, Dems still control the Senate and the White House, and Dems have not allowed the Republican Party to even debate about it.  Here is the video that Democrats blocking Republicans from overturning anything:

         “Feb./5/2011  Patriot Act Was Signed Into Law With NO Debate In The House Of Representatives – NONE!!!!”  by Judge Andrew Napolitano

        So when you present the facts, make sure you present ALL the facts, not just the ones you choose to support your argument….  Conservatives say that Bush probably signed the Patriot Act based on false Intel and misguided info. Without his knowledge, during the time of chaos (Sept/ 2001). 

        The Republican Party said it never intended to use it on U.S. citizens or other innocent people. 

      36. @TNANDY…you are exactly right, I would even wonder if the puppets didn’t start back earlier than Ike.
        @PATRIOT….Hegelianism dialectic, that is what has been used on the people of America for a very long time

      37. ANON: I understand your pain. That is why WE need to hold the feet of OUR elected officials to the fire. These SOB’s need to understand that we mean business! Some of them do, which is why you have Senators on both the left and the right retiring:

        They want to get out of the line of fire before the shooting breaks out!

      38. I think these things have been planned for many years, and involve more than one man. 

        Think about it — if you were wealthy and power hungry, wouldn’t you team up with other power hungry/evil people to devise a plot for world control?  Personally, I believe this has happened, and with the assistance of Satan himself.  Over many years the plans have been laid, lessons of prior attempts learned, propaganda slowly implemented.  The people have been slowly brainwashed. 

        All the chaos of unemployment, food shortages, inflation are just tools to frenzy the people up until they beg for the powerful to save them.  Just as in Egypt, they will be happy to oust their constitution for military control or other tyranny. 

        This is just the logical progression of things, IMO.  It was bound to happen eventually.  Like a long game of monopoly until finally someone has the upper hand and wins.

        Obama is just a player.  But the ends justifies the means to those seeking power.  They will use the people and then destroy them.  They will use each other, and then destroy each other, because each wants the power.

      39. Shoemaker: Since 1980 when Reagan was President and George Bush Sr. was Vice President ( and fresh from the Ambasadorship to China and a stint as CIA Director) the government has:

        1. Sytematically dismantled the American means of production, transferring our manufacturing jobs and factories offshore;
        2. Allowed increasing amount of Illegal immigration (subsidized by the American taxpayer and worker) to enter the country, compete for our jobs, and suppress wages;
        3. Spent the American treasury into oblivion supporting wars to protect unfettered capitalism;
        4 And failed to demand “fair trade” allowing “free trade” to bankrupt the country and destroy the middle class, leaving them with 10-12 dollar an hour jobs and telemarketing which is also being transferred offshore.

        To all of this Obummer says that American workers must become “more competitive” m,eaning he expects US to work for 40 cents an hour like Chinese workers; and intends to increase exports 25% (planes and heavy machinery) by devaluing the dollar at least 50%, again at the expense of the American taxpayer, and family.

        This effort to destroy America has been systematic, deliberate, and co-ordinated by the BUsh NWO. Our elected officials have acquiesed to this destruction.

        Washiungton DC should be in flames.

      40. Comments…..Lady Hawk
        You need to sober up. Palin was accused because Alaska law does not protect the governor. from false made up charges. Which she had to dfefend against with her own money. How long can anyone afford that? I hope you enjoy your boy Obama. Please do not vote anymore as you are not smart enough to perform such a function.

      41. Yep… I honestly cannot look at all that has happened and come to any other conclusion. 

        I think what DK pointed out, plus the article above, is that we are not going to be exempt from the NWO.  America will be joining…or has already signed up to join.

      42. Shoemaker: NO! Americans have not signed up to join and the US Constituition is all that stands between the NWO/ One World Government that the ganster banksters want to impose on freedom loving people in the world, everywhere.

        Americans are alert. Americans are aware. And Americans are now taking back their government from the Bankster gangsters one election at a time.

        Engage your Government or be enslaved by it! This is the lesson we can extract from Egypt! Demand political and economic justice: a level playing field where Americans can lawfully and fairly compete. Do not allow them to take US down to third world status. Demand that traitors, and criminals that have looted and financially raped the American people be tried in court!

        SEE: SHTF Times … America: Gang Raped By Congress

      43. Lady Hawk – I agree, no thanks on Palin.  I don’t like her voice, never heard a good explanation on her quitting the governor position, the fact she is on reality TV, family drama with her daughter.  I just don’t respect her.  On the other hand, compared to what’s in the white house now, she had far more practical experience, and we’d be better off…..though we’d be better off with just about anyone else in there. 

      44. DK- That is encouraginly optimistic of you. 

      45. Shoemaker: I am encouraged by Washington’s Vision of America in the darkest days of the American Revolution. A Second American Revolution is under way. A new burst of Freedom is coming to America even as it is coming to other nations. Life is expressing itself in its natural form and cannot be repressed by bureaucrats.

        It is the “novelty” of Creation expressing itself according to Divine Providence’s plan for this nation and the World. Embace the changes; embrace your American heritage. It is the future of the planet!

      46. @SHOEMAKER & DK
        your both exactly spot on. Yes shoemaker, satan has orchestrated this for some time. I agree with both of you, although I don’t share DK’s positiveness, at least not in the same exact way. What I mean is, this is supposed to happen and things have to deteriorate according to the bible and it appears thoise times are upon us. So I don’t see bright future for America or the world for that matter in one sense. On the other hand if you have come to know Jesus and asked for him to come into your heart and save you and have repented (turn from your sinful ways) and are following Him…then in a way these are awesome times to be aliove ina way….make sense?

      47. As my Law Professor told us time and again(a VERY smart man who was a practicing Contract Law Attorney for whom teaching was a lark):”There’s what’s right(in a moral sense),then there’s what Legal and THEN there’s what you pay a Lawyer to get out of”.THESE are the people who are placed in Congress year after year by the UBER-RICH.Sara P. might have a nice rack and not too bright,but she would been a change and I doubt she’d have preformed much worse than Mr.O(whom I find getting evermore tiresome and tedious with those nonsense speeches given EVERY chance he finds!).FDR you ain’t, Mr.O!!.And to think I might have voted for him!Most ALL of my Black friends voted for him thinking he would lead them back to the promise land to hear them talk about the guy.What he was was a product of the Ivy-League System that gave us Bush and his Ilk.O well,It’s time to think beyond when OUR democracy comes apart at the seams .It’s almost a funny Marx Brothers movie brought to us by the self centered UBER-Rich.
        Keep warm,and best to ALL
        P.S. gotta love the brazen web posting of the Red REPOCRAT lookin’ for love outside of his Marriage!And this is the BEST of the “up and comers” they have to offer us?What a Putz!!Feel truly sorry for his wife.

      48. Culvert Crab,
        “@NWFisher - minor technicality: he was actually spawned in Hawaii rather than Chicago, they have the long-form certificate to…oh, wait.  Seriously, where is it?”
        I should have been more specific. I should have said that he was “spawned and nurtured” as a POLITICIAN “in Chicago“.
        Where the  ORIGINAL “spawning” took place is anyone’s guess at this point. 🙂

      49. @Durango Kidd

        Very patriotic and good posts.  Wish we could turn the clock back twenty years.  Maybe we could of made a difference if we knew what we know now.  

        “…Americans are alert. Americans are aware. And Americans are now taking back their government from the Bankster gangsters one election at a time…”  Really? 

        Just how awake are the Americans?  How many again are prepping???  Aware?  Twenty years of LaRaza voting drives recruiting and registering illegals has impacted and influenced the outcome of our elections.  And as their numbers increase it will be more difficult.  30 million illegals, folks.

        Take back the government one election at a time?  Not with Americans aiding and abetting illegals to undermine our voting system.  The 1993 motor voter act allows illegals applying for drivers licenses to just check a box and they become an American registered voter.   How aware are the Americans again?

        We Americans have some responsibility in what is taking place because we turn a blind eye, are silent and don’t speak out. Unlike the invaders, that take to the streets demanding American rights and citizenship.

      50. I’ll bet 007 trillion on global domination.  SP is smarter then many of us here.  Besides, she gave me a signed copy of her book.

      51. It’s almost 6 am EST here.  Prayer time almost over, over there.  I smell protest and death.  I would hate to be queing to go through the ditch right now.

      52. Lady Hawk,

        Even though i agree that the process is slow, i must admit that Americans have started to see what’s happening.
        Just take a look 5 years ago. This prepping movement was still a baby, but due to the internet and global developments, it’s increasing like a wave. Who could think that today a bunch of people all over the world would discuss global matters, with their eyes and brains open to new ideas.
        Let me remind you that a Tsunami shows all of its glory, seconds before it hits the shore…
        Let me also remind you that the labour movements against oligarchy, started from a small group of train workers during the Chicago Pullman strikes in the late 19th century. A small group of plain and uneducated workers, managed to reveal the true face of the tyrrants.
        Don’t lose faith in your fellow U.S. citizens. They will understand when the time is right; and let me tell you my virtual friend: the time is near. That’s why the globalists have shit their pants of.

        best wishes


      53. Did anyone really think the direction of the changes would be any different? I’m just surprised the magnitude hasn’t been worse than the tale of the tape shows. I see two areas where he improved things: The price of natural gas, and the affordability of buying a home. Other than that, we have the second Hoover administration.

      54. P. S.
        “…And as their numbers increase it will be more difficult.  30 million illegals, folks…”

        And their jack pot babies have been coming of voting age and some have even entered the political arena and their agenda is???  X’s that 30 million by 3 or 4.

        “…Unlike the invaders, that take to the streets demanding American rights and citizenship…”

        They have a great public relations machine, not only street demonstrations, but getting their message out on the airways, in print and blogs.  They lobby our representatives on the local, state and federal level and they are getting rules and laws added, changed and blocked.  Example, all Government materials and communications, including voting ballots are printed in Spanish. Tax payer paid and provided translators for medical, court, social services, education and government services mandated by law.  Meaning job security for all those jack pot babies of job age.

        I expect a post denigrating me on why I harp on this subject. Well, I see red when I read several of the posters profess their patriotism and harp on what they will do to the bad guys in a SHTF situation.  Hello!  What do you call an invasion of 30 million law breaking people which includes ruthless gang members, cartels, murders and terrorists?  With them comes violation of our borders and sovereignty,  corruption of our electorate and interference with our voting process and rights.  They are imposing their invader language, values (lack of), culture and bribe system, robbing our treasury, stealing our jobs which takes food out of our children mouths and is a major contributor to the collapse of our economy. (Tribute, I mean benefits reaped). They ignore our rules and laws not only when it comes to criminal activity, but in doing commerce, business and trade.  Last but not least, the killing and robbing of our citizens with impunity and no justice.

        The blame gets laid at the feet of our government, rightfully so and I don’t expect American patriots to take up arms or do hand to hand combat.  Just, why are we so polite to our soon to be oppressors who are winning the battle to retake America without a shot fired???

        Contraire to their hiding in the shadows, they are marching in the streets, in open demonstrations and protests against citizens of this country for citizenship and rights they are not entitled to and Americans?  We don’t shun them or businesses that pander to them or in anyway let them know by our actions, illegally entering our country is unacceptable to us. We just be polite.  A great lesson for our children on being a patriot, while your country is being stolen and how to handle bad guys.  Be polite.

      55. Comments…..Its going to be an interesting next two years…after his one term presidency is over, he will become the U.N. secretary General. He is currently  being groomed for it,” Remember the rest of the world thinks He is the Chosen one!” The United states will be the last empire to fall,this will give him enough time to say he saved America, and hence… spread his hope and change world wide!

      56. It sounds like some of you aren’t liking the Hoax and Chains!!!!!

      57. Hey Mushroom from 2/10 @ 3:12,    You and your ignorant band of fools ARE the problem.    Did you even graduate from grade school?      You certainly do not have a clue as to what has happened and happening towards the demise of our country by Obama and his liberal constituents.     Please get a job and quit living on public assistance.     Better yet, move your ignorant butt from the USA, and LET the door hit ya where God split ya!

      58. @BJ

        Yeah, no doubt the wizards have just about ALWAYS had a significant role  ( Andy Jackson put a real crimp in their plans…ahahahaa ) in who sits in the white house, but from Nixon onward, it’s clearly been outright ownership and they flat don’t give a crap who knows it.

        I suspect Kennedy was bought also, and tried to re-nig on the deal, and found out the price for that.  Johnson was “their” boy that was supposed to keep an eye on Kennedy, and step in if Kennedy “went off the reservation”…..which, hey, worked right out !

      59. And in general:

        See, the wizards are putting it right out in our faces….just a fraction less than having an “El Presidente For Life” like Egypt, but still right out there for any thinking person to see….

        They run a no-nothing-no-experience commie ( Obuma ) against a closet Democrat, fake “war hero”, tired old political hack ( McLame ) and say “pick one….and we don’t give a flip WHICH one, since we own both of them and they will implement OUR agenda”

        And then how they must sit back and laugh their asses off while the majority of voters bicker about what this one did, or how much better “their guy” would have been, WHEN IT MAKES NO DAMN DIFFERENCE !!!  We are just as screwed as the Egyptians and too stupid to realize it yet.

      60. Joe Kennedy made a deal with the Mafia to get his son elected.  The mob came through and got him New York and Illinois which got him the presidency.  Afterwards Bobby Kennedy reneged on the deal and went after the mob.  The Mafia retalliated and killed JFK.   Sam Giancana was happy to do it because the Kennedy boys openly embarrassed him when they double teamed Marilyn Monroe.   JFK was a fool, he got us entangled in Vietnam, helped Castro become the thorn in our side for over 50 years and because of his incredible naivette almost got us into a nuclear exchange in our own backyard.   Thank Obama for elevating JFK to the second worst president in our history.


        I agree, Lady Hawke…in about 10, maybe 15 years, if something isn’t ‘changed’, this nation will not resemble a ‘third world’ country, it will BE a third world country.
        Add to the illegal influence in government,  the dual citizens of Israel in congress.
        The needs of this nation’s citizens has been taking a back seat to illegals and other countries for years.

      62. Lincoln was the worst, hands down. 

        Until Obumma can surround the entire State legislature of a State like Lincoln did Maryland to keep them from voting the “wrong way”, not to mention “issuing” an arrest warrant for a Supreme Court justice that didn’t see eye-to-eye with him, he can’t hold a candle to Lincoln.

        You know the whole “stroke of the pen, law of the land, kinda cool” thing of Executive Orders ?   Guess WHO wrote the very first one…..yep…..the “savior” of the nation…..the guy that used the Declaration of Independence to wipe his backside…..our revered Lincoln.

        Shooting was WAY too good for him.

      63. I tend to agree with Nabisco on Lincoln.  Look up how many solders were killed between the North & South.  Each one of our Presidents that were killed in office had prior engangements with our money.  MM was just a taste that was consumed because it melted in your mouth, not in your hands.   

      64. And Oprah is asking people to respect Obama today on drudge…well Oprah, lets see how much respect you have him when people go and rape and pilliage your estate within the next 9 months!  Then will you still respect him? 

        Mafia might of had a guy or two involved, but the powers that be that decide on wheteher or not anything of the sort is going to happen or not are way above the mafia…LoL The mafia is like little sunday school girls compared to thee establishment. JFK also pissed off the same people Andrew Jackson did with money, debt free notes and the fed….that is ultimately why he was killed. And there is interesting newly (relatively)  released fil that shows the secret service boss in the car behind him waving the secret service men off. They were at the back wheels running along side of the car and one was standing on the back of the car and the film clearly shows the boss weaving them off and the one guy that was running was clearly confused and agitated…he kept shrugging his shoulders and waving his hands as if to say “what?? why are we doing this? what’s going on”

        I would urge many  of you to research for your selves, caus eI am not gong to explain  it all here, the Act of 1871…since then our government has been a de facto government. They became a private international corporation whewn they made a government for the district of Columbia.
        Have fun with that one  🙂

      66. Evidently most of the posters here believe that a person just has to vote.  No, there’s no law to that effect.  And does anyone wonder what the result would be if “they” gave an election and nobody came?!

        Can any of the people who have voted over many years really think that they are better off from voting?

      67. We shouldn’t be so worried about those who were fooled by obama’s hubris because that is just naivety, its those who understood what he was really saying and still voted for him who should be feared……

      68. @ Patrick appears you are new here..don’t let the shroomer get to you, thats all he is trying to do, get a reaction.  We have all learned its better to just ignore him, its much easier than trying to figure him out.

      69. You’re right Bud.  

        And that’s the policy I’ve adopted since the last so called election.  No more voting for me. 

        Time to show what a farce elections are by joining the ones that have been too apathetic for years to vote ( or maybe they were just smarter than me ).  At some point, the number showing up to vote will drop to such a low number, they won’t be able to hide behind “duly elected leaders” any more.  It will be obvious that public support for elections is gone, and the process is a sham.

        NOW if we can just convince the remaining voters that their vote means nothing, that they are being conned into thinking they have some say in the process, when in fact they DO NOT,  and this is the only course of action short of rioting in the streets.

        Instead of “Get out the Vote” campaigns, I want to run a “FIGHT WASHINGTON BY WITHHOLDING YOUR VOTE” message.

      70. @ willy

        At least I acknowledged I made a mistake. There were people out there with more insight then I had, because they had done their homework. Lesson learned. Just suggesting people do the same with Palin.  After all, there was enough preliminary evidence that merited investigation that she abused her power as governor. Troopergate, nepotism, receiving improper gifts, having to return $386,000 in illegal contributions. Where there is smoke… like with Obama, you may want to look and see if there is a fire.

        “…Never has a governor lowered the bar as low as Palin has when she breached the public’s trust over and over again. Her arrogance, sense of entitlement and recklessness while doing the people’s business sets a very bad precedent.
        For her to be portrayed as a role model by the media is an absolute travesty. The more people find out about Palin…the more they learn that a ‘servant’s heart’ does not beat within her.” Andree Mcleod
        That comment could just as well be about Obama.
        About voting, TnAndy’s  post on not voting is thought provoking and am mulling it over as his post on – it makes no damn difference.

      71. SP is a hottie!

      72. I live in Alaska. I voted for Palin as governor.

        Then, we learned of the financial mess she left for the city of Wasilla. Troopergate had legal foundation.

        The worst was her campaign promise. She was gonna clean-up Juneau (state gov’t) and then ran off to play footsy with McCain, the same guy who attacks Republican sponsored bills and then votes party line.

        Palin is just some more “Alaskan trailer trash” like most of us. We have the highest proportion of vets, highest number of degrees working in low-paying jobs and the highest illiteracy rates. Many read copious amounts in the winter, but refuse to get involved because it is a loser’s game. Don’t look to Alaska for a statesman. We only produce more ash and trash politicians.

        BTW, don’t count on Alaskan oil. No more fields will come on line for at least 7 years. TAPS is running at 33% and falling by 8-10%  a year. Now the EPA is getting involved in the Pebble Project even though it is on non-federal land. Even oil exploration has dropped due to fed involvement.

        If we really want to start fixing the economy, we have to accept that resource development is the ONLY way. Our best choice would be to eliminate the Dept of Interior and transfer all fed lands to thier respective states unconditionally. If the feds can’t get a return off the land, the states can and have (except for Ca.)
        Nixon and breaking Bretton Woods. Right choice, bad implementation. You might read up on it before you spout off. Then you will find out why France got on our shit-list. It wasn’t France’s fault. It was our balance of payments that bit us.
        I contend that the vast majority of folks refuse to read anything that contradicts their belief system. I read both sides and ponder their positions and why.

        The more comlex the issue, the greater the difficulty of fixing it. The easiest way to effect change is to reduce complexity. We need to get back to the core values enshrined in our Constitution. We must force Joe American to take personal responsibility for their actions. No enshrined safety nets. Screw up, pay up.

      73. Last I heard, Obmama was The President Lady Hawk.  Your argument sounds weak.  If I voted for him, I would never admit it.  Did you have a bumper sticker?

      74. @Manos

        It’s nice to be reminded that the glass is half full sometimes and I hope you are right.  It’s just that we Americans have been so damn complacent for over twenty years and so easily distracted.  That hasn’t changed with the highest number then ever having tuned in to the Super Bowl.   Armchair gladiators. 


        You give it that long????

      75. @overtheedge

        Thanks for the echo.  Very descriptive and informative post on the people, culture and issues. 

      76. TNAndy,
        I agree that we had two bad choices for the last Presidential race.
        I’ve got to call you however, on the “…fake ‘war hero’…” statement.
        First thing, McCain was a U.S. Navy carrier pilot. A tiny number of people ever make the cut to get to that level. Read first hand accounts or talk to someone who flew missions over Hanoi during the Vietnam war. Very high “pucker factor” to say the least–with a LOT of MIA’s, KIA’s and WIA’s and lost aircraft. Talk to someone or read first-hand accounts of what it was like to eject from an jet fighter, be captured and suffer being a prisoner at the Hanoi Hilton for several years. There were also other hellholes along the way before many got to Hanoi.
        You can call him a closet-democrat and a political hack–got no problem there. But don’t mess with the “war hero” status unless you’ve been there and done that. If you had the experience, you’d never say what you said.
        McCain never claimed to be a “hero” from what I understand. All that he went through and all the rest that he accomplished during his military career is documented fact. Give the man his due, he’s earned it many times over.

        “…They run a no-nothing-no-experience commie ( Obuma ) against a closet Democrat, fake “war hero”, tired old political hack ( McLame ) and say “pick one….”

      77. For any of you spineless cucumbers & snails that didn’t vote, that’s your right.  Ever think that you could have voted for anybody else besides the two party system?  Go visit a third world country and talk to the slaves that don’t even have that right.  Your dribble nauseates me.  Visit a WWII cemetery here or overseas.

      78. If you fly over seas to visit those that never came back, don’t forget to get a credit card to book your flight, chipped passport to be allowed to return, a few days to sched flight, groped by TSA, and visit some piss-ant country like France just because you watched some movie and feeling patriotic when you want to.  You make me sic.  Your Great Grandparents would abort your parents if they knew.  If you served in the military previously, shame on you.  You didn’t learn a thing on your own.  If you didn’t serve, pray for wisdom.   You are not smart enough to know history if you didn’t vote.

        thats pretty funny, I think you meant “you’re not smart enough to know history if you DID vote…”

      80. Lady Hawke: Its not too late. Life is plastic. WE must put our stamp on it! Victory belongs to those who refuse to yield: day in day out, month after month, year after year.

        WE need to continue to voice our disatisfaction as loud and as long as necessary. WE need to organize, march, and vote.

        WE must demand trials for Traitors and criminals in government. WE must insist that legislators live under the same rules as WE do. WE must insist that OUR borders be sealed. WE must insist that Illegals be deported; they are the greatest threat America faces, at the micro and macro level.

        NO ONE should listen to those who say, “Don’t vote”; “Opt out”, “Your voice does not count, your voice is not heard”. Bullshit! These fools are either plants and agents for the NWO or they have not been watching the events in Eqypt.

        Imagine three weeks of protest all across America with the masses shouting: “Obama must go!” “Seal the Border!” “Gangster banksters belong in jail!”

        Lets do this, America: on April 1st, 2011 at exactly 12 noon in YOUR particular time zone. Honk your horn for one minute to say:

        “Obama must go!” “Seal our borders!” “Gangster Banksters must go to jail!” Pass it on! And keep passing it on until the MSM expects to hear your horn!

        Engage your government or be enslaved by it! Honk your horn!

      81. Is Alan on 2 1/2 men really a horn honker?

        Willie Wonka
        February 11th, 2011 at 12:43 pm
        We shouldn’t be so worried about those who were fooled by obama’s hubris because that is just naivety, its those who understood what he was really saying and still voted for him who should be feared……

        Food for thought, for sure.  But we all know the machines were compromised……I agree, why vote…the man is already chosen even before campaigning.

      83. @Anonymous
        No bumper sticker, was struggling with the decision up to the end.  I understand some people view acknowledging mistakes as  a sign of weakness.  I’m not one of them.  You are entitled to your opinion.  Oh, correction, you misspelled Obama’s name and he is the President. 

        I’ve been a registered Independent for over thirty years.  Thought the last presidential race was too important to throw away my vote.  Voted for several non majorities in our state and local elections.

        I’ve been to WW I and II cemeteries. There is one a few blocks from me where I find it relaxing to visit on my walks. Love the history.  In addition, my father was severely wounded in England and eventually died of his injuries.  My husband died in Viet Nam.

        I don’t need to go to a  third world country as my ancestors were slaves on the maternal side and European on the paternal side.  I was knee deep in the civil rights movement and understand the barriers that were put forth to prevent us voting.

        To the Anonymous, TnAndy and Tom’s out there, this is not me being smug, just trying to tell it like it is.

      84. Mull this.  So you have a come to Jesus attitude.  At least you acknowledged that you voted for Obmama and FU but strike out against SP that has more experience and only ran for VP.  If you didn’t vote for her and she didn’t win, what is your problem?  Cancelled out…..  You are confused.  Seek free help in CA.  I voted for RP with one arm behind my back, half of my brain, early absente overseas & feeling the trigger creep.  Who is us?  Still not free or you would be saying we.

      85. Well Barry has been great for my portfolio as I sold my business before he came in, bought a hacienda in Colombia (yes Colombia), purchased 180k of silver from the Perth Mint and had them ship it out of country, have diverted most of my wealth through foreign land holdings and end of the earth locations. 

        Yes Barry is a drone and globalist puppet, a whore of the nth degree, but Barry had what the others didn’t. He’s black, and that allows him to push the agenda further than any others ever could. You know whitey hates being called racist. 

        Only a complete and utter collapse that follows civil unrest, bonecrushing poverty, police state style, arrest of all rights will set the record straight. As Celente is fond of saying when people lose  everything, they lose it. Too much shit built up in the system for it to go down any other way. I’m tired of waiting. Let’s get this party started. Wheee!

      86. @Anonymous
        Not striking out at SP, my first post was a precautionary tale- it was that neither Obama or Sarah P had been vetted and they both should of been.  Lesson learned was not to take their PR at face value. 

        Do your own research, if having experience is your only qualification, fine, disregard the abuse of power, corruption and related issues.  I just suggested you check it out,  as in hindsight, I wish I had done on Obama.  Period.  Do we need to keep making the same mistakes???

        “…talk to the slaves that don’t even have that right…”   The ” us” was in response to yours on slaves, so for it to be “we” means you must have slave ancestors???  How refreshing, so many Anglo Americans are in denial on what their grand pappy’s, uncles,  brothers and cousins were doing with slave women. 

        I know of several ancestors who passed for white and their protégée are in denial or have no idea they are descended from black people. can be a real eye opener. 

        When I post as a citizen or American, it’s a we – my loved ones paid the ultimate price with their lives, so I could have that privilege. 

        A – don’t know why you are singling me out and my positions, but it’s time like these, I so miss my husband and wish he was here to watch my back. 

      87. Because of your struggling up to the end, suck it up for another two or six years and see if you know what freedom feels like.  At least you can say you didn’t throw your vote so just relax for two or six more years.  You brought it up.  The vote does count until few do.  Question number one.  Who has ever prevented you from voting?  This is easy & you don’t even realize it because you replied.  Say Uncle or it’s the DNA.  Words are easy.  Key words seem to light your path and way. 

      88. “The claustrophobic nurse-maid philosophies of globalism… have to be cast aside and replaced with goals of independence and self reliance. By cutting our dependency on the corrupt establishment, we sever its ability to feed off of us. By building a better system, we make the faulty one obsolete.”

        “Why in the world do people agree to be looted and otherwise oppressed by government overlords? It is not just fear, Boetie explains in “The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude,” for our consent is required. And that consent can be non-violently withdrawn…”

        “It’s true that withdrawal of consent to the State undermines it, to the extent that such consent has been granted. I wonder why human beings give this consent in the first place…”

        “All the pro-army propaganda in the US media is this plea: keep control of Egypt for the empire! But remember this for our own case too: every single army on earth exists, first and foremost, to protect the government from the people. But if the people refuse to consent, even the army is powerless.”

        “…Peaceful, Peaceful. This is how you do it folks. Without violence, withdraw your consent and the state falls.”

        “…why it is unpatriotic to vote. Being patriotic in America means being devoted to the Constitution, if not the natural rights philosophy that motivated much of it. Since neither of the major political parties has any interest whatsoever in enforcing the constitutional limitations on the state, they are all traitors to the Constitution (with one lone exception, Congressman Ron Paul).

        Anyone who supports them is also behaving in a traitorous manner. That is, anyone who votes for any of them. Voting only allows these traitors to the Constitution to proclaim that “the people have spoken” and “I am your president,” or congressman, senator, governor, or whatever. Their legitimacy rests solely on their ability to make this claim.”

        “Voting is not an act of political freedom. It is an act of political conformity. Those who refuse to vote are not expressing silence. They are screaming in the politician’s ear: “You do not represent me. This is not a process in which my voice matters. I do not believe you.””

        Meep Meep, Opt Out.

      89. Obama would be the first to tell you he saved or created 150 million jobs (in Asia.) 

        Obama will get the record one billion dollars in campaign funds, (just like he claimed in the 2008 election, all legal fifty cent or a dollar donations from dirt poor oppressed black community organizers.)

        But according to US govt data, there are more people unemployed in China than America.  And Obama deserves to be reelected for the increasing more exports than Bush (mainly sovereignty, jobs and dollars).

      90. There is nothing wrong with your internet.

        Do not attempt to adjust the picture.
        We are controlling the transmission.

        If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume.
        If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper.

        I control the horizontal. Big Sis controls the vertical.
        We control your image; can even make your identity disappear.

        We control your mind, make it a soft blur or sharpen it to insanity.

        For the next four years, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear.

        We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your internet.

        You are the Sheeple of the great culling.

        You are about to experience the shock, awe and misery which reaches from the Federal Reserve to the Obama Limits.

      91. Surprised no one here has managed to figure out that our predicament is the work of a Zionist movement dating back well over 100 years.  Now, bow and salute your masters.  Make sure to face either Tel Aviv or London.   On your knees slaves.  Pay your taxes, send your children to their meat grinder wars, and dont complain when your devalued money becomes more and more WORTHLESS.    Be a good serf.   Watch a lot of TV.   Get all your news from official propaganda sources, drink lots of flouride and artificial sweeteners, inject your babies with mercury, and for GOD’S SAKE – DON’T INVEST IN PRECIOUS METALS!    (sarcasm off…..)

      92. Lady Hawk,
        Just a short note to say that I’m sorry that you lost your husband so many years ago. I walked the same ground. Sometimes I think those who went quick and young might have been better off. As we all get older, I’m seeing friends and family going through some long, lingering deaths from various forms of cancer and other diseases.
        Anyway, I wanted to recognize your husband’s sacrifice so far away from home so many years ago. Trust me, it made a difference.

      93. @ Durango Kidd…

        WE must demand trials for Traitors and criminals in government. WE must insist that legislators live under the same rules as WE do. WE must insist that OUR borders be sealed. WE must insist that Illegals be deported; they are the greatest threat America faces, at the micro and macro level.

        America is dying as a nation and the populace is too pre-occupied to take notice.  We the people have allowed this and there’s no other excuses.  Forget the honking of the horns, we need to all take to the streets as Egypt did, prepare for some tough times and get the right people that will do the right thing in place.  Our government today has sold us out!

      94. @ LadyHawk and Fisher…

        Im sorry for you too LadyHawk. 

      95. @NWFisher and Farmers Daughter

        Thank you.

        Must have been one too many Valentine commercials or like in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes when Ninny says to Evelyn, “You git yourself some hormones!” or better yet “How many of them hormones you takin’, honey?”

        Well, it’s a new day, had my cup of coffee and hormones. New scene, the one where you do a full extension of your arm,  pause, do a reverse wave with your fingers and say – Bring It!!

        Thanks again for the kind words and remembrance.

      96. Im an independent and BushII was a disaster as well.  Global financial crash, two wars  still in progress, bankrupting the treasury.

      97. Lady Hawk,

        Sorry to hear about it. It must have been very tough years for you.
        I pray for God to keep you and your beloved ones safe.
        Be safe, be prepared.


      98. Comments…..I am old enough to remember the USSR. So I binged, some the old communist leaders speaches.  They were filled with the same grand sounding words and promises as Barry’s speaches.  All bun and hot air.  Where’s the beef Barry!
        Bush was only a bit better. 

        The rising prices on everthing forced me to sell my home and move into low income housing.  Which will not become low income until I spend all my new found wealth.  

        So I am preparing,  praying, and learning everything I can about the Washington Weasles.  Read and learn the facts. So you will know the truth from a government that thinks you are to dumb to lead youself.  I know.  “fat chance”.


      99. @ Manos

        That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Nietzche
        The saying that’s got me through the worst of times.
        Your thoughtfulness and prayers are much appreciated and I truly thank you.

        Feeling kinda foolish now and definitely asking myself, what was I thinking. I’m not the only poster prepper here that has experienced some tough times. To us all, as Manos said “…I pray for God to keep you and your beloved ones safe.
        Be safe, be prepared…”

        I’m here for information, inspiration, community, support, commentary, how to, how not, what works, what not, comradery and sometimes to just vent or rant.  Whether you agree with me or not, the discourse engages my mind, making me think, which keeps me sharp and the plus is a continued education. I love it when people agree and benefit from when challenged.

        To all,  thank you.  Let the posting begin and Anonymous – Bring It! 😀

      100. She/He is baaaack!


        “…Question number one…”

        Taking critters for shots, to be continued…..

      101. “we didn’t hear any complaints during the 2008 election campaign”.
        Are you f*cking kidding me? Where the Hell were you? I’m not defending Obama’s record, but let’s stop kidding ourselves. The economy was a mess and was getting worse when Obama took office.

      102. @ Anonymous

        “…Question number one. Who has ever prevented you from voting?…”  Hmmmm – she says. Is this one of those trick questions?  If I say no one, does that negate the experience for family having remained in the south? Or the history? Should I bring up there was a period between the end of the Civil War and five years later with the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment which granted all male citizens the right to vote; that Southern Whites feared the blacks becoming a majority and embarked on a campaign of intimidation, assassinations, lynching’s and burning of churches and property.
        The violence escalated at various times with the The Klan help. If the violence hadn’t stopped the blacks, then rule variants, poll taxes, residency and literacy requirements, registration and electoral mandates did until 1965.

        Then there was the women couldn’t vote thing. Suffrage. Race and gender – I just can’t seem to catch a break. Maybe she/he was referring to my activism in the civil rights movement that resulted in the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965?  The year I voted for the first time and in a Presidential race. So, My answer is – for me, I wasn’t prevented from voting.
        “…Say Uncle or DNA…”  To be continued….

      103. Re-elect Obama,

        let him finish the job. 

        Love, Hugo

      104. Opps!  It was the Civil Rights Act of 1964, enacted July 2, 1964, that ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and desegregated schools, private and public workplaces and facilities.  So my answer would be the same.

        The Voting Act strengthening the CRA’s powers was in the works and signed in 1965.  

      105. farmer’s daughter: Our problems do not stem from too much education; but too little. What you don’t seem to understand is that the PTB who have the education, know exactly what they are doing, and those without an education have been preoccupied with MTV, American Idol, Brittany Spears, and iPods.

        You must be a new poster or you would know that I have called for demonstrations many times, believing that Wash DC should be burning while the Congress is in session!

        The great thing about honking your horn for one minute on April 1st is that it tells the fools in government that we think they are just a bunch of clowns that should be in jail.

        No one has to assemble in DC or even go down to their town square. Americans are in love with their car. Maybe they will fall in love with the horn on April 1st for at least a minute.

        Imagine the sound of horns honking all across America  at 12 noon in every time zone ……. I think it is a great idea. Pass it on there is 6 weeks to spread the word. Lets make it happen.

        [ Honk your horn on April 1st at 12 noon if you believe that Obummer is inept, Congress belongs in jail, and the gangster banksters should be stripped of their banking franchise and incarcerated! ]

        Please copy and post everywhere. Protest In Place for one minute on April 1st by honking your horn!


        and then go back to American Idol, knowing you’ve made a difference….

      107. ANON: Its not Lexington and Concord, and the Capitol is not burning with Congress in session, but as the lowest common denominator, its a start. 🙂

      108. Lady Hawk… condolences also…several of my buddys went to “nam” and never came back…a couple left their minds and some body parts over there,I still try to be a shoulder for them to lean/cry on…. so if some sorry SOBs want to talk trash on those who serve(ed) they can kiss my rebel a$$….I loved those guys, always will.
        Lets not ever allow anyone to take away from us what they all did….what they all tried to do,that was defending freedom!
        Theres always a few small minds who feel entitled to belittle and condemn others(living and dead) who didnt do it the way they think it should have been done…we have the advantage of 20/20 hindsight…our loved ones didnt….I know this govt has done terrible things,(things that they must be called to answer for) and I know some soldiers participated,but 99%  of our fighting men and women have done the best they could and I thank God for them,we need good men and women to fight for freedom,both those who put on the uniform and those who stay at home and defend liberty…. sometimes by just being bold enough just to speak out and stand their ground in the face of insanity!
         Thank you for what you gave up for the rest of us…

      109. So far, The Big Giant Head,… is cool.

        The Farmers Daughter is half-way clueless – but not completely – there is no, “we” there is only “them”
        The greatest threat America faces is an end to liberty and freedom from an ever expanding police state grown from those who cry for a crackdown and by the non-stop taking by the state from one and giving to another.

        Yes, crazywoodchuck, fat chance, as if, better luck next time, eh?

        REB said, “by just being bold enough just to speak out and stand their ground in the face of insanity!”

        That part was alright, but a person sure is burned for doing so.

        “The problem with American conservatism is that it hates the left more than the state, loves the past more than liberty, feels a greater attachment to nationalism than to the idea of self-determination, believes brute force is the answer to all social problems, and thinks it is better to impose truth rather than risk losing one soul to heresy. It has never understood the idea of freedom as a self-ordering principle of society. It has never seen the state as the enemy of what conservatives purport to favor. It has always looked to presidential power as the saving grace of what is right and true about America.” – via LRC.

        Americans’ Understanding of World Events:

        A couple of weeks ago Fred Reed ran a spoof article about the war in Afghanistan, where he deliberately mis-identified the names of people, places, reasons, and weapons used, etc in the most egregious fashion.
        (Such as referring to Hecuba and Priam as Afghan hotspots, when they were actually the queen and king of Troy in the Iliad; and as Sulawesi bordering Iran, when it is actually an island in Indonesia.) What he got in response is that most readers who responded did not see the errors but nonetheless were resolute in their support of the war. This is his response to those responses –

        “…Human beings are intensely local animals. Afghanistan is not very local, being intensely Somewhere Else. It has little to do with getting the kids through school, planting the flower garden, shoving the software project out the door on time, or getting drunk at Bobby-Lou’s Rib Pit.

        And of course we are herd animals with a formidable tendency to attach ourselves to groups—it doesn’t much matter what groups—and fight other groups. Thus football teams, bowling clubs, political parties, and wars. Patriotism is exactly the instinct that makes people cheer frantically for the Steelers against the Packers, and armies are just Crips and Bloods with more elaborate switch-blades.

        All of this I suppose explains why so many are either flatly uninterested in the war or, a la Fox, very interested but without knowing anything about it—where it is, who is fighting whom and why, how the place got that way. Emotionally it is the Bulls vs. the Lakers. Intellectually it is an empty jar.

        And yet it remains, or seems to remain, that the public, almost all of it, has not the slightest grasp of the war—and, by easy extension, of anything else outside the borders. When I listen to Bill O’Reilly, I want to hold up a placard behind him, asking his audience: Where is Yemen? What is the capital? Have you read a single book on Afghanistan? Read any book on anything? Heard of Eric Margolis? Can you distinguish Sunnis from Albigensians?

        This of course is why the US is not a democracy: a country whose population consists chiefly of baffled gerbils cannot be a democracy in more than form. Instead we have the televangelists of ersatz patriotism shilling for policies of benefit to remote lobbies, while a catastrophically ignorant public shrieks approval. Gorgeous babes on Fox counsel war. The audience roars. Ricky, Ricky, he’s out man, if he can’t do it nobody can. Show your support for Central High. God almighty.” –

        In conclusion, for what it’s worth, I would like to add, Opt Out of the baffled gerbils dance, tooting your horn means nothing, withdrawing your consent means everything. Support freedom, and liberty, Opt Out, it’s meaningful.

      110. A song by the  rock band  the WHO :

        We’ll be fighting in the streets
        With our children at our feet
        And the morals that they worship will be gone
        And the men who spurred us on
        Sit in judgment of all wrong
        They decide and the shotgun sings the song

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        And I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again

        Change it had to come
        We knew it all along
        We were liberated from the fall that’s all
        But the world looks just the same
        And history ain’t changed
        ‘Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        And I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again
        No, no!

        I’ll move myself and my family aside
        If we happen to be left half alive
        I’ll get all my papers and smile at the sky
        For I know that the hypnotized never lie

        Do ya?

        There’s nothing in the street
        Looks any different to me
        And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye
        And the parting on the left
        Is now the parting on the right
        And the beards have all grown longer overnight

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again
        No, no!


        Meet the new boss
        Same as the old boss

      111. @REB

        “…Lets not ever allow anyone to take away from us what they all did…”  Thank you for your remembrance.  To all who have served, past and present – Thank You and God Bless. The country is indebted to our military for their sacrifice. There are those of us who believe death in service to one’s country is the greatest valor and know they are not forgotten.


        It seems you are one of those intellectual heavy weights and I’m the first to say, I’m not. It’s the ole cliché engaging in postings with you.  Seems, I’m the one with the knife when it’s a gun fight.  Read several of your posted links and it reminds me, I had a Rhodes Scholar interning on my staff and my board of directors let it known he was vying for my position. I retorted, he can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. He was great on theories, but clueless on implementing.

        From one of your links:  “…The claustrophobic nurse-maid philosophies of globalism would have to be cast aside and replaced with goals of independence and self reliance. By cutting our dependency on the corrupt establishment, we sever its ability to feed off of us. By building a better system, we make the faulty one obsolete. Whether or not we throw off the trappings of the debt machine is entirely up to us…”  Giordano Bruno

        The uprising in Egypt is used, but I see no predictable outcome. In fact, just the opposite with chaos reigning with the different factions in a power grab. It would be the same in our situation. You have a two headed snake and it will not slither off on it’s own. 

        I’m in agreement with the theory, but given reality of where we are, not what we would like it to be, just how do theorists propose we get there?  Not another theory or pie in the sky, what specific, realistic, doable steps need to be taken as a populous nation to cut our dependency on the establishment, be independent and self reliant. Without a RESET button, I’m just not getting it.

        I think I’ve OPT Out -as I’ve no debt, own my assets outright, off grid, grow majority of my food for daily consumption (still purchasing fresh meat and stocking canned – as I really don’t want to shoot Bambi till I absolutely have to and continued prep purchasing) alternative heat, refrigeration, cooking and lighting sources – just added goats for dairy purposes and have supplies to make laundry soap. All labor intensive activities – but it’s being self reliant.  Is this what the populous needs to look forward to?

      112. If you were told that you couldn’t vote today, what would you be say?  But you did vote but say “I was knee deep in the civil rights movement and understand the barriers that were put forth to prevent us voting”.  Were you born in the U.S. or just use your culture when it’s convenient?  You bring up your heritage, culture, sex, family events, and deaths in your family like a race card when you want to seek sympathy “but on not voting is thought provoking and am mulling it over”.  You have seemed to take over the posts but don’t act objective.  Don’t hit me with the Kenny G. record.

      113. @Anonymous

        YOU AGAIN!!! Just kidding.

        We must have ESP cause was thinking I needed to respond to your previous, previous post.

        Done the DNA thing last year – on the male side, it came out White-European – the maternal side Native American. The females were Indian slaves and domestics in the households of European slave owners and the genealogy paperwork supports the findings. What’s sad is the story it does tell. Mother, daughter, sister having children by the owners who were father’s, uncle’s and brother’s. The European males changed when a child domestic was gifted to the bride to take to her husbands plantation. Where the raping and child bearing began anew. The Indian domestics were private stock of the plantation owners and off limits to the field hands. Guess I shouldn’t of been surprised there was no African or tribe to celebrate.

        So my answer is documents go back to 17th century Georgia Cherokees and English aristocracy.  So, there is your answer.  Breed, born and raised in the good ole USA.  Unknowingly, I did use the race card. All those years of checking the box, Negro, Black, African American and all those doors opening for me.  Not!  But heh, do you think I can get the posters here to feel sorry enough for me they will take up a collection – I could really, really use some PM’s.  What ya think??? Maybe you??? Please!

        “…You have seemed to take over the posts…”  On this article, true. But, you are right along there beside me. What does that say about you?  If you check, I use my moniker, and don’t comment on all articles.  Those I’m interested in, maybe will post more then once.  There always seems to be Anonymous posts on every article, are those, perchance – you??? 😮

        Well, adieu -Oh – how did you know about Kenny G and I. We grew up in the same neighborhood and he was always around the Pike Place Market drinking coffee, playing a corner or in one of the off beat clubs. Small world.

      114. DNA thing??? what are you guys talkign about?

      115. I dont understand his moniker thing or how to use it??

      116. Wake up…

        You guys are blaming Obama for problems that he really has no control over. 
        For 30 years, (not just the last 2 years) we have lived WAY beyond our means and allowed our nation to slowly decline and deteriorate into the shell that it is now.

        My point…get off the whole “obama bashing” shit….it aint just him.  It is you….it is the entire nation and our way of life that has gotten us here.  The ENTIRE system is broken and has been for quite some time.  Capitalism itself is the cause of this crisis….the prepetual boom and bust cycle.

        You got to enjoy all of the cheap, easy credit….you got to leverage yourself out when you bought your home with 5% or so down…bought your car on credit…bought all your toys on credit…put your kids college on credit….so don’t give me that shit that Obama is to blame…YOU AND I ARE TO BLAME!!!

        Now…unless you want to live in a place where the only things you can have or buy are things that you can buy outright (without credit)…then I don’t want to hear any bitching about how the government spends too much…YOU SPEND TOO MUCH!   

        I for one hope the whole shithouse comes buring down…and that when we decide we have had enough and go to rebuild it, we decide to do away with easy / cheap credit…do away with the federal reserve…and go back to a society that ONLY gives value to goods ans ervices that are worth something…

        I am sick of seeing middle class Americns trying to act like they are rich…thinking that they can have the latest toys, a big McMansion, 10 credit cards, two new cars…a kid at Harvard…alll on a $70, 000 salary  – just because they can finance it all  -they think they have something!

        So…to anyone out here that blames our “government” for spending too much….and has a mortage…or is more in debt than they make in a year…S.T.F.U!  You are just as much of the problem as OBUNGO is…you are just to jaded by the greedy, wasteful American lifestyle to see it!


      117. You amaze me.  You seem to carry on a conservation with just yourself by speaking in 2nd and 3rd person!  And you paid the family tree service to spread your limbs? 
        I voted for RP.  Seems he’s #1 with CPAC.  There is many intelligent people on this site but anybody that does more than just consideration not to vote has checked their wisdom at the door.

      118. Jg,  some thoughts…….From where I stand thats sort of like blaming the victim for the beating they got,sure some of them knew better than to walk along that dark alley at night  ( some didnt) that still doesnt justify the beating they got .
        Yes people have behaved foolishly and have lived way beyond their means and now the note is due and the pain is justified to the extent that the person was foolish in his dealings,alot of this though goes way beyond peoples foolishness and greed,the chips are rigged…the debt belongs to the aggressor,not his victim …they want us as a people to take the blame for their crimes,they can pay it all,its not our bill!
        Blaming the American way of life or capitalism in general for this mess is really setting your plow too shallow,the trouble is much deeper than that,much deeper than I can articulate.
        All economic systems are capitalistic in some manner because it takes capital to live,it matters not whether they are communist, socialist or “free market”(that last one is a very rare bird not seen in many moons and is not to be confused with so-called “free trade” that has helped kill free markets),all require some capital,hence all are subject to some degree of boom/bust.
        Id suggest the biggest blame lies with the crooks(bankers and govicorp) who stole our money,not so much our FRN fluffy money but real honest money,the gold and the silver that our govt was required by law to make legal tender,yes they broke the law and allowed this fed thing to control our money(they also disallowed the free market and the people didnt stop them,still that doesnt make the original law (or concept)evil or wrong,it just means there are some lawless people out there who are guilty of very serious crimes against the people and the republic!
        In other word just because the crooks abused/misused the original system the founders set up does not mean that it is defective,it can be fixed but thats not going to be easy,lets not blame the wrong people as you say but  lets not blame the wrong institutions either,men have failed us…they will again,lets be carefull not to allow them to blame the victim for the beating they alone are guilty of committing…and yes, obama can/should be blamed for the kicks and punches he threw in his short time in office,he hasnt tried to help the victim… hes only added to the misery.Thanks!

      119. REB: You are right about Obummer. He has done everything wrong financially since he entered office. Now he is cutting pell grants etc, while supprting $53 billion for “high speed rail”.

        LMAO! Instead of investing in education he is investing in Big Business.

        It will be a complete boondoogle! That’s another gift for Big Business and GE in particular. The saddest part about it is that he knows exactly what he is doing. Now he is the “boy” for Big Business, trying to get re-elected.

        I haven’t seen a politician this pathetic since Bob Dole.

      120. Well I don’t agree with spending money for big business.  If it wasn’t for the Government backing all of GE’s debt, based on their quarterly reports, they’d be defunct.  They owe billions a quarter in interest on their debt but only make 1/2 of that.  So they borrow more to pay the debt.  GE is broke and dead, it just doesn’t realize it yet (or the market cannot read).

        But paying for higher education is retarded too.  We need more blue collar jobs.  We need to start making things again.  We need fewer engineers (having worked on dozens of job sites where the biggest idiots are the engineers I do despise them, so I am jaded).  I’ve seen the horrific way people are trained when it comes to building houses/buildings and I think training these people to take pride in their work and doing it right the first time would be a good start.  Encouraging more people into the trades wouldn’t hurt.  Yes, we need higher education too, but not everyone needs it.  Since 61% of those that get a 4 year degree will make no more then people that only graduate high school, its a pretty big waste of time in, 61% of the cases ;-). 

        How about making the Federal Government do what it was meant to do.  That is defend the country (no starting wars) regulate trade and commerce between the states… and that is about it.  No help paying for loans, mortgages, schooling, or anything else.  I know, amazing concept.  No Social Security.  No food stamps.  No unemployment.  If a state wishes to do that, it can.

      121. Mike L; You have my vote Mike. Run for Congress if you can stomach living and working with those a$$holes!

      122. Millions said “NO!” to the bailouts and it did no good and did not effect change.
        State legislatures vote against the wishes of the People – who enacted laws through state petitions – as if the actions of the People were meaningless.

        “Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.”— Etienne de la Boetie

        Now, People like Lady Hawk for example, they got the beginnings of the right idea about Opting Out, her lifestyle and impressive skills seem to be of independence as much as she can make it, all the while denying increasing revenue to fund big goberment, and that counts for a lot.

        There are many ways to not assist and to non-violently withdraw support, it’s up to individuals to decide what those things are.

        Some People are refusing to get drivers licenses therefore depriving the state of revenue and obediance. Some People go a step further and ride a bike, depriving the state revenue from gasoline taxes, and from fees.

        Some People are refusing to enlist or re-enlist in the military.

        It adds up to something that makes a difference.

        It is said that a slave is someone who waits to be freed.

        Is the Income Tax a Form of Slavery?:

        “The answer is to decline to be an ’employee’ of an official IRS registered corporation.

        How is that possible?

        The answer is simple. You become an independent contractor. The Supreme Court upholds the sovereignty of the individual and has declared that your “…power to contract is unlimited.” Corporations hire the labors of non-employees each and every day…

        Moreover, some who have opted out have moved all their physical assets into a trust. This measure makes it almost impossible for the IRS to touch the assets. The IRS, after all, cannot simply decide to go after a person’s wealth. They have to obey IRC rules as well. If there is no income over which they have jurisdiction then they can legally do nothing…”

        Those who Opt Out are refusing to comply. That is all anyone can do against The Masters of the Universe, it takes courage and it works.

        Opt Out of the State:

        “Opt Out should be our new motto, not only from… orc-machines… or from flying itself… but from every State imposition and trick, from the public schools to voting, from the Army to the Fed, from the TSA to swine-flu vaccines. Civil disobedience is heroic and effective, but all governments depend on the consent of the governed. We can withdraw our consent. We can Opt Out of the State… We don’t need violence. It’s wrong, and counterproductive too. It’s the essence of the State, and private criminality too. We only need to Opt Out.”

        On the link above there are links to books you can read which seem to have further ideas about how to practically Opt Out.

        This is a worthwhile starting point to expand on the general idea, Discourse on Voluntary Servitude:

        “It is truly the nature of man to be free and to wish to be so, yet his character is such that he instinctively follows the tendencies that his training gives him.”

      123. Some aspects of Opting Out are easy, such as using silver or gold coins as money, or salt – or whatever else you prefer over Fiat Dollars – even bartering, however; it can appear a bit complicated on a larger scale.

        Changing to a Silver Economy:
        Americans can do it, says Mike Rozeff. Here’s how.

        Another area that can be difficult to navigate is Social Security.

        Opting-Out of the Tilted Game:

        “…As long as the money is there for the taking and there is not any promise of getting rid of this vote-buying system, we will take our checks like everyone else. But, old and young libertarians alike long for a day when they can refuse that check in the name of freedom for themselves, their families, or strangers that they will never meet.”

        Good and Bad Government:

        “…If each man chooses his own government and allows the other man the equal freedom to choose his own government, then each can live in peace with the government of his choice. As there is freedom of worship, which is non-compulsion in the choice of religion, there can be freedom of government, which is non-compulsion in the choice of government. Each may think that the government of the other is bad, but each also thinks that his own government is good. What is required for a solution between them is abiding the other man’s government…

        The perfect should not, however, be the enemy of the good. It is the idea of a variety of consensual governments operating on what is now the territory of a single government that matters here. It is the concept that government, which is the coordination of interpersonal human action, need not necessarily be a single government over all persons in a given region. A very great amount of interpersonal action can be coordinated in different ways for different people who are living near one another. For example, a good many people wish to sleep when it is dark, and they do not want to be disturbed by loud music and other people mowing their lawns at 3 a.m. Government coordinates this by various laws, but people also do this themselves by choices of location; and property developers who owned and leased property could do this by creating rules that satisfied lessors.

        The U.S. government says that every citizen must participate in a variety of social programs. These are a major part of government today. This is like saying that there is one church in America and everybody is a member, whether they like it or not, and every person must contribute a certain amount of their income which will then be distributed according to certain rules decided by an official church body. Let those who want such rules and programs have them, and those who do not want them not have them. Open these programs to membership only upon subscription and not by compulsion. Let neither side force its views on the other. Let each side mind its own business and keep its hands off the business of others.

        Some people want lots of government, others want little or none. Both cannot have their way if there is a single government. Both can have their way by choice of government. To get this, both have to give up the goal of making others conform to their own choice…”

      124. I like the charts, they clearly supports your article.
        Too many people make statements, and don’t know what they’re talking about and without any logic.

        They’ve misled you into believing that SS will be there for your retirement.  They continue to force you to pay into the system and use your money to pay for all the social or unjustified programs that you refuse to pay for.  The baby boomers are the ones who are more difficult and very hard to control.
        So figure it out for yourself, it looks like they’ve planned all along that there will be no Social Security for you.  And you will be working in a factory like people in a third world nation.  

      126. Another aspect of Opting Out, for those who insist on engaging their goberment, is the option called Nullification, “the assertion that States can and should refuse to enforce unconstitutional federal laws… There are many issues worthy of nullification these days…

        To learn more about this topic, Tom Woods has written Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.” – Nullification in 2011!

        Nullification: Answering the Objections:

        [The] “…book Nullification became notorious when it was linked to a bill that declared Barack Obama’s health care law unconstitutional and therefore void and of no effect in the state of Idaho. (Other states have been introducing similar bills, but Idaho grabbed the media’s attention.) Legislators had read it, the news media reported, and while Governor Butch Otter turned down a state senator’s offer of a copy, that was only because he already had one. He had read it, too.”

        Nullification: Firearms Freedom Act Introduced in Ohio:

        “While many advocates concede that a federal court battle has a slim chance of success, they point to the successful nullification of the Real ID Act as a blueprint to resist various federal laws that they see as outside the scope of the Constitution.

        Some say that each successful state-level resistance to federal programs will only embolden others to try the same – resulting in an eventual shift of power from the federal government to the States and the People themselves.”

        Rollback ~ A “must read” regardless of Political Affiliation:

        “Thought the last financial crisis was scary? Just wait…it’s going to get worse…

        …Thanks to decades of politicians playing kick the can down the road, we and our children are facing economic Armageddon. But this crisis could help us see government for what it really is—an institution that has seized our wealth and taught our children to honor it as the source of all progress. The good news is it’s not too late to roll back government—and the opportunity to do so is now.”

      127. Has he once said, he was not born in the 25th of December, he is just one, and he’s just human. are you all crazy ?

      128. MAC: Is this SHTFPlan, or is this lew rockwall dot com? I for one am sick and tired or being sick and tired of seeing links to lew rockell FILL these pages. It is terribly annoying and does not serve lew rockwell as it is just way tooooo much.

        This is worse than a Bristol Palin overload. Enough is enough!

      129. DK, who is Lew Rockwall & what is his story without going to a bunch of sites that I don’t trust?  Thanks.  I trust your judgement.

      130. Tom: Lew Rockwell is a safe site and listed here in the links with other like minded sites for our viewing pleasure by Mac.

        Clarks posts links to LR incessantly! It is not the content that I object to so much as  it is the constant barage that Clark hammers at all of US with multiple links to LR in every post he makes.  If I wanted to read LEW I would go to his site.

        Its nothing less than advertising to boost the LR site and I am SICK of it!

        A courtesy link to a site listed here, or to point someone  in the direction they seek and reference it is one thing; but to be baraged by LR every day in the comments for every article is unacceptable to me!

        I am sure others are sick of it too!

      131. Can someone please tell me how I can print that chart off above? There is a bulletin board outside the political science office at my university that is full of charts and articles about how great Obama is doing and how great overall, everything is going. And then a whole other side that is basically a bash Bush and Palin article collage. I usually just right click on an image and click “save image as” but this one won’t let me.
        And a side note, just in case anyone had any glee of hope left for our future and our economy…I am a 27 year old Marine veteran with 3 tours and I’m now attending school in Ohio.  And in my opinion, judging by the capacity of my fellow students to be able to critically think for themselves, their overall understanding of the world and the state of our economy, and the outlook they have on their lives (they don’t have outlooks). We’re not looking good. Where Ohio goes, so goes the country. Is that the saying?
        Someone help me out with the quote about your upcoming generation defines your future?

      132. Ohio Joe – this is a printer friendly version of the page:

        It’s not an image, unfortunately, and is designed with HTML tables, so it can’t really be resized effectively…. you could print pages 1 and 2, and cut out the commentary, and I guess tape them together…. I suspect it won’t stay up on the bulletin board for very long :)  (so make extra copies!)

        Here’s another image about how “well things are going” that you might want to put on the board:



      133. Too funny, one Person’s “little bit” is another Person’s “too much” basically, most of the links were for addressing a question posed by Lady Hawk, “…I’m in agreement with the theory, but given reality of where we are, not what we would like it to be, just how do theorists propose we get there?  Not another theory or pie in the sky, what specific, realistic, doable steps need to be taken as a populous nation to cut our dependency on the establishment, be independent and self reliant. Without a RESET button…” hopefully, others would benefit from answers as well?

        It is the content – not the websites – that are the focus.

        The content supports the discussion for those who wish to discuss things instead of stooping to ad hominem and such.

        In this instance the content is about freedom and liberty, things that are necessary for a person to be more in control of their survival, something a slave in chains understands – without liberty and freedom – a Person lives, eats and drinks at the mercy of their masters, and That is something survivalist seek to avoid, in fact, I think obtaining or maintaining freedom and liberty are The Main Objectives of Survivalist.
        If so, in order for an individual to decide what to do, it is far better to have “too much” information than it is to have “not enough” information.

      134. @clark

        I’m still reading, digesting, making notes and will have some comments and points.  It is a lot of information, but as you said, I asked for it.

      135. I saw this quote and thought it was a pretty good motto, from the article, Gandhi, Mubarak, and Tough Talkers Who Eventually Slither Away:

        “…if you find something evil that wobbles, push it.”

        The article was about communications, non-violent revolution and the fall of empires, I thought the satellite photo of North and South Korea was interesting too.

      136. The is the answer to our money problems

      137. stupid xxxxing nnnnnn

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