Steve Bannon: You’re a Nut Case If You Believe in the Deep State

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Kurt Nimmo Blog. 

    There isn’t a state within a state—popularized as the term Deep State—and if you believe this, you’re a nut case according to Steve Bannon. It’s simply a big bureaucracy, and it’s right out there in the open for all to see, according to Trump’s former White House strategist. 

    If that were indeed the case, you’d be able to stroll into a Bilderberg meeting or one organized by the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission. These guys decide your destiny in private, behind closed doors guarded by police and security details. 

    Bannon is considered one of the shining lights of the so-called Alt-right, the “New Right,” the “Dissident Right,” whatever. His inability or unwillingness to admit the obvious reveals something—he is a sellout and has always been a sellout. 

    Bannon is a member of the “dissident” establishment squaring off loudly against the “resistance” establishment—two factions of the same beast engaged in divisive, often scripted theatrics—and the time has arrived to let go of the well-documented fact a financial elite, hereditary aristocracy, and transnational corporations control governments around the world. 

    See, if you want to be “the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement,” you will have to make compromises, the same or similar compromises made by any other politician. 

    Steve is a former Goldman Sachs banker, so he has a good idea of how the system works. He once admitted an affinity for Vladimir Lenin.

    “Lenin,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” Bannon was employing Lenin’s strategy for Tea Party populist goals. He included in that group the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional conservative press.

    Except he really doesn’t want to control the state—he wants to own it, or pretend to own it, a wish that will never be, even though he agrees with the ruling elite there is no such thing as a deep state and those who believe in “conspiracy theories” have lost their marbles.  

    Bannon later denied his populism is based on the ideology of revolutionary communism that ultimately resulted in the murder of tens of millions of people. 

    As for the Tea Party, it did not begin as a populist group. It came together to oppose the financial elite that Bannon insists are not in control of the state. 

    In 2018, Ron Paul wrote:

    The movement commonly referred to as the tea party arose in opposition to the 2008 bank bailouts. The tea party grew as its focus shifted to opposition to President Obama’s policies, particularly his stimulus spending bill, cap-and-trade legislation, and, of course, the health care plan tea party leaders successfully branded as Obamacare. In its early days, the tea party was equally opposed to big spenders in both parties. In fact, it was often harder on Republicans than on Democrats. Tea party groups even backed primary challengers to Republican incumbents.

    Paul writes that the GOP subverted the original Tea Party. It now operates as a cheerleading section for establishment Republicans like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

    Not unlike Stalinist historical revisionism, the supposed Tea Party Republicans airbrushed out the original tea party historiography and replaced it with interventionist policies—statist interventions both abroad and at home—and the original Tea Party was denigrated as a gaggle of blue-sky isolationists and worse, libertarians. 

    Bannon now agrees with his erstwhile foes—the deep state and what Peter Dale Scott (who coined the term) calls “parapolitics,” go no deeper than the establishment parties (essentially a single party) and the entrenched bureaucracy of the state. 

    Time spent at Harvard, the military, Breitbart, and Goldman Sachs forged Bannon’s populist ideology, therefore it makes sense he does not see a government within a government and dismisses it as a Turkish or Egyptian thing, an impossibility in America. 

    In this regard, he agrees with the establishment Democrats, said to be his dire enemies and destroyers of western civilization and the belief in God. Bannon is in total denial of the fact a mega-wealthy financial elite and its internationalist corporate partners are destroying what was once upon a time a republic. 


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      1. TEA party
        Taxed enough already

        • They were co-opted by the NeoCons a long time ago.

      2. I always had the feeling something was wrong with Steve Bannon. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of him working for Goldman-Sachs. VERY interesting and enlightening. THAT speaks volumes. Never trust anyone from Wall Street. He was and may still be part of the problem. He’ll never be part of any solution.

      3. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…. articles so bad that there are 0 comments 5 in a row lol. Let’s chat about something important like maybe…. moonshine or guns or something relevant? Hey I have a question for you folks good with math… How much lower is the gear ratio if you go from 27 inch tires to 25 inch tires?

        • Oh my, now even I am being censored….

          • Rut-row!

        • Genius. I would guess 2-3 gear inches.

        • Assuming same size chain rings and one rear gear the drop is from 6.2 to 5.9 ratio. Hope this answers your really great question Genius?

        • Or even what can you plant in the fall..!

        • approx. 7% . Say your final gear ratio is 1:1 in fourth gear, and you have a 3.0 rear end gear ratio, it will now be approx. 3.21. most likely better acceleration, but lower top end. I would stick with recommended tire sizes from factory , as the whole suspension/weight of vehicle, was designed around it.

        • approx. 7% . Say your final gear ratio is 1:1 in fourth gear, and you have a 3.0 rear end gear ratio, it will now be approx. 3.21. most likely better acceleration, but lower top end. I would stick with recommended tire sizes from factory , as the whole suspension/weight of vehicle, was designed around it.
          another thing… it’s higher, not lower

      4. * Liberate Hong Kong * Pass on this message every website you post on. The protestors are full of courage. While Amerikkans are full of Apathy. Apathy seems to now be situation normal for most American sheep.

        1. China is taking over the USA. Marked China National Police cars are being allowed on American road ways. Spotted in California and Texas. Why is this allowed?
        2. China CCP is allowed offices on Amercian College/University campuses. Why is this allowed?
        3. China intel operatives are spotted ALL OVER north Texas. Why are they allowed here?
        4. China is a DANGEROUS Hostile enemy of the United States.
        – Why are they allowed to control USA Media?
        – Why is China allowed Ownership of USA civil aviation manufacturers?
        – Why are USA Politicians and USA media in bed with China?
        * * * China wants to DESTROY America. Open your eyes.

        “You don’t know what you got, til it’s gone.”
        Your Freedom is Leaving the Building.

        * Support Freedom Loving Hong Kong Protestors.
        – Comments about China are censored on most websites. –

      5. AALF, assuming you even live in one of these united States why don’t you start liberating your State.

        • * Free HongKong
          * Free Amerikka from Leftist Commie kooks.
          * Black Rifles Matter.
          * Blue Lives Matter
          * Border Security Matters.

          Pelosi doesn’t matter. Her attempted Coup will Fail.
          China censorship in America will Fail.

          History: China is tough against unarmed students, 1989 Tiananmen Square protests where unarmed people were run over by Tanks. Communist China at work.

          “I HATE YOU CHINA. I HATE your CCP.”
          -censor that- WE LOVE FREEDOM:
          FREEDOM-LIBERTY-JUSTICE-FREE SPEECH-2nd Ammendment. This is America. China, Pelosi, Beto, need to be educated about history.

          Commie Californians are now in the dark. Just like a third world commie state. Cali Commie Anti American Politicians have achieved their goal: Homeless people camping in squalor, pooing in the street, druggies, drunks, fags, illegal Aliens, all are now “Equal”.

          There is now “diversity and equality”. YOU ARE ALL IN THE DARK just like in a third world commie hell hole. Results of commie politicians rule and distruction, of a once great state.

          Do you think if Trump controlled the State that the blackout for a week would be allowed? You might consider that at upcoming election. Do you want to be “diverse and equal” in the dark. Or would you like to be in a first world nation that has Lights on with electricity.

          Look up this article from Yesterday:
          “Communist Mass Murderer Che Guevara Was Executed On This Day 52 Years Ago”
          The Bolivian army took out this commie.
          After the Bolivian forces executed Guevara, they cut his hands off as proof of his death and tossed his corpse in an unmarked grave. This was a fitting end for a megalomaniacal communist tyrant who inflicted untold misery on the people of Cuba and South America while he was alive.

          Published Oct 9, 2019
          By Shane Trejo

          Thank you Shane Trejo for a pleasant article with a very happy end. Commie, killed by people that had enough of a tyrants idiocy and murder.

          You can censor speech, but you can’t ignore History. Learn. Educate yourself. Turn off the TV. Turn off the screens.

      6. Being labeled as incompetent, mentally ill, crazy, insane, or a “nutcase” is dangerous anytime, but it is particularly dangerous under cultural Communistic leadership such as the bozos in power here and abroad.

        If comments are down it may be due to the legitimate fears people have as things become more and more bizarre in Disneyland USA.

        I have had trouble just getting current articles, and I don’t think my posts are made available for others to read. It can be frustrating so I’m guessing some commenters just give up.

        The only people whose comments come through regularly I can count on one hand.


      7. So the US bureaucracy is to blame while the globalist activities social and political are mirrored throughout the world, while those with the funds and means who have a vested interest in the preceding meet and discuss sports?


        I thought far more of Mr Bannon.

      8. [email protected] sez:
        a “vast right-wing conspiracy”

      9. Of course this bloated, gin-blossomed drunk is going to criticize us serfs. He is just another Deep State apparatchik who was thrown under the bus by the Mango Emperor early on. He and Bolton are probably “the whistleblowers”. It’s all Kabuki Theater. No one is coming to save us.
        If you have not figured this out and planned accordingly, then you are in for big trouble. One of the sayings on the walls at Thunder Ranch is: “If you look like food, you are going to be eaten.” Do not waste any more precious time reading doom porn. Get you plans in place and get ready for “The Roaring Twenties.”

      10. of course there’s no deep state.
        just because a former goldman sachs investment banker (bannon) was in charge of the biggest closed ecological space colonization exlperiment “ever” (biosphere 2) …whats so suspicious about that?
        deep state sheep state pfffttt

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