Soros Plots European Order Coup: EU Will Disintegrate, Rise Again Under “New Marshall Plan”

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 39 comments

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    In perfect order out of chaos fashion, the elite are now showing their hand.

    Problem. Reaction. Solution.

    What will come out of the vote for Britain to leave the European Union, and who will benefit from it?

    There is considerable reason to think that it will be the very billionaire elite class who created the EU in the first place.

    If the push for Brexit was fueled by the European anger against unlimited migration and its side effects of extreme culture clash, terrorism and sensational incidents of rape, then it was the very crisis that the likes of the Davos elite, and in particular, the Bilderberg elite having been playing upon.


    The Problem: Europe is on the verge of collapse

    “You break it, you buy it.”

    We’ve all heard the maxim above, meant to be cautionary warning to clumsy shoppers that the store will not pay for any losses. But on the global scale, it is a recipe to buy up the broken pieces of nations, businesses and entire continents (or at least their most valuable assets) for pennies on the dollar.

    It is this type of maneuver that should be considered when looking at the true impact of Brexit, as well as the true reasons for the intense migrant crisis that hit Europe like a wave during the past couple of years.

    For instance, the UN Migration Chief Peter Sutherland, who happens to be non-executive chairman of Goldman Sach International and a steering member of the Bilderberg committee, literally called for migration as a weapon in order to “undermine” the homogeneity and sovereignty of European nations:

    In 2012 Mr Sutherland was quizzed by the House of Lords EU home affairs sub-committee about what the EU should do about evidence from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that employment rates among migrants were higher in the US and Australia than EU countries.

    Mr Sutherland, who has attended meetings of The Bilderberg Group, told the committee: “The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.

    “And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

    That was in 2012, as the Syrian refugee migrant crisis was yet to unfold in a huge way.


    The Reaction: Market panic, predictable to keen observers

    The entire sequence events played upon fear for effect, a catalyst making the strength of the reaction more intense, in turn giving greater momentum to the solution.

    Brexit was played up in the media, not just in Europe where its effects would be most felt, but in the United States and globally as well. The shocking death of a Member of Parliament by a deranged killer proclaiming sovereignty for Britain seemed almost calculated to heighten the divisive spirit. There were months of scaremongering and warnings about the fianancial doom a “leave” vote would usher in, in attempt to scare away support for the referendum – or perhaps as prelude to the events to come in the aftermath.

    Its causes have been attributed to a swell of populism, fueled by anger over the compounding disasters from migrants being driven from Syria and the Middle East. Years of Greek debt crisis, enormous sums of money for bailouts and a relinquishment of power to centralized bureaucrats made the EU increasingly distasteful.

    All that only made disobeying the wishes of the ruling establishment all the more tempting. Nervous money switched hands, and the vote was too close to call. On the eve of the actual vote, there was biblical storm with dramatic flashing lightning, and floods that kept people from the poles.

    And, surprise a victory, and quite a reaction there was.

    But what does it mean?

    Qui Bono? A Bet On Crisis

    Because the  Brexit result came as a surprise to most investors, after a ‘smart money’ predicted that Britain would remain and markets would abide, a great deal of money was lost. The rush to get out of the pound, which began in the days ahead of the vote, initiated huge currency exchanges and crashed the value of the Pound sterling.

    Just afterwards, and very quietly, the Bank of England injected £250 billion into the markets as a preemptive bailout-innoculation just as investors faced what was reportedly more than a trillion was lost. That scale of money is more than half the amount that Congress gave to the big banks after the 2008 economic crisis… but very little has been said about it.

    The panic over Brexit has given George Soros, and his powerful friends, the perfect excuse they need to intervene.

    As Michael Snyder reported in the lead up to the vote, Soros has been calculating a few moves ahead:

    Mr. Soros also argues that there remains a good chance the European Union will collapse under the weight of the migration crisis, continuing challenges in Greece and a potential exit by the United Kingdom from the EU.

    If Britain leaves, it could unleash a general exodus, and the disintegration of the European Union will become practically unavoidable,” he said.

    So, that is what he would be shorting on.

    Weeks ahead of the Brexit vote, George Soros meanwhile reportedly moved some 37% of his stocks into gold – meaning that he made a fortune as others were taken in by the economic consequences of the European divorce.

    Yet Soros and Lord Rothschild were among those who wrote in advance of the event – warning of the destruction that would result from an attempt to leave the European Union – and now they are watching it burn. (Their phoenix plan to create order from the ashes is a necessary counter-balancing act to this destruction.)

    To this end, a solution:

    The Solution: A new European superstate under control of the bankers

    Thus, the EU faces a crisis of disintegration amid an atmosphere of economic collapse.

    The survey of the financial landscape will look something like Europe did after WWII – in ruins, awaiting a victor to rescue and rebuild the lives of the people who have been devastated by the ravages of war.

    Plans have already been put forward to morph the current EU into an even more centralized superstate, and with less room for interference from the populations who live in Europe should they become unhappy.

    The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”. 

    Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.

    The migration crisis and related issues have predictably disrupted society, and now they are going to use it for their gain, as the ushers lead them to the exits and set fire in the theater.

    Back in January, George Soros called for new major initiative – on the scale of the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after WWII – with strings attached to control the future of the European countries into the foreseeable future.

    Soros, who is really showing his accelerating age, stated back in January of 2016:

    “The European Union is in an existential crisis. And, it needs to get out of that, because of the migration problem is effectively … distressing and the European Union is falling apart. And that’s a time when you need to have a major initiative – a Marshall Plan – it’s absolutely appropriate.”

    The New American revealed the scheme he intends by these statements:

    After having literally created the refugee crisis from start to finish — destroying multiple Middle Eastern nations and then demanding that Europe accept the millions of displaced victims — the internationalist establishment is now exploiting the chaos it unleashed to push more globalism and statism.

    And now, like other establishment voices, Soros is also pointing out the obvious. The European Union, he said in a recent interview, is “on the verge of collapse” due to the sudden influx of well over a million Islamic refugees last year. Not coincidentally, Soros also has ideas about “solutions.” And not surprisingly, those alleged “solutions” involve more globalism for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East — along with less sovereignty, self-government, and liberty.


    Other internationalist schemes being pushed by exploiting the refugee crisis include the creation of new EU institutions, including agencies to usurp control over immigration from formerly sovereign nations, as well as to create military outfits ostensibly aimed at “protecting Europe’s borders” from the refugee tsunami sparked by globalist machinations.  Globalist former Goldman Sachs boss Peter Sutherland, currently “serving” as the UN “special representative of the secretary-general for international migration,” openly declared that national sovereignty is an “absolute illusion” that must be “put behind us” in the interest of the refugee crisis and, more broadly, creating a “better world.”

    Now, with a swelling economic disaster hanging in the dark clouds overhead, Brexit may serve as the crisis Soros and his billionaire friends need to enact their Marshall Plan – certain to give power to central banks and a create a permanent dictatorship over the European continent, and beyond.

    Whether that happens or not, Soros will be positioned to profit, clever devil. As NewsBison reported:

    BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros took out a staggering €100MILLION bet that a major German bank would collapse after Britain decisions to cut ties with the crumbling EU.

    The man who “broke the Bank of England” took a short position of 0.51 per cent in Deutsche Bank shares on Friday – the day after the people of Britain backed Brexit [… later] Soros Fund Management said its short position was now 0.46 per cent – suggesting it had begun to take profits from the trade.

    Mr Soros who banked profits of $1bn by famously positioning himself against sterling 22 years ago, said a British exodus from the bloc would make the eventual dissolution of the EU “practically irreversible”.

    Doesn’t everyone just feel lied to?

    Read more:

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      1. Next few years will be a sea of change.
        Adapt as best as possible…

        • Brexit was engineered by the same elites that created the EU, whose ultimate goal is to secure the control and subjugation of the ignorant and gullible masses:


          And all the bullshit written as of today asserting that ordinary people in the UK have regained certain degree of sovereignty as a result of that referendum is pure nonsense.

          • Europe has a “New Holiday.” Called “Kill a Rothchild Day.” And you can choose any day you like to celebrate it. Its called Freedom from the Globalists.


            • WhoWTFKnows:

              The Warburgs, too. These two families are intermarried for generations and they are criminals who have robbed and plundered through the wars of the last two centuries. These are the criminals at the top of the totem pole of power who created the isms as tools: Communism, Fascism, and Zionism.

          • are you mad?…Farage took 20 years to get the vote for the UK to leave the EU…nothing engineered here my conspiracy freind…just hard work.

        • It appears that the NWO, globalists, are becoming more brazen in their efforts to take over the world with the ultimate goal of subjugating all humanity.

          • This is true. Unfortunately for the NWO, they have been TOO brazen, and have moved TOO fast in their greed and impatience, BEFORE their goals were irreversible.

            Consequently, Brits, Americans, and others around the world, are in revolt. The tide is turning and many in the New World Order will pay the price; with their lives. And rightly so.

            I expect the RIGHT in Europe to dispatch assassins to “neutralize” top members of the European Parliament. These asshats can be “touched”; they can be “reached”.

            Once the “games” begin it will be open season on EU politicians bent on Globalism. Once a couple dozen are tracked down and eliminated, the rest will cower for their lives.

            Still, this will not be the end of the EU, but it will be reformatted into a more “democratic” environment. Currently, EU Parliament Members are selected, rather than elected at large.

            Ultimately the outcome will be the same. 🙁

            • you been watching to many Hollywood films M8.
              If it was that easy to rid the world of these elite would have been done by now..Rothchilds, soros, royals have been operating for centuries.They are untouchable..go ahead and far do you think you’ll get? you think Lord Rothchild will just let you walk up to him and shoot him?…

      2. Soros needs to disappear……

        • Wouldn’t matter if he did, some other “Person” would just replace him. Might even be worst

          But don’t worry, he’ll go soon enough…

          • Opps…


        • Just gift him a nail gun. That seems to work for most bankers these days.

      3. The Solution: A new European superstate under control of the bankers.

        Cannot buy or sell unless you bank with us.

      4. Will someone please explain why this war criinal is ableto be free and walking around all these years trying to over throw Nation’s government ?
        Why haven’t he been ban from USA ?

        • DustyFae

          Soros is on Hillary’s Christmas card list. That’s why.

          • In world Trading the Hong Kong Markets have just pushed Silver up to 18.955 an OZ. I said on here that Silver will blast right through $18, then $19 then up to $20 and $22.50 very quickly.

            I believe we have entered the point where there is no more silver paper shorters, as they will get their Butts handed to them daily going forward. Game Over for paper shorters.

            And I also said months ago, Silver will slingshot up and will be at $26.50 by end of July. We are well on our way to getting there.

            Watch this Good Video, and Gerald Calenti lays of what is to come. ht tp://

            What can we do??? Better come up with a new plan and multiple ways to raise food. Gardens, chickens and rabbits. Recycle the Rabbit poop, pull out the worms and feed them to the chickens, the poop goes into the garden, and the garden feeds the rabbits, and the chickens lay the eggs. Start building your chicken coops and rabbit hutches for the lien times a coming. Build them with recycled Wooden pallets laying every where, free for the taking.. Just ask the business owner with pallets sitting on the sides of buildings if you can have them. They will let you, because they need to get rid of them, that’s why they are sitting there. Excess Pallet Scraps make for good firewood to heat your homes. You better get your Wood stoves installed and set up now before winter. Oil is predicted to go up to $80 a barrel by fall. All on board, say Aye!!

          • Soros is Tribe member. They get free pass as self chozens.

            only real difference is that Soros is a marxist left kommie Bolshevik…

            While them called Neo cons and Zios are on the Right wing side of marxist soviet kommie and zios instead of bolsheviks…But they are All tribe period.

            Read the bibles version of it all…”For they are the adversaries (enemys) of God and of ALL of Mankind!”

            Do not recall exact actual bible verse now?…Its in there though! So is John 8:44- satans spawn children.

            After all somebody must be them rulers of darkness and high places etc no?…it may be spiritual in nature of effect, but it is certainly done in actual actions Via Human agents aka people does evils of satans doings.

            This is why that while yes the bible tells you to put on Gods full armour etc…Christ also told You in Luke 22:36 that “He who has No Sword?…SHOULD Sell His Coat to BUY one!”

            Because what too many seem to not see as reality is that we the Good Peoples, have Two enemys and only one is spiritual aka devil satan…his satanic demonic helpers Are also like Us, humans too. Ergo sell coat to Buy Real steel sword aka today AR 15’s and M1A-308’s etc.

            Cause we gonna need Both weapons! Armour of God AND Real hand held weaponerys BOTH!…Get that Memo!

            • The WWTI Motto Verse is: “Do unto Others, Before they try to do you in.” Another words Pull your trigger before they can pull their trigger.

              Eyes wide open, as we are entering the point of time where there is no return for many.


            • Them Guys:

              Soros, Rockefellers, the New York tribal monied on Wall Street; all of them take their marching orders from the Rothschild’s and the Warburgs.

              These people own Isreal and control the U.S.A.

              The war to fight is not against an army, these can be purchased, the war is against these criminal families who make the mafia look like a bunch of schoolgirls. They have poisoned our people’s bodies and minds.

              • B from CA: Yes that is correct. I also read many times that there are about 13 total Banksters families at very top of pyramid.

                Which branch out to aprox 1,000 or so others deeply in it all.

                But once one does the real facts research there is but One main conclusion they can arrive at.

                That being that yes, while a few involved are Not actual tribe members…They Are what tribe calls a Shabozz Goyim which simply means a “Good gentile”. But Vast Majority are tribe.

                by good gentile it means a goy gentile willing to Sell Out his nation, family, friends, fellow americans or other nations peoples etc etc…and to do such sell outs in whatever ways and methods to best benifit the tribe which Are the shabozz goys’ real ruler masters period.

                And the tribe members pays very swell for such shabozz goys…A prime example of a few goy shabozz agents in usa are John McCain-Hillery and Bill both-ALL of the Bush Clan-Hobammy and wife-and most every mid to top level usa and EU polititions and wall street gentiles, other than very Low positioned workers like the doorman or janitors at goldman sachs etc..

                Someone such as Hedi Chaz aka wife of senator guy and is or was a goldman sachs VP…That is a definate shabozz goy opperative…of which her work and written papers on the mergers of USA+Mexico+Canada in a NAU union agenda is solid Proof she sold out everyone in all three countries for her VP job and pay and to advance her husbands attempt at usa prez job.

                So while yes I agree what You stated of whom are true enemys etc…Many more Co-equal-enemys abound!

                I kinda figure that they must be seperated into Two distinct groups of enemys.

                #1 enemys are Real actual Traitors to america and to Us the peoples…and only One honest guilty sentence suffices…Death via Hanging!

                #2 enemys are a bit “Lesser” in that they aint an actual traitor per se…However Yes they are very Bad actors, sell outs, bribe takers, Bag men, and the like and of which each need be sentenced after found guilty to at least 25 Years to Life in Fed Prisons period.

                With EVERY Bribe or stolen and swindled Cent Removed from their filthy Paws and bank accnts etc and Returned To we the Good peoples of america in whatever way best repays Us, and far smarter folks than I can figure that method out once we get it all back.

                Just remember…Some maybe Many are never going to just surrender or give up B from CA….and in That case.

                The same goes as it will for example with Illeagles here that are going to get sent Back to whatever nation they came from illeagally…and whichever of them Resists to a point they may Harm or cause harm to Us?…they are going to probably be shot. And it Will be case of Self defense period…OR defence of Our Nation and borders etc.

                Whoever does Not like that?…Can Royally Kiss MY and many Other’s White Ass! For We have about Had it by now eh!

                I do Not want to die prior to seeing real solutions as I outlined here above become reality while I am still alive and can SEE it happen even if only see very start of it all….We at this late date have almost zero left to lose anyways correct? Has to be a Huge Group effort though! For I have zero kids nor grandkids and have zero desire to be any type “hero”!…Willing to do My best part when enough others are also I rekon. Once we be gone…all bets is off!

          • Dusty, not to mention that Clinton’s daughter was married in Soros long island ny home

        • Because criminals at the top are above the law.

      5. If you believe this turd you need to have your head examined.

        Turd will live for ever. The Devil doesn’t want him because he would take over. God will send him to hell for all the crimes he committed.


        • Lets just call G Soros Mr. Chaos.


        • These types do whatever they can to extend their life. Because they know what is waiting on the other side is servitude.

      6. All soros needs is a white cat…. wheres bond when you need him?

        AND BY THE WAY…


      8. “Whether that happens or not, Soros will be positioned to profit, clever devil…”

        Not as clever as the real Devil. With whom he may be relatively soon, considering how full of evil he is.

        As I watch the fascist EU, it is **exactly** what Hitler wanted, minus the racial (“volk”)/blood and soil component. Everything else is exactly as Hitler’s National *Socialists* (what? You didn’t know that Nazi stands for National Socialist German Workers’ Party, and adopted explicitly socialist planks at its very first convention in Munich, 1920?)

        • Fascism is an odd political philosophy. It’s sort of like an extremism of the center as it has elements of both left and right at it’s core. From the right, you have nationalism and private property ownership. From the left, you have heavy control of that property and regulation on the means of production as well as social programs such as health care and things like “Kraft Durch Freude”- the Nazi “Strength through joy” movement. It sought to provide the common man with certain luxuries like radios, cars (KDF Wagen aka VW Beetle) and vacations (like cruises on ships like the Wilhelm Gustlav- Google it).

      9. LOL. Whatever happens the rich elite will never suffer from it. Like all things anymore it is the working class that pays for all of this foolishness.


      10. These people are so full of shit.

        There are millions of girls and women in Europe who have been raped by Muslims. This vote is a vote against the invasion of a hostile enemy. I was listening to an Englishman talk about how two fathers called Police to report their daughters had been kidnapped and were being raped. The police arrested the fathers. In a case where an eleven year old was being raped, the Police arrested the child for drunkenness because the Muslim rapists had plied her with booze.

        I’m Ready to Kill Soros with my bare hands and tear him apart. The same goes for all these mother f***n traitors. I hate them more and more. These b*st*rds are going to find out that they have hurt too many people. If I feel this way, I would bet there are a whole lot of other people who feel the same way and some of them are going to go to war with the so called elite who are not anymore elite than a bank robber or a drug kingpin pimp which is all these elites are.

        • soros has a looooong and shameful life to atone for….evil incarnate.

      11. I lube my bullets with lard.. maybe start collecting more lard (cooking purposes too) and all the extra drippings from pork products and can it for later uses in water ballons and stuff for these jihadi islamo-nutbags..
        My chemistry skills aren’t up to par so i’ll have to experiment with it to mix in with rubbing alcohol for later use…

        Friend from work had some muslims being assholes at Walmart demanding he get out of their way… he moved went elsewhere grabbed a few things and went and put a package of bacon in each of their carts without being seen and walked away..

      12. Forgot about Putin he’ll get his share.

        • I’m wondering what Putin did to you other than kill off a pile of Islamic fanatics in Syria that we are supplying and hold off some banker control in the Ukraine? By the way the west did liberate one thing in the Ukraine, their gold.

      13. These men are old and have more money than they can ever spend. They must have some twisted values to live to wreck the lives of others.

        • Twisted values?!!! OMG!! Read a bit of their Talmudic set of, is it 66 volumes now of total books?

          And See just how abject Twisted their warped minds really are!

          They are who so desires what most atribute to hitler aka a Master Race of non Goyim people…For all goys are sub human Animals, slightly above actual animals and Only because real animals cannot speak mans languages, which Goys can so to better serve the tribe non goy members!

          It is truely amazeing that now with at least 15 yrs worth of Free online infos that so reveal facts and truths about this issue as well as EVERYTHING/Issue one can think of….There are still such small numbers of really fully awake folks in the usa and world at large eh.

          I am thinking no amount of free easy to research info on truth or facts of most any issues at all has very many peoples interested in said truths any longer.

          If correct? then zero hope is at hand any more for america or the EU or world itself period.

          Because as long as such truths remain well hidden as did prior to internet infos availability, the tribe and all their shabozz goy accomplices will continue to run amouk untill nothing is left standing globally.

      14. It is about time for georgi schwartz to just stop living..he has caused enough chaos for one lifetime.

      15. And the irony is that those who are desperate to take away our freedoms (not inner freedom of course for our thoughts and love in our heart can be only our own when we are awake)are more unfree than the rest of us. As Goethe says ” None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”. It means the worst kind of fallen spirits are thinking, feeling and willing through morally corrupt individuals. If you have morals in your character and hold the truth about evil then you are inwardly free. I think we can easily see which path these sub human individuals have chosen and it is the path of the anti Christ. True it is that the most evil people desperately try to live as long as possible on earth because they hold the most fear about death and what comes after as a result of their evil deeds on earth and this fear of death comes from Satan. Such people have a delayed karma for that’s what satan does, he delays karma of the most evil people hence they live long and healthy lives without suffering. Heaven throws back to earth the most corrupted and evil souls, for they are not wanted there. It’s another reason why the earth is full of much evil and high numbers of people. Unfortunately our earth has become like a waste bin where trash is thrown into it.

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