Strategic Investment Manager Warns Of Worldwide Financial Detonation: The Whole Thing Is Going To Blow Up

by | Jul 12, 2015 | Headline News | 121 comments

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    The seriousness of the global economic crisis cannot be underestimated. Central banks and their respective governments have gone into overdrive in recent months in an effort to maintain stability within the system. But as noted by one of the world’s most successful strategic investment managers, the financial crisis that is taking hold makes it clear that no matter what these institutions do they cannot control what’s to come.

    Carlos Civelli, who has helped build a dozen billion dollar companies over his career, has a unique perspective on how current economic events and sentiment will affect everything from real estate and gold to equities and broader commodity markets. In his latest interview with Future Money Trends Civelli explains how Greece is just the fuse for a much larger and significantly more dangerous financial detonation:

    (Watch this interview at Youtube)

    Nobody seems to care that we went from and are now at $8 to $19 trillion [in debt], and obviously it’s going to go up.

    The only way to draw yourself out of this debt is to grow the economy.

    But at the same time it’s become practically impossible to do that.

    Europe is struggling heavily. Emerging markets – the BRICS – they’re all suffering dramatically…

    The only countries that could grow themselves out of debt are small countries, for example like Switzerland, but only if the world economy continues to expand and to buy their products.

    Eventually it will all come to a head… We have to take big haircuts to the debt and we have to start anew.

    I cannot see us grow ourselves out of the debts… Every time there is a recession the debt is going to increase… Nobody talks about repaying the debt.

    Civelli, who says that he is cautious about the current financial environment and very picky about his investments, suggests people look to investments that will survive a debt crisis. He is currently working on a new resource venture that follows China’s strategy of accumulating large physical resource holdings, including gold and silver.

    As the financial crisis accelerates the uncertainty and panic will continue to spread across the world. And while mainstream pundits and politicians repeatedly suggest everything is contained, Civelli notes that recent market events have proven that our world is really not under our control at all.


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      1. Hmmm. The world has never been under OUR control… We are faced with a decision. A decision that affects our eternity. I love prepping, the drama of being prepared, but at the end of the day, if I am not prepared to meet Jesus, all this is for naught. He has a plan for each one of us, and we need to seek Him and His wisdom and guidance for our next step..Er, steps…

        Mac, thanks for the website, and keep us informed….

        Living the dream, and focusing on the eastern horizon…

        • Let it blow.

          • Easy to say. We do need a reset, along the lines of freedom, liberty and true free enterprise. My only concern is that the poor who are that way due to misfortune, the mentally handicapped, children will be hurt.

            • Junior mining stocks are the LAST place you want to put any money, but not over $100. Junior miners are notoriously ill- liquid; probably the most ill-liquid public investment you can make before, during, or after a crash.

              Management of these companies will continue to take salaries and expenses until the company is broke, the stock is at .0001 cent and then they will buy the stock back from you for a song.

              If you get a song & dance consider yourself lucky. 🙁

              • Would jesus invest in the stock market?

                • Why don’t you go and ask him???

                • Jesus could make his own food out of rocks.

                  Can you? When you’re 80?

                  Don’t invest, and watch inflation eat your lunch.

                  • The guy. Seems to me the stock market is controlled by enemies of humanity. Why encourage and support them with investments? If we didn’t support the system perhaps it would collapse on its own. And the stock market is only one part of the system. Most people participate then complain that it exists.

                  • Enough about Jesus. You sheep keep voting in these criminal, greedy politicians because they “claim” they’re Christian. You fall for it every time. These “supposedly” Jesus loving conservatives are anything but. They pass bad legislation that harms working families in favor of their godless Oligarchs. They’re corrupt and greedy and self serving but you vote them in because they’re ‘god fearing”. No they’re not. Wake up.

                    • and the demorats are so much better?

                • CK
                  No. He saves Green Stamps.

              • Agree with DK here. Put in as much as you’re willing to throw away. Kind of like investing in the small-timers drilling for oil and gas in the Dakotas. The multinationals will be able to hold on and buy up the small companies carcasses on the cheap.

              • HA! LMAO

                Last time this self grandiosing sanctimonious statist dis-info pro gave mining stock advice on here it was to another poster about FCX. That poster ignored the kidds advice and bought 3,000 shares at 16.81 (about what it is today) and a short time later ( a little over 4 months) sold those 3,000 shares at 23.89 and made almost $20,000.00 profit.

                Keep it up kidd, your advise when ignored is awesome!


            • We need to protect the people that we love, and anyone else that we know we could assist.

              • I do what I can, when and where I can. BJ caught a small window to buy and sell in a market that does not move on fundamentals.

                He was lucky and I am happy for him and his family. 🙂

        • Thanks Hildweller. You are 100% spot on

          • Agreed, his statement was perfectly said, especially for a Sunday evening.

        • Since Christianity has its roots in Catholicism could somebody give us the lowdown on the Vatican and Jesuit role in the nwo. Jews are fairly well exposed and seem like the top of the pyramid but are they? Could it be that the Jew is frontman for the Jesuit and used to hide the real power.

          If this should be true what are the implications for all of Christianity.

          • No.

            Jesuits were create to help stop the Protestant heresy.

            The Catholic Church influenced governments…hundreds of years ago. It’s the Joos game now.

            • Maybe the Catholics have taken a back seat to the Jew. But those child raping child sacrificing priests have amassed a wealth that no doubt makes them a world player. Perhaps they are crypto Jews. Whatever the case they are a danger to humanity that requires us to focus on them right along with focus on the Jew.

          • Christianity has its roots in Christ, who is a Jew, Catholicism is just an offshoot of his early followers who wanted an organization they could have directing them in ceremony and ritual the way all the other religions did.

            You don’t need to be a Catholic, or even a member of an organized Church, to be a Christian. A Christian has a direct relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit, there is no earthly authority that stands between them or can stand between them.

            In the end times, the Church will follow false teachings and promote unsound doctrine that will deceive many into believing they are Christian when they are not.

            • Yes, I agree Anon, “In the end times”…we’re already seeing that with the popular Joel Osteen, the False Prophet.

            • “In the end times, the Church will follow false teachings and promote unsound doctrine that will deceive many into believing they are Christian when they are not.”

              Bud, that has already been happening since the holy (do your research on the word holy… is NOT set apart) roman empire hijacked the message. Most, for the last almost 2,000 years have thought they were christians and were not. Then again, ironically, maybe they are christians. I don’t like that word anymore and don’t consider myself to be one anymore since I have learned so many new things in the last 7 months. But with what christians believe, since the holy roman empire hijacked the message, they can bet that the only seat they will have at the wedding party, if they are lucky, would be a seat in the pews. But most will probably not be allowed in at all and will be told “I didn’t know you.”

              No, my family and I choose to be set apart and follow the narrow road and do not associate ourselves with pagan christianity any longer. We consider ourselves Followers of the Way….aka Netzarim

              • It is still about laws and regulations. I call that religion. And if it is organized it for sure is religion. And if it calls for worship it has gone off the deep end. A rose by any other name is still a rose.

                • That is right, but the only laws that are important are His laws, Torah…instructions in righteous living. The Jews have always notoriously added to His law, which He told us not to do. And the gentiles….aka, catholics and protestants, notoriously take away from His law.

            • Sorry Anon, you have it wrong here.

              Catholicism isn’t an “offshoot of his early followers” but rather the Bridegroom of Christ. He set his (Catholic) Church in motion when he ordained Peter as his first Pope. That lineage of Popes remains unbroken through time (Apostolic Succession).

              Dumas later advises that “his source is the Bible.” Interesting that he doesn’t understand that the Catholic Church assembled the Bible at various Councils (Council of Hippo, Carthage, Rome etc) and later defended the 73 books (not 66) at the Council of Trent against the Protestant Reformation.

              The Catholic Church certainly has its fair share of sinners in authority, but tread very carefully when you choose to disparage the Church as it is Christ’s bride and was put in place lead/oversee the Deposit of Faith.

              Attack me if you wish, that’s far better than aiming your anger for these statements at Christ’s bride.

          • It’s the other way around, Catholicism has it’s roots in Christianity. Jesus was on the scene before the Pope or Catholicism’s historical leaders. My source is the Bible.

            • If you researched it you would see that there were many different sects of beliefs regarding christianity.Before christians there were the gnostics and so on. If any one of us time traveled back to when jesus walked the earth, we would come back to our present time with a completely different understanding about the bible and how and by whom and for what reasons it was really created. The same goes for all the other religions that exist in the world.

              In 100 years christianity may not even exist as a religion. Having been replaced with an even better tool to control the people.

              • Today I belong to the, Shit Hits The Fan Plan Church.
                Tomorrow Going to drop in on Culture Club’s, “Church of the Poison Mind”.
                Everybody sing.

                Do you really want to hurt me? Hahahahahaha!

            • I understand the point you are trying to make Dumas……but, and this is a very important but….catholicism has it’s roots in very old paganistic sun god worship and other mixtures of false idol/god pagan worship….all the way back to Nimrod, tower of babel and babylon. And “Christianity” does have its roots in catholicism.

              Plant your roots in Y’shua and the followers of the way….aka Netzarim. Like Paul, the disciples and the disciples of the disciples (Polycarp, Iraneus)

              The church fathers are about as much a follower of Y’shua as the jews who are referred to in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

            • The Catholic church sucks!

            • But jesus wasn’t a christian. He spoke of worshiping in your own home with a few friends and family. Organized Christianity and their buildings came later.

          • You have it backwards. Catholicism came 300 years after Christ rose from the dead and was the combination of TRUE Christianity mixed the pagan Roman world. Just about everything “Catholic” is Pagan! True Christianity has nothing to do with Roman Catholics.Peter was NOT the first pope, that happened in 378 AD and was the “bishop” of Rome. The Roman Emperor was elected Pontifex Maximus, the greatest high priest. He became the high priest over this whole idolatrous system of the Roman Empire. And when the Roman Emperor was no more, the bishop of Rome assumed all of his titles and responsibilities and today the Bishop of Rome is known as – the POPE! The Pope is not a successor to Simon Peter but rather to the heathen high priest that began way back in Babel. When Constantine came to the throne and the first Pope assumed the title of Pontifex Maximus all those heathen associations and ceremonies that had their beginning with Nimrod, the worship of the queen of heaven, the eating of the wafer, the doctrine of purgatory, the wearing of vestments, bells, candles, all these were brought into the church and prevailed all over Europe. Thus the Roman Catholic Church, with all their God dis-honoring doctrines and practices, came into existence. Go read Revelation Chapter 17 & 18.That says it all.

            • The gnostics were around during and after jesus supposedly died and rose and they make no mention of him in any of there writings.

            • Lumberjack:

              Thou shall not bear false witness.

              Might want to keep that in mind before going off on further, satantical rants against the Bride of Christ.

          • Wrong again. Catholicism has it’s roots in roman pagan worship with christian overtones and structure which was done to ensure the roman leaderships political legacy due to the fact that christians were beginning to overtake the pagans as the dominant religious denomination of the time. The implication is simple…the extermination of christians, and christianity in general is the implied statist goal. It is done through political correctness and the turning of American society away from God and toward hedonism and sin. Once that is accomplished, you control the individual through their desires and manifest fantasies. It is classic Karl Jung, satanism, masochism, and out right blasphemy and spitting in the face of God.

            We are so boned…

        • Its like a big ship, listing from side to side, taking on water, as all the passengers hold on, or scurry to the other side to level it out. But the steady Capt assures the passengers, that the “One” life boat “US Bankers” is working just fine..

        • I’m so sick of you people quoting the bible or any of that other religious crap. I fault you brainless sheep for all the trouble we’re in. You keep voting in these criminals because they “claim” to be Christians. You vote for the aholes because they “claim” to be conservatives and they love Jesus. What happened to “beware of false idols” you dolts? Gays or gays getting married isn’t what’s bringing down the country it’s you sheep. Have you paid attention to TPP? Have you figured out we illegally attacked a country and it’s been costing us $58Million a day since it started? Idiots

        • How the hell did this become a religious ‘ circle jerk’ conversation ?
          I find it ridiculous to talk all this god, jew, christian,catholic, bible this, tora that stuff when in reality, my very survival will require that I’m prepared to lure, trap, ambush, deceive, hunt and kill human beings in a them or me situation…
          you pepole think that hiding away a bunch of stuff in todays very dangerous world will keep you safe… maybe, but when shtf for real they’re going to swarm on you like locusts…

      2. Nothing new,just have eggs in as many solid(i.e. in hand) baskets as possible.First,basic preps ect.,then,any left over spend on things that prep you but also are enjoyable,a good example is camping gear.I would then you have monies more land/solid metals like gold/silver(both have survived many falls and yet still used as currency).A melt down with a Icelandic approach afterwards the only way to get a real economy going again,will be challenging/probably bloody but needs to be done.Use alt economy i.e. barter/cash ect. as much as possible,for a time will be the only real economy,see it growing daily.

      3. As long as you know the One Who is in control, you will be OK.

      4. Well… thankfully the Learjet leftists, limousine liberals in Nantucket, Obama cronies like Jon “I lost your $1.6 bn” Corzine or Solyndra buddies, the leftist Hollywierd hypocrites (any of them open up just ONE room in just ONE of their zillion room mansions to just ONE illegal immigrant recently? Thought not), or Michelle-Marie “Let them eat caviar in Aspen” Antoinette Obama and her monthly uber luxe vacations – none of these will have to suffer.

        Just us poor unwashed masses here in flyover country. Or in the words of Leona Helmsley, per our leftist leaders, “the little people.”

      5. Enough already…kick this motherfucker off!

        • This is getting off to a wonderful start.

      6. Well, we’ve been waiting a while now and still nothing. Let this motha blow so we can do some restructuring.

        • Thirty or forty years ago I was convinced we only had at most a couple year’s before it all collapsed. When the two years came and went I would give it another two. This went on for years because many were presenting convincing evidence that it was so. They were wrong. Now today it seems without a doubt that it is ready to do it. Are they right this time.

          • nope. Things will change but the only collapsing is freedom.

          • “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows.”


            But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. “For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left.”

            …..”Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”

            • Go to the church of your choice- and WAIT, Asshole!
              (You should consider taking up the catholic religion- then you could achieve sainthood by spending your entire life in calculating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
              “Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from evil.”- Packwood’s Law

          • Charles king.

            My how the time passes. Hahahaha! ;0)

          • ummm, no…….

          • Did you know that they did bailouts back in the 80’s? This is nothing new under the sun. Where are the people that lived as adults during this time and how come they are not mentioning this today?

      7. Every where I look I see the date of 9/15/15 as being the time for a financial collapse. This date must be an arbitrary date but I think you can plan for things going South around that time. But who knows for sure.

        I must take steps to insure a way to continue after my food preps run out. I have honey, thus my name for you new folks, for trade but think I cannot rely on outside sources for what I may need. I have also lined up through various means to acquire in the event of a SHTF situation goats, chickens and rabbits but need to at least buy and store food for them.


        • BigB, never trust anyone who sets dates for any type of event to occur. While something COULD happen during that time frame, it DOESN’T necessarily mean that it will. I keep hearing ‘Sept./Oct.’ time frame for the balloon to go up. I’ll be at the BOL by then.

          • Oh I know Braveheart. Been on the edge too long to predict anything for certain but always remember the old saying about where there is smoke….


        • @ Big B…..Did you lose the calaveritas map?

          • No, did not lose it just have not been able to gain access. Been a while since I was up there. Does your (d) know where or how to get in there? In fact have her contact me so I can give her my personal information in case she needs a place if/when the shtf.


            • Big B ya wouldn’t be talking bout a certain mt. Club now would ya.


            • she is up here with me.

              • Wishing I was at this point. 🙂


        • That date you mention connects with the Shemitah cycle and the 29th day of Elul (Jewish) calendar, which is equivalent to September 13, 2015 (a Sunday). It will be the year of rest and “release” of debt.

      8. More advertising thinly disguised as fear porn.

      9. We will do our best with the preps we have. Thanks to the people and sharing of ideas on this site, we are better prepared than we would have been without it.

        • Agree Rich,hope we all have the fortitude to do the right thing when necc.,feel it will be brutally ugly.Ah well,wasn’t gonna live forever.

      10. In a world of constrained expensive energy there can be no growth ,cheap energy fuiled the industrial revolution , moderately expensive has caused this hiatus ,expensive energy will kill growth , nothing will alter that fact !.
        we need a new paradigm .

      11. Year of the Jubilee. There is a reason the old Jews did this.

        • Any speculation on how this stuff will affect us locally?

          • Having all debts forgiven every 7 years makes for short payback times. House prices will definitely drop.

          • i just read the harbinger, and started the mystery of the shemitah. If you even remotely believe in God and judgement, youve got to read these books. He refuses to mention a date, but focuses on the fact of collapse (and therefore bankruptcy, govt takeover of liabilities) and shemitah years.

      12. I should have been working overtime to buy more physical AG, but instead I am posting comments. Joy!

      13. I try to do something to prepare every week. There have neen some great buying opportunities with PM but lead and copper are still very expensive, relative, I guess. My health is not what it should be. I remember the days when I use to run up and down mountains. Those days are gone. Our health is going to be so important going forward. No one can afford to neglect their health. Good health is like a well stocked supply cache. All these cogent articles provide points of views and insight we can find no where else in the MSM. Personally I get a lot out of reading the comments. Thanks everyone for your always great thoughts, analysis, recommendations and alternative points of view. May you always be fortunate to “keep your water supply close and live far, far away from the PTB”!

        • laeagle.

          What are we going to do when we get there?

          Same as you. Try to do something each week to prepare. Body slowing down. Knees taking the brunt of it all. Had a major setback when I lost my BOL. Could not defend it properly and you would be surprised how many people are now running around in the woods and swamps.
          I also have made the big purchases and I am at the Terminal Prep stage where I just maintain gear.
          Everything is becoming Blah, Blah, Blah. Screw the banks, politicians, the Russians, Mexicans, blacks and government.
          So what if the banks are going to crash. Take a look around you. Don’t it look like a Third World Country Already in some places?
          Many of us will be going it alone. It’s the hand I have been dealt.

          • There is a pleasure in prepping that keep the old juices going. When the S really HTF I have a feeling it may be anticlimactic. I just hope that when the time comes for me to go that someone will truly benefit from all the preps including the sticks and stones. Hopefully none of it falls into filthy hands. Unfortunately we can’t take anything with us, our connection to this life will be final and moot. The finality of death is startling, there will be no coming back to fix things, or change things. This is our time, we must make the most of it and make every moment count.

      14. I wonder how many different ways, the fact that someday in the future, the economy is going to implode, crash and burn, can be said?

        • BJ

          I agree. Also how many different ways people disagree on how to prepare against it.
          What ever floats your boat. There are many guide lines but nothing set in stone.

      15. GLOBAL WAR is COMING!

        This will End in a International Zog ptb agreed upon GLOBAL WAR! The NWO Zog against the BRIC’s, to spur economic growth, conveniently erase trillions in debt and reduce the global population.

        GLOBAL WAR is the NWO Zog’s only choice now!

        * the russian’s and chinese know this, which is why they are re-activating , rebuilding, arming whole modernized military division’s 25,000+ men that have not been active since WW2!

        2017-2020 will be a interesting year’s globally!

        Something Wicked Comes this Way!

      16. And- what if this impending global financial crisis, is INTENTIONAL? (The elimination of the middle class, has been openly advocated for over a decade. “It does not matter what the rich consume, because there are so few of them that it does not matter.” -unquote.)
        The LIMITS TO GROWTH, was first published over 40 years ago. (And that begat Agenda 21). The Powers That Be, are now in agreement- that the population of Earth must be reduced by 80%. (I could even agree with that- if the psychopaths, tyrants, and opportunists got taken out first,
        (but these are the people who will do the choosing.)

      17. All hail queen Hilory ; she’ll save us she’ll save us all

      18. If all the peppers would stop buying food and eat and use all the stuff they are hoarding the lowered demand would drop prices to a reasonable level. With their extra money they start buying other things and begin a cycle of prosperity never before seen.


        Diversity and Forced Integration DESTROYS COMMUNITIES!

        • comedy channel had same thing in a scene in movie called hot tub time machine at 6PM’ish in the evening. Was flipping through. Luckily kids were out of room. Disgusting people. Depraved society.

        • And I bet those young creeps consider themselves straight.

      20. Greece ok now, the Iran deal going down, with this and that happening for the good of the world; hey rosy times are back again. Rosy times are back: Folks the world is being set up for the BIGGEST SCHAM we have ever seen or could have imagined. Prepare your heart, mind and soul, but please start with your SOUL that is the only thing that counts everything else will pass away, your SOUL is for EVER. Just lost a grandson the other night he was 23, folks we do not know the day-hour-or how we will die, but that is one of the absolutes we have; we are going to die so be prepared for that event above anything else. May the LORD have mercy on our souls.

      21. Baby Jesus save us!!

      22. It appears the only financial detonation of late was the recent implosion of capitulation to the EU.ECB and Merkel’s gangs…

        They’ll just rehypothecate the debt over and over….again and again


      23. Should anyone be surprised that comes to this site?

        Separate yourself and your family. Decide who your daughter dates

      24. If a financial crisis is all that we were facing, we’d get through it just fine even if it was a bit uncomfortable in the process.

        But that is only one thing we face and it is not even the major one.

        War, civil unrest, (especially) the breakdown of all our moral norms that leave people confused and unable to even recognize that there is a right and wrong much less recognize the difference between them, and climactic conditions that will produce a myriad of problems from failed crops to abandonment of parts of the country are currently progressing and will soon become apparent to everyone,

        These things are what will bring our country and Western civilization as we know it to a crashing collapse.

      25. Apparently, only Americans are held accountable to laws in the United States now.

        Revealed: 276 ‘sanctuary cities’ let 8,145 illegal offenders free in just 8 months, 17,000 total

        “Some 276 “sanctuary cities,” nearly 50 percent more than previously revealed, released over 8,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records or facing charges free despite federal requests that they be turned over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation, according to an explosive new report.

        The Center for Immigration Studies, revealing new numbers it received under the Freedom of Information Act, said that those releases from cities that ignored federal demands came over just eight months and are just part of an even larger release of 17,000 illegals with criminal records.”

        Washington Examiner

      26. Greece has made another Deal.

        The world is saved from financial doom again.

        Oh, the humanity of it. Hahahahaha!

      27. Did you know waly world makes the amount of greeks missed payment in like 2 days of business…..its nothing and yet this is going to cause the end get rewl, yet no one is talking about the real elephant Chinas massive bubbles that are blowing everywhere, the fact that russia has looked at whether the baltics were legaling released from the ussr, and the fact that They have succed in destroying america from within because of her moral distruction….this greek thing is simply a distraction from the real problems…not saying the greeks who are suffering are not real but that this problem is a farce to fistract the world

      28. Everything is going according to plans. The North American Union, the U.S., Canada and Mexico are close to being one big shithole, with peon wages all around. Corporatism rules! Capitalism has shown it’s true intent. If you can’t afford it, just die, because that is what is in store for you. Step out of line, they’ll come and take you away. Everybody look what’s going down. A thousand points of light. Zog NWO at it’s finest! Die MF’ers Die!

      29. I really do hope you bunch of chicken littles are now safely tucked away in your “BOL’s” because you really are unfit to operate within normal socities.

        • LAL,

          You know, it’s funny. When you read brayheart saying he’s only got one more trip to make to the bol and he’ll be done getting all set up for his hoped for apocalypse, he’s been making that last trip several times over and never quite ends. The funny part is if their big world ending event ever does happen, they’ll be scared shitless to leave their BOL and die alone in their hole. Seems a fitting end for frightened people who are too afraid to live amongst normal society.

          • Karl

            There is no Normal Society.

            How many killed in Chicago, Baltimore, New York City and L.A. over the Holiday weekend.
            They are running people over in the streets with there cars. Hit and runs on bicyclist.
            Drivebys killing children playing.

      30. When it does blow then it will be time for all freedom and liberty loving real humans to begin rounding up and arresting all Corporatist Fascist evil filth, and their boot licking fascist shit stain supporters in the Republican and Democratic “divide and conquer” parties of pure evil maniacal shit stain scum like the world has never seen. If you are such a coward pussy Zombie boot licking fascist piece of dog shit trash, who is not prepared to assist in arresting these Corporatist Fascist TREASONOUS GENOCIDAL scum, then you are a worthless low life who could care less about your children’s future and health. The children of the coward pussy Zombie boot licking trash will spit, shit, and piss on the graves of their scumbag parents who do not answer the call to round up and arrest all these Corporatist Fascist Globalist NWO filth, and their shit stain boot licking supporters in the Republican and Democrat criminal parties.

        • RA

          Did anyone ever tell you that you are an a$$hole, your little rant is the proof.

          Some of us do have a BOL and will go their with our families but that doesn’t mean that when the time comes we will not fight for our country of course we will only someone with your attitude would think and rant on like you do. Go find your brain where you left it your going to need it very soon.

          • Well if that is the case I was not talking about you mallardhen, so why the fuck are you ragging on me you mindless twerp. You must be drunk or just another dumbed down chemically altered toxic waste dump who cannot comprehend a damn thing. Lay off the GMO’s, the booze, and the poisonous toxic chemical filled fake food you fucking idiot, and maybe you will have a chance in the future from your BOL. It is probably stocked full of toxic processed garbage shit food anyway, so you are already dead.

        • Arresting them is way too much trouble. Make the punishment swift and sure.

      31. Why are the US/Iran nuclear negotiators taking so long? Because it’s not about nukes or terror. It’s about which of the big guys are going to profit from all of the energy deals that occur right after the treaty is signed. Surprise.

        • BINGO!

          It has always been about getting Iran on-board to use the Dollar as exchange for Oil and nothing more.

          Iran, much like Russia do not want to play along with Washington D.C. and it’s Allies Agenda’s.

          It’s why we see the MSM perpetual blatant lies towards countries like Russia, Iran, and Syria. It has nothing to do with Aggression, Nukes, and using poisonous gas on civilians.

          Iran has not done an offensive attack towards another country in over 200 years, yet here we have Israel that cant seem to go past 6 months without attacking someone.

          I would like to say that there is only a handful of people here that can’t see what it truly going on. Unfortunately, there is a lot more than a handful who get caught up with the MSM narrative.

          Someone here may retort my post – maybe something along the lines of Israel/Palestine, and how the Palestinians won’t leave Israel alone.

          I would say – Observe the death toll between Israel and Palestine. The answer to the problems in that region will show you a whole new picture from what MSM is reporting.

      32. If you needed any more proof that Bill Clinton is a moron, you got it this weekend. Bill Clinton was in Bosnia to remember the Bosnians who were genocided by the Serbs during the break up of Yugoslavia. He invited the Serbian President. The Serb President barely escaped with his life after being stoned and attacked by the Bosnians. Way to go Bill!

      33. TP – Bill Clinton is not only a moron, he’s a psychopath. He probably went back to his swanky Hotel room to laugh his ass off.

      34. OFF TOPIC—————-OFF TOPIC
        Tons of Trucks with RADAR equipment and RADAR screens. Followed by several Heavy Armed Hum-Vee’s with at least 3 people in them. Heading east toward Chiraq.
        Just letting you folks know.

      35. GEE, I remembwr this same tune in 2008. How many of us preppers have expired goods.

        Have enough to get by.

        All horse shit.
        They will just keep printing money.

      36. Around 1967 or 68 I read an article in the Hutchinson Kansas newspaper about water rights. It stated that laws were passed in the 1800’s that gave water companies the right to confiscate property when the water Bill was not paid. And that is why most landlords pay the bill instead of leaving it up to the renter. Anyone know about that?

      37. Yup, now we have a locked and loaded military convoy headed to Chicago, according to Sgt Dale. Thanks for the heads up, Sarge, got my tin foil hat at the ready just in case they try to lasar beam through my window. A well prepared lemming is…..still a lemmimg.

      38. You know they have been saying this for DECADES now. Nice way to make a living.

      39. More off-topicness (although everything is connected):

        Everybody knows where El Chapa is going. Chicago. So my mom asks me, “Then why don’t they just go there and get him?”

        In ten words or less, can somebody field this one for me? Such is life, I guess.

        BTW, back on-topic, KY MOM – is that the state or the jelly? Just curious.

      40. Jeremiah 50:23 How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations! KJV

      41. The government looks like it is getting ready for civil unrest. The amount of Americans getting ready? Not many.It will be terrible when the SHTF. So many sheeple.

      42. debt? Default!! No brainer.

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