Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 165 comments

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    It is clear that the economic realities falling upon the masses in America are driving us towards a crisis point.

    Even with substantial government subsidies, the bottom 10% of Americans are beyond struggling, spending more than 60% of their meager incomes on the bare essentials. According to the latest official numbers, the poorest in the United States are spending 42% of their income on housing and another 17% on food, statistics that are unsustainable for individuals and families.

    The Wall Street Journal reported:

    For many Americans, the rise in food and housing prices is a tough squeeze. That’s because—even in an era with low overall inflation—low-income Americans spend a disproportionate share of their money on food and housing.

    New data from the Labor Department show the extent of the discrepancy. The bottom 10% of Americans, by income, devote 42% of their spending to housing and an additional 17% to food–nearly 60% of their total spending, according to the Consumer Expenditures Survey. By contrast, the wealthiest 10% of Americans dedicate only 31% of their spending to housing and 11% to food–closer to 40% of total spending.

    Wall Street Journal

    Contrary to perception, not all food and housing is covered by the welfare state, with many lower class Americans paying out all their wages just to get by with the basics – leaving scant to nothing for everything else.

    Take a look at this chart based on Labor Dept. statistics:

    Wall Street Journal

    The richest spend less, proportionally, on food and housing, as do the upper half of Americans, who average less than a third of income on homes and only about 11-13% on food.

    By contrast, the world’s poorest billions, who often live on less than a dollar a day, typically spend 50% of their money alone on food for sustenance, putting prosperity even beneath the dream level. Not surprisingly, most of these people live in unstable, chaotic and often war-torn regions.

    The difference in theses percentages are huge in much more than just disposable income. It is the deciding factor in terms of the ability to save money, secure retirement and education, pay off debts and especially to deal with a crisis.

    Far too many Americans are already teetering on the edge, and emergencies of any kind – including personal, family illness/injuries, economic or natural disasters and much more – are enough to drive most to either capitulation at the hands of government assistance or worse – desperation.

    David Quintieri, commentator and author of The Money GPS, is warning that this kind of extreme economic pressure is likely to trigger civil unrest and riots.

    With the past many years yielding no real signs of opportunity or enthusiasm for average Americans, there is plenty of reason to think that other echelons of society are following suit, where a slide to poverty becomes a collapse.

    The worry is that these numbers only signal a slide in that direction for the rest of the nation’s poor – who are also economically strapped – and behind them the quickly disappearing Middle Class, with many already treading water to make ends meet and carrying significant debt loads.

    When desperation sets in, order goes swiftly with it. After that, riots, unrest and martial law. We all know the pattern.

    Worse, we all know the system – propped up by a swelling nanny state giving out freebies and handouts to a disturbingly dependent class of masses – cannot last and is doomed by design to collapse.

    How long until we see riots in America – not just over media-driven issues as in Ferguson – but over sustained, untenable economic desperation from the bottom up?

    The hour is getting late. It really may not be long…



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      1. If they would just stop making new laws that incur fines for not “obeying,” and stop sending our money overseas to people who absolutely despise America, then maybe some situations here would improve. Until then, I don’t see anything getting better in the near future.




            The people aren’t stupid like you say.. They don’t have any option on what they pay for food and housing! Its either pay or starve!

            • Fuck you peckerwood

            • For your info im talking about PAYING THE GOVERNMENT RACKETEERS
              WHO DiED aNd maDE yOu The bOSS OF uppER aNd lOWeR caSE?

              • Euragone, your a fuckin retard. Kula is right, fuck you idiot! Have you ever heard of responsibility?

                • You call yourself genius and can’t even spell “you’re” correctly. Ignorant may be a more fitting title, yes?

                  • U R an A-Hole DOn ( Levin word for Apple-Hole )… guess U cuntsider U R sElF an ELEiTesT …. :p

          • When people have nothing left to lose
            is when people will really lose it.
            Watching their lifetime labor go up in
            smoke, no hope for their children and
            destitution as far as the eye can see
            will make tigers out of timid sheep.

            • Millions of Americans are struggling. The cost of food continues to rise. Large companies continue to downsize and close sites in the U.S. Meanwhile, increased taxes and regulations put the squeeze on small business.

              As if we don’t have enough felons in the country, now Obama is IMPORTING them…

              In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors

              Deported Immigrations to Be Flown Back into USA – paid for by Taxpayer Money

              “They can also receive a wide variety of federal benefits once they arrive.

              In 2014, unaccompanied alien “children” from Central America walked across America’s southern border in droves. This year, the U.S. government will pay for unaccompanied alien children to be flown into the country, even if they were convicted of a FELONY, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot.

              It sounds outlandish, so how is it happening? It’s called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors, and the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security introduced it on November 14, 2014.”


              *A Breitbart article said the majority of the illegal immigrant “children” were in fact teenage boys. (80% Male, 83% aged 15+ Years Old)

              • MS-13, Mexican Mafia Gang Bangers. I dealt with them in the Fl. Prison System, for 17 years. It’s Fixin’ to Hit The Fan!

          • Oh how we hate “Protectionist” if we could just find a poorer country than China, to send what ever jobs we have left to. Free trade has worked so well. We give Them Aid so they can buy our Ag products and Timber and other Natural Resources, and then we import their junk. Trekker Out. Yeah Call Me A Protectionist.

            • Protectionist

              I like it,,,

              Better than this free market garbage

        • Go and crawl under a rock somewhere, you have no idea what you’re talking about a typical response from a low Iq’d individual!

          • Said the LoW IQ InDividual!

          • Because you brought so much more.

          • “F”
            Please enlighten us as to what you mean. Instead of saying go crawl under a rock.

            • Amen Sarge

              The posters who have been here for a long time and I respect what they write

              Go ahead a criticize me if you must

              Sgt Dale
              PO’d Granny
              Durango Kid
              PO Texan
              Stolz Vorhaven
              Acid Etch
              Six pack
              TP Snodgrass
              Solus Lupus
              Old Guy
              Grandpa Speaks
              PO’d Patriot
              European American
              Mongo Pissed

              I know there are lots of other regulars

              PLEASE keep posting. I dig what y’all write. Yes even AE is right from time to time

              • 🙁

                • I got you maddog……:)

                  • Me too, Maddog.

                    Thanks for the shout out Captain Crunch. I would add PassinWiththeWind, JQP, and the fiercest truthteller of them all, Hunter.

                • Don’t feel bad Maddog, Braveheart and his cousin North Geogia Idiot ain’t on there either. And for the life of me I can’t figure how Ass’ed Itch would be there and not WWTI and what about Eppe. Trekker Out

                • Damn right maddog!! You too

                  Mountain Trekker

                  I know there are lots of other regulars that I’m leaving out

                  I dig what you guys all write.

                  • Captain Crunch Thanks for the include, just had to comfort maddog, he had such a sad looking face. Trekker Out. Maddog That Was Cool!

                • 🙁 too ?

              • Would like to see acid write an article on outdoor gear for different weather situations and review some brands. That’s the stuff I’m looking for these days..

                Hey Mac, how about it?

              • what about GodsCreation is he still here? I think his comments are some of the best.

                • Thanks for the hattip Captain. I have a list of posters I search out too. I’m not surprised you include AE as well. Hes on mine mainly because eating too much of our own dog food can be bad for the mind. Need a little cognitive dissonance to balance things out every now and again–even if its just the rantings of a lunatic. Hes my favorite one.

          • Because of the word “free” do you believe these Trade Pacts were suppose to be good? Is that what Rush Limbaugh told you while he was sucking on a big havana after his visit to the Lincoln bedroom? I’m wondering who really has the low IQ.

        • Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like muslims?

          • Agreed. But……….mclovin………Mohamed is the most commonly used name on earth , read a book for once Seth


            No but for real booooooooo muzzies

        • It may also help if H1B (STEM jobs) and L1 (TRADE jobs) visa programs (importing cheap labor) were also curtailed (not too likely as Obama is pushing the L1 program as I type this).

          Here’s a video of a HR conference where they provided specific steps on how to NOT hire American workers in order to hire H1B workers.

        • There plans are working. Has nothing to do with common sense, or the common man.

        • Let them eat cake?

      2. When people are being forced by design to become poor the revenge becomes justified.

        • I’ve an uneasy feeling the MURDER of that unarmed black man in North Charleston, South Carolina by the white “cop” is going to have serious repercussions.

          • Oh you know it!
            But what about the many of white and black people being killed every month that are unarmed by black people!
            You are right it was wrong to kill an unarmed black man, and I pray for his family. BUT NO ONE WILL SAME DAMN THING ABOUT THE DEAD WHITE FOLK. The will only dell on the black man.
            Killing someone unarmed is terrible and wrong. I don’t care what color they are.

          • Yes it will have repercussions just because the man did not run in a Zig Zag:(

            • Serpentine, Serpentine…

        • “When people are being forced by design to become poor the revenge becomes justified.”

          Ding..ding..ding, we have a winner !

          That right there is a major part of the problem but the underlying issue is the way money works and has worked for well over a hundred years. As long as we continue the money Ponzi scheme of fractional reserve banking then nothing will change. The rich will accumilate more wealth and the poor will get poorer.

          • Revenge is the first-most nature of Justice.

          • To paraphrase Erik Hoffer:

            The poor don’t revolt. Poor is all they’ve ever known and they are used to it.

            When the middle class is forced into poverty, they remember how it was, and they want it back.

      3. “How long until we see riots in America – not just over media-driven issues as in Ferguson – but over sustained, untenable economic desperation from the bottom up?”

        Before Obama’s term is up is my guess.

        Why waste a perfectly good training exercise in Jade Helm 15?

        • Exactly! They would NEVER let a good crisis go to waste.

        • Look closely at the Jade Helm logo, in the very center where the arrows and sword cross. A fuzzy holographic type cloud that resembles what?
          A wooden shoe? Why?
          Nazis issued wooden shoes to their worker camp inmates in WWII. The name Jade Helm is disturbing enough to translate into something at the helm that is foreign.

          • The wooden shoe is definitely there, semi-transparent. If you Google “wooden shoe symbolism” you get everything from sabotage to giving someone a beating… None of it good. These pricks take their symbolism seriously, so take heed…

      4. There are two kinds of poor IMO. People who work and are just above poverty line and the folks who are below the line the folks above the line are not eligible for food stamps the one below are. How are the poor spending 60 percent on food and other essentials they can get cash assistance too to pay for things like clothing and whatever things they need. But hey if the have habits like smoking and drinking that are more important to them then that’s their problem not mine. The working poor are the ones getting truly fucked over. I wish they’d cut my pay to be eligible for programs hell I paid for them for years and when it’s my turn I’m coming to get everything I can whether I need it or not. I see theft and robbery crimes rising. If there was no honest way to make a buck I’d rob to survive as well. I will just stay away from riots.

        • The poor who are spending 60% on food are those not eligible for food stamps, IMHO. On paper we’re too well off for any help (until we file our taxes, then perhaps I’ll qualify to do work-study)though we’re just about to drown on only one income. It’s broken the marriage and the mate is looking for a way out. No smoking or drinking here- just the O-conomy.

      5. So much people pissed off with gov policy’s but no one steps up to resist. We live in the age of activism but have no activists on this front. Just complainers when you have nothing left you have nothing to lose by putting up a fight. I just feel something should be done before were all left broke. Just keep taking it in the ass for the common good.

        • This government has expertly destroyed any group that resists them. The Tea party was attacked with the lie of racist. No one in the press questioned the claim, it’s official all the history books are already written, the Tea Party is a racist organization, at least that’s Obama’s official hate speech position.

          Regulars here are all too aware of the governments attacks on preppers and conservatives. They frame them as terrorists for having food, and a plan for our families survival. None question the governments position!

          Now the government is now targeting local police. They are playing them masterfully. The government has equipped the police with weapons of war, dressed them like soldiers, and augmented their training to enhanced levels of violence that guarantee a dramatic rise in unjustified police murders of citizens. The citizenry are already developing a huge distrust of police. Revenge shooting of police are already on the rise. The public is being framed as an enemy to the police, DHS already distributes targets of children and pregnant women for police target practice, this is just sick. This government is dividing society on every level, turning neighbors into potentially deadly enemies.

          This is not going to end well!

          • The government also stopped the Occupy movement by busing in newly released prisoners to the encampments, by getting the media to call protesters hippie commies, and by encouraging cops to attack them. States now have laws putting protesters in fenced-off areas. There are marches and protests around the world, but the national media barely mentions them. Did you know that tens of thousands of people marched in Ireland over a lousy water use tax because ordinary people just don’t have the money?

      6. ‘A riot is the language of the unheard.’

        -Martin Luther King, Jr.

      7. The “poor” people I know brought it upon themselves with the consistently stupid choices they make/made. Zero pity.

        • If by their “consistently stupid choices” you mean their addiction to drugs,booze, power, money,willingly being a slave to debt, I completely agree.
          However, the only caveat I have, is that I’ve witnessed people made poor, by the consistently stupid decisions of their employers. There are some folks who have no choice. Some being the operative word.
          I’ve zero empathy for people who willingly enslave themselves into personal debt for their own chosen lifestyle, while expecting ME to be a “good neighbor” and bail their butts out. Not going to happen. While I will not let a child go hungry or starve, their idiot parents can.

        • I didn’t “choose” to injure my back and end up on SSD. I’d much rather be swinging a hammer for $30 an hour, than living on what I usually made in less than a week while working.

          • Maybe you could rent your mind. Does it still work? Is it worth something to someone else? Or, as you surmise, is your back the only thing that was ever worth anything?

            Just wondering

            • Get off his back. Back injuries are bad. It is hard to protgr software or do math then in pain. That is why i never lift fat mamas.

          • No sympathy from me. My back hurt,s as much as anyones. I simply quit heavy lifting. I Drove a semi a million miles with a bad back. Made sure it has a good air ride seat & suspension. There are things folks confined to wheelchairs can do. One of these days your SSD check just like my regular Social Security Ponzi check wont be there. What are you gonna do then?

            • Old Guy

              You fracture two disks at work and have three surgeries? Ever have a major company physician look at the x rays and say, “nothing is wrong” and then promise to send the X rays to your personal physician but fail to do so? “Get back to work”. Use your brain? Doubtful when you take massive pain killers. Ever have your workmen’s compensation with its benefits disappear because the company was “Too Big To Fail” (CHRYSLER) and not have the state back it up? We pay taxes for what? False promises?

              Why is it if the working person gets a dime people say, “their scamming the system”?

              When this economy built with a deck of cards comes tumbling down it will be a big shit sandwich and were all taking a bite.

              Those big companies murdered people with benzine, asbestos and a host of other hiding the facts along the way. They’re shielded by business laws because in the rest of the legal system one would be criminally prosecuted for fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and countless other charges. They “outsourced” as organized labor held their feet to the fire here post WWII so they needed to exploit the poverty stricken in the 3rd world.

              John L Lewis and Walter Reuther are spinning in their graves.

              We’re walking backwards.

              • Yeah K2, I had problems like that. Because it took me 2 years to actually get the surgery, the most of my damage is permanent. It affects my balance, my dominant hand is numb/pins-needles, and pretty much everything I do will hurt for the rest of my life.
                As for using my mind, I don’t see training for a tech field, and it’s not like jobs are just laying around everywhere.

                Contrary to popular belief, it’s too hard to make enough STEADY money buying-selling things online.

                I was a jack of all trades and master of none. No “certificates” but my journeyman carpenter’s card.

                I wasn’t looking for sympathy anyways, I was just saying to “luke warm” that people don’t CHOOSE to be poor. There are other circumstances involved that people may not realize.

                Damn, the hatred some people have for the poor is stunning…EVERYONE IS NOT A WELFARE QUEEN.

                • If the working person get a dime people are all over them while QE bailout money paid banking executives six figure bonuses.

                  They have the masses conditioned like a pavlovian dog, “Sit, kneel and especially beg”.

                  • Even if that dime was stolen from them in the first place…

        • Totally agree Luke Warm, well said.

      8. i encourage all the american freedom loving ‘patriotic lone wolfs’ and ‘patriotic wolf packs’ of once free now zionist neocon enslaved zog amerika to use the up coming race riots as cover to strike back at the zionists in their own local area.

        ‘do unto the zionists as they have done unto you.’

        9/11 was a american zionist inside job!

        • You just crossed a line.

          • yep, an i’m just gettin started, you ain’t seen nuthin yet!

            • The empty vessels make the most noise!

            • Solus, you are in serious need of medication. 9/11 was carried out by crazy Islamists from Saudi Arabia. Why aren’t you upset that the U.S. is the biggest arms dealer in the world and Saudi Arabia is our biggest client?

      9. How America Became An Oligarchy

        htt p://

        been there
        done that
        doing it again

        read London’s The Iron Heel
        or Sinclairs’s The Jungle

        no justice
        NO peace

      10. As long as they have 40% for their other “bare essentials”, i.e. Rx, iphone, internet and cable tv bills, keeping them lulled into an illusory sense of complacency, there will be NO RIOTING. Besides, these are entitlements keeping them afloat, how can one bitch about that?


        Studies showed that if 10% of a population forcefully has an opinion about something, eventually the whole group will come to accept it no matter how illogical it is.

        More than half of the fucking retard populace now supports marijuana legalization. Now maybe we’ll put a stop to this fucking drug testing horseshit at work. Employers need to shut the fuck up and leave me alone on my personal time. How much better would life be to sit on my porch and catch a buzz after dinner? Damn, but you old people can fuck anything up.

        • I heard Monsanto is hard at work on GMO pot, with Soros an investor. They will probably claim that any pot in the wild infringes on their patent, and have independent farmers imprisoned.

        • AE. Hence the tactics of the militant ‘gay’ lobby.

      12. The Wall Street Journal: “Low overall inflation…” ??? Got to be kidding! Inflation is eating everyone’s lunch. I’ve never seen inflation this bad. Someone from the WSJ needs to get out into the real world and see how bad it really is for everyone.

        • Let them eat Ramen noodles.

          • let them eat ramen noodles. good one.

      13. In a free country we are permitted to make good & bad choices that do not infringe on our fellow citizens’ rights. Citizens should learn something useful which can be exchanged for valuable compensation (the earlier in life-the better). In a free country we are not guaranteed equal results to those that have proven themselves more useful to their fellow citizens.

      14. Been hearing this same’ol-same’ol for almost ten years now. Yeah, food is up but gas is down. I do look for food to climb even higher with the drought going on out in Cali. With summer coming and the hood rat population congregating on the porch a sweatin’, stinkin’ and agitating one another, something might pop off. Other than that they’ll just take to capping each other as usual. Anything outside a Black Swan event, I don’t think a damn thing is gonna happen this year that the above article paints.

        • PO’D Patriot:

          The “hood rats” best friends, the MSM will keep up the “poor them” rhetoric going until they forment what it takes to declare martial law. I think it is going to be a long hot summer. Glad I don’t live amongst them.

        • DOWN???

          Gas is “down” compared to what?

          The highest it ever was in history because of massive stupidity?

          This ain’t “down”. A buck eighty a gallon is approaching normal.

      15. Still think redistribution of wealth is the devil incarnate, you stupid fucking old people? Still waving the flag and eating hot dogs, cheerleading for capitalism and trickle-down reaganomics?

        Did you ever fucking think that under capitalism, the distribution of wealth would be a flatline, since you would have an infinite number of infinitely small businesses in perfect competition, and that just maybe, the system we have now isn’t capitalism, but corporatism?

        • Whats wrong with waving my Gadsden and eating weiners?

          • LMAO, careful about the wieners around AE.

        • Unfortunately communists invent nothing because there is no incentive. Mass production, electric light, AC & DC generators, penicillin, affordable reliable cars, X ray machines, gasoline and diesel engines, airplane, phone, radio, TV…………. capitalism’s contribution to progress is endless.

          Capitalism is like fire. Its advantages are numerous but in an uncontrolled form its destructive. The problem is regulating its intensity without undue danger or extinguishing the pilot light of progress.

        • This country has had a managed economy from the very beginning. You cannot blame capitalism for this mess since this country has never had it. It’s been an Oligarchy almost from the beginning.

          • Started in 1932 or 1934 with Prescott Bush….

      16. pm bugs

        take note today 1 ounce silver is selling for $25.00-30.00 at international online auctions.

        buying silver at a local dealer for 18.50 current premium price is still a good investment.

        * pm’s is how you store wealth safely.

      17. Like the man said, “Who gives a shit”.
        When the world changes, then they will. How long before the 60 inch T.V. and Ipads and phones loose their, “Got to have it”, appeal.
        Imagine how many different ways people will react to the banking collapse or food shortage. About as many different ways as we plan to avoid the problems of survival. Both will have an attrition rate. One higher than the other. One being more desperate.
        The numbers do not mean as much anymore because they will only change for the worse. Will not matter if you have a job or not because the money will not be worth shit and the cost to buy needed supplies will be expensive. So everyone gets beat with the shitty end of the stick in the end.
        To those that read here. I hope you are paying attention. I hope you are preparing. Some better than none. Even with the best of intentions I do not think many will be as amicable as they say when the hammer falls.

        I won’t be for sure.

      18. Communism did not work in the old USSR and it is not working here in United States of America, either.

        • But… but….the Obamafueher says WE can do it better!

        • …yeah but, the USSR had to fall before they got the point.

        • Yeah Oli but they didn’t have to deal with technosecuritycommubankerfacism like we do.

      19. Same thing happened to Rome, which tried to keep feeding its own poor. They ended up gradually reducing the silver content of their coins until the coins were worthless. Just like ancient money-printing of fiat paper & QE today. Eventually the grain growers stopped accepting such coins. The game today goes on until the EBT cards stop working.

      20. How does one measure 60% of ‘income’ when the poor often get subsidized housing and EBT cards for food? What is ‘income’ anymore in a land of subsidized rents, subsidized food, subsidized healthcare, subsidized cell phones, etc, etc?

        • Many of the so called poor make the equivalent of seventy grand on benefits a year while some poor schmuck struggles going to work and barely making thirty grand a year.

      21. Then what? What happens AFTEr the riots?


        1)Caravan To Midnight: Episode 250 – Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood & John B. Wells

        2)Technocratic Police State — The Alex Jones Show (AUDIO PODCAST) Monday April 6 2015

        3) Go here: MY FELLOW AMERICANS: (PLEASE!) WAKE (THE HELL!) UP (Seriously)

        Be sure to read ALL comments, click on ALL links, read, view, listen to ALL content.

      22. TPTB want the confrontation to prove who is boss. It is really too far gone to be reversed. Aint going to happen! The common people are the enemy of the globalists, that the course has strengthened daily against freedom and justice speaks volumes. We are in a fight for our existence. If the majority of American’s were aware of the tyranny, the pushback would have already started. The cabal of criminals running the show sleep well knowing the population is just too busy to be bothered and are easily herded along to their demise.

      23. The reason that most spend a high percentage of their “income” on food is they tend to buy prepackaged or pre-made food…if you want to call it food.

        Eddie Bernays and his “public relations” and advertising have led them down a road that eventually will end in their starvation.

        They no longer have been taught to cook and many poor people don’t even own the hardware to do it. Eating involves nuking some crap in the microwave or take-out.

        Even in town you can raise veggies and anyone can buy a 50 lb sack of potatoes. Food isn’t all pizza and mac and cheese. It DOES take some effort to prepare healthy food, but the rewards are less diabetes, less lard-asses, lower blood pressure and generally feeling better and having more energy.

        We spend little on food. Raw milk is $2.00 a gallon “donation” from the neighbor, we raise our own chickens and can hundreds of jars of veggies and meat a year…mostly homegrown or “harvested” on the mountain in hunting season. In the summer, I separate the cream off the milk and crank out homemade ice cream. We can, cure and freeze hogs in the fall of the year.

        Our household income is probably less than most on here and is below the national median income. We don’t ever go hungry.

        Teach the poor to fish instead of giving them fish…

        • When I was homeless I had little choice about what I got to eat. I didn’t often have access to a cooking source or even a bowl and spoon…now, I do. You’re right JRS, the difference in cost is stunning.

          Instead of a “meal-in-a-box” or living on sandwiches, I can have split pea soup with ham. Navy beans and corn bread, Chili, and beef vegetable stew.

          Of course, I have stored a lot of powdered cheese, butter and milk, so I can get by on mac and cheese after the collapse too.

          I’m planning for a time when electricity is gone and my cooking is measured in minutes, not hours.

          Does anyone here have any tips on canning split pea soup, navy beans and ham and beef stew? Do split peas and different pre-cooked beans can well?

          • Sixpack, I can navy beans with ham, I put 1/2 a jar of dried beans, then some ham ( I use salt cured country ham) then fill with water. Then you have to pressure can them, 75 mins for pints, 90 for quarts, check your county extension office for the right pressure in your area if you don’t know it. I can beef soup a lot too, leave on inch head space and the same times as the beans in a pressure cooker. ( always pressure cook beans or meat). Hope this helped

            • Yes, that’s part of what I was looking for, thanks.

          • Sixpack, I can navy beans with ham, I put 1/2 a jar of dried beans, then some ham ( I use salt cured country ham) then fill with water. Then you have to pressure can them, 75 mins for pints, 90 for quarts, check your county extension office for the right pressure in your area if you don’t know it. I can beef soup a lot too, leave on inch head space and the same times as the beans in a pressure cooker. ( always pressure cook beans or meat). Hope this helped

          • SIX-
            This is the best canning book ever.
            It covers absolutely everything and then some.
            almost the best book i ever purchased.

            ht tp://

          • First thing you need, sixpack, is a pressure canner if you want to can soups.

            You can “can” about anything you desire, I have canned ham and northern bean soup in the basement. Just make your soup in a large stockpot and then can it up in jars following the guidelines. I’m sure you can do the same with split peas. I make mine from dried split peas, ham and home canned chicken stock with some cayenne pepper but I don’t can it. You certainly can if you want to.

            Beef stew? Just make it on the stove in your stockpot and then can it. That way you can taste test while it cooks.

            Just about anything can be preserved. Don’t be afraid to do it. Just do it by pressure cooking it and you got nothing to worry about. You can find guidelines for times and pressure online or get the Ball preserving book.

            You can make sauerkraut in a bucket, you can pickle beef heart and tongue. About any food can be canned. It keeps pretty much forever in a cool dry spot. I have eaten pears that were close to twenty years old here and still good. Only reason they were still around is because I don’t like pears.

            Good luck and have at it.

            • Thanks guys. I guess I’m a bit afraid of canning, because I can’t afford to make mistakes and end up wasting money I can’t afford to lose. Maybe the best thing I can do, is get that book someone posted above and work with someone who is good at it, until I get good at it too.

              Thanks to all!

              • When the big storm hit by me and people lost power for two weeks, they ended up tossing most all the food in their refrigerator and freezers.

                Some threw parties cooking all the best cuts of meat, and gorging on it rather than discarding it. The cheaper stuff went in the trash. Weeks to months worth of food went into the trash.

                Had they a PRESSURE CANNER, a working cook top, and a book on the subject, they could have preserved all the meat, and even some of the prepared foods.

                In a disaster wouldn’t it be great to have a months worth of food not spoil? Once canned, it can literally just be heated and served.

                Most pressure canners also can act as pressure cookers, they can cook food with far less energy than any other method. I cook a 4 pound corned beef in one hour in a pressure cooker, in a pot the same slab of beef takes 4 to 6 hours. That’s a huge energy savings, and in a disaster cooking fuel is a precious commodity!

                If the lights are out and freezer is not available, if you come into a large quantity of meat, like a deer, a pressure canner is one of the best ways to preserve it.

                • mmmmm-mmmmm…corned beef. I haven’t been able to afford one of those for a long time.

                  • The day after St Patrick’s day, I picked up two corned beef for the price of hamburger. They are in the freezer.

                    The day before St Patrick’s day they were full price, and I refuse to pay full price!

          • Sixpack; The Information I’m gona give is for those who are not sure
            when I cook and I always make to much for one person, what works for me is any Extra Bean or Vegetable soup I just put it in a jar while its hot and water bath it long enough to seal the lid. If it has meat like Chile and it has cooked for hours I will do the same.
            Something about meat that some dont realize is why you can cook a steak for just a little bit and eat it Raw is nothing can get into the middle of it, so you are killing any thing that could of contaminated the outside of it.
            Not the same for Hamburger it is ground and mixed, any contaminants could be mixed though it, YOU better Dam well cook a Burger well done to be safe Botulism will kill you fast.
            Old timers would can meat in the oven, but they Butchered at home like I do ,I know everything is clean. Meat should always be Pressure canned..
            Another thing about cooking to Conserve fuel, always use a lid on the pan it well heat an cook faster and use a Pressure cooker to cook meat it will cook in half the time..

            • Thanks.

        • See that “prepackaged food” thing is an interesting theory.

          Having tried to minimize my food budget, I find it goes (in order of expense) something like this:

          1. Nice restaurant
          2. Crap restaurant
          3. Fast food
          4. Brand name, “known”, advertised pre-packaged food
          5. Hippy “organic” bullshit (I presume all other food is inorganic??)
          6. Non-pre-packaged generic
          7. Pre-packaged crap. Think Nissin Cup O’ Noodles.

          Down there in #7 land, there really is some very cheap crap to be had.

          Would this be true if I ate as healthy as humanly possible? Well obviously by definition no, as nothing in the #7 category IS healthy (quite the opposite). However, if I got rid of all “food cravings” and reduced my caloric intake by 30-50%? I’m not really sure. #6 MIGHT break parity with #7 at that point. It would be a near thing though.

      24. The trouble with socialism is…….eventually my outrun out of oher people’s $$$$$$$$

      25. We’ll probably be in a war before any riots happen. It will be a distraction to cover all our ills at home. Can’t hide the dollar’s collapse, no growth in jobs or income and higher premiums for utilities,healthcare and anything else that sucks money out of our pockets.

        • USA aerospace command moving comms gear back to Cold War bunker
          EMP attack proof

          “The shift to the Cheyenne Mountain base in Colorado is designed to safeguard the command’s sensitive sensors and servers from a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack, military officers said.”

          Yahoo dot com
          (on Drudge Report)

      26. T-minus 6 months and counting.

      27. It said that the POOR are spending 60% on food and housing. What the HELL are they spending the other 40% on?

        I don’t think of myself as poor. I spend 75% to 80% on food and housing. 15% on prepping. That I worked for the money is spend.

        The poor that aren’t getting state aid I feel for them, but the Zombies and Leaches that are getting state aid.
        Well tuff shit live with and quit crying.

        Civil unrest let it come! Hells Bells they have civil unrest if they win a ball game or loose a ball game. Do you think for one second that if the EBT cards are cut or shut off what they will do. I’m ready how about you?


        • Crack

          • Unfortunately, you are correct. I have a dope house down the street. On the first of the month, the cars and pedestrians line-up. I saw a derelict pulling a little red wagon there with fire wood, obviously to barter for dope. Baby daddy just went to prison for GTA and burglary, so I guess momma needs money for her DirectTV.

        • Most likely taxes

          Wich was what my rant above was about

          But some boners are too slow to follow (not talking about you Sarge)

          • “K”
            I’m going to read the post later. I just had to rant first.

          • I’m working on my taxes as I read this. I pay incomes taxes only once a year. If I knew millions were going to do the same, I wouldn’t send that check. I’d rather burn the money than give it to the government. Problem is that there is not enough of us to overwhelm the system. So we bitch and prep.
            In the end we pay the tax.

            • “R”
              I don’t pay out as much as I should during the year so I have to pay the Bastards by April 15. It is better that I spend it than the Guberment spending it.

              • The ideal amount of withholding is enough to ensure you pay the IRS maybe a hundred or two hundred bucks with your annual return, or get the same as a refund.

        • Yeah, you’re right there sgt douchebag. Too bad everybody doesn’t have a goobermint job like you to suck off the public tit for sitting on his ass eating donuts and handing out speeding tickets,That is to say when you’re not busy searching young boys that is. Then collect a fat pension and become a useless eater for the rest of your miserable life.

          • Anon.

            We are all useless eaters to the rich and powerful.

            He is a prepper and not a useless eater. We will see our share of useless eaters later on. SGT has lots to bring to the table. (Skills)

            • Sorry slingshot but I have to disagree with you on this. The only ” skill” he has is an ability to blow an enormous amount of hot air on his keyboard about himself, I wouldn’t want him in my prepper group thanks.

        • Don’t forget that we are all required to buy health insurance and then many can’t afford to see the Dr. or have a high enough deductible that we’re paying all expenses out of pocket anyway. Add in gas, other utility bills, insurance and up keep for an automobile and you’ve spent the wad before you have a chance to save anything for a rainy day. It’s not all about laziness, entitlement and poor choices made by those effected. Employers, fellow citizens voting foolishly, cheating or otherwise good-for-nothing spouses….

      28. My net worth is $1.6 million. We buy most of our stuff at Wally World, have a big garden, drive a beat up old pickup truck, and my DW and I wear no “bling” .

        Last night for supper we had canned chili. Most of our food we can ourselves. We have pm’s, cash, ammo, guns, and lots of whiskey put away. We also have 1 year’s supply of Mountain House foods hidden away.

        We own all of this to God and consider all of what we have His.

        To God be the glory, great things He has done, so loved He the world that He gave us His Son.

      29. Three essential rules for rising above poverty:

        Graduate from high school.

        Take a steady job. Any job, they all provide advancement opportunities if you stay with them and those with a history of steady employment are far more employable than those without one which provides even more opportunities to move up the economic ladder.

        Lifetime marriage and fidelity within that marriage. A real marriage between a man and woman for the purpose of a family, not some sham thing to try to make your perversion look legitimate. (this means a man actually knows who his children are and both the children and their mother actually know who their father is)

        Very few people with anywhere near normal intelligence, health, and abilities remain below the poverty level for very long if they follow these three simple rules. Most of those in poverty have chosen to ignore one or more of these simple rules as a basic format for their life.

      30. Outwest, thanks for that post. When people loose eveything, they will loose. Thanks Mac for posting these stats. LOOK AT THE FRICKIN CHARTS, THIS IS SCARY CRAP, JESAZZ KOVRIST. THIS IS FACTS OF LIFE UP IN OUR FACES.

        I work in financial services and know about the off shore SWIFT SYSTEM is about and that the russians and chinese will bring it on this September, the so called 7th schmeetah, the 7th blood moon. The photo of the fire blazing in the background is a the very future my scientist buddy told me about and why he halled azz from the city of Houston. I am still stuck here because funds are tight. However like most of the prepers on this site, me and my team have a get the f… out of town location that we are going to and are getting ready. Tow of my cop friends tole me to get ready and not to expect them answereing phone calls and pulling up to your house in a cruiser. They will be busy defending thier families and getting the hell out of town.

        Hopefully we make it there on time. The scientist told me that Nasa person told him in his meeting with them, that the coastal event will hit the gulf of Texas sometime in the next 2 1/2 yrs, because of Nibiru, that Houston will be under 200 Ft of water, that water levels will be over 100 Ft by the Hwy 290 area. that you have to go to the Woodlands, Conroe to be out of the water. This happens after the calapse. Once the calapse hits, the city will be like ww3 war zone, of mass shooting, killing, murder, rape, kidnapping, fightinng over food resources and water, that the cops will run, that not even the foreighn military will be able to contain this mess. He laughed when i talked to him about Jade Helm 15. Do you think a bunch of azz clowns, all 350,000 even with a chinese invsion form Mexico can control 6 millions starving pissed of hungry people with the population ammed to the teeth. Everyone will be dead, all 90% of them based on that real life in the field test of test of what happens in a calapse. I did a post on this a few weeks ago, about the what happens in subdivions. What will they die by, gun shot wounds, knives, axes, spears, disease, wounds, trama of all sorts from attrocities to name a few, limbs being chopped off, etc, bullet wounds. He even told me and laughed, said, you see all those single women that live by themsleves in apt complexes, they are completely screwed. The men who live among them is going to attack them in 3-4 days, that the complex goes to war against neighbour against neighbour. When this real test was done by the govenmment and military, they almost crapped thier pants because, get this, the results were ten times worst that they had predicted. Selco shtf school and the argentian calapse, is what its really going look like and worst. The Us population is 350,000,000. Holy crap he said, can you imagine what this will look like. The entire United States will turn in a total battlefield in 3 weeks. Within 1 yr, 90% of of us are frikin dead. Within 3 more years, 90% of the survivors are now dead. Within 6 yrs, only 35-40 million people are left on the entire planet. This he told me is why the cabal built underground bases, taking eveything with them, even ships, planes, boats, millions of tuns of frozen meat, even underground farming is going on. They have enough to feed a 3,000,000 of them for the next thousand years. How the hell do you think this makes me feel? I almost lost bladder control, my heart started racing in my chest so hard, i started to have breeding problems. After talking to him , since David Hodges, Steve Quayle, Stan Deyo, Bob Fletcher have all mentioned this, Dr James Garrow and the rest. Folks, welcome to a literal hell of earth. God helps us. THIS IS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN. Its real.

        • (In a humorous voice) So what’s the good news?

        • Those bunkers like Mt weather will become their toombs.

      31. The free shit leeches on public assistance have no say to be bitching what is spent. If they don’t like it get a job sell weed or whatever the fuck you gotta do. Cigs in my area are $9.00 a pack that’s a habit for rich people I can’t afford to piss$ away on shit to make myself sick. Idiots that are poor drive junk cars without insurance. They Live in subsidized housing but they have $ for beer and cigs. Then they will complain when the programs are cut which hasn’t happened yet but will out of necessity. Welfare a are so irresponsible and lazy. I’m not gonna bleed for useless eaters. Put a bullet in them and make it cheaper for people that deserve to live.

      32. Since SHTFPLAN cut the comment rating system the sites gone to shit!!

        • The quality of conversation really has downgraded.

      33. Hout/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

        Take a deep breath buddy. Yes all hell will break loose soon.. Be right with the lord. Keep on preparing as well. One is none and two is one..Stay mentally sharp and steady all the way to the plug gets pulled. I too am in Texas and i would rather be here than any where else. There are still decent people in the world. Their will be bad folks grouping together but there will be good ones as well. As hard it is to put faith in humanity one must do so. Sure there will be very bad unmentionable things that will happen. But there will be those that choose to band together and fight for what is right. All will not be lost. Hell on earth sure it will be. But mankind has a way over coming things. Keep the faith all….

      34. We will soon have another canning season upon us. We added a fermenting crock to our prepping supplies just this afternoon. We are not sure about the timeline but we sense trouble is near. Good luck to all.

      35. This article is pure unadulterated BULLSHIT !!! 60% on bare essentials …..get real !!

      36. When I purchase somthing on credit, such as a house, car, ect. I always think about how I can pay for that bill if I loose my job before I sing the paper. I’ve always had a back up plan. That did not include defualt. If I had to work three jobs, and, I have. I’ve always paid my way and my Debts!!! I will never understand the words “I can’t find a job” !!!…

      37. Being low income myself, I worked my way up to a nice home starting with an $8,000 mobile home, fixed it up and moved up from there several times putting profit from the sales to the next upgrade home. That’s with one kid in tow and a deadbeat ex hubby being single. My home I live in now has mortgage payments that are 14.3% of my income. That’s better than the richest 10%.

        My food bill is only 8% of my income. I substitute a lot of store bought food with wild growing food, wild game, and my garden.

        I’ll probably ruffle feathers here, but being poor and living that way is a state of mind. It is a choice.

        • Woogie, they call it living within our means!
          I used to be one of the new car every two year, fifteen credit card dinner out every other night folks,,
          It ended.
          Ended badly.
          But now my vehicles are paid for, no credit cards, not really any outstanding bills not that i care about anyway,
          Dont make much and dont have savings but life is pretty good,
          Someone said “its best to manage expectations”

      38. You can keep your doctor.

      39. Only a matter of short time before things go south very quickly…prepare now.

      40. I’d like to know at what point in history, say the last 500 years, have the poor people in any society ever spent less than 60% of their income on housing and food.

      41. It’s going to be bad. Real bad. My husband and I witnessed a woman having a complete meltdown in the grocery store last night. She attempted to purchase groceries with a food stamp card that had run out of money. Apparently she thought there was some on it. She cried and begged the cashier to let her take the groceries home, and that she would come back to pay in the morning. She turned to all of us in line and said “Someone please? Can anyone help me?”

        My husband told her that he would buy her a hamburger and fries to tide her over for the night, but she didn’t want that. She wanted the whole lot of groceries FOR FREE.

        In the coming weeks, we will see more meltdowns and tantrums from people who have been dependent for too long. I wanted to tell her that in a collapse her EBT will be gone, but I don’t think she could even comprehend that.

        • She also knew darn good and well the store would be open in the morning and she could select her groceries again when she had the cash…

          She wanted free food, as simple as that.

      42. WTSHTF…kill every democrat you can get away with….THAT will seriously help the problem.

        Don’t bother looting their homes or stealing they wallets…if they have anything at all YOU already paid for it.

      43. The end of the Free Shit Army. Will be the end of a lot of things. Plenty of bitching and moaning. I will bet quick solutions will be found for many problems.

      44. It will take a lot to drive the normally ultra law-abiding middle class to rioting. You will get more violence out of taking $5 off a street thug than taking several hundred thousand from a middle class couple. Oh they will piss and moan with bravado but they’re not cut out for a direct illegal confrontation with the authorities. Many in the multi generational low class on the other hand have been to jail or have friends / family that have occupied a jail cell at some point. Their life revolved around an, “I don’t give a shit” attitude hence their station in life.

        • How about a 25%, at best, to a more realistic 40% decline in purchasing power of the Feral Reserve Note (Dollar)?
          How about when the Reality of the Legal “Citizenship” of 35+ million Illegals sets in? and the concurrent loss of more jobs? How about another Foreign NWO War? sponsored by a bankrupt USSA?

          • They’ll piss and moan but up until they miss a few meals with no relief in sight and hunger overrides they will just complain. Lets not underestimate their collective ignorance to accept bullshit as the government through a compliant media blames some outside forces for their plight. Throw in a few false flags to heighten the foreign danger that we need to protect ourselves from as icing on the cake.

            What you have is a collective Stockholm Syndrome.

            • I agree on the quisling ‘Merican sheeples, until the missed meals point. Blacks are prone to act out or speak up while most Whites try to grin and bear it. The Feral food lines of 42 million (EBT)experiencing a 40% reduction in purchasing power is explosive, even for Whites. The middle class is the target for elimination so don’t get too comfortable.
              The Feral Gov. is “prepping” for the “travails”, but Govs always misunderestimate to quote Bush II, who irregardless of local democRat failures, sure fubared in New Orleans.
              Time will tell the story of our collapse, but collapse is inevitable, IMO.

        • Kevin2

          Soon I will reach a point that the only news that matters is the news that affects the nation coast to coast. Regional news, except for Mother Nature is becoming too time consuming to evaluate if it is going to worth the effort. Local news is great because I get to hear the violence sometimes and know it is close and real. Like an explosion. One that is far off you can hear it. A closer one and you can see the fire and some feel some concussion. Closer yet, you feel the concussion, hear the explosion, feel the heat and can get injured by shrapnel.
          Tired of the B.S. Want the real thing to happen.

      45. Things are the way they are because some ass-hole(s) at the top of the pyramid want things this way.

      46. No good news unfortunately. Scientist friend says that Humans have only 70 yrs left on the planet and the environment will change, and become more in hospitable. The sun will heat up, and affect the environment is a negative way, he atmosphere will become un breatheable, that the cabal had prepared for this very thing. The cablal built underground bases and have bases on the moon on Mars, Ganemede, Triton and other moons in our solar system. Yes they have colonized other planets in our solar system, and have gone Type One. He said that they told him, that if they dont prepare, that even them, the cabal not survive, not us, not even them. So they had to take action, that they cant save eveyone. We are finished. There is no good news. A few posters think that my commnets are too over the top. I am posting the truth, and i am not going to hold back info that i know is true. This website is for discussions of this nature, the worst of it all. If anyone feels that its too much, you have the option of not reading it. I have read Failure of Civility and this is the reality check that we are facing. I Read One Second after also. Interestingly my friend told me that the Nasa scientist friend told him, that that book is where we are heading. I am not going to sugar quote this. No good fake news wont be coming from me, thats not my nature. I will only report what i know to be facts. Its down hill from now one, i am sorry guys, this is what i was told. You can belive me if you want, get mad if you want, these are the facts.

      47. “Strapped Americans Headed for “Civil Unrest and Riots,” With Poor Spending 60% on Bare Essentials”…….which leaves 40% for “other stuff”. What’s the problem?

      48. but always remember americans voted for all they have, sort of looks like your last life raft is full of holes, riot all you want i wont be there with you

      49. Sorry, don’t believe it.

        Our “poor” have cell phones, cars, big screen TV’s with cable and gaming systems, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing, “earned” income tax credits, “free” medical care ( ER’s County Health Clinics etc), head start, free school lunches, houses from habitstupid for humanity, and on and on and on and on and on and on.

        Oh wait, are you talking about the poor that do not drain the government coffers? Which two are those?

      50. This is NOT CORRECT!
        Some of us are spending 100+% on Bare Essentials!

        And, in reply to others…some of us do NOT have cell phones to talk on, TVs, food stamps – I’m too old to get enough for even half a week!, section 8, credits, free medical care,….and so on….we just barely survive.
        Yes, I have an internet connect – as my ONLY means to communicate with the rest of the world…the cheapest I can find.

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