Update: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV

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    Putin's driver killed. hacked, remote

    Update: Curtis in the comments below pointed to this stunning admission by Mike Morrell, former acting director of the CIA, and long time Deputy Director at CIA. He is extremely close to Hillary via their mutual ties to Beacon Global Strategies LLC, the regime change firm Morrell went to after leaving the CIA, which is engaged in antagonizing our enemies.

    Only a month ago, Morrell stunningly stated openly on television that he wanted to target the leadership of Russia, Iran and Assad in Syria. Morrell explicitly advocated taking out guards, top staff, top generals, etc. etc. of these leaders – not trying to assassinating the head of state, but destroying the trusted people around them… and the killing of Putin’s “favorite” chauffeur appears to be exactly in the plans stated so carefully.

    This video is a must see – these underhanded tactics are exactly what is going on, and are likely to drag us into an all-out world war against these three nations… and quite possibly China as well.


    Someone Just Sent A Message: “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed While Driving Presidential Limo

    Someone had to know it was coming.

    The issue of cars being hacked should be in full view by now. Newer cars are hooked up to the Internet, and like every other connected device, they can be hacked. A couple of white hats demonstrated that they can take over a car, and the results are dangerous and terrifying.

    Maybe no one would bother hacking some average shmo, but it is certainly plausible that someone would go to such lengths in an attempt on a VIP, head of state or top oil executive. Quite possibly journalists as well.

    With that in mind, take a look at this footage of the deadly accident that reportedly killed Vladimir Putin’s “favorite” chauffeur during a horrible crash in Moscow. As the London Independent reports:

    Vladimir Putin’s personal chauffeur has been killed in Moscow after the presidential BMW collided head-on with a Mercedes.

    The Russian President was not in the car at the time.

    The driver, named only as MK, was said to be Mr Putin’s favourite chauffeur and had 40 years of experience as an official driver.

    It was captured on two angles, and first shows the approach of the other car (NOT Putin’s man; driver not identified) as it moves into the center lane, speeds up dramatically, then veers off into the lane of oncoming traffic – colliding head on with the car being driven by Putin’s driver (“MK”). Towards the end of the video, it shows the opposite angle with the state vehicle approaching.


    Vladimir Putin Presidential Chauffeur Killed In Crash. You can see exactly how the “accident” occurred

    Very suspicious.

    Of course, we can only speculate on what really happened here, but it is eerie that this seemingly targeted collision took out an official presidential car, apparently a BMW 7-Series car, which was registered with the Federation Council. As the Independent notes:

    The BMW 7-Series was the official property of the Federation Council, also known as the Upper Chamber of Parliament or Russian Senate.

    Mr Putin is scheduled to receive the first Russian-built “Kortezh” luxury limousine next year. Unlike “The Beast”, US President Barack Obama’s armour-plated vehicle, “Kortezh” will be on sale to the public as well.

    It seems like Putin’s new fleet of vehicles can’t come quickly enough. His resurgence of activity in Syria and the Ukraine has undoubtedly pissed off NATO and driven the CIA covert private contractors and NGO assets over the edge.

    Someone is sending Putin a message. Putin should consider himself put on notice.

    Perhaps it was even a hired-hit man suicide driver, but the video appears to show a car with an improbable sharp-yet-even acceleration and ‘loss of control’ that (speculatively) looks more like remote control than kamikaze.

    That much is up for debate.

    The nothing-to-hide crowd would prefer to take refuge in the idea that the view of remotely hijacked cars is a paranoid thought that shouldn’t be taken into consideration in car crashes – which are after all, routine, everyday occurrences. But those who are still living in reality can recognize that not only is this technologically-feasible, but it is a workable option in cases of staged deaths and targeted “hits” – wrapped up in political intrigue and secrecy.

    What do you think?

    Was This Dead Oil Exec’s Car Hacked?

    Read more:

    Is Putin’s Purge Of Top Russian Commanders An Advance Warning Of Large-Scale Military Action In The Near Future?

    Payback: This Is WHY Vladimir Putin Wants To Take Hillary Down: “His Chance For Getting Even”

    This Tipping Point Could Easily Escalate To World War III: Putin Says “The Threat of Nuclear War Is Very Real”

    How Smart Devices Could Take Out Power Grid: Hack “Air Conditioners Turn On/Off Repeatedly”


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      1. Pretty tough thing to time – you have to cross at the right time, assume no other traffic, etc. but there could always have been multiple cars looking to collide.

        Likely Putin’s driver always takes the left lane — so the warning for theorist of us might be to avoid any patterns or tendencies.

        • Was he driving through Mena, Arkansas? People have died there under strange circumstances. Just saying…..

          • Tell Vlad that after this election…….

            • Please share with friends and family in Pennsylvania.
              Been laid off or moved to a different job…

              A new rule could liquidate a person’s IRA after 3 years of inactivity – September 6, 2016

              “…new rules that will take effect on September 10, making it possible for the Pennsylvania Treasury to liquidate and take hold of Pennsylvania residents’ retirement accounts after just three years of inactivity.”

              ht tp://www.clark.com/the-state-of-pennsylvania-retirement-account#.V9lWJeKrw

              “The changes raise concerns because young people often have little contact with their retirement accounts, leaving them invested to grow over many years.

              …the law change means the retirement accounts could be submitted to the state and liquidated and that the account owners may not realize for many years that their savings haven’t been invested and growing all that time.”

              ht tp://www.wsj.com/articles/pennsylvania-tightens-rules-on-abandoned-retirement-accounts-1472755495

        • If we can take down a missile with a missile why can’t we take down a car with a remote controlled car much easier

        • There is no way to tell if the other driver of the car was even alive at the time of impact



          IF NOT US WHO ??? IF NOT NOW WHEN ???

      2. That did look deliberate, hell of a coincidence

        • ITS NOT ONLY SUSPICIOUS– IT WAS PREDICTABLE.. at Paul Craig Roberts website, there is an essay about how one of the government officials said that’s how they do things– no, it was the guy Hillary will most likely pick as vice president, according to PCR– some top military guy… that is how they do it and he said so!!! They knock off the people surrounding the main guy they are after so as to scare the heck out of him, to let him know they are coming for him– in this case, of course, its Putin.

          • You’ve got a good point, but I’d love to see that link… missed that one from PCR.

              • That’s incredible. Adding to the main story so that people will hopefully see it. Thanks!

                • Seconded. (It IS ‘incredible’ and a bitch ‘to digest’ all at once). My humble thanks to the poster of that one…”Curtis”.

              • Just think folks, if we are doing this to them, what are they doing to us, and how much worse things can they do to us?

                • Yo Sarge. Great point on “what are they doing to us, and how much worse (things) can they do?”

                  I do believe that all of the answers have been laid out before us, yet there are few that ‘see’ it?

                  1. Muslims incoming
                  2. Muslim placed in a position of power (he elected one as a justice recently).
                  3. Blacks on the verge of burning down every city that has any semblance of a ghetto “attitude” (are there any large cities that do not have such an area)? They will be seeking more than arsonry for their needs “but of course.”
                  4. Are we not considered Infidels that Allah has commanded be killed/stricken from the face of this earth, along with Christianity (which includes an ‘uncountable’ number of people when including Roman Catholics as a ‘form’ of Christianity, right or wrong it still exists correct)?
                  5. What country on earth is capable (and willing) to obliterate the man-made island/military outpost China is erecting at The Straits of Hormez, on ‘disputed’ ground (which they obviously are not concerned with, since they’d nuke The PI and Thailand “in a heartbeat” if given a reason (no matter how insane).
                  6. Kim Jung Un just had an officer killed “for bad posture.” Looking through all the older pics that show the victim, he had the best posture of ANY OTHER OFFICERS that stand around “Kim” Brown-nosing him (out of fear). Since North Korea is ignoring all warnings about their nuclear testing, isn’t that called “Handwriting On The Wall?” (Say: Yes, because it is). We were told for months and months N. Korea was years away from ‘condensing a warhead’ to put atop one of their long-range missiles, yet four months later they’ve well exceeded those “lies” WE WERE FED BY OUR MEDIA, government agencies, etc. (All are liars, con-artists, self-seekers and ‘insane-ists’-for lack of a better description at the moment).
                  7. Is it just me, or does it appear that all Christians are being ‘herded’ into America? Why? To make it easier to round up these horrid people and terminate them without undue expenditures?
                  8. IRAN and all of the billions that hath flowed into THEIR coffers (to be used in a short while against us in the form of nukes, or the outright ‘threat’ of several nations “joining hands” against what our great leaders (like “big-jawed Kerry” who has been at every Council-table in every major country for months now!) have been actually doing against the best interests of The USA and her people, and NOTHING “for the good of the whole.”

                  The government is and for quite some time (anyone care to ‘nail’ it?), has been out to ensure the government endures no matter what kind of ‘strike’ we may face. Russia is training their people how to survive a nuclear ‘interchange’. OUR government has been stockpiling, “bullying” (for supplies when they are denied what they request) and otherwise making damned sure THEY survive – – and the people are left to themselves as for what to do? What kind of government is that? Why have FEMA if it is to work AGAINST We The People (remembering NO Government Agency exists for the good of the people, but only to ensure continuity of government no matter how bad matters and living conditions may get). The events of Louisiana are “all we need” to see the kind of system we are truly living under. Imagine yourself having just lost absolutely everything (including your crooked bank), and then learn you haven’t permission from the government to SURVIVE WITHOUT THEIR EXPRESSED PERMISSION? How would YOU like to be told you can’t do shit to your property that you toiled 40 years to work into something and paid for it by the sweat of your brow, only to have “irritating sobs” descend upon your ass for trying to rebuild, and just relocate your missing stuff (and have THEM remove it from your possession. The La. ‘event’ shows everyone just how much support you can expect from our government in all future crises. Read: None (after all, they want the blacks, whites and Christians to be wiped out, in no special order). That’s two times in a row that Uncle Sam has sodomized Louisiana and her people. (What more do we need to witness to form an informed decision based upon fact, and not empty words and promises that never ‘come to pass’)?

                  RANT OVER- Thank y’all so very much for ‘the vent’.

                  • btw: I said “nuclear interchange” as I believe more than two, opposing countries will be firing upon us, and others as well.
                    Thus, with three or more, you have an ‘interchange’ versus an ‘exchange’. (…just trying to be ‘transparent’). 🙂

                  • I definitely believe that car was hacked and that chauffeur deliberately killed to send Putin a message. My condolences to the chauffeur’s family and friends. CIA are total, evil scum. Nazi and fascist war criminals from WW2 were part of the original founding membership for CIA and they’ve always been a government unto themselves. Eliminate the US intelligence community and a lot of problems would be solved. I don’t doubt for a minute CIA was behind this. Go ahead, neocon slime, keep poking the Russian bear and that same bear will lash out at you when you least expect it.

                  • “E”
                    Super Rant, Keep them coming. Very well stated. Damn I wish I was as good as you are on this. Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!\


              • There is a loser of a human being who is heading straight to hell some day.Lucky enough to have been born and THIS is what he does? Plans to plot and kill people.. and that is aside from assaulting his own citizens and those in Canada and around the world like myself, with direct energy weapons, testing mind control technological weapons, bigbrotherwatchingus.com / stopeg.com / stopthecrime.net/kilde.html YOU HAVE NO RIGHT!! NO RIGHT TO BE DOING THIS! YA HEAR!!!!???? NO RIGHT!!!!! JUST BULLCRAP!!!!!!!!! MAY YOU GET A TASTE OF YOUR OWN B.CRAP BEFORE YOU GO TO HELL! YOU LOSER WARMONGER!!!!

          • it was not an overt message to vlad . the driver had been approached with an offer he couldn’t refuse . he did refuse. he died before he could divulge the offer to vlad.

            • Putin will not allow his ‘men’ to sleep until they have located the sole source of that “murder on the highway.” When he learns of the truth… well, just saying.

        • This Mike Morrell x-cia is just one creepy sleazy scumbag POS. Psychopath and narcissistic. I’m telling ya the CIA needs to be disbanned. They have created more wars, conflicts, suffering, genocide, killings, chaos, assassinations, and the rest since the 1950’s. They created ISIS, Taliban, Al Qaeda, And feed the drug cartels. Psyops on the American people and experimentation on the public without their knowledge or consent. Pure EVIL to the core.

          ~WWTI… And our Fed Income Tax Payments are funding this horror evil BS cult.

          • WWTI, I wouldn’t blame Putin if he had some of the CIA scum taken out. Eliminate the ‘US intelligence community’ and you’d be shocked how different things would be.

          • mike morrell just predicted how it will happen to him and other politicians and those in power. they will never see it coming.

        • It may have been deliberate, but I am not so certain that it was due to an act of hacking. The hackers would have had to target a random vehicle traveling in the opposite lane of the highway at just the right moment, something that would be extraordinarily difficult to do. The big question in that scenario is what did the other driver experience at that time? Did the car seemingly take off by it’s own and take steering control with it?

          Now if the state BMW appeared to be hacked, that would have been a different story altogether. What is plausible then is that an assassin wad driving the other vehicle and had been tipped off as to when the chauffeur was approaching. I would want to know more about the driver of the other vehicle, and I suspect that Russia is busy investigating them too (as well as checking the car’s software for any irregularities).


      4. Isn’t there a black box in that series of cars? Something doesn’t look right!

        My Putin’s driver rest in peace!


        • Sarge, I agree this whole affair really smells. That car must have been hacked. I also say may Putin’s favorite chauffeur rest in peace.

          • That’s why I drive old clunkers that can’t be hacked.

            • At the risk of blowing some OPSEC (that I’ve already blown in the past, unintentionally), I do believe I’ve mentioned on here that aside from our Jeep ‘rock-crawler’ we usually tool around in a Cadillac CTS. That car has every Cadillac option available at the time of purchase (not my choices as we bought it used with 9k on her).
              Cadillac offers a program (several actually), and so we optioned for the one ‘seemingly’ most sensible at the time, their best program.

              A few months into ownership we were cruising down a highway when I discovered that the “Automatic/Manual Transmission” was misbehaving (not shifting using the ‘stick’ OR the ‘paddles’ (on the steering wheel). I pressed the button on the rear view to activate OnStar assistance and before we knew it some dude in Michigan was “inside the electronics of our car” scoping it all out, adjusting (adjustments we could easily feel/notice from the cockpit), and within 10 minutes had the beast running better than she did when purchased (fuel milage went from 15 to 19 (city), Highway (I don’t know cuz we usually ‘fly low’ …the car says 26mpg for what that’s worth).

              Therein, if HE could do, then anyone with OnStar frequencies and knowledge could just as easily influence ALL ASPECTS of any computerized car that are ‘tied into’ the computer (Main), to include “killing” the engine in the event your car is stolen or ‘jacked’. (Put it under a metal roof and everything I just said is impossible, since the antenna can’t “see” any satellites, but the built-in phone is the same as any other, except it cranks outs several watts as compared to the ones you hold to your ear).

              What I am saying is that on the higher-end cars with systems like Cadillac (which also helps you get out of sticky situations by applying the right brake to the correct tire to halt a ‘spin-out’ or to prevent ‘drifting’, etc.

              To have caused (remotely) that accident, all a hacker would have had to do is apply emergency braking to the Driver’s side and the BMW (Bimmer) would have ‘skewed’ JUST LIKE she did, but the logistics of doing that (without practice?) and causing a perfect collision are questionable, imho …but certainly not impossible given all the other sensors that Bimmer MUST have had on board.

              Once I realized what OnStar was capable of doing, I removed the entire ‘antenna’, covered in thin lead chimney-flashing, then remounted it. I’m proud to say not a damn thing about OnStar Or the built-in phone work, and it saves us a bit over 300 ‘scoots’ per year not paying for a “spy service”. I disabled the sob after OnStar took 3,000 hours of paid-for-phone-minutes and reduced it to 35 minutes, on the premise that at each year’s end-of-contract you LOSE all your minutes (paid for or not), and start over. F”k’em and that bullsh*t….. Last, if you open the hood and look up under the hood in the forward Driver’s side corner, you’ll find another VIN and other info. Ours says all of the usual data followed by MADE IN CHINA.
              Obama signed Cadillac over to China at a time no-one was looking …supposedly to help pay for “interest” owed? I musta been on a binge to have missed that, or I wouldn’t have purchased her.

      5. If Putin had sent a “message” Obama would have been just a bad memory.

      6. Funny how the collision occurs off camera, both times it is “shown”, and all you see is the smoke and pieces of car AFTER it happens. Either this site, or the Russians, or both, are full of shit.

      7. I dont think that was a limo,, maybe a gov owned car, but most likely not something that would ever transport Putin

        • just ’cause it was Putins Chauffeur , doesnt mean that the car he was in, was one that would transport Putin

          I also dont think bullet proof glass would break and look like that .. just my observations

          • Again, it is unlikely his car would have had ANY armor or bullet proof anything other than a high-end “Bimmer”. Putin would never have ridden in it is pure logic.

        • Well, that’s what was reported, along with specific model. It certainly was not a “stretch” limo though

          • “What was reported ”

            And as you should know better

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEcKWrc8sLc
          Video Obama’s ”Beast” Cadillac Limo stuck on ramp/speed bump

          Obama’s Pres Limo has vulnerabilities. Remember this one? Stuck on a speed bump.


      8. Probably not a message. The Ukrainians trying to shoot down Putin’s airplane wasn’t a message either. It was an attempt.

      9. Diddent putin just fire a bunch of his general’s an6how if it was someone more powerful than him like nwo they would just tell him so if anything someone lesser did it or it was just some drunk russian who had too much vodka cus it doesn’t mention who the other driver was sooooo…

        • I disagree it was a drunk driver. Just ask any cop who has put his time behind the wheel of a Crown Vic and he’ll tell you just by viewing the footage.

        • I think he just reassigned them to different posts. It’s a tactic used since Soviet times when preparing for war.

      10. After October 1st should we post anything and everything we can derogatory about the slant eyed Chinese and camel jockey mussleem sand nyggers.Or not post at all cus im thinking there will be “hit” words they will be looking for. Like that song in the 80’s I always feel like someone’s watching me.. push their buttons? Or not play with them..

      11. We have enough trolls on here we could recruit to troll them. But then they might shut down the site. Are we gonna get an internet tax to pay for them to regulate us. We already pay taxes for our gov to regulate us

        • I would STILL love to see MAC move his site to a TOR / Onion address for the sake of security (if such a thing is still possible on the web). Or, to take the work off his lap, everyone could switch to using TAILS (also found on the TOR site: TAILS prevents anyone from getting an ‘easy ‘lock’ on your true IP, and that’s imperative given the way all world events are piling up and our government’s insane desire to disarm us when the rest of the world is trying to ARM their citizens, (or at least assist them in the art of surviving what’s headed this way).

          ht tps://www.torproject.org/

      12. I don’t like my car computerized for reasons other than assassinations and malicious hackers. Computer parts must be made by highly technical manufacturers. I like the simplicity of workmanship that can easily be duplicated, with repairs that don’t require too much brain power.

        I don’t think it is safe to have computerized steering. I don’t think a car should be able to accelerate by some computer in the car. It’s insane to believe that there aren’t numerous accidents caused by these gizmos, but no one blames the computer.

        With an old fashion car it just stops running a slowly comes to a stop. Even a stuck throttle gives some indication before it sticks and all you have to do is cut off the engine. You won’t get a stuck throttle accompanied by out of control steering which can occur with a computerized car.

        Old stuff is looking better and better the more we move into this computerized nightmare. The Unabomber Ted Kazinski was wrong for bombing people, iMHO, but he was right about technology being a menace. The guy was a genius. Maybe he wasn’t as crazy as it was said about him. Maybe he was just too dangerous to TPTB. What if he was set up. What if he never bombed anyone. What if his only crime was that he was against technological oppression, and as a professor with an IQ like Einstein, he would be taken seriously.


      13. There is no way Putin is transported in that car as its obvious not armored.

        • My previous point , made again
          By another

      14. I have had a few bad interactions with Russians, one up in my face 3 years ago, and another one who threatened to sue me when I did nothing wrong. And one that showed on me in the Copperfield Hwy 6 area of Houston with a chi-com female staring me down. When I approached them to ask them wtf they were looking at, they got in the truck and drove off. The incident spooked my friends so much they refuse to even meet with me person anymore.

        My experience with them is that they are aggressive, rude, and one American lady mentioned with her time on stage at a Trump rally, that one of them brutally murdered her daughter. I am not concerned about Putin getting killed by cars in Russia. Its a well known fact that Russia has been planning for over 40 yrs to and the CIA released the docs recently publically about the Russians building up alien internationally to eventually prove America as being the bad guys for them and the Chinese to emerge as the good moral countries, but they are not fooling me. Fuck Russia, and fuck china. What are Putin’s soldiers doing in my fucking city threatening my female friend and doing coming into the store demanding to see her computer because she posted occupation facts of Russians in America on her face book page, its obvious that he was working for DHS, and was sent in person to see who posted it. my chick friend is military and currently enrolled in the army, she is lesbian, a patriot and is not liberal and was not impressed with that Russian as he ran into none other than the likes of me, big strong, aggressive. Something this piece of shit was not expecting. Russia is our enemy and this is a fact. They are allied with china. Any country throwing female students to be gang raped by the PLA us no fucking friend of America.



        • Meth or psychedelics mushrooms I’m thinking HCKs is on. Batshit paranoia whoope de doo. Spiders crawling on your arms, Russian in your ears. And your eyebrows are really caterpillars coming out of your brain. TGIF!!!!


      15. HCKS, as someone who was married to a refugee from Cuba, I have my own reservations about Russians and Chinese. The Soviet Union totally subsidized Cuba’s economy for 30 years and part of my wife’s family were killed by Castro’s goons. I never believed that shit about communism dying after the USSR went out of existence. That old Soviet influence is still there even if it’s to a lesser degree and Russians still teach their kids that communism was great and all that other shit. Not much difference between today’s Russia and the old USSR.

        • Maybe the bolshavics have gained enough power to look like their gone ? Then were did they go? Where did they go? They took over Russia and killed most Cristian’s . Where are they now? War by deception ? Is everything said good bad and everything said bad good as written. Did the children of Satan win WW2? And now they have maneuvered to WW3 total victory? Look around its soddom and Gomorrah time. But it’s written they loose this time . After the worst devastation in the history of the world. The unbelievers will have empty lamps? Fool yourself to think a full lamp means just wisdom. The children of Satan are gathering souls for their masters entertainment. A measure of wheat for a penny. Is a poor translation. It should say a cup of wheat for a day’s pay. In other words you will not be able to survive unless you do like Joseph in Egypt. And store in advance . We would not be being warned if it wasn’t important. Only the true believers will be ready . And deserve to live in the new world. Isn’t it obvious?

      16. I would like to think that the car of a world leader would be a little difficult to hack, but I do not know for sure.

      17. Turkey a NATO country has invaded Syria a Russian Chinese Iranian Allie . Has that ever happened before? NATO countries invading other countries. .I guess it happens if NATO okays it.? Then NATO has to join in? Does that mean game on? Or game over?

        • As you expressed it; it would be GAME ON – Press Button To Begin

      18. Vlad knows if this was just an accident or it was a hit as Mr. Morell wished for. If it was a hit Vlad should plan to take down the kids of Mr. Morell.

        If someone hits you, hit him 10x as hard. If someone hurts your loved one, kill his entire family.

      19. Driver knew something Putin didn’t want out there. Dead people don’t talk.

        • The people that know the truth of the Clintons are dead.

      20. Why was he driving in the island (middle strip separating directions)? Is this a special lane only for Putin? He was going at extreme speed. Jesuz, what a way to die. So much for KGB intelligence.

      21. Brave, that’s some serious stuff.. I have heard from one guy I know who is married to a cuban lady, he told me the same stuff.. lone wolverine, that’s what makes shit so confusing, we don’t even know who the real enemies are.. when they role into our cities, and point guns at us. This is when we know who the real enemy is..Like Sarge says, aim small miss small.

        • We do not know who our enemies are? heheh…

          1. U.S. Government
          2. Most State Governments and about 50% of County Sheriffs
          3. ANY ABC-Agency of The US Government
          4. North Korea
          5. Muslims (all of them)
          6. Russia (although they’ve expressed a preference to Trump over Hillary, with Putin stating it would avert certain war (as Hillary has implied she’d start with Russia (for what reason)? To lower USA populaces… If it is to be a world order forced upon us, then all countries would, at the top, act-in-unison to bring to fruition every they’d need to have to establish a NWO that would ‘stick’ like glue. That’s a nightmare isn’t it?
          7. Anyone in The USA who wants to see your weapons removed from your hands. (Brainless or not, that’s what they want cuz they can’t see anything with their heads up their asses right)?
          8. IRAN – billions and billions have been pumped out of OUR tax dollars to ‘jack them up’ and place them in the forefront of nuclear dealings, while all the while pretending to be resolving other, non-existent political topics. (Lied to us again, and again, and again). Hillary is a prime example of “what is to be” with all of this NWO sh*t). Obama only set up the playing table by inflicting national damage at every turn he could manage (all of it “fed to him” via NATO …by all appearances at this time.

          Stopping The NWO is well-worth dying for, imho. This is no different than being lost in the wilderness. It will do nobody ANY GOOD TO GIVE UP will it? (Of course not). So, by instinct, you keep pushing ahead when the only alternative is death, or a life that made you wish you were dead.

          • Sorry, how did China ‘slip my mind’? The above list isn’t meant to be all-inclusive, just an example, a small one at that.

      22. Why would anyone tip Putin off like the article suggest? Now Putin knows and I would hate to be the one behind a failed attempt.

      23. Considering Obama’s SOP on projecting what he is doing on his opponents, consider what he said at the G20 this week.

        “We have had problems with cyber intrusions from Russia in the past,” but he cautioned that the United States would not immediately seek to play into a “cycle of escalation.”

        “What we cannot do is have a situation where this becomes the wild, wild West, where countries that have significant cyber capacity start engaging in unhealthy competition or conflict through those means,” said Obama.

        Read more: https://sputniknews.com/russia/20160905/1044998992/obama-putin-cyberwar-g20-election.html

      24. I believe this should be happening in this country too.

        • Jim S…we’ll need thousands of BMW’s.

      25. Here is how it is theoretically possible:
        All internet connected devices have a unique Media Access Control address (MAC) address. So it is possible that one MAC address could “Target” another MAC address to occupy the same proximity. With GPS help, it’s feasible to direct a device or group of devices to seek out another MAC address and go to that location.
        In this case, “bullets” would be vehicles and the “Target” could be a Vehicle or cell phone. Eyes on surveillance confirms the target is in a particular area and relays that info to possible devices in vehicles or “Bullets” in that area. The “Bullets are then analyzed to determine current vectors or trajectories and proceed to the “Target” at a predetermined speed, bounded by current driving conditions and driver control. This firing solution would take seconds before the “Bullet” determines it must correct course to occupy the same space as the “Target”.
        Every internet enabled vehicle on Earth could have been involved to some extent. If GPS coordinates indicate the firing solution is not feasible, it is programmed to ignore the command. After the collision, the internet connection presumably ends and the MAC Address becomes unfeasible for all other “Bullets” and they proceed
        I would be interested to learn if any other vehicles in the area experienced abnormal driving behavior. Also I would be interested to find out if high level pedestrians have been harmed by “random” vehicles losing control.

      26. I don’t know from internet connected cars, latest I’ve worked on was a 2003 pre-all that shit, but all I know for sure is they don’t have STEER by wire. At least I sure don’t think so.

        Throttle yes. Brakes, no also.

        So in theory (and I’m not even sure this is right so don’t quote me)… IF you were able to send some kind of control signal into EVERYTHING the computer’s attached to, you have at your disposal:

        1. Throttle
        2. Injectors
        3. Shifter solenoids
        4. Ignition
        5. Smog equipment
        6. Timing
        7. GPS and all that garbage.

        You can’t brake or steer by remote. You could send a kill signal to the engine (again IF you had the ability to actually SEND control signals via the computer… which… is I have to say I think unlikely because why?) In theory you could also eff up the timing, shift, and accelerate (which is the scary one… I never thought gas pedal by remote was a good idea to begin with… to save what…a throttle cable? At the expense of a hall effect sensor in the pedal, stepper motor on the throttle body, and associated controller???? How is that cost effective… well they said it’s something to do with smog and timing… more precise… but hell we’re precise enough already aren’t we???)

        • Many newer cars use EPS, or electric power steering. This replaces the hydraulic pump, lines, etc. with a motor and a series of hall effect sensors to provide power assist without as much of a parasitic loss as the always on hydraulic systems of old. It is also linked into the CANBUS (Car Area Network bus) of the vehicle, as is everything else in order to optimize efficiency. Thus, it may be possible to use the motor to apply force to the steering and fight the driver, causing a loss of control. In some cars, like Tesla’s Model S, the motor is strong enough to actually drive the car by itself.

          Most modern cars also use ABS systems as well as throttle by wire. Throttle by wire makes it easier to implement traction control and stability control because the computer can override the driver’s input when they are trying to do something stupid that would cause a loss of control. Stability control works by reducing throttle angle while also braking one or more wheels to maintain control. Because of this, we can surmise that the ECU can control the application of the brakes so as to apply them. In fact, many mid priced cars now feature collision avoidance systems in which the car brakes for you if you fail to react when a car stops in front of you.

          Another thing more and more modern cars have is shifting by wire. One of the first mainstream cars in the US to use a completely electronic shifter was of course the Prius in the early 2000’s, but it has quickly spread to other cars as well and is now quite common. And yes, it too is linked to the CANBUS, so if it was theoretically possible to hack a certain model of car to do what you wish, you could control the automatic transmission too.

          Most, if not all, of these features would have been present in a late model BMW 7 series. What would shock you though is if you knew just how many of them were common to the cars that are around you on a daily basis.

      27. I’m worried about the people investigating the Clinton Foundation.

      28. Hilary did the reset button with Putin. Is this how you treat your friends? Their just wanting a war to get troops out of the way?

      29. There is a car just ahead of the one that moved into the oncoming lane that threw something white out in front of it. Look for the small white dot. The car swerved to avoid it and into the oncoming lane, striking the chauffeur’s car.

      30. It’s a fake. That was a car of the senator from Vologda

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