Sorry We’re Closed: FEMA Shuts Down Warming Centers and Food Distribution Pipeline “Due To Weather”

by | Nov 8, 2012 | Headline News | 239 comments

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    When disaster strikes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is there to help, weather permitting of course.

    Earlier this week Mayor Bloomberg and the federal government touted their new warming centers as a shelter for those in need of food, water, supplies and a little heat. But, as is generally the case with government, when help is needed they’re nowhere to be found.

    FEMA disaster recovery centers in Hurricane Sandy-ravaged sections of the city that were supposed to provide assistance to hurricane victims went MIA Wednesday morning, posting signs saying that they were closed due to the approaching Nor’easter.

    The temporary shuttering of the facilities, which help victims register for disaster relief, as well as city food distribution centers come even as many of those still reeling from the monster storm were not told that they had to leave the battered areas.

    “The storm is coming. We don’t know how hard it’s going to hit us,” said Jenny Cartagena, 46, who found the FEMA center in Coney Island closed Wednesday when she went there looking for food. “I need some help now.”

    Because the FEMA centers were located with food distribution and warming services, some residents who arrived there were confused by the closed centers.

    The city’s food distribution centers, a lifeline for the thousands left without power, heat and water for more than a week, would only be operating until noon Wednesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced.

    Sourced via What Really Happened and The Daily Bail from DNA Info New York

    Tens of billions of dollars spent for disaster preparedness and the lone agency responsible for providing recovery assistance in the midst of crisis fails, once again, to deliver on their promise.


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      1. i bet it is because there out of supplies

          • It felt creepy just going there.

            • And hey!.. New Jersey.. Just take over the casinos and let the locals stay in some comfort!
              I’m sure they are all operated for the schools, or the children, in some way. (what they ALWAYS say). And since school is “out”, give it up. Nice big kitchens. Set up a buffet, why not. Ain’t nobody coming anyhow, no gas, no boardwalk, etc. Even the hookers probably skipped town.
              Give back to the community. Nothing but a bunch a rich, stinking, no good Republicans own them anyhow.
              With a little tinkering, you can probably get the machines to take a SNAP card. ( if they don’t already, that is )

              And when are the cruise ships coming???

              • Election is over. These mopes are on their own. Suckers.

                • Exactly…”no one is coming to save you.”

                • Exactly is my first thought too, lastman. We couldn’t have told the blind any better than FEMA did: You’ve been had and the process to remove whatever freedom, you thought you had, is now full speed ahead. Your life is in their hands, welcome to slavery. Now you know why the Dem. party fought against slavery.

                • The good photo ops are no longer needed so they have no need to take care of anyone!
                  RedCross has not used half of the money they collected for Katrian or Haiti. Why can’t they use that for these people? Why are they advertising for MORE contributions? FEMA and RedCross are NOT there for the people who who are they serving??
                  Contribute to private church groups that are operating in the area and earmark your contributions to Sandy and they WILL be sure to take care of as many people in need as they can. They live there. These are their family and friends. I stopped contributing to Red Cross years ago when I saw the mess with Katrina and how many years went buy and they still were holding half of the contributions. They could have used those in so many ways to help the people of New Orleans! Reclaim homes, parks and public areas, re establish food banks in the hit areas, support local church efforts that were helping the areas etc. But they kept half of the contributions! And ditto for Haiti!
                  I bet Gov Kristi won’t hear a word from his best buddy Obama now that the election is over.

                • FEMA and RedCross is WHY I prep! They scare me because people believe they will come and save them and then those people turn desperate and that is scarey!!

              • Did anyone else hear about the idea of putting homeless people in empty prisons?

        • More likely it’s because the election is over, so they don’t have to work as hard to please the boss :/

          • I wonder what the status of the closed Navy base on Staten Island is? It was completed with housing and regular small town facilities but never used. If still standing it could be used for housing.

          • I read that article, I have never heard anything about this, and now I hear bush was involved and now the jews. im confused brother.

        • No, it’s because their publically-stated reason for existance has absolutely nothing to do with its actual reason for existance. They have a “peacetime” mission, which is to appear to be useful until it’s too much of a hassle. And then they have a “wartime” mission, which is their actual mission. The reason I know this is that I have toured various FEMA facilities in the past, including one of the ones design to be an optional bug-out site for the government. Disasters that only impact the American people are not of serious concern to FEMA. Their real mission is continuity of government.


          • Dboy nailed it. It will go from covert to overt when the government announces something like “We are in a state of emergency and that emergency is on-going”.

            • Dboy summed it up.

              On a smaller scale I think it also applies to the regular police in terms of prepping. Ultimately despite your taxes paying their wages, all these government agencies work for “the man”, not Ordinary Joe. When push comes to shove that means Ordinary Joe is waaay down their list of priorities, sadly.

              I’m just shocked that after the horrific examples set by Katrina people expected it to be any different.

              It’s not nice to feel so cynical, but the world is the way it is.

              Are the voluntary organisations such as the Churches and Red Cross also bailing out? On a personal note this is why I donate to Medicins sans frontiers – they ignore government edicts & politicians to do what needs to be done to alleviate suffering – and I really respect that.

            • How long until the armored guard posts and check points points start apperaing here and there across the country. I imagine some involved have a burning desire to use up some of those billion plus rounds of hollow point ammo that were purchased.

          • Folks, Dboy is 100% correct. Dboy, I saw what was happening (planning stage) via CA-76, base foreclosures/consolidations.

            • They are re-opening a close prison to house the displaced people. This is the beginning of the round up of people that will potentially protest against the government’s handling of this crisis.

          • Thanx for the clarification Dboy. Now I can wrap my mind around the real reason for their existence. Nothing here with FEMA, mov’n on.

        • Probably. They can get gas through to Afghanistan even though it costs $400 per gallon and trucks get blown up and people killed to do so, but they cannot deliver bread to Manhattan because of some snow? Bend over New Yorkers, you just got a ‘body cavity search’ with the FEMA stick.

          • I keep saying, they can get all the help and supplies they need, if they suspend/waive anti-gouge laws.
            Folks, this is oceanfront property in NY and NJ. Is anyone so stupid to think this is public housing. Most of these folks are not destitute. They’re pucked,yes, but not destitute. All these laws do is limit the flow of supplies and help (for a price) to the area.
            As Makati1 correctly states, you can get anything, anywhere, for a price. Let the folks who can, and are willing to pay, get what they need. And it releives the pressure on the “free” help. (which is not free by the way). You should be able to buy all the gas you need for $10.00 a gallon. And in many cases, that would be a bargain. TIME is worth much more than that. Waiting in line for 3-4 hours to by gas, you have to factor in lost time value to the equation, for actual cost.
            I’m tring to take the time to explain this. Too many folks think my mindset is only about the money. It is, and it is not. Money is only one part of the equation.
            It is not “normal” there now. How can supply lines be expected to function as they did before?
            But the politicians only care about how things “look”, not about what is required to really help.

            This is the supposed to be the “Finacial Center” of the world. And I’m the only one saying this. Where did these idiots go to business school. Is there anybody up there who understands supply and demand, logistics, with the balls to voice their opinion?

            • “Financial Center”. oops

            • No on the balls part..

            • “you have to factor in lost time value to the equation” – what time value?…their entire city just got wiped off the map, what the hell else do they have to do that they should be in such a hurry?

        • Public Information Officer John Knowles said the facilities had to be shut down for the safety of the disaster survivors and staff.

          “Those trucks had to be pretty much taken down and taken off the island due to structural concerns,” Knowles said. “We didn’t want to have damage so we couldn’t return to the island and assist individuals.”

          Knowles stressed that it was strictly the mobile sites that were closed.

          “We had to take those tents down, we had to take those vehicles down so no one was seriously injured or hurt,” Knowles said.

          A fixed site at Mt. Manresa Jesuit House on Staten Island was open and fully-operational Wednesday, Knowles said.

          The mobile disaster units were back up and running Thursday on Staten Island at the following locations:

          • That sign did not appear to be posted on a tent.
            Call a circus. They can set up a big tent in any weather, and the show would go on. They don’t have a choice, their livelyhood depends on it.
            Call a circus. Any traveling circus could set up and do a better job than FEMA.

          • Kinda reminds you of the movie “Escape from New York”. Walled in people and ironically only a one eyed snake can get in and out.

        • More than likely yes, but they can’t go giving up the food stocks put aside for the elite/important class!

          off topic, but the U.N. wasted no time writting up a new Global Gun Treaty plan that was ratified by 187 nations in agreement and giving it to you know who!There will be no discussion or vote, it will be put in place hand over fist…..

          B aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • It’s because they are chicken shits!

          • I do not trust fema or other too large outfits. So instead I now donate all I got to that guy on tv commercials begging for cash etc..

            It is Rabbi Mammon Lotza Sheckles…..Hes the one with a very sissy whinney begging voice. Wants lots of cash for them very olds folks he shows that look all disheveled etc.

            The good rabbi complains they need cash for their jewsih religious festivles or whatever its called.

            Best part is online info site has Rabbi Mammon Lotza Sheckeles listed.

            He Pays himself $950,000 Per year salary. But takes from the salary $400,000 to put in his 401K ret plans!

            The good swindler rabbi has ZERO other “jobs”…Seems hes paid very swell from one or two tv commercials beging for cash for Holyhox survivers starving in isreal!

            How can this be when america hands taxpayer Cash from Us folks to isreal in excess of $3 Billion per yr Plus Billions more in various arms weapons and xtra CASH every time we turn around?….They all should be eating Pork Chops and Hams daily!

            Does any here think I am getting swindled by giveing rabbi mammon lotza sheckles alot of donated cash from me?

            Please be honest as I am new to this donate thing.

        • seeing a number next to every name on here now is just plain freaky… thanks, but no thanks.

      2. Typical of federal agency. I guess they are (fair) weather friends.

        • hehe 🙂

          • The Naional Reconnaissance Office is there for you Sir !

      3. And this is why I don’t (and won’t) ever recommend their Are You Ready nonsense.

        Imagine this: On 9/11, when we evacuated off the Virginia site, FEMA HAD NO EVACUATION PLANS. It was pure pandemonium.

        Afterwards, they moved most of the operation off the mountain.

        You cannot fix stoopid….

        • @ Zoltanne,

          “You cannot fix stooopid…” Um, slight bouqet of rose, lavender and ….”Ron White” i think, Yes?

          • Wow idiot that made no logic at all ya stupid mofo

            • Hi think,

              “RON WHITE”, the comedian…need any more help?

          • ROFL! Mr. Scotch….yes indeed….doncha just love the guy?! LOL

            • Hi Zoltanne!,

              You know it!

      4. Welcome to America 2.0

        • Elections over no need to be nice to the sheep

          • Exactly.

        • USSA
          United Secured States of America. young adults book i read back int he 80’s. Over bearign goverment. Remember int he book they had sparrows that were little UAV’s

      5. Pray for the poor people in NY & NJ. As Benghazi taught us, President Obamunist does not take care of his fellow Americans. I guess because he doesn’t see himself as one.

        • Who says any Americans are running these government agencys anymore.

        • Prey for them?
          Hell, they elected him!

      6. >>”Because the FEMA centers were located with food distribution and warming services…”<<

        I hope these "warming services" don't come with a cavity search.

        • It’s only way they can thaw your ass out and search it.

          • +1 🙂

          • Yep, +1

        • Me too. I bet they have cold hands.

        • “warming services” …does that mean body bonfire farewell services?

      7. This is a PRICELESS slap in the face to our government, whom I am certain will not see it as such… proving yet again their hands involved in anything spells FUBAR.

        • Yes, it should be a call to awaken the sheep, but will it?? What ever happened to personal responsibility? The people on the East Cost have several days warning. Just look at the headlines that were ALL over the news a few days before the storm hit. Why are they not prepared? What does it take?

          Everyone should store some staples and other food stuff just in case. We buy our basics at the local stores but we also got great powdered scrambled eggs, freeze dried veggies, chicken and great ground beef that has a very long shelf life w/o refrigeration. We got a super discount from Whatever the emergency, when the trucks stop rolling and the stores are empty we will still eat delicious meals. If you order be sure to get some Taco TVP. You’ll kids will swear that you must have stopped by Taco Bell! It’s delicious and inexpensive and they deliver right to your door! Store it and be ready for when the next storm hits.

      8. Ironically, I just got off the phone with my lib buddy (still glowing, he is, from recent events!), and had to listen to what a great job FEMA is doing.
        FEMA this, and FEMA that, and what a great job the Govmit is doing for everybody. Not like when ol’ Brownie was running the show. Hell, he even said nice things about Christie, now that Chris and Barry are new BFF!
        Gotta love it!

      9. Bugging out is a good plan if The storm is as bad as they think. you don’t want releif suplies ruined if flooding happens or roofs weakened by sandy collapse.

        But Don’t just cover your own ass ! Taken the needy with you. It’s been a week you should have handle ob how many people you are helping and what they need by now.

        Right in the middle of your name F. Emergency Mangement A. So get out there and manage the emergency.

        make a plan don’t just tuck tail and run.

        I guess we will leave no one behind was just for before the election.

      10. Fails to deliver on their promise because the FEMA weenies might got COLD! Or, God forbid, WET! This lot deserves, as the British Navy would have said in the days of wooden ships and iron men, to be set adrift on a 9 inch plank with a pound of cheese.

      11. Fema is a joke. Here in Louiasiana after Katrina our church was up and running before the Red Cross arrived and long before FEMA got here. This is an example of our Federal government in action. In an emergancy take care of your family and your neighbors. Keep your eyes open and be wise patriots.

        • Seem more like an example of americans in action.

          Real americans, the kind that built this country.

          the ones that didn’t take can’t as an answer.

          Pulling themself by their bootstraps,

          then reaching down to help up a stranger

      12. F ederally
        E nhanced
        M ostly
        A bsent

        • F irearms(that)
          E at
          M ore
          A mmo

          • F irst
            E liminate
            M asses
            A genda

            • F ucked
              E nough
              M onkeys
              A lready

              • F atally
                E ngineered
                M indless
                A sshats

                • F ix
                  E verything
                  M y
                  A ss

                • F ucked
                  E nough
                  M ericans
                  A lready

                • F ailed
                  E nigmatic
                  M isleading
                  A ssistance

                  Enigmatic means mystifying, obscure, confusing, or hard to understand.

                  Bad American, cool idea to describe fema’s real meaning, very funny.

                • S hit
                  O utta
                  L uck
                  O ften

                • F ucking
                  E ugenicist
                  M arxist
                  A genda

                  Agenda 21 is a global agenda being implemented locally (yep even in your tiiiny town)

                • F ULLY
                  E NRAGED
                  M INUTEMEN
                  A RISE

                • F ederal
                  E mergency
                  M ismanagement
                  A gency

              • F. Ederal
                E. Xcuse
                M. Ostly
                A. Norexic
                Thought they were self serving azzhats 20 years ago while involved in “Task Force Andrew”, haven’t seen any reason to change that opinion since. The ignorance was astounding, the waste damn near criminal, and the redtape that gummed up everything was suffocating. Couldn’t allow civilians to run plywood, generators, food, and water in, they might expect to turn a profit. Must be run by the feds so the only profits stay in house, and on paper.

        • Whod’a thought that 4 simple letters would have such legs? See, Creative is as Creative does 🙂

        • Good one Bad. Try, Resist Elites Brokering Everyones Life and Liberty In Our Nation.

          • @ GrandpaSpeaks,

            R E B E L L I O N…. DOH! Now I get It!!

            +1 thumbs up

        • F or
          E lites
          M ass
          A ssistance

          ..or, keep the rabble away from the Rulers.

      13. Greetings Folks!
        This is the WHY of the prepper lifestyle.FEMA is little more than a “sinkhole”(and having seen some whoppers,the term fits!)to pour massive amounts of our tax money into the corporate coffers.I’ve said it before and will say it again,just about any program out of Washington is about more layers of truly clueless idiots.Not that state and local fools are any better,just better known.When Mother Nature comes calling in your neighborhood(a coming to your area real soon event),hope you have your prepps in order.Otherwise,you may end up in a body bag like most of the Sheeple will.
        At least I won’t need to unpack my stash of “truly holy,only stopping here on vacation between berths in heaven” underwear.Might need to place an order for a muslim robe or two though.
        What fools these mortals are!

      14. What a joke … !!!.

      15. Ain’t that a bitch.

        • Yea…a real bummer

          I guess you get what you vote for!

        • YUP…a real bummer

          I guess you get what you vote for

          • To get More fema help you must first learn to speak…

            Yiddish…Or…Ebonics… hint:Yiddish gets paid lots more.

            • “Ebonics” – Talking with a baseball bat in your mouth while chasing your balls through your saggy-assed pants…

      16. It is why we prep…

      17. I’ve said before do not feed the beast stop paying taxes. They cann’t put 60-80+ million in jail. Tell them to take a hike off the cliff. IRS is like all the rest, can not find their butt with both hands. They wouldn’t have a clue where to start. If they tried the fight would be on.

        • Let me know how that works out for you, we can be pen pals when you’re in a federal prison for income tax evasion.
          They would quite easily have a clue where to start.
          Do you have a job?
          Perhaps you’re unaware of this, but your employer sends a copy of your W2 to the IRS. You know, that piece of paper that has your name, SS#, ADDRESS, and how much they paid you last year.

          • I know, but if 30+ million had the balls to do that they would have to scratch their head now would they not. No job retired took it all one lump some and love it. No income so no taxes. If I had a job it would’nt matter to me let them come a knock’n.

          • This is why anyone who can, should make more of their income outside the current corporate economy. F2F trading for real goods is where its at! The poster is 100% correct that this is one of the routes we need to be taking…starve this socialist beast. Starve them of your support. Shrug, and walk away.


          • Picky,picky. Who cares about facts.

          • @really, only a good slave like you loves paying the heavy taxes ( ransom) of today. Don’t bash other people for wanting to be free. Our taxes our creating and funding our imprisonment!

            • Seems like “reality” to me.
              Don’t think “really” said anything about loving paying taxes.
              “Want to be free”: is that the “Hope” I keep hearing about?
              I don’t know about you, but I have a job. I need the money to buy stuff; you know, food & fuel & shelter.
              I don’t LIKE paying taxes, but I’m also realistic enough to know that I do my family no good sitting in jail for trying to make a pointless “statement”.
              And it’s not a matter of “having the balls to do it”.
              Who’s going to be first? I get that you’re retired, but try changing your W4 so that no taxes are withheld from your pay; good luck.
              Reality, folks. It’s unpleasant, but it’s what we have to work with.

            • Problem is as less and less are paying those taxes it gets easier to get new ones passed. After all it is free money to those on the receiving end. California just committed suicide that way.

        • Then the beast just eats you first.

        • They don’t have to put very many in jail. They can automatically cut your credit, empty your accounts, place liens on any property, garnishee any income, prevent any assistance from any agency, including VA, put a BOLO out against your DL, send ATF or whomever after your azz. Cut your power, if you are on grid or stop any propane deliveries. Maybe not you, Copperhead, but many, many people will not risk any one of those repercussions, let alone all of them, especially those with young families. Jobs even remotely connected to Federal contracts can be terminated. Probably other ways they can *get* us, but that’s the list off the top of my head.

          Unpaid property taxes usually mean 3 years until the sheriff’s sale, with the penalty meter ticking the entire time. If they think you owe IRS, there are penalties there,too and they compound.

          Even out here in the boonies, we have seen local LEO parked at rural intersections w/laptops, recording license #s. I _think_ they are setting up a database of the regular residents. Drones could do any surveillance needed, too. Even a TrakPhone can be tracked by triangulating the cell tower logs, even easier in rural areas, IMO, than in urban ones.

          IMO, we need to be more subtle. Others may know how. For me, it is just monthly distributions from savings, no use of credit, saving medical care for emergencies, living off preps as much as possible, working for yourself, at least partially for cash and some for barter, paying your *fair share*, but doing all you can to keep it minimal. Not sure if it is a good idea or not to just become a taker and overload their system. I can see obvious disadvantages to that.

          We elders don’t worry them. It is the men 25-45 that they will be relentless with.

          • At least you’ve figured out who the enemy is…most Americans have absolutely no idea.


          • Why do you think on the last census they entered GPS coordinates instead of addresses. Drones don’t fire on addresses.

            • JW: This is true, but someone, some where is flying it and more than likely they to have a family. After a very few hits on the people and guess what they start missing work from mishap’s, you get the picture.
              If you get taken out, you don’t have to worry about it anymore and also your family. FREEDOM IS NERVER FREE! It must start somewhere.

              • copperhead,
                All in all what we have become as a nation is depressing. Many of the comments I make are for fun hoping that none of it ever happens. I am however less sure of the end game here when everyday some new outrage is announced.

        • no, but they can scare about 99 percent of them into submission, leaving, well, the rest of us 3 hots and a cot.

      18. Quote of the day:

        “When disaster strikes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency is there to help, weather permitting of course.”

        ~ Mac Slavo

      19. Kindest thing they could have done.

      20. @BI: 4 USGS trucks in southern Illinois checking on the ground rods. Learned they have been for at least 2 days now or maybe longer. I was told this today.

        • @ copperhead. I knew it, the USGS is totally aware of what is going on with the New Madrid. Geologists know that the plates affect each other, and they are the ones with the records of all these past earthquakes. All they have to do is ask their computer program to show all the times the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Caribbean plate have had earthquakes and how this has affected the New Madrid. They know.

          What I find so interesting to look at is the sideways U that follows the eastern Caribbean plate and the lack of any decent size earthquake activity. During the last part of time before a major fault breaks, there is usually this totally quiet period of no earthquake activity other than microquakes that register under 1, or sometime up to 2. It becomes so locked that only breaking will release this pressure. The Caribbean fault breaking will send a shockwave directly towards the New Madrid fault via the North American plate. The western Caribbean plate quakes have actually sent shockwaves direct towards the African plate and the Cascadia fault.

          Yes the Cascadia fault has had that 7.7 right next to it, and the 7.4 or 7.5 earthquake yesterday send more tension and stress towards it. It is no coincidence that you had that 7.4 or 7.5 down in Guatemala, then 10 hours later that 6.3 off of Vancouver Island. Follwing the old tape measurer on a globe these two line up prefectly like connect the dots. The Cascadia fault has a little over 72 hours to either break or show some sort of sign to indicate that it is ready to break. If it does not, then very likely it won’t until Thanksgiving or later.

          This article shows just how important that no one thinks for a moment that their government, yes even the Swiss government or any government, will be there no matter what happens. People need to have enough of what they need for some degree of time. The planet is experiencing increased activity and more severe activity all the time and it can happen anywhere to any of us. The war factor is something that all of us should pay attention to. Iranian fighter jets, pathetic relics, cahsed down an U.S. drone this last week and tried to shoot it down and were unsuccessful. It is so ready to go off from so many angles, and can happen within an instance. That sign above should be the inspriation for all to go out prepare, it won’t be, but it should be.

          • BI: What fault underlies Temecula CA and what faults does it connect too?


            • @ durango kidd. The fault, a bad one that goes within a couple of miles of Temecula is the Elsinore-Whittier fault. On Oct.1, 1987 there was a 6.1, later downgraded to a 6.0 or 5.9 earthquake, this small section of the fault broke and killed 8 people. It is about 160 miles long and capable of about a 7.5-7.8 if most of all of it broke. Temecula use to have about 200 people in the town back in the 1970’s and was kind of a stop over for gas along highway 15. Temecula now has about 100,000 and would be hit hard and probably lose a few hundred people along with Lake Elsinore that has about 55,000. If the northern section went, these cities would get it; Yorba Linda, Fullerton, part of Anaheim, Whittier and a few others.

              The fault connects with the Chino Hills fault that goes right through the city of Corona. A few years ago the Chino Hills fault had a 5.7, this fault is capable of a 6.6. It’s most northern portion connects with the Elysian Park fault system that runs right under downtown LA. This fault they say is a major thrust fault capable of a 7.5 to a 8.0. I kind of doubt the 8.0, more like a 7.5.

              The Elsinore-Whitter fault along with the San Jacinto fault are the two faults that are most prone to go along with the San Andreas as they are kind of sisters to it. The Newport Ingelwood fault is another very dangerous fault as long beach found out in 1933, This fault some say runs all the way to san diego and is too close to the San Onofre nuclear power plant. This fault is capable of close to a 8. The tsunami could be close to 20 feet tall along the coastline, but taller should it cause an undersea landslide like some offshore earthquakes have done, like in the 1920’s off of Santa Barbara.

              • BI: BINGO!

            • The boggest fault in temecula is that it is in the Inland Empire and in the center of Foreclosure Alley with around a fifty percent foreclosure ratye with most of the rest merely upside down. Hemet is even worse as is Victorville which have been taken over by gangs.

              • Wow! Them faults has more faults than all combined faults of DC. Somebody must get to the bottom of this fault problem and find out whos at fault for all the faults.

          • BI – you might like this link if you don’t already have it. It is directly to the Mexican equivalent of the USGS.


            Since Nov1. ( 7 days ) there have been 145 EQ’s above 3.0 . On 11-8, there were 12 above 3.5 and on 11-7 about 37 all above 3.2 in Mexico.

            The USGS does not show any of these on their website.

          • Thanks again for all your research. I have my map on the wall and am drawing lines as indicated. It’s supposed to be really cold this week-end, so am debating whether to take the kids outside or stay inside. Do you have any educated guess on when this might take off?

            • @ Vicky. Try to get a globe, a flat map doesn’t do justice to the way the plates actually look. What I do is get something that has some sticky backing to it and I cut out tiny little squares about 1/2 centimeter big, or about 1/8 of an inch big for every earthquake 4.5-7, and 1/3 of an inch or about a centimeter big square for all bigger earthquakes. Since the beginning of the year I have a very interesting pattern that has developed. When there is a reoccurring area of activity I will not just keep sticking the stickers higher and higher on the same spot.

              You will be amazed when you take a flat tape measurer and place it completely flat on the globe just how those straight lines on a flat map are not so stright. The actually curve of the planet takes a fault zone and connects it with another danger zone that you would not see on a flat map. You can do the same with a hypothetical ICBM missile launch from say North Korea, China, Russia, or even Iran and see the path it would take while in flight, also taking into account thet the planet is rotating during the 25-30 minutes the missile is in flight.

              This is a good example of what a globe will do. Take the 7.4 earthquake in Guatemala and travel west with the tape measurer and you will end up in Magagascar in the southern hempishere. If you take a direct west line on a flat map this will take you to Yemen. This takes you almost 3000 miles away from the actual point in which the energy would travel across the world. This is why I alsways stress to use a globe when plotting earthquakes and where their signature energy is coming from and going to.

              I am glad you are observing what is going on, it is so important that we all are aware of what is happening so we are not totally caught off guard.

          • @be informed and copperhead. Thank you for your quake information….I am in Mo and have attempted to garner information from usgs to no avail. Please continue, if you are able, to inform us to any upcoming events….it is greatly appreciated. I am prepared, but knowledge is power and the more advanced warning we have, the better our chances for survival. Thanks again…..


            • @ Feisty Old Broad. Funny alias. I look at the Mid Atlantic Ridge that affects the New Madrid at about 18 degrees north and 58 degrees north, give or take a couple of degrees. The USGS site will give you the latitude and longitude of any earthquake and where it hit. Also watch the eastern Caribbean plate, this is an area that forms a sideways U east of the Virgin Islands to Venezuela and Guyana. This plate broke in 1812 like the New Madrid broke. Also watch the central San Andreas fault or even the Garlock fault in california that runs from Death Valley area to south of Santa Maria. The San Andreas broke in 1812 also.

              Watch for a large number of micro-quakes on the New Madrid, or larger earthquakes on the northern or southern tips of it. These are indicates that the fault is undergoing stress build up.

      21. It’s B O H I C A time in the good old U S of A. Film at 11.

        • That’s the other topic you’re on the wrong thread

      22. Bottom of the 9th, 2 out, nobody on. And it’s Disasters 7, FEMA 0….There’s the wind-up, and the throw…a high slider inside….and he….struck him out!

      23. Thats alright, we can count on them for our healthcare and well being. Gullible is written in the clouds.

        • guess the bright side is we got lotsa clouds

      24. I’m surprised they spelled due correctly

      25. Sounds like the government to me. What else should we expect?

      26. Our tax dollars at work. This is what can happen when anyone depends on government, i.e. our tax dollars to save their stupid, irresponsible asses from any kind of disaster. Just another reason why the only guarantee you have of surviving any adverse situation is to depend on yourself and no one else, period. Stockpile food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, guns, ammo, etc. That’s what I do for myself. I’m a prepper and damn proud of it. I don’t apologize to anybody for it. With the exception of my late wife, I’ve never trusted anyone. I’ve never depended on anyone but myself. I’ve been through regular thunderstorms, power outages, 1 tornado, numerous hurricanes, and getting burned out of a trailer. I had extra food, water, etc. everything I needed to get through all of those situations and made it through the events just fine. I came out smelling like a rose and passed each survival test with flying colors. I never went crying to Uncle Scam or anyone else to come and save my bacon because I WAS SELF-SUFFICIENT IN MY OWN NEEDS FROM A TO Z! Anyone who depends on government for anything is a fool. Going shopping again this weekend. Best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

      27. You lok at the worst parts of where Sandy hit and that can be ANY of us. People that depend on the best government assistance in the world CANNOT WHEN true mega SHTF. There is ONLY so much that any good government can do, much less a government that does not have much or does not really care. You are responsible for yourself and your family when chaos reins. People can either criticize their government or state or praise them, the simple fact is that there are situations in which unless you have stored up for tomorrow you will have to depend on another that might not be able to help you or is unwilling to.

        I don’t understand anyone that does not take pleasure and so much security in having food, water, and other supplies ready to go when they need it. I don’t know how many people for example when they become very ill have someone go to the market for them to do the shopping because they have nothing in the house. NOTHING in the house??????????? Does this sound stupid or what, NOTHING. Little minor league problems causing major problems for someone unwilling to put away what they need.

        So many people are now teetering on life and death, and this is also in homes not hit hard. There are many people suffering terribly just because they failed to put anything away for tomorrow. A house without power, water, and other necessities, but a house prefectly safe to live in. The person cannot get out because of the roads and because they have not prepared they are dying or sick or just suffering, THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. A person that has had their home flattened is one thing, but someone starving to death because they simple refused to prepare and had the money to do so. That person can go eat grass and knaw on tree bark because there is absolutely no excuse for failure to prepare when you have the money to do so.

        Isn’t “prepared” one of the most positive word there is?

        • Hi Bi!,

          Been over at the ‘Fiestien Fan Club’ forum a bunch today, just got here. Did note the indian ocean tremor off the western coast of Australia, amongst others. Beenkeeping up with your running commentary throughout. Do you really think the Cascadia is so ‘frail’ right now?
          Don’t know if you caught it but copperhread (above this) said that USGS has multiple trcks checking gtound rods over in his vicinity, THAT makes me nervous all things considered.
          It is likely that we’ll start seeing a significant uptick in solar here presently, time frame ~24 hours from now, be advised on that also. A previous area, NOAA 11594 is returning – it was the one that ‘blurted out’ that last very long duration event about two weeks ago just as it was rotating around and off the western limb. Same was a magnetically large, ‘juvenile’ spot at that time so it remains to be seen what we’ll be getting from that venue shortly. The last thing we need right now is to have a major proton event/CME come blasting in to super-charge the planetary tectonics…Oh My!
          Can you BELEIVE this FEMA shut-down thing?!?! Anyone that wasn’t fully convinced of the utter ineptitude of the federal government at this point better sit down and do a rethink….methinks. Gotta go for a bit, be back later this evening. Bye Bi!

          • @ JustOneGuy. That earthquake of 5.2 was directed like a bullet directly at India. The southcentral section of the Australian plate is moving in a northerly direction and with the movement of the other plates towards the west, this shows stress build up in India, watch India.

            Simply put, the Cascadia fault is ready right now at this moment to fail. It has been 312 years since it last broke and the average is about 260 years. That 7.7 probably sped up the failute time a few years like the 7.3 in landers california caused the northridge fault to break many years before it should back in 1994. The 7.7 deep focus earthquake in eastern russia showed me that the Pacific plate was desperately trying to move. It is only a matter of time now. IF it breaks before Thanksgiving, I use Thanksgiving because it is on Nov.22, then it should be 8.8-9.0.

            If the fault is so locked that even after this 7.7 and the 7.4 Guatemala that directed energy right at it 10 hours late and caused a 6.3, then there is more energy locked up in this fault that people realize. We are talking 9.1-9.3 energy. I am not sure if this was a break that suddenly stopped like in Japan a year ago in which a 7.3 occurred 2 days before the 9.0. Or if it was the fault reacting to the Guatemala earthquake 10 hours ago. I do know that 7.7 had huge impacts of the Cascadia.

            When you start to get up to 7.7 on a strike slip fault like the what the Canadian call their San Andreas there is a lot of push or release of stress on a horizontal plain. Case in point the 8.6 or 8.7 mega quake that set off earthquakes all over the planet earier in the year. this 7.7 was right on the door step of the Cascadia fault. I keep checking late last night to see if the Cascadia fault had broken yet, this is how concerned I am about it. The ONLY reasoning i can come up for it NOT breaking after it being so overdue to and that 7.7 hit on it, is that there is so much locked up stress that it will take something else to jar it loose. This would tell me if it did not break within a couple of weeks that you have a super mega qauke ready to happen like Alaska in 1964 or near to Chile in 1960.

            What is so pathetic is that you will only hear about on sites that others regard as radical or conspiracy driven. The freaken geological world and science world should be sending out alerts all over the place to this. When you have near a 8 pointer right next to a mega thrust fault that is overdue to break, that means holy Sh^&. Yet no one is talking about this.

            WHEN that sucker breaks it will affect the San Andreas like it did in 1700, and the San Andreas affects the New Madrid like in 1812, and the New Madrid is tied into the New Madrid like in 1812 when venezeuela was hit with a mega quake. This time the sequence is likely to come together all within the same year or within a couple of years, rather than wait 112 years because all these regions are ready to break. The New Madrid is probably the least prone to at this time, but is still ready.

            People, as in the masses don’t understand what a 4 mega earthquake break would mean, even spread out over a few months. You won’t need the U.S. dollar to go into the tank because of the debt or china or anything else, it would do it with no problem after something like this.

            On a scale from 0-100 for a 8.0 earthquake, with 100 being absolutely imminent.

            Cascadia 90-95.
            San Andreas 85-90, Southern San Andreas 90.
            New Madrid 70-75.
            Caribbean plate, eastern section 95-97.

            I believe that the USGS already knows about the other 3 faults, but the New Madrid they highly suspect is getting ready to fail in the near future and they are going to make sure of it because of the proximity of it to very important areas that are not prepared at all, like all the nuclear power plants. This is speculation on the USGS, but not on the severity of these faults. Too much has been active with the plates, especially the 3 7.3-7.5’s that have hit the western section of the Caribbean plate in the past few weeks. I really hope those within 1500 miles of the Caribbean plate know what to look for before a tsunami rolls in. Why the Atlantic coast doesn’t have a mass early tsunami warning system is very disturbing.

            • BI…Hi!,

              T’anks a bunch for the analysis. I didn’t think that things were looking too good when the tremor west of Port Hardy hit…when I drilled down a bit on the USGS map the epicenter appeared to be dead-center between the two fault branches on either side. No, NOT good at all…by I defer to your opinion here, “Oh Seismic Master!” /NoSarc 🙂

              Interestingly, after several days of calm, another GRB RECORDED today. The odd thing anbout these durn GRB’s is that we SEE them just AFTER a spate of seismic activity. Same with the huge quake in 2004…it appears that something may be ‘front-running’ the observable wavefronts that we see by as much as 24 hours. NOT my notion, this comes straight out of the upper eschelon’s of the academic world….eery thought though.

              Did you see the missive copperhead left for you with respect to the USGS? Nervous-making stuff. With all that has been going on globally ANY attention being paid by TPTB to the NMF is an attention-getter. Been dialoging with Mac over the last several days, He seems to think that he’s got the ‘rogue’ processes on the server ‘corraled’. The larest E-Mail I got from him – I played a ‘small’ part in helping, hence… – indicates that he’s getting ready to attempt the process of enhancing the board here with the new, promised goodies…Yippy-Ky-Yay Mac!!!
              Hopefully, we’ll see the fruits of his efforts shortly, can’t wait to dialogue at length over some of this stuff. Thanks again for the analysis…I didn’t think it looked to good, “Happpily”, I now know my original estimation was low-ball. Thanks…I think? 🙂 🙂

            • BI – you might find this link interesting, assuming you don’t already have it.


              Since Nov 1, ( 7 days ) there have been 145 EQ’s of 3.0 or higher in Mexico. Just today alone, there have been 12 above 3.5 . THe USGS doesn’t show more than about 5 EQ’s hitting Mexico in the last 7 days. On 11-7-12, there were over 37 EQ’s in Mexico all above 3.2 .

              I used the USGS site to send them a message asking why they don’t report such large quakes, when they report similiar sizes all over the world. No reply.

              • @ oUCH. Most of these are aftershocks to the previous earthquakes in the area. Aftershocks can occur for months or even years after a large earthquake. Watch the area just south of the tip of the Gulf of California and northern Mexico, this area could be the push necessary to start up the southern San Andreas breaking.

          • Correction:

            “Feinstein Fan Club” Wouldn’t want to be accused of disrespectfully mis-stating an HONORED US Senator’s name, would I?

            • OH, and BI,

              MAKE absoluely sure you scroll down to SmokinOkies’ latest foray into humor below a ‘letters to the editor’ type of thing….FUNNIEST thing I’ve heard in 20 years. Damned if I didn’t blow Moantain Dew straight out of my nose all over the coffee table….it almost cost me my new keyboard! I have to admit, I’m becoming a fan of his. 🙂

              • @ JustOneGuy. Smokin Okie is very talented and quite humorous. By the way I was thinking more about Mt Taupo as being the most likely supervolcano to erupt because of the junction points of the Australian plate, the Pacific plate, and the Antarctic plate that seem to be ready to form a new plate boundary at this point. This would mean much magma being forced to Taupo. Toba is one supervolcano that was slightly larger than most Yellowstone eruptions and almost ended what was human beings at the time. There is a genetic bottleneck in human beings that points to this time in history.

                One other area that very few people talk about is the Long Valley Caldera in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in california. This area has erupted before with 600 cubic km, almost a VEI 8, supervolcano, but still a solid VEI 7. On November 3, 2002 there was a 7.9 on the Denali fault and 60 earthquakes occurred in the Long Valley area. This worries me because of the San Andreas and the Owens Valley fault that is still active after it broke in 1872. And just because of the high activity of the plates recently. On the volcano live web site it talks more in detail about this area. John Seach said that this is the third time a distant earthquake has affected this area, that is possible bad news with what is going on.

                • Hi BI!,

                  I DECLARE, Smokin’ is hysterically funny. I had to go ‘wash’ out my SINUSES again since the Mountain Dew blew strasight through them. Yechh! Still, it was worth it I suppose.

                  Anyhow, I was perviously referring to – with my limited knowledge – the really big ‘Super’s’ of the past that I am aware of. ‘Taupo’ is unknown to me…I will be at Wiki immediately after concluding my blurb here.

                  Much like the sun, I WISH, we knew more about the dynamics of the deep Earth. the thermodynamics of, that is. It’s funny, in mathemarics you can come up with all sorts of stable, analytic solutions to a HUGE variety of equations as long as you’te dealing with a limited dimensionality in the actual problem. THAT ends when you pass much out of d=2 proceedinhg into d=3 and beyond.

                  In these circumstances Nature (and seemingly, God) have created systems for which there are no stable equlibriums – time invariant, that is The heat transfer inside of either the Earth or the Sun is so hideously complex that it passes understanding, but it is DYNAMIC, it must change in time therefor. With Heat, of course, there’s convection, conduction and radiation…the last being the simplest to treat with, the former are terrible in systems involving many, amny independent body’s/particles Thus, though we are fully aware of ‘plumes’ in the mantle ie, what we see as ‘hot spots’ where they intersect with the Earth’s crust there’s no realistic way we can even begin to model them. All that is compounded by our near-ignorance of the core itself.

                  We may infer the mass of the core based on the average of the density of the magma which is sampled at various places where it erupts into our environment, we can infer some few things about the ‘spin’ of the core from the Earth’s strong magnetic field relative to other sister-planets but we don’t KNOW – in a strict sense – the actual parameters associated.

                  Whew, that was TOO much for this hour of the night…I feel woozy…Umm, more Nyquil? Nahhh. 🙂

                  Thanks for the 411 on the Long Valley thing…I’ve stumbled over the name before but didn’t recognize it’s significance….another thing to look up in detail over at Wiki I suppose. Too….Mac will have the ‘goodies’ up here on the site soon he says….I feel like a kid waiting for Christmass day…

                  I had a ‘dialogue’ with someone here at site tonight, back some few days in one of the previous forums and I think that possibly a meeting of the minds occured such that our ‘nega-fan’ club might subside a bit, perhaps?

                  Anywho, keep your fingers crossed that Mac get’s the ‘goodies’ installed soon….kinda beat, headin’ for La-La land.

                  Have a good night Brother/Sister/Friend…”Guten Nacht Alles.”

        • Yes yes yes yes yes. The essence of the dilemma. We have a nation of people who like to think of themselves as individualists but who couldn’t feed or water themselves past three days if necessary.

          This is the current mindset of the vast majority of Americans. There is no cure for them other than a stroll through the fire. They will either come out the other side and learn or they will be consumed. Either way, it’s on them 100%. I’ve talked myself hoarse and maybe one in 50 gets it, maybe.

          I’m not going to prepare for the 50 who are more excited about iPhone5 than having something to pull them through an emergency. It’s all on their head now.

          • Hi Volt,

            Fuuny, I’ve dialoge’d with your cousin – ‘kidney’ – just lately…I seem to agree with him too. Specifically, Yeah, ‘Tou can lead a horse to water….”…it get’s AWFULLY old repeating the same thing over and again to those who don’t have ‘ears to hear’ doesn’t it.

      28. i’ve got a feeling the SHTF in the US may be starting.

        the tristate area is a mess and will be for weeks and winter is starting up. add in the “fiscal cliff” to rattle the financial markets and europe looks to be getting crazy again, then throw in that the drought will have an ever increasing affect on food supplies and food prices and top it off with iran firing up missles and i think its all setting up nicely for a SHTF start that may be 3 months or maybe a year before it really becomes country altering, but in 3 months it may be undeniable to the whole country that the US is headed for a bad period of time.

        • We’ve been in SHTF since 2007 (some locations, such as Detroit, even longer). SHTF is here NOW. This is slow, rolling collapse. That’s good news in that it’s giving us more time. It’s bad too, because people are coming to think of things right now as “normal”.


          • youre right, it has been a long slow SHTF.

            i was just posting that at some point everyone will know the SHTF and looks like its setting up for that point now.

            when we get there, its too late to prepare for it and that might be in 3 months; i always held out that maybe we avoid that, not anymore; i’m looking at buying a fourth gun, more ammo and more stored food now.

            • All this ammo and guns. Has anyone given a thought as to how many firefights the average person can withstand before he or she is snuffed?

              • the “average” person?
                They won’t survive the first.
                “average” being somewhere between highly-trained military on 1 end of the bell-curve and the stereotypical couch potato on the other end.
                Not saying I’d do any better; just a nod in the direction of “reality” again.

        • Lucky for us we have a real leader at the helm…. That was a joke.

          • you know what they say – when the going gets tough, the tough get out of town…

      29. Really? what you said is true only as long as the system is still functioning. If we’re hit by an EMP or solar flare, the entire system in all aspects will go down. Government depends on the power grid just like we do. Copperhead, you sais USGS checking rods in southern Ill. Anything else on NMF I need to know? Braveheart

        • BH: My family member lives in the area, and I don’t know about anywhere else, but I’ll try to find put.
          Keep Prep’n

      30. BI, i just said something to the same effect, but as always, you said it even better and yes, the word ‘prepared’ is one of the most positive words in our English language. Leeholsen, I think you’re right except maybe on the timing. Since Obamanation won, now he has nothing to lose and will go full speed ahead with the NWO agenda. If we’re fortunate, we might have 3-6 months at the most, but I’m not counting on that much time. I think something may happen between now and 2013. Only time will tell. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart. We have some major trouble brewing from some serious civilization ending events. Geophysical is not the earthquakes but the supervolcano that goes off, likely in the southern hempishere at New Zealand or Indonesia from the plate collisions that has happened many times before in the Earth’s history. The war that seems certain when Isreal attacks Iran. Isreal now thinks it can attack Iran without starting WW3, hey right. I truly feel that a pandemic is brewing as does the National Geographic magazine has talked much about in past issues.

          The economy is worrisome but not going to be what implodes the human civilization, it could very well be the catalyst that leads to war, diasese, hard core terrorists using some doomsday pathogen, etc. I also think the sun is very capable of a mass flare, as JustOneGuy could talk much more about this than me, he is the expert on space.

          You would think that with everything happening and the shear misery of the people suffering on the east coast that everyone in this country would be going to walmart, their local supermaket, whereever and stocking up on what they need instead of wasting money on holiday junk. But NOOOOOOOO, those suffering in the east coast are far away people and it “won’t happen to us in our community”. How did people become so sh&* stupid? Please someone try to answer that for me.

          • Hi Bi,

            You realize that it’s BEEN a vey bad week, Yes? Oh Boy, the last thing I want to contemplate now is another “Mt Toba/ Pre-historic Yellowstone. I declare, you’re a FONT of good news this week! 🙂

            With respect to the GRB thing – and without going into voluminous detail for the sake of the other reader’s here (LATER, PM’ing) Consider the following:

            One of my post – several back, yes, – I spoke at the notion that gravity waves are truly the only thing that actually moves at ‘The speed of light’…this isn’t specualtion here. In any event, there”s NO shielding from such, anywhere. You’re taliking about ripples in ‘space/time’. Over vast distance scales then it follows that there is a strong possibility that ‘we’ would ‘see’ the visible spectrum component of a GRB ONLY after the corresponding GW had already passed before it. At vast distances the liklihood that such would carry a huge energy/power (Watt’s/meter*meter)is slight. Problem is it doesn’t have too.

            The terrestrial environment is a dynamic system in tension at all times…what happens when transient equilibrium is disturbed – crust/mantle/core wide? Again, there’s NO sheilding from a GW…years ago the Navy wanted to play with the idea of ‘grvity wave’ transmitters that would send a signal straight through the body of the Earth, of sourse, since no such technology exists for the terrestrial production of such waves THAT ended soon enough. Well, that’s my ‘Happy’ thought for the day for everyone…been digging holes today, bit grimy, going to clean up before the FEDS try to come in and appropriate my deep well for some hihgher cause. G’Day Mates!

          • @BI…..Sadly, the “me” population is, in my opinion, mostly to blame….you have a generation of “dr. spock” children raising another generation of “spock” babies….and many years of indoctrination in public schools makes many dependent on the gov’t for everything….so many cannot function on their own in simple everyday life, so it is not surprising that they cannot function in the event of an emergency….dependence on the gov’t is part of the plan….and many will fall victim to the lies that are spoon fed to them. I, like many, seek to be in control of our own lives…..I raised my sons to be self-sufficient, regardless of the political winds…..the BEST amount of gov’t is the LEAST amount of gov’t, but you have so many now who suck at the teat of gov’t for anything they can get for “free”…..they do not realize that nothing is “free”…..

            • Hi Fiesty!,

              Mac’s been workin’ on the site for several days now, I just tried postin’ i at ya ands it didn’t go…if this pops up multiple times then…

              You’ll like this, courtesy of ‘Reader’s Digest’ circa 20+ years ago,

              “Spock, Spock the Baby Doc’,”
              “Leads a ‘Peace-March’ Down the Block,”
              “And around Him Everywhere you Look,”
              “Are Kids hHe Messed up With His Book…”

              Noticed you’te in Mo, Same Here…Howdy Neighbor. 🙂

              • From: Spock Baby, to, Top Ten Detroit Police list of…Suspooks…

      31. Let’s check the mailbag for out monthly advice column, Ask The Okie:

        Our first letter comes from Wyoming. It reads-
        Dear Okie,
        I didn’t particularly want Romney, but I was desperately hoping that, somehow, we’d get rid of Obama and his marxist agenda. Now, I don’t know what to do. I’m so angry. And really depressed about the future. What can I do?
        BUmmed Out In Cheyenne

        Dear Bummed Out,
        You seem to be suffering from a type of depression mixed with disgust. The solution is Ammo Therapy. Everybody knows what that is- you go buy more ammo and you feel better. However, in your case, I’d suggest a slight modification. Try my patented 7 Step Ammo Therapy plan. It’s much like regular therapy but you do it in 7 steps. In the first 2 steps, stick to small caliber, and therefore cheaper, ammo. That way you get LOTS of rounds to add to the pile. Then move to larger, more costly calibers with each next step. Finally ending with the largest (308, 30-06, 50 mm mortar rounds…whatever your arsenal requires)The trick is in the first steps, and getting LOTS of rounds to add to the stockpile. There’s nothing more soothing than standing in front of your ammo locker, saying aloud to yourself, ‘Yesterday I only had 17,000 rounds. But today I have 19,000 rounds.’ Try it. I think it’ll really help. Sincerely, Okie

        Our next letter is from Tyler, who writes:

        Dear Mr Okie,
        I’m 9 years old and I live in Utah. My problem is my Dad. He’s been so sad lately. Ever since the election, he just sulks around the house with his head down. He doesn’t want to play ball with me or anything. What can I do to cheer him up?
        Tyler in Provo, Utah

        Dear Tyler,
        First of all, Thank you for your great letter. And for caring so much about your Dad. I’m sure he’s a great Dad to have such a fine son. Oh, and thanks for the LDS literature you enclosed with the letter. I’m not Mormon, but I certainly respect your committment to your beliefs.
        Now, about your question- Your Dad appears to be depressed, like Mr Bummed Out above. But in a different way. He’s more despondent than angry. Still, this kind of depression usually goes away in time. And it is very treatable. Try my 7 Step Plan outlined above. It just might work. Also, try taking him on a family outing, like a picnic or a trip to Arches Nat’l Park. That’ll probably bring him around.
        If all else fails, give your Dad the special sealed envelope which I’ve mailed back to you. Remember, it’s for your Dad only. So, be a good boy and don’t open it yourself. In the envelope, your Dad will find a phone number and address to a sort of “motel” run by a friend of mine in Nevada. Tell him to drive over there, push the button on the intercom, and ask for Trixie. Then, give my name to Miss Trixie and she’ll let him in for a special ‘massage’ they do at the ‘motel.’ Best of all, he can charge it to me! (I have an account there). Just my way of showing compassion to your Dad. Thanks again for your wonderful letter, Tyler.
        Sincerely, Okie

        Next up- a letter from our nations capitol:

        Dear Okie,
        I work in the White house laundry room. In fact, I’m responsible for washing and pressing most of the presiden’t wardrobe. My question is- how do I get blood stains out of the knees of trousers? I’ve tried everything and I’m in a panic! Please help.
        Desperate Laundry Worker In Washington

        Dear Desperate,
        Try pouring a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stain (even if it’s dried or set in). Let the peroxide soak in well, say about 15 minutes. Then wash as usual. This also works great for wine and chocolate stains, so it’ll probably be useful to whomever does the first lady’s laundry. By the way, it’s much better to AVOID the stains than to treat them later. Have you tried keeping the president away from union bosses and middle eastern tyrants?
        Sincerely, Okie

        Lastly, we have a very interesting letter from Texas:

        Hey Okie-
        You (edit) faced, bigoted, cracker mo-fo. You just like all the rest of them (edit) crackers. You probably drive a chevy pick-up with a confererate flag and listen to Hank Williams, you (edit) boy. You and the rest of them (edit)crackers can kiss my (edit) (edit). When I get out, I’m lookin you up. I’ll get me a nine and I’ll bust a cap in your (edit)cracker head.
        Jerome who’s gonna (edit) you up!

        Dear Jerome,
        You couldn’t be further from the truth! My pick-up is a Ford, not a Chevy. And the flag is a “Gadsden” flag if you want to be precise. And the stereo is broken, so I don’t listen to any music at the moment. You are partly correct in that I do have an ample selection of Hank’s music (Jr and Sr), but I have to use the house stereo.
        You said you’d ‘get a nine and bust a cap in my head.’ Is that what you’d call a ‘pimpin nine?’ And do you hold it sideways to shoot? I never did understand how that improves the shooters aim by taking the sights completely out of the field of vision. Maybe you can explain it to me, and we’ll compare aiming and sighting techniques when we meet.
        By the way, Mrs Okie saw the letter and your threats to me. She bacame quite upset. In fact, she said ‘That (edit) so much as steps on the place and I’ll blow his (edit) off!’ She’s a gentle lady and I’m sure she didn’t mean it. But, just to be on the safe side, come see me on a Tuesday night when she’s at the Ladies Bible Study group.
        I also noticed, from the return address, that you’re currently housed in the Huntsville unit of the Texas Dept of Corrections. I passed your name, and inmate ID number, along to my nephew. By sheer coincidence, he’s at that very unit, too! You might even know him. He runs the local chapter of a mens evangelistic group. I think it’s called the Aryan Brotherhood or someting like that. He said he’d bring a few men from the ‘welcoming committee’ over to see you. Tell him I said “Hi”
        If, and when, you get out- please do stop by the house! I’m looking forward to meeting you!
        ps- you won’t believe this, Jerome, but I was, honestly, just about to open a fresh box of saltines when your letter arrived! Isn’t that hilarious?!

        • They hold pistols sideways because it come outta the box that way…

        • Oh Smokin’ Hahahahaaa,

          “Ammo Therapy”!%#@#$^&%$##!

          If I laugh any harder I’m going to have to call for medical assistance! 100 Thumbs UP Dude!!!!!

          • Another letter to Okie:

            Dear Okie, my name is Hobammy, and I have a huge problem. Yesterday while shaving I noticed a big Zit right on the tip of my nose.

            I asked my wife, Sheboonny, what I should do?…She told me to go to the nearby drugstore and buy some of that Pimple creame stuf.

            Well I did as she advised. I read all the directions listed on the box, applied alot of the pimple creame, then I went to bed early. I fell asleep by counting zits.

            Mr. Okie! when I awoke early the next morning, I was in utter shock! It seems I have Lost my Head!

            Again I asked Sheboony my wife, what should I now do?

            Sheboony advised that I go back to the same drugstore, and Demand a full refund for such a lousy product.

            Which is exactly what I did. However, when I told the Druggist man how I used it as directed, and then got a good nights sleep I was utterally shocked.

            The next morning when I awoke to find out I somehow had lost my head! So I wanted a full refund.

            Mr.Okie, you wont believe how he refused any such refund!. He took the box of pimple creame stuf from my hand, and began to read the same directions on the box.

            Then he said NO Refund! We never refund a product ubless it proves to be deffective! And as it states right here on the box instructions for useage.

            REMOVES Blackheads! So whats the defect?..It worked as advertized!

            Please assist me Mr. Okie,

            Signed: Headless & Clueless at 1600 Penn. Ave, D.C.

        • You have a talent, you cracker mo-fo!

        • Hey Oak, the best I’ve read lately. Thanks for the laugh. When can we expect a paperback? I think a possible name could be “Okie-fenokie”…. A Guide to Stress Relief. It should come with a warning however;

          ‘Read’ in mass quantities could result in gut wrenching laughter and may result in expulsion of large amounts of swamp gas.

        • This just in! SmokinOkie get’s tickets to the “Comedy Club” in HollyWood CA. He’s th Headliner!!

      32. Typical bureaucratic nightmare.
        Good thing we preppers can take care of ourselves eh?

      33. @ Be Informed …. I couldn’t have said it better.
        NO EXCUSE!!! Those people need to have it tattooed on their

        ~~~ Gardenia

        • Then when they look in the mirror, they try real hard to figure out what “E S U C X E O N” means…

      34. @BH2O; When it hits the fan you going to pay taxes?

      35. One of guys at the FD I work for was deployed with a FEMA task force, he wrote a scathing email regarding how they did basically knock on million dollar houses that had no damage and did little else except be a dog and pony show for Obama…

      36. @ All

        Foxnews dot com is running something reading, “Forgotten by FEMA” claims residents “Beyond infuriated at FED help.

        ‘Waking up is HARD to do…”

      37. I can bet the church’s are out there cold or not. The thing is the goverment want’s to shut them down too. God forbid they would have an upper hand.This is how it is? Huh!I know for fact this will be a wake up call for many people.What bother’s me is the childen who suffer for this.That is the worse thing yet!

      38. that sign is frigging priceless

      39. Heard today on some radio program re: NorthEast problems – went something like “My family is just so depressed because we can’t get any answers.. no one will tell us when the power will be back on, if it’s going to be 15 days, then we’ll figure out how to deal with it until then. It’s the day to day wondering if TODAY we’ll have power; there needs to be an investigation why it’s taking so long”.

        Little o’ wee is thinking – ‘you, dear sir, while I do have the greatest empathy; you are way past FUBAR.’ and I don’t even think like that.

        Then in just a minute of silent reflection I had a moment of clarity… there are some peeps that don’t even have the basic skills needed to be a human being.

        I give up. The inmates have taken over and are now running the zoo.

        • Hi Wee,

          Let me see

          ______-up-byond-all-repair? Gee, it’s Hell, gettin Old.
          If that’s NOT right I’m sure you’llhelp an old geezzer out, Hmmm? 🙂

        • I am sure that Barack, Michelle and Valerie are up all night worrying about the plight of these poor people and how to help them. (Play laughter soundtrack)

      40. That’s the whole reason people are prepping. One day people are going to look for the government or some organized support, and it’s not going to be there. It’ll be a time of real independence. Many will be instant orphans. That will be a tragic site, bringing out the worst emotions and responses. I don’t know the status of all you readers; but this Thanksgiving should include a lot of reflection and being thankful for all the things we’ve taken for granted for so long. I hope you’re never met by a closed door.

      41. Like that baby in the etrade commercials, here’s my shock face (:0

        • @ Anonymous,

          “2nd American Republic?” I LIKE it.

      42. doggone it…in total meltdown of society i had planned to plant a fema sign up on the highway pointing all the takers in another direction so that i would not have to worry about them stumbling onto my in perfect fema style, fema is letting it be known that they are not dependable….well, most of these takers might not notice how unprepared they really are. soon as fema opens their doors these takers will be there lined up…they will forget quickly.

      43. “FEMA an “OXY run by MORONS” !”

        “The scariest sentence to ever hear … “We’re from the U.N. ZOG FedGov … we’re here to Help(enslave) You !”

        “Any One who still depends on the ZOG FedGov DHS FEMA since Katrina and 9/11 twin towers bldg 7 for Help during a True SHTF Crisis – DESERVES WHAT THEY GET – NOTHING !!!”

        ~N.O. ;0p

      44. Would the public please note that emergency services are only available in nice weather, like balmy sunny days.
        Sorry, but FEMA staff don’t like getting wet.

        This belongs in a South Park skit…

      45. I’ve been reading this site for a while and had to comment. I’m in NYC and on 1st avenue on the East River and my building was wiped out. No electricty or water since last Tuesday. You know what? I’ve survived and the reason is that I prepared. I listened because for about a week the media said that the storm was going to be bad and so what did I do is go buy gallons of water and food that didn’t need to be cooked, and low and behold a week or so later I am fine, gold and needing to use the restroom a few block a way, but it isn’t like the entire city went down. If people just walked a mile or so they could get everything they need, and if things last for longer than that, then well, you should have prepared. I spent a few hundred bucks on water and food and I’m just chilling and GOING to work as well. If people are whining it is because they just ignored the warnings, pure and simple. Help is out there, life goes on, but if you are a lazy ass, then yes, things will be difficult, but to me that is just culling the herd in my opinion. People who listen and prepare willl do just fine, and that is coming from an old fart that has to climb 31 flights of stairs to get to his apartment each day

        • God bless you, plarvo. You’re the kind of person who is going to save the Republic, if it gets saved at all. Seems simple: Bad thing coming, get out of the way or prepare. But vast numbers of brain dead Americans can’t be put out enough to save themselves. “Too much trouble. Cost too much. Don’t wanna think about it. Why are you so negative? I can’t live thinking about disasters. I’ll worry about it when it happens. How can you be like that? I used to think that way but nothing ever happened.”

          That is usually followed at some point by: ” Please help me. Where is the help? When will help arrive? I need help. How do you expect me to live like this? Why can’t you help me? Why won’t you help me? You would if the shoe was on the other foot.”

          Get ready. It’s coming. Sandy was just the dress rehearsal. For the lamers in the millions, nothing has changed.

          • @ ‘VIT’,

            Funny, I was dialoging with your ‘cousin’ – “Kidney” the other day, I agree with him/her/them too it seems…

            You’ve got to wonder if the current mental attitude people have isn’t some form of “Death Wish”. In years gone by – many years ago – people of the ‘prepper/survivalist’ mentality were referred to as something else, “Far-sighted”.
            If you can anticipate what is to come you can act on that; Why anyone would simply ALLOW themselves to be put ‘in-harm’s way’ is beyond me…
            Indeed, IT is coming…it’s just a question of ‘When’.

            • When it comes to prepping…Hommey Don’t Play Dat Shit!

        • W Plarvo,

          GOOD Job Brother. Prayin’ for all good folk up there. Drop us a line – when you can – to tell us how you/it’s goin!

          Oh, BTW…Welcome to the ‘Family’ 🙂

      46. I’m pretty sure this FEMA mess is somehow like drug dealing in rehab.

        It’s got that same zingy Judas feeling about it.

      47. Hey y’all, here’s a link you might enjoy, New Jersey, the New Atlantis?


      49. for the people that this (ie fema closing) affects I hope you can hold out and continue on. However to the people of fema I say LOL should have seen that coming. The reason being, If im not mistaken hasnt fema been have money troubles for the past year of 2011 to 2012.

        If they have its hard for me to say that they should have prepared for something like this. However i do have to say that, isnt it there job to think up these kind of events and to plan accordingly to them if there is a possibility of them happening? or am I missing the point of what fema does?

        I do know that its probably hard for fema to get money for something that might not even be something people think is possible. So I guess it goes back to political reasons on how to spent money maybe, anyways thats what i think about it. Great artical(sp?) Mac thanks again

      50. It truely is all over untill it’s rode dry.

        You tried to sink my drone.

        • RRRIIICCHH9999999:

          Glad you made it thru Bro, SHTFplan yin and yang have achieved balance.

          Give FEMA the finger for me.

          ….be safe…be warm and cozy…BA.

      51. Really? Seriously????????? I’ve never asked for a dime from anyone, agency, and especially not the government. Pay my taxes, insurance, etc. I give to charity, support our troops (not our ideology), am always here to help neighbors, friends, and anyone in need. Now those to whom are allocated this Governmental Responsibilities just abandon their responsibilities? Pray I never need help like this.
        I know I’m ranting, but my heart breaks for the loss of AMERICA.
        The tip of the iceberg was when I showed this article to a friend and their response was: “Well NPR said Obama is doing a great job with FEMA.”

        • Hi Tishie,

          ‘Sucks like a hoover…Don’t it?” Hang in there Hon’, keep on the right side of things and keep on gettin’ self-sufficient…that’s the ONLY way now.

      52. Copperhead and BI, just now getting home and reading your latest posts. Copperhead, thanks for any updates you can give later. BI, sadly you are correct that it will be ‘business as usual’ with the people who refuse to wake up. They really should go anywhere they can and stock up on food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, guns, ammo, etc., ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO SURVIVE WHAT IS COMING DOWN THE PIKE! Some items I’ve had to go online to get because there is no local source in my area for said items. There are so many websites to go to for survival items and supplies. My next major purchase will be a Berkey and then a woodstove for the ponderosa. This holiday season I’ll be getting PREPS, PREPS, AND MORE PREPS; not useless ‘holiday junk’ as you so accurately described it. Going shopping again this weekend. Braveheart

        • @ braveheart – i read BI and copperhead first thing, too. we’re up near bocephus, you’ve got good neighbors.

      53. @ All,

        Newest ‘NY Follies’,

        Gasoline Rationing Comes To New York

        “From the mayor who made owning an 18oz+ container of coke a summary offense, comes this:”

        “Effective 6 am 11/9: drivers in NYC whose license plates end in an even number or zero will be able to buy gas only on even-numbered days.”

        Straight from ZeroHedge… just keeps gettin Beter and BETTER…Don’t it?

      54. @ smokinokie……LMAO…..nicely done

      55. Here is what’s staring us in the face. Direct link: Direct link: The video is really scary! braveheart

      56. @ All,

        Finally, some VERY good news,–2012-11

        Looks like the administration might be trying to force thier ‘DOJ POSTERBOY” out….read between the lines.

      57. I’m wondering where these people on the east coast were during KATRINA? Did they not notice the job FEMA did back then? Rounded everyone up like cattle into the superdome and let them sit there hungry and thirsty for 2-3 days. Remember the dead woman sitting in her wheelchair? Yep….Fema took REAL good care of her and many others didn’t they?
        Fast forward to Sandy. They all knew it was coming. Had tons of warning…didn’t stock up on anything are now as i’m typing this paying the full price of their foolish choice. Were these people really shocked to walk up to the FEMA location to see it closed down? Really? They were shocked??? We have already seen this movie haven’t we? The name of the film is…” Fema doesn’t give a f*ck about you or your family” After their piss poor showing during Katrina how could anyone in their right mind trust them? How ?? This show of trust to a proven worthless organization has led to a much anticipated sequel ” Fema still doesn’t give a f*ck about your family part 2: yet another lesson for the sheeple ” After the next disaster part 3 will be…..” Fema still really, really doesn’t give a f*ck about your family part 3 the return of the unprepped morons ” Followed finally by part 4..” Fema doesn’t give a flying f*ck about your family 4 the final chapter of unprepped dummies ”
        Folks…seriously….how can someone be so completely stupid to not have at least a few days of food and water on hand? Forget the power…you can survive without power if you have wood and a match or 2. Whats with these people anyway? I’m embarrased for them….don’t they feel silly being adults and planning ahead like a 4 year old would? Who in their right mind would even want to wait in a fema line for food and water…..that should be enough to make you prep right there. Friends…I think we are dealing with mentally ill people here….thats the only explination I can come up with. They are at least insane. The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over ( refer back to my film and 3 sequels ) and expecting different results.

        • You should title this simply “FEMA for DUMMIES”

      58. For those who wonder about where all the effort goes in FEMA , just look up COG (Continuity of Government). It’s all about survival all right…survival of the government. They’ve put in umpteen hours figuring out how government will survive any disaster they are unable to help citizens weather.

        This is not my government. This is not your government. This is a criminal syndicate that you owe no allegiance to. Pull the motherfucker down.

        • Hi ‘VIT’,

          “This is not my government. This is not your government. This is a criminal syndicate that you owe no allegiance to. Pull the mother_ucker down.”

          “Perfection…” 😉

      59. Closed due to weather…


        No shit, Sherlock?

        That’s like kind of like saying “Ambulance… closed due to the fact that dealing with injured people gives us the willies…”


        As AmeriKa FINANCIALLY Dies under the Criminal Fraudulent Thieving Control of Nation Wide Corrupt Politicians at the StateGov and FedGov Levels in all branches of the CORRUPTED CRIMINAL government , including the Governorships Congress Senate Military Branches and Presidency .

        Which is Directly connected to the Illegal Bribery Criminal Corruption by Global International Bankers Corporations and their Industries GLOBAL Interest .

        A New RUTHLESS Citizen Criminal Sub-Class Arises Across AmeriKa from its Dying Financial Ashes .

        AmeriKa will soon be a Land of Petty Heartless Criminals who are only simply Mimicking that which is being Done to them by their own Corrupt Politicians Military Bankers and Corporate Leaders !




        PREPARE .

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • If you are stuck in 401k land..see if you can get self directed trading.

          I buy CEF…

          Allocated metal in Canada.

          But if you can….hold physical.

          I do think the big plan is to confiscate all the 401k money one day.

          Makes sense doesn’t it?

          Personally I’ve stopped spending money. No vacations, no eating out.
          Just paying off debt and getting ready for the crash that we all know is coming.

          By the way, I don’t pity the folks on the coast…they had years to jack up the houses, a week to get out and should have had bug out bags.

          The best we can do is NOT help them…then let the others see that NOBODY WILL BAIL YOUR SORRY ASS OUT…SO YOU’D BETTER MAN UP AND PLAN FOR THE FAMILY.

          MREs fuckers!

      61. for the record: i run a homeless shelter/soup kitchen… under normal circumstances our clientel do not remain in nor hang around during the day… during inclimate weather though, we are open to them and the general public as a haven from the elements… and no, we DO NOT do cavity nor any other form of search(sarcasm off lol)…

      62. Guatamala, now Japan

        Earthquakes back to back

      63. Have not posted for a few days as am just tired. Tired of the economy, tired of the government, tired of being a whipping post because I am an older white man who has done his duty to God and Country all my life. Tired of a system that not only expects me to continue to support it but demands it. State and Federal agencies pass new laws every day that makes it so much harder to run a small business. Profit margins that have declined over the years because of mandated restrictions on this and that with no input by me. New taxes placed on me by people who have never contributed to the system only taken.

        Father with cancer kicked out of hospital because he has used up his medicare or medicaid for hospital stay. Answer of what now is a visit to his house by hospice who provided him a bottle of morphine. He’s not even in pain. Just has used up his medical allowance.

        Thanks Smokin Okie, first smile I have had since Tuesday night.

      64. BI: This month’s NMF so for.

        Recent Earthquakes in Central US

        Cooperative New Madrid Seismic Network
        Version #A: This report supersedes any earlier reports of this event.
        This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.

        A micro earthquake occurred at 9:37:30 PM (CST) on Tuesday, November 6, 2012 .
        The magnitude 1.7 event occurred 13 km (8 miles) N (7 degrees) of Portageville, MO .
        The hypocentral depth is 11 km ( 7 miles).
        1.7 – duration magnitude (Md)
        36 deg. 32.7 min. N (36.545N), 89 deg. 40.9 min. W ( 89.682W)
        11.3 km (7.0 miles)
        A micro earthquake occurred at 6:41:06 PM (CDT) on Friday, November 2, 2012 .
        The magnitude 1.1 event occurred 6 km (4 miles) SW of New Madrid, MO .
        The hypocentral depth is 7 km ( 4 miles).
        1.1 – duration magnitude (Md)
        36 deg. 32.4 min. N (36.541N), 89 deg. 33.9 min. W ( 89.566W)
        6.7 km (4.2 miles)
        A micro earthquake occurred at 1:57:55 AM (CST) on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 .
        The magnitude 1.2 event occurred 11 km (7 miles) NW of Tiptonville, TN .
        The hypocentral depth is 8 km ( 5 miles).

        1.2 – duration magnitude (Md)
        36 deg. 27.2 min. N (36.453N), 89 deg. 33.0 min. W ( 89.549W)
        8.3 km (5.2 miles)
        A micro earthquake occurred at 8:41:19 AM (CST) on Sunday, November 4, 2012 .
        The magnitude 1.1 event occurred 5 km (3 miles) NNE (17 degrees) of Ridgely, TN .
        The hypocentral depth is 5 km ( 3 miles).
        1.1 – duration magnitude (Md)
        36 deg. 18.3 min. N (36.306N), 89 deg. 28.3 min. W ( 89.471W)
        5.2 km (3.2 miles)
        A micro earthquake occurred at 11:08:14 AM (CST) on Sunday, November 4, 2012 .
        The magnitude 2.6 event occurred 5 km (3 miles) N of Burdette, AR .
        The hypocentral depth is 8 km ( 5 miles).
        2.6 – duration magnitude (Md)
        35 deg. 51.6 min. N (35.861N), 89 deg. 56.4 min. W ( 89.940W)
        7.9 km (4.9 miles)
        A micro earthquake occurred at 0:45:21 AM (CDT) on Sunday, November 4, 2012 .
        The magnitude 1.3 event occurred 3 km (2 miles) S of Dell, AR .
        The hypocentral depth is 6 km ( 4 miles).

        1.3 – duration magnitude (Md)
        35 deg. 49.5 min. N (35.825N), 90 deg. 2.9 min. W ( 90.049W)
        5.9 km (3.7 miles)

        • Thank you for posting this. Between BI and you, am much more comfortable knowing you guys will do your best to alert us to anything major. Your efforts are appreciated.

        • Hi Copperhead,

          T’ank’s a bunch Buddy!

      65. So where it the messiah Obama? Is he watching a drone in the situation room as people are suffering?

      66. F Fools
        E Elected
        M Messianic
        A Ahole

      67. George Bush did it again.

      68. Voltaire, I couldn’t have said it any better and when the balloon goes up, I’m ready to take them on. Copperhead, thanks for the updates on NMF. Sounds like it might wake up before too long. If it does, I’m in deep doo doo. Braveheart

        • check BI and copperhead first thin, too. we’re up here near bocephus; you’ve got good neighbors.

      69. Okay here we go. 5.2 in the South Sandwich Islands at 56.4 degrees south. Almost 80% of the time when there is an earthquake between 55-57 degrees south, there is a 6.5+ earthquake within 15 days. So by November 24 there is a little under 80% chance of a big earthquake. Here is the thing that is concerning right now. Yesterday after the 6.3 right near the Cascadia fault I said to look for 4 days for any action directed from the Cascadia fault region. Either another earthquake larger than the 6.3, a big earthquake south of the fault twards san francisco, and or polar activity. Well, there is your polar activity.

        Now what I have to do is to take that recent sub 5.0 earthquakes and the 5.2 that happened 7 hours ago, and try to see where those earthquakes in the arctic and Antarctica region from the past have directed towards which plate and fault. This will take some time, but the past events usually show where the earvery thquake of 6.5+ will occur. The plates have changed little in decades. In any case I now believe that the Cascadia fault is very much at risk, if previous patterns point to this I will let everyone know later today.

        • For everybody’s information, they have upgraded that 7.7 in Canada to a 7.8 on the USGS earthquake map. IF this is correct the Cascadia fault took a bigger hit that once first thought. 1/10 of the point is not a big deal when you are talking about a 5 or 6 pointer, but when you get above 7.5, a jump in 1/10 of a point is huge. Like the difference between a 8.9 and 9.0 is massive. For a 7.8 to hit right near to the Cascadia fault is a train wreck it is so close. I am warning relatives up in the washington area to be on alert, whether they listen to me is up to them. Most of the people I know still think I am nuts about earthquake prediction even after all the times the earthquakes have hit after polar activity. Doesn’t say much for my family as they are way more batty than I am. Still have to plug in the past polar earthquakes to see if this is directed towards the northwest or somewhere else. Shoould have some conclusion by the end of the day. Everyone watch for more polar activity, if there is more of 5.0 or more that increases the chances of a big earthquake a lot.

          • BI…HI!,

            Another ‘Polar’ tremor…Near “Vostokoi Island”, 5+
            Also, more Indonesian activity in the last hour
            Solar not engaging yet…pending.

          • I live on Mt. Hood and I’m listening with both ears..,

      70. The whole world is on fire but the stupid ass public is in complete denial. I hate the administration and I hate the lala land that most are living in. This seems like a tornado that is spinning out of control and where it stops, I don’t know. Collision course to oblivion probably. I am angry, frustrated and scared shitless as to where we will be in the not too distant future. My only source of news now, is this site. The deceitful talking heads are nothing but a bunch of idiots who wouldn’t know the time of day without a teleprompter. My only consolation is knowing that they will suffer just a much a we will. Screw then all, I will never listen to the crap they are peddling again.

        The schools are rotten, the government is rotten and society is rotten, so I guess when something is rotten to the core then it will simply collapse and die. One of these days, the white noise will stop and the silence will be deafening, that is when the most dreaded events will happen. The earth quake scenario is probably the most realistic, that will affect everyone in one way or another. This big ball of hot air is ready to burst. Greed, anger, hate, vengeance, manipulation, deceit, laziness, selfishness, Godlessness, they all have consequences and I fear the time to pay is very near.

        • @ LFOD,

          Paraphrasing a line out of Herbert’s ‘Dune’,

          “When Politics and the Mercasntile ride in the same cart, the Whirlwind follows….”

          Chin up though, I have the ‘sneaking’ suspicion that a ‘New Dawn’ is coming, Humanity IS beginning to develop an ‘Antibiotic Response’ to the crap we’ve been fed for so very long….the “Days of Dogma” are in thier last few hours before a new light shines on us all. That will not come without more suffering…but it WILL come!

          “May the Lord Bless and Keep us, His Children everyone of us. AMEN!”

      71. Very much off topic but I believe that the reelection of the man who calls himself Barack Obama will go down in history in similar fashion as the Sack of Rome, Hitler’s attack of Poland, or Mao’s victory in China. The paradigm of history has shifted for the worse.

      72. “On Tuesday night we learned that a majority of Americans agree with our approach…..” Guess who?

        • The Church Lady from Saturday Night live would respond “Could it be Satan?”

      73. BI, I for one am appreciative of your info and find it very educational and a great heads up!! You can consider us your family if nothing else. A lot of us are nuts also, be at least we are somewhat lovable nuts!!. Yeah, first post here but lurk a lot.

      74. Greetings all much has been happening. Election is over,earthquakes all over the place.sandy and the Shaw group knows but are being tight lipped about the sink hole in Louisiana. With Godspeed, Keep prepping.

      75. No, you are not batty. My family thinks I am ‘different’
        for prepping. They do not say too much, although I think my dad quietly supports me, without saying too much. I had to google where the Cascada fault is located, and I was surprised at how long the fault is and what it covers.

      76. Hello.
        Welcome to camp fema. The socialist internment camp.
        You will be separated into three groups.

        use your imagination.

        Thank God for the second amendment.

        The more folks want to “take care of us”…the more I take care of myself and my family.
        I see things fuckup all the time from well meaning liberals who
        always shut me up in meetings when I want to talk about the technical details how things will get done.

        They are the same idiots who don’t read the documentation and cannot grasp all the crazy business rules they created.

        Fucking boneheads…bless them…I make a good living off their “fork in the toaster” mentality. ha

        By the way… I was pulled over today for a minor traffic turn signal issue.
        The cop let me go because I had my NRA sticker on my car.
        The cops know we’re the last real Americans and support us!!!

      77. and the sinkhole in Louisiana continues to spread…

      78. “…don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

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