STUDY: Long COVID Is A Consequence Of The Vaccines

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    “Long COVID” has been an interesting phenomenon and the term was coined for those who test positive for COVID-19 and never fully recover. A new study is now showing that long COVID is a direct consequence of getting the COVID-19 “vaccine.”

    New research published in PLoS One found that people who develop long COVID are more likely than not to have been previously injected with at least two doses of a COVID jab, presumably of the mRNA (modRNA) variety since those come in pairs. So long COVID could just be yet another injury from the mRNA injections.

    Published Data Proves “Long COVID” Does NOT Exist

    Scientists looked at data on 487 and 371 individuals at four weeks and six months, respectively, after said individuals became infected with SARS-CoV-2. The team was looking specifically for data to help them estimate the incidence, characteristics, and predictors of long COVID since the nature of the condition and what causes it is still considered to be something of a mystery.

    One thing that became readily apparent right off the bat is the fact that the more severe a person’s prior COVID infection, the greater the likelihood that long COVID will form. At the four-week follow-up, this manifested as a 23.4 percent incidence rate of long COVID rate in people who previously suffered a mild or moderate COVID infection. Comparatively, they identified a 62.5 percent long COVID rate in people who had previously suffered a severe COVID infection. -Natural News

    Those who happen to test positive for COVID and have more severe symptoms or have pre-existing conditions are more likely to get long COVID.

    Government Reports Reveal Depopulation Agenda Through COVID Vaccination

    Those who take mRNA shots in the double-dose series were also specifically found to be more likely to develop long COVID compared to people who took one the single-dose COVID shots from either Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) or AstraZeneca.

    At the conclusion of the study, the researchers declared that they were unable to find “any interaction effect of COVID-19 vaccination and acute COVID-19 severity on long COVID.” According to cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, this declaration implies that prior vaccination “was independently associated with the occurrence of long COVID.”

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