South Africa Culls 7.5 Million Chickens Causing And Egg and Meat Shortage

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South Africa has culled about 7.5 million chickens, which has caused an egg and meat shortage. The culling is supposedly done to stop the outbreaks of two separate strains of avian influenza.

According to the ruling class and National Poultry Association, at least 205,000 chickens have died from bird flu in at least 60 separate outbreaks across the country. More than half of those outbreaks occurred in Gauteng province, which includes the country’s biggest city, Johannesburg, and the capital, Pretoria.

Research Funded By Fauci And Gates Could See Bird Flu Become The Next Deadly Pandemic

The government announced approximately 2.5 million chickens bred for their meat had been culled, according to a report by state-run propaganda outlet CBS News. The South African Poultry Association said another 5 million egg-laying chickens had been culled. The 7.5 million birds represented about 20-30% of South Africa’s total chicken stock, South African Poultry Association general manager Izaak Breitenbach said.

The ruling class wants to “vaccinate” all birds for avian influenza now too. Vaccines would need to be imported and hopefully be ready to use in two to six months, Breitenbach said.

Wilhelm Mare, chairman of the poultry group in the South African Veterinary Association, said as many as 8.5 million egg-laying chickens could be affected and more than 10 million birds overall. “It tells me we’re going to have problems with this situation for quite a while,” Mare said, calling it “catastrophic” for the industry.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last month that bird flu outbreaks were on the rise globally, with more than 21,000 outbreaks across the world between 2013 and 2022, but the CDC notes on its website only one human infection during 2022, and assesses the general risk to public health from the disease as “low.” –CBS News

Eggs have historically been a relatively cheap source of protein for South Africans, but the ruling class’s decisions to cull millions of birds threaten that.

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