‘Steady State’ Or Deep State? New York Times’ Hate-Driven Coup

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    This report was originally published by Daniel McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute

    The New York Times unleashed a firestorm by publishing an anonymously written op-ed from someone purporting to be a “senior US Administration official” and who writes of a secret cabal within the US government that conspires to thwart President Trump’s agenda. Presented as a heroic “resistance” from within, many see it as the work of a dangerous and undemocratic “deep state.” Is the “steady state,” as the NYT anonymous writer terms it, really another word for the “deep state”? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:


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      1. Deep state or Steady state. One will bleed just as well as the other.

        • “steady state” = status quo

      2. RS, ‘hot lead’ works wonders on any and all types of scum.

        • Gosh, you sound pretty manly. And if the scum shoot back, is your ass bullet-proof?

          • Zoltar, no I’m not bulletproof, but I don’t surrender to anyone who has bad intentions toward me.

        • Keep in mind that bullets work in both directions, it’s usually better to try avoiding their use by seeking a different resolution to the problem before it comes to that.

          • Anonymous, say what you will about Trump, but he is the only hope we have for PEACEFUL change in this country. It’s Antifa, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matters, and all the other leftist groups trying to bring about VIOLENT change. If any thing happens to Trump, all bets are off. No one on this forum wants a shooting war but we all recognize we can be forced into one in defense of our homes and lives plus the lives of our loved ones. What would you have me do? Go play pattycake with our opponents? NO, I DON’T F#$%ING THINK SO! We’re all facing people with some of worst intentions imaginable toward us. It’s going to be either kill or be killed. Neither my rights nor anything else I have are negotiable.

        • Who the hell you gonna shoot at.

          So far the globalists and deep state have depended on asymmetrical warfare. School, church and nightclub shootings are no accident. Immigrant and MS-13 violence is no coincidence. It’s planned terrorism by the deep state plain and simple.

          Terrorism has many goals, often they are political. The body count isn’t critical, the follow up by the deep state media controlled outlets and Internet gate keepers is what is most important.

          Yet I am surprised at how many terrorist plots have been foiled by in many cases, just one good guy American with a gun.

      3. Fred Hoyle created the Steady State Theory in cosmology in order to have an opposing theory to the Big Bang Theory Of creation and an expanding universe.

        The Steady State Theory has been largely proven wrong, but still stands.

        Steady State postulates that the universe has no beginning and no end, the universe expands and continuously creates matter to prevent loss of density.


        I think these people come up with terms like “Steady State” to confuse people.

        __ The “DEEP State” is real.


      4. Are (((They))) using microwave warfare against us?

        See YouTube videos.

        @ Crime dot Net

        WiFi is being turned into microwave warfare against us.

        Children are in the most danger.

        Ovaries contain eggs. Those eggs are hundreds of times more vulnerable to dna damage !!!!!

        The new towers going up are to destroy our dna in the womb of pregnant woman !!!!!

        _ STOP THE CRIME (dot) NET

        On YouTube


        • We have a new little one in the family. Yep, I was telling people over and over, get away from that baby with your phones and tablets. They are catching on.

          I have also read that certain mineral waters contain just the right minerals for removing aluminum from the brain. Most all Vaccines now contain aluminum. It is an irritant that gets a hotter immune response, making the vaccine more effective. Problem is there is a direct correlation to behavior issues like ADD, ADHT etc. One of the best is Figi water. I bought a couple cases and insisted the baby formula be mixed with it instead of the city chlorinated and fluoridated cocktail.

          Went to a kiddie group thing for the two year old this morning. I was surprised how many children just avoided eye contact. It’s not normal. They have been poisoned.

          A six month period of drinking one half liter per day of Figi water for people of retirement age is also advised. Studies in Europe indicate it can remove 70% of the aluminum accumulated in the brain. Multiple studies support a link between aluminum in the brain and Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological issues. I have an elderly relative who was getting a bit dingy to do this. For a six month period it cost $60. They are done and their mental issues have vanished. They are as sharp as they were ten years ago. This is my only personal proof it works, but I’m happy. At worst we are out $60 bucks and granny had some good tasting coffee in the morning. Yeah we just kept the Keurig filled. She always drank all her coffee and never wasted a drop.

          There are lots of web sites and YouTubes that discuss the aluminum in the brain issue. I can’t make the doctors stop vaccinating babies in the family, but I can buy some mineral water that mitigates some of the brain damage the vaccines and other metals cause.

          I can’t emphasize how creepy it was to meet a child that I met at a family event three months ago. He was normal then, he won’t look you in the eye today.

      5. Many, myself included, wonder if the NYT wrote that editorial themselves and lied about the source. Who would put it past the people who hate President Donald Trump the most?

      6. Gaslight.

        • Redyellowblackdog I think you’re onto something. The delusional haters at the New York Times have proven themselves to be without ethical concerns that would prevent another fabricated story with NO SOURCE. These journalists (using the term loosely) are so closely tied to the left’s (Progressive Democrats) acquisition of power that they cannot analyze anything objectively. The fact that their attempt to sew discord into the Whitehouse doesn’t bother them as they are the enemy-within (a phrase often used by Michael Savage).

      7. I still believe that it did not come from within the WH. This stinks of foreign interference in our politics and an attempt to create an image of discourt within the WH and GOP just before the midterms. Russia especially would like nothing better than to see our system fail.

      8. Deep state, steady state, all words describing the “swamp.”
        We need a better slogan: FLUSH THE TOILET!

      9. Folks – We are ‘Officially” at WAR.
        The liberals, globalist, media, hollywood, union leaders and imbedded deep state traitors are trying to crush our dully elected President. How Trump is still standing is a miracle in and by itself. not only that but he is winning for us at every turn.

        He needs all of our help – Vote bring family and friends
        The sake of our children’s future is at stake

        • vote early,vote often…

      10. Trump is still standing because of the level of corruption surrounding him propping him up. The carefully orchestrated fake sides of government are enduring only because of solid cohesion. And the big bang theory is a big stinking pile of hooey.

        • Oh, that’s priceless.

          Either it’s plagiarism or you discovered the route used to leak the document. The deep state uses many hidden cashes/ drop boxes for moving classified and illegal documents.

          There was a Whitehouse leaked document recently found on an XBox chat channel. Mysteriously an hour later the XBox network crashed and needed repair. It was down for hours.

          Nice catch.

      11. Someone ran the article through a plagiarism detector and found a college essay that matches.

        ht tps://twitter.com/MightyCassandra/status/1037695644180377603?s=09

      12. Sumer was the sole power from (4500-1900 BC)

        Alchemy began as far back as 3500 BC but became a force in about 800 AD.

        The Quran allegedly was written in 610 BUT now we know that Muhammed didn’t write it as evidence has been found predating him.

        The Knights Templar began in 1119.

        The Old Man of the Mountain (Rashod ad-Din Sinan) became a force in 1170.

        Freemasonry began in 1425.

        The Rose Croy (Rosecrucians) began in 1614.

        The Hellfire Club began in 1718.

        The Illuminati began officially in 1776.

        The Bohemian Club began in 1872.

        The Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford began in 1902.

        Founding of the US Federal Reserve in 1913. Other similar banks followed in other nations…yet independent of federal control.

        The Council on Foreign Relations began in 1921.

        The Bilderberg Group began in 1954.

        The Trilateral Commision began in 1973.

        These are the major players. Lucifer right away established the first pagan religion at Sumer which affect or infected every pagan belief system in all of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

        From there, the occult spread into European society via gained knowledge by the Knight Templar who discovered information which they used to solidify their power until DeMolay was crushed by the French King in 1312.

        Then it was forced to go underground. Early alchemists were similarly infected by occult practices to find the philosopher’s stone which is not just transmuting base metals into gold. That is a fabrication.

        This infected all of the secret societies to create a pan-european political force to allegedly oppose the monarchy. In the end, they joined forces around 1902.

        Globalism dates back to Sumer to allow the Antichrist to come to power.

      13. http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/10177-lucifer

        Begin there for half-truths that obscure how Lucifer has always been around meddling in the affairs of humanity since Sumer began.

        He has been trying to set up the Apocalypse revealed in the Book of Daniel, Joel, and Revelation.

        The Hebrew sages began to go wrong prior to Jesus, and stopped following Torah, and instead listened to the commentary and traditions of sages.

        YHWH is omniscient and omnipotent and omnipresent and from the first written sentence, it was ordained that Jesus Christ (Yeshua ha Mashiach) would have to set things right due to the abuse of free will by humanity.

        This globalism is the one world government predicted in the Bible.

      14. Since the very beginning, YHWH who is omniscient planned for Jesus Christ Yeshua ha Mashiach to overthrow the power of Lucifer who is god of this world. Lucifer is the Usurper, the first rebel of the Heavenly Host, who caused a third of those mighty angels to fall.

        So he came to the Earth to stir up plans to create this eventual global government.


        It’s in Genesis 1 if you look for it!

        You can’t handle the truth. You want to blame various human minions, but they arenot pulling the strings. The puppetmasterhas always been Helel ben Shahar which is Lucifer’s real name that is listed in Isaiah 14.

        Don’t believe me…ask a scholar.

        • During the Revolution of 1776 there was supposedly a secret coucil set up to manage some of the more secret affairs of the war such as spying, spies, deliverance of secret messages, etcetra. Among its notable members were Ben Franklin. It was supposedly called some thing like the Council on Foreign Affairs. Not sure If it was ever disbanded but it may have even morphed into the CFR and most likely is the foundation of the deep State/Illegitimate State headed up by Lucerferians.

      15. It’s possible that this is not an official in the Trump admin, but someone in the Deep State (possibly Demo[lition]cratic party pulling this off.

        • Not only possible but highly probable.

      16. The deep state is the Jewish mafia. Deal with it.

      17. Remember leaving brass behind gives them something to put a fingerprint on?

      18. What you must understand clearly is that the deep state is very smart and totally ruthless. the body count does not matter to them as people are just dust to them. They will create mass casualty events on whimsy for political gain like Oklahoma City and Waco. Both created by the same people Waco proves my point clearly. They needed Oklahoma City to crush the right wing so it happened. It was a black ops for real The blood of the people means nothing to them Get that clear. You are dust to them

      19. I often wonder, if these people are of the same type. Jesus , whipped ? They must be a special kind of evil, for Jesus to whip them? I wish some one would of remembered and written down the details.of his opinion on them. And why they are so special.

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