Straight From A Tyrant’s Mouth: “If 19 Million People Go About Their Lives, There’s Nothing We Can Do”

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    The tyrants of the world are finally admitting that if we all stand up, there’s nothing they can do about it. Authoritarian Andrew Cuomo even said so during a press conference about the plandemic.

    The mainstream media tried desperately to hide this little gem of a clip, but a few liberty-lovers took the time to listen to the tyrant Cuomo speak in order to find it.  Please remember, it is not in any of the videos of this online.  I was able to find this in a Dollar Vigilante video done by Jeff Berwick.  This video needs to get out. The tyrants know we have the power, and the people need to realize it!

    Go to 23:28 in the video below.  Berwick went through a lot to find this video clip, and he explains why the mainstream media is desperately trying to prevent this slip from getting out:

    At 26:06, the clip of Cuomo begins. The tyrant says, “Everything we’re doing is basically voluntary on behalf of the people, right? Ah, state government, local government, federal government, can’t really doesn’t have the power to enforce stay at home orders if 19 million people said ‘I’m going out today,’ ah, they would go out.”

    Berwick says, “I went, I looked at it, I saw with my own eyes, I was like ‘holy cow! I gotta put that in my video the next day! But it took us hours to find it!'”  Berwick explains that this is just more evidence that what information we get from the mainstream media is manipulated and done to manufacture consent to the tyrannical ruling class. They DO NOT want us to know our true power!

    Tyranny Ends When We Say It Does, and That Time Is NOW With The Free Market

    This is a great video which explains how powerful the people really are in comparison to those who want to rule them and enslave them and steal the fruits of their labor:

    Berwick does explain that in Los Angeles, the government has threatened to turn off the water to businesses that refuse to obey their commands that they submit to their slavery.  That’s not very “voluntary.” But, what they didn’t want everyone to know, is that if everyone just disobeyed their laws and commands, the ruling class couldn’t stop them.

    So even the authoritarians that are trying to get us to give up our basic human rights know that if we stand together and wake up and all of us defy them, there’s nothing they can do about it.  That’s what it’s going to take to render this ruling class obsolete too. They know we are powerful and that we outnumber them.  All we have to do is withdraw our consent (which was manufactured by the fear-mongering propaganda outlets known as the mainstream media) to be ruled by them. 


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      1. Get ready for the next hoax.
        Alien Invasion.
        You will be shown video. Don’t believe it.
        Why would Advanced civiliztion want to speak with you or I?
        Do you talk to ants?
        Don’t believe the coming Alien Invasion hoax.
        Remember I warned you of coming hoax.
        News/Politics/Media is all controlled and is all theater.

        If it is real then the government will lock you up.
        “FREE the WikiLeaks journalist JULIAN ASSANGE”

        I had more but they censored my comments.
        Government at work. Or Chicom CCP?

        • h ttps://
          It would be plausible for the universe to function on the Anthropic Principle, if we were made in the image of the Creator. For religious purposes, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. (Job 28:28, Psa 111:10, Pro 1:7, Pro 9:10, Pro 15:33, Isa 11:2)

          For secular purposes, the beginning of wisdom is free agency. How was it decided that you would drive in a car, or fly in a heavier-than-air vehicle? The first step was to decide it.

          If the ant spoke back, showed self-reflection or forethought, an enlightened person would afford it all the common courtesies. Do him a favor. Give him something nice to eat. Talk about something that interests you, like it’s show-and-tell. Maybe, he can do you a favor, too, as an act of goodwill. In one children’s story, the mouse was useful to a lion.

          In the extra-canonical writings, we were given logistical support, helping to found our civilization. Couldn’t they ask you (in the position of the ant) for your own expert advice, about one of your own hobbies or special interests?

          “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
          — Heb 13:2

          Such paranormal phenomena are said to shut down rockets, tease the pilots, pass through encampments at night, reveal intel, disperse chemtrails, and restore blighted lands to life. No wonder, they were hated by the tyrants and Pharisees of yore.

          The Elect will not fall to a laser show, prison walls, furnaces, a lion’s den, or the lack of food, unless the Most High says so.

        • All CIA propaganda and false flags. We are their Lab Rats,. Cold War Hoax, Communism Hoax, Terrorism Hoax, Now Pandemic Hoax, and yep Space alien hoax coming. All to use us humanoids as their lab rat experiment, amusement to watch people in fear, tell you to wear a tin hat for protection, pull out all the space junk hidden in area 54,.. and suspected space aliens and they can hijack your phone. When you all had enough BS, lets get a shooting and a hanging.. There were huge 13 ft tall skeletons found in Lake Delevan Wisconsin, Found Huge Humanoids with 3 foot wide sculls. Search that..

          Pandemic was a BETA Test, watch for 2 yrs of grid down, and see how you live without electricity and refrigeration grid required. Got chickens and rabbits and a Garden? Homestead Off the Grid.

          • Test the spirits, and see if something cool happens.

            h ttps://

            Calvinists say that works have ceased, but you can’t lose your salvation.

            Arminians believe in a miracle, yet are forever trying to hold their place.

            I like to have my cake and eat it, too.

      2. BrooklynSez:
        This is B***S**** First things first I LIVE In NYC and what the governor did with this lockdown absolutely saved lives. The problem with these Kooky videos that are very obviously edited to fit the kooky B.S. that the author wants you to swallow. Please don’t take this B.S. seriously, Please don’t. Look if you get a chance read excerpts from the book the Great Influenza by John M. Barry, read the AMA journals on how the biggest pandemics caused so much harm. The lessons from 1918 are definitely NOT being taken seriously in 2020. I hate to make a bet like this but if you break Quarantine and demand an end to social distancing and you gather in groups I can guarantee you that the 2nd and 3rd and 4th Wave are going to be even more devastating than this first wave which by the way has already claimed 200,000 world wide. Listen to the Expert Doctors not the idiot who said injecting with Lysol and UV light is going to work…..seriously WTF!!! please folks listen and learn from HISTORY not some kooky tinfoil videos.
        NUFF said!

        • how much of your freedom are you willing to give up for a little bit of safety? you deserve nether because your a sheep and a slave to the nwo scum!

          • He just wants that Universal Basic Income. He voted for Schmuck Schumer!

            • Who did you vote for, and what do we get?

              h ttps://

              Like debating the merits of Pepsi vs. Coke.

        • Hey mr. Brooklyn. Your not old Chuckie Schumer in disguise are you? Sure sounds like him.

        • 1.6 million people died from TB worldwide last year. Did we shut the world down? No. Tens of thousands of people die worldwide from various ailments each year. Do we shut the world down for each of those ailments? No. The truth is, people die. When it is your time, it is your time. Whether it’s from COVID-19 or something else. My 22 y.o. grandson just died early Sunday morning at a birthday party from lead poisoning (better know as a bullet). Unfortunately, it was his time. So, you can either live your life cowering in fear and slavery or you can live your life as free as possible. I choose to be right with God, be free and not bow down to the tyrants.

        • You’re accepting, at face value, people who do not recognize your right to exist. A sane society would allow for the quarantine of the sickly and enfeebled, without deconstructing itself to the point of famine, dependency, and closures of necessary businesses.

          There is nothing inherently sinful about your human living needs. Noone has a higher claim to your possessions, nor to your person, than you. No debt needs to be paid to society, nor to an overlord, nor do any milestones need to be crossed, before freedom — unconditional, free and clear. You don’t have to convince me of anything.

          But, you’re never going to satisfy them, without that Mark, required of all who would buy or sell. There is always going to be another wave or some new excuse. No pharmaceutical will be ever good enough. The perfect vaccine regimen will forever be a work in progress. Mainstream science, msm, and consensus reality is going to be in a quandary, until we’re all solidly dependent on ubi, in the form of a relief check.

          • The crazies are out in force?????

      3. “If 19 Million people go about they’re lives, there’s NOTHING that ‘we’ can do.”

        The Truth be told.
        Now, take that one step further and ask; ‘What IF 100 Million people stop making mortgage payments…car payments, roughly all at the same time?’
        Answer; utter, bat-shit crazy on the parts of every Banker, Congress-Critter, Stock Market participant, et al.
        No system can – ever be – set up to respond to such an event; all CONTROL systems (critically) require the tacit cooperation of the ‘deplorables’ in order to function…it COST money to buy the goons necessary to enforce their contracts.
        Now, on to ‘Moral Hazard’, a topic I am EXTREMELY fond of.
        For DECADES we’ve been beaten over the head with the bludgeon which is ‘moral hazard’, no? And yet the Fxxking thieves running this country – and their ‘enablers; the entire political apparatus of this country, the LEO’s who are supposed to ‘Protect and Serve’, “We the People…”- for at least a century now have unfailingly done their utmost to pillage the middle class into oblivion via thier usurious ‘loan-shark’ grade systems and utterly excommunicate the poor of this country from any participation in the economic stream via the patent abuse which is the ‘Credit Agency’s’… and WE have to lectured day in, day out about MORAL HAZARD?!?!
        Go look up “Force Mageiur’, every frickin company on EARTH invokes this when they NEED to…why can’t YOU?

      4. GO BACK TO WORK, and because they are counting us as not being there, pocket all the money. Don’t pay taxes until they lift the lockdowns entirely.

      5. They can just turn off your ubi.

        • “…in Los Angeles, the government has threatened to turn off the water to businesses that refuse to obey their commands that they submit to their slavery. That’s not very “voluntary.”

          Water, electricity, and fungible mediums of exchange could come from voluntaryist means, except we see the only two possible alternatives as welfare statists vs. overt enslavement by the rentseekers.

          I challenge the altruists to spend your benefits money accordingly.

          • The governor of Illinois sought permission from the federal government to do the same thing to any state resident for any reason shortly after Illinois house arrest for all started.

      6. A bunch of people are protesting by having an orgy on the National Mall at noon tomorrow.

      7. It only took 3% of the total population to fight and win the revolutionary war, all it would take to win again would be about 10%. Or you could put a bounty on the heads of those that lead the tyranny and see how that works out. Imagine if the heads of the banking industry and people like George Soros had to escape bounty hunters.

      8. Take it to them! Bounty is good. Make them irrelevant by ignoring their endless rules. No taxes until the bullshite stops on all levels fed state and county city. If we do this we can make them obsolete! We are a sovereign republic! We want our stolen riches returned NOW!

      9. There used to be sumptuary laws, about who was legally allowed to wear a pretty color of clothing or a perfume, or on the things that we were allowed to eat, based on our political caste. (Pretty pastries have been locked in safes).

        With relative-few exceptions about how far we can take it, we could now be creating art and high culture.

        Instead of living on ‘World Star Hip Hop’ and ‘Live Leak’, et al.

        This could be a museum and trade school, if people just wanted a “Gault’s Gulch”, like the parallel dimension on “Tomorrowland”.

      10. The crazies are out in force?????

      11. The tinfoil hat brigade are out in force????

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