Student Expelled for Having Gun In Car – Off Campus

by | Nov 28, 2009 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    In today’s police state news, we bring you 16 year Gary Tudesko, who was expelled from Willows High School for having several unloaded shotguns in his vehicle while it was parked off campus.

    Now, I am not sure of the laws in Mr. Tudesko’s state, but if he cannot be criminally charged for illegal possession of these firearms, then insofar is we’re concerned, this is a non-incident.

    How far does the school’s jurisdiction extend? To off campus parking? How about to Mr. Tudesko’s home? Why not just expel any student whose parents own firearms? As the principle of Willows High stated, the student  poses a “continuing danger to himself or others, or a threat of disrupting the instructional process.” Since Mr. Tudesko was not on school operated grounds, then the school’s Big Brother policy could essentially extend to all corners of the earth.

    The indoctrination starts in schools, as it did during the times of Lenin, Marx and Hitler. If children don’t subscribe to the rules set forth by the school system, even in cases where the rules themselves are flawed or invalid, they are considered extremists and dealt with quickly.

    Watch the Fox News Interview:

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      1. “… this was just a dumb mistake on your part Gary…”

        Really?  What was the mistake?  Exercising his 2nd Amendment rights?

        That statement might simply have rolled off the tongue, but it’s either  incredibly naive (I hope), or amazingly fascistic to imply that he did something illegal or even wrong.  He didn’t.  He is simply the victim of out of control, politically correct imbeciles, who are misinterpreting their role as protectors of the universe.

        Yeesh, this stuff is starting to make me mad!

      2. I thought the exact same thing as you when i heard that ‘mistake’ comment. I wish the kid woulda fired back with “I didn’t make a mistake, sir”. He’s 16, so he was probably quite nervous, but that woulda been great!

        Everywhere I look I am seeing more and more levels of control on multiple tiers. I just spent an hour looking up how to make a good clove cigarette since they were OUTLAWED at the end of September 2009. I roll my own smokes, but I have a friend who used to smoke cloves and I want to give him a few packs for Christmas. So, rather than importing them from Indonesia and going through customs, ILLEGALLY, I am just going to roll some up.

        The funniest thing I saw regarding cloves were some of the comments on these sites, where people were all for the ban on cloves because they are unhealthy. Yes, they are all for banning today. But tomorrow the protectors of the universe may decide to ban something they like. Perhaps soft drinks or Swiss Debbie Rolls because they are gateway obesity foods. Or, perhaps they’ll ban your favorite sport because of too many injuries. The possibilities for banning are endless.

        This comes to mind often these days:

      3. You know what really pisses me off? The people they are punishing. They are buckling under. They should not. They should find out if there is a law, if there is not sue. They try to pull that kind of shit with me and, if they don’t have a law to back it, I will sue their asses like their asses have never been sued before.

        This kind of stuff makes me wish I was a rich man. If I were I would simply call Gary and his family and tell them to stand up to the violators, sue them, oppose them openly in public and I’d pay for any expenses. Basically, I would hand them the biggest bat on the block to bludgeon them, legally, until they bled no more. …and I’d just ship them money. …or just have them send me the bills.

        Hopefully the NRA or the CCRKBA will take up this cause. There is either a law or there is not. If there is not, frankly, the school and its board members are screwed. If it were in my power, I would make sure they felt it. After I got done with the school, I would sue each board member, then the principal, all in individual civil suits for 2nd Amendment rights violations. I’m assuming this is in California.

        But, alas, even people that bird hunt can be sheeple.

        I often have a car full of guns. I park on the public street within 20ft of the building. I’ve talked to the cops. The law is clear: I’m not supposed to have them on school property. I told them where I park. They said, emphatically, “Oh, no, thats a public street. No problem there.”

      4. Yes, NetRanger, it was in Kalifornia.

        My other comment(s)…

        While I completely disagree with what the school did and hope the NRA or someone backs the kid to sue the school, I do understand their concern…HOWEVER, they SHOULD have handled it differently.  As it seems he was not breaking any laws, step one should have been to politely ask the student not to do it again – not that he necessarily SHOULD have had to comply…

        One thing I am unclear on – OK, the shotguns (right?) were unloaded…but was there any ammo in the car?  If there were some shells in the car, what kind were they (e.g., birdshot)?  Yes, bird loads can be deadly – but they are not as dangerous as buck or slugs.

        Not that I think either would make a LEGAL difference…BUT perhaps that would help pinpoint what, if any, level of concern the school should have had.

        A four-shot 12-gauge with a 28″ barrel and a traditional stock loaded with No. 6 birdshot is one thing…a seven-shot 12-gauge with a 18″ barrel, a pistol grip, and buck or slugs is another (and I THINK such a shotgun is illegal in CA…I think).

        Again, technically it may make no difference…just thinking outloud here.

      5. No offense intended Rick, but you’re falling prey to ‘their’ trap… it’s like Celente says about being “a little bit pregnant…”  it just doesn’t make sense.  Then again, it is the People’s Republik of Kalifornia… so I shouldn’t expect anything they do to make sense!

      6. Patrick – No, no, no…like I said, I disgree with what they did…and hope they get sued.

        I was just saying that I understand their concern GIVEN that the Second Amendment has been “shot” to hell in Kalifornia.

        That “GIVEN” is the real problem here.  I agree with you and Celente.

        More ramblings on Kalifornia – last month I was in the Bay Area for a bachelor party.  I wound up flying…BUT I had been thinking about driving.  If I was going to drive, I was thinking about taking one of my pistols.  In order to take one of them into the state, I would have, technically, had to either purchased a 10-round mag or permanently altered my mags so they could only hold 10 rounds…

      7. As my old Company Officer in OCS said frequently to us Officer Candidates, THIS IS BULLSH*T.

      8. I think the schools are overstepping their bounds by enforcing rules with the rule of law that run contrary to the laws of the land.  When a school expells a child for carrying a legal pocket knife it puts the school and student in a bit of a quandry since they are not allowing a child to receive his/her education, and hence adversly effecting the childs welfare.

      9. I have seen this so often, that I’ve thought about my reaction as a parent if something like this were to happen. And, to be honest, if my kid is suspended or expelled for something ridiculous, that as you say John, “runs contrary to the laws of the land,” then I say they are probably better off not getting that kind of ‘education.’

        I’d rather my kid not have a high school degree if it means they end up being indoctrinated, unquestioning followers of a socialist mentality. The paper they give high schoolers (and college students) these days is overrated anyway, in my opinion.

        Jeff Clark said it best, If you want to be successful in life, learn to grow a frickin tomato.

        As a side note — if one of my kids were to get suspended, they would immediately be drafted into the SHTF Life Preparatory School of Texas, where they would spend hours on end learning and studying things they never even knew existed.

      10. How about where Deucy asks if he had a permit for the gun ?? As the interviewer, shouldn’t he know that no permit is required in the state of California to posses a shotgun or rifle? 

        “made a big mistake” – give me a break !! No mistake was made on the kid’s part and he should have said that on air. It assumes that the school was right and that they should be allowed to control property that they do not own…total BS !!

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