Published Data Proves “Long COVID” Does NOT Exist

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Headline News

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    A large Lancet study has shown that “long COVID” does not exist. According to the study, young subjects, not initially subject to “long Covid”, that have new symptoms appear after 6 or 12 months are actually not related to a Covid infection at all, but have multiple other causes.

    A prospective controlled study published by The Lancet of 7,000 children and young persons (5,000 Covid-positive and 2,000 Covid-free) over the course of a year post-infection during 2020 up to March 2021 is titled: Natural course of health and well-being in non-hospitalized children and young people after testing for SARS-CoV-2: A prospective follow-up study over 12 months. The results are very surprising and entirely up-end our understanding of long Covid.

    Some symptoms being ascribed to long Covid have other causes unrelated to Covid infection. Thus, young persons are likely to be affected by the stressful social effects of pandemic policies which could include lockdowns, loss of school time, peer interactions, inadequate medical care, masking, etc. In other words, pandemic policies could be making things far worse for young persons, not better. For a good video summary by Dr. Vinay Prasad see HERE.

    New adverse symptoms were reported six- and 12-months post-test by both test-positives and test-negatives, particularly tiredness, shortness of breath, poor quality of life, poor well-being and fatigue. –The Lancet Europe

    Even though the ruling classes’ response to this scamdemic is most likely what’s causing “long COVID” in the form of extra stress, the mainstream media want everyone to continue to do the things that result in health degradation. The NZ Herald eve published an article a few days ago titled: Covid 19 Omicron: Explained – the two big variables that could slow or grow this wave. What is interesting, is that the article didn’t mention mRNA vaccination and it didn’t tell us why it got left off the page. According to a report by the Daily Exposé, mRNA vaccination doesn’t work (at least not in the way we were told) and more to the point it leaves recipients more vulnerable to Covid and other illnesses including cardiac conditions.

    As more data comes out, and big pharma along with the ruling class begin to admit that they lied and these shots were never about transmission, we need to start asking the big questions. What are they about?



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