Source: Antifa Literature and Mid-East Photos Found in Las Vegas Shooter’s Room

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    An as of yet unconfirmed report originally published at says police have found evidence in shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room:

    The Las Vegas shooter didn’t commit suicide as the mainstream media is reporting, but was killed by a FBI hostage rescue team who also found Antifa literature in his hotel room, according to a source linked to the team.

    The FBI team took the suspect out after he opened fired on them, according to the source, and afterwards the team found photos taken in the Middle East of a woman linked to the suspect, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock.

    Read the full report at Infowars


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      1. Hmmmm….,found antifa lit,seems convenient right before Nov. 4 and antifa types saying will be day of revolt in the US,perhaps fibs not letting a crisis go to waste,trust nothing at this point in regards to this sad incident.

        On another sad note for family and fans Tonm Petty just died.I saw many of his shows thru the decades and really had good times,just like the folks at yesterdays concert just trying to have a good time,this day is mentally a tough one all around.

        • Unconfirmed report!!!! Everyone wants to speculate – typically the first 24hrs of news is rumor and unconfirmed reports. Duh!

        • Pollack at the Antifa anti trump protest in Reno Nevada !

      2. I it was LVPD SWAT! fake news!

        • With 72 minutes to breach it could have been Russian swat from Moscow.

      3. I’m not to sure I’d trust Infowars
        for information without getting a second source.

        One thing that is apparent is this attack was
        well planned. He used automatic weapons that
        most people cannot afford and are not easily
        obtained even if you can afford them.
        While I find it easy to believe Antifa
        inspiration for the attack, I suspect there
        is more to this story, than a nut case
        political statement.

        • Local news said he had a bump fire stock.

          • Sounds about right, sounded like an AK with slidefire on it,

            • I heard rumors that at least two of the shooters weapons were tripod mounted.

              As far as accuracy, if it was full auto weapons, accuracy isn’t that critical when spraying a tightly packed crowd. Shooting down at a steep angle even a miss can bounce off pavement and kill on the rebound.

              Ultimately they will report a count and caliber of the spent brass found in the room.

              One thought, I saw a documentary on training snipers, and one of the most difficult shots for a long range sniper to calculate are those fired from high positions like rooftops. That said, this guy carefully planned this, and if he knew in advance the distance to target and the height of his vantage point he could have calculated how high he needed to aim and had sights set before arriving at the hotel. I suspect he was just spraying the thickest crowd groups.

          • Hard to believe bump fire.
            The man was way too accurate
            over a fair distance.
            I listened to the audio.
            My bet would be an AK with
            rate reducer( to improve accuracy)
            30 round Mags and a
            red dot sight.

            • Having said that.
              I could have used an SKS to far more effect
              over the ten minutes this nut case sprayed death
              upon that crowd of kids.
              SKS is not as sexy, but far more accurate.

              • I wouldnt wish this crap on anyone honestly,
                Not even a bunch of liberals, i remember when we didnt need to worry about this kinda crap, itll be here before too long,
                Im sitting here in my truck in the pouring rain at the house im working on in Kula, listening to some jammin modern country music on the Maui country station,
                I have a hard time wrapping my brain around why the hell someone would shoot up a bunch of folks just grooving at a country jamboree, I mean WTF!

                • You are right it is crazy.
                  Those kids did not have a chance.

                  • Yup,
                    Screw this shit, its freakin pouring up here, im going home and make a pot o coffee and load some shells for my 300WM

                • Pure conjecture, but most mass killings have a relationship with SSRI meds.

            • I have a bud with a bumpfire on a nice newer hybrid AK type rifle, he can chase golfballs around with it,

              • Wow! that
                is impressive.

                Are those golf balls 200 plus meters away?
                The crazy guy was shooting at that range
                and then some. He was on full auto.
                Usually you have a lot of muzzle climb
                if you do that. He probably just walked it
                through the crowd of 22,000 kids.
                Most people don’t know to run away
                zig zag.

                • Kinda hard to miss even at just under 600m, plus the music was blasting, took a while for everybody to figure out what was going on, i think the dude just started spraying, shooting from that high too compensates for the drop youd expect too

                • I meant kinda hard to miss with a crowd that size.
                  Sick fucker for sure.

        • My bf just said the guy’s dad was a psycopathic bank robber on the most wanted list, from an article he read. So, the guy himself may have had a few – or fifty – screws loose in his head. Like father, like son, yeah?

          • Polluted gene pool

            • that is what they want the sheeple to believe. That way, the state can put people on the prohibited list who are related to people with mental problems. this is and has been the agenda of michael blooomberg and the communists and or globalists for a while now

        • I have found infowars to be a very reliable news source over 15 years of following them.they supply links to their stories and I have falsely accused of making stories up only to later be vindicated. They are without a doubt far more reliable than the msm. Also keep in mind Alex Jones of infowars way back in June of 2001 was warning of planed attacks on the twin towers. He was calling on citizens to call the Whitehouse, congress and the Senate to warn about the false flag attacks planned. Everyone said he was crazy then also bit he was right,

        • Valid point on infowars—-everybody should consider.

      4. Looking more like a false flag event the more I read around. ISIS claiming the shooter converted to Islam recently. The amount and rapidity of shots fired. The obvious push for stricter gun control. The exits from the concert said to be blocked. I already do not believe the official story. This is all to kick off major war. Read that the security for the next super bowl was handed off to the former Wackenhut Corporation where the accused Orlando shooter worked for 9 years. Where did he disappear to? Trump is a Israeli controlled asset. Not a Christian, all fake.

        • More gun control. This time Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are coming for your machine guns. Pathetic. How do you restrict what is already illegal to own — fully-auto machine and sub-machine guns? These weapons are already illegal to own, since 1937.

          This is just the gun control freaks upping the ante. Americans wouldn’t comply with Hillary Clinton’s demands, or the Democrat’s demands for gun control when it was “just” about semi-autos (which have always been legal in this country).

          So now we have a crisis with machine guns? The hardest firearm to obtain (unless you are some Hispanic drug dealer, gang member, or criminal), the most illegal to own, the most regulated firearm in the country? Why am I not surprised. These gun control freaks will stoop to (and stop at) nothing to get their way.

          Bump stocks? Give me a break.

          I am beginning to think that Las Vegas is just the government’s revenge for the people shooting up some professional politicians. [sarcasm]

      5. Need more info Mac.

        MSM won’t tell facts.
        This type killing is too predictable. It has mooslime fingerprints all over it.
        Few people could get a machine gun, even if they wanted one. What normal white guy would want a machine gun, except to be a powerful super killer? Where would he buy such an expensive toy legally? And… where would he use it except for war?
        With all the spyware in phones, computers, cameras, security, airports, records, etc., that we have everywhere, and they couldn’t find this guy before he mass murders? Traveling to mooslime countries? Machine guns?? Mooslime bedwarmer? Plus….. details we haven’t been told yet?
        Why do we have to suffer this crap, daily, if it doesn’t stop this stupidity?
        I have a novelty idea……keep the guns…..get rid of mooslims!

        • More like Mossad or CIA fingerprints all over it. If you believe all the anti Muslim propaganda, you’re brainwashed. ALL of this anti muslim propaganda was prescription back during the 1860s by crypto khazar Albert Pike, as part of the NWO takeover

        • You never been to the Big Sandy Machinegun shoot have ya,,,

      6. I did not hear any new MSM reports but, someone told me this Guy was a Frequent Gambler and had Casino Whale Status. The attack was planned well in advance and a lot of ammo already in place, like a 1000 rounds of ammo was smuggled into the Casino well in advance and probably the gun also. To create this shooting. Was the motive a Gambling Debt? Or Fake news Antifa-Lit BS. The people were in a Concert when the shooting started. And many people left the casino concert shirtless because they took off their shirts to use as bandages to help stop the bleeding of other people. Tragic. Lets see what really happened?

        • 1000 rounds is nothing
          I buy federal cheap stuff in 1000 round bulk packs, box is only about 6x8x16

        • Have a big pellican rolling chest, will hold 8 long guns and 8 cases of ammo plus some accessories, of course mine has all my hunting gear in it to keep it consolidated but the brochure shows that load out for LEO use, i like it because my hunting pack and all my gear fits in it for easy transport

      7. Authorities said he had no prior criminal record. His brother has come forward and said he wasn’t registered to vote because he didn’t care about politics and that he never attended any rallies because he wasn’t interested. He said his brother never discussed politics because he wasn’t interested and didn’t care.

        They think he might have had some gambling debts no one knew about and that’s currently being investigated. They don’t know the exact motive but they do know it was not politically motivated and also that it was not an act of terrorism. Lots of fake news and rumors swirling around that some are taking as gospel truth.

        • This is a smear campaign at this point. And you are adding to it with this stuff about gambling debts. Please show a little restraint. Just because MSM can’t behave like a responsible adult doesn’t mean you can’t.

      8. This is either MKUltra or a false flag attack.
        I’m thinking the slide fire stocks and high capacity magazines will be banned.
        The fact that this shooting has happened after the Marxist NFL kneel propaganda shows that the elite are preparing the country for civil unrest.
        The MSM is all over this story,and if history has proven anything it’s that the MSM is a elitist propaganda machine.

      9. My cousin’s son is a Lt. Col. in Nevada Natl Guard.

        His friend was the off duty police officer that was killed.

        The son says possible that the shooter was a patsy for ISIS. That maybe he was drugged or dead before the shooting ever started.

        I don’t normally wear a tin foil hat. I think it’s entirely possible. ISIS would really like to get into this country and do some damage.

        That said, the victims that were killed had little and mostly no warning. Their lives ended in an instant.

        Prep your souls-sometimes you don’t get a chance to rethink you position w/God.

        • Amen,
          Im not perfect and am a sinner for sure, but i know im ok with the lord, whenever he sees fit for me to go im good,,,
          Lifes just too unpredictable these days

        • Amen….

      10. I don’t believe anything the cops tell us about what they found. Our government did the 911 attack so I wouldn’t doubt it would bother them to kill again.

      11. ISIS says he converted to Islam last month? So let’s get some country red necks? But there is still a lot left? Paybacks a bitch?

      12. Anyone have info on this? Too many cameras to hide from in the US. It works both ways.

        h ttps://

      13. NB:
        I have heard of people who collect guns and have war weapons. I don’t have a problem with ownership of any weapon…..unless they are using mind altering drugs, violent, felons, cons, traveling to enemy countries, or associating with these known types of people.
        Guns are for self defense…entertainment and protection. Rarely did we ever have any of this crap before the 50’s before the communist NWO multicultural explosion. People are so stressed they are going nuts.
        This Steven guy….was a millionaire with two planes. He could have crashed one….would the demoncrats ban planes?
        Heard somone say he had two cars and some one drove away in his car? Fake news? His two homes in Nevada had explosives…. his or planted?
        Sounds too fishy.
        Evil…..everything these days are evil.
        Cars have killed millions, too, but they don’t ban them!

      14. NB;
        Hang in there, buddy. Maybe this will all be in the past sometime soon. The sun will come up tomorrow…..we can hope it will be a better day. As long as there is life there is hope.

      15. This is how you know you will be purged soon. If this was real America this would happen at every gay parade or some other Marxist-feminist bs. Naked homos marching uninterrupted are you joking?

      16. As I stated a month or two ago I felt that the new civil war was started when the guy shot up the republicans on the baseball field. Now round two comes about in Vegas only in a much bigger venue. Curious when conservatives are going to retaliate?


      17. Seems more likely to me that this was just a guy with a head full of bad wiring than a conspiracy. Security guys have been saying for years that concerts and sporting events are easy targets, we just got an example of how right they were. One of the kids killed was a nurse who went to school with my oldest son, I hope the bastard that did this rots in hell.

      18. So, the question here is… are we going to see video surveillance footage of the accused here (I reckon there should be a camera or two around a casino) or are we going to be expected to believe state controlled corporate banana republic style sensational MSM propaganda and lies to fit a certain narrative and political agenda?


      20. ON the videos, it definitely sounds like two guns? You can even hear one gun hammer as the other goes quite for a few seconds..

      21. All eyes are on the Las Vegas shooting.

        What is going on right now that we REALLY should be paying attention to instead of being distracted by a mass murder?

        • Well, the Catalans just broke away from Spain. Think California and some other states here at “home” might be paying attention?

          Connecticut is broke and bankrupt, along with just about every other state in the country. And what is Connecticut doing? Passing a balanced budget? No. Connecticut Senator Richard “Dick” Blumenthal (a Democrat, of course), is out there demanding gun control.

          Puerto Rico was already broke and bankrupt before the hurricane(s) arrived. How do you rebuild nothing from nothing?

      22. I just sad on info wars that Tom Petty was involved !!!! BREAKING NEWS!!!!

      23. More than one shooter in this event.

      24. There are a number of puzzling questions concerning this attack.
        As I watched the first news reports, they had the picture and name of the girlfriend, and were asking for the public’s help in finding her, yet they claimed they did not know the shooter’s identity. Huh?
        Second, why is it they can find and quote relatives after interviewing them, but only have 2 grainy pictures of the alleged killer, one with his eyes closed?
        Third, no history of criminal activity (let’s forget the father’s, it is irrelevant) or violent, impulsive behavior.
        Also, why are there TWO windows shot out? Are we supposed to believe the killer ran back and forth to get a better angle? or could there have been a second shooter?
        Finally, no crime scene photos, only reports. What about hotel security cameras? One would assume he had to carry in all this weaponry and ammo. Where is the evidence on video?
        I am not saying Mr. Paddock didn’t commit this crime. I am just saying I am not yet convinced.

      25. Whats interesting is that they also reported that he used his girlfriends key card to get in….. but supposedly she was out of the country….

        • They will say anything at this point. Anything. The media are nothing but mad dogs at this point. Mad dogs foaming at the mouth, peeing on everything.

      26. The story is so damn weird(and sad) on so many fronts,take screen shots of any video/info. you think important,may be purposefully put out lies ect. but grab it anyhow,the more info. to filter through the better because as more info. comes out this story becomes stranger,am really thinking this guy was a patsy for others but obviously cannot prove that,still,too much of story does not add up.

        • And most of it is all slanted propaganda. Puff pieces. Pathetic.

      27. Trust me. The MSM and the government are going say Paddock was wearing a pair of Hitler’s underwear before this is all over.

        The biggest gun crazy out there is our own government. These endless wars and war-mongering. In September, the government passed on another record increase in military spending. The Department of Homeland Security needs 6.5-BILLION rounds of hollow-point ammo. Security for them. “Gun control” and death for rest of us.

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