Stocks Post WORST April Start Since The Great Depression

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Headline News, Peter Schiff | 25 comments

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    The S&P 500 closed down more than 2.4% Monday and the broad market index posted its worst April start since 1929.  This slide in the markets caused the worst start since the Great Depression, sparking fears we are on the same path.

    The Dow Jones industrial average fell 1.9 percent (or 458 points) as China’s retaliatory tariffs against United States agricultural goods stoked fears of a global trade war. Dow stocks with large international markets now exposed to global tariffs such as Boeing and 3M, led the decliners.

    Many market analysts have predicted we will live through another Great Depression, and Peter Schiff says this next one will be far worse than one our ancestors lived through. “The bad news is, we are going to live through another Great Depression and it’s going to be very different. This will be in many ways, much much worse, than what people had to endure during the Great Depression,” Schiff says. “This is going to be a dollar crisis.”

    “The Fed thinks they create economic growth…by [saying] ‘let’s jack up the stock market and then the economy’s going to grow and people are going to go out and spend more money.,’” says Schiff. “It’s actually doing damage. If you create a bunch of phony wealth, and people end up spending money that they otherwise would have saved, you are undermining economic growth.”

    And Schiff, who accurately predicted the 2008 recession, has now predicted the dollar crisis.  The dollar is now in a downward spiral thanks to China’s petro-Yuan.

    Bespoke Investments Co-Founder Justin Walters, who also noted the historic nature of the close, said in an email that equity fears aren’t likely to abate until earnings arrive. “Based on recent market action, the bears clearly have control right now,” Walters wrote. “The path of least resistance is lower until something comes along to reverse that trend.”

    Schiff, in contrast, says the deep state (those who operate the Federal Reserve) is not afraid to crash the economy on Trump’s watch.

    Schiff says “it’s not a good thing” that the economy is going to crash and burn. “Unfortunately, that’s what Trump has inherited from Obama. But it’s not even really just Obama, it’s the federal reserve. It’s the monetary policy that has been passed like a baton from Clinton to Bush to Obama and now to Trump. And we’re near the end of the game and unfortunately, Trump’s gonna be the fall guy.  This thing is all gonna collapse while he’s president.

    The tax cuts will give Democrats a reason to blame the collapse all on the Republicans, says Schiff.And we are getting close to this collapse. –SHTFPlan

    The trade wars with China is also the perfect smokescreen for an economic crash and will allow the mainstream media to wholly blame Trump when it happens.

    I’m hitting readers with all of this because I am growing rather tired of the contingent of Trump apologists in the liberty movement scrambling to defend every single Trump action no matter how illogical. These people should know better. Sorry, but Trump is not “playing 4D chess” against the globalists. His primary actions have only served so far to create a useful distraction away from the globalists.

    The disturbing key to all of this is the fact that many of Trump’s policies are things that I and many others have argued for in the past. The problem is, he is implementing them out of order and with bad timing, which will only make such policies appear destructive in the end, rather than constructive.Alt

    Trump is looking like he will be fall guy, and when the economy does crash; and it will, Trump won’t be able to do a whole lot to stop it – in fact, he will be seen as the cause.  His policies are slightly dangerous, but he and his “ride or die” supporters won’t state the truth and just like the mainstream media, they will tow the line with no real blame from either side going to where it belongs: The Federal Reserve.


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      1. I have heavily invested in stocks for the past 50 years, and have seen my investments in some cases triple in value and more. Never a down side. An no broker fees!

        The sector is; fine polished hardwoods and black polymer
        with attending accessories. Win Win! and depression proof.

        • This Petro Dollar system we are in was not designed to last much longer than 50 years.
          Count your blessings and more into hard assets before its too late.

        • Harbard, nonsense, in the last 50 years we have seen numerous crashes that wiped out all previous gains and the value of USD has drastically declined in buying power. You are only fooling yourself.

          Today we are at the peak of the massive gov created bubble and all the tech shit is breaking down for good reason. TSLA at the top of the heap and FB and others following right behind. It is all garbage and easy to short. Its a good thing !

          • Ditto to

            I made a little bit money in mutual fund investments back in the 1980s and 1990s, but have had nothing but misery whenever I have invested in individual stocks. If I had it all to do over, I would have stuck to CDs and a few conservative mutual funds and stayed out of the Stock market. Wall Street is a rigged game and the only people who wind up making any money are the shysters who are the (((insiders))).

        • Sweet Jesus! Did no one catch the joke on this?

      2. Shoot, there must be plenty of funny money floating around out there. They gave tax cuts to the haughty and doubled down just voting themselves a pay raise. And now churches can talk politics until the cows come home. Onward fake Christian soldiers.

      3. On the upside, Guillotine sales should go through the roof!

      4. There was nothing GREAT about the Great Depression. Is this what “Make America Great” was really intended by Trump’s campaign personnel?

        Study how Germany came out of high inflation, unemployment, moral degeneracy, and financial ruin under a Nationalistic Dictatorship; while America continued to experience financial catastrophe.

        _ For one thing, the Germans put the Central Bank big shot, Louis Rothschild, behind bars. Then negotiated his release for a multi-million dollar pay-off via American Financial Institutions. All behind the scene of course, and kept quiet ever since. I guess tptb are afraid of copy cats.


      5. Off the subject a little.


        WOW I guess that place is KNOB CREEK or THEY DO NOT WANT THE 1920s and 1930s to happen again ????

        Lets see what LAW ENFORCEMENT is going to do.

        Come on people of Deerfield Village, and City Council WAKE UP.

        This also smells like another LEFTY LOOP……

        • This IS NO “LEFTY agenda”– get your head out of your a–!! We have no 2 party system– its all a hoax!! There is ONLY THEM (the elite/1%) and the rest of us. Our country has been taken over– there is a mafia elite/shadow government ruling the US and IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHO WE “ELECT”!!!

          Trump just signed a bill authorizing this sh–! Did you forget??! “take the guns, ask questions later, Trump bill”!!!

          • Anon

            I agree so why are you slamming me ?

        • Wealthy, creampuff suburb of Chicago. Libturds predominate there. Can’t fix stupid.

        • The Communist cockroaches in Deerfield, Illinois are in violation of established Constitutional law, regarding the illegal passage of ex post facto laws – which is prohibited:

          ex post facto law
          • a law which operates by after enactment. The phrase is popularly applied to any law, civil or criminal, which is enacted with a retrospective effect, and with intention to produce that effect; but in its true application, as employed in American law, it relates only to crimes, and signifies a law which retroacts, by way of criminal punishment, upon that which was not a crime before its passage, or which raises the grade of an offense, or renders an act punishable in a more severe manner that it was when committed. Ex post facto laws are held to be contrary to the fundamental principles of a free government, and the States are prohibited from passing such laws by the Constitution of the United States.

      6. We all knew the stock market was over inflated. and that eventually would deflate. So to give Trump credit for a overinflated market or blame him for its collapse is just stupid. Trump was stupid for trying to take credit for the overinflated market. I want to see it crash and burn. Its a scam that produces no product. I hope the greedy folks who invested in the market lose every penny.

      7. Its thousands of point up. Look at the bright side.
        Such a Debbie downer!!!!

        • Sgt. Dale, but it was way up before Trump was elected and he is reaching too far when he tries to pump it further because it is correcting. It has to correct because we have been in an artficial created bubble for almost a decade.

      8. The market bounced today. Up around 389 DJIA. What is coming to be normal is not – this see-sawing of the markets. I don’t get it how blind people are. The simple lack of stability, the wildness of the ups and downs. Ain’t normal folks. Just a bunch of high-rollers gambling anymore.

        • It remains to be seen if its a dead cat bounce?

        • Heartless, we are past the apex and the long awaited correction is taking place. Just the beginning, but it is already in motion. Lots of easy money to be made just by paying attention.The FANGS will all be targets as well as TSLA and a few others and some time this year you will see Uranium stocks go crazy because of the Uranium One sham being exposed and prosecutions unfolding. There is only one pure Uranium play in USA and I am buying shares monthly and also using options as well as short numerous names in tech and TSLA. And all are paying off well so far. But not even close to coming events. Also look for the metals and oil to spike this year on what some will call outlier events. But they are obvious at this juncture ! Consider this a freebie.

      9. Calling someone names Isnt going to change the facts. Yes indeed if I was a parasite cop from the broke ass state of Ill I would worry about the stock market and my pension also. If your not worried your stupid or a ostrich.

        • Old Guy, you should be very worried for good reason. All the municipal pensions will collapse going forward and Illinois and Kawleefornya are first in line !

      10. Stock prices will go up in every single day while Trump is president. How do I know this? It is because every day Alex Jones claims that Trump is a genius and keeps his campaign promises to increases stock market wealth. Trump also regularly proclaims that he makes the stock market go higher and higher like a rocket.

        But, what happens if stock prices drop and become “affordable”? Well, then according to Alex Jones, that would be a plot by the “globalists” to discredit Trump.

      11. Schiff and the other dollar haters will once again be proven wrong. Global investment is an order of magnitude larger than trade, buy-backs, and anything the Fed will do. Countries can trade in what ever currency they want, but the proceeds will be parked in dollar-based assets. What’s the alternative – European or Japanese debt?

        The elephant in the room is not the Fed, it’s govt – specifically, deficit spending, fraud, corruption, and unequal enforcement of the rule of law, which is destroying confidence and trust (pillars of a healthy economy).

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