Stormy Daniels ARRESTED In Strip Club For Touching Patrons Inappropriately

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Entertainment, Headline News | 26 comments

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    The left’s favorite hero, Stormy Daniels has been arrested in a Columbus, Ohio strip club for inappropriately touching patrons. The adult film actress was busted touching patrons on stage which is a violation of a state law.

    Daniels was flung to fame when she sued President Donald Trump following an alleged affair, making her a star and hero to the left – even though the porn star admitted to lying about the affair before. Daniels claims the alleged affair with Trump took place in 2006 and she received $130,000 from Trump’s attorney in 2016 in exchange for her silence. The White House and Donald Trump have both repeatedly denied an affair happened.

    Daniels now faces three misdemeanor counts of illegally touching a patron and will be arraigned Friday morning, court records show. Daniels will plead not guilty to the three misdemeanor charges, her attorney, Michael Avenatti, tweeted. According to CNN, one of Daniels’ biggest cheerleaders, she posted $6,054 bail and was released Thursday morning.

    “She was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her while on stage in a nonsexual manner! Are you kidding me?” Avenatti tweeted. “They are devoting law enforcement resources to sting operations for this? There has to be higher priorities.”

    However, in a probable cause affidavit obtained by CNN affiliate WSYX, detectives who were at the Sirens Gentlemen’s Club said they observed Daniels remove her top and force patrons’ faces into her chest. “The officers also observed Ms. Clifford fondling the breasts of female patrons,” Franklin County Municipal Court records show.

    When officers witnessed those activities, three detectives approached the stage. Daniels allegedly made her way toward two detectives, leaned over and grabbed their faces. She shoved each of their faces between her breasts, court documents said.
    She fondled a third officer’s buttocks and breasts, according to the documents. Daniels was one of three people arrested at the club, but it’s unclear who the other two were. –CNN

    Avenatti closed his tweet with #SetUp, alluding to his belief that Daniels’ arrest could have been politically motivated. Daniels apologized for being arrested and unable to perform for her fans and customers later.

    Avenatti says that he will help Daniels fight all the charges.


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      1. What I find amusing is her lawyers claim that this arrest is a political thing, as if she didn’t make herself a political figure with here politically timed attack on Trump (in violation of an apparent settlement, allegedly done by his attorney without consulting him to just avoid campaign distractions, prohibiting it).

        • Karma is a bitch. Live by the sword, die by the sword. 🙂

      2. Like Clint Eastwood once said, A man (or woman) has to know their limitations.” You gotta know the law, regardless of which of the United States you make be working in.And finally, ignorance of the law is no excuse. John

      3. No surprise here. Hitting the gutter, a strip club in Ohio.

        • because, you know, new york is SUCH a prize…

          • I’m from NY and NY knows gutters well. Been that way ever since it became a blue state liberal cesspool kowtowing to the communist governor Cuomo and the undue treasonous NYC running the state into the ground….left and didn’t look back.

            • I live in Rochester, New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo (son of Mario, another and former New York Governor), along with the Catholic Charities have turned the Rochester (the former crown jewel of Upstate New York), into a Soweto ghetto over-run with illegal black Adidas prowling the streets and highways.

              We need to get the Cuomos out of political office and ban them from ever holding public office ever again. This ban needs to go into effect to end the political dynasties of the Kennedys, Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas.

              Term limits need to be put in place. [very serious]. The elections, according to the Democrats, have been taken over by the Russians anyway. The American people might as well make the Russians work harder at controlling our elections. [heavy sarcasm].

              In my home of Upstate New York, the Roman Catholic Church and the Catholic Charities have become just another NGO forcing “open borders” down upon the people. Along with these un-elected rogue billionaires, like George Soros, the Church needs to lost their tax free status, have their assets confiscated, and be forcefully reminded about the separation of Church and State, the Rule of Law, and using sedition, anarchy, and treason to achieve their NWO.

      4. Now they need to arrest Sasha Cohen for impersonating a disabled veteran which is not only stolen valor but a felony.

      5. Ohio’s finest – boldy going where thousands have gone before!

      6. Just another wore out whore.

        • Post wall whore at that. She looks like spoiled milk.

        • Menzo, agreed. Whores don’t have any credibility and her lawyer…..well, that one word says it all. NEVER trust anyone with a law degree or even a badge.

          • Hell, long dong silver probably can’t do her any good.

            • It would be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

      7. This is NEWS why?!

        How about some ink on Cody Wilsons great court win(a case that never should have made the light of a courtroom!)or perhaps the POTUS pardon of the Hammonds!

        • She is just a stupid PIG like most Liberals

      8. I’ll keep on telling the truth while you censor away. You need to widen the goalposts.

      9. Whore be whoring….tell us again about Donald Trumps undershorts…..Shameless gold digger. No wonder Rome fell like it did, if this how the women acted, actively subverting through blackmail and extortion while whoring around and being a snoop to find scoops to blackmail with.

      10. Word came out that Stormy was breast-slapping patrons of the fine establishment. Talk about the need to ban assault weapons!!! Next thing you know some disgruntled inbred chesty girl is going to go beserk at a high school. The horror, the horror. I wonder what His A**holiness David Hogg and his bald side-kick Emma Guttera** will do then?

        • Hogg wouldn’t like it because he is a queerboy.

      11. Stormy Daniels…..the poster child for the word “Whore”.

        I have more respect for a street-walker.

      12. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the grandson of a criminal, cheated on his wife Eleanor with her secretary, hid his crippling polio, knew the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor and actually provoked them into doing it in order to get the USA into WW2, had Communist tendencies, and is still lauded as a great President; but the Press never reported any of this.

        John Kennedy never went without females. Who killed Kennedy? A video on YouTube says it was done by Isrealhell and that Isrealhell did the Twin Towers.

        So like who cares if Trump is having an affair or if his girlfriend is a bad girl; tell us about something that affects us like wars for Isrealhell, unchecked immigration, gun rights, free speech, or why we don’t take white refugees but we take refugees from the Middle East and Somalia.


        • B from CA.. another reason JFK was killed is because he insisted on inspecting the Dimona nuclear plant in Israel as the law required. That and attempting to pull the troops out of Vietnam completely by 1965. Why is the media not investigating the missing $21 trillion? Why are US troops still in Germany 70 years after WW2 ended? Why is Russia considered a threat to Germany when they are supplying energy to that nation? The warmongers continue to bankrupt America.

      13. Her line of work involves touching the patrons, inappropriately. You’re all heard of this, before.

        But, it’s the Eva Braun tier masochism, which I find counterintuitive and scandalous.

        The scope of the discussion has you looking for ethnic-Russian operatives, operating, inside of Mother Russia.

        Besides crossing oceans, to investigate foreign jurisdictions, besides dignitaries, who can afford to cover their asses, why are you not focused on the cheap people, nearby.

        Sub mediocre people might have colluded with Russia, if you wanted to play that card.

      14. Isn’t this a bit like handing out speeding tickets at the Indy 500?

        I mean… ever been to Vegas I’m just saying…

      15. Didn’t turn out like you all wanted it, huh?

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