Street Fight: Watch Violent ANTIFA Rioter Get Knocked Out Cold

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    Reports out of Portland this past weekend indicate that numerous clashes occurred between conservative leaning demonstrators and ANTIFA. And while some may claim that the “right” is violent, the following video shows that ANTIFA rioters were the ones initiating attacks on protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.

    When one demonstrator was pushed to the ground and subsequently attacked by multiple assailants, a masked individual who appears to be wearing body armor and protection around his arms steps in to help.

    In short: It was a smack down of epic proportions:

    Thomas Wictor provides some analysis and play-by-play:


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      1. Well done, lad. I would have knocked out the twat, also.

        • Exactly!

        • Of course that was in useless Portland Oregon. In other states people carry different forms of weapons with which to defend themselves and those loons will be wishing all we did was beat their brainless heads into the pavement.

        • At the end notice the police in the background standing there watching as Antifa attacked these people. There was plenty of reason to make arrest and obvious who the attackers were, yet they stood down deliberately under obvious orders to do so.

          Also to attack someone with a club or any weapon capable of serious bodily harm is a serious charge of assault that would be a felony. So the guy had every right to drop this fool. But in Portland had he pulled out his concealed, he would definitely be the bad guy and go directly to jail, Wrongly. We still have the legal right to self defense especially when attacked like this guy was.

          Last spring in Portland, the feds showed up and made sure the police did their job and this kind of crap did not happen and Antifa still got some serious ass whoopins and many arrested. Portland is a whores nest of bad actor politicos and extremist that should all be fired ASAP and some of them jailed for their crimes !

          I have said clearly many times to know the municipality you are in when and if you attend any of these rallies. Also be completely aware video is your friend in such a scenario. I have been to several and these fools are not even close to capable of a real fight. They always attack 3 or 4 or more to one and as soon as others step in and start throwing punches they run like little girls ! The left is deliberately trying to get somebody to shoot one of these fools. The truth is there is in fact more than enough valid basis to do so. But in a municipality like Portland that would not even matter. They use the supposed law as they see fit and it is clear the cops are dog shit stooges ! So use caution and dish out some ass whoopins, just cover your own ass as well ! All the more reason to stay fit, healthy and well past trained out for anything.

          • DowntoEarthThinking, you hit that one right out of the park, especially about the right to self-defense. BTW, self-defense is a NATURAL right which no government has any business interfering with. I don’t follow any laws that can interfere with self-defense and I carry certain items in my truck at all times for self-defense that are probably illegal but once again I don’t care. I don’t let anyone with bad intentions toward me have their own way with me. call my ay of thinking whatever you will but it’s kept me alive so far.

            • The Deplorable Braveheart, No person on this earth can ever take away your right to self defense ! The only way that can happen is if you give it away ! And many here in USA have already done that. Once you have your own powers completely intact you are more or less invincible to these maniacs. Between your knowledge and training, that confidence and mindset is as good as it gets on this planet ! Always take the defensive posture and mindset but be fully prepared to be offensive in a very aggressive manner when necessary. There is no point to fight anybody for any reason unless you fully intend to win and control the situation completely. As I say at the site there is also a time to retreat. So every situation requires good judgment and clarity. Being fully prepared is far more than beans and bullets. The confidence we gain from our training and our physical capabilities is priceless and irreplaceable !


          • I am fit. I see that Antifa is not physically coordinated. I know that looks supernatural, in a fight.

            So far as the cops are concerned, you were mutual combatants, in a riot.

            So, how are traditionalists supposed to be fighting in favor of the state.

            • Actually the conservatarians were attacked by the Antifa fools rather obviously. There are many other videos showing this as well with PPD deliberately standing down. But remember that is the municipality where a woman judge let a criminal illegal alien out her chamber doors so ICE could NOT apprehend him last year. Same as Kawleefornya or worse ? Portland is completely run by left wing maniacs just as the entire state body politic and all gov systems are. The only safe place is due east about 3 hours drive, except Bend. It has also become a bastion of left turds.

              Just for shits and grins this article is awesome and will surely make anybody laugh at these soyboy fools ! They have no idea what they are even fighting for or why they are so angry because they have been 100% manipulated like a herd of Wildebeast. Some funny shit indeed ! Laughing at them and pointing out their stupid is the best way to handle these fools if you are fit and capable and they are hyped out on Mountain Dew ! Also that collapsible baton is quite worthless as a real weapon. More like the switch my grandma used on us kids !


              • Here is another video put out by Eugene, Antifa that clearly shows the “proud boys” kicking Antifa pussy asses as they were attacked by Antifa. They were on the proper route and no violence at all until they turned the corner and were attacked. Note the police fired TG canisters right into the crowd to provoke the ass kicking that ensued ! This is why I always mention that video is your friend. As soon as PBs fought back the pussies retreated and ran away as they always do. Loud mouthed morons getting their asses handed to them, rightfully. HA MOFOing HA !


                • Here is more proof of what happened in Portland and why !


                  The democrats and all their cohorts like Antifa, BLM and BAMN have devolved into a terror organization ! The good news is the majority today are not buying their garbage any longer and many are willing to fight back as the videos clearly show !

                  Note the PBs are not the aggressors until attacked with rocks and bottles and punches thrown, then all hell breaks loose on the Antifa pussies as they frantically retreat as they always do.

                  I do not expect to see anything more than this kind of minor events. A few beat downs and a pussy knocked out is not a full on civil war, just a reaction to bullies and anarchist ! No big deal at all as they have already gotten away with far too much junk under BHO and crew.

                  Far better to stay fit, strong and ready for anything 24/7/365 and sleep well !

        • I agree, that white womyn race traitor should have been slugged int he face, like a good muslim women would get.

      2. There is a reason the west coast rallies turn into street fights.

        There is no police protection. The police and the government are siding with ANTIFA.

        Many on this board may be too young to remember…. In the 1980s there was a historic photo of a black state trooper standing guard in front of the KKK while they did a rally on the state house steps.

        It was more important to protect freedom of speech than it was to be offended and allow violence to shut down the speeches.

        The police are shutting down the speeches and rallies by refusing to protect them. This is not happening in conservative states, only these liberal states.

        • The Police are not siding with Antifa, I’ll admit some of the gov’t is. Democrats and Socialist Democrats. Civil way is coming to this country and tgat right soon. Arm yourselves as best you can. It’s going to be a long long fight. Conservatives will of course win out in the end. Antifa are nothing but a bunch of thugs funded by Soros and his ilk.

          • The piggies are standing around doing NOTHING & allowing this garbage to take place. The vile piglets are just as bad as the Antifa scum. I have seen several videos showing Antifa attacking people & the flat-footed buffoons are doing hat they do best, NOTHING. Wake up people, enough is enough…Those that are supposed to “Serve & protect” and do neither, very much so deserve to HANG!!!!

            • The cops are just puppets of the community they work for. When told to stand down they stand down. We have all seen it time and again.

              • “The cops are just puppets of the community they work for. When told to stand down they stand down. We have all seen it time and again.”

                Two Words:

                COTTON BALLS

                An order to stand down when a violent crime is being committed is an illegal order as the law is the law. Civil Law has flexibility. You can decide to sue or not to sue. Criminal Law affords no flexibility. If your stabbed you can’t say, “Don’t press charges”. A criminal misdeed is a crime not against an individual but the laws of the state. If the officers had balls they would enforce the law period and nothing could happen to them.

                Once again:

                COTTON BALLS

                • Lots of us were comfortable with the idea, that they could act on illegal orders illegaly, which is illegal.

              • Remember the riots in LA after the LAPD cops were found not guilty in the beating of Rodney King? There was a innocent truck driver that was pulled from his truck at an LA street intersection in broad daylight by a group of thugs and brutally beaten and left for dead..Luckily the truck driver recovered from his life threatening injuries and received a settlement from the city,but still,it shouldn’t have happened..The entire event was captured on videotape and LAPD stood a city block away but did NOTHING because of orders to STAND DOWN…There’s an old saying “Nothing worse than a dirty cop”..Sad thing is, the majority of cops today are only in this line of work for the “perks”,and could care less about the public..

                • Ive watched that video dozens of times, Reginald Denney was not forced out of his truck, but got out to “Talk” to people who blocked him, if he had gunned the truck he would have gotten out of there. IF you google him, you’ll find they did massive brain damage to him. He was never right afterwards.

                  After many surgeries, Denney’s life spiraled downwards afterwards. The ones who beat him are well known and you can look them up on google as well. They did almost no time, they became heroes in the black community, Denney’s life was ruined.

                  Moral of the story, never get out of a vehicle, it’s your shield and weapon, run over Antifa if you need to. Always be armed, and don’t expect the cops to help you or for you to ever get justice, it won’t happen.

          • MarkOwen, beyond clear the police stood down and let ANTIFA attack these people and arrest should have been made and were not per orders ! To go along with such orders is supporting Antifa or any other criminals whether you can admit that or not ?

            These police are scum and traitors for a measly job and paycheck ! Not exactly my idea of serve and protect Hey ?

          • in Chicago – Obammy’s little buddy Rahm makes noooo excuse what-so-ever for giving strait out orders to the CPD to hold back on enforcing the laws ….

            the CPD had written orders to refrain from any police duties surrounding Prezz Trump’s Chicago campaign rally swing >>>> anything goes >>>> no arrests >>> no protection of attendees >>> not even traffic control …

            the Mad Hatter Priest plans on a picnic next weekend on the Dan Ryan Exway – no plans to stop him – just talk to him like he has that right to block a Fed interstate ….


          • The “police” today are full of Africans, Arabs and Mayans who HATE the White race. They will defend their brothas and sistahs as they riot.

            The “police” are no longer our friends. WE need to prepare for them as well.


      3. Being knocked unconscious does not necessarily cause brain damage. Being a leftist does. If you’re well trained, very strong and experienced, it is possible to kill someone with a blow like that. The female who tried to post-smackdown intervene, took a big chance. Coming into an actual fight with words usually results in getting your “commie ass assuming I’ll get off scot free ’cause I’m a chick” bullshit another smackdown. Commies rely on us to play by own rules, and not be as vicious and as radical as they are. Don’t forget that! It’s Alinsky. When the ball commences, it’ll be guns free.

        • Sean, you hit that one right out of the park. BTW, I’m back at the BOL for the next 2 weeks. Time for more target practice and training. If the civil wat breaks out in the next 2 weeks at least I’m already out of the shithole city.

        • Sean, no doubt this T Wictor is a fool. Never seen anybody do such a thing and or act lie that ? This twit has obviously never been in a street fight nor know his ass from a hole in the ground about much of anything, much less a knock out punch. There are very specific places to hit a person to take them out instantly with not much effort. Just a little training and knowledge with the right mindset. Been there and done that more than once in the last 45 years and still quite capable. Maybe even more so these days ! Just remember to always take the defensive perspective and simply be ready to retaliate vigorously and completely effectively. Do NOT be the aggressor as Antifa was here.

      4. Limp wrists don’t work well for Antifa…


      6. WELL

      7. Well it was a mini War. Folks who go looking for trouble usually find it. This wasn’t a victory or any sort of progress. But the event turned into a attack and defense. and the person who was attacked prevailed. This video makes the right feel good. and it doesn’t really give the left the necessary additude adjustment. They will see it as all the more reason to escalate. Pretty soon one of these events will result in fatalties. The Guy from the Woodpile Report give some sage advice. He states stay away from crowds. Read the Art of War. What needs to happen is the left needs to be stripped of what enables them. Yep we are certainly in the beginning stages of civil war.

      8. Getting knocked out does cause brain damage. It may be microscopic in nature and not show up on a cat scan, but even the smallest amount of bleeding into the brain causes harm.

      9. Old Guy. Sadly, I believe you’re right.
        Stay quiet Be smart

        • Why should we fight with the liberal left commie Dimocraps. Do they have anything we need or want? You will never change their way of thinking. Its a brainwashed core concept that will never be reasonable. Most are Taking Parasites. Most haven’t prepped. Nope we should continue to show the remarkable restraint we have shown so far. If we give them enough rope they will hang themselves. Now if there is a shure enough SHTF Without Rule Of Law. Them we still don’t engage them. Nope we kill the electric grid by vandalism. Then the 90% die off will occur and the much needed culling be accomplished. Let those lefty loonies be the Goverments problem. Devote our energy to prepping. Only if directly attacked on our own home turf should we water Jeffersons tree.

          • Old Guy, the other side of that coin is if nobody stands up to these fools will they get even worse and more aggressive ?

            These people had every right to be there and express their ideas and purposes. Your thinking is partly what got us here. You need to read this and rethink a bunch of stuff. All of you who want to hide and hope it all goes away are part of the problem, not any answers.


            I am not telling anybody to be the aggressor, ever. Just to have their own shit together and stand the fuck up ! I agree with some of what you have said in the past on many matters. Not this one for sure !

            • Its quite obvious from the body armor and the way he attached and knocked out the lefty. This guy in the white sleeves went looking for a fight. His prepping paid off and he achieved his goal of knocking the crap out of someone. but it accomplished nothing. Those liberal loonies aint worth fighting with. What will occur if there is more confrontation that results in a Donny brook. Is Trump will declare Martial Law. Dunsford will take over. And the NWO wins. They have already told us what their plans are. Check out the Georgia Guidestones. And what was videoed maybe wasn’t what we think. White sleeves might be a under cover agent doing a sort of false flag thing? He simply was too good to be true? It could have been staged the same as a wrestling match. Most likely a part of the dog and pony show. Nope the Bundy fiasco accomplished nothing. This beat down accomplished nothing. And One thing you folks need to realize. Its pretty much over for our Republic. Its broke beyond fixing. No amount of demonstration or political solution will change the facts. Every day we regress a bit farther. Its already a cold civil war. The political wrangling is a dog & pony show. We need to prep to survive the 90% die off that is slowly and certainly coming. Grid down in the extreme heat or extreme cold would do the job. Only when the lives of you and yours is in danger should you fight. And those Antifa aint worth the effort to confront in some public venue. Trump is not going to MAGA. Better to spend our time and energy prepping for a Stone Age survival of the fittest.

              • Old Guy I cannot disagree more on every point.

                And if you are truly preparing for anything you are accomplishing all of the above in spades ! Everything in life is always all about balance an finding that balance. Sometimes protecting oneself and standing up to bullies is part of that balance. I doubt we see any type of real full on civil war for many reasons. But I imagine my reference point of what a real war may look like is different than yours because I have been there in spades. Appeasement or lack of actions when necessary is not a good plan , ever.

                • That’s Ok for you to have a different opinion. Im too old for a physical fight. And certainly aint going to resort to firearms at some public venue. Ive got very young grandchildren and great grandchildren to take care of. Its importiant to me that they survive and carry on our family DNA. The white race is at the same crossroad as the plains indian was in the late 1800.s. Already in south Africa they have the mantra that the only good white person is a dead white person.

          • You’re 100% correct Old Guy. They are paid agitaters. Ignore them unless you or your family is directly attacked. Real Americans are slow to anger.

            • Noguano, You are making all my valid points I have been speaking about for years now. Far too many Americans have become fat, dumb apathetic, cowardly and lazy. Fortunately many are seeing it all and finally waking the hell up. Try it for your own good ! The slow to anger junk is precisely my point. I see that as an excuse to do nothing and wimp out. What if everybody did the same as you suggest, would anything change for the better or for the worse ? stop and think for once instead of taking the “go along to get along” false paradigm as an excuse to do nothing.

              • Here is proof of what I have been saying to all of you for a long while now. Rufio is simply saying exactly what I teach people ! And yes I live it and pass it on as much as possible. There is no replacement to be seriously prepared for real. Not just fantasy prepper talk. You cannot buy this, you must learn it and earn it yourself ! Most of it is your mindset, the rest is actual training and effort. That combination is what gives you the confidence to face down or defeat any threat or be smart enough to retreat to fight another day when necessary !


                I resigned from Oath Keepers last year and have been a 3per ever since. I resigned because of a serious issue I was made aware of at the highest echelon of command in Oregon by the national leader. The Oregon commander at the time is a personal friend and he resigned as well. Trust me we made the right decision although I fully agree with and support the written mission of OKs. Good training to everybody, be true to yourself, your brothers in arms and your oath !

      10. Off the subject WELL DONE FBI in getting this piece of shit who was going to blow up something in CLEVELAND.

        Now all you gotta do is get some of these bastards on THE HILL.

        • Real: Never gonna happen sport…FBI and Gov’t are all the same, both are incompetent scum!!

        • Oh you mean the FBI setup? Don’t be so gullible.

      11. Dig deep enough into that Cleveland bombing plot you’ll see Obama and his minions are in it up to his elephant ears.

      12. We can draw some conclusions from this short clip; these antifa are cowardly – they won’t initiate a fight unless they can gang up on people, they only function as a mob (which means someone is organizing them), and they have totally succumbed to brainwashing and absolutely cannot think for themselves (useful idiots). Unfortunately, they won’t learn any lessons from this fight, their response will be to burn something down or destroy property or hurt other innocent people. In a nut shell they are mindless and senseless disrupters, nothing else, that’s all they are programmed to be.
        Its not enough to stop the mobs, the hidden hands behind the disrupters must be exposed and arrested. My suspicion is that many of these mobs are being controlled by persons in “respectable positions” of society, and therefore are able to act with impunity.

        • Ok bill I agree. There are hidden hands. We have no way of knowing how much we aren’t knowledgeable about. I have serious doubts about White sleeves. Has he been arrested? Has he even Been identified. You know the oil saying don’t believe anything you see and hear on the media and only 1/2 of what you witness with your very own eyes. Its all a big circus arena. White Sleeves at present is a star Gladiator?

        • Bill:

          It is already an established fact that Soros is behind Antifa.


        • Bill,
          You are 100% right. This exact recipe was followed by the “hidden hand” to stir mob violence from behind the scenes in South Africa to instill a black camouflaged Jewish run “government”.In this the Jewish controlled press and government traitors were at the forefront. Identify and eliminate the organizers and paymasters and Jewish controlled media backing the anarchy and save America.
          And stick to your guns, literally end proverbially.Or else in the end you will face a white genocide the same as has started here in South Africa. Up to some 24 years ago, the whites here provided order, electical power, water, food and stuff to steal.They are being disarmed at this moment.
          After they are wiped out, the rest of 70 million blacks will simply vanish, leaving the 200 000 armed local Chinese soldiers camouflaged as shopkeepers in charge of the mineral treasures of the whole of southern Africa.
          That will make it a whole lot more difficult for America to stay strong and free.
          Wishing all American partiots well.

      13. I wish he would of knocked out that gender fluid skinny C word.

      14. Whatever happened to just holding a sign with some truthful yet embarrassing words on it? You know peaceful protest. The violence is downright stupid and accomplishes nothing except arrest and jail time. I do agree in the right to protest without becoming violent but in small numbers you are just making an ass of yourself fighting.

        • aljamo I agree. But I suspect white sleeves is a government agent. He is highly skilled and trained for this type of fight. What the powers that be want is Martial Law. Followed by a Reduction in population on a world wide scale. The Countinuation of Government Elete have their places like Mt Weather. We preppers have almost nothing by comparison. Can you survive long term without electricity? The left likely has less than we preppers. Better to ignore them not even give them any free rent in our heads. Its the government welfare and folks like Soros who enable them. We cant effectively do anything tangible to change the enabling . So why even bother? Our only hope is with the help of God to survive the die off. and not let those folks emerge from their bunkers like MT Weather. First and foremost do not do anything to endanger your soul.

          • Please stop advising us to surrender to the enemy. That IS what you’re doing! You say you have grandkids-progeny-and its FOR THEM that we MUST fight! You are in APPEASEMENT MODE and that is what got us where we are now! Have you EVER fought for anything? When you were young? There are things in this world that MATTER, and our country is ONE OF THEM, whether you think so or not. Watch Ronald Reagans speech called a TIME FOR CHOOSING,on yt. It is from 1964, I think. It might give you some much needed perspective on what SURRENDER will mean to the world. Meanwhile, you should ask yourself: has appeasement ever improved a spoiled, rotten childs behavior?!
            Can you tell me ONE example where appeasement OR ignoring a traitorous conspiracy made the situation BETTER for the country involved?!

        • aljamo, peaceful protest is a waste of time.

      15. aljamo, so in larger numbers it so OK with you to stand up to these criminals ?

        Much of what we are seeing on many issues is because people did not stand up long ago and allowed all of it to flourish to what we see today in various ways. DOJ, FBI and Antifa all part of that phenom.

      16. This man handled himself very well. Judging by the way he continued to watch the one that got knocked out cold, I wonder. Was he worried about the little fool? It wouldn’t surprise me. Strong people defend themselves and others because they are motivated to promote survival. They are sane.


      17. This man handled himself very well. Judging by the way he continued to watch the one that got knocked out cold, I wonder. Was he worried about the little fool? It wouldn’t surprise me. Strong people defend themselves and others because they are motivated to promote survival. They are sane. —Or did these two combatants already know one another and practice their fight like the Pro Wrestlers Do?

      18. When in a WROL moment, let this video show us the importance of good fitness, training, preparedness and most importantly, mindset.

      19. Street justice.


      20. “Ever notice that sometimes you come across a guy that you just shouldn’t have f**ked with?”

      21. The pathetic response that we NOT defend ourselves, and OUR country, boggles my mind! Especially if you have progeny who must LIVE in this country after we are all gone. The misplaced idea that surviving an apocalypse is the only way to “win” this war, is a foreign sentiment to MOST Americans, under 50 at least! The presumption that SURRENDER is in our own best interest-for survivals sake-is ridiculous, by ANY standard! Ask the native American indians how appeasement worked with the mexican natives? Ask the Huron how appeasement worked with the Iriquois! You cant because they DIDNT SURRENDER EVER! Surrender IS death, and dont you forget it!
        Watch a TIME FOR CHOOSING by Ronald Reagan. its on yt.

      22. The guy has his act together but may not be all that trained. His right is loaded up from outer space. He bends over leaning forward to pick up the baton instead of remaining upright and dropping a knee. It’s clearly not his first rodeo and I’m not trying to criticize but I am just saying that he’s no ninja.
        However, he could just be so hardcore that he’s not concerned with a perfect defense because he doesn’t feel very threatened.

        • Anon, he was simply confident in his capabilities simple as that. No big deal.

      23. Another aspect of the Portland ICE protest:

        Hard to communicate rationally when dealing with someone who has the IQ of a fence post, sad to say.

      24. The guy in the black shirt is not a super hero. He IS prepared with a vest and probably protective long sleeve clothing knowing what may occur. For one, I congratulate him for knocking the other out with the baton. Many peep are tough with what they construe as an advantage, a baton, 2X4, etc. In the background you see other skirmishes where a few peep are getting the beat down, ganging up on peep, shouting obscenities and untruths, the liberal mindset.

        Deplorable BH, may I suggest you remove the extra mags you carry in the back of your vehicle. That only will display INTENT in a court of law if you ever have to use deadly force. There are laws you must obey for CC, looking for a fight is NOT one of them. You cannot use your weapon if you are facing an imminent beat down. You simply take a whuppin’ and you both live another day.

      25. just think of the result had we all the people out there that responded to this video. it would send a message they couldn’t ignore. these people have too much time on their hands. they should try something constructive.

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