Strategic Relocation: Have You Prepared A Place Of Refuge For Your Family?

by | Sep 5, 2016 | Headline News | 80 comments

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    The world sits on the cusp of paradigm-shifting changes. We may not know the exact timing of events, but we know the trend, and it’s not looking good for peace and stability. In fact, uncertainty and panic appear to be the new normal. And with that kind of instability our country is primed for trouble.

    If you are concerned about what may happen – violence in our cities, more restrictive regulations, and financial chaos – then you’ve hopefully already explored your strategic relocation options.

    Do you have a place to go if it hits the fan? And if so, are you prepared for the collapse of the system as we have come to know it?

    Whatever your answer, I wanted to share the latest FREE guide from our friend and well known survival expert Todd Savage of . If you have questions about finding a homestead, emergency “bug out” property, or how to prepare and position your existing home and property for emergency situations, I strongly encourage you to visit his web site.

    First, check out his FREE Strategic Relocation To The American Redoubt Newsletter.



    Then, check out the scores of properties at his website that may get you to exactly where you need to be if the worst happens.

    For ANY questions you may have about relocating, or if you’re looking for assistance with property security, family preparedness or anything in between, we encourage you to contact Todd Savage at Survival Retreat Consulting today.

    Also See: Todd has been a long-time contributor to our web site. Please check out his extensive articles and reports in our Strategic Relocation section.


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      1. I have no plans to bug out. No need. No desire. I’ve got a hell of a 10 minutes in me if it came to that.

        Those that do have a BOL I would hope you started up some raspberries, hazelnuts, radish and anything that could go wild to either feed you or some tasty furry friends in some secret gardens.

        Best of luck.

        • Do you have a place to go if it hits the fan? And if so, are you prepared for the collapse of the system as we have come to know it?

          Of course I do lol. Next question…..

          • no and yes.

            I absolutely do not want to live forever. I’d rather go down fighting than falling apart.

            Interesting times.

            • “There is no sanctuary.” Until the evil is dead.


              • You are one of very few who recognize the REAL TRUTH

          • Walking the Walk here. Not a bunch of BS Talk. Didn’t take me long to see the handwriting on the wall. Get the hell out of the Cities and the Burbs ASAP while you still can. We could be just 62 days from “All hell breaking loose” as the election nears.

            Also check out: ht tp://
            Another source of properties nationwide, Or, besides property next to Yellowstone Volcano. Ask the Redoubt Sales Guy why the people are selling their fully built out BOL’s? lol Then ask the next door neighbors next to that property, why the people are selling? Neighbors will love to talk your ears off. See if that intel matches the Sales Guys story. Do your research..

            The first 6 months I moved to my rural BOL property, I just listened, as each neighbor came over to visit, introduce themselves, and tell me, or I should say “Tell on” all the rest of the people in the area.. Within a month, I knew all the dirt and conflicts, and dirty laundry going back decades. Some Funny stuff. I even had some old guy stop me at the post office telling me, cause he recognized my vehicle, that “not to listen to what other said about him..” Like I even know who the heck this guy was in the first place. He was already defending himself.. lol And still today, I am not sure what other people say about him or what he did. But the guilt was pouring out of his month.

            I think out in the country people are so happy to see another human, they give you a month of info and intel in 10 minutes… And I don’t say squat about what I do.. just the basics. Like I am semi-retired and wanted a quiet place out in the country. Watch your OPSEC. play dumb, people talk.


        • HANGZHOU, China (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday that G20 countries are working on rules to improve conditions for investment in Africa and added she believed it was urgent for more direct foreign investment to flow to the continent.

          Speaking at a news conference at the close of the G20 summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, Merkel said that there was 10 times as much direct investment in the European Union as in Africa.

          “What is urgently needed is that there is more direct investment in Africa,” she said. Merkel also said that the G20 leaders had extensive talks about fighting climate change and trade issues. She said the WTO reported that protectionism was increasing around the world.




          READ JD UNWIN

          • Exactly Acid..

            Anybody (95%) who thinks they are going to throw a 40 Lb backpack on, and leave home on foot for nowhere is screwed. Fat or not. Maybe less than 10% will survive a week or 2 or more and be OK. You get past the first few weeks your chances improve a lot. Plus you will have to abandon 95% of your other preps back at home to escape the carnage in the cities.

            So Calculate this; How many miles do you live between your city house and the rural highway? Do you have a safe route mapped on a paper map? And meet up areas, if you and your party gets separated? And traveling through all the bad parts of town you need go through, and ambushes and looters you need to evade to even get to a highway or trail out of town. Now try that with your family in tow. For 95% of city folks leaving the city on foot is a NO GO.

            It will be the same thing even if you have a BOV, bug out vehicle. There will be looting hoards with machetes, tossing rocks and blocking roads, sitting by the on and off ramps of the highways picking off the weak, like flies on a buffet food table. So again that is pretty much a No Go, especially with family in tow.

            So if you leave early and Bug Out say before the election, and you get to your BOL, or some other prearranged safe place, you have a 90%+ chance you will make it. I’m guessing…

            If you are already living on your remote secured BOL with all your preps, all your gear, all your tools, gas, food, weapons, PM’s, etc, Your chances have risen up to the 99% to 100% mark, and you will survive the city collapse situations in most cases.

            So where are you right now in your prepping plan, to escape the City collapse and societal breaks downs coming, like on or soon after Election day, if something goes terribly wrong? Do you have a plan at all?

            Have you tried to load all your preps in your vehicle to see what fits and what you will need to abandon in a bug out? Or will you freak out and cry and sit next to your pile of preps in the city and hunker down cause you love all your preps, and can’t leave them, and decide to fight over the cases of beans, and cool tactical gaar, and the mobs will come,….They are coming,,….looting and burning like in the LA riots? Then you better have your close combat plan put into action. Plan C or D.

            Something to think and act upon ASAP. You can’t fake prepping.

            Plan A- Absolutely Bug out Early
            Plan B- Bug out at the last Minute?
            Plan C- Combat fighting because you failed Plan A & B
            Plan D- Die cause you failed all of the above.

            ~WWTI… Take the test now cause these are the choices..

            • I packed everything in several miles to my BOL a cave only accessible by foot. Brought it in on the back of a burro. And that sturdy beast will carry a human just as easily and could be food if necessary. Ill not leave my home unless its a last resort. And If we leave we burn it as we leave. No coming back and nothing for a potential enemy to use.

          • damn straight.
            Frankly, all these fatass keyboard commandos eating fritos in their basement posting smack talk online and quoting FM 3-21.8 make me happy as a clam!! Their general lack of opsec makes them easy to find, they’re better stocked than walmart, and the best they can hope for is to hide and hope no one with a flaming arrow burns them out. Most of em will be dead a few weeks after the general population when they stick their heads out of the house and try to go outside anyway.


        • I watched the new Star Wars with a feeling of building pressure in my anus.

          Fucking white heroine who can easily outsmart outfly outengineer and outfight men falling in love with a black man?

          Luke running away from battle?

          A Sith Lord throwing temper tantrums like a child?

          We need a new white colony where white people can be safe and free.






          • G Beck is an actor, A bad one. Useless entertainer, for the dumb. I turn his show off, when he and his yes man side kick, talk like school girls giggling about nothing. I do like Rush.


            • Glen Beck is just another neocon mouthpiece who’s always full of shit. Anything he says about anything is no different from what libturds say.

        • That’s what they say until it happens, then your natural born instinct kicks in and then, it will be too late for you.

          Best of Luck

        • I’m not bugging out. I’m falling back to a more defensible position.

      2. Not gonna get a Bol. First off the redoubt is in Idaho I’m on the east coast don’t think bugging out 3 day ride by car under normal conditions is gonna work for me. Gonna stand and fight for my home and family. If the goon squad comes they better be ready for a hail of lead. I will see them coming so they won’t be able to raid me. My feeling is at some point you gotta stand and fight if I die I can say I did my best. If I ran to the woods and my family suffered a slow miserable death that’s worst. Do what you all want but running to me is for cowards if your gonna do that don’t bother having guns. My home and property is mine it belongs to me and I’m gonna fight whoever try’s to attack me while I’m there. Bugging out was never part of my plan.

        • A.H.
          I won’t be running either. Live or die the purpose is why…
          I am standing my ground behind enemy lines and am gonna wreak havoc while other hide. I appreciate everything you stated…it is my belief as well.

          Live Free or Die..Liberty and Freedom isn’t won by running away

        • Your water is shut off. The sewer pumps stop working. Wait 30 days and see how you feel. You neighbors are not likely growing food or livestock they are willing to trade with you for. . .

      3. Yep

        Roosevelt UT

      4. I still think my property in Nova Scotia is an ideal place to be, when you consider all things together. Just sayin’

      5. If you live in the city, or suburbs, it’s hard to readjust to some things. There are more bugs and all kinds of rodents and reptiles in some areas. Learning simple skills like making screens for windows, installing a toilet or septic (I watch the kids work), carpentry (building a chicken coup), etc. anyway start building your skills before you move.


        • I need to hire a teenager while they still know everything to do the digging.

      6. Today marks the passing of a truly loving and great American..Phyllis Schalfly.
        It also marks the passing of another God Fearing, great American …My Dad.

        Live Free or Die..all life is precious and all lives matter.

        • @ talon 1776… condolences on your Dad. I know you were close as i was mine…you capitalized the word Dad.

          • Mahalo Dave…
            He will always be my Friend…I miss him.
            He was the founder of Christian radio in Hilo KCIF
            The out pouring of this very close knit community was filled with stories I never knew as caller after caller expressed their love and appreciation for his love for people.

            I miss Him

      7. The whole reason for a bug out location is to get out of where you are, and hopefully drop off the radar of either the government or the zombie hoards. The hard part may be knowing when to bug out – but your bug out location does not need to be a hardened bunker. In fact, it might not even be property you own. It also doesn’t have to be fancy – but it would be nice to have a stash of supplies nearby and it should meet your requirements for shelter, warmth, and water. The less conspicuous the better. The best location may be property you own – but which appears to be undeveloped. There is nothing to see or steal or occupy if you are not there. When or if you make it, you can uncover your supplies and set up.

      8. the way i see it_the best solution to all of that, is stay away from mass population centers. Live off the Grid at your own remote secure BOL. Check!

      9. To the Procrastinators, Excuse makers, Dilly Dalliers, Fiddlers, WannaBee Preppers. Here is a pretty good Video by Pastor Joe Fox telling it like it is, and covers a lot of the bases. Everybody knows these people he describes in the video, and some on here that post.

        PJF RANT – pre-tribulation, non-prepping Christians
        ht tps://

        I am not a religious person, as this guy does NOT throw religion in your face, but approaches the reality of today here and now, from a wealth of lifetime experience, to get you thinking and Wake You UP!!

        ~WWTI… He also has about 650 prepping videos out there including BOL’s and setting them up, security, etc. A good source of Info to get you on track.

        • checked the info you typed and nothing happens used various combos and nadda

        • ok never mind it works now

      10. Best stay in your city. You won’t find friendly people out here. you made your bed stay in it.

      11. Hello,

        Great post you have shared thanks for sharing this. For more survival products you can visit at

      12. No place to run, no place to hide their gonna find you and eat your children.

        • The all on the grid burb, and proclaimed lifetime prepper /survivalist eppe, will just get on his i-phone and dial up Uber and have one of those driverless cars come pick up he and his family up with the family pet, and off to his killer BOL in his fantasy dream in the country. Won’t be carrying much, no weapons for sure, little food, just a book of cut and past jokes. Hell-of-a-plan.


        • jtx:

          Not my kids. They’re spoiled rotten.


      13. Ha bugging out is such a cowardly stance to have,you can either stand and fight or die on the run as cowards. Remember that if your not already in the supposed bugout safe zone you are a target, if your passing through my area going to assume you are a threat to my family and resources and will react accordingly. If you find a bridge blown or a road blocked my advise is to stop turn around and run like hell back where you came

        • Call me a coward I not afraid to die. Everything I prep for is for my grandkids Im the only person who knows the location of my BOL. Not even the wife. So I gottl live long enough to get them there. I will take the grandchildren and wife. Innocent little kids the eldest ten years old. My sons are on their own. At this very moment my wife is at work. And all the Grandkids are here with me. The little one has shedded his diaper and just peed on the floor right beside my chair! Grandchildren are certainly Grand!

          • What if something happens to you and your wife needs to evacuate? Would she not benefit knowing you have made arrangements? What if you pass on and she is left alone? Would she be OK?

        • JTX, explain why bugging out from a city to a safer region makes someone a coward.

      14. Americans don’t run. Americans don’t hide. Americans stand and fight until there is no fight left.

        Pussies “bug out”.

        • Stu, explain to us how bugging out of an urban area makes someone a pussy.

      15. the way i see it_the best solution to all of that, is stay away from mass population centers. Live off the Grid at your own remote secure BOL. Check!Check Check

      16. Bugging out is not the answer in some cases.

        If I lived in a high rise apartment, I would definitely have a plan but if people who live the city think they are going to get in and live in some farmers barn, on somebody’s land, that is wishful thinking.

        Leaving the country in most cases is a silly idea, unless you take much money with you to build a fortress. Do you understand how much Americans are hated overseas in some areas and if you are there and your money loses its value, you are stuck. No family support.

        One more event many are ignoring: Earth changes in in earthquakes. Sometimes the best place is where you are.

        There is not going to be really any safe Refuge, it seems.

        • If anybody today lives in a High Rise Building Apt? The worst place to live. How about a building fire, you gonna ride out a building fire in January? Those places are death traps. If the Power goes out, and no elevators are working, and since there is no power there will not be any fire sprinkler systems working or water for drinking flowing. How you gonna carry up gallons of water 30+ stories up to get to your place in a grid down situation? You too will die there or abandon most every thing you have, but what you can carry and escape the building in the middle of winter like January. In Big cities, big high rises will be set on fire. Go watch the 1970’s Movie Towering Inferno as your training film.


      17. To bug or not to bug, that is the question:
        Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
        The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
        Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
        And by opposing end them?

        It all boils down to courage, integrity, purpose.

        • Your words will be emblazoned within me…absolutely heart stirring!

      18. Hit counter down a bit _is it now?

      19. If you notice a lot of preppers on yt have stopped doing vids there are some older ones still up. These people just don’t believe in prepping anymore or have they run out of angles.

        • Asshat:

          Fame is a disadvantage. People don’t appreciate anonymity until they’ve lost they’re privacy.

          If these people are serious Preppers at all, they’ve relocated to private, remote, farms and ranches away from the maddening crowd. If they are still in the city or suburbs, they don’t want everyone tipped off to the fact that they have gold or guns or food. People forget and with time, appearance changes. They can go incognito and under the radar. Which is preferable to being an Internet Star.


          • Speaking of OPSEC. I met David. SouthernPrepper1 once, nice guy. Watched all of his Vids years back, this was before I moved out of the city. But I was working on that. I presented him with a gift an old book of the Constitution and Bill of rights
            Anyway when I said I was still in the city. He said man you got to get out of there. I said know, I was working on it. He asked me if I subscribed to his channel Vids. I looked at him and said No, he asked why not? I said OPSEC. I’m not getting my info put on any list. And I think that made him think as well, as he was so exposed. Hanging his dick out there. He seemed to back off a lot of his videos about talking about Minute man militias etc. Anyway, nice guy. I think he moved again and found new digs. I would loved to make a bunch of vids too from the city to a BOL, but OPSEC is #1 rule in prepping. Some People on YTube were in a contest to show Ammo guns Gold stacks. Its an EGO trip. But can easily get you burned. Stupid people with big fat traps yap like a junk yard dog. EGO can be your worst enemy. Bigger than life BS will burn ya baby. Karma!


      20. Having a BOL is part of a well rounded strategy. We all hope we are not surprised by some unknown event. Seems like we are always adding, altering, or trying to improve something.

      21. a little taste of TSHTF


        h ttp://

        civilization is one hell of a VERY thin veneer

        • Satori.. Exactly.. And the first comment from that article posted, is what I have said many times on here. Told my sister to keep 2 x 30 Round Glock Mags in her glove box, and 2 x 30 Rounders next to her bedside.

          The articles first posted comment:

          Old Dog says: September 6, 2016 at 7:10 am
          The first picture is a reminder of the purpose of high capacity magazines ( and practice).

          Biden can keep his double-barrel…

          ~WWTI… Good article, as to know what is coming here.

      22. PULL MY FINGER

      23. I’m bugging out behind enemy lines. It’s where I live. Don’t let the bad guys have a safe space. They have to know that there’s a price to pay for what they’ve done.

        • Observer

          This is their biggest worry and will have the biggest impact on their logistics.

          It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

          Live Free or Die…. A matter of business. Regard it as a matter of business — business that must be done.

      24. I already live off of the grid with solar for electricity and over 600 gallons of propane.
        I have 20 acres with 2 fences-one around the perimeter of the 20 acres, and one fence of 2 acres around my house.
        I am ready for the SHTF scenario, and am still prepping as much as I can.
        The nearest town and store is 28 miles away, so I feel relatively safe. (safer than most).
        I’m in northern Arizona in the high country, and I’m loving it!

      25. I’ll be in north GA on 30 acres. One side of the property borders on a year-round creek with good water. Full-scale solar system ready for when we lose the grid. Woodstove for heat and a lifetime supply of firewood all around. 6 cords already cut and stored. No water issues in the region. all good to go.

        • @Braveheart1776, May I say that your setup sounds great! Water is the only factor that’s a bit of a challenge for me, though there IS water near me–albeit a long walk though.

          Are you a full time resident? I moved out here full time 4 years ago.

          • RICKE. BH lives out of a van and will park it on his Cuz’s property in N GA. He calls it his BOL.. His supplies are in a shed behind his cuz’s house. He does not own the property but will squat on it as long as he is welcome. And he is going back in Oct to move the rest of his stuff. Another bigger than life wannabee. No credit no job homeless basically. Stick around it gets better.


        • Braveheart1776:

          Sounds like a great place to live. You can turn 60 acres into a full time occupation.

          Ideally, I would like to have a place like you described with trees, lumber, and fresh water. I’m living in the desert with Mexicans and cactus. The ocean is near by. Part of me is happy about the idea of putting up a wall, as far as security goes. But what if the threat comes from our own government. I might want to cross the border to get out of Dodge. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.


          • @ B from Ca, I used to live in the high desert of southern California. I know of places where there’s a surprising amount of surface water AND wood for fires. I lived there for 34 years before I moved to northern Arizona 14 years ago. (NOT desert here).

        • Braveheart1776,
          I was looking in north east Georgia near Helen but the crime stats were vey bad. Any other suggestions? I want to be by fresh water/creek also.

      26. As much as I would like to, it is too expensive to fit into my current plans. While a reason to bug out may happen in my lifetime, I am working a job with an expiration date due to AI. So right now, my focus is on getting a better education (without debt) so that I am prepared for the definite SHTF moment that self driving vehicles replace my job permanently. I do not want to be one of the ten million or so people put out of work by AI at that moment. Our society seems to be reaching several inflection points at once and while some of them may not come to pass, many of them will. It is the unavoidable consequence of Moore’s Law playing it self out in front of us and living in the ever present future.

      27. Bug out then sit there ringing your hands trying to get any info as to whats going on and worrying wondering if you should jave stayed. No thanks retreat is only for if your already fighting..

      28. my home is likely more remote and better suited that many BOL,s. But its known. there are roads and Power lines leading to it. Its visible from google earth. My BOL cant be seen unless Your within 2 feet of it.

      29. Scanned the comments.
        We will survive by the grace of God And using our wits. Not all the strong, not all the highly intelligent will make it. Common sense seems a rare thing these days. A grade school drop out may live. We, may not.

      30. Folks. A suggestion. Avoid telling too much personal information about this topic. It’s a guess the higher powers know who we are already.

        • If they don’t know what opsec is by now, then their BOL full of dried foods probably isn’t going to help them much LOL


      31. Thank you for a link that provides overpriced properties for sale. Just what I need, a half a million dollar second house.

        • well they are a paid sponsor of this website so… take that with a grain of salt. Must be time to pay the bills 😉

      32. A lot of mall warriors say if things collapse, all I need is a gun and ammo to survive, I will take over some else’s’ farm and supplies out in the country. A word of common sense to those people, country neighbors tend to stick together and many are kin folks in a given area. They are armed and a large portion are veterans and actually shoot their guns regular. If you take over a neighbors place they will have your head on a fence post shortly. That’s the way it works out here in the very rural areas says the old swamp rat

      33. We just got back from the Austin area. The outskirts where there is still some scrub cedar and rocky outcroppings. Wouldn’t try to get there from here for love or money in a crisis. Even the back country roads cross over major highways. The population density in these areas is well disguised… new uber-subdivisions are cropping up on little roads that will not be able to handle the eventual traffic. For topographical reasons, that is unlikely to happen around here for 30 miles because where we are situated in a national forest. We knew this when we moved here, so this is the BOL. I look at bug out plans as last resort plans- it could happen. I will know that time when I see it.

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