Stock Up Now: Food Shortages Are Becoming Noticeable

by | May 4, 2022 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    Even the mainstream media has started to take notice of the obvious food shortages affecting nearly everyone. The White House is even hosting its first “food insecurity” meeting in 50 years.

    President Joe Biden will convene a White House conference in September focused on ending hunger and improving nutrition across the nation, a White House official told CNN, as the United States sees higher rates of food insecurity as the prices skyrocket and shelves empty.


    The last time the White House hosted a conference focused on food insecurity was more than 50 years ago when President Richard Nixon hosted the White House Conference on Food, Nutrition, and Health in 1969. That landmark event led to expansions of the food stamp program and the school lunch program, the creation of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, and improved nutrition labeling.

    The conference comes as skyrocketing grocery prices and supply chain problems further contribute to food insecurity, exacerbating already-existing issues and making it harder for Americans to shop for weekly food staples. “Too many families don’t know where they’re going to get their next meal,” Biden said in a video announcing the conference. “Too many empty chairs around the kitchen table because a loved one was taken by heart disease, diabetes or other diet-oriented diseases, which are some of the leading causes of death in our country.”

    The mainstream media is continuing to blame the Ukrainian/Russian conflict for the supply shortages even though anyone paying attention noticed problems in the food supply long before Russia’s “invasion.”

    Russia’s war on Ukraine has affected global food supplies, causing the prices of key agricultural products produced in the region — including wheat — to skyrocket and many countries are fearing shortages. The cost of soybeans, corn, and vegetable oils has also increased.

    “America, the most powerful country in the history of mankind, has the tools to make sure that no children are hungry, that no family should be feeling shame by not being able to feed themselves. The federal government must be here to be the wind behind the sails to move the ship forward,” Jose Andrés a chef said.

    The media is propagating the masses to buy into increased levels of enslavement in order to solve the food crisis when its government (which is a euphemism for slavery) that caused the problem to begin with. The mainstream media desperately needs you to believe that you need a master ruling over you in order to survive. It’s time to break the chains.


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      1. It is time to remove Biden and his cohorts!

        • Yes cull all the Washington DC Swamp creatures first. Lots of culling to do. Got your lists who’s next? Soon when all society collapses, its game on. No Rule of Law, dead men can’t talk. Gitter done’. There may be just a short window of open season culling available. And cannibalism will be in vogue again. Just add bbq sauce and rotate often..

      2. ” It’s time to break the chains. ”
        Really? the average person expects our Gov to fix all these problems, problems they.. our Gov created.
        That’s why they(libs)aren’t so put off by inflation because they get to try and fix that problem too.

        Far too many are dependent on socialism programs to survive now, BY DESIGN, totally intentional.

        33 billion $ to ukraine, wealth redistribution- we have zero business being there.
        Just weeks away before American soldiers will be dying for NOT OUR PROBLEM.

        • Horse – The gov’t has a long history of deploying troops and personnel from a variety of agencies on the ground in operations around the world without the public being informed. The US has military personal on the ground in dozens of countries right now, and highly likely in Ukraine. Furthermore, many countries already know it, but as usual the Amer. public is the last to know. The State, PTB, neo-cons, and other nameless and faceless individuals and organizations have their agendas. They have no problem pissing away your kids and grandkids as cannon fodder to achieve their goals, mostly which we know completely nothing about. I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for all the troops who fought and died in Iraq, Afghanistan, and all the other ventures and wars over there, they were my American brothers and sisters, but sadly they died in vain. They were simply used to fight for lies and secret agendas. There was no existential threat to the US and we did not accomplish anything that benefitted the American people. It’s all a g*dd*m shame.

          • I used to work with a Navy reservist & as a veteran myself he would talk about his deployments. He was always volunteering to go on year long deployments to wherever, mainly for the money. He is EOD and according to him, is often deployed with the SEALs, he’s the first to tell you he’s NOT a SEAL just works along side them. With that being said one of his deployments (within the last 5 years) was to east Africa. Don’t know the country but they were close to the coast and the seals were supposedly taking out African warlords to include using drone strikes. I can absolutely agree that we have units all over the world doing shit and the avg person hasn’t the foggiest clue of what’s really going on in the world.

        • Nope–not to Ukraine. That money is rerouted back and funneled to dishonest officials and politicians..or is that an oxymoron!!

      3. happening faster than i expected. I was planning on the SHTF in october as that is what the goya foods exec says, 6 months from now is what he said two weeks ago. looks like things may get real serious before the summer is over. good luck to all !

      4. We don’t need wind to move the sails moron,
        We need diesel fuel and millions of barrels of it per day. This world runs on energy and we are decades away from wind and Electric alternatives that are sustainable. Give us gas or give us death cause that is what is coming without fuel! Only 9 meals away from anarchy never rang more true!

        • S25 – very, very true. There is absolutely no way, none, that solar and wind power, and limited diesel fuel supply, and limited fertilizer production can ensure an ample supply of food and energy. No matter how complex or sophisticated or rich a civilization is, it always comes down to food and energy for viability – period.

      5. a time when this site will no longer have a purpose, other than to say “we told you so”, is fast approaching

      6. We’re in SW Florida and Sams and Public’s has no shortages that we can see. We don’t know about other stores as we pretty much only grocery shop there and farm markets which are likewise well provisioned. Ain’t saying it’s not coming, but it’s thank God not here as of yet. On another note prices are up especially for luxury meat (beef tenderloin, rib eye) that we now pass on being it’s often $20 – $25 pound. We’re buying 90% lean ground beef for $4 pound and skinless / boneless chicken breast for $2.50 pound.

        • Stores here in central WI are multi multi facing product to hide out-of-stock items and getting store brand generics to fill holes.
          The ground beef 80/20 was going for $2 a pound last week.
          Everything is going up and actual produce is getting smaller.
          I expect this to continue attempting to rotate my gasoline stock for the chainsaws and generator, only around 100 gal but it hurts the wallet.

          • 15% corn will hurt them.

        • I just read this morning; the meat is rotting because no one is buying.
          I am still stocked with $2.10 a lb. ground beef and $6 a bag chicken breasts(up from $4.50– I have paid for years!!).
          The slaughter house for my ground beef just moved to $2.70 lb fresh.

      7. I am a free spirit independent thinker that depends on no one. This is my redline in the sand as Obozo once said! I will not comply with Tyranny, I will not comply with a digital ID, vax passport or any other Orwellian NWO garbage. I was born free and I shall pass on that way as well! Do not comply!

        • Everyone depends on others,

          As Aristotle observed: ” Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god. ”

          Best figure out how to live it without compromising your inner being, your soul.

      8. “Time to break the chains.” Yup. Uh huh. Sure. Whatcha gonna do? Stop paying taxes?

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