Study: Global Warming Skeptics MORE LIKELY To Be Eco-Friendly Than Climate Change Alarmists

by | May 9, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 32 comments

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    Skeptics of the junk science that has become climate change are more likely than their global warming alarmist counterparts to be “eco-friendly.” Those who are skeptical of the often manipulated data are more likely to recycle and conserve fossil fuels than those who buy into the climate change religion.

    Al Gore has been accused of hypocrisy for talking the talk on climate change despite burning through fossil fuels at a rapid clip, but it turns out he’s not alone.  His lemmings don’t exactly “walk the walk” either.

    Published in the April edition of the Journal of Environmental Psychology, the one-year study broke 600 participants into three groups based on their level of concern about climate change: “highly concerned,” “cautiously worried,” and “skeptical.” The study by Cornell and the University of Michigan researchers found that those “highly concerned” about climate change were less likely to engage in recycling and other eco-friendly behaviors than global-warming skeptics, according to The Washington Times.

    Those “highly concerned” about climate change were the most supportive of government climate policies (meaning they want others stolen from and forced at gunpoint to pay for their beliefs) but were the least likely to report their own individual-level actions.  Whereas those who were “skeptical” of the manipulated data surrounding the climate change “science” opposed government policy solutions but were most likely to report engaging in individual-level pro-environmental behaviors, such as recycling and saving fossil fuels.

    It’s highly possible that skeptics may place more emphasis on personal responsibility than government action.  As Pacific Standard’s Tom Jacobs put it, “remember that conservatism prizes individual action over collective efforts. So while they may assert disbelief in order to stave off coercive actions by the government, many could take pride in doing what they can do on a personal basis,” he said in a Friday post.


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      1. I enjoy celebrating Earth Day by burning a pile of tires in my backyard.

      2. This is very true; I’ve always been a minimum impact hiker/camper from my days as a real Boy Scout (back in the days when planned parenthood was just beginning to destroy the Girl Scouts and radical homosexuals were attacking Boy Scouts). We also recycle all plastics, aluminum, steel, glass and paper/cardboard generating only one large trash bag of garbage per month for a family of three.
        “Liberals” are shocked at how us simple-minded libertarian/conservatives actually do the work necessary to respect our environment while they just talk about it.. In fact, we often clean up after lazy people like that have strewn trash all over a campsite!

        TL;RD global warming is a scam that lets useless people claim to be “environmentally concerned” by-proxy because their government overlords can fix it.

        • Mr. Dixie, agreed. That whole agenda is supported by “environmental whackos” as Rush Limbaugh calls them.

          • Rush Limbaugh– the oxycotin moron? Yep, you would listen to him, wouldn’t you? Rather than taking the time to read BOOKS on the subject and find the TRUTH for yourself, you just listen to some old drug addict on the radio- it doesn’t take brain power for that, does it?

            Yep, what does it matter that 97% or more of the world’s TOP, MOST HIGHTLY RESPECTED SCIENTISTS IN THE WORLD– all say its happening? Why believe them when the drug addict, oxycotin moron, Rush Limpballs says its not happening.. right?

            The reason you jackasses say its not happening (and don’t bother to RESEARCH the topic which requires brain power!) is you believe that if its happening it won’t affect your generation… WRONG!

            Its going to take away the grass foods (wheat, rice, maize and barley). It will take away the food… for you… in the NEAR future.

        • Yeah, mr. Dixie, “the government overlords” can fix it. But they won’t. Not the republicans or the democrats… no one will fix it. They all want the money in their purses that the fossil fuel industry puts there. They’re all extremely corrupt. NOTHING WILL BE DONE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE.

          And when the arctic sea ice is gone–even for a short while in the summer, the methane WILL come out and there WILL BE abrupt climate change and it WILL cause many plants and animals to become extinct because they WILL NOT be able to adapt in time and humans WILL starve– all because you morons didn’t have the intelligence or will power to research the topic on behalf of your little ones…and there WILL be a mass die off of most humans on the earth.

      3. Does it really matter that you drive a car that has low emissions if you put on 400 miles a day?
        Does it matter if you are environmentally conscious if you fly all over the world 3 months out of the year?

        • Nailbanger, I’m still gonna drive my big-ass F-150 regardless of emissions. I don’t fly so I don’t care about that one.

          • Yup, ya wont catch me in anything but my 1 ton diesel pickup

            • Nail, to each his own as I always say, but 1500 series with gas V8 suits me just fine. The fumes and exhaust from diesel fuel make me sick.

              • DB,
                Newer Diesels don’t smell bad. I bought my wife a TDI VW.
                50 MPG vs. 35MPG for gas.
                For me I would have bought a Diesel truck, like Nail,
                but in Hawaii they are pricey, I just have a
                older B4000 Mazda that can pull most loads
                I need to pull. I don’t have to pull a 5th wheel with
                twenty head of cattle very often. I only have two cattle
                and one mule.
                Hard part is finding a manual transmission in a truck.
                Everyone I know that have Diesel trucks have Manual
                transmissions and they won’t part with their trucks,
                for anything less than an obscene amount of money.
                All my vehicles are manual transmission, makes them harder to
                steal as most kids can’t drive a stick.

                • Rellik, most people have gotten away from manuals. The only manuals produced in any numbers now are the diesel trucks, Mustangs, and Camaros. Any other model with a manual you’ll have to search the used car market for. I used to drive a manual until about 2003 when my left knee started hurting a lot. You can’t even get people to learn how to drive a stick anymore for the most part.

                  • I don’t buy 4 wheel drive for driving in the woods, but I did pick up a Suberu Outback. I think they make the best symmetrical all wheel drive system made. Again it’s not for driving in the woods, it’s for driving in ice and snow and established dirt and gravel roads. It’s a car that can get you there in a pinch, but in comfort.

                    Subaru recently upgraded to a continuously variable transmission and the gas mileage jumped like 6 MPG on just this one improvement. It’s almost as good as my hybrid without the extra cost or complexity, and I get continuous all wheel drive. With an 18.5 gallon tank it can go 500+ miles on one tank and has cargo space for supplies or room to lay down and sleep in the back.

                    My 12 yr old 180.000 mile hybrid finally needed a hybrid battery, Toyota will sell you a new one for $5,000 plus labor and disposal fees, or you can go to a battery rebuilder and get a refurbished battery for $1,200. It takes a hour to change out and the rebuilder gets the old one to rebuild for the next guy. No so tough. This car has been a near zero maintenance car for 180k miles. One rear wheel break job at 85,000 and all four at 170,000 miles. A water pump at 120,000. The 12 volt battery at 160,000. Aside from that, just tires and oil changes.

                    I figure this car saved $7,000 on gas, plus thousands more in repairs and break jobs that never happened. I should also add for my time since I do my own repairs. With the new hybrid battery my mileage is back to 36-37 MPG, it had dropped to 33-34 as the battery approached failure.

          • I drive a humble 6 cylinder Chevy pickup. I work my vehicles til they die around 400000 miles or so. The climate will do what it is going to do. I don’t want a trashed up country; so, I’ll support any prison program that picks up the garbage and makes things nice. Short of that or some other similar earth-friendly effort….. let’s just work on this one particular problem called the US okay? We ain’t going to tell Momma Nature what to do. She’s a habit of not listening to squat.

      4. Heck, I live a block away from a high school in my town. Students park by my house. I have to pick up quite a bit of their trash. I am sure a vast majority of tgem are globally “aware”.

      5. Kfilly, someone needs to make those kids “aware” that trash belongs in proper containers, not on the ground. Their parents damn sure didn’t teach them anything useful.

      6. There is no such thing as a fossil fuel.

        The idea that oil comes from dinosaurs is nonsense.

        Oil is constantly being formed within the earth.

        Rockefeller, an agent of the Satanist Rothschilds and Company, knew that scarcity raises the value of an item. So, he convinced the masses that oil is scarce. That idea of scarcity is constantly used to make profits and gouge the public.

        Agenda 21 and Agenda30 of the NWO United Nations Satanists is to substitute the controlling effects of being at war with a false but equally effective enemy, climate change, pollution, global warming. They deliberately pollute the invironment.


        • As I’ve said in the past, crude oil doesn’t contain the same elements found in animals or plants. Russian scientists have said that oil is formed deep in the earth.

      7. Climate change is another leftist generated scam.

      8. FROM PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS WE3BSITE: (“For Economic Truth Turn To Michel Hudson)”

        “…Neoliberal economists treat external costs as a non-problem, because they theorize that the costs can be compensated, but they seldom are. Oil spills result in companies having to pay cleanup costs and compensation to those who suffered economically from the oil spill, but most external costs go unadressed. If external costs had to be compensated, in many cases the costs would exceed the value of the projects. How, for example, do you compensate for a polluted river? If you think that is hard, how would the short-sighted destroyers of the Amazon rain forest go about compensating the rest of the world for the destruction of species and for the destructive climate changes that they are setting in motion.”


      9. Paul Craig Roberts worked in the Reagan administration. He was republican but now is neither republican or democrat (like me!) He knows that what the democrats proclaim (about Putin) is a f.. lie!! Likewise, he knows what the right-wingers proclaim (about climate change) is bull.

        I truly respect the guy because he is honest, intelligent and tries to do the right thing.

      10. The Bible says, “I will destroy those who destroy the earth”.

        The fossil fuel industry constantly LIED about climate change. They knew it was real yet their agenda was “to create doubt so the public will think the debate is still on”… this secret email of theirs was discovered.

        However, now EVEN THEY predict (Shell oil company) predicts a 5 degree increase in global average temperatures by 2050. Yep! Even now the fossil fuel industry says its coming!

        Why is a 5 degree increase IN GLOBAL average temperatures significant? Because our food crops will NOT be able to adapt (evolve) in time to this sudden increase in global average temperatures. At 3 degrees increase, the grass crops (maize, wheat, rice and barley) will die out… a huge amount of our foods will be gone.

        So, basically, when you PRETEND that global warming is not happening, you are contributing to the destruction of the earth– the ability of the earth to support life.

        And what does the BIBLE say about this? ” I WILL DESTROY THOSE WHO DESTROY THE EARTH”. Think about it– its your life.

      11. If you think the arctic is not melting, then why is it that Trump is planning on allowing oil rigs up in the region in about a year, to drill? In the past, the oil rigs couldn’t get up there because of the ice.. now that the arctic is melting and ships can pass through, this F… IDIOT PLANS TO ALLOW OIL RIGS UP THERE, GET THE OIL AND HEAT UP THE PLANET EVEN MORE!!1

        One slight problem– as the ice melts, the METHANE comes out and earth’s history shows that when methane starts pouring out, it heats up the planet even more and sudden ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE occurs… and when that occurs, ECOSYSTEMS won’t be able to adapt in time– as in mass extinction events… as NO MORE FOOD FROM THE GROUND.

      12. So keep saving up all your little canned goods– see how that works out when we can’t grow any more food because the climate is gone haywire– pouring down rain in some areas, extreme drought and wildfires in other areas, hurricanes in some places and earthquakes in other areas…

        KNEEES WILL BOW… AND you people will have to answer to your MAKER.

      13. “No oil found in plants..” what a laugh!! No one said that oil was found in plants, are you just pretending to be dense?

        What is petroleum? Look up the definition.

      14. leaving behind a sludge made up mainly of carbon and hydrogen.

        Petroleum Definition– Dead Animals And Plants – Image Results
        BBC Bitesize – National 4 Chemistry – Fuels – Revision 1
        Where in the World is Oklahoma? – ppt video online download
        Fossil Fuel. – ppt video online download
        BBC – Standard Grade Bitesize Chemistry – How crude oil …

        More Petroleum Definition– Dead Animals And Plants images

      15. How do dead animals and plants turn into oil (petroleum) under hundred years of pressure and heat in the…

        Best Answer: First of all I wish to Inform you that not all types of animals and plants turn in to oil. Plants turn in to COAL and only plankton’s turn in to oil. As you are probably aware oil chemical formula is organic and mainly compose of Hydrogen Carbon Oxygen.
        It means the oil origin from organic materials.

      16. It takes individual actions to build collective efforts, the only way anything changes. All for one and one for all. Have we ever got the truth on chemtrails? How much more easy can divide and conquer get? This leads to our nation’s downfall.

        ‘for those who have ears, let him hear”… hearing, they hear not”.

        Union in Vienna, 2012.

        Natalia Shakhova | Collapse of Industrial Civilization

        Posts about Natalia Shakhova written by xraymike79. In spite of their own economic and scientific data overwhelmingly pointing towards a very bleak future, the experts in their various chosen fields appear to be happy-faced optimists about the world our descendants will inherit.

      18. HERE IS A GOOD PLACE TO START– please see “Natalia Shakhova videos”– just type in her name and the word, “methane monster”– it should come up.

        Also, “humpty dumpty tribe videos”.

        Also, type in “Peter Wadham videos”.

        Or try, “Hell and High Water” (book to read) by Joe Romm.

        Or “Storms of my Grandchildren” by James Hansen, the world’s most prominent climate scientist.

        Or “One Degree” by Ditto (forgot her first name).


      20. Climate change aside, there are some good reasons for getting off of fossil fuels in favor of alternative energy. Fossil fuels are non-renewable and the supply is declining rapidly. The struggle to get gas and oil leads to wars. It pollutes the environment. Coal is worse in that it releases heavy metals to pollute soil and water leading to heavy metals in our food. It definitely is making the wrong people wealthier than they are already are. The oil and gas companies are having to go more and more to undersea drilling and drilling in remote, inaccessible areas of the world to get the oil and gas we need. They are refining oil that is low-quality that they ignored at one time. This means higher gas prices which increases overall inflation. Even without discussing the effect of carbon levels on global climate, I am already on-board with using as much alternative energy as possible especially with residential energy needs. (Electric cars still have a way to go.)

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