Soviet-Style Government In The U.S.: Some Will Always Bow In Enslavement

by | May 5, 2020 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    It doesn’t seem to matter how tyrannical the powers-that-shouldn’t-be get. Some people, in the face of freedom, will always choose slavery and the illusion of safety.  It’s sad to think human beings are willing to live their lives in such a perpetual state of fear that they end up giving up their birthright to masters.

    In an article titled “Coronavirus is Proven Some in the U.S Like Soviet-Style Governance,” by The Washington Times, much nicer terms are used than “slavery.” But “Soviet-Style governance” is the very definition of slavery. A lot of humans around the globe have opened their eyes to what government has always been (power, consolidated, and corrupted. After all, it only took 6 years for the U.S. government to violate the basic human rights listed in the  Constitution that they wrote to “keep us safe” from them), yet some think they need more chains and restrictions. If you give up power, in any amount, don’t expect to get it back. Ever. Which is why we could be seeing the beginning of the end of government.  It won’t take many more to wake up to eliminate the ruling class by disobeying.

    After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

    I have been doing my best to not give in to the fear. Freedom is far too important to give in to the ruling class’ insistence that I live my life afraid of others and some virus that they continually lie about. At the same time, information needs to get out, people need to be informed, and some things are going to come across as negative. The intention is to make sure we all know what’s going on so preparations can be made and we can stand up to this before it’s too late.  No matter what, someone will be offended or upset, but as I said before, the truth doesn’t care about your feelings.

    Others, however, are all too happy to take the side of tyranny. Maybe they think if they are good little slaves and obey the master, the virus can’t get them.  Maybe they actually believe they “authorities” care about them. It’s tough to say.  But they are falling quickly into the minority, and for that, we can all be grateful.

    Commie De Blasio’s Snitch Hotline FLOODED With Obscenities

    The Crisis Won’t Stop Until The Globalists Are Removed From Power

    The truth is that we must take power back from anyone who has it and never give it away again.  Never be under any illusions again.  That means, once power is ours, we don’t allow another person to control us.  Ever.  And yes, that goes for cops, and the military, all the way up to the globalists who are pulling the strings.

    While it’s true that some people will always bow when commanded and always follow orders, most have actually gotten up off their knees and realized this world has a control structure in place designed to keep them complacent.  When we stand together against the order followers, it’s becoming apparent that we outnumber them by a good amount, and we can end this slavery for good.

    This Is OUR POWER: Apple Data Shows Enslavement Ending Whether Government Wants It To Or Not

    You cannot hold down something that was always meant to be free forever. The most you can do is create fear and use psych ops to enslave minds. Those who are free will always be because their mind belongs to themselves, and that’s what the establishment and the elite globalists fear the most.

    While The Washington Times is correct, that theCoronavirus is Proven Some in the U.S Like Soviet-Style Governance,” the coronavirus scamdemic has also proven that a lot of people will not be enslaved and will live their lives freely and as the sovereign beings they were always meant to be.


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      1. Kroger’s just rolled out lab created Impossible Burgers.

      2. The absolutely highest, most primary, overarching policy goal for the deep State is to irrevocably alter the demography and culture of the nation. Those of European heritage created the concept of individual rights and freedoms, property rights, and economic empowerment for all people. Unfortunately, most of the world has not, they have almost exclusively a history of mainly a variant of three social/political/cultural structures; collectivism, authoritarianism, or tribalism.
        If the deep State can reduce those in the traditional cultural to a numerical minority, then they can by “free elections” alter forever the traditional nature of the US. This is why the new wall on the Mex. border is hated, and why illegal immigration has been unchecked for so long. That 3rd world immigration has been encouraged, but immigration from Europe is discouraged. It is why the deep State is pushing for “sanctuary” cities and states. The elements of the deep State know peoples from most other parts of the world will vote for statist, authoritarian gov’t due to ingrained cultural traits. Most don’t come to the US for political freedoms, they come for economic reasons.
        It is noted many Joos, that are wealthy or influential, Jooish politicians, officials, neo-cons, those in think tanks, etc. (many if not most have dual Amer./Isr. citizenship) endorse every imaginable border security and strict immigration measures for Israel, yet want no enforced immigration policy or border security for the US. Israel in the last few years has even created “nation-state” laws which puts in place special legal status and rights for Joos only. Can one imagine what these same individuals would do if something like that was codified in the US; for example, say for those of European whites heritage. This is depraved hypocrisy, they of course see it differently, as empowering for them. It is also curious many Joos were non-critical of the USSR when it existed, but now those same people want to destroy Russia now that Marxism communism has been thrown off. And Russia cannot be bullied into accepting NWO hegemonies.
        There are many entities in the US that support elimination of the Constitution, and destruction of individual freedoms; only you will never see them publicly state their pro-Marxist positions. They want statist authoritarianism for the masses, power and wealth just for them. For them, it is not just ideological, it is more so personal. They truly despise most of us.
        You will see their minions parade as “supporters of economic justice or social justice or women’s rights or racial equality“ or some form other of perceived injustice or inequality. These are in reality code names for stamping out individual rights and freedoms. But you will never see the real leaders of these movements.
        The good news is they will ultimately fail.

      3. Yuri Bezmenov and Ed Griffin were trying to warn America back in the 1980s as was Joe McCarthy back in the 50s.

        The US federal government as well as many state and local govs, the corporate globalist media, and hollywood entertainment are all infeasted with communists.

      4. Mac Slavo,
        You are missing the big picture. The surveillance is enslavement.

        Apple Storesand Starbucks shut down prior to any schools or forced government shut downs.

        The corporations in addition to the corporate sponsored media were demanding that the governments force shut downs.

        The governments were 100% dead wrong to cave into their demands, which were strictly demanded so that they could then demand bail-outs.

        It seems that you have been enslaved and don’t even know it.

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