Stores In South Haven Michigan DEFY Tyrannical Governors’s Orders & Open Businesses

by | May 28, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    We are finally seeing a massive pushback against the tyrannical government.  People are getting tired of living under the boot of authoritarianism, and are disobeying the commands of politicians.

    Politicians are just humans, and as such, have no power unless they are willing to violence to enforce their will.  That’s where law enforcement comes in.  But fortunate, we are finally seeing people get off their knees and stop bowing to the ruling class.  Instead, they are doing what we suggested weeks ago: stop asking permission and live like the free sovereign human being you were born as. People in South Haven, Michigan have finally stood up.

    Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s latest shutdown extension, which was ordered without the support of the state legislature, has Michigan locked down through June 12th. Her self-declared state of emergency for Michigan got pushed back to June 19th, according to WBCK People in Michigan have decided to disobey her and begin to live their lives again.

    As she extended the lockdowns, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the mortality rate of COVID-19 is no worse than the flu. Politicians seem upset that regular people are beginning to put 2 and 2 together to come up with 4 all on their own.

    Residents of South Haven have finally had enough.  And they are not alone.

    People all over this country are figuring out that they don’t need the government, it needs them.  As this becomes widely known, more people will be willing to stand up and look their master in the eye as they break their own chains.

    For those who think it’s “wrong” to disobey a politician or police officer, consider this: are they not just humans like you and me? What gives them the right to take away your rights? How many votes are required to enslave you? Why are they considered more equal than the rest of us?

    When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” -often attributed to Thomas Jefferson.

    “The thing worse than the rebellion is the thing that causes the rebellion.” –Frederick Douglas

    It’s past time to permanently abolish the last form of slavery and wipe it off the globe.  Humans were not meant to be ruled or governed. Humans are not the property of the state. Humans are not tax cattle to be used and abused from cradle to grave. Humans are free. Humans are sovereign. Humans own themselves.


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      1. Fox News Article:
        “Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick admonished the “shutdown six” Thursday for failing to lift lockdowns instituted to counter the coronavirus, singling out the Democratic governors of New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California.
        “I call them the shutdown six, the biggest six states, all Democrat governors,” he told “Fox News @ Night” host Shannon Bream.”
        – – – –
        This Politician is spouting off because he knows that Texans are damn mad and have had Enough.
        Shelley Luther was locked up for her stand against TYRANTS. Go watch on youtube how the commie judge dressed Shelley Luther down in court.
        Question: Why no reaction against this commie judge? This arrest of Shelley and the commie judges words was close to making Texas similiar to what is currently going on in Minneapolis. Shelley Luther stood firm. God bless Shelly Luther.

        THAT IS the REAL REASON WHY THE MEDIA AND POLITICIANS WANT YOU not meeting and talking to each other in bars, churches, sports workouts. Maybe you will get together and STAND.

        Facts are that Texas was VERY shutdown. Cowards did nothing but follow orders like good little liar media commie mind controlled comrads. Then there was the suburb hair dresser that “Had enough of the antiAmerican antiBusiness lockdown lunatic insanity.” Shelley Luther.

        Note: it was Not a rough and tough Texas cowboy that had the balls to say “Hell No.” (Where were all you wanna be never has been tactical weenies in your 511 over priced tacticool Gucci gear with those magical black rifles with all that crap hanging off them?)

        so censor that you tech tyrant monoply antiAmerican commie nannies.
        Some of us will NEVER: be vacinated, “social distance”, wear a commie thug mask, or live in fear. We will Ignore you. Cancel you. Stop using your services. Vote you out of office.

        We will simply live our lives well until we die by whatever or whoever. Those who trust in Jesus are often calm in battles of life. The Real Battle is Near. The Beast System is HERE now. Are you ready? Will you Resist? Are you as brave as a suburb hair dresser?

      2. You say ” As this becomes widely known, more people will be willing to stand up and look their master in the eye as they break their own chains.”
        Government is NOT our master. We are the master, and they are the servant…it’s high time this relationship was put right.

      3. Gang stalking victims continue to be gang stalked after they have moved. It is a targeted campaign. I do not believe anyone that says that it stopped after they had moved. Particularly if they claim that their information was too dangerous to publish while living at one address, but suddenely the same information is no longer too dangerous to publish at a different address. It is a bull shit hypothesis! It is devoid of all logic!  I believe that they are in on it, because research shows that it follows victims after they move. For me, it started with my energy meter being hacked and read all letter Ds for default. Disengage,Disinformation, Disrupt, Displace, Destroy, Devour, Death. 

        I refuse to be pushed around by terrorists. I refuse to reward evil behavior.

      4. Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz has called the National Guard on the BLM protests over the police brutality murder of George Floyd.

        In English Standard Orwellian double speak, Waltz calls for coming together to rebulid the justice system.

        The perpetrator police are still at large and not in prison.

        Amy Klubochar had 12 police officers guilty of homicide allowed to evade prison sentences for their murders.

      5. June 1st is National Return to Work Day. Pass it on.

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