Staying Off Grid When “Nearly Everything Is Chipped, Almost Everything Is Tracked”

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    If you weren’t paranoid before, it may be time to start paying attention.

    “They” are spying on everything you do, and are collecting information about every purchase, appliance, vehicle or place you make, do or interact with. For the first time in history, we have arrived at a time when nearly everything is chipped, and almost everything is tracked.

    It really is true, and it’s no longer a conspiracy theory.

    They are spying on everyone, collecting all the available data and tracking you, your family and everyone you know. All the time.

    And worst of all, it does matter, it will be used against you – for revenue collection, social control, fines, fees and evidence if necessary – even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Is it any wonder why many states have made living off the grid illegal, and have attempted to get everyone on the grid?

    If you don’t conform to the habits of most Americans – and harvest alternative stores of power, fuel, food, water and supplies, then your energy use and digital footprint (or lack thereof) will cast you as a suspicious anomaly, worth of investigation, seizure of goods, subject to violations and codes, and NOT off the radar.

    Meanwhile, your interaction with other people will intercept data about you and your activities even if you don’t carry a smart phone or wearables.

    The extremes are already here. The murder case where police have sought data from an Alexa smart device is just the beginning of what is to come:

    In what may ultimately lead to a precedent setting case and/or landmark court ruling, police in Arkansas have demanded that Amazon provide them with recordings made by an Amazon Echo device that was located in the home of murder suspect… (source)

    Many other attempts have been made to microchip people, while the cashless grid has already found widespread acceptance.

    Former CIA director David Petraeus admitted to the tech community that the Internet of Things (IoT) was about to become one of the greatest assets in the spy community – as an endless pool of data could turn the tables on any ‘persons of interest.’

    In other words, maybe you. As Wired reported in 2012:

    More and more personal and household devices are connecting to the internet, from your television to your car navigation systems to your light switches. CIA Director David Petraeus cannot wait to spy on you through them.

    Earlier this month, Petraeus mused about the emergence of an “Internet of Things” — that is, wired devices — at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital firm. […]

    All those new online devices are a treasure trove of data if you’re a “person of interest” to the spy community. Once upon a time, spies had to place a bug in your chandelier to hear your conversation. With the rise of the “smart home,” you’d be sending tagged, geolocated data that a spy agency can intercept in real time

    “Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Petraeus said.

    More and more of these smart chips are being integrated into absolutely every imaginable device.

    Unless you are investing in vintage equipment, you will be buying into this system, even with basic appliances

    An alarming report in 2013 highlighted concerns over some Chinese-made irons and tea kettles that included wireless spy chips… for purposes unknown, since these devices are not “smart” gadgets with computer interfaces and high-dollar functionality.


    To this date, Qualcomm has shipped over a billion of Internet of Things (IoT) chipsets, the San Diego-based semiconductor manufacturer revealed on Tuesday. While speaking at the CES Unveiled press event yesterday, the company’s Senior Vice President of Product Management Raj Talluri said that the firm is already serving all segments of the IoT industry, from smart TVs and thermostats to connected speakers, wearables, and home assistants. Talluri specifically pointed out that smartphones and tablets aren’t included in the one billion figure.

    Qualcomm’s impressive shipment numbers are mostly driven by the company’s presence in the wearable industry… numerous consumer electronics manufacturers are already implementing the cutting edge Snapdragon 835 chipset into their products…

    As this chart demonstrates, the Internet of Things (IoT) will literally incorporate devices throughout consumer & home, retail, security and surveillance, IT and networking, transportation and industry, healthcare, energy

    Click for larger image, via Beecham Research

    Notice that “Elderly and Children” are considered “things” in these digital tracking grid which otherwise incorporates refrigerators, stoves and smart appliances to share data and “spy” on individuals in their own homes.

    And people are just another track and traceable part of the system.

    It is absolute confirmation that “mark of the beast” technology is coming into full force – whether or not they will succeed in implanting microchips into people remains to be seen, but a major attempt is in the works.

    In the meantime, there is now information about every move you, or any piece of “inventory” makes inside the system.

    This isn’t just hypothetical talk.

    This is the society that has been built.

    Good luck avoiding it. You won’t avoid these devices by accident, it will take a lot of work to remain anonymous, off the grid, and out of their grasp.

    As Sargent Survival at explains, getting out of the system is no easy task. Any serious attempt to “delete” yourself from the system actually go undetected would involve some very methodical footwork.

    Not impossible, but not the default by any means:

    • There are 30 million plus surveillance cameras on the US, one camera for every ten Americans.
    • The average American is in 200 databases.
    • Putting a plan in motion to keep you from being tracked is a good idea if you want to devise a new life for yourself
    • Right before you leave, change your appearance significantly
    • Before you leave, terminate all of your accounts (email, bank accounts, credit cards, etc).
    • Don’t terminate your social network sites as you can use these sites to provide disinformation.
    • Before you leave, delete all of your computer files and get rid of your computer’s hard drive  – boil; smash; run a Degausser/ electromagnetic wand
    • Get rid of your cell phone or tablet as these can be easily used to track your location
    • Break your normal patterns (what you eat, where you frequent, how you shop, the kind of work you do, etc).
    • Completely change your lifestyle [and employment]
    • Pay for everything with cash.
    • Ditch your car and find a substitute; get rid of the toll pass which can track your movements
    • To change your identity … petition the court to change your name legally to a new–and common–name.
    • Apply for a driver’s license under your new name.
    • Buy a basic pre-paid cell phone (not a smart phone). Replace the pre-paid phone frequently, about every 2 weeks.
    • To get back online use a new laptop. Stay away from libraries!
    • Always use a hard wire to your laptop and turn off the wi-fi; reroute your ip address so your location can’t be determined
    • Be aware of the NSA spying and the ECHELON program in the US which monitors phone and computer transmissions for keywords and messages.
    • There are 70+ FUSION centers in the US which coordinate surveillance and other information.
    • Technology is now available to identify you by the way you walk, your facial measurements and biometrics
    • It will be 7 to 10 years before your old identity drops off of databases, if ever.
    • The less you interface with technology, the better off you will be.

    Living off grid is a great dream, and a good principle to live by. Preparing to deal with emergencies and escape the danger zones in modern cities is essential. Using technology in this world comes with many advantages, but also some serious disadvantages.

    Make sure that your use of technology is serving your purposes, and not giving you away during good times or bad.

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      1. I only want and need one person to know me and track me and love me: Jesus Christ.

        • FS

        • FreeSlave-
          Breaking News!!! Jeesuss died over 2 thousand years ago. Long gone. Not coming back. Ever.

          • Hi BlackMoe

            I hope all is well.

            There’s not too many gaurentees in life my friend. Jesus returning is one you can count on… that and dying of course. Praying that you get the first one figured out before the second one happens. There no changing your mind after dying.
            Prepping is important but there’s really only one prep that matters in the long run.
            This is a “fallen world”. Lots of bad things happen to good people but that’s not God’s fault.
            Jesus saves!

            SolarGuy out…

          • BM:
            at least you believe He once lived.

            • Who? Jesus, that Mexican guy that runs the crew of illegals, who cuts the grass over at the Neighbors on Tuesdays. Why would you want the Lawn Guy to track you?

              • So far 30 Million Illegal Aliens live off the grid in the US and nobody cares about them or what they do. Maybe Trump will care come Jan 20th. Watch the sucking sound of illegals pouring back into Mexico after that day. Run for the boarder Mutherfuckers.. I would say, go home or face Gunshots, No daily bag limits.

              • Did you know that Jesus was very dark skinned? The picture they show of him with brown/blond long hair with blue eyes is a LIE! In the Bible it says that “Jesus had hair like lambs wool”. Jesus was not caucasion. Hair like lambs wool does not sound like a caucasions hair. They lied to us about that for centuries. What else have they lied about? I don’t know where that quote is but i remember clearly reading it. Use a Concordence to find it.

                • Also in those days there were not any caucasions in that part of the world. Everyone was dark skinned with very dark hair, not light brown with blue eyes.

          • The real meaning and intent of the preaching of Jesus Christ is totally lost. People just have some childish notions about him and his return.

          • Long gone. Not coming back. Ever.

            No, Jesus Christ is returning so says the book of Revelations and the 20 other major references in the bible for Christs return.

            (Matt 19:28; 23:39 ; 24:3—25:46 ; Mark 13:24-37; Luke 12:35-48; 17:22-37 ; 18:8 ; 21:25-28 ; Acts 1:10-11; 15:16-18 ; Rom 11:25-27; 1 Cor 11:26; 2 Thess 1:7-10; 2:8 ; 2 Pet 3:3-4; Jude 1:14-15 ; Rev 1:7-8; 2:25-28 ; 16:15 ; 19:11-21 ; 22:20 ).

            • There were references in the Bible to reincarnation. In the year 600 AD in the Council of Nece (?) the romans took out all those references. They removed words out of the Bible that conflicted with the resurrection story. There are a couple verses left they missed talking about “the golden bowl”…meaning the silver cord that connects the astral body to the physical, and something about not being sent out anymore. Do a search or use a concordence. The romans knew that if people believed they could come back over and over that they could not control crime. It’s a control thing. If people believed that if they commited one mortal sin or were not “saved” that they could go to hell forever, well then they would behave better and be more easily controlled.

        • Free-

          I second your thoughts on Jesus.

        • Your Dog RFID chipped is YOU being chipped:
          You are forced in many municipalities to “chip” your pets.
          When you are out with a “chipped” dog. YOU are the one being tracked by that chip because the dog is with you. I wanted chip removed from dog and vet claimed he could loose license for removing. I now have a new Vet. Enough said.

          Your Boat is now also bugged. How do you like those fancy over priced boat electronics now? (FYI: I told EVERYONE. They would not listen.)


          Street Lights are now BUGS.
          ht tp://

          These are in my communities parks.
          Police are also installing gps trackers when you have work done at the shops, on cars and motorcycles. I have seen Police doing this.

          At a local radio installation shop and at a motorcycle repair shop. The Police were out back writing down vins, and installing some kind of square black box on motorcycles.

          There is no Constitution. Do you understand that? There are only Police thugs with guns who abuse, murder, false arrest. Protect your vehicles. Never speak to a cop without a lawyer. SAY NOTHING. Have a lawyer and bail bond on speed dial. Get them on phone if pulled over.

          ***Police are disappearing people in USA.

          Published: January 4, 2017


          • Don’t buy the Dog locating speil AtS.

            The RFID chips must be stimulated by a very low power RF carrier signal and only reflect back the digital info programmed in them. The receiver (wand) that Animal control officers/vets uses to read them are extremely low power also, and must be within feet/inches of the animal to get the chipped information.

            Hint: To protect your credit cards from RF readers, wrap them in Heavy aluminum cooking foil. Technical terminology is “RF shielding”.

          • The chips are supposed to cause cancerous tumors in pets. I heard at ten percent chance. Katherine Albright can’t spell her last name. She knows all about chips.They find a tumor growing right around the chip in the pet. So gently touch where the chip is to make sure there’s no lump. If a lump go vet right away cuz she said they are malignent.

        • Beautiful comment

        • Some good news… I hope they UNDO many of the Obama regulations.

          House Passes Bill To Undo Months Of Obama Regulations With Just One Vote

          “The House of Representatives passed legislation on Wednesday giving Congress the power to kill so-called “midnight rules”, months of recently enacted Obama administration regulations with just ONE VOTE, as Republicans charged ahead on their campaign to strip down federal regulations.”

          “Under a law known as the Congressional Review Act, Congress has the right to review regulations for a certain period of time after they are issued. That means any federal regulation approved since May could be voided by the Republican-led Congress once President-elect Donald Trump moves into the White House and can sign off on their disapproval.”

          “It would take just a simple majority of both chambers to reverse a rule, giving Senate Democrats little power to block a vote with a filibuster.

          Called a shotgun approach for a reason as disapproving each regulation separately could span days, Republicans would like to simply vote once to end a variety of new rules on energy, the environment, transportation, banking, finance, education and media ownership.”

          ht tp://

        • I have a place that is 90% UNtrackable the mountain region is Very hard Iron and is very Magnetic. The GPS doesn’t work well and the compass is almost worthless.

          MONTANA OFF GRID LIVING, I have my VERY Secluded Totally off Grid and Self contained 18 + acres in Central Western Montana for sale it’s in the Big Belt Mountains, Lots of Trees. 45 Mi S. of Great Falls & 50 Mi. N. of Helena. the area is very private with a yr round flowing spring, Lots of Timber. the Mountains are Very Solid Iron Rock that doesn’t move at all. there is a lot of wildlife, Deer, Elk, Bear, Grouse, small fish in the creek running next to the property, The Missouri River is within 3 miles & the Dearborn river is 2 miles away or less. the Real Log Cabin is 20 x 20 with a 10 x 20 Loft. made with 6″ – D – Logs, Solar power & 4000W Back up gas generator, 2- 1500 gal fresh water storage tanks outside, 1 – 100 gal inside. gas powered pump to transfer the water from the spring to the holding tanks. 1 bedroom, one Bathroom with shower and compost toilet, kitchen has sink propane stove, Propane Refrigerator, Propane on demand hot water, Heat source is Wood stove with 30,000 btu Propane wall heater. also a large outhouse, 8 x 12 summer guest cabin, heated 12 x 16 workshop, 8 x 8 storage shed 13 x 16 storage building with heat. Small garden spot close to the cabin, very good Cell phone service with Internet from the cabin, 8 miles to US highway 15 and 20 miles to Cascade, MT, Pop about 700, for groceries, fuel and ??? If anyone is interested reach me at [email protected]

      2. It is impossible to stay completely off grid. All you can do is cast a small shadow.

        I knew 30 years ago when I became a Cop I was screwed, but I did it for my loved ones. I got a lot of training to prepare myself and them for a collapse of some type. We all know something is coming, but what who really knows?


        • O.T.
          Does anyone know anything about some of these small Drones, what to buy, and what to look for? I want to get one or two for security use around my BOL.

          Thanks in advance!

          • a drone in the air can also be seen by others.

            • Nam vet, you might be able to relate. I ain’t to worried bout bein tracked cause it’s all electronic, digital etc….hell I even like living on the grid. I like my cars, my job, air conditioning blah blah blah. But there’s another kind of tracking that most never talk about. I’m sure you know though. I think if the grid goes down, it’s the other kind of tracking that we’ll be dealing with. I was really good at e&e and might still be. Many talk about their bol’s and I don’t fault them but I think at some point goin mobile will be necessary. Many times I watch an episode of cops when they’re chasin a bad guy on foot the guy ends up hiding then getting caught, dumbass should’ve kept moving. I don’t say much about my military days but I’m glad to have done it.
              Stay quiet Be smart

          • My husband’s associate bought one for $100+ for his son–with no training and experience, he lost it in a field first time out.

          • Sgt. Dale – about the drones. I have been building them for many years, before this huge boom of them on the consumer markets in fact. There is a lot of junk out there so be warned!

            Your best bet for a well-built drone on the cheap side is not from a consumer store, but from a hobby shop. Radio control model shops have drone sections.

            To get an idea on what’s out there and for what price, check out RCGroups(dotcom), in the classified section, there are hundreds of used and new drones there for great prices.

            Back in the good ole days of drone flying (minus idiotic FAA restrictions), there were a lot of “custom builders” on there as well who would be happy to help you determine what you need, and if need be, set it all up for you (camera pan/tilts, video transmission, ground relays, etc)… however, I think most of them have left after the FAA put a huge liability on their operations.

            Also, to learn how to fly – this is the best advice you will ever get – BUY A SIMULATOR. It’s a simple “controller” device which mimics a real drone remote control, but has a USB port so you can learn to fly on your own PC. 110% recommended.

            I taught myself how to fly, many years ago, on nothing but a cheap chinese R/C flight simulator. I have since flown model planes well over 100 MPH without breaking a sweat, and “hexacopters” well over the $600 price tag without worrying. A simulator is a HUGE step in the right direction, and so many drone newbies don’t even hear about them before they crash their brand new Walmart drones 🙁

          • Sgt:
            The new more advanced drones available today are perfect for what you are thinking of. I bought one this christmas and can now send a drone up to 400 feet, allowing me to for miles in every direction. The video downlink from the 4K camera and the video taken is amazing and with a 25 minute flight time on a battery, allows you plenty of time to look around. They are also GPS controlled and can return home automatically if there is any problem with the signal or if the battery is getting low. The one I purchased was $699, and has a camera that can be switched out easily. Watch youtube for DJI, Yuneec or Autel Robotics drones.

          • The new drones are great at surveilance, especially the ones with the 4K cameras. With GPS stability, you can learn to fly one very quickly. Don’t waste money on the toys, the new consumer pro models really do the job.

          • I’d suggest the DJI Mavic Pro or the Yuneec Breeze. Both are easily packed in a small pouch (very portable for trail walks), but are full featured with a high resolution 4K camera. Just know it take a fair bit of patience and practice to fly these. Also you need to adhere to FAA flight regulations for these too.

        • Yeah what’s your badge number, and I want a copy of your business card Sgt. haha. Then do a County Property Tax Check to find you. Many Co’s will hide Cops addresses in their system, many don’t. Is yours?

          I have done this (Off the Grid) as much as possible the last few years. However,….

          *You still need a drivers license unless you want to renounce your citizenship and become a sovereign man, and or never update your current physical address. I renewed my DL before I moved several Yrs ago. Still reflects old addy.

          *If you own a vehicle, it will have a title in your name, still reflects old address.

          *You still need to purchase Auto Insurance. Use a PO Box

          *Yes, you can purchase a Burner phone and only pay cash to renew the monthly service. I also have an 800# and have that permanently forwarded to my cell phone, which will not give away my area code for inbound calls.

          *I still need a bank acct to pay for Internet, and Insurance, as well as a direct deposit from an independent contractor employer.

          *If you own property, unless you have it all placed in a “Land Trust”, your personal name will be tied to the Property Taxes and Title/ Deed.

          *Sure digital transactions, and buying items off the internet, Yes your transactions are recorded to your Credit Card accts.

          *Are you Registered to Vote?

          *Do you file a Federal Tax Return?

          *Do you have a Concealed Weapons Permit? Or had a FFL NICS background check when purchasing a firearm? I would rather purchase a Clean New Firearm than someone else’s murder weapon or a stolen firearm.

          Other than that, Use a Post Office Box, you can put your auto license plates addressed to the PO box which all my mail is sent to as well as everything else.

          Anyway you look at it, all of this info is fed into the Local FEMA Fusion Center, for the Govn’t to push a button for your complete Current Life History.

          **Living off the grid out in the boonies, I have no Utility Bills, or Mail box at the locked gate of my driveway, just No Trespassing Signs. The regular Joe Schmoe would not be able to find me. Then it is just at your discretion how talkative or private you want to be locally, or feed misinformation to locals, to protect your OPSEC.

          Even my neighbors don’t see me for months at a time and I am just next door, since my living area is secluded from prying eyes behind Barbed wire fence.

          No red light cameras in my area and I do not take Toll Roads which will record your travel movements over most bridges or entrance and exit ramps on most highways.

          Shhhhhh…. I did not tell you any of this. And if you know where I live you can check Google Maps Satellite sky view. Which will not reflect much since I camo paint as much as possible my footprint on my property including a green roof to blend in with the terrain as much as possible. Just finished yesterday Camo painting the Solar Panel Silver Frames with OD Green. Trees cover most everything else from above.

          Yeah Sgt, most drones now are required to be registered with the FAA. Good luck with that.

          • Well said. Thank you.

        • Police abuse people. That is what they do. They are robbing from poor people to support the politicians system. Police are armed and violent collectors.
          These cops think they are “inner circle” “special”.
          What they fail to understand is that under NWO-Banker Communist UN-Martial Law, Police are just like everyone else. They will go home, no job.
          Military takes over.
          Feds are desperately trying to federalize ALL Police-State Patrol-Sherif, so they are ALL under Fed control. No independent agency to counter balance Fed Tyranny.

          Also the craziness in the schools. The Police children also go to these schools.
          Police are under the illusion that they are so special, important, self entitled, that none of the NWO-UN Agenda 21 applies to them. Wrong. Their children also affected by being starved under Michael Obama school lunch idiocy. Also dumbed down by common core lunacy. Schools are just to train compliant slaves. Indoctrination. Nothing more.

          There is an organization of Law Enforcement Officers that sees these things happening. “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” Send them a donation. I think they do good work. They will protect gun rights and constitution.

          Just check them out.

          Get rid of bad apples. Not throwing out the whole bushel.
          There are good mixed in with the bad.

          Also take personal responsibility.
          Apple Seed Project does that.
          These are good people.

      3. “The less you interface with technology, the better off you will be.”

        That strategy is like being a little bit pregnant. If you use anything in the system they know where you are.

        • Kevin2,… Not unless you pull out early. lol

        • Nam vet, you might be able to relate. I ain’t to worried bout bein tracked cause it’s all electronic, digital etc….hell I even like living on the grid. I like my cars, my job, air conditioning blah blah blah. But there’s another kind of tracking that most never talk about. I’m sure you know though. I think if the grid goes down, it’s the other kind of tracking that we’ll be dealing with. I was really good at e&e and might still be. Many talk about their bol’s and I don’t fault them but I think at some point goin mobile will be necessary. Many times I watch an episode of cops when they’re chasin a bad guy on foot the guy ends up hiding then getting caught, dumbass should’ve kept moving. I don’t say much about my military days but I’m glad to have done it.
          Stay quiet Be smart

      4. Regardless if things ever become that bad or not, your privacy can be controlled to a point; but not entirely.

        This is not an all or nothing game. Neither is being on or off grid. You can set up lights to come on at the same time in the evening. This helps to keep away would be home invasions. It also makes it harder for someone spying on you to know whether or not you are home.

        People who go to counsellors, tell these people the most sordid details about themselves and loved ones. Then they get upset about a camera or two. Where’s the logic?

        All those cameras and tracking devices are vulnerable. In an actual material revolution, the people will destroy them.

        In the meantime, a little attention to maintaining ones privacy is prudent.


        • ”’All those cameras and tracking devices are vulnerable. In an actual material revolution, the people will destroy them”’

          OR start carrying spray paint in your bag.

          • paint ball gun, full auto.
            And get pepper spray ammo for it!

            • pellet gun is smaller and more effective

            • Time to look into portable/pocket/limited range EMP devices.
              Oh, wait. That would be against the recommendation of using anything electronic.
              Never mind. Move along, nothing to see here.

      5. When SHTF you won’t be able to get directions.

        Practice getting around the old fashioned way. Take out a map. Then with pen and paper write down your lefts and rights.


        • B from CA, good old-fashioned paper maps and atlases are what I’ve always used for getting around. No GPS for me. Hell, I see people with GPS get LOST all the time, LMAO!

          • A friend who drives around a lot says that street signs are being taken down becuz most people depend on gps and not a paper map anymore. He noticed a lot of street signs in the city were missing and he kept getting lost cuz he didn’t know where he was!

      6. *Information related to this article, and the previous one*

        7 Signs You’re Not Living in the ‘Land of the Free’

        By WakingTimes January 3, 2017
        Paul A. Philips, Guest

        Alternative media followers know that there are numerous citizens sleeping away with their eyes wide open, falsely believing they’re living in the ‘land of the free.’ They still think that their government ‘cares’ for them.

        Taking the case of America as an example, many American citizens have no idea about the nature of their Washington D.C Judas-despotic leaders and how they are covertly screwing them all over. How they are nothing more than henchmen for the ruling elite’s corporate/banker oppressive control system.

        In reflection of this here are just 7 things to show that you’re not living in the ‘land of the free’ and what needs to be done.

        “Your living room is a factory. The product being manufactured is you.” -Anonymous

        More to the story here:

      7. I live in the high country of northern Arizona. I live 28 miles from the nearest town, and 20 miles from the nearest electrical grid. The nearest gas station and market is 28 miles away.

        I have a great cell phone signal, TV, and computer. My nearest neighbor is 3 and a half miles away. I have solar for electricity and propane for cooking and showers.

        When it rains I have 10 miles of horrible mud to drive through to get anywhere. The nearest I thus, feel pretty good about living where I do, but I know that the government knows who I am, what I am, and where I am.

        Still, when the SHTF I believe I will be safer than many other folks. There’s elk, deer, bear, javelina, antelope, and many other tasty critters to harvest if need be.
        However it is relatively safe living here compared to most people, as there’s no stores, and hardly any people out here, so there’s little to draw people here except for lots of wild game.
        Law enforcement knows me around here and they don’t bother me, as they know that I am a decent guy that has never been in any trouble in my life!

        It gets extremely inconvenient living out here, as I just went through a period where I could not get out due to the road being too muddy to navigate–even with my 4WDs.
        I wouldn’t trade it for the world though!

        • OOPS! scratch that “the nearest” just before “I thus”. Thanks

        • Rick E. Javelina?? You had me curious. Video-

          They say there is only 60K of them in 1/3rd of AZ.

          One other way to Not be profiled is do NOT drive an older Model Pickup Truck, as 85% of those who drive an OLD model Pickup truck are Felons in my area. I don’t drive one of those and have never been pulled over, since my SUV vehicle type looks pretty new. If you look like a friggin dope, you will be treated like a friggin dope.

          Trim your hair and beard, maintain your teeth, dress nicely, and talk like you have a friggin clue.

          I bet Sgt Dale could tell you what profiling is all about. He could probably pull you over and within about 3 seconds guess what you are all about, just by your look and how you talk. Right?

          • @Zeus, there’s too many javelina around here for my taste, as they mess with my dogs fairly regularly! And their tusks are very sharp and dangerous, especially for other animals.

            As I said, law enforcement leaves me alone, as I am a very healthy 60 years old, and look fairly presentable.
            I DO drive an almost new 4WD Tundra though, and they still leave me alone.
            Trim my hair? LOL, don’t have much to trim, lol, but I do keep my beard trimmed nicely.
            But you’re 100% correct about the 3 second guess, as you stated.

        • RickE

          Your certainly pretty well protected for the most wild creature man. Government? Man has been at battle protecting themselves from it since its creation. The more it can do the more it knows and the more it has a capacity to take away. Technology has been moving this like a pendulum. We now see very easy what their doing and simultaneously they know our assets and movements.

          “Who protects us from our protectors”?

          • Great question Kevin! Indeed, who DOES protect us from the protectors!? I would say that other like-minded folks can help to protect us, and others like us. We are our only hope in that manner.

        • Mr. RickE and to whom it may concern,
          “Law enforcement knows me around here and they don’t bother me, as they know that I am a decent guy that has never been in any trouble in my life!”

          You really don’t understand.
          You being a “decent guy” has NOTHING to do with it.
          The Police serve their Politician/Elite/Rich masters. That is All.
          Police cover for their master’s crime’s and the Politician’s drug enterprises.

          Please Read this Twice:
          “Politician/Elite/Rich masters see YOU as a sheep to be sheared. A cow to be milked. A lamb to be slaughtered at their convenience. Hospitals slaughter you after taking all your money.”
          This Sir is the Real World. This is how it is.

          Some personal experiences. Warning: A bit long winded. ADD like me might Skip down to short version.
          -When i speak out on these forums I all the sudden have Police near my house. They are scanning the cable wifi. Because Free Speech is a myth. The constitution is a myth. Just like Santa, Easter Bunny, and the “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.

          -There is NO justice.
          -You have NO rights.
          -The CRIMINAL Politicians and Criminal Police do what ever they want to do. NEVER any accountability for their Murderous actions against unarmed people and crimes against the American citizen. Read that again too.

          -Your situation might be different though? I have found that for what ever reason there are “some” Sherif dept. that have some common sense. In my home town the county Sherif is an elected position. Therefore they act civil. At least they used to years back when I was there. The Sherif dept always gave me a fair shake. As result I used to let them come out and shoot at my home range. And if they needed something I would help them out.

          I also let Sherif and their company bust dove and quail on my place. Not deer because I didn’t want an errant high velocity round killing my cattle, dogs, children. But shotguns for dove and quail are not issue. Gave them key to gate to use my home range. Sherif always patrolled by my place as result, I am only place near by that has Never been robbed or vandalized, Never had cattle rustled, my dogs Never shot. So any way, my local Sherif dept seem to be ok. But they are ALL country boys like me. Went to school with the old guys.

          But the Local town Police are thugs and criminals. The State DPS are also real pricks who abuse people. The pricks always want to search your vehicle. The DPS pulled me over for NOTHING. While one was at the driver window, the other one was under my truck in back bumper and pulled down my license tag light. Then they claimed my tag light is why they stopped me. I had JUST checked ALL my Lights 1/4 mile back as I started drive. I KNOW THE STATE PATROL are the ones that broke my light as excuse. Then they tried to search my truck. They kept bullying me to search.

          I told them to “go Fu-k them selves and that they owed me $12 for the light they broke”. DPS cop laughed in my face and tried to threaten me some more with a search. Threatened dogs to be brought out.

          I told him to “I was in no hurry and I like dogs.” Told him “I like dogs much better than Nazi’s breaking my tail light, demanding papers, jacking me on side of road, threatening me, with NO justification. ”

          Then I called Lawyer on my cell phone that I have set up on speed dial. Once cop saw I was on phone with lawyer. Cop all the sudden was “doing me Favor.” “letting me go without even a paper warning.”

          Because DPS cop did not want me to have paper record of unwarranted shake down.

          PS-I never got the $12 from them for breaking tail light. My friend warned that they would screw with me now because I told them to fu-k off. But actually they never messed with me after that. No more problems.

          Last cop in another city got real polite and did not hassle me after I immediately got lawyer on phone and had him on speaker. That local cop was polite and just did his job. Did not even mention searching.

          PSS-Lawyer is brother in law. And he also likes to bust dove and quail on my place. And no. The idiot city boy lawyer brother in law is not allowed to shoot a rifle here either. He is a Dick Cheney with a shotgun. Sprayed me twice while hunting duck in reeds. Heavy jacket prevented real injury. Joked with him that I should sue him but he was only lawyer I knew. Besides my sister keeps him flat broke. I won’t hunt with him anymore. Don’t allow my sons out with him hunting.
          –end of long winded comment–
          Short version:
          -Don’t be bullied into a Police search. Stand your ground.
          -Contact Lawyer set up on cell phone speed dial when pulled over for ANYTHING.
          -Not all cops are bad. The Sherif kept my place from harm I believe.
          -Stay away from a lawyer with a shotgun. Especially a brother in law.

          • if you really want to be a hardass you can file a small claims court lien against the offending officers house for the amount he owes you, then he cannot sell the home or borrow against it. Also, leos have to be able to be bonded, and if they lose their ability to be bonded/insured, they cannot even work security at Walmart. Something to mention next time you get pulled over and they Tap your trunk with the marijuana finger so the dog will alert…

          • Wayne, I NEVER EVER consent to a search! Only a fool would do so, as there’s been allegations that some of the DPS officers here in AZ will plant drugs in a stopped vehicle.
            Guns are irrelevant, as one can conceal or open carry on one’s person or in your car. (loaded).

            Still, the only person I trust is myself!

        • The government knows where I live, even as remote as I am, but they won’t be able to track me with their gadgets if I want to disappear in the boreal forest that surrounds me.

        • Why is Williams and Flagstaff so damn expensive?

          • @Loop Loop, good question, thankfully I only shop in Williams or Flagstaff. They’re beautiful towns though.

      8. Ahh a list to be thrown in with the swamp draining. Were I currently reside power is lost atleast once a year sometimes more. Snow/Ice knocking down trees etc… Sometimes its out for a week and has been longer than two weeks. Comforts are not lost.
        Any person on facebook or using discuss for comment should be concerned.
        To change alot of what is mentioned above starts in the townhall. Power company put on a smart meter (so they could cut employees) I told them I will pay the 15.00 fee just to keep someone working because of the economy. But the state passed a law that read the meters were not madatory.
        Just as I would stand up and fight for this country if invaded etc…; I do participate in the election/lawmaking process. I call local radio as well. I have knocked on doors and worked phone banks.
        I don’t do any social media and this is the only site I comment (sorry). We have followed the preperation bible! The Right HOLDS the power and elected officials now know there will be accountable so PUSH BACK!
        If SHTF then I and my loved ones are ready as we can be I hope they are as I have a feeling we might be a little grumpy about it.
        The country has been run by corrupt officials so long that when DJT tries to straighten it out I am sure many things will be in a frenzy and some things gone for the better. This is why many elected and corporate types are in a tizzy as the jig is up!
        Ask TEA PARTY folks how the last 8 years have been with IRS. Ask Bakery Owners many people over the last 8 years have been political targets.
        Lace up the boot straps and tie them in a double knot, buckle up and brace for impact but never give up your God Given and Constitutional RIGHTS willfully!

        Sgt. Dale: Thanks for your service I have a young adult heading that same way.

      9. I’ve been prepping for over a decade and heard I don’t know how many times someone has told me that the “end is near”. when it actually comes, I don’t know what I will do. I do know that I missed a bunch of things and didn’t prepare the way that I should have. Even if you prepare the bet way you can and make all the right choices, you an still not make it.

      10. Am I an important target or just a little paranoid?

        Maybe I should just hide in plain site amongst the sheep, keep the mouth shut and not draw attention to myself?

      11. ”’as an endless pool of data could turn the tables on any ‘persons of interest.’”’
        I am finally watching series 5 of ‘Person Of Interest’ on Roku. I seriously feel this series was an educational attempt to alert idots.

        Also, my cell # and name displayed on my husband’s cell, he answered expecting me…but, it had been one year after canceling the phone.
        This ‘glitch’ should alarm all cell owners.
        He showed me the display that night–weird or what??

      12. You wont be able to get off the system. You will either be part of their system, or you will be an outcast; unable to buy, sell, pay, or be paid…..and you will be an outlaw, because it will become a felony to buy, sell, pay, or be paid outside the system. And, as the book of revelations has described, to be in their system you will have the mark of the beast. It will be a microchip, and will be mandated to be inserted in your left hand. These are the end times, and all will come to pass.!!!

      13. Psychopaths are nosey. They will try to invade the personal space and privacy of others. No matter how trivial a piece of information is they will file it away. Possibly to be used against someone at a later date. They also display extreme hypervigilant behaviors. Creepy psychopaths are the ones behind all this spying.

      14. I don’t have any “smart” appliances. We don’t have “smart” electric meters in our area. I don’t carry a cell phone. My pickup is 25 years old. I pay cash. I don’t carry a laptop computer, unless I use my old one that doesn’t have wireless. My home wireless signal doesn’t even reach the front porch. When I turn off my home’s internet connection, I’m off the radar.

        It would be useful to have a map showing all the traffic cam locations so you can avoid them when traveling.

      15. This is criminal. It’s called STALKING.

      16. I *was* going to comment, but since they are already watching as I type this, I guess there is no need to press the SUBMIT button…. right?

        Oh. And a grand Howdy to the person watching me over my laptop camera (except that it is covered, so you will only be able to read this. Sorry about that).

        • Mine has been covered with sticker since brought home.

      17. Archivist, Since you asked. Go look at this US Map showing where Red light cameras are located in your state and city, and speed cameras, and where cameras have been removed. Interesting. Put this web address on your cell phone.

        Not a single camera in my area for 30 miles where I live.

        • And if there, simply get a ladder and spray paint.

          In Arizona, the ticketed people refused to pay the fees/fines and the cameras were removed because the legal cost outweighed the fines revenue.

          Oh, and if you owe a dr’s fee or hospital bill, pay minimal per month like $50. Eventually, the amount owed will warrant a write-off because the cost to continue collecting doesn’t warrant the cost in accounting fees.

          I know; it happened to me twice with broken toes and sprained foot.

      18. I am paying an extra $20 to get off the electric fascist meter where I live in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois. Supposedly the exemption is only temporary – but imagine if people got a clue and half – or even 20% – started opting out, even at an extra charge?

        Here’s few women who did:

        Nice! Woman who fought back the fascist smart meters wins $117k settlement!

      19. Yes, and it’s only going to get worse, especially now with *Smart Meters*, digital electric meters, that are being installed, little by little, one by one, in homes across the country, replacing all of the old analog meters.

        You have no say over it, even if you think that you do. When they are ready they will install it anyway. Those who have refused have had their utilities cut-off and if there were minor-aged children living in the home they were taken away by Child Protective Services simply for not being connected to the grid… no other reason.

        Eventually these spy meters will be installed on every home/apartment building. They said by late 2020 the meters will be in every commercial bldg/home/apt in the US, the only exception is seasonal vacation homes and remote area hunting cabins. BTW, Trump had nothing to do with this decision to change out the meters, which was decided a few yrs ago, but nevertheless fully supports this program.

        The Smart Meter can easily determine if you are home or not, and also see exactly what you are using the electricity for, such as appliances, or the TV and the A/C, etc., to (supposedly) help customers better monitor/reduce usage. They can also reduce the power flow into your home… not too mention the meters emit dirty electricity and EMF’s that have sickened some people who are sensitive to EMF’s. I’ve read numerous articles about this over the past few months.

        One homeowner was fined for placing a Faraday cage around the meter because of the EMF’s as it made it impossible for the monthly usage meter-reader to scan the meter as he drove by to do a drive-by monthly reading. An Illinois couple ended up being arrested on their own property for refusing to allow the gas&electric company utility workers to remove the analog meter and install the digital Smart Meter outside their home, on the side of their house.

        This law-abiding couple, parents, with no criminal record were arrested and processed; mugshots, fingerprinted and all, for arguing with the utility worker who called 911 on them when they told him to get off their property. No guns, no threats, just told him to leave and were arrested for failing to comply.

        Some angry homeowners have taken the utility companies to court over this and lost the case. Others have removed the Smart Meter in order to apply a protective layer of lead flashing of some sort to reduce EMF’s and were fined for tampering with the Smart Meter after it was installed. Maybe someone here on shtf has an idea to get around that.

        Seems that things are going from bad to worse. Something new everyday.

      20. Many good ideas – but I say stop using social media. How will you log in with no computer hard drive and only a basic phone? And when you log in you leave an IP trail of where you log in from.

        And you can buy anonymous prepaid credit cards using cash.

        Smart appliances cannot hurt you unless you are dumb enough to set them up with your router password!

      21. Go ahead and track me,, and? Poor bored SOBs is all i got for them, watching me is akin to watching paint dry

      22. So your retirement is mandated to be direct deposited into your bank account. What then?

      23. The only way to live off grid is for the grid to be taken down. This is what we should all strive for

      24. step 1
        after shtf, destroy ALL
        cameras in everything..
        step 2
        destroy all fake cel towers
        which are being used to
        evesdrop on cellphone and
        wifi activity…etc.

      25. Well,can sleep easy at night as I know me Speedy Stitcher has no wifi connections…….,or does it?

        • Get yourself over to a tandy leather store or go online and get some leather to work with, opens up a whole lot more stuff

          • Nail,still on repairs,many tool bags and fixing old tool belt that has sentimental value,I do not need more projects at moment!Next season will hit some butchers for deerskins customers do not want/dehair a few and have working leather for other projects.I have no doubt friends will also have repairs for me,I have not seen a Tandy Leather in New England in a few deades,no idea they even still exist.

            My computer will not get on line with link PO Patriot sent for colored threads,perhaps me linus OS,going to try again later,need the threads man!

            • There’s one in N. Chelmsford, MA

              h ttps://

      26. I’ve said this about all this tech crap. Now you need an aluminum wallet to stop thieves from skimming your card info through rf technology. This is what people want high tech toys well it’s here and you can’t even take a shit with out them knowing how many squares of tp you use. The days of being anonymous are coming to an end. Can you hear me now.

      27. They havent sur-named everything these days as “smart” for no reason. Smart cars, smart phones, smart meters, smart apps…the smart choice, the smarter way…blahh blahh, blahhh… They are learning alright, learning about us.
        I avoid anything with the name smart associated with it.
        call me dumb.

        • sgt..I read the new smart appliance refrigerator actually takes a pic of you when opened!!

          Those Echo thingys are recording child’s conversations and being sent somewhere.

      28. Thanks Navy Vet,though it pains me to support Mass. govt. with 6% whatever tax will check out,so close to homeland border N.H. never understood why most business did not move across the border that close.

        I grew up in Mass. and was/is still common practice to cross border for items if close or travel for bigger ticket items,thanks again.

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