Stock Market Crash: It Has Only Just Begun

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The stock market has been plummeting in the past few weeks, but Wall Street experts say that the panic has not yet peaked.  Despite the damage that has already been done, experts warn that the sell-off will only continue.

    While it may seem like traders have been starting to worry about the recent stock sell-off, one key indicator suggests they need to get even more nervous before the market can truly bottom out. That indicator is called the Arms Index (known as “TRIN” for short), and it compares advancing and declining stock issues and trading volume as an indicator of market sentiment. When the TRIN climbs above 2, that’s viewed as exceeding the threshold for indiscriminate selling. The TRIN has stayed below 2 this month, failing to surpass the threshold that Strategas considers a sign of indiscriminate selling. This indicator basically says that investors need to get even more panicked before the market can truly bottom out in a complete crash.

    The TRIN is considered “snake oil” by some, according to Bloomberg.

    If you listen to the mainstream media, it’s “too soon” to consider the market bearish, and no one should be panicking just yet.  Keep in mind, this was the same media that kept telling people that the economy is healthy and going strong when in reality, we’ve been living in a giant overinflated bubble ready to burst at any time. And others disagree with the mainstream media’s assessment.  Peter Schiff has called this a bear market for months now. Schiff also said that the American standard of living along with the United States dollar will take the biggest hit during this meltdown.

    Last week’s stock market nosedive signaled that there is going to be a lot more pain ahead, culminating in a financial catastrophe if the growing economic bubble bursts, says Schiff, who is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, according to RTStocks have been in hot water over the last three weeks amid investors’ concerns about the U.S. budget deficit, growing interest rates, and the trade wars launched by the U.S. across the world.

    So far, in October, the Dow tumbled over seven percent, the S&P is in correction territory down over 10 percent from its September record, while the Nasdaq has shed more than 12 percent.

    The damage has only just begun too if you believe analysts such as Schiff.


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      1. Lol who cares? Schiff is a cock nugget.

        • More fearporn. The market is not plummeting, it’s just in a minor correction. What does seem to be plummeting however is the credibility of this “prepper” site.

          • This is not a prepper site. It is an advertising platform for actual prepper sites. If you scan the list of 50 some odd articles posted here you will find exactly 2 prepper articles. One on Oct. 19 and one on Oct. 25. Nuff said.

          • Got to love the desperation of the skeptics. When this crash is over, you guys will be saying you predicted the whole thing before anyone else, lol!

      2. I agree, looking for a pull back of around 30% before the dust settles.

      3. Stock Market crash has only just begun? Who cares? All of these stock markets represent fixed games. Want to place a real bet? What are the odds that there will be no stock markets after the next Crash?

      4. And the at the Southern border an army approaches.


      5. This is not a market crash, this is little more than a typical correction. You may see a drop of even 5000 points, but in relative terms it is not a huge drop. Now I don’t have a crystal ball, or have any inside information, but will bet if the Fed. Res. sees weakness it will quietly continue QE, even as they continue to arise interest rates.
        The problem is the market, financial systems, and economy have been so manipulated and contorted it is no longer able to function normally. The stock market is way beyond normal for P/E ratio and other factors but continues on because it is literally addicted to easy and cheap money provided by the Fed. The market is not sustained naturally on positive investments, real economic growth, and sound money in a broad way. Rather, it is like a drug addict sustained only on narcotics until the person crashes. When the Fed. can longer keep supplying easy cheap money the market too will crash.
        Furthermore, almost every dollar of QE goes to the banks and Wall Street, little to none make it to the general population. As a result, the top 1 % are mainly the recipients of this new money, causing more super-hyper wealth concentration (presently the highest ever in American history) with the middle-class continuing to shrink and ongoing stagnant wages for the working people, regardless of what gov’t propaganda says.
        A web site for calculating inflation shows in Sept. 2018 it takes $6.14 to buy what $1.00 bought in Jan. 1972. The average annual salary in 1972 was $ 11,800, this means the average wage earner should now be making about $ 72,452 a year. However in 2018 one-half of wage earners make $ 30,000 or less in 2018, the average person now has far less disposable earnings. Taxes have also increased in real terms, taking away more money, further reducing buying power.
        The question to ask is; Is this all by accident? Like someone said, “It’s a big club but we’re not invited”.

      6. Crash and burn. Burn, baby, burn.

      7. People say I’m crazy for pulling out of the stock market before 2007 and that I missed “DOUBLING” my money. All I know is that I put everything into Silver and by any “Historic” measurement I am as rich as a Duke or Earl.

        In a world of lies and deceit, trust only what you can possess!

      8. Stock market what’s that? The bigshot gambling hall.

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